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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Debradear's Brother
Believes her brother may have killed JonBenet

NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: I do have the pictures that Debradear posted of her brother but I have not included those picture here on this site. If somebody in law enforcement wants the pictures I will be happy to send them to you. (And that doesn't mean you Susan Stine).

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Debradear's Brother
Debradear's Brother (Download "s-debradears-brother-(84pg).pdf" (.PDF 292kb) File HERE)
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Debradear's Brother
(Online Suspicions)
(Also Suspicions)
(Multi State Robbery)
(Multi State Murders)
Brother's in construction trade, last seen: Iowa

Description of him is: 6'1", 228 lbs. blonde hair with brownish roots, very big adams apple, No chest hairs, certain type of moustach with the little white spots on the LEFT side. Very squinty blue eyes. Left handed. Maybe smokes Marlboro regular
Says her brother was in Boulder, Colorado Christmas 1996

June 2000
Debradear posted history information on websleuths.com

“I thought S.B.T.C were the initials of his daughters" or could be "Son of Betty the Cunt."
May 9, 1998
AMW Notice
Midwest Bank Robber


+ Atlanta 2000
Ramsey 50pg
Suspect List
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Some History Regarding Debradear’s Internet activity on www.websleuths.com
June thru August 2000 and May thru August 2002

In the summer of 2000, an Internet poster named “Debradear” provided, what she believed were clues and facts, that perhaps her brother was involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey Christmas 1996. Those suspicions along with her knowledge of her brother as a child and adult lead her to also believe that perhaps he was also involved in multiple state criminal activity including bank robbery and multiple murders.

On this web page is a recap of those publically posted “clues and facts ” that fed those suspicions, along with an extensive quantity of quotes from her online postings, references that the Ramsey family did turn over “something” of her documented postings to Boulder authorities be investigated, but I do not know to what extent information was provided or investigated. Regardless, if there was any truth to her suspicions, this full documented record has been compiled for the history archive files following another “Internet confession of sorts” on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

Debradear posted messages on the “Original WebbSleuths” Forum owned at that time by a lady named “Murphy” (owned between 1998-2001) who had later sold the forum domain and software to another lady named “RiverSelah” (owned between 2001-2003) and is currently owned and operated by a lady named Tricia Griffith, who also owns www.forumsforjustice.org. The forum where Debradear posted her messages was on the “JonBenet Ramsey Discussion Forum” at www.websleuths.com (That’s with ONE “B”) under the hat name of "Debradear." She stated that she picked the name of “Debradear” because the name of “Debra” was not available during registration.

All Internet posting references within this document were obtained via a public forum on the Internet with the exception of Debra’s real married name and her real maiden name although she publically stated that with her first e-mail provider she used her full married name and that with her second e-mail provider she used her full maiden name. Those e-mail address were also posted on the forum.

She also provided the names of all three of her “natural” brothers and that the brother in question regarding these suspicions was named “Richard.” Other references to information on this document were accessed via public search on the Internet. All “original” threads used as references as part of this document were saved and are part of an off line archive file currently in the possession of www.acandyrose.com. Basically anybody on the Internet visiting the www.websleuths.com forum had the ability to save any threads or postings so it is hard to say where all of her information ended up.

Debradear registered at www.websleuths.com on April 19, 2000 and began a posting frenzy of sorts after she noticed the picture of “Sketchman” (originally visioned by Psychic Dorothy Allison) that appeared June 3, 2000 on the Ramsey family website (http://www.ramseyfamily.com/) along with the message, “Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December 1996.” Debradear believed that her brother resembled the drawing of “Sketchman” and she said her brother bragged to his family that he was in Boulder, Colorado the night of the murder.

Debradear sought the aid of other members of the forum to help her get a picture of her brother to appear on the forum. Then she sought the aid of other members on how she could contact the authorities. At times her patience was frustrating, for both Debradear and the other forum members, and she seemed to almost demand that others respond to her immediately as though getting her information to the proper authorities was a matter of life and death at that moment. And others were responding but it seemed she wasn’t paying attention and she often argued that nobody helped her when she asked, but in fact many were helping her. She stated she didn’t trust the Boulder Police Department and that she tried to contact the Ramsey family via their web site but that she got no response.

