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Gerald Elkins

Reportedly at LUNCH at Ramsey house
Along with four other Access Graphic labor crew
About a MONTH before the murder


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-06-13: Colfax Diary; June 13 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"so close to landing"

June 13th and many days previous.

I was casually in the paper today with a few one-liners. Does THAT make you wanna swallow me bloody DNA Wilton Jr? And others on the ATTENTION frequency?

And this is the milestone of going to "under a month" status.

In fact I'm gonna pretty much just lay down and hold my breathe after this. Getting out is like a birthing and OH so many things can miscarry.

I am like a tired and confused child in a busy intersection. "Rue du Jeu-des-Enfants/marche aux cochons de lait." Yes I have been where THE STREEET OF THE CHILDRENS GAME meets THE MARKET OF THE SUCKLING PIGS.

On the Friday of the weekend a tremendous storm of SIDEWAYS RAIN lashed against my window. It felt SO VERY much like this ship is so close to landing that IT kicked the water up from nearby Hayden Lake.

So close to landing that even Francisco Robles Garza who was supposed to get out only one day before me instead was LAUNCHED on a shuttle to the Immigracion office. Gone.

To palm something off on someone is "faire availer quelque chose a quelqu'un." And in that spirit I have one more item du Ramsaica.

Go BACK thru the mists du temps....and through the eyes of current inmate Gerald ELKINS why don't we just DO LUNCH with John and Patsy Ramsey right in the winter do their discontent. 96.

Monseiur ELKINS (reddus neckus) (balding but LONG cowardly lion side hair) was working with a LABOR READY crew based out of that companies Lakewood office that winter. And this crew gelled into a regular longterm job at ACCESS GRAPHICS. So, labor ready would dump more or less the same people on Pearl St. in Boulder each day. Elkins says he saw John Ramsey a lot over the months. AND THEN, a month or so before the murder there came a HUGE snowstorm and so this crew was kept out late after an already hard day. But the worry was that since both ACCESS and Pasta Jays only had membranes for roofs this snow wold be a disaster. And so they shoveled these roofs. And THEN--more snow, so the next morning the crew does another hard turn of shoveling. In appreciation for the effort John Ramsey takes ELKINS and 4 other temporary laborers home for lunch and an much needed warming up. JonBenet NOT to be seen, but the STAR of our iconography: PATSY RAMSEY serves sandwiches to these half homeless but working plodders. Later, she's the one that drives them back to work. Elkins recalls no "oddities." But RIGHT OFF he says that none of the 15 people, including the 4 at lunch that he regularly worked with around John Ramsey EVER was interviewed by cops. And so--once again we see a group of poeple who, even though they might know NOTHING they wouldn't have been surprized to have a VISIT. They've BEEN IN THE HOUSE and weren't contacted. But I gets les swab in le pie hole. And they perched on les roof above ACCESS for 4 more months after les murder. No one asks nothing.

And so...I have SPUN like les washing machine...why not? The investigation has been a farce. Paltry little done even YET for the 2 million price tag.

I did not need to have sticks poked at me--it was a bad time. And for every attempt to flush me away, I have still clung to the side of les tiollette.

Wishing there was rest. There's a very squirrelish inmate here by les nom du Justin Roeser and he sought rest last monday night (June 7th) when he done did go and have an overdose of les neu drug GHB. Yes, after only putting in ONE DAY at his work release job at Discount Tire he reclined in his jailbed almost permantly. Another inmate (Johnny Herrera) tried to awaken him--ironically to attend a drug self-help group they're forced to attend. But Justin was virtually corpsified. Puked all over them both due to Herrara's jostling.

Ambulances were summoned. The jail med-staff intoduced electric shoque and it was done again when they got him to Boulder Community Hospital. He was THAT CLOSE to JonBenet's memorial autoposy table. And that's where we're ALL going,...but first, impelled by forcefields of emptiness and negativity lets tiol more, day in and out, on the Ramsey's installation into lore, and other minutia. And now we have a homeless Monsieur Gardiner in the jail for stabbing Pasta Jay...the wheels--do they not go round and round? Les torch is passed my little eels--digg digg digg.


P.S. Just in case...in the offhand chance...should John and/or patsy Ramsey be ABSORBED into this glowing and humming ship after I've left les poop deck, I have ordered les crew to occupy themselves with les winking and les blinkiing of he lights, at 10:00 pm nitely. Make it so that passersby and members du les circus de media FEEL as if they are looking up the hill and seeing a giant electric eel...smiling...eating it's prey to les accompaniment of sparks. As if to say "they are of the body...they are: like us."


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-06-17: Colfax Diary; June 17 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

June 17, 1999

Let them eat fingersandwiches

Only an hour after Gerald Elkins was mentioned on this site, he was taken away to Jefferson County Jail. It would be NICE to know MORE - BUT I JUST PLAIN DONT. As to the BENIGN curiosity as to what sort of sandwiches Patsy Ramsey served his crew, Elkins later told me they were a sort of finger sandwiches leftover from a party THE NIGHT BEFORE.


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