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[JT Colfax map to party near the Ramsey house]
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Party Near The Ramsey House

Christmas Night 1996

Story told through J.T.Colfax's Jail Diaries and later postings on the ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-04-23: Colfax Diary; April 23, 24, 25 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"and a entire party gets thrown under da buss....splat!"

april 23, 24, 25
POSTING (RAMSEY INFESTED) for April 23rd, 24th+25th

Greetings and welcome to the pages of the Encyclopedia Lockdownica.

Last week an idiot named Hamilton didn't get his way in court and he did proceed to rip from his NECK a crucifix made from string - jail style. He threw it in the corner proclaiming it didn't work.

With malicious 3rd degree intent to HAUNT I shall now tell you the Ramsaica that was related to me over this long cold weekend.

Whilst MEESTER + MISSUS America were doing WHATEVER IT WAS they were doing THAT NIGHT in 96 in their home on 15th Street it turns out there was MUCH more activity in the vicinity than has previously come to light. There was, in fact, a wild party, "a few doors away," from the Ramsey house.

I am hearing these details from TWO inmates that were at the party - one one of whom I'll name. He is AL LAUGHLIN and you can find dirty details of his legalities by scrolling for his original heroin related arrest oin the Boulder Camera, and other Denverish papers of Sept. 96. He's back NOW on a voilation of probation.

Al was the keyboardist with THE SAMPLES, a band that was able to sell out Red Rocks (9,000 seats) 3 times - etc. I'm sure details like that are in the news reports of his arrest.

Anyway, Al says he was at Boulder Fox Theatre until about 2:00AM over Christmas Night 96. Okay. So he and others enter into a CARAVAN of automobiles and head to a party only doors away from the R. House. ALL these doped up people park their cars all around the neighborhood - anywhere they can find a spot - and proceed LOUDLY to te party house.

Did Jesus H. Christ see to it that there was plenty cocaine and hard liquor? Well, yezzy, yezz, yez he did. And more and more people arrive throughout the night. Al's unidentified freind here told me it was a "Rager." And Al says people were disappearing into dark corners to UNDULATE their thrusting throbbing bodies together.

So, get this, when Al decides he's done enough cocaine, drinking and undulatin' for the night he focuses his attention on BREAKFAST. So he and others walk outside where the sun has just recently come up on a snow reflected world of yellow crime scene tape.

Cops look at them, they look at the cops. There is a fear that this is a drug sting. The party goers, by drugged instinct, go into dead silent mode at the site of der polizie. BUT, they get in their car and EVACUATE without a word being spoken. They proceeded to DOTS DINER where speculation on the cop scene gives way to idle chatter on just whom grinded with whom last night. Later, everyone at the party will see RAMSEY news and stare off into space with a slack jawed look - thinking.

Meanwhile, what about "H" - the other guy - Al's old friend (who got out of jail on some minor thing on Sunday.) He said he left the party before Al did. He called a CAB. And so this cab, with a driver who's name might have been "Bruce," comes THAT CLOSE to the Ramsey house at the interesting time of "around 6:00 on that morning."So "H" gets in the cab and everything is normal - he's been driven by this same driver many times. There's no world of crime scene tape evident. But, just then, the cabbie does open his mouth and say, "Look at that cop haulin ass." And so screeches in what must have been Officer French's car. "H" says "lets get outta here." And off they go.

But wait - there's a few tiny grains more for you Ramsey mainliners.

LATER... "H" gets a call from the cabbie - a WARNING call. "Beware - the cops are checking on cab calls for early that morning. A leeeetle girrrl was murdered. They've been given log indexes about your ride."

The punchline is - the cops NEVER came to talk to "H" even though they requested and received taxi info about him. Thereby, they never found out about this party which had people roaming 15th street ALL during the CRITICAL HOURS. The cops NEVER inquired at the party house.

Meanwhile, people like AL and "H" and ALL other attendees of the party have been running into each other (as AL and "H" just did here in jail) for over 2 years - and these VARIOUS combinations of people have been WHISPERING of course. "Did the cops ever come?" - "No." - that sort of thing. In the beginning, when the first news reports began to air on TV, the attendees actually speculated along the lines of "what if somebody from the party... etc" - you can imagine how the rest of that notion would trail off.

