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Evidence - Bedroom, John Andrew Ramsey



1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado

TT: Okay. Where were you packing the suitcases there?
PR: Um, the suitcases for the cruise I think I was packing in John Andrew’s room which is that room up on the same area as JonBenet’s room.
TT: Um hum.
PR: With the black bedspread on it.
TT: Okay. That’s John Andrew’s room?
PR: Yeah.
TT: Okay.
PR: We refer to it as his room.
TT: Um hum.
PR: Um, the guest room, whatever. Um, I had two or three black suitcases in there and I think I had my suitcase up in my dressing room. . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .packing.
TT: And were you packing suitcases for the trip to the lake separately or was that all together?
PR: No, it’s not together.
TT: Okay.
PR: Those were two separate trips. The lake I think I was just packing a plastic bag.
TT: Okay.
PR: Because we have clothes up at the lake and uh, just taking a few. . .
TT: Okay, where, was, where were you packing the plastic bag at?
PR: Um, if I remember right, I think it was uh, in the laundry room area, right outside JonBenet’s room.

TT: Okay. Did John help you get packed up at all?
PR: Uh, he, I believe, put some presents in the, in the Jeep.
TT: Okay. But he didn’t. . .
PR: Not the clothes.
TT: . . .pack his own clothes or anything like that?
PR: Oh, he probably would have packed his own clothes (inaudible) stuff.
TT: Okay. And do you know where he had that suitcase at that he packed his clothes at? Was that in the uh, John Andrew’s room?
PR: Um, no. It would, it would have been in his probably.
TT: Okay.
PR: I, I think I just had a couple of suitcase, the kids suitcases on the bed there, Burke’s and JonBenet’s.
TT: Okay. So you had Burke’s and JonBenet’s suitcases in John Andrew’s room, your suitcase was upstairs and John’s would have been upstairs too then.
PR: The best that I can remember, yeah.

TT: Okay. What did Burke do when you got home then.
PR: Um, I don’t remember exactly, but I think he went to go play with something. I think maybe he and John were fussing with something. A toy he wanted to put together or something.
TT: Okay.
PR: I was trying to finish putting together things for in the morning and. . .
TT: Okay. Finish kind of packing, again the suitcases on the bed. Were they all finished, packed up?
PR: Um, probably pretty close to it.
TT: Okay. And then the close to go to Charlevoix those were. . .
PR: Right.
TT: . . .in a plastic bag.
PR: Plastic bag. Um hum.
TT: And they were already to go? You said you carried down to (inaudible).
PR: Yeah.


BPD Crime Scene Photo Discussion - John Andrew's Bedroom
[IMAGE] #029
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

Empty suitcases stored in Patsy's bedroom dressing room
Ruffle discussion
Patsy said JAR's bed sat low 'you couldn't get much under there'
JAR did store things at Boulder house
(0278-19) THOMAS HANEY: Okay. 29. PATSY RAMSEY: That's the (INAUDIBLE). That's where I was packing clothes, you know, to go on the different trips. TRIP DeMUTH: And you're pointing to the bed? PATSY RAMSEY: The bed. TRIP DeMUTH: What about this chair over here, what's on that chair?

(0279-09) TRIP DeMUTH: What did you take? I mean the suitcases were on top of the bed. Where did you get those suitcases from, where were they stored? PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, where were they stored? Usually up in the bin in my dressing room, those open shelves, they would be right there. You know, I would work from them to pack on the bed.

(0279-18) TRIP DeMUTH: Did you keep anything underneath that bed? My wife stores things under our bed. PATSY RAMSEY: No, I don't have anything under there. Get them out of the way sometimes. Could have been anything under there. I don't know. THOMAS HANEY: This dust ruffle? PATSY RAMSEY: Well, it's not hanging very straight right there. You know, it should be falling a little more smoothly. (INAUDIBLE.) THOMAS HANEY: What did you say? PATSY RAMSEY: I say I am wondering if somebody was under that bed. That was -- THOMAS HANEY: Did you go under that bed for anything when you were packing? PATSY RAMSEY: No. I can't remember. I mean,
I never had a habit of putting things under that bed. Because it was -- it sat low, kind of low board, you couldn't get much under there.

