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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
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[John Andrew Ramsey visiting JonBenet's grave]
John Andrew Ramsey
Visiting JonBenet's Grave

JonBenet Grave Visitors
St. James Episcopal Cemetery
Marietta, Georgia


[http://www.nationalenquirer.com/]1997-07-28: (Week of July 28, 1997) National Enquirer:


Winter became spring and now summer-- and still the grave of JonBenet remains without a headstone.

Incredibly, seven months after JonBenet's death, John and Patsy Ramsey have not even ordered a memorial to their daughter.

Bob Greenway, owner of Cobb Memorial in Marrietta, GA, was told he'd be making the headstone. But when asked by the ENQUIRER if the Ramseys have contacted him about the marker, he disclosed: "I have not yet talked with the family as yet about the headstone."

A recent visitor to JonBenet's grave in Marietta's St. James Episcopal Cemetery discovered her final resting place covered by grass and hard to find.

"You wouldn't know it exists except for flowers and toys left by friends and strangers," said the visitor.

A cemetery worker discarded an unsigned note left on the grave July 20: Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey, fess up. You'll have to pay anyway."

Don Gentile
National Enquirer

1997-12-19: Source Unknown - Found on Jameson's Old December 1997 Timeline

December 19, 1997

. A post on the internet by BABAryan -

" I decided to visit JonBenets grave ......The headstone had just arrived this morning. The headstone is beautiful. simple but elegant. It has a small angel with a little heart in the middle of its chest. Her name is large. I had a chance to talk to Mrs. Ramsey. She is very striking, small and nothing like you would think she would be. Looking into her eyes, you will see pain not guilt I can tell if someone is trying to lie to me. Five min. with people and I can tell if you are giving me a line of crap. This women did not kill her daughter. I spent 15 min. with her and her step-daughter and a friend. Mrs. Ramsey said that the headstone is not all there yet. Another section is coming. she stated that so many people bring things to the grave that they wanted someplace for people to place their gifts Mrs.Ramsey said that they were at the cemetery last weekend and placed angels in the tree next to the grave. They placed two larger angels on the grave. Now with a headstone is looks peaceful and elegant. May god bless JonBenet and take care of her."

Boulder Police Anniversary Grave Site Surveillance Operation
December 20, 24, 25, 26, 1997


[www.globemagazine.com]1998-05-12: (Week of May12, 1998) Globe: JonBenet Can Finally R.I.P
Little Beauty gets headstone - 17 months after murder

Week of May 12, 1998:
Transcription donated by "Catnip"

Globe: JonBenet Can Finally R.I.P.
Little Beauty gets headstone - 17 months after murder

JonBenet Ramsey's parents have finally placed a headstone on her grave - 17 months after the tragic tyke was slain.

But police sources say the gesture is just part of a propaganda blitz designed to cast the Ramseys in a sympathetic light.

"The grand jury will soon start hearing evidence and John and Patsy want to show they're grieving parents," an insider explains.

The Ramseys have been "under an umbrella of suspicion" since 6-year-old JonBenet was found battered and strangled in their Boulder, Colorado home on 26-Dec-96.

A few months ago, GLOBE revealed that a small stone had been placed on her grave at St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, GA. But now it's been set on a large horizontal marker that reads: "Love and Purity/A Gift to Her Family and the World/Home in the Peace of God."

The Ramseys waited until now, says a source, "because it can work more effectively for them."

[Joshua-7 Forum]1998-05-23: Joshua-7 Forum, "Angel Tree"

Subject: clear it up
Name: jameson
Time/Date: 13:50:48 5/23/98

Message: When I first went to the cemetary, I had to ask for directions. I got help from 2 ladies, and as I turned to leave, one said to the other, kind of low, "They never marked the grave!" Untrue - the gravestone was up and complete when I went there - BUT the misinformation was what this woman connected to JonBenét. She held THAT against the parents - and THAT was wrong. I think the angel tree near the grave is sweet - hopefully visitors will be able to add angels to the tree and they will be left undisturbed.

Subject: jameson
Name: Melissa
Time/Date: 13:56:59 5/23/98

Message: I saw in anderson and Kelly's photos an angel that was dressed in some sort of red costume. Do you happen to remember this particular angel? Was it a replica of the red pagaent dress? I just thought it was odd, you don't see many angels dressed in red!

Subject: Melissa
Name: anderson
Time/Date: 18:28:55 5/23/98

Message: the angels are a very recent addition. They weren't there when Jameson visited and imagined someone watching hir from behind the fence.

Subject: angels
Name: jameson
Time/Date: 14:28:15 5/23/98

Message: I didn't see the red angel. People have been invited to add to the angel tree - I think it will be a sweet memorial.I bet there will be many different kinds of angels - and we can only guess at the significance to the person who leaves them there. If posters want to send angels to be placed on the tree, I will consider getting a post office box to recieve them. I may be down there later in the summer and could put them on the tree. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Subject: The angel angle
Name: Teacher
Time/Date: 17:25:48 5/23/98

Message: I am glad you brought up the subject of angels. An angel from the tree was taken as evidence. Patsy said she put up an angel tree in her Atlanta home on the anniversary of JonBenet's death. Angels adorn the gravesite. I have always thought that Patsy's fascination with angels is a clue to this crime

Subject: You're Forgetting Something ....
Name: Catherine
Time/Date: 15:45:04 5/23/98

Message: It might be wise to obtain written authorization from the Ramsey team of attorneys before proclaiming yourself on the internet as a representative/recipient for gifts and decorations on behalf of the dead child. Especially when you say only that you "may" visit the site again. I wonder then what would happen to the myriad of mailed items if no visit materialized. This brazen and obtrusive offer might not be appreciated. Just a word to the wise. Oh ....

