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Mike Glynn (Ex-Access Employee)
Friend of John Ramsey
Reportedly attended Suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Mike Glynn
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Mike Glynn
(Boulder, Colorado)
(Ex-Access Employee)
Met Ramsey '91, Joined Access Graphics 1992. Was on football coaching staff at CU. Head of International Business Development at Access. Ramseys went to Chautauqua Park 4th July with Mike & Mary Glynn. Mike Glynn quit Access for job at CompuWare in Tucson, Arizona in 1996 to be closer to his wife's ailing mother
Paugh thought:
Tom Carson
12-18-1996 at
Pasta Jays was
murder mystery dinner with
Mike Glynn
Michael Minard
Jason Perkins
Cameron Hindson
The Merricks
Jim Marino

Ramsey added
Glynn to the
Suspect List
Patsy Ramsey
April 1997
Boulder PD

PMPT Pg130
Glynn Letter
PMPT Pg131
PMPT Pg449
ST Pg121

Ramsey and Glynn family vacationed together
--- --- YES 01-00-1997
Page 130
YES 01-00-1997
Page 130
YES 01-00-1997
Page 130
--- Investigated by
Steve Thomas

In Tucson, Arizona
with in-laws


1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado


TT: Okay. Some of this stuff, may not be able to help us a whole lot. I'm kind of going back to access Graphics a little bit. Um, I think I need to touch on it again, but I will. Any concerns that John's brought home from work about problems at Access (inaudible). Any employees other than the, we've got a couple of employees that you guys were talking about.
PR: Yeah.
TT: And that Ellis has given us.
PR: Yeah. Well, I uh, remember, I don't know the time frame exactly, but this fellow named Jeff Merrick . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .who was, has known John for several years, I guess from, I think they worked together at AT&T when John was out of college or something like that, but he came to work at Access and was subsequently asked to resign, I think. . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .and I remember John and my dad, you know, works there too, that they were both concerned that he was, you know making threats. . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .to Access and he didn't go quietly in other words.
TT: Right.
PR: Uh, and that was, you know . . .

TT: Ellis gave us Jeff Merrick and Mike Glenn.
PR: Mike Glenn, yeah.

TT: Any other names that have come up that that you guys can think of?
PR: Uh, you know, I mean, you just, I mean we have done nothing but try to rack our brains over this . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .since this happened and uh, you know, John, I, John would probably know better about anybody at the office or anything, but just, I remember Merrick and uh, oh Jim Morino, I think we, we kind of, John kind of had him maybe at the top of the list.
Um, and this Mike Glenn. And all three, I believe released or if I remember right.
TT: Okay. Now, mike and Jeff um, have they ever been to your home at all?
PR: Yes.

TT: Okay. When was the last time Mike was at your house?
PR: Oh, jeez, I can't remember, you know, I, I mean they'd just been there. I know when we kind of first moved we were, it was when we, I remember we were remodeling the patio, so I don't know when that was. A few years ago. I mean, sort of after we had moved, first moved in we, it was Fourth of July and we went with Mary and Mike and their little girl to Chautauqua Park over the Fourth of July . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: That's what I remembered and then they came down and had hamburgers and then we walked down to the stadium for the fireworks.
TT: Um hum.
PR: And he dropped by a couple of times and brought John, this is before I think he even worked at Access.
TT: Okay.
PR: He would bring, he was with the football program. He brought John Colorado sweater one time.
TT: Okay.

PR: You know, I, I can't, they haven't been there anytime recently.
TT: Okay. Since Mike uh, left Access, ahs he been there at all?
PR: Uh, not to my knowledge.
TT: Okay. Um, sounds like he's kind of dropped in every once and awhile. He wasn't. . .
PR: Yeah.
TT: . . .wasn't a frequent visitor at all to the house.
PR: Um, no. Hum um.
TT: Okay. What about Jeff Merrick? How, how often did he come by the house?
PR: Not very often. I remember he and his wife came by when I was under chemotherapy treatment and they uh, you know, we sat in the sun room and talked (inaudible).
TT: Okay, um. . .
PR: I mean they weren't um, you know, they, we didn't socialize with them or anything, you know.
TT: Right. Do you know when the last time Jeff was in the house? Would it been kind of the same length as Mike, quite a while back?
PR: It would be quite a while ago.
TT: Okay.
PR: As far as I can remember.


