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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Nick Williams

Original Owner of www.maketoast.com
Ramsey Private Investigators were suspicious of him

A little history about the www.maketoast.com web site

This is a history story told from the online thread postings at the Justice Watch Forum in September 21, 2001 from posting to and from “Maketoast” who had one of the first web site at www.maketoast.com in early 1997 that had a HUGE collection of photos of JonBenet Ramsey and her family as well as audio files and video (.MOV) and (.AVI) files.. The site was a GREAT RESOURCE.

During August 2001 a poster under the Internet name of "B n Jazzy4ever45" posted an online confession on the new guest book at www.maketoast.com. (See Jazzy Story). This prompted the reappearance of the owner of the www.maketoast.com web site.

Below, within these postings was a RARE moment when posters could ask the original www.maketoast.com owner, Nick Williams about this “Jazzy” incident and also about how he got started following the JonBenet Ramsey case on the Internet. Unfortunately this was also the fateful week that Mrs. Brady and Chris Wheeler literally walked off the Justice Watch Forum never to return. Apparently in a slip of the tongue, the new owner of Justice Watch, under the name of “Dunvegan” referenced “Maketoast” as “Milktoast” in one of her postings and apparently this angered Mrs. Brady. There were some other things going on regarding the ownership of Justice Watch so this “Milktoast” slipup to Mrs. Brady was probably just the straw that broke the camels back. Dunvegan meant no disrespect to Nick Williams. But tensions were high back then as so many of the older members of the forum were not happy with the new ownership changes.

It was ironic that some of the very last posting on the Justice Watch forum finally included postings by Nick Williams for him to tell his story and some questioned at first if he was the REAL Nick Williams since he had been MIA for so long.


[www.justicewatch.com]2001-09-21: Justice Watch Forum thread, "Maketoast"

4. "Dunvegan"
Posted by maketoast on 00:13:19 9/21/2001


Yeah, I'm the long lost maketoast from maketoast.com. I say long lost because I haven't participated in the forums since 1997-98. In fact, I just registered here a couple of weeks ago.

26. "MrsBrady"
Posted by maketoast on 12:47:57 9/21/2001

“Along with Ken Polzin's and Halle's, Maketoast is among the "nes plus ultra" of the JonBenet sites.

“He is a fine young man (and I emphasize young) who saw a niche and a need and used his talents to fill it.”

Hi MrsB, long time no see! I was relieved to find out you still maintain your site when I went news hunting on the 11th. Keep it up, and thanks for backing me up in here. ;-)

27. "pinker"
Posted by maketoast on 12:57:35 9/21/2001

“Why does jameson's addy pop up if one wishes to send an e-mail to you at her site?”

Not sure about that one, but I just read that everyone over there has that e-mail address.

“You actually let her open your mail? Just curious...Not that I have a dang thing to e-mail you about. And what made you suddenly come out of hiding? Were you involved/contacted about the jazzy joax investigation?”

Well, I haven't exactly been hiding. In fact I've been leading a fairly full life outside of the doors. I haven't added anything new to maketoast.com since high school, which was 3 years ago, but I left the site up because so many people used it as a resource. I wasn't aware people were using the guestbook as a forum, and I certainly wasn't aware that someone had posted a confession. So, yes, that is one of the reasons I came to the JBR forums, to try to find out more about this and get caught up on some things.

28. "RiverRat"
Posted by maketoast on 13:05:42 9/21/2001

“with JonBenet's pictures that was For Sale forever? And if so, is it still?”

That's the one. No, the site isn't for sale anymore. Someone accused me of posting the confession myself to get publicity so I'd have a better chance of selling it.

“As the owner of the message board, did it dawn on you to report the confession to the Boulder Police Department before jameson thought to?”

No, it didn't 'dawn' on me to do this. It might have if I had known there was a confession there in the first place. I didn't find out until the BPD asked me to look at my server logs. Even then, I thought that would be the nd of it because the thing looked phony.

29. "Jerrya"
Posted by maketoast on 13:30:07 9/21/2001

“If you can read, (which I hope you can,) do you now understand a little better after reading the many post that are above?? By the way what grade you in?”

Must you be so sarcastic?... Yes, I read the posts, but Jameson was one of the only people that was nice to me in the forums way back when, even though we had opposite theories. When I came back to the forums last week, Jameson was still nice to me. She didn't question me, she didn't doubt me, she just welcomed me. I'm sorry, this laundry list of complaints about Jameson just doesn't do it for me... Sorry.

