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Jim Marino (Ex-Access Employee)
Friend of John Ramsey
Reportedly attended Suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Jim Marino
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Jim Marino
(Ex-Access Employee)
Jim Marino, had known John Ramsey ince the 1970s in Atlanta. Marino had an accident in 1978, and was temporarily confined to a wheelchair so John Ramsey hired him for a sales job, which turned into long-term employment. Marino was making $51,600 a year when he left Access Graphics."

Marino: "There's a plaque on his wall. If you sit at his [John's] desk, you can see the plaque"
Paugh thought:
Tom Carson
12-18-1996 at
Pasta Jays was
murder mystery dinner with
Mike Glynn
Michael Minard
Jason Perkins
Cameron Hindson
The Merricks
Jim Marino

Ramsey added Marino to the 12-18-1997 Suspect List

Vanity Fair:
Marino: "I was never invited to his house."
Patsy Ramsey
April 30, 1997
Geraldo Rivera
Justice Watch

at jameson's

PMPT Pg166sb
PMPT Pg578sb
ST Pg121
ST Pg122
ST Pg257

John Ramsey
Atlanta 2000
--- --- --- YES
ST Page 122
BPD had Marino write ransom note TWICE --- Investigated by
Steve Thomas
Ron Gosasge


1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado


TT: Okay. Some of this stuff, may not be able to help us a whole lot. I’m kind of going back to access Graphics a little bit. Um, I think I need to touch on it again, but I will. Any concerns that John’s brought home from work about problems at Access (inaudible). Any employees other than the, we’ve got a couple of employees that you guys were talking about.
PR: Yeah.
TT: And that Ellis has given us.
PR: Yeah. Well, I uh, remember, I don’t know the time frame exactly, but this fellow named Jeff Merrick . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .who was, has known John for several years, I guess from, I think they worked together at AT&T when John was out of college or something like that, but he came to work at Access and was subsequently asked to resign, I think. . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .and I remember John and my dad, you know, works there too, that they were both concerned that he was, you know making threats. . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .to Access and he didn’t go quietly in other words.
TT: Right.
PR: Uh, and that was, you know . . .
TT: Ellis gave us Jeff Merrick and Mike Glenn.
PR: Mike Glenn, yeah.
TT: Any other names that have come up that that you guys can think of?
PR: Uh, you know, I mean, you just, I mean we have done nothing but try to rack our brains over this . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .since this happened and uh, you know, John, I, John would probably know better about anybody at the office or anything, but just, I remember Merrick
and uh, oh Jim Morino, I think we, we kind of, John kind of had him maybe at the top of the list. Um, and this Mike Glenn. And all three, I believe released or if I remember right.
TT: Okay. Now, mike and Jeff um, have they ever been to your home at all?
PR: Yes.
TT: Okay. When was the last time Mike was at your house?
PR: Oh, jeez, I can’t remember, you know, I, I mean they’d just been there. I know when we kind of first moved we were, it was when we, I remember we were remodeling the patio, so I don’t know when that was. A few years ago. I mean, sort of after we had moved, first moved in we, it was Fourth of July and we went with Mary and Mike and their little girl to Chautauqua Park over the Fourth of July . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: That’s what I remembered and then they came down and had hamburgers and then we walked down to the stadium for the fireworks.
TT: Um hum.
PR: And he dropped by a couple of times and brought John, this is before I think he even worked at Access.
TT: Okay.
PR: He would bring, he was with the football program. He brought John Colorado sweater one time.
TT: Okay.
PR: You know, I, I can’t, they haven’t been there anytime recently.
TT: Okay. Since Mike uh, left Access, ahs he been there at all?
PR: Uh, not to my knowledge.
TT: Okay. Um, sounds like he’s kind of dropped in every once and awhile. He wasn’t. . .
PR: Yeah.
TT: . . .wasn’t a frequent visitor at all to the house.
PR: Um, no. Hum um.
TT: Okay. What about Jeff Merrick? How, how often did he come by the house?
PR: Not very often. I remember he and his wife came by when I was under chemotherapy treatment and they uh, you know, we sat in the sun room and talked (inaudible).
TT: Okay, um. . .
PR: I mean they weren’t um, you know, they, we didn’t socialize with them or anything, you know.
TT: Right. Do you know when the last time Jeff was in the house? Would it been kind of the same length as Mike, quite a while back?
PR: It would be quite a while ago.
TT: Okay.
PR: As far as I can remember.


