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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Michael McElroy
Aka "The Prophet"
Had Barbie Bondage Web Site

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Michael McElroy, AKA "The Prophet" - Barbie Bondage Website
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Michael McElroy
(Boulder, Colorado)
(aka The Prophet)
(Barbie Bondage)
Dot's Diner Barbies
The Prophet
Emailed Friends Story on Internet
-- YES

--- --- YES


FBI Polygraph
Took Boots
Replaced Boots
Took Stungun
Replaced Stungun


01. 1996-12-25 McElroy was visiting family in Denver, Colorado when JonBenét was killed

02. 1998-01-19 BPD called McElroy's mother to ask questions about him

03. 1998-01-20 BPD took McElroy's stun gun and 100 pages of old handwritten short stories
04. 1998-01-20 McElroy stated in his Internet E-mail that cops never examined his computer
05. 1998-01-20 McElroy follow the cops to police station for palm prints and saliva swab

06. 1998-01-22 BPD took McElroy's stun gun, hiking boots, black sharpie marker, rope in closet
07. 1998-01-22 BPD took McElroy's finger prints at his dining room table
08. 1998-01-22 BPD wanted more handwriting samples from McElroy, old and new
09. 1998-01-22 BPD took McElroy to Naked Edge Cutlery buys $51 stun gun w/BPD Mastercard
10. 1998-01-22 BPD took McElroy to shoe store for $60 Nike hiking boots w/BPD Mastercard
11. 1998-01-22 BPD gave McElroy $2 cash for his Sharpie pen
12. 1998-01-22 BPD told McElroy to schedule a polygraph test

13. Dot's Diner in Boulder allowed McElroy to hang a naked Barbie mobile from ceiling
14. McElroy's website, was a self-authored essay called "Barbie Doll, The Ultimate Fuck."
15. Jeff Shapiro (Globe Reporter) found a naked Barbie on the Ramsey lawn summer 1998
16. A girls pink Barbie doll nightgown was found beside JonBenet's body
17. McElroy's website featured strange graphics, with a variety of different kinds of hearts
18. A red heart had been drawn on JonBenet's left hand
19. 2002-01-22 Ramsey Website displayed naked Barbie's found on Ramsey lawn 1997

Internet Postings (some possibly rumors) regarding Michael McElroy or the naked Barbies:

20. 1997-08-21 SnowWolf (aka Kempomom) found naked Barbies on Ramsey lawn in Boulder
21. 1997-00-00 SnowWolf (aka Kempomom) gave picture of naked Barbies to Susan Bennett
22. 1999-06-22 SNOWWOLF2's story finding Barbie's on Ramsey lawn in Boulder in 1997
23. Jameson posted that McElroy used name Andy Savage also, his site is www.wideawake.org
24. Closer2 posted McElroy's girlfriend collects Barbies, teddy bears in Holiday costume
25. Closer2 posted rumor that SBTC = comic book character "Steel Bullet" or "Silver Bullet"
26. Closer2 posted rumor that another comic book character known simply as "TC" thus SBTC
27. Gsquared posted that McElroy's advisor at CU was none other than Bill MCReynolds
28. Gsquared posted that Michael Tracey paid Amy to befriend McElroy's girlfriend at her work.

29. 2000-05-00 Steve Thomas Chat: McElroy took a polygraph, administered by FBI, was cleared
30. Jameson posted that Michael Tracey had a LARGE file on McElroy


1998-01-20: McElroy’s E-Mail distributed on the Internet

The Michael McElroy E-mail that was forwarded around the Internet
This would be HIS STORY in his own words

Hey J and D,

Sorry I don't have a joke for you, but here's a pretty interesting message I had forwarded me. I know the guy who wrote it. In Boulder, we called him Prophet (I guess he used to look like Jesus). He's basically a freak, although very intelligent and seemed to be a pretty good guy whenever I talked to him. He is the kind of guy who would arouse suspicion, though, especially in a society that thinks criminals are all a certain "type." Enjoy!

Michael McElroy E-Mail (January 20, 1998):

“I am being investigated for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. Seriously. A week ago, three friends contacted me independently with a heads-up warning that two Boulder police detectives had come to the offices of ******* asking about me. This seemed strange since I hadn't lived in Boulder for almost six months and had NO ties with the **********.. But the odd fact soon retreated to the back of my mind. Until this evening (Tuesday, January 20). At about 5p there was a knock at the door and two Boulder detectives flashed their badges in my face. I invited them in, offered them a seat on the futon, and asked if they might like a Coke -- getting more and ore freaked out as I realized the situation. We're here investigating the Jon Benet Ramsey murder of Christmas 1996.