[Vanity Fair 'Who Killed JonBenet' by Ann Louise Bardach]1997-09-16: Vanity Fair “Who Killed JonBenet?” by Ann Louise Bardach

"Mike Glynn, a former divinity student, met Ramsey in 1991, when he was recruiting coordinator for the University of Colorado's football team. He needed someone to donate computer equipment to the school. Jay Elowsky introduces Glynn to Ramsey, and the two struck up a close relationship.

Ramsey came through with the computers and in time offered Glynn, who speaks several languages, a position on the international side of his company. With daughters close in age, the Glynns and the Ramseys often socialized. "The family was almost make-believe. Too perfect. It was like Ozzie and Harriet came to Boulder," says Glynn. "But John could really get angry. I saw this on a few occasions involving business. Shouting and threatening. His eyes bulging like you cannot believe. It seemed like Jekyll and Hyde."

In 1992 the Ramsey's were blindsided by a series of tragedies. On January 8, Ramsey's eldest daughter, Elizabeth, was killed in an automobile accident. Ramsey was devastated. Jim Marino sees Elizabeth's death as the watershed event in Ramsey's life. "There was a significant change when she died," he says. "He became more introverted." A few months later, Ramsey's father who had married john's first wife's mother, also died.

In the summer of 1993, Patsy was diagnosed with metastasized ovarian cancer. "It was stage four. It was clear up underneath the rib cage," says Pam Paugh. Patsy began commuting to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, for chemotherapy, and she took Taxol.

"I took John aside and said, 'You really need to do everything you can to help her,' "recalls Mike Glynn. "He needed to be reminded and he did take time off and traveled with her."


"The Whites were the first of what the police have come to call "the throwaway friends." Anyone suspected of the vaguest disloyalty to the Ramseys soon showed up on a list they gave to the police. "Ramsey panicked and started throwing all his friends under the bus," says radio host Peter Boyles, "beginning with his best friend." Jeff Merrick, Mike Glynn, and Jim Marino were all horrified to learn that Ramsey had placed them on the suspect list. All of them were questioned by detectives and asked to give blood and/or hair samples. Later they learned that Haddon's team had identified them to police as 'disgruntled former employees." Access employees were told that anyone who spoke with the press without permission would be fired."


"Marino and Glynn had much softer landings; they were moved around the company to positions that either overtaxed them or made them unhappy enough to quit. Both of them, as well as Merrick went on to better, higher paid jobs. Glynn and Marino left on fairly good terms. Both immediately phoned Ramsey after the murder to offer their condolences."


"I was contacted by the Boulder police about two weeks later-wanting to talk to me about where I was on the night of the murder," says Mike Glynn, who now lives in Tucson. "They said my name had been mentioned by Ramsey's attorney as someone they needed to check out. I was pretty dumbfounded." In February and March, Glynn says, his family was tormented by "three weeks of constant media bombardment." His neighbors were interviewed by TV crews; one even asked, according to Glynn, "Do you know the Ramsey family considers him to be a major suspect in the murder of their daughter?"


"In April, after two visits from a private investigator named Jon Foster, who said he worked for the Ramseys, Glynn called a Boulder detective to find out why the P.I. was snooping around. He learned that virtually everyone the police had interviewed got a visit soon after by one of the Ramsey's personal sleuths. "I said, 'Why are they doing that?' and the police said, 'To obscure the truth.' Foster must have told me six times that John didn't give my name to the police." However detectives told Glynn that Ramsey had given his name almost immediately. "Foster explained that the Ramseys had formed a team' to try and solve this murder. You know, the police are a small-town operation. They don't know what their doing, but they're not willing to take any kind of help.' " Foster continued to pester Glynn, trying to learn what he had told the police. After 40 minutes, Glynn told him to leave. (Foster declined comment for this story.)"