[Vanity Fair 'Who Killed JonBenet' by Ann Louise Bardach]1997-09-16: Vanity Fair “Who Killed JonBenet?” by Ann Louise Bardach

"Jim Marino met Ramsey on a business trip to Syracuse in the late 70's. "We immediately became friends," says Marino. "He was going through a divorce at the time, but he'd always check in with the kids." However, in his own quiet way, John Ramsey also had an eye for the ladies. According to police reports, his former wife, Lucinda, said it was a romantic liaison with a co-worker that was the last straw for her. Although Marino and Ramsey caroused "and whored around together," Marino says Ramsey was notably discreet. "You never got much out of him," says Marino. "you wondered what he was all about."

Although Ramsey walked away from his first wife with little more than his clothes and a car, he slowly began to prosper as he worked his way through a series of computer companies. His success, says Marino, was part of his appeal to women. "He had money, he drove a Porsche, he dressed nice, but he was shy. However, you could say that whatever he went after he usually got." In 1978, Marino, after being injured in a motorcycle accident, was confined to a wheelchair for almost a year. "John came and visited me, and he gave me a job," says Marino. "He saved my life." Although the two went to work for different companies in 1980, they remained close friends.

In 1979, Ramsey caught a glimpse of a beautiful 22-yr old brunette in Atlanta and pursued her. Two years earlier, while a journalism major at West Virginia University, Patricia Ann Paugh had been crowned Miss West Virginia and had won a talent award for a dramatic reading at the Miss America pageant. Marino, who often double dated with Patsy and Ramsey said his friend was deeply smitten with her. "She was his Jackie Kennedy."

In 1980 they were married in Atlanta's Peachtree Presbyterian Church. At 37, Ramsey was 14 yr. older than Patsy. The couple settled into a modest Cape Cod house in the Dunwoody section of Atlanta. Ramsey ran his own company, Microsouth, from the house, and patsy worked along side him. After a series of business reversals, Patsy asked her father, Don Paugh, a retired Union Carbide engineer, to help her husband's struggling company. "The word is," says Merrick, "that John was going broke and Don bailed him out financially."

Although Don and Nedra Paugh were able to raise their three daughters- Patsy, Pam and Polly- in the middle -class town of Parkersburg, West Virginia, both had endured hardscrabble childhood. Rescued by the G.I. Bill, Don had obtained a college degree, which led to a career at Union Carbide. "Nedra saw Don as this great white knight," says Marino. In contrast to her laconic husband, the wiry Nedra was driven and relentless, determined to see that her daughters enjoyed more of the good things in life than she had. Nedra's vehicle for launching them into prosperity was beauty pageants.

"I did my first pageant when I was a junior in high school," Pam Paugh told me. "I won the national crown for that, and I won a local count-fair contest-at the Wood County fair-in 1977, which Patsy also won." In 1980, three years after Patsy held the crown, Pam was also Miss West Virginia and a Miss America contestant. Nedra had become a fixture on the pageant circuit. "She was involved in the whole Miss America Pageant organization when I met them," says Marino. "She was one of the coordinators."


"In 1989, Ramsey merged his company with Boulder-based Access Graphics and another firm. He seized control of the new company and in 1991 relocated his family to Boulder. Among his new hires were his old friends Jeff Merrick and Jim Marino. Ramsey then hit the jackpot, selling Access to Lockheed Martin and continuing to run it as president and C.E.O. Judith Phillips, who had moved to Boulder three yr. earlier, wondered if Patsy would have a hard time making the transition from the antebellum capital of the South to a small town full of hippies, Buddhists, and mountain climbers. However, Patsy, now the mother of a four-year-old Burke and newborn JonBenet, assured her that she "was ready to have a different life." Don Paugh adapted easily and moved into a company condo on Pearl Street. Nedra Paugh, however, made no bones about her feelings concerning Boulder, referring to it as "that hellhole."

In Nov. 1991, the Ramseys purchased a 6,800-square foot Tudor style house in one of Boulder's choice neighborhoods for about $500,000. Over the next two years, Patsy remodeled and decorated her new home, spending, according to Jim Marino, $700,000. She was thrilled to have the house listed on the Boulder Christmas tour, as well as on the home tour. Visitors recall her greeting them at the door with JonBenet and Burke by her side, all of them in matching sweaters. Featured in JonBenet's room were her trophies, sashes, and medals. One visitor said that in the huge master-bedroom suite Patsy's Miss West Virginia dress and her Miss America competition sash were laid out on the bed.

Although the Ramsey's had been Presbyterians, they joined St. John's Episcopal Church. "Social climbing," says Marino sadly; "she wanted to be where the money was.' Friends were dropped as well, replaced by attractive, wealthy Boulderites. Marino says, "I was never invited to his house. John and I were 'Let's get a beer down at the local pub after work."