I spent the entire weekend pestering and repestering for more, more, more on this and so I figure about $17,000 will suddenly appear in the mail for me next week, Right, for being a prodding, probing, suspicious eel. Yeah, Right. You webpeople can't manage a 20 cent annonymous postcard. Anything to make me aware I'm not talking to myself. I shouldn't leave out that I did get a NICE little reaction soon after the blueprints of the jail were posted last week. Oh lord yes. THe whole module watched as several officers spent A HALF HOUR unscrewing the light sockets in my cell to see if anything was hidden there. How mant times have I seen that happen to ANYONE ELSE in almost 2 years of WATCHING? I'll tell you... exactly ZERO.


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-04-28: Colfax Diary; April 28 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"my shortcomings as a friend"

april 28

Another commissary gettin Wednsday. A brand new $7 discrepancy. I'm STILL waiting for those that run it to GET les system right.

AL LAUGHLIN, formerly of the samples, latterly of TREPANATION, and lately of cell number 29, got taken to PRISON this morning. He handed me back the book I'd loaned him - totally destroyed. Gave me A Boston adress. So, I'll be withdrawing back into my room moore. Everyone interesting to talk to zips thru here FAST.

Had a visit tonight with Micki McDonald who believes that art can heal. I am to understand YOU can hear me youthfully talking to her by clicking something on the April 12th letter. A recording I made at a San Antonio mortuary.See, I was ALWAYS this way for that tape is about 14 years old. Watch me pick up corpse abuse charges in TEXAS now.

The stifling atmosphere here seems less like a spacecraft and more like a grimy old bus. I dreamed I was endlessly on a bus this morning. There's thunder so loud tonight you can hear it in here.

There nothing to read in the prison processing place where AL went. I'm sending him a ton of today's dull newpaper. I can do stuff like THAT - my shortcomings as a friend are ROOTED in my look of exhaustion, ...and how THAT is perceived.

Wrote the ALBANY paper tonight asking how much it is for a month. t appears the wind blows that way - just below Montreal.


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-05-06: Colfax Diary; May 6 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"under 10 weeks"

may 6th

I'm gonna put big signs on my door which say.... "This is as close as I get to a cabin en la forete, so back off." This is no time to be passing a tray of pate de foie gras, Although I could have made a paste out of plenty of fat livers. Could have served em at a secret party.

I can't help but wonder if I'll be a bitterly AFFECTED person in my next life too. I am, I think, past my time.

I don't want to fight for a chair in the front row. I suffer for my failure to grab and hog.

Yesterday all classes and work programs were canceled. They conducted a fire drill at 8:00 AM. Other drills all throughout the day. They are preparing for the Y2K "disaster" wherein we show the nature of our times because if the lites go out, it's suspected everyone will slash and hack.

The word "baudruche" means "WINDBAG." Should I write it backwards and hold it up en front la mirror? Look, I'm a head on a shelf. "Il tombre de fatigue - ready to drop with fatigue." I recognized before I left San Francisco that THIS is where I was going. (More or less.) Wait for me... attendez-moi. I realize the swirling rains of hopeless embarrassment. I know what it is to want to turn away from the lifelessness I represent. There isn't much time left for my gazouillement -(babbling.) Geindre is, 'to moan.' If they make mention of moaning on my new carte d' identite when I apply for it after leaving here, well then, "cela fait mon affaire." That suits me fine.

At the end of 19996, I spent 6 weeks walking from one end of Vancouver to the other, immobilized from traveling further. Christmas looming closer day by day. The look on my face scaring people away. But, as I meant to, I found a way to go on.

And in the context I existed top pace my cell late into the nite last nite. Eventually, like a moth, coming o rest standing on my bunk staring out of my slash of a window. And like a falling star, I saw a little plane glide into the municipal airport across the street. Sure, I indulged in imagining it was Patsy, Patsy, Patsy and that she was here at last, and that we would trade places.

Patsy brings to us the notion of a wealthy guilty hell, )whether or not she done cracked her daughter.) And within her we can also harp about (A mother gone bad) les image of tired, obsessed, sill busyness in deference to all else. And this chord strikes les banjo of our decay in a national sense. And so, we will push the Ramsey's carcasses into ALL TIME as symbols of THIS TIME.