(0280-15) THOMAS HANEY: But that's John Andrew's room? PATSY RAMSEY: When he was there. You know, we just referred to it as his room. - (0280-22) THOMAS HANEY: Do you know when John Andrew last would have stayed there? PATSY RAMSEY: Not for sure. THOMAS HANEY: Did he store other things there? PATSY RAMSEY: I know he had some of his things, some college, at the house, but I really can't tell you where they were or what it was. THOMAS HANEY: But he would have had things of his in the house? PATSY RAMSEY: Yes. THOMAS HANEY: But you just can't say what for sure would have been in that room? PATSY RAMSEY: No.
[IMAGE] #029
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- John Ramsey (6/98)

Arndt and John in JARs room 12/26/96
Clothes on chair, backpack, red thing
John said dust ruffle was a bit unusual
(0501-21) JOHN RAMSEY: We did when we sat down with Linda Arndt, she wanted to, you know, kind of get out of the crowd, she would sit down and tell me what to do when the call came, so we went into John Andrew's room.

(0502-01) LOU SMIT: Did you look closets and things in that room? JOHN RAMSEY: Not that I remember.LOU SMIT: I am going to show you a picture of John Andrew's room and it's picture 29. That's this picture right here and your head might be in the way there. Picture 29. And what it is, you tell me which room that is, and see if you can make any observations of that room and then I will touch on something a little bit later. This was taken during the kidnapping phase.

(0502-14) JOHN RAMSEY: It's John Andrew's room. There are some clothes piled on the chair, which isn't unusual. Maybe it's a backpack. Some red thing with a black and white looks like it might be one of JonBenet's outfits. Clothes stacked. LOU SMIT: Do you remember looking under the bed? JOHN RAMSEY: (Shaking head).

(0502-23) LOU SMIT: Take a look at the ruffle on the bed. JOHN RAMSEY: It's disturbed. And I didn't look under the bed. It's pulled out. LOU SMIT: Is that something that would be usual or unusual? JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it may be a bit unusual. That room didn't get used much and the cleaning ladies would clean it and make it neat and Patsy used it to fold laundry, on top of the bed, but it didn't get used. So you know, somebody would have straightened that out when they cleaned the room, I am sure. It's a little unusual I would say.
[IMAGE] #030
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

JAR's bed used for packing for Big Red Boat trip
(0281-16) THOMAS HANEY: Speaking of clothes, you're packing for this trip in that photo and in 30, and that's where, for the Big Red Boat? PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

(0282-12) THOMAS HANEY: Do you see anything unusual in photograph 30? PATSY RAMSEY: I use that bed with all the clothes on, so. There were several, a lot of clothes, you know. TRIP DeMUTH: Did you recover in this room when you had cancer? PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-hum.
[IMAGE] #031
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

Video tapes in cabinet, and on floor
Green Tupperware trunk
(0383-05) THOMAS HANEY: 31. PATSY RAMSEY: We had run a videotape out there. I wonder why those are out there. (INAUDIBLE.) TRIP DeMUTH: Do you keep videotapes in that room? PATSY RAMSEY: There was some videos in this cabinet here, mostly ones that were older, you know, that the kids used more when they were really young, with Barney and those kind of things. I don't know why those would be on the floor. TRIP DeMUTH: Were you going to take videos with you to Charlevoix or to the Big Red Boat for any reason? PATSY RAMSEY: No. I mean, we may have wanted to take some to Charlevoix, but typically the ones that the kids had watched, you know, more currently, would be in their room.