Subject: Hi Catherine
Name: Greenleaf
Time/Date: 17:01:39 5/23/98

Message: Did it ever occur to you, Catherine, that jameson already has authorization from the Ramseys to collect angels for the tree at the cemetary? When jameson first started posting, on the old BNF, he was flamed unmercifully. Someone, who now posts here under another name, even went so far as to try and post his real name and address. I had never seen such meanness. jameson was quiet for awhile and then he started posting his intruder theory on a regular basis. As time has gone by, he has become more and more adamant that the Ramseys couldn't possibly be guilty.

At some point I think he came to the attention of the Ramseys and/or their lawyers, and I do believe that he is in contact with the family. There are many little tid bits of information that he leaks in his posts from time to time, as his loyality to the Ramseys becomes more blatant. He is, IMO, oblivious to any semblance of logic as he spins the Ramsey's line over and over again.

jameson had a reason for causing havoc with this forum last Sunday. His multiple posts; the same old same old, could very well have been made at the behest of the RST. Make no mistake about it: The Ramseys and/or their agents read these forums. Clinton has James Carville and the Ramseys have jameson. Both, IMO, are loud and irritating. Nevertheless, I defend everyone's right to free speech. Have a nice week-end, one and all. Greenleaf

Subject: Jameson
Name: Kelly
Time/Date: 16:01:23 5/23/98

Message: Earlier on this thread you posted to Anderson. Anderson has not posted on this thread and you are replying to him as though he has.

Jameson, I think the only reason Pam Griffin was being called by Patsy on Dec 26th was because Patsy needed an ensemble to wear to the funeral and she knew Pam could whip up something "appropriate", if that is what the beekeepers's outfit was.

Also Jameson, my heart tells me that you are not the appropriate person to be receiving and placing angels over JonBenet's grave. You are dead set in protecting the parents who are so obviously guilty, I don't think that JonBenet would even want you there. IMO you hate children and have gained some sort of satisfaction from defending the Ramsey's to the extent that you have. I used to think it was monetary and you were being paid by the Ramsey's, but I no longer feel that way. The Ramsey's are highly intelligent people and they would never want you on their side because they know that you are only turning more people against them.

But then, who am I to judge you and the motivation that drives you about this case? I am only a psychiatric nurse. What would I know?!

Subject: angels in tree
Name: Kelly
Time/Date: 16:08:29 5/23/98

Message: Let's not start anything about inappropriate angels being in that tree. There was an angel in a marroon dress, there are all colors of angels in that tree. None of them resemble JonBenet. The day after Anderson and I took those pictures, two beautiful pink, paper-mache type angels appeared. Nothing at all was inappropriate or reflected negatively on the Ramsey's. Except of course, their murdered daughter laying there in that grave that they don't want to talk about!

Subject: Angel Tree
Name: blackbird
Time/Date: 17:29:44 5/23/98

Message: The angel tree has turned into a firestorm. My first thought was I wish I could be there and place my angel for JonBenet in the tree.I cannot travel so I know that is impossible. Has John or Patsy appeared at her gravesite?

[Patsy Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth - Present also were Patrick Burke and Ellis Armistead June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Patsy's visist JonBenet's grave)

23 TOM HANEY: When was JonBenet's
24 birthday?
25 PATSY RAMSEY: August 6, 1990.


1 TOM HANEY: When is the last time
2 that you visited the graveside?
3 PATSY RAMSEY: About a month ago.

4 TOM HANEY: Do you go on a regular
5 basis or--
7 TOM HANEY: Frequent?
8 PATSY RAMSEY: Not as frequently
9 as I would like.
10 TOM HANEY: Did you go on
11 particular days?

13 TOM HANEY: Would you go on her
14 birthday or the anniversary of her death or --
15 PATSY RAMSEY: Probably not,
16 because there is a bunch of idiots out there
17 waiting for me to show up. It's a very personal
18 time and I don't care to be photographed at my
19 child's gravesite.

June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Patsy's visist JonBenet's grave)

[http://www.nationalenquirer.com/]1998-08-21: Enquirer: Getting away with murder
On her birthday, only a stranger wept at JonBenet's grave


Transcriptions compliments of Linda
Enquirer: Getting away with murder
On her birthday, only a stranger wept at JonBenet's grave

"She would have been 8 today. She was a dear, sweet little angel who I loved from afar." His eyes filling with tears, a perfect stranger spoke those words about JonBenet Ramsey as he knelt at her white tombstone in a Marietta, Ga., church cemetery.

He said he was Bob Estep - and he took a Greyhound bus 700 miles, all the way from a rooming house in Baltimore, Md., to be at JonBenet's grave on her August 6 birthday.

But he was alone there all day long. No Ramseys came to the grave. Not mother Patsy no father John Ramsey, who live only 11 miles away - nor any aunts or even Grandma Nedra Paugh.

In fact, Patsy was seen driving around town that day with 11-year-old son Burke - in a spanking new green Jaguar.

Estep, 56, walked into the cemetery as the first rays of the new dawn cleared huge oak trees shading the graveyard. He carried a sleeping bag, a small backpack, a tiny radio and a photo of JonBen?t cut from a magazine and wrapped in cellophane, with four purple iris buds framing her face.

"She looked just like a little girl I knew long ago. Now they are both with God," he said. "I was hoping her family would be here."

By dusk, florist trucks had delivered five bouquets of colorful fresh cut flowers. The last to arrive said "God Bless You, Detective Thomas" - apparently sent by Boulder Detective Steve Thomas, who resigned that very same day after 20 months on the case.

As darkness settled in Ester shuffled to the base of a big tree, spread out his belongings, and tucked in for the night to keep watch under the stars and the child's grave.

