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Michael, An Internet Poster
From the Joshua-7 Forum
Reportedly Suspicious Internet Poster


[Joshua-7 Forum]1997-12-11: Joshua-7 Forum (www.joshua-7.com)
(A Collection of Postings by "Michael")

Staging & Afterthought.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 02, 1997 at 19:42:38:

The police say the crime scene was staged. Does Patsy know anythig about staging? Any mothers out there think their little child could have denied JonBenet of the three (3) crowns she won?

This forum has been asking questions for some time. I believe this demonstrates how difficult police work is. Each day can bring forth new questions. People are too critical of the police, because they can't possibly think of all the quetions on the day it happens. Everybody makes mistakes, except defense lawyers.

Any police department could have responded in a similar fashion. Imagine recieving a 911 call from Johnny Carson. I choose Carson because he probably has as much money as JR, his name is John also, and a really nice guy. Could you suspect him of criminal activity? Who was the richest man in Boulder?

The rich can have it both ways. They tell the police when to arrest, and when not to arrest.

Some thoughts about the knot expert. The following courtroom scene are statements without character identification, because it interupts the flow. He, knot expert, takes the witness stand. What is your area of expertise sir? KNOT! I move to strike! I object! Will the witness please answer the question! Knot!

Have you seen your doctor 30 times lately? This was the same doctor that JonBenet saw. I wonder if she saw other doctors when she was out of town? The extra $2000.00 could have been used to pay this one doctor's bill, probably knot in full.

Does this case have your stomach in knots?

Tonight on Internight the defense attorney lady was talking out of her @&$. She said the knot analysis could lead us to a serial murderer. Hello! This is plain stupid. Here is why. The last report from the underground has the Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness monster, near Socorow, New Mexico. There is proof too! There is another bad picture of the Loch Ness monster, and a plaster cast of Bigfoot's foot. The problem with this eveidence is they only have one foot not two feet, which means Bigfoot is only a foot, no body, no feet, only a foot that 18 inches long and more than a foot. Besides, the Shak has bigger feet than Bigfoot's foot. This comparison makes Bigfoot only Littlefoot. Besides, who's afraid of the Big Bad ShaK? Jordan? Nah! The guy who took the picture of the Loch Ness doesn't know a thing about photography, Baaaaaad photo. Next time you take a bad picture, look more closely to find a monster or UFO.

The INTRUDER is going to FRANCE! Ah! Gay Paris!

The Real Ransom Note!
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 08, 1997 at 17:08:11:

This is the "real" ransom note! I rewrote the note as pure fiction, so that makes the fiction part real. This not is not true, futhermore it is not an attempt to throw thw BPD off course, of course.

200 years from now this note will be understood as I state the fax right here and now.

Mr. Koby:

Listen carefully! We are the Ramsey Family, a group of individuals that represent the city of Boulder, small foreign faction. We respect your police work, but not lately. Your officers have no business to investigate us. At this time we have your departement "by the balls." The evidence is in our possession. It is safe and unharmed, and if you want to save yourself from further embarassment drop the case by the end of 1997, you must follow our instructions to the letter. You will withdraw from this case.

Make sure that you tell everyone adequately that we are innocent. Don't forget to attache to the bank's front door.

When you get home do not pass go and do not collect $200.00.

We had the money for you in a brown paper bag, but you refused our offer.

No more calls you between 8 and 10 a.m. Puleeze!

This case has been exhausting so I advise you to take a vacation, not France I hope.

If we monitor you getting on our case again, then we might call you as early a 3 a.m. in the morning to arrange an early wake up.

Any deviation of our instructions will result in immediate embarrasment of your department. You will also be denied a job bt 1999. Your aassz will de denied proper burial. My two lawyers, gentlemen, do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them.

Speaking to anyone about your situation such as the media or Peter Boyles result in loss of employment. If we catch you talking to a stray dog (Globe), you lose. If you alert more lerts, you lose. You will be watched by our TV electronic devices. You can try press release us to death, but be warned we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures and tactics (many press releases). You stand a 99% chance of shooting yourself in the foot. There is know way you can outsmart us. You and your police department are under constant scrutiny, as well as other authorities. Don't try to grow a brain, Chief. You are not a fat cat like I am, so don't think that killing your career will be difficult. Don't underestimate us, Chiefy Wiefy. Use that good, frozen northern sense of yours. It's up to you now, Chiefy! Victory! S.B.T.C.