Her postings indicated that she had just got her new computer in 2000 and that is when she started tracing the towns and crimes where she said that her brother was at the same time period. Her individual postings didn’t reveal all the information she eventually provided but was scattered over several months of postings with bits and pieces here and there, some factual information and some that didn’t make sense but only to her. There were times that it seemed that she was almost writing her posting “to her brother” rather than “about her brother.” Beyond her postings regarding her brother, she told a story of horrible child abuse of herself and her siblings that certainly grabbed the attention of others on the forum. It was difficult to know what to save of her postings that might be of value, so thus they were all saved.

In the beginning of June 2000, Debradear posted her suspicions that her brother had killed JonBenet Ramsey then she went into saying her brother resembled the man in the “The Midwest Bank Robbery” case featured on the Americas Most Wanted web site in 1998 and then her suspicions branched off to her brother’s involvement in other murders; Texas, Louisianna, Missouri and Kansas that took place during the same time she stated that her brother was in those areas to the point that the brother began to sound like a major serial killer.

Several posters including Misty, Texas 1, Webcat55, Willianna, Pinky5, leeran, Maxi, Ivy, Twilight and a few others including myself offered our help to provide telephone numbers and address’ of law enforcement. I helped to create a web page for her because her first main objective was to having others on the forum help her determine if in fact her brother did resemble either the “Sketchman” or the “Midwest Bank Robber” photo featured on AMW. She also sent her brother’s photo, apparently attached to e-mail to an unknown group of posters to the forum. Although the bulk of her postings were in June, July and August of 2000, she did come back to the forum in the spring of 2002 and again in the fall of that same year and added more detail to the information she had already provided two years prior.

A poster named “Misty,” whose real name is Patricia Bridwell of Lafayette, Indiana, who, unfortunately passed away November 25, 2004, stated to Debradear in 2000 that she did have FBI contacts and offered to help Debradear get her information to a friend in her local Indiana FBI office. Misty was instrumental in working as an undercover informant helping the Indiana FBI in an online sting operation in June 1998 to catch a pedophile named Charles White in an AOL chat room. Misty was also involved in the controversial unofficial investigation along with another person known as Delmar England to identify and then write an analysis of the writer of the Patricia Letters they published in June of 2000. That unofficial investigation lead them to believe that the Patricia Letters were authored by Susan Bennett (aka Jameson), owner of the www.webbsleuths.com (That’s with two BB’s) Forum.

Jameson denied that she was the Patricia Letter writer but the anonmosity created between Misty and Jameson as a result of that analysis created additional distrust when some posters suggested to Debradear to contact Jameson to get a message regarding her suspicions to retired detective, Lou Smit. Jameson also believed that Debradear was a faux online screen name created by yet another poster under the named of Gsquared (aka Closer2) were additional anonmosity existed regarding issues involving Colorado University Professor, Michael Tracey. Jameson had used the name of “Susan Dear” for a motel registration name while visiting Boulder, Colorado and Tracey knew that and told that information to Gsquared.

In addition, there was major hostility between the two forums from extended history over the “Webbsleuths” trademark name since early 1999 when Murphy and Jameson split up and Jameson took the name with her to create her own forum. Because the unofficial tradmark name of “Webbsleuths” was never registered, Murphy was forced to change the name of her forum to “Websleuths.” So while some posters were attempting to direct Debradear to Jameson’s forum, others were advising her against going that route. A sad state of affairs considering, as Debradear stated, she only wanted to get her information to law enforcement. Jameson was also banned from Murphy’s Websleuths forum and that banning remained in effect even after the forum domain and software change hands two times and is still in effect as of 2006.

I was instrumental in helping Misty to gather and document the information that Debradear posted on the www.websleuths.com forum because both of us felt that if there was any truth to the suspicions then the criminal activity was clearly beyond the Ramsey case and that the FBI should be notified. And Misty wanted Debradear to actually talk with an FBI agent and she made several attempts to set that up. I personally logged 62 threads of postings and documented recaps in a MSWord file containing Debradear’s clues of information that Misty did sent to her FBI contact in Indiana. My understanding is that this same information was sent by Debradear for her to send to retired detective Lou Smit who had been working on the Ramsey case in Colorado. My responsibility to help Misty was only to collection the public information. Debradear also sent information to Americas Most Wanted. Webcat55 also stated on the forum that she copied all of the posting of interest and she mailed them to her local FBI office in Kansas.

