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Gas Station Man
Charlevoix, Michigan
Stranger Hanging at Shell Station
"He said he had unfinished business in Colorado"

Incident was in Fall 1996
Reported in February 1997

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Gas Station Man - Charlevoix, Michigan
Gas Station Man (Download "s-gas-stationman(12pg).pdf" (.PDF 57kb) File HERE)
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Gas Station Man
(Charlevoix, Michigan)
(Stranger hanging at Shell station made threats toward John Ramsey and was heard to say he had some unfinished business in Colorado)
Fall 1996

Feb 1997

B says artist sketch in boxes sent to Lin Wood
DOI pg 363
B's Reports
--- --- --- --- --- --- Ramsey PI
Jon Foster
gas station attendent, friends and family
Had artist sketch done.


01. A man at a Shell Station in Charlevoix, Michigan showed anger toward John Ramsey
02. A man reportedly said "He had some unfinished business in Colorado"

03. 2000-09-09: "B" on www.webbsleuths.com - ""Charlevoix-1996"
04. B posted man "well dressed bum,other times dressed nicer"
05. B posted "Guy was older than college age, mid 30's,Carried alot of cash."
06. B posted "He had a strange nose, like it had been broke in the past"
07. B posted "He had longer hair, shoulder length."
08. B posted Guy "Said he had unfinished business in Colorado
09. B posted her Shell station friend puts this closer to the end of Sept./ early Oct

10. B posted gas staion is near the corner of the end of the h.s. football field
11. B posted the guy apparently hung out by fence outside too.
12. B posted he did come in, make small talk once in awhile. Talked about skating alot.

13. 2001-02-10: "B" on www.webbsleuths.com - "CHARLEVOIX Timeline"
14. B posted he was "late 30's-40's," "dark complected," "Black hair-shoulder length,"
15. B posted he was "beard," "wore fingerless gloves," "carried alot of cash"
16. B posted he "was there in the morning," "stutter or accent," "trenchcoat"
17. B posted he "walked-no car," "nonsmoker," "late Oct/early Nov."
18. B posted he "talked about colorado," "iceskating in mountains"

19. B posted "A composite drawing was made during one of the visits by Jon Foster"
20. B posted Jon Fosteer brought sketch artist on one of his interviews with attendant
21. B posted sketch in possession of Lin Wood when Armistead boxes were shipped to him
22. B posted sketch was not made public but she requested it so it can be posted
23. B posted John and Patsy were not made aware of this composite and she asks why

24. 2001-05-27: Jameson reposts "B's" Charlevoix Timeline at www.webbsleuths.com

25. 2002-12-23: "B" on www.webbsleuths.com - "trip to Charlevoix"
26. B posted not gas station owner but attendant who reported the strange guy.
27. B posted she is friends with the attendant.

28. 2003-06-30: "B" on www.webbsleuths.com - "Message from B- Charlevoix events"
29. B posted guy at Shell station going on about Co. and brought up John's name
30. B posted guy talked about skating, Wore a long coat. Well groomed
31. B posted husband of one of the housecleaners worked at Shell station
32. B posted this was reported this to Ramsey investigators in Feb 97

33. B posted statements were made by BPD request, on a questionaire and sent to BPD
34. B posted all the housekeepers have their copies of the questionaire
35. B posted copies given to Ramsey investigators by them (housekeepers?)
36. B posted Sheriff Laseter took the reports himself, done at the Sheriff's station


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence”
Written by John and Patsy Ramsey, March 18, 2000

DOI Page 362

"A man was reported to have observed me in a gas station, and angrily told the attendant that he had "some unfinished business in Colorado."

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-04-14: From www.webbsleuths.com Forum,
Thread titled, "Who was in the Charlevoix house?"

47 . "New to the forum"
Posted by B on Apr-15-00 at 08:38 AM (EST)

I would like to put something before you as a new person to this.