S.B.T.C means, (Suckers in Boulder Take Care).

After reading it this way chills went up and down my spine. We are familiar with police countermeasures and tactics! Chilled to the bone. Well I think I'll close the window now.

To Karen: Speculation.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 09, 1997 at 21:34:02:

There is no real theory here, you need to read between the lines. I only stated that if JonBenet was never found it's an FBI investigation. The FBI handles kidnapping cases.

So, then its possible that John maybe had a change of plan if Bynum told JR it was better to show the body to the BPD. JR did go get the mail. Besides, why didn't JR find the body the first time? He knew where to look the second time.

The first search will continue to haunt this investigation until someone provides some good answers.

Fleet White said he searched the basement. We are not even sure this a fact or not? The BPD should know for sure, but were still waiting for the cows to come home. We only know it took two searchs to find JonBenet, and when JR found her "he said" he found her in that room. We have only John Ramsey's statement that she was in that room. We also don't know if it was possible to go to the garage, get the body out of the jeep, and return to the basement and then tell everyone where she was. Why didn't no one else but JR see the body laying on the floor? Did anyone confirm they saw JR coming out of that room? Nope. We only know Fleet White saw JR with the body in the basement, not necessarily that room. How big is this basement, anyone? Is there a chance that JR could have brought the body from the garage? Or is their a way to hide the body in the basement, where no one would find it? If that were true, then did JR volutarily to show the body to the BPD?

Is it possible that whoever hid the body, knew no one would've ever found it? We know the body was hidden well enough, that it took JR to find it.

Want to play a game? Could you hide a body in that house so even John Ramsey wouldn't find it? Of course JR has only one chance to find it. Two searches are illegal, and will result in the immediate execution of something.

How can anyone think a person missed a 60lb. body in a room the size of shoe box? Unless it was in the shoe box.

Keep Speculating!

Feds vs BPD if body or no body.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 09, 1997 at 19:48:43:

If they never found JonBenet that day, then the Feds would have been the lead investigators. I believe John Ramsey finally figured the BPD would be a better choice to investigate this crime.

Boy, they sure were lucky from the start. I think JR talked with Mike Bynum when he went for the mail. Bynum explained to JR that no body equals FBI investigation. Show the body to the BPD and let Hal Haddon handle the matter.

John Ramsey said this in the Jan 1st CNN interview: "Well, we were fortunate from almost the moment that we found the note" & "a personal friend of mine who is also an attorney, and we relied on their guidance almost from that moment on."

Don't you wonder about what John is talking about when he refers to moment. "almost the moment that we found the note" & "almost from that moment on." Is this a Kodak moment he is talking about. They were lucky from "from almost the moment that we found the note." Is this a wonderful ransom note?

CABELL: There has been some question as to why you hired a defense attorney.

RAMSEY, J: I know. Well, we were fortunate from almost the moment that we found the note to be surrounded by friends, our minister, our family doctor, a personal friend of mine who is also an attorney, and we relied on their guidance almost from that moment on and my friend suggested that it would be foolish not to have knowledgeable counsel to help both us and with the investigation.

Survey says!
What does the BPD to make an arrest?
A) A confession
B) A confession
C) A confession
D) All of the above
E) A & B, not C
F) An ice chest floating in the Atlantic.
G) One pair of ugly-ass shoes.

BPD has foot in mouth disease.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 10, 1997 at 11:47:56:

BPD has foot in mouth disease. Oops! That's hoof, hoof and mouth disease.

Hal Haddon speaks about those shoeprints. It seems this case is now a trial in the media. Police say shoes and the defense says shoo, take a hike with those Hi-Tecs.

Attorney Hal Haddon, who represents John Ramsey, said public disclosure of the fact police have shoe prints as possible evidence only harms the investigation. The killer of JonBenet now knows that police have possible incriminating evidence and can destroy the shoes, Haddon said. "We've known about it for some time," Haddon said. "We think it's terribly irresponsible that this kind of information becomes public because it's one piece of evidence the killer now knows about."

The longer this case goes on this way, the worse off the BPD will look. There are no rules in this media game. The defense lawyers can explain any accusation by the BPD so that it favors their clients. That's what lawyers do well, and why should we expect anything less. All these press conferences have made it easier for Hal Haddon to defend his clients. If there ever is a trial, then won't the BPD have trouble explaining every public statement they have made so far. The discussion of these press conferences could eat up six months of trial time.