You had a high profile when living in Boulder and due to some of the more explicit items on your Website, ***, we would just like to ask you a few questions." I signed a Consent To Search form and while one guy grilled me, his partner started methodically examining every item in the apartment. Questions ranged from, "Did you kill Jon Benet Ramsey" to "Do you know how to tie a noose" to "Did you like Princess Di"? I must admit that being quizzed by the police for two hours is a unique experience. You want to give the right answers but at the same time you don't want to appear TOO helpful or knowledgable. I was asked about my relationship with the following people :A, B, C, D.. They did not seem too interested in following up on these people, but in case they do : this was your heads-up warning! The searching officer decided he wanted to take my stun gun and about 100 pages of old handwritten ultraviolent short stories back to the station for documentation. At no time was my computer data examined. They needed me to follow them back to the Boulder station for palm prints and a saliva swab. When it was over, they gave me all my stuff back and I got their business cards. We thanked each other for being so professional and I left. Total time : a little over three hours.

I am a suspect in an internationally reported sex murder case. Makes me feel warm all over!


The Boulder police department just bought me a new stun gun. Seriously. The same two detectives showed-up at my door a little before 5p tonight (Thurs, Jan 22) and said their supervisor had a few more concerns after the initial interview. They wanted to take (1) my stun gun, (2) my hiking boots, (3) my black Sharpie marker, (4) a length of rope from my closet for further examination. "Uhhhh, OK. Whatever you want." Then one of the officers pulls out a BPD Mastercard and says they want to replace these items for me and asks if I would like to go to the mall.."Uhhhh, OK. Whatever you want." The taller officer puts on latex gloves and gathers my posessions together as the other guy fingerprints me on my own dining room table (he convienently brought the kit with him!) This seemed odd as they had palm printed me only two days ago, but I guess they must be different procedures. After I wash my hands off they want to collect handwriting samples. I already gave them about 100 pages of my handwriting spanning a period of ten years or so but they want MORE. First I have to copy a group of about fifteen random words three or four times each (using a felt tip pen, mind you!) -- easy. Then I am given a blank pad of paper and one detective begins to read a business letter to me and I am supposed to copy it all down. Well, it took me about six pages of notebook paper to copy the whole thing, so my hand was just about dead. The letter had to do with a foreign company that had kidnapped somebody's kids and was stating their demands. Very odd stuff. I guess they were happy though, because next they took me shopping. I followed them to a nearby mall and we went to Naked Edge Cutlery where they bought me a brand new $51 stun gun with the BPD Mastercard. Next stop was a shoe store where I got to pick out a pair of $60 Nike hiking boots to replace the shitty ones they were confiscating. I was asked if I wanted them to buy me a new Sharpie and when I said 'no' $2 cash was shoved into my hand. It was Christmas all over again! Then they let me go home to play with my new toys. The next step is to schedule a polygraph test (oooh boy!) before I leave for the coast in late April. One of the detectives is going to send me his email address so I can add him to the *** update list. He likes my site -- he even refers to specific paragraphs that I'd forgot I wrote! This whole experience is teaching me that Boulder knows how to treat its suspects! I would recommend that EVERYONE find a rich, polite community and become a suspect in one of their unsolved cases. New shoes! New shoes! Total time : One and a half hours. PS – They called my mother at home yesterday and asked her general questions (like where was your son during Christmas 1996) and then asked to speak to my sister. Mom said 'no, you can't talk to her' and that was that. They did not mention this phone call to me tonight (Mom told me about it). Sneaky bastards.

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1998-04-23: Webbsleuths Mountain Forum posting on
Kempomom (later aka SnowWolf) finding naked Barbies

Re: The more things change -kempomom
April 23, 1998 Posted by Jameson

What DO they want from me??? They ain't gonna get it.

: : : : The Ramfan site may go back up - but this time there is a name with the ownership - risky for Tannest. Think the ACLU would be interested in a trial case? hahaha

Not much case to post on but I WILL start a decent case thread every couple of days. Never know who is reading or might be looking for an ear.