In John and Patsy book they mention a person making a threat towards John at a gas station in Charlevoix, this happened about the same time the housekeeper found the suitcase and cowboy boots, and there was the person who came running out in front of the Ramsey house and made threats to the driver he flagged down. Who was this person? This has not been determined......?????

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-09-07: From www.webbsleuths.com Forum,
Thread titled, "Charlevoix-1996"

Posted by B on Sep-07-00 at 03:58 PM (EST)

If any of you have questions I will try to get the answers.

We have three incidences in Chx, all ocurring in approximately the same time period. This info was not made public until after DOI came out. Noone has come forward and said "Hey I stayed at your house". We do have a description from the gas attendent but it has not been corroborated as of yet by Handicap driver. (Please if you read here mail your info to Jams) I personally know and talked with neighbor the handicap driver approached and talked with. I think we need to find out if "Boots" has Michigan connections and if he was here in the fall of 96????

9 . "I talked with the Gas attendent"
Posted by B on Sep-08-00 at 07:32 PM (EST)

today. I asked him out of my own curiosity if the guy had a pierced tongue. He said not that he can remember. That is something that would have stuck out in his mind. But he could have had it pierced after the fall.

18 . "For a description Please go to"
Posted by B on Sep-09-00 at 07:47 AM (EST)

Jimb's website

He and I have been working on this.

There is info in the files Armisted collected. I have asked John to specifically ask the investigators to look for. When it is found, Jams can hopefully post it. Jams knows what it is. But it is not public info so I will withhold it at this time.

I have also talked with John about interviewing the handicap driver. I do not know if this was done yet. We need his description of the guy he picked up.

26 . "FYI"
Posted by B on Sep-09-00 at 04:40 PM (EST)

The handicap guy did not drive a van. I have informed Jams of this and if it not corrected on the timeline, she hasn't gotten to it yet.

Yes the housekeeper is aware that the person could have still been in the house. But he could have had another pair of footwear too.Such as loafers or sandals.

There were two housekeepers that went together.

They went in to check a winestain from the party. Patsy had called and asked her to do so. She wouldnot have called if she knew someone was at the house staying there. She would have called her own houseguest to check it.

I have asked John personally to check phone records for that time period. They did have a phone jack on the front porch. Whether or not he has I have no idea.

Description of guy in gas station:

"well dressed bum,other times dressed nicer.Guy was older than college age, mid 30's,Carried alot of cash. He had a strange nose, like it had been broke in the past. He had longer hair, shoulder length. Talked about ice-skating. Said he had unfinished business in Colorado. " He puts this incident closer to the end of Sept./ early Oct.

I do not know about suitcase at the colorado house.

Maybe Jams can fill in here. Apparently there was an evidence photo of a suitcase there.

The 2nd housekeeper said she had never seen this suitcase before at the house. Male houseguests usually stayed in the boys "bunk" room. Or in the guest bedroom downstairs.

She also said another housekeeper who helped that summer only has never been contacted. She has since moved away from the area.

Charlevoix is a resort area. Most everything is within walking distance. I think the guy fleeing had to make a quick get away and mayhave been startled. Even though the house faces Belvedere it is normally entered off of Hurlbut through the garage or the "front" door. which is at the side of the house. He could have been hanging out at the bottom of the hill just casing the place. There are bushes and it would be easy to do. (The tabloids did it so it can be done)

I really hope the driver reads Jams forum and contacts her. He would be able to shed some light on all this.

37 . "more answers"
Posted by B on Sep-10-00 at 12:58 PM (EST)

wine stain was in living room by piano. Host called patsy and offered to have it cleaned.

Housekeepers did a house check to see if anything needed to be retouched up after the party so one checked up and one down.

The gas staion is near the corner of the end of the h.s. football field. The guy apparently hung out by fence outside too. He did come in and make small talk once in awhile. Talked about skating alot.

Housekeeper did call Patsy about wine stain but can't remember if she brought up suitcase and boots. She thinks she did. She left an answer on the machine. Not sure if they ever got it.