But even though both Misty and myself were working together to help Debradear to get her information to proper authorities, apparently, Susan Bennett, took it upon herself to copy information from the www.websleuths forum on Debradear’s postings and sent them to the Ramsey family in 2000 as though it was her “tip.” What portion of information Susan Bennett sent to the Ramsey family, we don’t know. Susan Bennett was not involved in any way with Debradear personal investigation in 2000. Plus in the Atlanta 2000 meeting between the Ramseys and law enforcement on August 2000 there was mention of a 50 page document file of “persons of interest” under discussion and “This is a woman who believes that her brother might have done it.” was referenced in the transcript of that meeting as part of that file. I personally sent Misty an MSWord file of Debradear’s postings and suspicions that printed out to 65 pages so obviously not all of Debradear’s information was sent as part of her file if the Ramseys only had a 50 page document of all their suspects. This documented file herein is 81 pages with all the new added information since August 2000.

Debradear’s last postings that I could reference was August 20, 2002 when she left the forum after some poster contacted one of the people whose name Debradear had listed within one of her postings to basically verify both Debradear and her story. We don’t know if she got embarrassed because she was caught or if she got into trouble with the rest of her family for posting personal information on the Internet or if her suspicions were valid and perhaps the family didn’t agree with her suspicions.

On August 28th and 29th, 2000, both John and Patsy Ramsey were interviewed by the Boulder Police Department and several prosecutors from Boulder. During that interview, John Ramsey provided a 50 page document of names of people of interest for further investigation. Within the transcript of that meeting of August 29, 2000, and discussion of that 50 page file, it was stated, “This is a woman who believes that her brother might have done it.” So Debradear’s information did make it to the Ramseys

Recap of Information obtained from Debradear’s Internet Postings
ALL information was posted on a public forum on the Internet
In June, July, August of 2000 and August 2002

Things Debradear said about her brother:

!. Her brother's name is Richard XXXXXX. Her brother was in Boulder, Colorado on December 25, 1996. She said he didn't come home for Christmas that year but he did call 4 days later and told his family he was in Boulder “at the time of the JBR murder.” He disappeared after that then came home four months later talking about robbing banks and then left again and has been in hiding since. The family had not heard from him until last year (1999) when another brother tracked him down in Iowa after he called home. The other brother went to Iowa to visit and found him working there and discovered he was living under another name and apparently the townspeople liked him. After the family found him again, he disappeared again.

2. Her brother was at a bar named "Cedar Tap" the night a woman was murdered and beheaded and left in a cornfield in Michigan City, Indiana (her hometown.) She says the mailman found the body. The following was added by Debradear in 2002: “Ritter, female head found by Mr. Yankee. Last seen in Cedar Tap where my brother was that night. Case unsolved” (In April 3, 2002 Debradear posted, “I would like to know who cut off Denise Ritter’s head and threw it in a cornfield for Mr. Yankee to find as he delivered the mail. I was very fond of the Yankees. I was probably a coincidence my brother was in the Bar, the Cedar Tap, as was Denise that evening.”)

3. Her brother was at the same party the night a woman was murdered and found in the woods behind her house. (Not sure if she meant Debradear’s house or the house of the woman who got murdered) This was on corner brick house of Tremont Street and Poplar street and found behind house at Manley Sands in Sheridan beach. (On April 3, 2002 she added, “I would like to know who murdered the Woods girl then dumped her body at Manley sands behind my house. It reminds me of a cat, bringing a mouse home and dropping it on the stoop.”) (The following was added by Debradear in 2002: “Manley sands, off lake hills road in Michigan City Indiana young dead female found behind my house. My brother was at the party she attended on Tilden Ave that evening. They tried to blame the Wood twin then the Sliva boy. Case unsolved.”)