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder”
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 130

"The following day, Detective Thomas interviewed Mike Glynn, another former Access Graphics employee. He was cooperative. He told the detectives that he had been with his in-law in Tucson, Arizona, the evening JonBenet died. Glynn had met Ramsey in 1991 while he was on the football coaching staff at the University of Colorado, and joined Access Graphics in 1992 as head of international business development, where his knowledge of several foreign languages would come in hand. Glynn and Tom Carson set up the company's overseas sales and distribution center. By 1996, however, Glynn didn't see room for advancement in the company and decided to leave. Ramsey offered him more money to stay, but on May 3, four days after Jeff Merrick left, Glynn went to work for CompuWare in Tucson, where his family preferred to live so that they could be closer to Glynn's ailing mother-in-law. Gary Merrimaan had told the police that Mike Glynn had a personal relationship with the Ramseys and was one of the few Access Graphics employees to have been invited to the Ramseys' home. In fact, the two families had often vacationed together. Two weeks after his interview with the police, Glynn provided hair, blood, and handwriting samples."

Letter from Mike Glynn:

"John Ramsey seemed like an introvert. He waas just nice and shy. He never wavered in what he was like, and you could tell he was a deep-thinking guy. I never saw him ruffled by any circumstances. Sometimes, internally, he must have been. One time we were negotiating with Sun Microsystems, our largest vendor and the frustrations of dealing with the game played in the computer industry got to John. Yet he stayed level-headed. He steered away from confrontation.

Don Paugh was a real father figure around Access. He had the ear of everyone when he was Human resources director. His job then wasn't to hire or recruit anyone, but he sure solved a lot of difficulties that arose in that company. Everyone enjoyed Don. He was always around. He lived by

PMPT Page 131

himself, and every once in a while, Don and I would sit on his porch, have a beer, and talk. When somebody new was hired, he would take them to his porch and have a beer with them.

While John was low-key, Patsy was off the scale as an extrovert. Once John made a mildly sarcastic remark; "Patsy spent more money renovating the house than I did buying it." As I got to know John better, I saw the impact of his older daughter's death on him. Beth was her name. He was just eaten up inside. He read a lot to try and come to terms with it. It changed him.

Our families went on getaways together, sometimes into the mountains, where we stayed at our family's condo. We did the usual things families do - we skied, we cooked our own meals. Just hung out. In the summer we hiked. There was never any display of money on John's part. John enjoyed being outside. He loved Boulder. He loved his kids, and whenever I saw them, he always gave JonBenet and Burke equal time. He invited my family over for dinner several times. Patsy cooked.

The speculation that I ended on bad terms with John is just not true. In October, just before JonBenet died, I was trying to get John on our board of directors, but our bylaws limited the number of directors. At the same time, he was in discussions with Lockheed about possibly reacquiring Access Graphics and going public. So all this other stuff is just gossip, innuendo, and gross speculation. When I left, Jim Hudson was just coming back to run the European and Canadian operations.

I'd blow into town every couple months and I'd call John or whoever was in town and we'd have dinner. I'd host a few.

Mike Glynn"


PMPT Page 449

"That same week, Lou Smit received a letter from John Ramsey, who gave the investigator his list of suspects in his daughter's murder. Jeff Merrick, Mike Glynn, and Jeff Marino - all of whom had once worked for him - and Bill McReynolds, who had been Santa at their Christmas party. To Smit it was clear that Ramsey was desperate for the police to check these men, because hey had all but stopped looking for suspects other than him and his wife. Smit, too, frustrated. He was eager for the case to be turned over to the DA's office, because he knew Pete Hofstrom would be a fairer arbiter of the evidence."

After the first of the year, Smit showed Ramsey's letter to Alex Hunter, who then showed it to the police. The detectives found it odd that Ramsey had written to Smit at home and that he had named Jim Marino as a suspect when Marino was appearing on television in support of the Ramseys."


