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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Glenn Meyer
Rented Basement Apartment at Joe Barnhills
At 764 15th, Boulder, Colorado

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Glenn Meyer
Rented Basement Apartment from the Barnhill Neighbors
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Glenn Meyer
(Rented Room 764 15th)
(Boulder, Colorado)
He Rented basement room at Barnhills. Showed up at Ramsey Christmas party looking for the Barhills but was not introduced to Patsy or JonBenet. Ramseys’ investigator, Ellis Armistead wanted Meyer checked again after finding he was $70,000 in debt. Meyer agreed to give a second blood sample.
Glenn Meyer's son had been murdered in Boston.

John Ramsey didn't know Barnhills had
a tenant.

Glenn Meyer
to Ramsey
ransom note

Patsy Ramsey
April 30,1997
John Ramsey
June 1998

PMPT Pg139
PMPT Pg241

Today Show

DOI pg95

ST pg71
--- YES
Page 67
Page 87sb
1) YES

2) YES
Page 241
YES 1) YES 01-01-97
Page 67

2) YES 01-30-97
Page 139
--- Investigated by
Steve Thomas
Ron Gossage

Investigated by
Ramsey PI Ellis

Watched TV with Barnhills
Went to bed 9PM Nursing Stomach Flu


01. 1997-01-01: Glen Meyer had polygraph January 1, at 5:30 P.M. (PMPT Pg66)
02. 1997-01-00: Steve Thomas asked Meyer for several handwriting samples, took fingerprints (PMPT Pg66)
03. 1997-01-30: BPD asked the Barnhills' boarder, Glenn Meyer, for another handwriting sample (PMPT Pg139)
04. 1997-01-30: Glenn Meyer's first handwriting sample had similarities to the ransom note (PMPT Pg139)
05. 1997-03-13: Ellis Armistead met with Det. Wickman, Trujillo, Thomas to discuss Glenn Meyer (PMPT Pg241)
06. 1997-03-15: Ellis Armistead gave BPD dossier on Meyer, showing debts of $70,000 (PMPT Pg241)
07. 1997-04-00: Glenn Meyer agreed to give police another blood sample (PMPT Pg241)

08. 1997-04-30: Patsy said John told her a man came to the door looking for the Barnhills (12-23-96 Xmas Party)
09. 1997-04-30: Patsy said she thinks her dad (Donald Paugh) invited him (Glenn Meyer) to eat
10. 1998-06-23: John said somebody came looking for the Barnhills at the Xmas Party
11. 1998-06-23: John said he learned later that he was a tenant living in the (Barnhills) basement
12. 1998-06-23: John said the Barnhills had an apartment in the basement.
13. 1998-06-23: John said he didn't know the Barnhills had a tenant.
14. 1998-06-23: John said that (Xmas Party 12-23-96) was the first time he had ever seen him (Meyer)
15. 1998-06-23: John said he thought Glenn Meyer was just an out of town guest
16. 1998-06-23: John said didn't know if his kids developed any relationship with Glenn Meyer
17. 1998-06-23: John said he thinks they went for dinner once at the Barnills
18. 1998-06-23: John said they would check on the Barnhills and take them things to eat

19. 2000-03-24: On Today Show, J.Ramsey said Meyers included in DOI because he's been mentioned.

20. 2000-04-11: Glenn Meyer's own son had been murdered in Boston. (ST Pg271)
21. 2000-04-11: Glenn Meyer, Barnhills alibied each other, watch TV together, went to bed early (ST Pg271)
22. 2000-04-11: Glenn Meyer had a case of the flu Christmas night (ST Pg271)


1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado


TT: Okay. Um, did anybody else show up that night. White, Stines, Don Paugh and the Fernies, Barnhills, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Linda and her daughter?

PR: I . . .

TT: Anybody else that you can remember that was over there that night?

PR: Um, well, John told me that this man came to the door looking for the Barnhills . . .

TT: Okay.

PR: I don’t remember seeing him, but John said he let him in. . .

TT: Okay.

PR: . . .and kind of showed him to the Barnhills. You know my dad said he remembers him, this man being there and I think my dad said he invited him to eat something and. . .

TT: Okay. So did uh, Betty and Joe Barnhills know him?

PR: Apparently, yes.



[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Glen Meyer Questions)

18 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. The Fernies, John and
19 Barbara Fernie. Priscilla and Fleet White. And, of
20 course, their children; both the Fernie's children
21 I think were there. Priscilla's sister and
22 boyfriend who's this fellow. I don't remember what
23 his name is, from California, was there.
24 I can look at the picture and remember some people
25 who were there. Say Don Paugh, Patsy's father. I

1 think that's Glen Stine, Susan and Glen Stine.
2 There's Priscilla there. I think that's
3 Priscilla's mother. Her father, I think, was
4 there. That's Betty Barnhill, I believe, from
5 across the street.
6 The Barnhills,
somebody came looking for the
7 Barnhills later in the evening, knocked on the
8 door. I let him in, he said he was looking for Joe
9 and Betty, eh was worried about them. I said, well
10 they're in the next room and we invited him in and
11 we made him feel at home. I think we learned later
12 that he was a tenant they had living in the
13 basement. But he was there for a while.
14 LOU SMIT: What do you know about him?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: Nothing. I had no idea they
16 even had a tenant over there. That's the first
17 time I had ever seen him. I thought he was just a
18 guest from out of town.


