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Matthew Falcon
Aka "The Falcon"

Attacked a 22 year old University of Colorado Student
He said, "Run. Run as fast as you can, don't tell the police."
He was also looked at regard Susannah Chase Murder


01. Jessica, a 22-year-old psychology student at the University of Colorado, was attacked 12/97
02. A man stopped her and asked for directions to the Cornucopia. It was Matthew Falcon
03. Falcon told her he was a school teacher from New York here visiting friends.
04. He struck her on the back of the head with some kind of a bar.
05. In the middle of the field behind Naropa he pushed her over to a picnic table
06. She was scared to death of him and thought he was going to rape her.
07. He said, 'Run. Run as fast as you can, don't tell the police.
08. By the end of the week, former CU student Matthew Falcon confessed he attacked her.

09. Matthew Falcon was looked at regarding the Susannah Chase murder December 20, 1997

10. 1998-12-04 Falcon sentenced 2yr work release in the Boulder County Jail
11. 1998-12-04 Falcon sentenced 25yrs of probation court-ordered drug/sex-offender treatments


1997-12-02: Personal Account of Boulder Attacks Boulder, Colorado

Sunday, January 11, 1998
Section: MAIN
Edition: FIRST
Page: 1A

Jessica, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1997

Jessica stopped and pretended to fiddle with her coat. The hooded man who was following too closely passed by, headed toward the University of Colorado's Dal Ward Athletic Center. She continued through the newly fallen snow toward the path behind the recreation center that would lead down across Boulder Creek and home. It was about 11:30 p.m.

"Right when I was at the top of that, he said, 'Excuse me, can you give me directions to the Cornucopia?'

"I said, 'Yeah, well, it's down this way, I can walk you down the path and then point you in the right direction.'

"He told me he was a school teacher from New York, and that he was here visiting friends. That path was really icy. He was right behind me and we were both having to hold onto the railing."

The two made small talk until the path crossed the creek, passed alongside the university practice field and ended near the parking lot for married student housing.

"'Cornucopia's that way,' I said, pointing. 'But I need to go this way.'

"He said, 'Thanks, for the directions,' or something like that. I turned around, put my hood on, and he struck me on the back of the head with some kind of a bar.

"I fell to the ground with the first hit. That was definitely the hardest. I didn't know exactly what happened, maybe something fell out of the sky. I remember thinking to myself, 'I have to start screaming.' So I started screaming and he just kept hitting me over the head, and I heard him say, 'Stop screaming or I'll keep hurting you.'

"I said, 'OK, OK, I promise I won't scream anymore,' and just decided to be as cooperative as I possibly could. I'm still on the ground, just struggling to get, well, just struggling. I didn't fight back at all, try to punch him or anything.

"He lifts me up. He kept saying 'Don't look at me. Stop looking at me or I'll hurt you.' So I did whatever he said. I just walked normal, he kind of had his arms around me and my backpack, kind of pushing me, not dragging me, but directing me.

"In the middle of the field that's behind Naropa he pushed me over to the picnic table and leaned me up against it and pushed me down on it, down on my stomach. I thought he was going to rape me at that point.

"I remember trying to catch my breath. I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

" 'Are you going to rape me?' I asked.

"And he said, 'No. I'm not going to do anything like that.' His voice was surprised at the question, taken aback, like we were having a conversation or something. And I believed him. That was weird.

"He said, 'Are you OK? Did I hurt you?'

"'No, you didn't hurt me,' I said. I didn't know that I had blood all over me.

"I said, 'Are you OK?' And he said, 'No.'

"I think I said it again, 'Are you OK? What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me? What are you going to do with me?' And he said, 'I don't know yet.

"And he just kind of stood me there for awhile and if I tried to move at all - I wasn't trying to get away - but if I tried to move, he would jerk me.

"At that point I knew. He was pausing too long. I knew. I was scared to death of him, but he didn't know what he was going to do, for real.

"I said, 'You can have my wallet. Let me go. I won't call the police.'

"He pulled me away from the table and turned me toward the direction I was originally walking, and just pushed me really hard. He said, 'Run. Run as fast as you can, don't tell the police.'

