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Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
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Jack Logan
Saw guy in Pick Up Truck in Alley

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Jack Logan
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Jack Logan
(Boulder, Colorado)
Guy went to same church as Ramseys, John said, "said he saw some stuff at our house, and I forget his name, but he was a little bit of a weirdo also."
Guy was seen in a pickup truck in the alley

John Ramsey said he didn't know the guy personally
John Ramsey
June 1998
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[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Jack Logan)

1 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, I see him in
2 church. He was, I guess, the one that just sat
3 and talked to for a while and he seemed a little
4 bit of an odd duck.
5 There was a fellow that surfaced
6 later that I am sure you guys are aware of or,
7 because he -- he probably said he saw some stuff
8 at our house, and I forget his name, but he was
9 a little bit of a weirdo also. I didn't know
10 him before, but afterwards, we kind of became
11 aware of him. And I guess we had some worries
12 about him, and he would approach me in church
13 and -- afterwards, and just you know, be very
14 sympathetic and --
15 LOU SMIT: Did he ever tell you
16 that he had seen anything at your house?

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Jack Logan)

17 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't know whether
18 he told me directly. We had gotten some
19 information that he was seen in a pickup truck
20 in the alley and had washed it or something and
21 the police were watching him at the same time
22 and he was odd.
23 LOU SMIT: Jack Logan?
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, Jack Logan,
25 yeah.

1 LOU SMIT: Did you know him
2 personally in church or before that time?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't think so.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-10-27: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Excluded by DNA"

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11735 posts Oct-27-02, 08:12 PM (EST)

2. "They had alibis- - they were sleeping"
In response to message #1

Here is the name of another who LE said was CLEARED by DNA

Jack or John Logan was a self styled prophet who hated Rol Hoverstock. He was at the Foyer Party held in Ramsey home in December, 1996. His alibi - - like many others, ws that he was in bed at the time of the murder. I was told he was excluded as suspect by DNA on 3/11/1997.


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"people cleared by DNA"

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"people cleared by DNA"

A man named Logan, was a suspect at one point. there were rumors that he hated Rol Hoverstock, was using medicaton for depression, someone had seen him near the Ramsey house. His alibi was simple, he went to church on Christmas Day, then had brunch with one female friend before visiting with another female friend. He told police he went home early, to bed, alone.

Interviewed by Gosage and Thomas on 3/4/1997, my records show he was excluded as suspect by DNA a week later.

Years later the police cleared two more people based on evidence I submitted to them.

They also took DNA from another suspect after I went to Colorado and presented a file on him.(That man voluntarily submitted samples.) They cleared him as well.

The point is that very early on the police knew the DNA was important and they were clearing people based on that - - - everyone but the parents (even though the DNA certainly did not come from either of them.)

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