Patsy also redecorated their vacation home in Charlevoix, on Lake Michigan. "The only time I ever saw John really lose his temper was about Patsy and money," says Marino. "he would throw the credit cards on his desk and say, 'She's gonna spend every last penny I make.' "

[RMN-12211997NEWS-LegacyOfJonBenet(Marino quotes]1997-12-21: Rocky Mountain News: Legacy of JonBenet (Screen Capture by ACandyRose)

(Transcript by ACandyRose)


KOA radio reporter Carol McKinley found the story a wecome challenge, now it has lead to a new career. In mid-January, McKinley will become the Denver-based correspondent for Fox News network, a move that will quadruple her radio salary.

"I had a constant headache from this story," said McKinley. "I finally had to go see someone to calm me down a little bit. After a while, this story really takes a bite out of you."

Ramsey family friends who have spoken out have had the same exprience. In the months after JonBenet's death, Jim Marino grieved for John Ramsey, the man he had known for 20 years as a client, a boss and a friend.

"I was just devastated over it, just emotionally distraught," Marino said. "I was bothered by the possibility that my best friend in life was a murderer. That's what everyone was saying.

"And I just didn't belive it. And I was telling everyone, there's no way, no way. But I wasn't public."

In September, he decided to change that. He allowed his name to be used in a Vanity Fair article about the case, and he has come to regret it.

"At least half my day is spent talking to reporters, storybook tellers, spin doctors, TV personalities, radio-personalities, friends and acquantances who are curious," said Marino, who has appeared on Gerald and Hard Copy. He's done with that now.

"People are just not listening," he said. "Even though I've talked in John's favor, I feel I'm not doing much good.

"It's affected not oly personality, but emotionally I'm drained. I really don't sleep very well," Marino said. "It's just because, bottom line, my friend has been accused of someting he didn't do, and I'm damn made about it. And I'm damn mad I'm involved at all."



1998-02-06: Ramseys' trip to Spain strictly business Friend (Jim Marino) says - February 6, 1998

Ramseys' trip to Spain strictly business, friend says
By Lisa Levitt Ryckman
Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer
February 6, 1998

John Ramsey went to Spain recently to investigate a possible business venture, not to scout locations for a new home, a longtime friend said Thursday.

Ramsey, now a consultant for Lockheed Martin Corp. in Atlanta, traveled to Spain with his wife, Patsy, to check out a software company that produces a video software package, Jim Marino said.

"He is not looking to move to Spain. He was looking at the possibility of buying the rights to distribute the software in the U.S.,'' said Marino, who has been a Ramsey friend and business associate for more than 20 years.

Speculation that the Ramseys were planning to move overseas began after a reporter for a supermarket weekly followed them on a recent trip to Spain. Rumors spread that the Ramseys wanted to flee to Spain to avoid extradition if they were ever charged in the murder of their 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet.

"That sounds like a ridiculous proposition, because we do have an extradition treaty with Spain,'' said Curt Bradley, a University of Colorado professor of international law.

"That treaty certainly covers murder.''

The Ramseys have insisted they are innocent in the Dec. 26, 1996, death of JonBenet, whose battered body was found in the basement of the family's Boulder mini-mansion by her father. Police have said the Ramseys remain under an "umbrella of suspicion.'' No arrests have been made and no charges brought in the 14-month-old investigation.

Ramsey attorneys have said the couple and their 11-year-old son, Burke, have no plans to leave Atlanta, where they moved last summer and are surrounded by family and close friends.

Ramsey became a Lockheed consultant after the company traded his Boulder-based Access Graphics to a division of General Electric Co. in a $2.8 billion stock swap in November. Ramsey, who built Access into a $1 billion company, also has been investigating other business opportunities, Marino said.

"John's a hands-on guy. He went out and looked at (the software company) on his own,'' Marino said of the Spain trip. "It's not a done deal. It's just something he's interested in.''

[Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey?]1998-07-01: “Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey?” (Charles Bosworth, Cyril H. Wecht)

WKJR Page 135

"Jim Marino began selling computer printers to John Ramsey for his company about 1977, while the Ramseys were divorcing. Marino was impressed that the ex-spouses had managed to remain friends and were rearing their children together even though they lived apart. Marino marveled at John's dedication - calling his children every morning and every evening, no matter where he was; it was like a religion to this loving father, Marino thought.