The next morning, he took one final look at the white marker inscribed "Love, purity and joy...home in the peace of God." Then, head down he walked slowly toward the Greyhound station for the long bus ride home.

Bennet Bolton
The Enquirer

Redd Herring Web Site
A Visit With JonBenét - Thursday December 10, 1998
St.James Episcopal Cemetery - Marietta, Georgia


[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-03-05: Webbsleuths Community Forum (http://munitrading.com)
on thread titled, "Angels from the grave"

5. "angels"
Posted by jameson on 10:32:27 3/05/99
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When I went to the cemetary last July, there were angels on the tree and Anderson and I replaced all the hangers with WIRE hangers to prevent them from being knocked down by the wind. Those angels were still there at the end of January. In February, EVERY angel was removed.

No, it wasn't the cemetary workers. The Ramseys sought out a cemetary (when Beth died) that would NOT remove decorations, that didn't have a lot of rules. The angels were on that tree for two years. The cemetary workers did not remove them now.

And I checked with the family - they did NOT remove the angels and no one did it with their knowledge or permission.

The angels were stolen.

12. "???" Posted by jameson on 17:47:08 3/05/99
Include Original Message on Reply

I do not understand the lack of concern or emotion over the theft of the angels.

The cemetary workers did not "clean" the area and remove the decorations that have been there for nearly two years.

The Ramseys and their friends brought angels to the grave. There is no way anyone would take them down to "spare" them.

The Ramseys do visit the grave. I hate to think of how Burke felt when he realized even that tribute to his sister was destroyed by some sick person's hate.

14. "Jameson"
Posted by why_nut on 20:00:56 3/05/99
Include Original Message on Reply

"I do not understand the lack of concern or emotion over the theft of the angels."
Phrostie's post at the top of this thread is a true explanation. To get upset over the absence of pieces of plaster or plastic or cloth is to be blasphemous. To those who believe in Christianity, a firm tenet is against the worship of idols. Angel dolls are NOT angels. To value objects enough to invest strong emotion in them is to do nothing more than the modern-day equivalent of worshipping the Golden Calf. While these small tokens of faith are superficially comforting, in the end I think the Ramsey family would rather see a million angels stolen from the tree, than to see one more child's life stolen from the world. Our concerns and tears should be reserved for JonBenet, not for pieces of porcelain with sparkly wings and pretty gowns.

As to the issue of Burke's feelings, it is no sign of disrespect at all to observe that Burke seems to have his feelings well in check. He was not described by anyone as being upset the day of JonBenet's death (all that we've heard is that he was content to play with his Nintendo on the way to the White house). On the day of JonBenet's funeral, he was apparently equally content (according to Linda McLean) to discuss Nintendo and watch Star Wars. On the devastating day of the photo op at the memorial service, he paid tribute to JonBenet in his own way by wearing very casual clothing (in contrast to his parents) and chewing gum (a fact I observed for myself). Until someone, ANYONE, can provide the tiniest scrap of evidence that Burke is devastated by JonBenet's death, it must be questioned whether his emotional state is fragile, or whether he has taken the entire event in stride. If the latter, then I must say that a tree of missing angels is of no consequence to him.

I am aware of the boundaries you place on your dispensation of what information you have, but can you throw me the merest thread of testimony that Burke has actually DEMONSTRATED something other than indifference at JonBenet's death?

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-06-19: Webbsleuths Community Forum (http://munitrading.com)
on thread titled, "JAMS, JANE AND THEIR BULLCHIT"

28. "So"
Posted by WiltonJr on 08:57:02 6/19/99
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She's admitting to hanging angels at the grave site recently huh?

Remember a few months ago when she accused me of stealing them when they supposedly came up missing? Some of the very same angels that were hanging before are there now, from different tree branches. She uses those tacky metal hooks that are used to hang Christmas tree ornaments. Did she take them all the first time to stir up a ruckus? I know that I called the office of the church to ask if they knew what might have happenend and was told that the caretakers removed them so who knows?

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-08-21: Webbsleuths Community Forum (http://munitrading.com)
on thread titled, "Sad Saturday"

"Sad Saturday"
Posted by MandyArt on 19:01:46 8/21/99
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Today was a sad Saturday..I had to be around the Square in Marietta, so I went by JonBenet's grave for the first time since I have been posting here.

It was a really different feeling, to know and imagine so much more about what must have happened to her.

There were about 30 angel ornaments on the tree above her grave, still. None that I saw were paper, they were stained glass, metal and cloth. I wished I had brought one to tie on a branch, too.

I said a little prayer for her, and I told her that she was remembered by many wonderful people all over the country.

I hope so much that justice will prevail.

[jameson's Webbsleuths]1999-12-11: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Stealing from graves"

2 . "the angels"
Posted by jams on Dec-11-99 at 02:09 PM (EST)

A few have been stolen - a few - not all.

There was a misunderstanding and the cemetary workers removed them all at one time - thought they were just there for the Christmas holiday. They were brought to the church and stored. I was allowed to rehang them.

The angels are on the tree - anyone who would steal one is truly low.

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]1999-12-28: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"Old ACR Archive Threads - Amanda Revisited (S)"

From: Morrisbj2 12/28/1999 9:01 pm
To: ALL (1 of 137) 835.1

Amanda took me to visit JonBenet's grave this evening. I almost made us late because I had to stop at the horse store first. It was nearly dark when we got there and getting very cold so we did not stay long. The cemetary is old and small. I don't think I could have found it by myself. I expected the angels hanging from the tree to look tacky but they did not. The size of the grave shocked me. It was so tiny. The inscription was annoying, pompous, bogus, and inappropriate. It said something about JonBenet being a gift to her parents and to the world. JonBenet did not come into the world to benefit her parents, will they never get onto this basic fact? As Gibran said, "Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself." Jon Benet was a hostage. Even the brief life she had was owned and then stolen by her rancid parents. I don't know why "Thou shall not own another being" is not listed among the ten commandments. Amanda left another white teddy bear. There was a piece of chocolate glued to the inside of a ring box left at the grave and other pieces of chocolate lying around and some in a glass jar.