[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 121

"They also had recited a list of suspects for us-Jeff Merrick, Mike Glynn, and Jim Marino, all former Access employees who had been seen at a mysterious dinner with Tom Carson, currently the company's chief financial officer. Then he shocked us by also offering the name of Fleet White. The Ramsey camp had turned on one of its best friends.

Gosage and I returned to Access Graphics for an appointment with CFO Tom Carson, who had been so negatively portrayed by Patsy's mother and who was now linked by John Douglas to a suspicious dinner with Merrick, Marino, and another friend, Mike Glynn. Unlike most of the others at Access, Carson was open and helpful and had a rock-solid alibi. At the time JonBenet was killed, he was in France with his girlfriend, Natalie, and her parents.

He dismissed the controversial dinner as just a get-together with old friends, not a conspiracy to commit murder across a table in a public restaurant in which John Ramsey was a part-owner. I would devote many hours to running down the stories of the others named, and the result was always the same. It was an innocent gathering that meant nothing to our case."


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-10-27: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Excluded by DNA"

Charter Member
11735 posts Oct-27-02, 07:28 PM (EST)

"Excluded by DNA"

As you may remember, I did work with the BPD to get two suspects' DNA checked in the Ramsey case. Oneof the suspects, according to Mark Beckner, was completely cleared - - he could not have been the donor.

On the second sample he was not so clear - - he would not tellme the man could not be the donor - - he would only say it was not a match. Because of that, I have never been ableto clear that person in my mind - - why? because the sample on the body yielded only a partial profile and without a FULL profile no one can be a 100% match.

Anyway - - that is not why I am writing this post.

I am searching through old notes and I came across this:

Glynn, Mike - friend of John Ramsey - the two families had daughters the same age and socialized a bit - said the Ramseys were "like Ozzie and Harriet came to Boulder", but he did say JR could show a mean temper when dealing with business matters. Worked for Access Graphics in Boulder as director of international business development, rumored that the police spoke to him about the case. Mike Glynn, who worked for Access Graphics in Boulder as director of international business development. He later moved to the Phoenix area. (Seen spelled Glenn too) Alibi - from 1 pm to 11pm on Christmas, he was visiting a friend, **** *****, near Tucson, Arizona. Excluded by DNA on 3/11/1997

Now I took those notes when I was in Colorado - that came from LE.

If Mike Glynn could be cleared by DNA - -and if the Ramseys can't be the source of that DNA (we know that - - Ollie Gray has a CBI report saying just that and CBS verified it on 48 Hours this month) then why can't the Ramseys be cleared?

If the crime happened in YOUR family - - what would you say about this double standard?


2006-08-31: Peter Boyles Radio Show 630KHOW
Guest: Jeff Merrick, Norm Early (Link to full transcript)

BOYLES: Good morning, it's six and a half minutes after the hour of seven. We are Denver's talk station, good morning and welcome to the show. And it was am amazing performance. I got a call from a very good friend of mine that said movies don't run that long. And it really got down to the finalities there that we really don't have nothing. We just simply did it. KHOW radio, I'm Peter Boyles good morning now, first of all in Florida, please say good morning to Jeff Merrick. Jeffrey Good Morning.

BOYLES: Right now let's turn to Jeff because everyone knows Norms career and that's why it's important to have Norm with us this morning. Jeffrey, I know you've written a book. Tell your story of your relationship with John Ramsey, the Ramsey case and how you became fingered as we now say by them as the killer of the little girl.

MERRICK: Well I met John Ramsey when we were both in the management development program at AT&T together back in 1971 so I went back a long way with him too. And I came to work with him at Access Graphics in '93 and stayed there until '96 and just to make a long story short I ran into some problems with his father-in-law who happens to be Don Paugh whose a figure in this case also being Patsy's father. I didn't really know I was going to be working for Don Paugh when I went there but anyway, they a did some things there that I didn't think were very ethical especially in relationship to me so I complained to Lockheed Martin who owned the company, you know, about the ethical behavior. Evidentially John Ramsey didn't like that very much because after his daughter was killed I found myself being his favorite suspect. I was the only person he mentioned to the police on the day they found his daughter's body. The only one. Of all the people the mans known in his whole life, you know, I'm the one they mentioned.