He was impressed with his new friend, seeing in him a forthright, honest, capable man who seemed to define the phrase "What you see is what you get." Although Ramsey would later find himself at the center of a shocking mystery, Marino could find no mystery in this man who seemed to do everything right and for the right reasons. Marino had never seen anyone as cool under pressure as Ramsey. He was a quiet gentleman who chose his words carefully. Marino never heard Ramsey raise his voice on the job or with his family. Marino was impressed with Ramsey's management style in the workplace. He said he never gave anyone anything except an opportunity. After that it was up to them to run with it. His leadership abilities struck Marino as someone in the dramatic role of a General George Patton or an Andrew Carnegie or a Henry Ford.

Ramsey was shy, but in a way that Marino thought was good. He could find nothing artificial in Ramsey at work or at play. And the two men did play together. They toured the nightspots looking for women. In an observation that would seem important only years later, Marino found his friend's social and sexual interests "normal" with a capital N." Ramsey's quiet and reserve were not natural magnets for women, but they were drawn to his Porsche, expensive clothes, and gold credit cards. Ramsey was always descreet and a gentleman about his romantic relationships, and his generally respectful attitude toward women led him to reject Marino's occasional suggestion to take some clients to a topless bar. The most John would say about a woman he was with was that she was "cute." Marino chuckled, "I doubt he would read a Victoria's Secret catalogue."

While Jim Marino and John Ramsey were spending so much time together, John found the woman who would become his second wife. There were differing reports about how he met Patricia Ann "Patsy" Paugh. One said they met through mutual friends in Atlanta. Patsy's mother, Nedra Paugh, told a more romantic story to the Boulder Daily Camera. She said John had caught a glimpse of her stunning daughter entering an appartment complex, and had run up a flight of stairs to track her down, only to learn she had disappeared. He would find her later, of course. Marino said John was absolutely smitten with Patsy, whom Marino called John's "Jackie Kennedy." Marino did not know her well, but found her gregarious, open and friendly - and an obvious social climber. She seemed to be from what Marino thought of as the "Donna Reed era," and being in the social registry was an important issue for her.

John and Patsy were married at the Peachtree Presbyterian Church near Atlanta on November 15, 1980. He was thirty-seven; she was twenty-three.

By then he had formed his own company. Microsouth distributed computer software out of his basement, and Patsy helped by answering the phone. He soon added another entity, Advanced Products Group, which sold computer hardware and other materials. He struggled and even accepted a financial bailout from his father-in-law, Don Paugh, a retired engineer at Union Carbide. There was little evidence that John Ramsey was on the threshold of an impressive business breakthrough; he was driving an old pickup truck and spending off hours doing projects around the house.

Marino says it was during that period that he learned just what kind of man his friend really was. Marino was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in 1978 and spent a year in a wheelchair and a walker. John Ramsey came to see him and then gave him a job. "He bailed me out when no one else would help me," Marino recalled affectionately. He took a different job in 1980, but the men stayed close."


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder”
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 166sb

"Thomas and Gosage then interviewed Access Graphics employees David Harrington, Susan Richart, and Jim Hudson and a former sales representative, James Marino. Detective Thomas told Marino, "I know you didn't have anything to do with this. I just need for you to answer a few questions so we can cross your name off the list." The detectives found nothing out of the ordinary about any of them.

For the time being they were cleared."


PMPT Page 449

"That same week, Lou Smit received a letter from John Ramsey, who gave the investigator his list of suspects in his daughter's murder. Jeff Merrick, Mike Glynn, and Jim Marino - all of whom had once worked for him - and Bill McReynolds, who had been Santa at their Christmas party. To Smit it was clear that Ramsey was desperate for the police to check these men, because hey had all but stopped looking for suspects other than him and his wife. Smit, too, frustrated. He was eager for the case to be turned over to the DA's office, because he knew Pete Hofstrom would be a fairer arbiter of the evidence."

After the first of the year, Smit showed Ramsey's letter to Alex Hunter, who then showed it to the police. The detectives found it odd that Ramsey had written to Smit at home and that he had named Jim Marino as a suspect when Marino was appearing on television in support of the Ramseys."

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-04-01: Justice Watch Forum thread, "Jim Marino on the Subic Bay Plaque"

"Jim Marino on the Subic Bay Plaque"
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 01:40 PM (EST)

Is this "plaque" a small business award or is it a Subic Bay plaque? Was it over the desk or was it found hidden in a basement closet?

If it was found hidden, whose fingerprints are on it - or was it wiped down?

How does Jim Marino know the precise wall where this plaque was hanging? Did John tell him? When did the Ramsey's notice the plaque off of the wall? Why did John Ramsey "laugh" when Marino asked "why would you point to yourself?"