: : : : I heard from Kempomom - an Enquirer reporter found her and talked to her about finding the Barbie - they may do a story on it. While on the phone, he asked her for my home phone number - she refused to share - he asked if he paid? she said no. Then she e-mailed me. I e-mailed him and told him I was not interested in dealing with a tab - here is his response - I was so angry! Anyway, here is his letter and my response.

: : : : << Sorry to get your dander up, Ms. Bennett. Just thought you'd like to play real journalist and become a source. Looks like you have some insider in Boulder, maybe a ramsey pal, Susan Stine, or Barbara Fernie, perhaps. I understand you are a Ramsey defender. That's fine. But if we talk, it could mean some remuneration for you. I know you have no love for the tabloids. But I'm in the business 26 years, most of those with the NY Daily News. And there are 6 murders a day in the Big Apple. Cops there laugh at the Boulder cops for their incompetence. We shouldn't lose sight that there still is a slimebucket killer out there. And if we keep the story alive, maybe someday, the murderer will be caught.
: : : : So give a call....I'm really a nice fellow. Even Patsy talked to me in Charlevoix. >>

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY????? Of course you can..... :( Here is my answer.
: : : :
: : : : My TimeLine is my contribution, my effort to keep the case alive, and an effort to negate some of the damage YOU PEOPLE have done! It is MINE, and it stands there for anyone to see. For free. I don't need any "real journalist" twisting my words and using them for any other purpose than what *I* want. I am doing pretty good on my own getting my message out, thank you. I may not be a journalist, but I have a voice.
: : : : My name is not Judith, or Kathleen. Money won't buy anything here. I will not speak to you. Find another "source".
: : : : jameson

: : : : Haven't heard back - maybe he got the message. God, he made my skin crawl.

1998-05-26: A Posting on the Internet by McElroy

From: prophet@bigfoot.com (prophet@bigfoot.com)
Subject: BLOOD FETISH Images Wanted
Newsgroups: alt.sex.tasteless
(This is the only article in this thread)
Date: 1998/05/26

"Where can I get images involving sexual activity AND human tissue damage. I need blood. It turns me on mightily..."


Enquirer - September 8, 1998:

On Aug. 21, 1997, a naked bound and gagged Barbie doll was found on the front lawn of the Boulder, Colorado home where JonBenét Ramsey was murdered.

It led cops on a bizarre investigation of Colo. Univ. student Mike McElroy, who lived near the Ramsey family.

McElroy, 24 a computer science major who graduated last year, has a web site that features a story about violent sex with a Barbie Doll. The site also includes:

Photos of nude women bound with rope. Poems dedicated to serial killers. Stories of rape, torture and murder, including a tale where the victim is beaten over the head and strangled - as was JonBenét.

In Jan. (1998) Detective Michael Everett questioned McElroy at his Denver apartment. "I was totally cooperative," McElroy told the Enquirer. "I know I have this weird Web site but I'm not a murderer."

Still Everett was shocked that McElroy owned a stun gun, which has been mentioned as a possible weapon used on JonBenét. The weapon was confiscated and McElroy provided fingerprints, handwriting and saliva samples.

McElroy was given a lie detector test in Feb. "I was told I passed and I haven't heard back from the cops since", he said. Cops determined McElroy was visiting family in Denver when JonBenét was killed.

McElroy's mom Lilly said that her son is not violent, just a bit strange. "The detectives said Mike was one of 300 Colorado University 'student characters' they had looked at."


[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-05-07: Webbsleuths Community Forum thread
titled, "Who is Michael McElroy."

This was the Original Webbsleuths Community Forums
Jameson was the moderator of the JonBenet Forum

"Jameson, who is Michael McElroy"

6. "Andy Savage"
Posted by jameson on 16:41:37 5/07/99
Include Original Message on Reply

McElroy used the name Andy Savage as well - but he is not the well-known DJ - just borrowed the name...

His site was at www.wideawake.org

The police were told about him in January or February of 1997. They were told about him a lot - and often. Apparently the BPD didn't care to look too close. It wasn't until January 1998 that he was interviewed. He wrote an e-mail about it and that was posted on-line. I believe it is in the January 1998 TimeLine.

(The police have that e-mail with the names of his friends he gave a "heads-up" to. I removed them because of possible lawsuits - but mcElroy spoke to a tabloid so he apparently isn't concerned about being connected to this - in fact he rather bragged on it in his e-mail.)

The police received a phone call from a poster (no, not me) and they admitted they did replace his boots, stun-gun...