BOYLES: And the best of my knowledge at the same time, Patsy mentioned the housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh.

MERRICK: Yeah, there were four of us, in fact it got really messy because when Ramseys wrote their book they really exploded us. We'd all been interviewed, extensively cleared and everything else. If you recall, prior to the Ramseys book being published, the marketing build up for it was like Ramseys name suspects and remember how everybody was excited to see who they'd really name and it comes out they name me. And I was John's only exclusive, this is when I found out, on the day, it was in his book, on the day he found his daughter, I was the one he mentioned. So it was me and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh and Bill McReynolds, Santa Clause and I think Chris Wolf was the guys name, the other guy

BOYLES: And Mike Glenn, going down a list of people

MERRICK: They didn't name him, we were the original four. Mike was not in that original four used to market the book. I thought it was terrible you know, because that drudged it all up again, people were saying why were these suspects and everything and you know, of course our names had to come up again. So it went from there and I also endured three police interrogations because Ramsey kept insisting that I be interrogated.

BOYLES: Now these were people themselves who would not be interrogated, right?

MERRICK: Ah, oh yeah, I thought this is really strange, you know the police called me like three days after. On New Years Eve I go into the police station and I undergo a really thorough interrogation.

BOYLES: And remember the police only focused on the Ramseys according to their attorney and Mike Tracey and a list of people.

MERRICK: Oh sure, that has been so debunked except by the publicity machine and they seem like they want to be candidates for saint hood. But anyway, I went through that and then I get a call a few days, about a week later that said we want to talk to you again, something new has come up in the case. Well, then I go, I call Norm and I says geeze Norm what's going on here, Norm was a great great confident and advisor through this whole thing which was very very comforting. But anyway he said no, go talk to them again and so I did and it turns up they wanted to talk to me about a dinner that I attended a week before the murder at Pasta Jays. You mentioned Mike Glynn, he was a friend too, a former friend of John Ramseys. Mike was in town for a business meeting and say hey I want to get together with you and some people from Access and you know, get together for dinner. So we go over, we had dinner at Pasta Jays and run into Don Paugh.

BOYLES: What's important here is Pasta Jay ends up chasing Lee Frank around with a gun in his car.

MERRICK: Oh yeah, this thing ties together. John Ramsey owns part of Pasta Jay, the whole thing just goes on and on. Anyway Don Paugh is sitting there at Pasta Jays with an out of town Access employee who use to be quite the (??) so Kathy is with me, me and my wife, and me and Mike and we walk in and stop and chat for a minute with Don Paugh. Mike stays later and Kathy and I go to sit down. A few days later I'm watching John Douglas on Dateline NBC

BOYLES: A guy who never came on our radio show

MERRICK: Yeah and no, this is the super silence of the lambs genius profiler, you know

BOYLES: It ended up we found out he was on the payroll too

MERRICK: Oh yeah, absolutely on the payroll. So he's telling Diane Sawyer or somebody that I think it was a business associate, a former business associate.

BOYLES: Ain't that interesting.

MERRICK: I'm watching this and I'm oh my God, you know, here we go again and it turns out the police wanted to talk to me about that dinner at Pasta Jays. Douglas told them we were there plotting the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. That was his theory.

MERRICK: Oh yeah, right, right, I think they interviewed like hundreds of people literally. And they focused on my three times. This was only my second interview about that.

BOYLES: Jeffrey, I looked it up. Boulder police collected 5,300 phone tips, 4,800 letters, conducted 650 interviews and identified 140 possible suspects by the time the homicide was five years old. They only focused on the Ramseys according to the DA?