"I felt like I was in slow motion trying to get away from him. When I got almost to the Naropa building, I fell, I slipped. These two guys came running up to me from the direction of Arapahoe and said, 'What's wrong, are you OK?'

"And I turned around and pointed to him - 'That guy just attacked me. Go get him.' The guy was still standing there, I think he was maybe going to come back after me. They both started running. I didn't care if they stayed with me, I just wanted them to go that way so that guy would run.

"I started running again, I got to Arapahoe. I tried to scream and realized I didn't have the energy for anybody to hear me at midnight.

"I kept running. I remembered a friend's house and ran in there. In hysterics. My good friend ran to me. At this point I didn't know how bad I was hurt, I had no idea. Then I kind of slipped on his floor because my feet were icy, and grabbed onto the counter with my gloves. My gloves were covered in blood and I just saw the streak and from that point I just really freaked out."

Jessica, a 22-year-old psychology student at the University of Colorado, was attacked walking to her home near Canyon Boulevard on Tuesday, Dec. 2, just before midnight. She received stitches for several cuts on her head. Based on Jessica's description of her assailant, the University of Colorado Police Department created and distributed a composite sketch. By the end of the week, former CU student Matthew Falcon confessed that he had attacked her.

Falcon is in the custody of his parents in Denver. The Boulder Police continue to believe Jessica's attack may be related to the slaying of Susannah Chase but have not named Falcon as a suspect in the second beating. Jessica asked that her last name not be used.


1998-01-15: Murder among us (The Susannah Chase Murder)


Murder among us

Boulder citizens and CU students stand aghast at the one of the most horrifc murders in the city's history
By Chris Taylor
Campus Press Staff Writer
January 15, 1998

Murder was not on the minds of Boulder students as they left for winter break four weeks ago, and it was not on the mind of Susannah Chase as she walked home by herself late one night in her quiet Boulder neighborhood.

Chase, a senior American Studies major at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was brutally bludgeoned in the early morning hours on Dec. 21.

Boulder police are still investigating the mysterious death of Chase. CU police consider this incident a wake up call for students to become more aware, and understand that incidents similar to Chase's can and do take place here.

Chase's murder, Boulder's third and last murder of 1997, has shocked police and the Spruce Street community, where Chase lived.

"This crime is unique because of the savagery of the attack, and that it took place in the middle of the street, in a busy, otherwise quiet neighborhood. Death from assault is uncommon in Boulder," said Detective Commander John Eller of the Boulder Po lice Department.

Chase was last seen in the company of two men at Abo's, a pizza parlor located at 950 Pearl St., on the mall. Police believe that she left the restaurant at 1:40 a.m., and was on her way home at the time of the attack. Nearly two hours later, at 3:40 a.m., the Boulder police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor who heard moans coming from the north alley of Pearl Street, between 19th and 20th streets.

There, the police found Chase lying in the alley severely beaten, bleeding from the head. She was transported to Boulder Community Hospital where she was listed in critical condition, had unstable vital signs, and major complications. After fighting to stay alive for nearly 40 hours, Chase was pronounced dead at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 21.

According to the Boulder County Coroner's Office, Chase died of "craniocerebral injuries due to blunt trauma," meaning excessive head injuries, and her death was ruled a homicide.

According to Eller, it's about a 10-minute walk from Abo's to Chase's home. Therefore, he believes that she was attacked between 2 and 3 a.m. on Dec. 21.

A bloody baseball bat was found at the crime scene, and was impounded by police and sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for analysis. Eller wouldn't confirm the bat as being the murder weapon, but said that it is connected to the crime scene.

The Coroner's Office also said that a forensic rape examination was performed after Chase's admission to the hospital and "an examination at the time of autopsy disclosed no evidence of genital/rectal trauma or bleeding," making rape an unlikely motiv e. Police also said that there was no indication that Chase was a victim of robbery.

Eller said that in a homicide investigation, investigators can't speculate about a motive (unless there's something obvious at the crime scene) until they have suspects.