The word I got from unnamed sources was that the cops thought he was a quiet guy, computer geek, probably harmless.

His site had stories describing bondage, torture, (by shock in one case), rape, defiling barbies, the author's personal need for certain medications and his abuse of certain other medications. He even described his Christmas morning in 1996 - he was high and his imagination was going a bit wild.

I don't know if he submitted DNA samples. if he did, how do we know if they were tested. How about the friends he sent the "heads up"?

I am not accusing this man of anything. But I sure as Hell hope the cops checked him out. And his friends.


[SnowWolf aka Kempomom's pic of Barbie found on Ramsey lawn]1999-06-22: SNOWWOLF2's (aka Kempomom) story when she found the naked Barbie's on the Ramsey lawn in Boulder, Colorado 8/21/1997 (Click pic for larger view)

From the ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
Thread titled, "Lawn Barbie Details Needed"

From: SNOWWOLF2 Jun-22 7:52 pm
#166.42, in reply to 166.41 prev 42 of 47

Hi, all(: I was the one who found the barbie on the lawn at the house. It was a very unnerving experience to say the least. As Denver said, I was shaking in my boots as I took the pictures - didn't even want to get too close. IMO, I was not set up. I say this because when I travel, I travel by the seat of my pants, no schedule, agenda, anything. Jameson knew I was going to go to Boulder on my trip. She knew I was going to go camping close by but not my time frame at all, nor the place where I was going to camp. I had told her that I was going to camp for anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks and would either go by the house on my way up or on my way down the mountains. I just really feel that was too much of a time difference for someone to work with if they wanted to set me up. Even when I left the campground, I wasn't sure we were going to stop by then, but when we got close to Boulder we decided to go ahead and go by. Also, Jameson was unaware of the tyoe vehicle I drove.

Anyhow, we went by the house, went around the block, asked a security officer if I could take pictures, and went back by, got out, got yelled at by neighbors, started taking pictures, saw something on the ground, went to see what it was, and it was the Barbie. Freaked out, thought about picking it up (but son persuaded me otherwise), took pictures of Barbie, and went to find a policeman. We saw a police car going onto the CU campus, so we chased him down (another lovely experience!!!). My friend jumped out of the car and ran to the police car and told them about the doll. They seemed very dis-interested, but said they would take care of it - didn't ask for names or anything. We decided it was time to get the heck out of Boulder and just left. I have no idea if they retrieved the barbie or not.

When I got the photos developed, I send copies to Jameson and she put them on her Timeline. Not long afterwards, I recieved an e-mail from a reporter from the Enquirer, but never was sure how he got my e-mail address. At the time, before I knew better, my e-mail address may have been showing up on the BNF,so that is probably where he got it, but who knows. I asked the same thing someone up there asked, jameson's name and town had been posted many times, so why offer to pay me for the phone number. I was told it would just be alot easier if I just gave it. Anyhow, my brain is rusty right now, so if I think of anything else, I will write it later. Ruthee and I spoke about all this in Dallas and she has some very good ideas. I just still don't think that I could have been set up, but then I still believe in Santa Claus too - LOL. that's all for now - take care, all(:


[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-02-26: Good, Bad and the Ugly - Jams tries to pin it on McElroy

From “ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum”

From: CLOSER2 2/26/2000 9:53 pm
(1 of 2) 1037.1

My God, that bus must be guzzling a lot of gas! The Little Heads have a 64 year old wealthy New Yorker, FW's father, Chris Wolfe and now Mike McElroy under the bus all in one week!

Read the thread titles "A Strange Christmas Poem" (or something like that). Jams recites a creepy poem from a Dean Koontz book found in the home of 'a suspect.' I think she is referring to McElroy. She and Tracey have been trying to drive the bus over him for some time now. McElroy is an odd duck, and his girlfriend collects Barbies, as well as teddy bears in Holiday costume. McElroy had the weird Barbie Bondage site under the name "Andy Savage." The story goes that "SBTC" refers to some common book characters "Steel Bullet" or "Silver Bullet" and another character known simply at "TC." Of course, all this could be pure spin. I am hearing in third hand.

Sure, given this info, McElroy and his live in girlfriend should be cheked out, but I think they WERE checked out. It seems to me that the bus is in overdrive this week. The California woman will be thoroughly checked out. If it's a hoax, then someone needs to look into the hoax as well. And if it's a haox, I hope the Whites SUE SUE.