(0283-25) THOMAS HANEY: Okay. Other than the videos, anything unusual in picture 31? PATSY RAMSEY: No. See, this is -- this is the suitcase I was packing and this is on the bed. TRIP DeMUTH: Yes. What's that, the -- PATSY RAMSEY: That's where I kept summer clothes, you know, when I transitioned. TRIP DeMUTH: And you're referring to the large -- PATSY RAMSEY: Tupperware trunk kind of thing. Green. Probably digging in there looking for shorts and beach wear, things that I wanted to wear.
[IMAGE] #032
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

JAR's bathroom drawers open
(0284-05) THOMAS HANEY: 32? PATSY RAMSEY: That's the bathroom to my bedroom. THOMAS HANEY: Is that normally used by anybody? PATSY RAMSEY: Not on a day-to-day basis, not really. I don't know why the drawers would have been out, but...

(0284-23) THOMAS HANEY: What's normally stored in those? PATSY RAMSEY: Well, that's usually where I kept my supplies for my -- when I was taking chemo, when I had my shots and my little alcohol wipes, thermometers, and all that of stuff. And I could have been looking through, looking for a thermometer to take on vacation. TRIP DeMUTH: What's in the draw below that one? There are two drawers open? PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know, I don't know. I just hadn't used it, all that area, that much.
[IMAGE] #033
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

(0285-12) THOMAS HANEY: Okay. Number 33. PATSY RAMSEY: This is the shot of the bedroom, looking out through the door to her door. THOMAS HANEY: Anything unusual or out of place or -- PATSY RAMSEY: No.
[IMAGE] #034 12/26/96 Kidnapping Phase -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

(0286-10) TRIP DeMUTH: Could the kids get in there? Play in this room? PATSY RAMSEY: Not really. It was kind of a -- they didn't do it too much. THOMAS HANEY: They kind of consider it -- PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah. THOMAS HANEY: -- off-limits? PATSY RAMSEY: It was just kind of back out of the way and nobody really -- TRIP DeMUTH: How about John? PATSY RAMSEY: Big John? TRIP DeMUTH: Uh-hum. PATSY RAMSEY: I must have just used it for folding clothes and packing and, you know.

BPD Crime Scene Photo Discussion - Rope found in John Andrew's Bedroom
[IMAGE] #113
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- John Ramsey (6/98)

Rope found in John Andrew's Bedroom
(0534-20) LOU SMIT: John Andrew's bedroom, did you ever recall any rope or cord being in his room? JOHN RAMSEY: Gee, it's possible, John Andrew loved the outdoors, he was there, I stayed in that room. I know he had seems like he had his backpack there for a while. So it wouldn't be -- I don't remember seeing any, but it wouldn't be --

(0535-16) LOU SMIT:
But he could have had things there in his backpack? JOHN RAMSEY: It wouldn't have been out of the question. LOU SMIT: Just for the camera, the photographs we are looking at is photo 113, 114, 115 and 116. - (0535-24) BRYAN MORGAN: May I ask just one question. Can you tell us if this is the form in which it was originally found? LOU SMIT: No, that's the bag it was put in for evidence. BRYAN MORGAN: So the paper bag is just in evidence. LOU SMIT: Evidence bag. And again that was just found in the room, and it was found in a bag in her room, that's all I can tell you at this time.
[IMAGE] #113
-- -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

Paper Bag (police bag)
(0519-07) TOM HANEY: Next we have photos that are numbered 113. PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-huh (yes). TOM HANEY: Which is a paper bag. PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-huh (yes). TOM HANEY: And then 114 is the contents of that. TRIP DeMUTH: The paper bag is a police bag and this came out of here. PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, this was in here? TRIP DeMUTH: Correct? PATSY RAMSEY: Oh. TRIP DeMUTH: And there's another picture of that same item in 115 and 116. Why don't you look those over at your leisure. PATSY RAMSEY: I don't recognize it, specifically.
[IMAGE] #113
Photo is screen capture from Court TV "A Second Look" 5/10/03 -- Patsy Ramsey (6/98)