34. "Lurker XiV and others:"
Posted by maketoast on 15:07:10 9/21/2001

Yes, I am forgiving. It's my defining characteristic.

Actually, I've just always wanted to use defining characteristic in a sentence. I don't recall hearing that Jameson said that about me, but it's probably true. That's the whole point of these forums, isn't it? To throw around different theories?

I should disclose that I 'was' investigated. I was tailed for a while by a Ramsey investigator, and later interviewed by phone. I don't know who it was exactly, but Jeff Shapiro told me the FBI was checking into me. I don't know. All of this was in 1997, and was a direct result of a bunch of BS in the old Bouldernews forum.

51. "hiya dunvegan, here goes"
Posted by maketoast on 17:40:46 9/21/2001

Thanks and I'll try to answer your Q's as clearly as I can. First off, I do not support the Ramseys. This is not to say that if given the right evidence I would never sway my opinion. Not so.. I would like to believe that they had nothing to do with it.

Now, none of the pictures, videos, or sound clips on maketoast.com are used "legally". That is a direct statement. I do not own the rights to anything, and have never been in contact with the people who do own said rights. So, no I have never been in direct contact with the Ramseys. The pictures were collected from a variety of sources, including but not limited to magazines and tabloids.

The pageant footage, as you may expect, came completely from what everyone saw on TV. I'm speaking of the TV tabloid shows, most of which aren't with us anymore.

I've never been contacted to remove any of my site's content. In fact, I've been contacted by the Today Show on several occasions asking for permission to use some of the maketoast.com photos for on-air purposes. Of course I told them I could not grant them rights because I did not own them.

I was 17 when I started my website. It wasn't located at maketoast.com for a few months, basically because I couldn't afford the domain hosting. I collected photos and clips over the next year or so, and stopped when I felt I had enough. I haven't added a photo since 1998. Surprisingly, I've had a steady stream of visitors since then. That's why the site is still up, because people still use it every day. Otherwise I would have taken it down long ago. I could use some of that hosting money. ;-)


49. "re: zapata"
Posted by maketoast on 17:14:13 9/21/2001

“When he registered at Jameson's. He introduced himself as knowing Jameson back in 97-98, and I can't remember if Jameson posted or he posted that they were both accused by Foster.”

‘I will see if I can find the url for you.”

Yeah, I knew Jameson back then. We were both accused by Foster, that's no secret. That's why we knew each other, we were trying to figure out what was going on with Foster.

Actually I'm 20, not 17. What exactly are you trying to find out? Just ask me whatever you want and I'll tell you.

“You nor Jameson want to mess with me.”

That sounds like a threat. Listen zap, I don't have any issues with you, and I don't know why you have issues with me. I have no interest in 'messing' with you.

57. "i have an orange nintendo zapper"
Posted by maketoast on 00:25:25 9/22/2001

“If you have not been around the boards in the since 97 or 98, then how do you know what has happened in this case, such as the many sick antics Jameson has played on so many innocent people.”

I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the case. I've avoided the case for a long time.

“I hope and pray you are not Maketoast because I always enjoyed that site.”

Well now you have my permission to dislike that site if you feel the need. Frankly, I think you're just being silly.

53. "i sent an email to maketoast"
Posted by purr on 19:14:44 9/21/2001
NOTE: This message was last edited 19:14:44, 9/21/2001

and his/her email name is dshadow@mindspring.com. is that maketoast's real email address or an imposter??

56. "purr, kitty"
Posted by maketoast on 00:19:33 9/22/2001

“is that maketoast's real email addressor an imposter?? i am suspicious too.”

Yep, that was my first real internet e-mail address. Of course, I had AOL and Prodigy back then, but they didn't access the 'net until years later. I've since moved on from my MindSpring dial-up account to speedy Charter Cable modem access, but it's hard to get rid of an e-mail you've had for years and years.

“dunvegan, how can a person start a website and not be around for over 4 years? dont all websites need a webmaster constantly working on it.....if there are any problems? i dont get that!!”

But there were no problems, I did a perfect website! ;-) Not really, I just lost interest in updating. I personally think the site needs a lot of work. I just don't have the time or will to do anything to it. I've spent most of my time updating my main site, innerpeacesecurity.com. So, I really wasn't gone for 4 years, I just wasn't updating maketoast.com, and I tried to avoid the JBR investigation.

“milktoast......your comments??? what inspired youand got you interested in the case again??you really have never been to your site since 1998??? huh?”