2000-02-26: Good, Bad and the Ugly - Jams tries to pin it on McElroy

From “ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum”

From: GSQUARED100 9:20 pm
To: ALL (1 of 1) 114.1

When I read the "Foster file," I saw that jams had exchanged many emailed with someone as "braveheart" and "brayphart." This was the college aged male that may have been involved in jams trickery w/ Foster. Anyway, I always thought Bravheart was either JAR or Shapiro. Now breaveheart is over the the LHF trying to run the bus over Chris Wolf and Mike McElroy again. Chris Wolf would be the "bsuiness jounralist" described beloew but McElroy would be the anarchist journalist trying to have a young anarchist female help himout. McElroy's advisor at CU was none other than Bill MCReynolds and it was a feamle friend of McElroy's who supposedly had the barbies and bears in their house. This was all from Tracey's mole, a student/stripper named Amy who befriended McElroy at Tracey's urging. Tracey said he paid Amy $50 each on several occasions so that she could go buy comic books at the store where McElryo's girlfriend worked. The comics were Tracey's big theory on SBTC - some comic characters with those initials. In any event, I always thought that the $50 never went for comic books. Just my opinion...

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-03-20: Good, Bad and the Ugly - Tracey Calls to Gloat

From “ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum”

Mar-20 5:56 pm
To: ALL (1 of 4) 1115.1

I hadn't heard from Tracey in a while. I've been travelling quite a bit and hadn't bothered to call him either. However, when I saw that the STAR had settled, I'd knew he'd call to gloat. I'm guessing the STAR settled for a lot less than what the Ramseys sued for. It's just business to them, but Tracey confirmed that the Ramseys are looking for big dollars in these suits, so I can't understand why the Ramseys would settle. Tracey says that it's the Globe that they really want. The Ramseys want to 'bring down' the Globe. I guess they plan to sue the Globe next on Burke's behalf. I wonder when they will get around to suing on behalf of themselves. Tracey said he thought the Ramseys were very rich today, and I said I understood that this settlement would be placed in trust for Burke. Tracey laughed; he thinks the Rams can spend it any way they want because they are in charge of the trust. Not quite, I told him. The Ramseys have a fiduciary duty. I also warned him that if the Ramseys tried to 'live large' on Burke's settlement, some enterprising sleuth would be sure to track down the details and make it public. Tracey scoffed at that. The man's arrogance never ceases to amaze me. In any event...does anyone know how much the settlement was for?

Tracey wasn't invited to the book shindig. I guess Jams is their man now (pun intended). He says the publisher doesn't like him because the publisher and he are basically competitors. The publisher wants all the focus on DOI, Tracey wants to do another croc. I think it would be tough to get money from a network to do another croc since everyone is pretty Ramseyed out by now. Just my opinion...

We discussed who the perp might be. If it isn't the Rams, then who the hell did this? There is evidence that links to McElroy - the stung gun, the Hi Tech boots and all that, but I don't know if McElroy's DNA was tested. One of Tracey's students knows McElroy and was in McElroy's house. The student reported back that McElroy's live-in girlfriend, Kim McClesky (sp?) collects Barbies, and teddy bears in holiday garb. McClesky is also affiliated with CU somehow. She may even be a professor or administrator of some sort but I am not sure. The student also said that SBTC relates to some comic book characters, one whoes name was "Steel Bullet" or something like that, and another character known as "TC." I would think that if all that is true, McElroy and McClesky would have been pretty well checked out, and I wonder why McElroy isn't being touted by the Rams on their list of perps. Hoffman-Pugh should be left alone.

Tracey says he is going to write 'a big book' on the media and internet fascination with this case, but that it would be more academic in nature, not like the other books out there.

Tracey thinks the case will be solved. I have more or less resigned myself to the fact that it is very unlikely that anyone will ever be brought to justice for the murder of JonBenet. Even if they find a perp, I think it would be very tough to get a conviction given all the shenanigans in this case. Tracey thinks if they match up the DNA, the case will be slam dunk. Not so, I said. Remeber O.J.? This case has been too messed up from the beginning, and even if a perp were found whose DNA matched that DNA in JBR's underwear, I STILL think it would be difficult to get a conviction because of the general contamination of the crime scene. Too many things can lend themselves to a reasonable doubt no matter who is charged, if anyone. Again, just my opinion..