Ah! But if the plaque was found in a closet - doesn't it appear someone removed it - so that investigators wouldn't draw that conclusion?

Where was Mr. Ramsey's desk? Was it in the den? In the same general area where mysterious lights were seen? The same generalized location a flood light was turned off? The same place a blue robe was found? What other evidence came out of this room?

September 25, 1997

RIVERA: All right. Well, rather than just name-calling, I want to ask Jim Marino, before I get to John Soderman and Lisa Rykman, the reporter for Rocky Mountain News up there, what did the cops ask you? First of all, what time did they come to see you?

Mr. MARINO: No, they had me come to the station.

RIVERA: So you went to the station house. What day of the week, do you remember?

Mr. MARINO: I don't remember.

RIVERA: Remember the month?

Mr. MARINO: The--immediately
RIVERA: Immediately.

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, sure.

RIVERA: Was it still in December, then?

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, there was 160 people on a list, apparently.

RIVERA: All right. You came to the station house. How did you feel about doing that?

Mr. MARINO: I was insulted.

RIVERA: What'd they ask you?

Mr. MARINO: If anybody knows Jim Marino from the case and the Ramseys' side especially would know that there--just absolutely no way that I could have been anywhere near the house.

RIVERA: What'd they ask you?

Mr. MARINO: They asked me what I did that evening, where I was, alibis. They taped me for an hour and a half. They pulled hair out of my very few hairs that I have left in my head. They had me write the ransom note. Twice they had me do that.

RIVERA: Really?

Mr. MARINO: And I write in block letters, and apparently they wanted me to write it like the letter, and I said, You c--you can make me write this a million times. I can't write it like you guys want me to write it.' And now that I see the--the ransom note, it looks like a child wrote it, quite frankly.

RIVERA: Oh, it looks like a faker wrote it to me.

Mr. MARINO: Yeah, John or Patsy knows how to spell business,' I guarantee you. There's two S's in business.' The--and I saw--said to John--I said, at the end of it, it says--points to SBTC, which apparently is Subic Bay Tr--Training Center. There's a...

RIVERA: Where John was stationed during the Navy.

Mr. MARINO: Right. There's a plaque on his wall. If you sit at his desk, you can see the plaque. So someone sat at this desk and wrote this note, apparently. I asked John--I said, Why would you point to yourself?' And he just laughed, 'cause it's ridiculous. The--the er--all the evidence points to him, so whoever did this wanted the evidence to point to him.

RIVERA: Tell the truth, Jim. Weren't you mad at John Ramsey when the police summoned you? Didn't you believe that he, in a desperate attempt to throw the finger of suspicion in another direction, fingered you?

Mr. MARINO: At first, yes. And in fact, I found out in April, when Patsy did her--her--her own briefing, which was several hours long, she named all of our--us as fra--as friends of the Ramseys as top suspects.

RIVERA: Is it not a fact that the first time you and I spoke, you still felt that John Ramsey was the man who fingered you?

Mr. MARINO: I'm upset at that, but it doesn't mean that I don't have graciousness of the Lord to say I'm sorry. The man helped me out all those years. He's a good man to me.


In another are of this transcript Marino reminds the world he is a "Christian." I'm not passing judgement but this is the same dude who frenquently bar hopped with John.


2 . "And more...."
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 02:16 PM (EST)

"He said he still talks to JOhn Ramsey several times a week. During an interview on December 2, 1997, Marion replayed a voice-mail message he said John had left the day before. A voice that sounded like Ramsey's said, "Hey, Jim, it's John. It's about five o' clock. Had one of those days." He went on to mention some problem about an airline flight."

Now is it just me or does that sound like a phone call you would make to your friend or your wife?



3 . "More disclosures by Marino"
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 02:26 PM (EST)

How does Jim Marino know such intimate detailing of John Ramsey's life?

1) John called his children every morning and every evening, no matter where he was.

*Just HOW does Marino know this? Is this info via John or did he witness these calls?*

2) Marino said he had never seen anyone as cool as John Ramsey under pressure. That John was a man who "chose" his words wisely. He never raised his voice on the job or in front of his family.

*Again, to make these assertions, apparently Marino was very close to John to be around him, day and night, at work and in leisure time.

3) They toured nightspots looking for women. Marino found John's sexual interests normal with a capital "N." He says John's "quietness and reserve" were not natural magnents to women at these nightclub, but they were drawn to his Porshe and Gold Credit Cards.