From: WiltonJr_ 12/29/1999 11:11 pm
To: Morrisbj2 (16 of 137) 835.16 in reply to 835.15

Wasn't me. I've not been to the grave in a month or so. I've seen all sorts of oddities there though. Wanta know how to tell which angels were hung by Sue B? Look for the ones hung with a Christmas tree ornament hook. You know the metal wires? How's that for stupid?
: Þ ô¿ô


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-02-22: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"A visit to the grave"

"A visit to the grave"
Posted by jams on Feb-22-00 at 03:39 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Feb-22-00 AT 07:27 PM (EST)

Sorry the photos aren't the best - but some people who have never been to the grave might still appreciate a look.

I went to Atlanta a couple days ago to meet with John and Patsy. Pam put invisible plastic cord on the angels, I stood on the ladder and hung them.

Here are some photos - I wish I could tell you how beautiful it is there. The photos do NOT really tell you...

Patsy planted the primroses.
Pam put in the Easter decorations.
The ladybug was put there with OUR Ladybug in mind.
The Valentine bouquet came from someone named "David"

1 . "one more" Posted by jams on Feb-22-00 at 03:43 PM (EST)

The Ramseys want to thank everyone who has sent me angels for the tree. Unfortunately, some have been stolen, but the tree is still beautiful and gives solice and hope to the visitors.

I noticed another angel in the cemetary, hung over another grave. I hope that family finds comfort in the angels as well.

[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence”
Written by John and Patsy Ramsey, March 18, 2000

DOI Page 233

"The pastor of the Wesley Foundation, Tracey Hausman, graciously helped prepare the service. As we later discovered, Tracy had lost an infant child and knew firsthand the impact of such a loss. She worked to find the right words and liturgy to thank God for JonBenet's life and give support to those who loved and missed her.

Margaret Harrington worked on the service and came to the conclusion"

DOI Page 234

"that something special ought to be done to give people a genuine sense of involvement. She inquired if we had any ideas of what might lend a tough of meaning for people coming to the service. As I thought out it, an image came to mind. In the canyon just west of Boulder was an "angel tree," which had always seemed like a lovely idea to me. Unsolicited, people brought angels and left them hanging on the beautiful pine tree. With time, the little images grew in number and inspired people passing by. Of course, environmentalists and anti-religious groups had protested. One month the angels would be there. The next month they would have disappeared, taken down by one of the politically correct groups. Soon after, the angels would mysteriously reappear, one by one.

As I thought of that tree and the beautiful old dogwood that reached out over JonBenet's grave, I could see angels moving in the breeze, testifying to her life and watching over her. Maybe people could bring ornaments to the memorial services that would be like those angels on that pine tree, and we would hang them in Atlanta on the old dogwood. I relayed the thought to Margaret, and she passed along the idea. Friends who attended the service brought angel ornaments of every shape and size. Some were made by the little hands, and all were given in love to remember JonBenet."


DOI Page 235

"In that vein, we realized that we needed to accelerate the permanent monument for JonBenet's grave before December 26, 1997, lest the media sensationalized the absence of a marker. The problem was that we really weren't sure what we wanted to say on her headstone. Nothing seemed exactly right. I've talked to other parents of children who have died, and they relate similar difficulties in deciding what they want to say on their child's gravestone for generations to see. John and I thought about it a lot, but we hadn't yet come to the exact wording that we wanted on the stone forever. In the fall of 1997 we had finally decided on what we wanted and picked out a two-piece headstone that would accommodate the wording. We had a little angel carved into this stone, fashioned after one given to me by Gary Mann's wife, Pam. We wanted the Episcopal cross on the stone to remind people that JonBenet understood and loved God.

I found that I just couldn't emotionally handle buying and arranging for the headstone, so John had to go by himself. He picked out the marker from the Roswell Monument Company, the same people from whom we had purchased Beth's gravestone. Ronnie Stewart, the owner, told John he expected"

DOI Page 236

"to have the headstone completed sometimes in January. That was okay with us, but we began to realize it wouldn't be okay with the media. They were bound to slam us for not erecting a headstone before the first anniversary of her death.

John called Ronnie, and he called the Georgia Marble Company quarry, who said they would do their best to get at least the upright portion of the marker to Ronnie so he could engrave it and get it in place, even if temporarily, by December 26. Then we felt we could short-circuit the anticipated media hullabaloo. We installed the top piece of the marker on December 23.

We had already decided to spend Christmas in Florida in an attempt to stay secluded from the media. We knew they would do everything possible to get a picture of us during the anniversary of JonBenet's death, and that was the last thing we wanted. Susan Stine and our friend Cathy Sanford arranged for our family's trip, and by the grace of God the media never found out where we were until after we left.

After we returned to Atlanta, Regina Orlick and I went out to St. James Cemetery and hung the angels on the tree net to JonBenet and Beth's graves. With time, the custom was grown and many other people who visit JonBenet's grave have added to the beautiful ornaments swinging from the tree. Every time we visit the cemetery, we pause to look at all the angels glistening in the sunlight. It reminds us that a lot of people have been touched by a little angel named JonBenet."


DOI Page 312

"Just before we parted, Jameson said to Patsy, "I know nothing can bring JonBenet back, but if anyone asks what they can do for you as a sign of caring, what could they do?"