Police have set up a tip line for people to call with any information concerning the case. Eller said, however, that they haven't received many "telephone calls of value." Police have also interviewed more than 100 people, including the two men Chase was last seen with at Abo's, and Matthew Falcon, the man who admitted to the beating that took place near Folsom in early December.

"Falcon is out on bail, and has been very cooperative," Eller said. "But we're not at a point where we're ruling people in or out."

However, Eller said that at this point he does not see a direct connection between Falcon and the Chase murder.

Police are also still trying to locate "Debra," a woman who called Boulder police Christmas night at 10:30 p.m. to report that someone was following her in the 1900 block of Arapahoe Avenue, five blocks south of where Chase was attacked.

The woman did not identify herself, and because she did not call on an emergency 911 line, police were unable to trace the origin of the call. Eller said that they do not know if the "Debra" following is at all connected to Chase's murder, but they are looking for information.

"We are concerned because the nature of the crime causes alarm," Eller said. "We don't want there to be any more unnecessary victims. It's a real threat. I don't advise single women to go out alone until this is resolved."

Brett Brough, staff service sergeant for the CU Police Department agreed, but added, "We don't want people to be scared, but we want them to know that it can happen. Of course we don't want it to happen, so people need to take adequate precautions."

Since Chase's attack, UCSU has been working with the Office of Student Affairs, CU Police Department, and several campus offices to prepare a slate of advertisements and programs intended to heighten safety awareness around campus.

"Although this brutal act of assault took place away from campus, it reinforces our own determination to make our campus and community a safe place to live, work and study," said CU Vice-Chancellor Jean Kim in a press release. "We will continue our ef forts to educate our students about prudent safety measures, to step up our campus lighting-improvement program, and to further promote our student escort service."

1998-12-04: Denver man, once questioned in Chase murder, sentenced in beating of student

CU attacker avoids prison
Denver man, once questioned in Chase murder, sentenced in beating of student

By Christopher Anderson
Camera Staff Writer
December 4, 1998


One year and a day after a University of Colorado student was struck over the head with a metal bar and dragged across a football field near campus in an attempted sexual assault, she still has weekly nightmares of being savagely beaten.

During an emotional sentencing hearing Thursday, the 23-year-old victim testified that her attacker should be sentenced to eight years in prison. Instead, Matthew Falcon of Denver received a two-year work-release sentence in the Boulder County Jail and 25 years of probation with court-ordered drug and sex-offender treatments.

District Court Judge Dan Hale, who called it a unique case, ruled that Falcon would receive greater rehabilitation treatment in court-ordered private counseling than in the treatment programs and environment of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Falcon was once questioned in an attack on another woman on campus and the murder of Susannah Chase, a CU student fatally beaten with a blunt object while walking home to her downtown home Dec. 20. But CU police determined there was no evidence that Falcon was responsible for any other crime.

Hale said his sentencing decision was based on the fact that Falcon did not have a criminal history, that he turned himself in to police early in the investigation and that psychological reports indicated he was likely to respond to treatment.

The sentence "gives society the best hope that Matthew Falcon will not repeat his offense," Hale said.

But the sentence did not sit will with Mary Keenan, a senior trial deputy for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office renowned for her tough stance against sex offenders.

"I feel really bad for the women in Boulder County," Keenan said, beginning to cry as she escorted the victim and her family down a hallway outside the courtroom.

In the hearing, the victim had also objected to a recommendation from the probation department for a 90-day sentence in Boulder County Jail and intensive treatment.

"I don't understand it whatsoever," the victim said. "I also believe if he doesn't serve time in prison he will never know how wrong and devastating his actions were."

The sentencing was set up by a plea-bargain deal reached on Oct. 2. Falcon pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, attempted second-degree sexual assault and second-degree kidnapping. Although the deal paved the way for a more lenient sentence than the original charges filed against Falcon, attorneys on both sides agreed to leave the sentencing options up to the judge.

In Thursday's hearing, the victim recalled step by step the details of her attack on a snowy night on Dec. 2, when she met Falcon while walking home after studying at the University Memorial Center.

Falcon had asked her for directions to the Cornucopia convenience store. Although she did not know Falcon, she said she felt she would be safer walking with him because the store was in the same direction she was going.