*This is one observative man, I tell ya. Think about that! He tells us, John is driving a Porsche and using gold cards - when everyone else thinks he is in a rusty old pick-up truck. Was it Marino's Porsche? Marino's gold cards? I thought it John still had his rusty old truck when he started dating Patsy?*

4) Marino claims John was always "discreet and a gentlemen" with his "romantic relationships" and that this "GENERALLY RESPECTFUL" attitude toward woman, led John to say "no" to Marino when he wanted to take "clients" to topless bars.

*Later I'll post a transcript from an old Geraldo show where Marino asserts he is a Christian.*

5) Marino says the most John would say about a woman is "She's cute."

*How many times did these two go out together, hanky pankying, where John was in a position to determine if a girl was cute or not? Was all this "going out" together directly related to the break-up of John and Lucinda's marriage?*

6) Marino says John was absolutely "smitten" with Patsy, whom Marino called John's "Jackie Kennedy."

*Remember Pam Paugh's statement about the killer thinking her family was liken unto the Kennedy clan?*

7) Marino says he didn't know Patsy well, but she was gregarious, open and friendly, an obvious social climber. He thought it was important to Patsy to be in the "social register."

4 . "John don't like "sleazes""
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 02:34 PM (EST)

What a word, Johnboy!

"Marion consulted with John before appearing on some of the talk-shows, like Geraldo, to defend the Ramsey's. John used the term "sleazes" for "entertainment industry." But John told Marino to go on the shows if he wanted to. He quoted John as saying he would speak out when it was time, and that was when the culprit was caught.

Marino said he had been disappointed that few of the Ramseys' other friends had been as vocal in defending them as he has been. He said the Lord had even spoken to him about defending the Ramsey's, recalling how the apostle Peter denied Jesus three times. marion felt he would be doing the same thing if he allowed comments from people like Cyril Wecht to unchallenged." Wechts' book

Does this guy lead two lives or what?


5 . "Marino not real fond of Patsy?"
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 02:42 PM (EST)

Mr. MARINO: Well, Geraldo--excuse me--I'm--I'm a Christian and I don't believe that we should judge one another. And I knew John Ramsey intimately for 22 years. He came to my rescue twice. Once when I was in a wheelchair and laid up in Florida, he came down to see me and he gave me a job and s--we started a business together. And then 10 years later, when my wife and I were financially distraught, I called him up and he immediately gave me a job with Access. High School paraplegic--quadra--quadrt where we were supporting a--a Centuris iplegic who needed therapy, and my wife and I had a bake sale, and we raised $ 350 or so. I went in to John, I said, John, would you match these funds?' Without hesitation, he opened up his checkbook and--and wrote a check.

All I'm trying to say to you is that he had a heart. A man that has a heart can't do something like this. What they've been portraying about John Ramsey in the tabloids has been unfair. It's not the man that I've known for 22 years.

RIVERA: Do I--do I note your omission of Patsy by chance or do you omit to include her in your--could not have done this on--intentionally?

Mr. MARINO: I didn't know Patsy as well as--as Jane ha--knew--knew the family.

RIVERA: So you're not including Patsy in your...

Mr. MARINO: That's the Paugh family. I knew the Ramsey family.

6 . "Marino and Ramsey Relationship"
Posted by Starling on Apr-01-99 at 03:01 PM (EST)

Marino says he was laid up in Florida - well John had a boat named "Outrageous" in Miami, registered to his Atlanta home (compliments of Censusgrrl).

What's up with this?

7 . "John and Marino"
Posted by maxi on Apr-01-99 at 03:52 PM (EST)

Marino told Ann Bardach that he had never been inside the Ramseys' Boulder home. He hadn't been invited. John met him in restaurants and such. That seems strange for a family that clearly enjoyed entertaining others.

Does anyone remember the story about John bringing a friend to an office party, and then pretty much ignoring everyone else there? Was that friend Marino?

17 . "Vanity for Starling"
Posted by CensusGrrl on Apr-01-99 at 06:57 PM (EST)

"Although the Ramseys had been Presbyterians, they joined St. John's Episcopal Church. "Social climbing," says Marino sadly; "she wanted to be where the money was." Friends were dropped as well, replaced by attractive, wealthy Boulderites. Marino says, "I was never invited to his house. John and I were `Let's get a beer down at the local pub after work.'"

Patsy also redecorated their vacation home in Charlevoix, on Lake Michigan. "The only time I ever saw John really lose his temper was about Patsy and money," says Marino. "He would throw the credit cards on his desk and say, `She's gonna spend every last penny I make.'"


[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 121

"They also had recited a list of suspects for us-Jeff Merrick, Mike Glynn, and Jim Marino, all former Access employees who had been seen at a mysterious dinner with Tom Carson, currently the company's chief financial officer. Then he shocked us by also offering the name of Fleet White. The Ramsey camp had turned on one of its best friends.