DOI Page 313

"Patsy thought for a minute and then said softly, "If someone wanted to place an angel on the tree by the grave, it would be appreciated."

As we were leaving, Jameson was so conscientious that she didn't want me to pay for her coffee, lest it appear that the Ramsey's were in some way or the other "buying" her off.

Once Jameson returned home, she went online and posted the suggestion that people might want to hang angels on the tree at the grave site. It wasn't long before more angels began appearing at JonBenet's grave. Some posters who couldn't get to the cemetery sent their angels to Jameson, and she hung them when she visited the grave on JonBenet's birthday, August 6, 1998.

On the back of her own angel Jameson wrote, "Happy Birthday, JonBenet from Jameson," and placed it on a branch of the dogwood above the grave site. Before long someone who had knowledge of the Internet went to the cemetery, took it down, and then put a photograph of that stolen angel and it's inscription on the Boulder News Forum site to boast of what they had done."


DOI Page 388

"Beautiful angel ornaments, which look like special Christmas decorations, now hang on the old dogwood tree that stretches its arms over the two graves of our daughters. The angels sway in the breeze and remind me of the ornaments that adorned JonBenet's Christmas tree in her bedroom. The first collection of these angels came from our friends in Boulder after the one-year remembrance service. Later, as other visitors came more ornaments appeared. People from across this country have left behind notes, cards, and poems that touched us deeply. We know that each twinkling angel represents a person, a family, and, in many cases, a child who has been touched by JonBenet. The little figurines sway in the wind and seem to be saying, "we remember"…"we care"…"we still hope"…"we love you." Most important, they seem to be watching over the girls, whose graves are side by side."

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-03-26: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"General Discussion 2 - "Friend" letters to Cheesy in DOI"

From: WiltonJr_ 3/26/2000 6:29 pm
To: Closer2 (20 of 62) 1135.20 in reply to 1135.15

I think it should be fairly easy to figure out the identity of 'afriend' just by looking at the photos that are posted on the FindAGrave.com web site.

[Find-a-grave photo of JonBenet's grave]Take a look at this one: JonBenet's Grave

See the line of gold thingys below the December 25, 1996? Susan Bennett put those there when we visited the cemetery together in July of '98. They were very thin metallic confettie type objects that wouldn't stay in place for very long, IMO. A little breeze would blow them away in a flash.

So.....my guess is that Susan herself took that photo and sent it to the Find A Grave site using that 'afriend' email OR she informed someone in the immediate family of her handiwork and they went to take that picture. It had to have been taken around the end of July, beginning of August of '98.
Edited 3/26/00 6:29:56 PM ET by WILTONJR_


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-10-09: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)

1 . "The mystery"
Posted by jameson on Oct-09-01 at 03:26 PM (EST)

I went to JonBenét's grave and placed an angel on the tree to honor her. While most other angels remain untouched out of respect for the murdered child, one poster took the angel I had put on the tree. Not only did they steal from her grave, they actually posted a photo of the angel on the Boulder News forum to "brag" anout what they had done.

[Jameson's angel from JonBenet's grave - Photo found February 19, 1999 posted on the Boudler News Forum]I would like to know the identity of the person cold enough to have done that.

More than that, I would like to see that angel returned. Maybe someone knows where it is now and can make that happen.

This is the photo they posted, the angel they stole from JonBenét's grave.

6 . "angels"
Posted by LovelyPigeon on Oct-10-01 at 11:34 AM (EST)

I've been to the gravesite several times, and I always take time to look at the angels hanging from the dogwood tree. I think it's a very sweet way to remember JonBenét.

I've never been there when the gravestone didn't have something propped up against it, too. Flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, figurines...all kinds of remembrances for the child that JonBenét will forever be.

The birthday card is very sweet too, but I don't think the child featured on it is JonBenét. I do see a resemblance, though, and I can see why someone might believe the photo is of her.

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"Old Case"

2. "old case"
Posted by jameson on Dec-12-01 at 12:27 PM (EST)

New reporters are starting all the time and they don't know what is happening.

I went to the grave of JonBenet this week. There was a photographer there taking photos for the anniversary. Very business, obviously didn't know much about the case.

For me, I still look at that little grave and... it breaks my heart.

The angels still glitter when one enters the driveway. A few more have been stolen, including the large one that always sat on Beth's grave. The was put there by Anderson and I when we went together to the cemetary, long ago.

The angels still watch over her grave. I cleaned up a bit, would love to go back with a hundred more and a ladder to make that tree really glisten.

There are new graves just behind JonBenet's grave. The cemetary isn't like it was the first time I went. But still, a very peaceful place.

[December 16, 2001 Patsy Ramsey at grave of JonBenet] [December 16, 2001 Patsy Ramsey at grave of JonBenet]

2001-12-18 The Denver Channel: Tokens Left Behind On Gravestone As Anniversary Nears

Many Drawn To JonBenet's Grave
Tokens Left Behind On Gravestone As Anniversary Nears

POSTED: 7:02 a.m. MST December 18, 2001
UPDATED: 2:00 p.m. MST December 18, 2001

There are various reasons why people visit the grave of JonBenet Ramsey five years after her death.

Some were deeply moved by the murder of the 6-year-old beauty queen at her home in Boulder, Colo., on Dec. 26, 1996.

For others, it's simply morbid curiosity that draws them to the St. James' Episcopal Church Cemetery north of Atlanta.

Still others leave behind tokens in an attempt to express their feelings for the child, whose death remains a mystery.

Along with the stuffed animals, notes, toys and other mementoes, one Easter someone placed a large pinwheel with a plastic duck on the grave, said Marcia Copassaki, an administrative assistant at the church.