Hindsight is 20/20.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-02-10: From www.webbsleuths.com Forum,
Thread titled, "CHARLEVOIX Timeline"

1 . "Description of guy at gas station"
Posted by B on Feb-10-01 at 09:23 PM (EST)

late 30's-40's
dark complected
Black hair-shoulder length
wore fingerless gloves
carried alot of cash
was there in the morning
stutter or accent
walked-no car
late Oct/early Nov
talked about colorado
"iceskating in mountains"


alright I am going to drop a bombshell here:

A composite drawing was made during one of the visits by Jon Foster. He brought a sketch artist with him on one of his interviews with the attendant. This sketch was not made public. It is now in the possesion of Lin Wood when all the boxes were shipped there from Armistead. It has not been located as far as I know. I have requested it be looked for and posted. John and Patsy were not made aware of this composite. Why?? Ollie Grey and assistants as far as I know have been going over all the records. Jams can correct me on this if I am wrong. I even asked John if Jams could help look for it!

""CHARLEVOIX Timeline""
Posted by jameson on May-27-01 at 10:06 PM (EST)

Posted by B on Feb-10-01 at 09:02 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Feb-10-01 AT 09:12 PM (EST)


Winter and Spring of 1996, house being redecorated my local Interior Designer for upcoming Summer 96 Home Tour.

Wallpaperer worked through out the winter and Spring to paint and wallpaper. Master Bedroom completely repapered and carpeted. Entry way repapered. Kitchen repapered. Living room repainted, new drappperies installed. Alot of work was done in the quiet months.This guy was never contacted by anyone to get his input on anything weird happening at house while he worked.

Housekeepers worked in Spring to ready the house for the summer, construction clean-up.

June 96- Ramseys arrive to their renovated home.

Head Caretaker submits bill to Patsy who in turn asks about questionable phone calls made from their Chx number. She doesn't expand and the conversation is forgotten.

Summer 96- Home tour in July.

JonBenet attends Pageants off and on. Guests come and go. Ramseys house is "sold" in a Charlevoix Charity Auction for a night. It was bought by their close friends, Susan and Brownie Flanders.

August- They leave in mid August to return to get ready for school to start.

Labor Day- Return and spend the long weekend with family and friends.

House is cleaned thoroughly after the "season" ends.

Mid Sept. (a Sat.) A Wine and Cheese Party is held at the Ramsey home with a small group of friends. Ramseys were not there. It was a rainy night and party was moved inside.

Hostess left house in impeccable order though she called Patsy in Boulder to say a glass of wine was spilled and asked her what she wanted to do about it. Patsy calls caretaker in Charlevoix to go check winestain and clean it or have it cleaned. She states her brother-in-law and family are coming for a vacation the following weekend.Stain is near piano. Housekeepers stop there midweek after party. This is when the discovery of the suitcase and boots is made.

They assume it is the pilot or a guest. She calls and leaves a message on their machine in Boulder.(She is told later they never got it). At this point in time caretakers are not concerned about the boots and suitcase as people are always coming and going there. House doesn't appear to be disturbed, hostess cleaned up well, upstairs is like they left it, except towels are moved(wine and cheese guests?) and bed appears messed up and not made the way they did it. They leave.

Jeff Ramsey and family arrive for a weeks vacation.Housekeeper stops back, house is in the "lived in" state. She calls Patsy in Boulder and she says that John will put the porch furniture away and not to worry about it. Jeff can help him.

Guy running out from bottom of hill is picked up by local handicapped guy driving down Belvedere Ave. He rants and raves about John Ramsey. This guy tries to contact the Ramseys thru a neighbor. They never connect. I am unsure of when this incident happened. It is in a police report somewhere.I was told he did approach the house and there was a party or something and he didn't want to disturb it. This leads me to believe it was in Sept. when this happened. He is in a wheelchair and it is not that easy for him to get around.