Gosage and I returned to Access Graphics for an appointment with CFO Tom Carson, who had been so negatively portrayed by Patsy's mother and who was now linked by John Douglas to a suspicious dinner with Merrick, Marino, and another friend, Mike Glynn. Unlike most of the others at Access, Carson was open and helpful and had a rock-solid alibi. At the time JonBenet was killed, he was in France with his girlfriend, Natalie, and her parents.

He dismissed the controversial dinner as just a get-together with old friends, not a conspiracy to commit murder across a table in a public restaurant in which John Ramsey was a part-owner. I would devote many hours to running down the stories of the others named, and the result was always the same. It was an innocent gathering that meant nothing to our case.

Carson had no idea the Ramseys had given us a copy of the gently

ST Page 122

"worded handwritten sympathy note he sent them after the murder. Team Ramsey asked us to see if there was any link to the ransom note.

Another of those at the dinner, Jim Marino, had known John Ramsey since the 1970s in Adanta and said he was a good guy with no enemies. When Marino had an accident in 1978 and was temporarily confined to a wheelchair, Ramsey offered him a sales job, which turned into long-term employment. Marino was making $51,600 a year when he left Access Graphics and considered himself a loyal friend of John Ramsey.

Detective Gosage started to take hair samples before Marino could warn him that some were hair plugs that cost ten dollars apiece. He would be cleared as a suspect but remained an ongoing character in the case. Even while he defended his pal John Ramsey on national television, Marino would repeatedly be pointed out by Ramsey and his lawyer as a murder suspect."


ST Page 257

"Beckner put a personal letter from John Ramsey to DA investigator Lou Smit, dated December 18, on my desk. It had been mailed to Smit's house, and long weeks had elapsed before it reached us. "Patsy and I are so very thankful you came into our lives at this time," Ramsey wrote to Smit. It looked to me as if the investigator were being seduced. Ramsey spent almost an entire single-spaced page fingering Santa Bill McReynolds as the killer. Was SBTC really supposed to be SBJC- Santa Bill and Janet Claus? Santa Bill wasn't as frail as he might seem, Ramsey suggested, and the ransom note indicated the cleverness of a real writer, such as Janet McReynolds.

I later telephoned Bill McReynolds, and again he answered all my questions. "I'll help with anything you need," he said. "I didn't do anything wrong." Although we had cleared the McReynolds family months ago, the DA's office and Team Ramsey would remain fixated on him.

John Ramsey suggested in his letter to Smit that other suspects might emerge. It could be anyone who read a newspaper article about his company passing the billion-dollar mark in sales, or someone who saw JonBenet riding in the Christmas parade, or maybe it was one of the customers of Access Graphics. That expanded the suspect list by another thirty thousand or so.
For good measure, he threw in his loyal supporter Jim Marino as a possibility. Later in January, Marino received a voice mail message from his old pal, complimenting him for "doing such a good job [defending Ramsey] on TV." Ramsey ended the call with, "Love ya, brother!"

[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(Jim Marino)

17 Q. Do you recall, when you left
18 Jalleo, is that how you pronounce it?
19 A. Jalleo.
20 Q. Jalleo. Jim Marino was quoted in
21 the Denver papers about your leaving. Do
22 you remember that at all?

23 A. No, I don't remember the
24 quote.
25 MR. WOOD: Do you have a quote

1 you can put in front of him to look at to
2 refresh him?
3 MR. KANE: I just asked him if
4 he would remember it.

August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(Jim Marino)

5 MR. WOOD: Why don't you tell him
6 what the quote was. Maybe he will remember.

7 (By Mr. Kane) Well, he said that
8 you had left Jalleo to concentrate on the
9 investigation, that he had spoken to you the
10 week before?
11 A. I left Jalleo because of the
12 tarnished reputation that had been laid upon
13 me was detrimental to the business.
14 Q. Okay. So it didn't have anything
15 to do with spending more time on the
16 investigation?
17 A. No.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-07-20: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"EMAIL FROM JIM MARINO to jameson July 20, 2001"

EMAIL FROM JIM MARINO to jameson July 20, 2001

I had asked Jim how he thought he came to be on the "suspect list" -

"... all employees were included in the list of suspects. I was quickly cleared along with 40 others. John was not involved in this 'list'."

Jim Marino pointed out that even the head of Human Resources, Gary Merriman, was on that "suspect List."

"John and I have been close friends for over 25 years, and I left Access with his blessing. I had never been to his house , however, since I felt as an employee, I did not want myself associated with "the family " in those days."