4. Her brother, as a child was left in the car for hours during what was suppose to be visitation with his father while his father was with his girlfriend. Later that same girlfriend was found murdered and covered with all the love letters of his fathers. (The following information was added by Debradear in 2002, “Martin, Female Murdered in Michigan City Indiana. My father’s love letters (Lefty) found laying around her at the time of her death, her young children crawled around her butchered body. Case unsolved “ and “I would like to know who killed the Marth, Martin woman my father was dating. Who spread all my fathers love letters around her then butchered her in front of her young child? I would like to know. I suppose it was a coincidence my brother was forced to sit for hours downstairs in the car as my father had these connubial visits. It’s a heck of a way for a young man to spend his visitation time with his father.”)

5. Her brother would sneak into peoples homes and stay for days undetected.

6. Her brother was arrested for window peeping at age 14 and age 16.

7. Her brother was kicked out of jr high school for sexual perversion.

8. Her brother worked two summers in a marina as a kid in her home town.

9. Her brother, as a child wet the bed.. She wrote, "Everyday he wet the bed he got beat with the belt. Had to sit on the edge of the bed naked with his pissy underwear slipped on the front of his face. HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO EAT BREAKFAST OR LUNCH. WE USE TO SLIP HIM OUR FOOD THROUGH THE BEDROOM WINDOW."

10. Her brother worked in construction building hotels for a man from India and he lived in the hotels during the construction period.

11. Her brother has four daughters all blonde and three stepdaughters all blonde. Around the first of July 2000 was the first time he tried to contact them in four years while he was hiding. He called his ex-wife. In one posting of July 2000, Debradear wrote, "why have all the children That have been killed HAVE THE NAMES OF YOUR DAUGHTERS ...YOU EXWIFE AND OTHER NAMES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU?????" (I assume she is saying that each of his daughters and the names of his ex-wife is the same name of various children that have been murdered. It was hard to tell at times if she was talking to the posters on the forum or to her brother.)

12. Her brother is 6'1", 228 lbs. blonde hair with brownish roots. Very squinty blue eyes. He has a very big adams apple. He was living in Iowa. In another posting she said he was 6'3", 223lb. No chest hairs. He has a certain type of moustach with the little white spots on the LEFT side. He is left handed, and the way she posted that several times, I have a feeling he might even be nick named "LEFTY."

13. She believes her brother resembles "The Midwest Bank Robber" featured on Americas Most Wanted at the web url below:


14. Her brother is LEFT handed, no chest hair. She wrote, "On the left side of his moustache there is a whitish spot.His moustache has these two little things coming down on each end,He has a very big adams apple, ALTHOUGH his chin looks pointy from the front.......from the profile it is a weak chin.smooshed in,with a baubble."

15. When her brother was age seven, she was age six and another brother who was age five was set on fire by her mother for playing with matches. The mother put Debradear's PJ's on the younger brother when she set him on fire. She wrote, "That terrible laugh of her's when she was drunk. He was burning she was laughing then she couldn't put it out. We couldn't help."

16. Her brother was married twice.

17. She said she knows for a fact that her brother is a child molester. She thinks he may have murdered 11 people.

18. When giving another poster named Misty information for the FBI, Debradear quoted, "Tell them to look into all the bank robberies..connecting states from Iowa. Everything that would be right across the borders in all of those states.From Dec of 95 or January of 96. till last April or July. TELL THEM HE HIS 6'2 OR 6'3 238Lbs ..blonde hair ..very very..blue eyes.Hiding out in Iowa..A construction worker.They might think he is right handed but he really is left handed.No hair on his chest. On the left side of his moustache there is a whitish spot.His moustache has these two little things coming down on each end,He has a very big adams apple, ALTHOUGH his chin looks pointy from the front.......from the profile it is a weak chin.smooshed in,with a baubble."

19. She said he's in the construction trade but that new owners took over so she thinks he is no longer working where he was, wherever that is, I guess Iowa as of the year 2000. Debradear also posted, " I think in his minds eye the.foriegn fraction was the Indian he worked for..he never had a identity..he drew his paychecks in Mr Patels name...HOW did he do that."