After walking down a steep sidewalk behind the CU Recreation Center to a football practice field, Falcon struck her over the head with a metal bar from a weight set, knocking her to the ground with the first blow.

"It felt like something fell from the sky," the victim said in tearful testimony Thursday. "It took a couple of seconds to realize it was him."

In court, she demonstrated with her boyfriend of four years how Falcon ó who admitted to being on cocaine at the time ó had grabbed her from behind, covering her eyes and mouth while forcing her over to a picnic table.

When asked what she was thinking at the time, she testified she didn't know what was going to happen to her, "maybe just killed , maybe just raped ó not that I was going to get away," she said.

On questioning from Falcon's attorney, the victim said that when she asked Falcon if he was going to rape her, he said "No, I am not going to do anything like that."

Falcon later pushed her away and told her not to call police, and she was able to get to a friend's house.

Falcon's attorney, Bob Ransome, argued that those actions by Falcon demonstrated self-intervention and remorse, an indication that he was treatable.

During Thursday's hearing, Falcon apologized to the victim.

"I am not a rapist," he said, also admitting he did have sexual thoughts going through his mind at the time. "I am so sorry I can't relieve (her) pain in anyway. . . . I will do anything humanly possible to make amends with (her) and her family."

Falcon said the experience had saved his life and gotten him away from a life of drugs and deceit.

In addition to the treatment, Falcon was ordered to pay nearly $4,000 to compensate for the victim's suffering as well as a semester's worth of tuition and college expenses. The victim testified she had dropped out of her last semester of college because of the trauma of the attack. Falcon was also ordered not to have any contact with the victim, her family or her hometown of Conifer.

December 4, 1998


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-05-12: Colfax Diary; May 12 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"there is further to go"

may 12

I remember a while back someone asked me via e-mail if I knew anything about les rapist extrodinaire, M. FALCON. I didn't really. But he's back in this pod -(in my old room downstairs in fact) and I do swear he's AWARE of me. Looking at me. Could he have been plugging in here while he was in work release? Sure, he could.



[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-05-26: Colfax Diary; May 26 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"everyoneís playing it safe"

may 26

I wonder why the headlines about Burkeís testimony last week are so small? Perhaps something MORE is a foot and everyoneís playing it safe. Again

Another death in the Jail yesterday. A Czech named martinec. A passing reference to "other recent deaths "in an article.

This one made no impression on anybody.

Thank you Jezzy weezzy for sending a prison bus this morning and carting off the biggest newspapers hog in the pods. HANOVER.

Rapey de Clown, Matt Falcon spraigned his ankle playing basketball in the gym the other nite. Came back in a Wheelchair.


J.T.Colfax jtcolfax@hotmail.com

[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-05-31: Colfax Diary; May 31 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"another death in boulder jail"

may 31


And so this groaning long weekend began with les bang of rapo FALCON showing up with photo in les Daily Camera. I guess I was the only long termer here and I did NOT pull Falcons file in conversation with a single other person. So no one knew what his case was, that is to say, about that pesky little incident in Dec. 97 wherein he laid in what, penis a throbbin, and hyped out and hit a CU student with a barbell to rape her.

So "LOCAL" section were circulated in every corner of the pod. Everyone absorbed the info and stared and whispered. No one was more resolute in seeing to this than the mullet headed idiot down the tier from me in #23. Oh yes, and he clouded up Falcon atmosphere further several times by shutting his door, leaving his locked in his room. He was TWICE thwarted in his attempts to get a GUARD to move him to another module.

But then, FALCON went to court in the afternoon, we had our cleaning inspection, we had dinner, then came "Saving of les private by the name a RYAN." And so with these distractions les heat fell away from Falcon.

"Itís hard to salvage jettisoned cargo and if itís retrieved itís usually irreparably damaged."

This is what Rhett Buttler done tole to Miss Scalet about her morals and dat dare coldness of heaven.

Big hole neatly torn in the daily camera when Falcon got a hold og it, "Whyíd you rip up the paper?" asked Big Institutionalized whisperer Gene. "Because I Didnít want everyone to see it." shyly answered les rapist extraordinnaire with a winning smile.