[About.Com Crime/Punishment]2000-05-00: About.Com Chat with Steve Thomas - May 2000

from aboutcrime.com chat:

"To what extent has Michael McElroy and his roommates and friends been investigated?"

SteveThomas answered:
"McElroy even took a polygraph, administered by the FBI, and was cleared. imagine"


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-05-05: Webbsleuths Forum, "McElroy/Mueller/Kenady/Helgoth/Colfax"

8 . "Mueller and Kenady"
Posted by jameson on May-06-01 at 08:05 AM (EST)

Mueller was an acquaintance of McElroy. He was mentioned in an email that McElroy put out. We can NOT say he was ever a suspect because we don't know that he was - - but we can say that he also owned a disturbing web site and some posters did ask the BPD to check him out. I am unaware of any response.

Kenady is part of the Helgoth saga. He knew Helgoth, tried to get the cops to check him out - - the BPD didn't do a very good job. Kenady broke into the house where Helgoth died shortly before it was to be demolished by the city -- more parkland -- and grabbed papers to give the police. He was arrested for burglary, got two years probation and community service.

Trying to help solve a crime may get a person in trouble - - especially if they aren't trying to prove a Ramsey did it.

9 . "mm"
Posted by sissi on May-06-01 at 09:20 AM (EST)

If I recall correctly,when the original email was received it was forwarded to the BPD and a call was made to the FBI. There was no need for a formal response by either agency,as the phone response from the FBI said it all,"no need to worry about this,we are certain we know who committed this crime"..when asked if they believed a parent did it,the response was affirmative. The poster dropped the issue and passed the information on to the forum for discussion. It was not "news" as during this time an "enquirer" reporter had interviewed MM and covered his experience with the BPD. He is NOT a suspect. After giving samples of handwriting and turning over items,he was subject to a lie detector test and dna testing. One cleared!!!

21 . "LovelyPigeon"
Posted by why_nut on May-07-01 at 05:34 PM (EST)

McElroy, according to his own recounting of his experience with the BPD, had over 100 samples of historical handwriting taken, plus contemporary samples based on the London Letter and the same other texts that suspects were asked to copy. He was questioned for over two hours. He also submitted DNA samples, and investigators took a Sharpie, cord, boots and a stun gun that he owned. During all of this experience, it appears that he never chose to hire a lawyer.

2001-12-00: Ghost of Christmas Past - by Jeff Shapiro

Obsessed reporter reveals dark under world behind Ramsey case
- - - - - - - - - - - -
by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (Editorial@boulderweekly.com)
More on this article here:


The Prophet

Among the first "possible suspects" I studied was "The Prophet."

I had learned of The Prophet from an e-mail he sent his friends about how the Boulder police came to his apartment in 1997 to confiscate his Hi-Tec boots, a Sharpie marker and a stun gun-three things possibly used in JonBenet's murder.

The CU student came under investigation after police found his Internet site-a series of essays about sadomasochism, which included an instructional piece about Japanese bondage and how to tie complex knots.

On the website, known as "Wide Awake," The Prophet had posted a self-authored essay called "Barbie Doll, The Ultimate Fuck." His essay chronicled the sexual torture of Barbie in an extremely sadistic, vicious manner. When John Ramsey found JonBenet, the killer had left the girl's Barbie doll nightgown beside her.

Few people around town knew The Prophet. But during his college years, the manager of a local diner allowed him to hang a mobile of naked Barbie dolls from the restaurant's ceiling. As I was investigating The Prophet in the summer of 1998, I found a similar doll in the Ramsey's front yard, stuffed inside a tiny white sandal. I wondered if the shoe had once belonged to JonBenet. The blonde doll had a little white rope around her neck and a red spot marked on her gown by her vaginal area. I immediately called the police who collected the item into evidence.

In his book Mindhunter, former FBI profiler John Douglas-who was employed by the Ramsey's to profile the killer-described men who torture Barbie dolls and predicted they would eventually advance to torturing small, helpless girls.

The Prophet's Internet site featured strange graphics, with a variety of different kinds of hearts. Some hearts had spikes coming out of them. I recalled that when JonBenet's body was found, a small shape like a red heart had been drawn on her left hand.

So I decided to knock on The Prophet's apartment door in order to discuss these issues. A student told me the previous tenant moved to San Francisco. Today, The Prophet lives and works in Denver and remains among the ranks of the city's 140 "possible suspects."