John flies up and they close up the house and boats. Incident at the gas station occurs which he is totally unaware of.This is in October.

Ramseys come for Color tour in October as ususal.

December 22-23 Patsy calls caretaker and tells her they are coming on Christmas Day and could she decorate the house prior to their arrival.

She would like garland and a tree if possible.

Than she decides to call interior decorator instead to see if she can do it. The house magically gets decorated. She tells her that she was just there to check the heat and all was fine. No messages on the answering machine. The Ramseys never come.

John Andrew and Melinda leave for Charlevoix from Atlanta. They will meet up with their parents and arrive in Charlevoix together.Instead they recived an emergency call in the airport they will never forget.

December 25, 1996 JonBenet is murdered. She never gets to go on the Big Red Boat cruise which she was so looking forward to.

January 97- Housekeepers call Sheriff and come forward with the info about the suitcase and boots being in the house. They are interviewed by Sheriff Lasater. He contacts the BPD who in turn send him a list of questions they want answered.

The housekeepers fill out the questionarres and return them. It would be weeks before any of them are contacted by the BPD. The BPD comes to Charlevoix but doesn't contact them???They call instead from Boulder.

The information about the suitcase and cowboy boots is not made public until it comes out in DOI.

Locks are changed at the Charlevoix house. One close friend now has the key to the house. No it is not me!

March 97- Jon Foster comes to Charlevoix to do interviews. He is a Ramsey investigator. He talks with their friends, family and gas station attendent. This information about the gas station is not told to the BPD.

Spring 97- Jon Foster returns and does follow up interviews.Security system installed in the house. They get a specially trained dog to be near Burke.

June 97-Friends prepare the Charlevoix house for arrival of the Ramseys. The house has sat quiet all winter except for the BPD visits to them, and a friend checking on it for them now. All keys that were out are painstakingly collected by a close friend.

The tabloids start arriving in Charlevoix.

They stay at the two hotels across the lake with a birds eye view of the house. They hangout at the local 7-11. They call every beauty shop in town to see if JonBenet had her hair dyed there.

They are intrusive and unwanted.Noone talks to them. They can not find out much at all. They follow the Ramseys all over town, the Stines run interference.The cable tv is not hooked up.

Portable phones are unhooked. Shutters are drawn.

Late June early July - The wheelchair driver comes to the house. Patsy is alone. She calls a friend to come over. She calls the local police. She calls Lou Smit. He gives a statement to the police. He is distraught that he wasn't able to contact them.

Suicide report about John. TV crew comes by to verify and catch John driving away in his jeep!

Wife of tabloid editor befriends Patsy. She becomes part of the inner circle. They buy her painting of "Summerhill", their friends buy her paintings. Than the headlines read there is an inside scoop. She betrays them by printing intimate details of their pain.

Anniversery of JonBenet's Birthday comes.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2002-12-23: From www.webbsleuths.com, "trip to Charlevoix"

unregistered user
Dec-23-02, 08:31 PM (EST)

10. "RE: Very good point, B,,,"
In response to message #3

TGRB, it wasn't the gas station owner but an attendant who reported the strange guy. I am friends with him. That is how we made the Ramsey connection with what the guy said.

None of the Chx incidents were followed up on by the BPD.

The intruder incident was not considered an intruder until after JonBenet's death when the incident was recalled and Ramsey's could not figure out who had been there. It was assumed, by the housekeepers, it had been someone who knew them. The house had pThe incident with the wheelchair guy was only followed up on by Ramsey investigators, but the guy now is too sick to talk. That is just one of the odd occurrences again in this case.

This has all been documented with the right people so maybe it will get looked into.

The other odd thing is that the Boulder detectives came to CHx at least three times and didn't bother to interview the housekeepers here or very many friends. This house should have been sealed.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2003-06-30: From www.webbsleuths.com Forum,
Thread titled, "Message from B- Charlevoix events"

unregistered user
Jun-30-03, 09:44 PM (EST)

"Message from B- Charlevoix events"

B cannot post due to computer glitch but she has emailed me back and has the following message:

From B

It was newer suitcase, boots were beside it. Room was girlish and frilly and not geared towards a male guest. House had a guest room on main floor.