20. She thinks the S.B.T.C are the initials of his daughters. She also believes he brought his own markers to the crime scene. In another postings she wrote, “I thought S.B.T.C were the initials of his daughters...At first I Thought this... BECAUSE of THE CHILDREN MISSING AT CERTAIN TIME PERIODS WERE ALL THE NAMES OF HIS DAUGHTERS....And all the dates.. those children that are missing were significant...Only to us..... It still may be that.. when you solve all of that .then figure out the rest. Just a coincidence??????He just happened to be around at those times????????On those dates.. Maybe..Maybe."

21. When contributing to a discussion thread of the Sept 97 Intruder assault of a 14 year old girl, Debradear posted, "BECKY, let's just hope her name was not Britney, Shannon, Ericka, Ebony, Rachael....., Jessica, Tara, Cathy c. Or Renee" (She had commented on prior posts that people who have been murdered have the same names as her brother’s daughters.)

22. Debradear asked, "Cigarette butts, Does anyone know if they were Marlborro regular?" (Not sure why she asked regarding the brand name unless that is the brand name her brother smokes.)

23. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “My brother is seems to leave for great lengths of time. When he shows up a young female in Michigan city Indiana is found murdered at Mt Baldy. This was our old stomping ground. We did not know he was in town, until the next day. A friend of ours saw him in a bar. He said I saw your brother last night, I had a couple of beers with him. Why would you come home, go to a bar and never see your family?”

24. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “Did Jenny Fryer’s sister Jo really kill herself in the hotel that night? I don’t think so. My brother was infatuated with Jenny. They were rich. He was poor. He never had a chance with her. I think anyone can be forced to write a letter before they are killed.”

25. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “Brittany Beers. This was a young child missing. She lived 25 minutes away from where my brothers ex wife and his daughters lived. You would think her and my brothers daughters Brittany were twins. The resemblance is uncanny.”

26. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “My father had another lover Mitzi. Her husband Carlos died unexpectedly. My brother hated him.”

27. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “SBTC could be Son of Betty the Cunt.”

28. In 2002, Debradear added, “I would like to know who murdered the young woman and dumped her body at the foot of MT. Baldy, our old stomping grounds.”

Things she said about her family:

1. Her one brother is very political.

2. She said she had one family member on the police force

3. She said she had a cousin in the FBI

4. She said there were four "natural" children (Chuck, Earl, Richard and Debra) and they grew up on the south side of Chicago. She said her father was married two times. The four listed above were from the first marriage. She said the second marriage brought a half brother and sister and four step brothers. In 2002, Debradear added the following: “When my brother built the treefort he was in 5th grade. I was in 4th grade. Earl was in 3rd grade. My brother I speak about was in kindergarten.” (So this makes the oldest as Chuck, then Debra, then Earl and Richard is the last one and he is the brother Debradear is suspicious of.)

5. She said she lost her hand in a wringer washer when she was two and her brother was 3 years old that they were locked in the basement while their mother was out giving an abortion to a young 15 year old. Her mother was suppose to be at a Tupperware party but in reality she was out giving an abortion so she locked the kids in the basement. But the girl was bleeding so her mother stayed with her.

6. Their father's birthday was Christmas day.

7. Their father (deceased) was a hvac (heating and air conditioning) man and the city inspector at one time.

8. Debradear has two children, a daughter 28 and a son 26, three month old granddaughter and two yr old grandson. She indicated in a profile that she was single.

9. Her father was the pastor at the Moose Lodge in Michigan City, Indiana.

10. Apparently the "Baby" that Debradear speaks of is a younger brother, she said he wet the bed, apparently a lot and he would be made to sit on the edge of the bed naked while holding his wet underwear in front of his face. She and the other siblings would have to sneak food to him as he wasn't allowed to eat. He said he got beat with a belt all the time and one summer she remembers he didn't leave his room all summer.

11. She said that when her baby brother was only 5 years old that he got caught playing with matches and as punishment, his mother put him in pajamas and set him on fire while the other kids had to watch. She said she was 6 years old and her brother Chuck was 7 years old. She said the mother was drunk and laughing when the younger brother was on fire and they couldn't help him. Not sure if the one that was burned is the one she is talking about as possibly being the killer of JonBenet.