"John and I met discreetly as buddies- but never in the context of work... only he and I and Patsy knew this."

I asked Jim Marino specifically about the dinner that took place at Pasta Jay's - did he think that being at that dinner caused him to be suspect?

"As far as this "dinner" referred to - I am assuming you mean the one where Don Paugh saw some people meeting at Pasta Jays and thought there was some sort of conspiracy. For one- I wasn't at this Dinner- Mike Glynn set it up and John and I were invited- but, I think I was out of town. Anyway- it was exaggerated by the press like everything else - I guess due to the ransom note saying something about a foreign group or something- like it was a conspiracy. Mike and I are Christians and Mike was coming through town and simply wanted to meet some of the old gang and it was nothing more."

I didn't know how Jim and John were now - - but Jim offered this:

"John and I see each other twice a year and we correspond regularly."

Jim said he didn't think John "... would be friends with a suspect." He said, "In fact- I don't believe that this was anyone John knows- it was a wicked Child porn deviant that doesn't deserve time on earth."

Jim did express hope that the case would be solved, "...when we find the DNA match."

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-12-02: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Coffman games"

11 . "Tooco"
Posted by jameson on Dec-02-01 at 08:08 PM (EST)

Did you know that Marino did a Q&A for this forum? Well, he did - - here it is:

Jim Marino answered questions from forum members...

From LovelyPigeon:

When the BPD interviewed you, were you asked if you thought certain people should be suspects?

Yes, they did - good cop bad cop scenerio... I would not volunteer ANY names - they even tried to Get me to Say Patsy... Like : " Well, you said you've known John for 20+ years and he couldn't have done this.... But, you didn't say Patsy couldn't have done it." ... I said - I didnt know Patsy like I knew John.... This is more serious than a some traffic accident, to name someone is judgemental and how can I do that as a Christian????

Were you ask if you personally had a "suspect" they should investigate? (I am not asking to be supplied any names)


Were you ever asked about stun guns? Did you know of anyone at AG that owned one?

NO - didnt see that till the TV report about Lou Smit

DonBradley wrote, "To some, this crime seems far too "targeted" against the Ramseys to be the work of a 'wicked child-porn deviant' and that a deviant would have had no interest in writing even a brief note, much less a lengthy one.

A smart deviant that has done this before would be smarter than the Boulder PD... in fact ANYONE could outsmart them..... I mean - what if there really is a cover up here and they found a city official involved- has anyone ever looked at that angle ?? I mean , the Keystone cops could have done a better job... Steve looked at me several times and said " We know its the Ramseys , I just have to get enough proof."

What made you think this was the work of a deviant? Why do you mention child-porn'? Do you have any reason to believe that photographs were taken by the murderer?

Watch 16mm...who else could do such a crime and put tape on a beutiful childs face and pull that rope so hard that it cut her and a blow to the head that would kill a horse... could a parent do that ??

How would you characterize the manner of the BPD interrogation? Competent, focused?

Yes- focused on ONE thing - proving the Ramseys guilt.

Would you describe the BPD as receptive to opinions?

They laughed at me.

sharkie wrote - "My question would be when Police interviewed you, did they emphasize that John Ramsey placed you on his suspect list?"

Yes - every time they saw me- Merrick believed it- I knew John better- he never would have done that... In fact he told me later when I confronted him that they asked him who might have something against him and HE DID MENTION Jeff Merrick- only because of the letter Jeff wrote to Lockheed threatening John.

And from Maikai:

1. What's your take on John Ramsey using his good ol' southern common sense in the ransome note? ???????????/

dont know- weird like everything? Did the person Know John as a southern gentleman- they he didnt know him before Atlana- since John is a Yankee- Michigan !!!!

2. Do you think the writer of the note was associated with Access Graphics---or even knew the Ramseys that well?

No more than you would know reading the paper

3. What kind of person do you think did this crime? Any idea on the primary motive?

Could be money - too little- I think its Child porn - money from pictures or something- lots of Snuff portn out there - I found out AFTER the crime- see 16mm again.

4. Did you meet with Steve Thomas? If yes, what did you think of him?

Liked Him... pleasant

If not--who interviewed you, and what did you think of the interview?

Focused on me knowing something of the Ramseys no one else had - and everytime - couldn't convince him that they were innocent.

5. Did they try to turn you against John or Patsy Ramsey?

Yes-and even when I doubted occasionally- I went to John and he showed me the truth.

6. How did Patsy interact with John's children from his previous marriage?

Like her own children and always gracious to EVERYONE- Too open - she probably gave cookies to the murderer and didnt know it the day before!!!!

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