Housekeeper was not informed of guest staying midweek-John's brother arriving on the weekend. Housekeeper made a walk thru after wine party and found Suitcase which contained very neatly folded undershirts and personal clothing. Bed was slept "ON" not "IN", as stated. Coverlet was disturbed as if someone rested but sheets were not slept in. No other rooms were disturbed. It was not a vagrant, he was too neat.

Ramsey friends had a wine and cheese party there -cowboy boots man was there on a Tuesday/Wednesday-cleaning ladies there to check wine stain on Thursday and found boots. Called Ramsey home in Co and left message about wine stain from their Chx home. Left word about unknown guest. Message was never rec'd by the Ramsey's.

Additionally in Late Fall of 96 there was a man hanging out at the local Shell station going on about Co. and brought up John's name, talked about skating. Wore a long coat. Well groomed, did not drive, had lot's of cash. Wheelchair guy driver tried to contact Ramsey family after JonBenet's death in regard's to a person he picked up fleeing out there front yard who wanted a ride to the airport.

Husband of one of the housecleaners worked at Shell station and reported this to Ramsey investigators in Feb 97. Just strange occurrences that all need to be tied together. Hindsight...............

You can cut and paste this in if you want. I can't post, computer has a glitch apparently.


Member since Jun-29-03
1 posts Jul-01-03, 08:02 AM (EST)

4. "RE: Gas Station Guy"
In response to message #3

HI everyone! Jams finally figured out what the problem was and we got it fixed after months of not be able to post! Thank you Jameson! I have felt disconnected.

All the events that happened here are probably related but how?

The guy at the gas station would not have known the cashier was the husband of one of the housekeepers, it was not known really as it was a temp job. He did do a sketch with the original Ramsey investigators in the spring of 97 but noone knows where it is, probably in one of the many boxes shipped to Lin Wood. Ramseys have never seen it.

BPD came to the house three times I believe and never once dusted JonBenet's room here, even after they knew about cowboy guy, never took bedding, did not seal room. Another close friend and I were the ones who got the house ready for Ramsey June arrival(not housekeepers) in 97 and I should have bagged the bedding, I didn't as I thought the police knew what they were doing. I wish I had.

Wheelchair guy is pretty much incapacitated now, noone to my knowledge has ever questioned him thoroughly. He lives near me somewhere but I have been told he isn't doing well.

unregistered user
Jul-01-03, 08:59 AM (EST)

10. "RE: B and CHX"
In response to message #8

No there is no record in Chx, as statements were made by BPD request, on a questionaire and sent to BPD. All the housekeepers have their copies. Copies given to Ramsey investigators by them.

unregistered user
Jul-01-03, 09:58 PM (EST)

21. "Candy"
In response to message #16

They were done at the Sheriff's station on a questionairre provided by the BPD. Not at the police station. Sheriff Laseter took the reports himself. The guy fleeing the house was never reported and either was the gas station guy as he wasn't menacing. The cowboy boot was not reported until Jan 97 to the Sheriff. BPD would have the originals. Housekeepers all have their copies. Housekeeper made contact witht he sheriff not the other way around.

unregistered user
Jul-01-03, 10:05 PM (EST)

22. "Charlevoix"
In response to message #21

Just for the record I know Chief Halverson here well. I also want to tell you we protect our own and anyone who called about the Ramsey case were probably not taken seriously unless it was another police officer or investigator.There were too many tabloids here in the beginning so it has made us all wary of people wanting info. Chx has been a safe place for them and will continue to be so. As I stated it was not at the city police dept so sorry if you went on a wild goose chase. Candy I don't want to argue and I just got to be able to post after months of frustration of not being able too. If the DA wants a copy of the reports he will get them.

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