12. She said she was married for 17 years the first time and 3 months the second time. She said she hasn't dated anyone for two and a half years.

13. Debradear posted that she is an artist and that she shows her work in Chicago. She also said she was working on her painting of "Jackie O" in the front yard of her summer home the day that young John Kennedy's plane crashed.

14. Debradear said the number 118 was the address of a tudor home where she lived. She also added that a secret code for a home on Michigan Blvd was 000. Not sure if this is the same home as in 118 Michigan Blvd. She further added that this was the address were her brother was first arrested for being a peeping tom. Apparently he also snuck into Debradear's house at one time where she might have shot him had she been able to handle the rifle she had. She told her other brothers about this incident but apparently they didn't think it was anything big. Although she mentioned that "Rich" (this is the brother in question regarding the JonBenet Murder) did say to her, "Debra I smile now when I say..You will pay"

15. Debradear wrote, "Here is how the breakdown works. When my dad was married to my real mom There was 3 real brothers and myself.The brother I speak about was 1 of the original 4. My Dad remarried a woman ..She was pregnant when my dad married her..not his child.That would soon be my stepsister. This women herself had 4 sons. That was my 4 stepbrothers.They then had 1 son together.That is my half brother I consider him my real brother ..not a half brother. My ex husband and I took him for years and raised him. I love him very much..he is a wonderful father to my niece."

16. Debradear stated as her occupation in a profile of 5-16-2000: Occupation:Developer Coordinator..We convert large Hi-Rises into Condos.Presently working on a project across from Navy Pier in Chicago.”

17. In 2002, Debradear posted, “Last month we learned another brother has cancer of the larynx. We tried to locate him to let him know. I learned the motel where he worked burned to the ground last year in Williamsburg Iowa. Was this a coincidence after I posted to check it? I don't know. No one heard from him at Christmas. We dont know where he is at. “

18. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “Stan XXXX, psychologist, a lovely soul. Geneine XXXXX, Stan’s wife. She was an English teacher to my brother and me. This couple crossed our paths. They took the time to notice and react. All our lives are better because of their existence. They live in Three Oaks Michigan. They never had children. I believe they were put here to alter the course of others lives. They did it with such impact, dignity, and love. In touching one life, they touched many.”

19. In 2002, Debradear added the following, “My father’s birthday was Dec 25th.
My mother’s birthday was 11-8.. My father is dead. My mother is dead.”

20. In 2002, Debradear added, “The first thing I do every time I enter my residence. I check all 11 closets. I look under my bed. I look inside my 3 armoires. I check the lock on my sliding glass doors. I look under the skirt on my dressing table. I have a cleaning lady that comes every week. Nothing is out of place, everything has a place. It is my way to know if someone has entered my residence and moved anything. Is this obsessive, compulsive? Yes it is. But then he’s my brother isn’t he? Do I spend hours keeping charts and researching missing persons, in Iowa? Yes I do. But then he’s my brother isn’t he?”

Things she said in general:

1. She said there were 4 murders in her hometown all unsolved.

2. She tried to contact the Ramseys but got no response

3. She did send e-mail to Lou Smit via a third party and she got a response but she did not post how she handled the response.

4. She tried to contact Susan Bennett (aka Internet name of Jameson) but Jameson didn't believe her, one reason being her "hat" name of "Debradear." Jameson said when she stayed in a hotel in Boulder, Colorado during the shooting of 48hours that she registered under the name of "Susan Dear" so she thinks it is a hoax dreamed up by another poster who was once under the hat of "Gsquared" and currently using "Closer2." (2000) Gsquared says that she is NOT Debradear.

5. She said she tried posting messages to another poster under the hat name of "MaskedMan" who is really Frank Coffman of Boulder, Colorado but she received no response back from him either.

6. She posted this, "Was my my FATHER the pastor at the MOOSE LODGE IN MICHIGAN CITY IN.....Did they find a young women killed in her home..in I think 1970. with all ......"LEFTY's pictures found around her.?"