Alex Hunter says he can't prosecute because the BPD haven't made an arrest. So the battle is between the BPD and Hal Haddon.

No grand jury for Burke. If Burke was a suspect or witness, then defense lawyers can prevent him from a Grand Jury. If Burke was a "victim" of say, child abuse, then the authorities don't need the parents permission. I don't think the Ramseys will grant permission. Any confirmation from the Ram Fam to another police interview?

I thought that the police does an investigation, and then sometimes they present this information to a DA, and then the DA can make a decision whether they have a case or not? What is Alex Hunter afraid of? He is defending himself, not sharing the blame in this case. How can the courts prosecute murderes, if there is no prosecuter? I only see a prosecuter waiting in this case. Waiting for the BPD to make more mistakes and ruin it totally. I wonder if and what Hunter's thoughts were on all these press conferences?

Big Mystery In Life.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 10, 1997 at 19:41:48:

RAMSEY, P: You know, America has just been hurt so deeply with the -- this -- the tragic things that have happened. The young woman who drove her children into the water, and we don't know what happened with the O.J. Simpson -- and I mean, America is suffering because have lost faith in the American family.

Sorry Patsy, maybe America has only lost faith in the Ramsey family.

"We don't know what happened with the O.J. Simpson." How naive is Patsy? Sorry Patsy, don't say "we" and include me. I believe O.J. did it. I am entitled to my own opinion.

Did the Ram Fam call O.J. for advice?

Here is another mystery to ponder. If Mark Furman planted the glove at Rockingham, how did he know which one to plant? Who planted both gloves in Brentwood, so Mark Furman could plant one and have one to spare? If both gloves were left at Brentwood then both of O.J.'s hands should have been marked, that means he must be innocent. Then they could have argued this around and around. If neither glove was found, he is still guilty. What if he never used gloves?

We don't need a lot of evidence to prove guilt. Sometimes too much evidence can hinder a case. A murder case is like a puzzle. Any puzzle from ages 1-5 and lawyers can solve the murder. Too many pieces and those damn lawyers start forcing the pieces to fit. This was a senseless murder. How can anyone make all the pieces fit? Life events are not guided by strict science. What if Patsy didn't like pageants, or never had cancer?

Here is Patsy Ramsey's statement again.
"We don't know what happened with the O.J. Simpson."
"We don't know what happened with the O.J. Simpson."
"We don't know what happened with the O.J. Simpson."

The Ramblin Man. I think I'll be quiet for a while.

Big Mystery In Life.

To Karen: JR said it wasn't hidden.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 10, 1997 at 21:02:13:

John Ramsey said the body was lying on the floor, not hidden. JR told us the body was in that room, nobody saw the body in that room. We only have JR's word. We need to use JR's statement that the body was lying on the floor, not hidden on the shelf.

Fleet White looked into that room, so it could not have been lying on the floor. The gospel according to White.

We don't have to figure out where the body really was. We only need to answer, how did Fleet White miss that body, and how did they miss the body laying, in that room, on the floor.

Either FW or JR is lying.

I said it was hidden, not JR. I said I would've found it anyway, not JR. We do not need to discuss the hidden body issue at this time. I think JR's statement is what we need to stick to.

RAMSEY, J: "and so we started in the basement, and -- and we were just looking, and we -- one room in the basement that -- when I opened the door -- there were no windows in that room, and I turned the light on, and I -- that was her."

JR said he "Opened the door and turned the light on." Well, what do you think Fleet White did?

What I don't like is JR's conditional statements. "Windowless" who cares turn the light on. Is he afraid his electric bill will sky rocket? This was a good enough statement to get White riled enough to fly to Atlanta and confront his accuser. Remember, JR said this on the CNN interview, we don't know exactly what JR said that day if anything. How would you feel if this was said about you when you knew that you did search that room?

A Prediction!
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 11, 1997 at 16:42:13:

I'm not psychic. Psycho, mabybe. I want to believe otherwise, and I respect what others have said. Panico and Cheryl have said this could be a sting. It is still Possible. But here is a downright negative prediciton.