The gravestone is now decorated with a whimsical angel and a small ceramic baby shoe filled with artificial red and blue flowers. The branches of a dogwood tree next to the gravesite are weighted with windchimes, crosses and angels.

Recent visitors have left two American flags and a small plastic Halloween pumpkin.

Evans said the church staff is used to the routine maintenance of the grave.

"We do lock the cemetery at night, but we don't mind visitors," she said. "But JonBenet's not the only one buried there. The other graves need to be respected, too."

A woman from Chicago came several years ago with prayer cards from churches in her community, and a homeless man spent his mornings for several months sitting on a stone bench next to the grave, Evans said. He told her that JonBenet was watching after him and he was watching after her.

Some of the items collected by the church are sent to JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, while others deemed in good shape go to the church thrift shop.

The Ramseys lived in metro Atlanta before moving to Boulder and have returned since the murder.

Under an overcast sky Monday morning, Patsy Ramsey stood in the cemetery, holding a small stone someone had left at the grave with the handwritten words, "God bless the sweet heart of JonBenet Ramsey." The stone was dated July 1, 2001.

Ramsey, accompanied by five family members and friends, was wearing bright yellow garden clogs. She planted pansies and hung ornaments on a tree nearby. The women also brought a broom and rake to clean around the grave.

Before leaving, the six women prayed quietly. On her way out of the parking lot, Ramsey rolled down the window of her car and said she was glad her daughter is still remembered.

The Ramsey family plot is much like the nearby gravesites of Marietta's founding families -- many dating back more than 100 years.

The Ramseys have 12 plots in St. James' cemetery. A garden with a trellis, bench and flowers takes up a portion of the burial sites. JonBenet's half-sister, Elizabeth, who died in 1992, is buried next to her, and a grandmother is also buried there.

Boulder, Colo., police never made an arrest in her brutal murder. The case remains an open, active investigation, with up to four detectives working on the case on an as-needed basis. The work includes following up on tips received, reviewing the case file, occasional laboratory analysis, and keeping current on new forensic technologies that may assist the case, police said.

"Any homicide, but particularly the death of a small child, has a tremendous impact on the community," said Mark Beckner, Boulder police chief. "We know that there are some cases we will never bring to a resolution. We also know that there are some cases we solve many years after the crime. We will never give up hope for finding justice in this case."

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"Patsy at JonBenet's Grave"

8 . "Patsy's Interview From The Grave"
Posted by Believer on Dec-23-01 at 01:51 PM (EST)

There is a long interview given by Patsy from JonBenet's gravesite posted online at www.ajc.com It was featured on the site last week, she was wearing bright yellow gardening clogs, and there were a group of 5 women with her.

There was NO WAY that she was ambushed. It was fair and straightforward. She had some things to say and said them to the reporter about JonBenet.

They also interviewed the person at St. James who is in charge of public affairs or something of the sort, who said the most bizarre thing at the gravesite was a plastic duck with a pinwheel.


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10 . "Angels"
Posted by jameson on Jan-03-02 at 08:25 PM (EST)

I went to Atlanta recently and the tree had angels in it, but some are missing, maybe taken, maybe they were up with thread that eventually rotted and broke.

I would hope people consider that when going to the cemetary and use wire Christmas tree ornament holders or some sturdy material.

I got home and found four angels in my mailbox. I will go down this spring and place them onthe tree - - this time will bring a ladder and get up in the tree with some of them.

Last time I went there was a rather dark and dreary day. There was a photographer there from a local newspaper and other people were tending to a very new grave right next to the Ramsey plot. I felt uncomfortable there, it was not a nice visit. Usually the angels are glistening and somehow a comfort and sign of hope but it was so dark and dreary, I left feeling very down.

If anyone else would like to send an angel to be placed on the tree, I would be happy to place one there for you - - just pop it in the mail.

I think most people who go there are touched by the angels and the obvious compassion displayed by those token gifts to a murdered child.


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"day with the Ramseys"

" day with the Ramseys"
Posted by jameson on Feb-22-02 at 11:55 PM (EST)

Despite what the Enquirer says, Patsy is not in the hospital fighting for her life.

We had a very enjoyable day today - - she was dancing in the driveway at one point - feels fine and is in very good spirits.

The cancer has returned, it is on her liver, but they caught it very early, she has NO symptoms that she can tell... blood work and a CAT scan found the problem. She was totally shocked when she heard - - she had no doubt that the routine check up was going to be routine - - this was a shock.

She starts chemo soon - she knows she will be ill - - that is depressing but she is still full of faith and is not whining about it - - she has accepted it and believes that the chemo will be successful.

My visit was moved up because of the upcoming treatments. We wanted to visit the cemetary and use a ladder to move the angels "up" in the tree - I planned to go soon but.... when she found out about the chemo starting soon we moved it up.

There were about 8 of us at the cemetary - moving the angels, putting up a lot of new ones, planting bulbs, cleaning up around the graves. It looks so nice.

Afterwards, Patsy showed me some of her paintings - - before and after the murder. I have to tell you they are GOOD! I hope she has a show - - I think people would be very interested in what she has done. Especially if the stories were there - - most of her work has a story.

And she spoke of JonBenét. And JonBenét's art - in particular one painting she did.

Maybe one day she will share - - I know everyone here would be fascinated.

The Ramseys thank everyone here for their dedication to JonBenét's justice.

JonBenet 2002 Vigil Site
St. James Episcopal Cemetery - Marietta, Georgia
[Photo taken November 2002]
Photo of JonBenet's grave taken November 2002 showing white item under the stone bench next to the grave
[Photo taken November 2002]
Close up of white envelope under the stone bench next to the grave


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"A visit to Jonnie B's grave"

Charter Member
10561 posts Apr-18-03, 03:30 PM (EST)

"A visit to Jonnie B's grave"

I went to JonBenét's grave this week. I had a few angels that I wanted to place in the tree before Easter.