MERRICK: Yeah I know, I mean they focused on everybody, they focused on me, my goodness, I mean really, really, did a job. But the interesting thing about this inter, about this dinner and Douglas' involvement in it, It was douglas idea that maybe we did it, somebody told Douglas that we were at that dinner, right? Then I'm thinking, this just came to me a couple days ago, as you mentioned I'm working on this ongoing manuscript for about ten years to just kind of write down my thoughts to have them current but he seemed to tell the Ramseys you know, that we were there. So then the Ransom note comes out and it says she's being held by two people who don't like you very much. And as soon as I heard that I say you're talking about me and Mike Glynn.

BOYLES: Here we go again, your talking exactly right.

MERRICK: It's right there in the ransom note and I'm thinking why is that in the ransom note, what a weird thing to put in there.

BOYLES: Winky, winky,

MERRICK: Yeah, so I'm thinking man, that ransom note, maybe it came from inside the house you know, but anyway somebody had to know these two people who don't like you, don't like John very much, I thought this is really strange because Mike had run into similar stuff at Access Graphics.

BOYLES: The small foreign faction !

MERRICK: Yeah, the, it sounds like everything including the kitchen sink was thrown into that note just to, you know, kind of create wild goose chases.

MERRICK: Yeah. And you look at that and say man, this so one sided. That's the problem with the people with the intruder thing, they are so one sided, I mean I can see where, okay, there's a little bit of evidence that there was an intruder, possibly, that's legitimate but don't discount the mountain of evidence that says that it might possibly be an inside job but that's what they do and then they point their justification on that by saying the police didn't focus on anybody but the Ramseys.

BOYLES: I can give you the numbers here.

MERRICK: I know, you just did it. It's so illogical for the people who believe in the intruder theory. You know John and Patsy Ramsey are very very, and Patsy has unfortunately passed away, but they are very charming people and I think Lin Wood is probably a very good man and Mary Lacy is probably a good person and Smit's a good person but you can't discount the fact that they may have been charmed.

BOYLES: Lou Smit has said things that are so bizarre in his relationship with Tracey. I don't know if you listened online this morning to the show but the relationship now in Tracey's documentary with these two guys appearing holding the blacked out reports naming this Gigax character and these two jokers turn out to be working in, it's called "The Agency" in Colorado Springs who Smit set up.

MERRICK: And then on the third interview Steve calls me up and says we'd like to talk to you one more time and I says what's this about and he says well I don't want to talk about it on the phone and we want you to come in again. So down I go again to the Boulder Police station and sit there and they got their big nine millimeter and I sit there, it's intimidating so I say what is this and by now I've about had it because this is my third interview and the main question Steve says is why does John Ramsey keep throwing your name out there? And I says, "He does?" And they said, "Yep, sure does." And I thought for a minute and I though maybe it's because I told on his halo harking back to the Lockheed Martin stuff where I had my case where these people were not all that ethical in their business practices to support my claim and I believe that's the only reason I can think he kept throwing my name out there because there was no evidence, no motive, I had gone on to a better job.

BOYLES: But if you look at how many people the Ramseys named up to and including Fleet and Priscilla White eventually.

MERRICK: Oh yeah, that was incredible, you know I was at a Christmas party once, this was a company Christmas party and John and Patsy brought Fleet and Priscilla to that party.

BOYLES: Well they ware there at their home before, the night of the death.

MERRICK: Oh yeah, they were very very close. And then I think, according to some of the stuff I read in some of the books and they just turned on the guy mercifully because they had the audacity to suggest that maybe they should co-operate with the police.

EARLY: You know Jeff and I have know each other for so many years but we have also been very good friends through that time and when Jeff's name came up I was just stricken with grief that anybody as fine as Jeff Merrick could be associated in anyway with this thing by having the finger pointed at him and it became clear when the police authorities wanted to talk to him that they were doing everything they could to clear him but when he called me nonetheless and they said they wanted him to take a lie detector test and I said sure tell them you'll take a lie detector test, you'll stand in line right behind John Ramsey.

MERRICK: I did that too. The point was that here you have all these people doing all they could to clear themselves and to give police all the information they needed in order to X them out as a suspect and John wasn't doing that.

MERRICK: You bet and they even came to our house and took handwriting samples from Kathy.

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