The shoeprints will help the BPD to say that there is outside stuff inside, and the shoes don't belong to a family member. They will have spent about 500,000.00 and there is not enough evidence to arrest the suspects. We need that one phone call from someone who knows. The BPD needs a confession. So what if Patsy did it. She will continue to suffer, arrest no arrest. The Ramseys will always be suspects in this case. And the BPD can walk right out of this case, no harm done.

So the next press conference, I predict, will anounce these very facts. The BPD must be looking for a way out. It has been a year and they can't arrest. They have to do something.

Lizzy Borden poem rewritten by yours truly.

John & Patsy wrote a note
And gave police the pad with quote;
When they saw what they had done,
They moved to Atlanta with their son.

What The Ramseys Bought.
jonbenetramsey Message Board
Posted by Michael M on December 11, 1997 at 20:32:57:

The Ramseys paid for eternal suspicion, and resulted in justice denied.

Did the Ramseys get their moneys worth? They chose freedom instead of unselfish cooperation. They could have bared their souls knowing Hal Haddon could get them out of any jam. Instead they chose a chickens life, always cackling about something. They paid their lawyers for all that advice, and recieved a lifetime sentence of eternal damnation.

They not only lost respect and honor, they also lost their business, friends, and peace of mind. Would you sacrifice all these things on only the suspicion that police would arrest you? I guess the Ramseys know the power of money, but they did not calculate the horrifying results. If the Ramseys haven't been arrested yet, why are they so afraid? Hasn't the BPD screwed up enough already to know that no trial could ever be successful?

Here are two suspicious quotes.

A new disease? I know not, new or old,
But it may well be called poor mortals' plague:
For, like a pestilence, it doth infect
The houses of the brain . . .
Till not a thought, or motion, in the mind,
Be free from the black poison of suspect.
Ben Jonson (1573-1637).

Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society, Thomas Paine (1737- 1809).


[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-01-20: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"General Discussion 2 - The Michael Story"

From: Melissa (SEASLIM)
1/20/2000 7:55 am
To: ALL (1 of 43) 903.1

This is NOT the complete story. This is what I personally know. I had no idea Sue turned Michael in until I started seeing rumors to that effect on the boards. I never asked her about it because at that point I had severed our "friendship".

Long ago, on a forum far away, (J7) there was a poster by the name of Michael. Michael was an erratic poster, often starting ten to twenty threads within a matter of hours. We begged him to condense his thoughts into one thread, but alas, Michael would not be swayed. He was very funny at times. He often made excellent points. However, at the time, I did not believe the Ramseys killed JonBenet, so Michael wasn't exactly on my favorites list. But I did read his posts because he did make me think. Contrary to LH opinion, most people who follow this case are pretty open-minded. I'll listen and consider most any view. It doesn't mean I'll change my own views, but when an arguement is presented with logic and reason (and class) then it only makes sense to mull it over.

Anyway, Michael was a bipolar poster, in that he would disappear for streches, then reappear in a maniacal posting frenzy. He was defintely an odd duck. It seems he also followed another murder that occurred in his hometown. He had a web page which is now inaccessible. I think I remember he was some sort of hiking tour guide or pack leader, or maybe both. Gemini or Curious might remember more details. If AlliPat were here, I know she would know. God rest her soul.

Anyway, Michael had it in for the DAs office, more specifically, Alex Hunter. Michael started a thread in the open forum about DNA testing and how it wasn't to be trusted or accurate. That in itself wouldn't be cause for suspicion, but the timing was odd. You see, he started this thread just days before DNA test results were released on JonBenet. The thing is, when the results were released, no one knew they were going to be released. It was a suprise to everyone. So, Michael's timing seemed strange.

Anyway, at this point I had a relationship with Jameson, in the sense that she wanted me to make her a McReynolds page and hand over an article I had that she didn't have. (Neither of those things happened, BTW.) So, at this point, I bring Michael to Sue's attention. She has never had an orinal thought in her entire life, which is why I feel responsible for what happened with Michael. I pointed out to her the odd timing on his DNA thread. Well, she apparently ran with this. She asked me to send her all the info I had on Michael, which I did. I had no idea she was going to turn him in. No idea. What in God's name did she turn him in for? Complusive Thread Making?

One day Michael just disappeared, never to be heard from again. I saved a bunch of posts of his and I will repost them now. Michael, if you are out there, I do apologize for giving that witch any ideas. I am so, so, sorry. I hope you and your family were not harmed in anyway my actions.

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