Well, I've been to it a lot since 1998. I just haven't added any photos. I log in and check the server stats and make sure the thing is still standing, but other than that, it's been pretty much the same site since 1998. I added a small wwwboard thing 6 months or so ago, but that's it. What inspired me to get back here? A warrant from the BPD to get my server logs because of that darn "confession". Oh well, it takes different strokes to move the world.

110. "orange nintendo zapper - duck hunt / super mario bros."
Posted by maketoast on 14:29:27 9/25/2001

“How did you move the threads to storage at the directory site I found the other day if you have not been online since 98? There are recent theads there, as well as other ones.”

What 'directory' site are you talking about? Move threads to storage?

114. "Isn't"
Posted by zapata on 15:18:36 9/25/2001

This where you moved a few random post? Starting in May of this year?


55. "hey lurker"
Posted by maketoast on 00:05:44 9/22/2001

“...that's his addy. It will be interesting to see what kind of reply you get. As I recall, he always used the hat "darkshadow" when posting at BNF. I wonder if Auntie BJ has any of his old posts. He sounded very different back then...much younger, and he used a lot of the "in" nethead language....the kind my grandson uses. Of course, since then, he may have matured and had some good English courses at college, and may have adapted a more business-like style. ;)”

Actually, I never used the 'darkshadow' hat in the forums. I always posted under 'maketoast'. The dshadow in my e-mail addy doesn't stand for darkshadow, it stands for deathshadow, which was an old hacker name of mine. But, that's not to say I haven't adapted a more business-like style. =) At least I don't think I posted anything under 'darkshadow', I don't see why I would have. I'd be interested in seeing some archived texts from the BNF too. Who is Auntie BJ?

59. "thanks tricia!"
Posted by maketoast on 02:39:25 9/22/2001
NOTE: This message was last edited 02:39:25, 9/22/2001

Aww, did you have to answer the phone? ;-)

Here's a long version of the answer to your question.

Well, I got interested in this case early in 1997 while sitting in my high school library. I was 16. I was looking through the magazines on the rack and something struck me about the issue of Newsweek. You know the one, 'the strange world of jonbenet'. Here is a scan of the actual copy I was reading (I took it from the school.. Notice I ripped off the address label):


I immediately began searching the net for information on this, which took me to the newsgroup alt.true-crime. That's where I started reading different theories, and really getting into the investigation. The first night, after I had been reading in the newsgroup for several hours, I was scared to go to bed. Seriously, I thought John Ramsey was going to pop in my window and kill me or something. It was really bizzare.

I started telling my friends about this stuff and they got interested too. By then, a couple of sites had popped up about this. The one I really liked was Ken Polzin's. I could get links to all the papers, all the news sites, and most anything I could want to find. Except... pictures. Nobody had pictures. I had a scanner, and I knew people would want to see photos related to the crime, so I just started scanning pictures from the tabloids and the magazines, and eventually put them up at my old site, http://www.mindspring.com/~dshadow ... This site stayed up and got fairly popular, so I decided to invest in my very first domain name. I got maketoast.com and redesigned the site, basically the way it is now. I live just outside Atlanta, so I was able to get some pictures myself. I took a picture of the grave, I took a picture of the Ramseys' house in Vinings, I took a picture of the Paugh's residence in Roswell. I was hooked on this investigation for months, but strayed away after I learned I was under investigation by the Rammers. I never really got back into it. I read the news every once in a while, but this is the first time I've been back to the forums.

111. "hey lurker"
Posted by maketoast on 14:42:26 9/25/2001

“So, darkshadow was a troll who made us think he was you. Did you post under Nick Williams and RNW, or were they impostors also?”

“How's the post-punk rock band doing?”

“It must have been scary to be investigated by the Rammers!”

Yes, now that you mention it, I think I used RNW and/or Nick Williams quite a bit. Some of those posts may be impostors, but why would someone want to be me in a forum?

Thanks for asking about the music! It's going okay, although I'm not playing out in a band at the moment. We do still record all the time and we've got a bunch of mp3s and stuff over at http://www.innerpeacesecurity.com

Yes, it was quite scary being investigated. I was playing a punk show the night my parents got paid a visit by this investigator at their workplace, so they didn't tell me until the next morning. They were more upset than I was, because they didn't understand how simply having a website could get the interest of the cops. It wasn't until later I found out it was because of some 'darkshadow' postings in the BNF. But, I talked to the investigator guy on the phone and that's when he found out my age and quickly dropped everything. See, this P.I. knew where I lived, what kind of car I was driving, where my parents worked, what they were doing, where I was, but for some reason he didn't know how old I was.

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