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Glen Meyer Questions)

19 LOU SMIT: Do you know his name?
20 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, I did. After the facts.
21 I don't know if I'd recognize it if you even told
22 me.
23 LOU SMIT: Glen Meyer?
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Glen Meyer, yes. That's the
25 only time I had ever seen him. At the time I
1 didn't know who he was. I just thought he was a
2 guest.



1 LOU SMIT: Were the kids developing a
2 relationship with this fellow, Glen Meyers, do you
3 think or has that ever been discussed?
4 JOHN RAMSEY: It's never been discussed.
5 I don't know. To my knowledge anyway. As I say, I
6 didn't even know he lived there. They had an
7 apartment in the basement.

8 LOU SMIT: Had you yourself ever been over
9 to the Barnhill's?
10 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. We went over for dinner
11 once, I think. We'd stop in and check on them and
12 take him things to eat sometimes. And I think
13 Betty or Joe was sick for a while and Patsy would
14 take them a thing of food and check on them. They
15 were good neighbors.


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder”
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 66

"Meanwhile, in Boulder, Detectives Steve Thomas and Ron Gosage interviewed the Ramseys' neighbors Joe Barnhill, seventy-seven, and his wife, Betty, who lived across the street. The Barnhills had a key to the Ramseys' home, since they were taking care of JonBenet's dog, Jacques, a Bichon Frise. The detectives learned that the Barnhills had a boarder, Glenn Meyer, who lived in their basement."


"Barnhill confirmed to police that at about 9:00 P.M. on December 24, John Ramsey had come to their house to pick up JonBenet's bicycle, a Christmas gift. The Barnhills said they were home the night JonBenet was killed. The police asked Joe for a handwriting sample, but his palsy made it impossible for him to give one. A week later he signed a waiver and his doctor confirmed Barnhill's illness to the police.

The detectives then interviewed the boarder, Glenn Meyer. He said that he had been at home on Christmas night and had watched television in the den with the Barnhills until 9:00 P.M. He then went downstairs to his basement room and spent the rest of the evening nursing a stomach flu. Meyer was also at the Ramseys' Christmas party, but he said he hadn't been introduced to Patsy or JonBenet.

"Do you mind taking a lie detector test?" Detective Thomas asked him. Meyer didn't, and on January 1, at 5:30 P.M., a polygraph test was administered. Most of the questions were about the Ramseys, and the examiner told him he had answered the questions truthfully. A

PMPT Page 67

few weeks later, Detective Thomas asked Meyer for several handwriting samples and took his fingerprints."


PMPT Page 139

"A week later, on January 30, the police asked the Barnhills' boarder, Glenn Meyer, for another handwriting sample, the first one having shown some similarities to the writing in the ransom note."


PMPT Page 240

"Since early in the cae, the Ramseys’ investigators, headed by Ellis Armistead, had been looking into possible suspects who knew the

PMPT Page 241

Ramseys or could have had access to their home. They were now focusing on people they believed the police had overlooked or had passed over too quickly. On March 13, Armistead met with case supervisor Detective Sgt. Tom Wickman and Detectives Trujillo and Thomas to discuss several possible suspects the Ramsey team had come u with. The list included a known sex offender, an Access Graphics employee, and Glenn Meyer, who lived in Joe Barnhills basement across the street from the Ramseys. The detectives listened without acknowledging whether these people had been investigated.

Two days later, On March 15, Armistead gave the police a dossier on Meyer, which showed that he had debts amounting to $70,000. Several weeks later, Thomas questioned Meyer at police headquarters about whether he had a prior record of assault, about his debts, and about his whereabouts on December 25 and 26. Meyer identified handwriting samples he’d given to the police and agreed to give another blood sample. Returning to the Barnhills’ house, he probably wondered how the police had discovered he was in debt and why the polygraph he’d taken hadn’t cleared him."


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 95

"On December 23 thirty-one people arrived for the party; the Whites, the Barnhills, the Fernies, the Stines, and the Barbers, and all their children, plus their assorted house guests.
Later that evening, Glenn Meyer, a single man who rented a room in Joe and Betty Barnhills basement, showed up looking for them. I invited him in because the Barnhills were good neighbors - our family dog, Jacques, lived part-time at their house."

[http://today.msnbc.com/]2000-03-24: John and Patsy Ramsey on the Today Show (Part 5)


COURIC: You also mention Glen Myer, who was a boarder at your neighbor's house. He stopped by at your Christmas party...

Mr. RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.

COURIC: ...just a few days before.

Mr. RAMSEY: I mention him because he's been mentioned, also, publicly. We didn't know Glen Myer lived across the street from us until after JonBenet was murdered.

COURIC: In fairness to the people we've just mentioned, we just want to say the Boulder police have told us that none of them are under suspicion at this time.

Mr. RAMSEY: All I ask the Boulder police to do is to look at every lead as objectively and as hard as they've--as they've looked at us.

Ms. RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.


[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 271

"The Barnhills rented out a basement room to Glenn Meyer, who would be pointed out by Ramsey investigators as a possible suspect because he carried a heavy load of debt. Meyer was an even more unlikely suspect than the Barnhills, since his own son had been murdered in Boston. He could not have been more cooperative with us. After an interview, giving writing and hair samples, and passing a polygraph, he was also cleared.

Meyer and the Barnhills also alibied each other, having watched television together on Christmas night and all going to bed early, Meyer with a case of the flu."

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