7. She posted this, " THEY MOST IMPORTANT...MR,FRYARS daughter... never committed suicide in...that hotel. Jans sister never did that"

8. She posted this, "The three stepdaughters...THE REAL FATHER GOT ACCUSED..WE ARE TALKING 4 ..3 AND 2 YEARS OLD...WHEN THEY SAID "DADDY DID IT". THIS STUPID TOWN ASSUMED THE REAL DADDY DID IT..NOT THE STEPFATHER. They were banned from their real father. Lucky them. They had to spend the rest of their life with my brother"

9. Debradear sent a scanned photo of her missing hand to another poster named "Texas1" to prove she was having a hard time posting on the forum and typing with one hand.

10. Debradear quit her job around April 2000 so she could concentrate on her research into her brother's criminal activities. She was a Developer Coordinator and they converted large Hi-Rises into Condos. She was last working on a project across from Navy Pier in Chicago.

11. Debradear sent e-mail to “AMW” (Americas Most Wanted) and she also gave them her telephone number plus sent them the pictures of her brother.

12. Debradear was married 17 yrs and the second time for 3 months. She must have just got married in May 2000. Her married name is Debra XXXX. (2000)

13. Debradear said her sister in law knows what she is doing on research on her brother and now her other brother knows what she’s doing and he contacted yet another brother.

14. Debradear's astrological Sign is a Capricorn.

15. Her hobbies, she writes, "My real passion is my art work, I do art shows in galleries. Writing: I am presently working on a book called.. APARTMENT AJAR...FIND OUT WHAT REALLY GOES ON BEHIND THE SCENES IN THAT PLUSH HI-RISE YOUR LIVING IN."

[Unidentified Midwestern Bank Robber]1999-05-29: Information from the Americas Most Wanted Site
NOTE: The information is no longer at this link above

Bank Robbery (12cts)
Data from the F.B.I., Kansas City, MO Field Office
(AMW: May 9, 1998; January 16, 1999)

Age: Mid 30's to early 40's
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6 ' 2 " to 6 ' 3 "
Weight: 220 - 230 lb.
Eye Color: Hazel or blue
Hair Color: Dark blonde or light brown hair
Scars: Unknown
Tattoos Unknown
Medium build
Wears hair short and clean cut
Wears a mustache that is neatly trimmed and light colored
Wears round prescription glasses, gold wire framed or tortoise shell
Wears thick, yellow-gold wedding band on left ring finger
Some times wears a baseball style cap, windbreaker, hooded sweat shirt, khaki pants and loafers
Has no distinct accents
Has a calm demeanor
Uses a black semi-automatic handgun (possibly a 9mm)
Possibly right handed
Carries a cell phone clipped to his pants or belt
May have construction or small business knowledge

Agents say from February 1996 to April 1998 an unknown man has robbed eleven banks throughout Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

The robber, who is described as polite and congenial, has robbed banks in eleven different cities in just over two years. Agents say he is over $130,000 richer for his efforts. Agents say the unknown robber is wanted for robberies in Emporia, KS; Bridgeton, MO; Topeka, KS; Lawrence, KS; Merriam, KS; Junction City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Salina, KS; Webb City, MO; St. Joseph, MO and Omaha, NE.

According to agents, the robber walks into the bank and before revealing his gun, strikes up a conversation with bank employees. He has been known to talk about opening an account for a new business, opening an account for his wife or just ask if the bank can roll change for him. After a short while, agents say, the robber pulls out a black semi-automatic handgun and in a calm manner, asks for the money in the drawers. According to agents, the robber always hands the bank teller a grocery-style plastic bag to hold the money.

Data from the F.B.I., Kansas City, MO Field Office

[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000 (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


24 This is a woman who believes that
25 her brother might have done it. And I

1 think -- I can give you this too, but I
2 think you guys know about it.
3 MR. KANE: Who is that?
4 THE WITNESS: Well, I don't know.
5 She didn't give me a name.
6 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Her, the name of
7 the brother?
8 A. She doesn't, but she has an
9 e-mail address. Well, this actually came from
10 Jamison, who I am sure you guys are
11 painfully aware of. But I think she had
12 been communicating with this woman, or this
13 person who is a woman.

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