But Saturday morning Falcon was out watching TV and relatin to les boys by saying what heíd like to be doing to the teen stars of a show called, ONE WORLD. Meanwhile my neighbor Jim Jones is wondering something awful if any articles will be showing up bout his wife complainin dat he was molestin her kids. He pled guilty to it FRIDAY

And it upset him sumpin frightful. He pushes up dem colabottle glasses and swear left & right the wife say it fo spite. I remember when AL LAUGHIN was here and pointed out JONES as a LOON to me.

And then we can turn our attention to les death of Karl Martinee and the superfast way in which the coroner done declare dat death natcher/ compared to Flachís. I know itís not about the Ramseys but Iím sure they were busy listening to the 911 tape the court entered turned over to them so they were clustered in their own burning Atlanta. Anyway, Martinee was heyah fo shopliftin, and the sad part is his WIFE was right on les other side of the wall in the Womans module. So sheís probably in Checklerslovakia telling em they done EXECUTED her husband for SHOPLIFTING in Boulder. And maybe even relatin it to the CASE if she wants to, go ahead , everyone does

Finally recently I saw Jay Leno make a Ramsey joke. Sometimes I forget how national it is. Anyway, Iíve digressed just when I wanted to tell you that YVONE as sourt of countrefied guard dound les corpse. Now this is funny because Yvonne is ALWAYS back there in the WOMENS/mens INTAKE, and I have INDEED laughed with guards about the possible day when she and Patzilla do meet. I guess we laugh because it donít seem like itíll go good.

Anyway, so Yvonne say unto les corpse, "Are you alright" and the corpse he doan say nettin. So Yvonne, she say into her radio "Man down-Man down," and everybody comes in running. So someone do the CPR and hideous chunks of conflakes comes a FLYIN out. "Kiss the corpse." For all the guts and severed heads Ivíe done had inmy hands this just makes me SICK to hear.

Then they done left him there for about 2 hours and they abused him with photography and finally led les carcass away. I snuck up to booking and wrote "Deliver to Gail Swinger c/o general delivery Wash.D.C." on les toe tag. Well maybe I din do any sech thing. Maybe I had it sent to ĎLanta to a person what think it clever to write snappily the word "YAWN" after others in chat rooms. Thatís what the hairs on yo head say iznít it Wilton b4 dey jump right off your head.

And then by Sunday what we could see was that Monseiur Falcon had charmed over the mullet head what seeks to act as our PODFATHER these days and even has les podfather cutting his head with les electric clippers checked out from the guard booth. This seduction took TWO HOURS but now monsieur had manipulated less choppy seas on which to rest. Problem solved.

Couldnít help but to see Deputy who works in the INTAKE POD in Douglas County in the news (due to the motorcycle death of a colleague) and let my mind go strolling down les lone do memory, this has been going on AWHILE hasnít it. But then brought back to the cheap present when some bum with RED hair sitting wrapped in his comfy blanket screamed out "YEAHHHHH-got one" about the cop death. Dep. Nuanes happened to be right behind him and so done shined his flashlight on him and said "LOCKDOWN RIGHT NOW."

And, of course, the main thing is, I was able to rip MAY from my calender and flush it down the toilet. Onwards.



2001-12-00: Ghost of Christmas Past by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

Ghost of Christmas Past
Obsessed reporter reveals dark under world behind Ramsey case
- - - - - - - - - - - -
by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (Editorial@boulderweekly.com)

More on this article here:


The Falcon

As suspicion surrounding The Warrior waned, I became aware of another CU student who was finding himself under the umbrella of suspicion surrounding JonBenet and Chase. Matthew Falcon came under scrutiny by police after he was arrested in connection with a vicious assault. He had asked a young woman for directions, then struck her across the head with a metal rod, causing her to stumble and fall. When she came to, Falcon apologized and asked the woman if she was OK. When the woman nodded and asked him the same question, Falcon shook his head. "No. Run while you still can," he warned her. Police quickly located the man and charged him with assault. He was considered a suspect in the Chase case, but was eventually cleared.

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