There are still many, many angels in the tree; some are from the original batch I put there long, long ago, but others are new even since the last time I was there.

Some had fallen and needed to be put back up. Some were broken beyond repair so those were taken away. I washed the stone and cleaned up a bit around the grave and... I thought I would share a couple photos with the group.

One of the angels on the grave stone was especially touching - the one in the center, the fair haired angel with the blue gown. Someone had dated it - October 1st, 2002. I wondered if I knew the person who put it there.

Anyway, just in case people forget why we are here, let me share a couple photos - - one of her grave, another of a few of the angels watching over her. Another Easter passes.

[jameson's photo of JonBenet's grave April 18, 2003][jameson's photo of JonBenet's grave April 18, 2003]

unregistered user
Apr-23-03, 08:13 PM (EST)

6. "RE: Gravesite"
In response to message #5

We visited the cemetary while on our way to Fla. Patsy took us there, and my family and I marveled at all the angels in the trees, there were notes in baggies which were read in private, her resting place place is truly a serene place. I wasn't sure I wanted to go but I am glad she took us, it gave me some closure and some peace.

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who is respectful of her grave and has been truly touched by her spirit. May Laci and Connor have the same ...God Bless you all.........

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10561 posts Apr-27-03, 03:23 PM (EST)

8. "RE: Nice of you"
In response to message #7

The Ramseys know that I tend to the grave as often as I can. They have told me they appreciate it. They have gone with me on occasion.

Many people have tended to that grave over the years - - placed angels in the tree, planted flowers.

As John wrote on her gravestone, she has been a gift to the world.

[http://www.nationalenquirer.com/]2003-08-16: Enquirer: JonBenet: Strangers mark beauty's 13 birthday at her grave site with a flower and a prayer

"Only Strangers visit JonBenet Ramsey's neglected grave on her August 6th birthday, the day the murdered beauty queen would have turned 13.

The graveside grieving was left to an anonymous visitor who left a single red rose next to her tombstone, and to caring father -of-three Clifford "Mac" Dobbs, who occasionally makes the 15 mile trip from his nearby home to visit JonBenet's burial site.

"I have three young kids and maybe because of them I feel for that beautiful little girl, " Dobbs, 37, told the Enquirer, "She was such an innocent, and I wanted to pay my respects on the day she became a teenager."

The plastic angels and childhood mementos at the gravesite are faded and weathered.

"And although JonBenet's parents -- John and Patsy Ramsey -- live not far away in Smyrna, Ga., the little girls tombstone is mildewed and tarnished."

A source close to the family told The Enquirer she's (Patsy) confident that this time she's beaten the disease (cancer).

"I prayed for her parents so they could find peace," Dobbs said of his visit to JonBenet's grave.


In the "Fast Fact" box it notes that, "JonBenet was a month shy of her 4th birthday when she entered her first pageant."

[Photo from the Enquirer showing Why_Nut's markings]
Jameson's Photo April 18, 2003 at Easter time
Square boxes made by "Why_Nutt" showing same two angels sitting on the grave for four months, both in April and again in August 2003 (See photo at right)
[Photo from the Enquirer showing Why_Nut's markings]
Enquirer Photo August 6, 2003
Highlighted by "Why_Nutt" showing same two angels sitting on the grave for four months, both in April and August 2003

[Purgatory II Forum]2003-08-22: Puragory II Forum Thread titled,
"JonBenet Ramsey Case - Grave photos"

From: why_nut 8/22/2003 9:48 am
To: ALL (1 of 56) 1294.1

I bought the National Enquirer yesterday, knowing that the article about JonBenet's neglected grave site as of her birthday would contain at least one picture and contribute to my pool of photos of the items left thereon.

Note this picture from the Enquirer, particularly the items surrounded by a white box I have imposed:


Nothing especially remarkable is seemingly present. But wait, what is this?

Back on April 17th, 2003, Jameson posted to her forum a message about her visit to JonBenet's grave for Easter. She wrote this:

"One of the angels on the grave stone was especially touching - the one in the center, the fair haired angel with the blue gown. Someone had dated it - October 1st, 2002. I wondered if I knew the person who put it there."

She then posted her own photo of the grave. Again, I have put white boxes around certain items. See them?


The blue angel and the sculpture of the two figures on either side of a large crucifix are present first on April 17th, and then again on August 6th.

Those items HAVE NOT been sitting in the same place from April to August. They were put there at the time Jameson took her photo, and they were brought back and put there again when the Enquirer photographer showed up four months later. What possible explanation is there for this unquestionable staging of these things on JonBenet's grave?

I propose the theory that Jameson brought these two things to the grave for Easter, anticipating the Enquirer would show up and take advantage of the holiday to do a sentimenal space-filler article. I propose that she was disappointed when no such article was forthcoming, so rather than let her travel efforts and ego go to waste, she put her own photo up on her forum and took the items home to wait for another opportunity to make her special purchases noticeable. Jameson knows well how tabloid thinking works, and knew as August approached that there would be an article about the state of the grave on JonBenet's birthday. I propose she went back to the grave, again placed the items there, and waited. The Enquirer, as anyone could have guessed, did in fact show up, took their picture, and went away.

Under the most ordinary of circumstances, nobody would be expected to draw the line connecting Jameson's April photo of the blue angel and the crucifix figurines to the Enquirer's own photo of same, but as I say, I have both an interest in the items left, and a particularly good memory.

The floor is open. If my theory is unsound, what other explanation could there be?