Rope (contents of paper bag)
(0520-01) TOM HANEY: Okay. And that, that particular piece of rope, do you ever remember seeing anything like it around? And if you look at photo 115, you notice the -- PATSY RAMSEY: Right. TOM HANEY: -- ends are unusually secured. PATSY RAMSEY: Right. No. TOM HANEY: Can you think of any reason to have that kind of rope around? PATSY RAMSEY: I've just never seen ends like that, done like that. John had some, you know, boat ropes and things up at the lake, but it seems like when they cut those, they kind of melt the ends of them or something to keep them from fraying or something. I've never seen one done like that.
[IMAGE] #115
-- -- John Ramsey (6/98)

Bag or something hanging on JonBenet's door
(0782-02) LOU SMIT: (Handing next sheet of photographs). Now we are getting into the -- I'd like to direct your attention to 115. What does that show you on that now? JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it's a door with a bag or something hanging on it. I guess it looks like it's probably the backside of that door. LOU SMIT: Which is JonBenet's room? JOHN RAMSEY: JonBenet's room door. LOU SMIT: Is that something that she would normally do, is hang a bag on it or could it be normal or -- JOHN RAMSEY: It could be normal. It's possible, yeah. This then is still kind of unusual.

BPD Crime Scene Photo Discussion - John Andrew's Bedroom
[IMAGE] #278 -- -- Patsy (6/98)

JAR's Bedroom, rug, towels, notebook
(0435-14) TOM HANEY: 278 there. PATSY RAMSEY: Okay. This is the bathroom. It looks like the bathroom rug, the bathroom, the guest room there, John Andrews room. A little notebook and some towels. I don't know what that is. Is that the binding on the book, that kind of greenish?
[IMAGE] #279 -- -- Patsy (6/98)

A drawer, something red and black
(0436-21) TOM HANEY: 279. PATSY RAMSEY: That looks like a drawer. That is the drawer in the guest -- in John Andrew's room. TRIP DEMUTH: What is the red and black item? PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know. I can't tell. I don't know. TOM HANEY: Go ahead. PATSY RAMSEY: I was going to say, do you have a picture of it blown up? TOM HANEY: No, we don't. PATSY RAMSEY: Okay. TOM HANEY: Can you tell us, identify the other items that are in there. PATSY RAMSEY: I can't. This (inaudible). John Andrew did (inaudible), that he would hang up. Looks like just clothes in there. Can't tell.
[IMAGE] #286 -- -- Patsy (6/98)

Tossing pillows?
Purple bow
(0437-21) TOM HANEY: Okay. And 286 would be next. PATSY RAMSEY: This is the John Andrew's room again, that fabric. TRIP DEMUTH: Do you know what piece of furniture that is that the fabric is on? PATSY RAMSEY: I can't tell. A chair covering it when they were tossing pillows and the dust ruffle and the draperies coming down. (Inaudible). I don't know. A little purple bow or something.

[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (John Andrews Bedroom)

22 JOHN RAMSEY: Well I remember when Detective
23 Arndt came in, the uniform guy was trying to keep
24 everybody in the back room here and, then there
25 were a lot of people in there. There were

1 detectives there and they had their quarters set
2 up. They had cell phones. We were back in here, I
3 know, for a little while. And Arndt was down the
4 hall (INAUDIBLE) in the study.
5 So then she took me up to his bedroom and we sat
6 in this room and talked about it.
7 LOU SMIT: That's called the guest bedroom?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. Well we call it John Henry's
9 room.
10 LOU SMIT: John Henry's room.
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. She had kind of methodically
12 went through; look here's what we have to do: when
13 this person calls you've got to insist that you
14 talk to JonBenet and stall for time. And I said
15 why, and (INAUDIBLE) got everything. Tell him it's
16 a hard job to raise that much money and use the
17 time. But you must talk to JonBenet.
18 So she was just coaching me on what to say, and
19 then we were just waiting for the phone to ring.
20 Mostly, as I recalled, I kind of waited in this
21 room, cause the phone was here. Which was the one
22 that I think I answered. And it rang several times
23 (INAUDIBLE) hang up. When I answered it, it was
24 hung up. But most of the time it was --

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (John Andrews Bedroom)


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