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is an investigative reporter in New York City who spent three years working solely on the JonBenet Ramsey case in Boulder. He's widely credited for gaining more routine access to former DA Alex Hunter, the Ramseys, and various "potential suspects" than any other reporter on the case. Reach Shapiro at: JBsAVENGER@aol.com.

Respond: letters@boulderweekly.com


[Naked Barbie Dolls on Ramsey Web Site January 22, 2002]2002-01-22: Ramsey Family Website displayed the naked Barbie's found on lawn of the Boulder home.

(Click pic for larger view which is a full screen capture of the Ramsey Family webpage that was located at one time at www.ramseyfamily.com. Screen capture done by ACandyRose from the Wayback Machine archive site on 01/22/2002)

Message on the Ramsey Family website read:

Barbie Dolls

"These 2 dolls were placed on the Ramsey's Boulder property in 1997. Note the precise re-creations of bondage that are reflected in these dolls. Information wanted if you know anyone that has expressed interest or knowledge in bondage related to young children who may have been in the Boulder area in December of 1996."

Note from this webmaster: I have never quite understood why the Ramsey family website had the naked Barbies listed as "evidence" on their website since JonBenet was not bound in this fashion for the site to say, "Note the precise re-creations of bondage that are reflected in these dolls." Precise re-creations of what? JonBenet did have a string type cord tied loosely around her wrists and another similar looking white cord used to strangle her. There was one only small piece of duct tape over her mouth. But she was not bound in "Barbie Bondage" fashion.


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Ashley - I took off a month and feel very much more comfortable and focused. Energized. It was a good thing.

The cord on the hands could have been part of a bondage plan but it seems incomplete.

As I remember it, Mike McElroy had a huge bondage site up and there were images where the hands were tied like that and joined to other cords - - the victim would actually strangle themselves if they struggled.

McElroy, if you don't remember, is the Boulder/Denver artist who made a Barbie mobile - naked Barbies with wings - that hung in Dot's Diner - in Boulder.

He is also the man with a web site that outlined his heavy drug use around that time - wrote about his toilet duties and outcome - wrote about his family problems and how the Christmas tree threatened to grab him if he went for a gift.

McElroy was investigated by the BPD to some degree - - we know he wrote emails to people talking about how they took his boots and stun gun - - actually took him shopping and replaced what they took.

his bondage site went down long ago - - too bad - i thinkmany would have liked an opportunity to see it - to ask him about it.


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McElroy made a mobile made out of Barbies - naked with wings attached - and it was displayed at "Dot's Diner" in Boulder.

Schiller knew about that and the mobile - or a copy - is in the movie.

I wonder what McElroy is doing now - his pages were upsetting - he spoke of his substance use (abuse) and his delusions or hallucinations and his bowel movements and fantasies of bondage and acts of violence.

Michael Tracey had a LARGE file on McElroy - I wonder if he will touch on that in the new documentary. If so,I think everyone will be fascinated by what happened there.


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Got this in email and am passing info on to authorities.

I found it interesting this morning, reading on your forum, that Patricia Adcock was Karr's mother!!!!

I can't find my "hard copy", among the piles of junk, but I DO remember the forward of the note from Mike McElroy, came from a Screen name, BSADCOCK. It had CC's to Brian Adcock, and to Samuel Adcock. It would be interesting to see if any of these names surface.

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ThinkTank, Prophet was an interesting character in Boulder, he attended the college, was a local dj, and had a website depicting Barbie in various stages of bondage . He was considered on the net as the expert in the art of Japanese bondage knots.He in fact , wrote an ultraviolent short story entitled "Barbie the Ultimate F" . He was investigated in January of '98, the BPD took some samples of his writings, his stun gun, shoes, sharpies, a bit of dna, and subsequently cleared him. He sent out an email to friends, sharing his experiences with the BPD, telling of how , after taking his possessions ( which he spelled wrong), they took him shopping to replace "all items". They DID NOT take his hard drive which he found amazing!!

You can pick up his site, likely back to around 98, by going to waybackmachine.org, and typing in Wideawake.org. From there you have to use your imagination, as all graphics are gone, click through "x's" to get to his "body..mind...spirit" pages.

You can gain a little insight as well, by doing a google group search, and putting in prophet@bigfoot, this will lead you to some postings on the early serial killer sites.

I was just amazed that the adcocks connection popped up today.

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