From: why_nut 8/22/2003 10:22 am
To: Jayelles (3 of 56) 1294.3 in reply to 1294.2

I am referring only to the blue angel and the crucifix figures. It would be expected that all the other items would not be consistent from one month to the next. The caretakers of the cemetary collect up the things left on JonBenet's grave at least once a month (I would expect even more frequently when they know bad weather like severe rain or wind is coming, as was true all during the spring and summer in the Atlanta area). That is what is puzzling. Any items left on the grave in April SHOULD NOT be there in August. And most of the items appearing in the April photo are, indeed, not there in August. Everyone should expect that to be true. So the presence of two particular items in April reappearing in August is a major anomaly, and requires an explanation.

From: why_nut 8/23/2003 9:35 am
To: Jayelles (9 of 56) 1294.9 in reply to 1294.7

Jameson claims that the angels left on the grave always stay there unless they are broken, and can be present continuously for months.

No. James Ray, someone who works at St. James Episcopal Church, disputes this. Jameson, once again, makes things up.


"'It's just surprising what people leave,' said James Ray, a board member at St. James Episcopal Church, which maintains the cemetery. 'Though it's not destructive. It's nice.'

"People leave keepsakes at the grave year-round, Ray said. But the gifts really pile up during the Christmas season, when people leave letters, teddy bears and other mementos.

"This year, more than 100 ornaments, some as high as 15 feet from the ground, hang from the tree next to JonBenet's grave.

"Ray said the ornaments are left for 30 days, then the church board offers the mementos to the Ramsey family, which has accepted some keepsakes in the past, Ray said."

And we have this story, which says that objects left are sometimes sold off.


"Evans said the church staff is used to the routine maintenance of the grave.

"'We do lock the cemetery at night, but we don't mind visitors,' she said. "But JonBenet's not the only one buried there. The other graves need to be respected, too."

A woman from Chicago came several years ago with prayer cards from churches in her community, and a homeless man spent his mornings for several months sitting on a stone bench next to the grave, Evans said. He told her that JonBenet was watching after him and he was watching after her.

Some of the items collected by the church are sent to JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, while others deemed in good shape go to the church thrift shop."

From: Koldkase2 8/23/2003 5:13 pm
To: carpaltee (13 of 56) 1294.13 in reply to 1294.12

I haven't been to the grave this year, so I have no idea about any of this.

I will say that if you look at ACR's website for the 6th anniversary of her death, these pictures were taken in Nov. of 2002. Since Jams says that the little angel she likes has a date of Oct. 2002 on it, I'm not sure what that means. What is that date for? The figure is not on the grave in these pictures in Nov. of 2002. Is this some date of personal interest to someone? Was it placed on the grave in Oct. 2002 and then moved by the church, only to be put back again at Easter/Spring of this year? That seems strange.

Anybody ever thought of giving these things to the cops for fingerprints? I mean, if a killer is still "out there," I'd be looking for every clue...unless I knew who the killer was and wasn't worried about it.

Here's the url for the anniversary site:


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"JonBenét's grave"

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12515 posts Aug-22-03, 05:05 PM (EST)

1. "responding to an email"
In response to message #0

A writer asked me to respond to the Enquirer article that says JonBenét's grave has been neglected.

Here is my quick response:

Her grave is not neglected but it was not "spruced up" for her birthday, either. Fact is, her family was not in Atlanta, they had been on vacation in Charlevoix for a while. Obviously they didn't plan their vacation around the tabloid's plans to visit the grave. Hardly a surprise and I think no reason for attack.

The stone is rarely "clean" - the cemetary is near the center of town, lots of traffic and dust - and the flat stone tends to get real dirty when it rains as the cemetary lawn is not as plush as it could be - - nothing like a golf course, I can tell you that. When it rains, there are splashes of dirt on the stone. You could clean the stone daily and if someone wanted to find it dirty - - I assure you they could. Easily.

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12515 posts Aug-24-03, 03:48 PM (EST)

5. "BORG, pay attention"
In response to message #4
LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-03 AT 03:53 PM (EST)

One of the angels on the grave stone was especially touching - the one in the center, the fair haired angel with the blue gown. Someone had dated it - October 1st, 2002.

Please note - - this photo was taken in APRIL of 2003 - just around Easter.

[jameson's photo of JonBenet's grave April 18, 2003]

The same angel is there in the photo ACR took in November of 2002.

[Photo from ACandyRose 2002 Vigil site for JonBenet - Photo taken November 2002]

Sadly, I don't see it in the new photo. Perhaps it is there but I just don't see it. Maybe the family took it. Maybe someone else took it. But the larger angel that was there in November and the cross have been there for a long time and hence I think the posters can see the theory of my "staging" the photo shoot is - - as usual, BORG BS.

[http://www.voy.com/]2003-11-20: VOY Forums(http://www.voy.com/)
"Just to keep those who aren't in Atlanta informed...."

Author: Rita Johnson
Date Posted: 17:17:32 11/20/03 Thu
jameson failed to mention the archway that had been put up by Patsy to signify "JonBenet's Garden" was taken down as well as all the stepping stones leading to JonBenet's tiny grave. Yes, everything was taken off JonBenet's grave, like she said. But what I found strange was that Beth and Nedra's grave were clear of any faux flowers that were there prior to Patsy and John moving. I found it odd that the angels that had been hanging facing JonBenet's grave were faced away as well. I felt it very strange that all this happened within days of the announcement that the Ramseys were moving out of town...I did speak with Paul the groundskeeper and he said he didn't take them down, I wondered if possibly the church decided to do it. He said no. I did take a picture of a note that was left in plastic. It was see through and clearly read To John and Patsy. I did email Patsy to tell her there was a note at the graveyard but never heard back so I don't know if she received it or not. I think it's important people hear the whole story....Rita

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