In other news, a packet of webglop sent by Lance -(who else) --- was delivered to my door by Dep Rider today. So nice to see proof that AuntieBJ/Candy Rose is still out there. Since Lance went thru some sort of change, of life I hear little. I just prattle on. Anyway, les Auntie NICELY complains that THE PARTY story COULD drag things on longer / and probably gives JAMESON RISE to TOUCH HERSELF with GLEE -(my words.) Some things just AIN'T fair. Some hideous god awful redneck who I HATED - (he use to RUN to be the first in dinner line) went to prison AT LAST this morning. I have been WAITING for him to be flushed down les toilet for WEEKS. But AL went in 6 days! Could it be THAT was the sum total of reaction - simply to ship him away before I could chip away at more idiotic details.

The whole onus of my questions o ALL centered on my amazement at the TIME of the party - (ALL thru the murder nite) and the proximity, and the so-close-but-yet-so-far reach of the polizie ALMOST contacting an attendee. I think in the long run it embarrasses the police more than it helps the Ramseys with the intruder theory - but- you gotto admit it does further said theory a bit.

I lay back on my bunk and I think of some of you reading and visualizing my disgusting bon mots of yesterday. Capital! Patsy, Patsy, Patsy.

I roll over and sketch some notes for fliers I'd like to put up in New York City. Patzilla Ramzilla furthest thing from my mind.

Can't any of you casually lay back, install arm over eyes and try to link les concept du "MANIFEST DESTINY" with "cyberspace."

Another 'bit of news' (fait divers')... I got an e-mail from les mother du les guy next cell over. When Dave and I discussed it on the way to dinner we used the phrase "they'll have to come to grips with it" someday, meaning correction industry people, as they WATCH the net soak in, (so far in none too dangerous ways.)

And finally, les guard, Paula Gallagher ("skeletor" they called her) has had some bazaar shameful thing end her career here, Gone. Adios. She was becoming a threat -so- breakout les champagne or heroin. Yee Haw, let's go Rollerskatin'.

[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-05-20: Colfax Diary; May 20 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"maybe the mountains is interfering with my bad juju"

may 20

Can't go into any details.
Slithering into weekend.
Received pile of web printouts.
You people are 6ick 6ick 6ick.
Scorch is no fool.
Scorch this!

I'm tired of this thing about my handwriting looking like the note and/or I'm playing around with my handwriting. You should see these SOFT as butter pencils du heart breaking frustration they give us. And then if I get a hold of a #2, my writing is a LITTLE different. Not interesting / Nor a game.

What else? Oh yezz. TWO NUTZ speculate on my use of a drug called "DEANER." They say flat out that I've mentioned it in postings.

Have NOT.
Never heard of it till now.
THat's part of YOUR psychosis!

I see "mBm" goes YACKETTA YAW ON ABOUT THE Laughlin party starting at 10:00 and why'd the R's did not hear it. WHO TOLD YOU to MAKE UP a time like 10:00? How do we know this party didn't start as a spont thing after whatever event at the FOX?

AL got there around 2:00, ALL I know.

You also speculate on whether or not the cab companies TOOK anyone to the party. EXCELLENT QUESTION. But there's NO ONE in reach to ask. But you RUIN your spec. by following it with "but I'm sure the BPD checked on this." What - just WHAT makes you so SURE?

AL told me "the scream" COULD have been by a party goer. "EASILY," he said.

AS for those what spec. on the jail being a roundabout REVOLU-DOOR rumor mill. DON'T even ASSUME that people SIZZLE as YOU DO on the R case.

(PLease go now to your basement and scream, "I"M LONELY" into a pillow.) Neither Harold, nor AL CARES about the R case or ANY NEWS.

As for sissi saying why I be bone throwin' info that MIGHT be beneficial to les Ramseys... People like to press my buttons, so I make like a blender. K. WHY? NOw listen - because I'm CHATTING, that's why. And after a couple of weeks of chatting to AL, he finally mentions this INTERESTING thing. Why hold it back? Who cares. It was a FACTUAL interesting thing. I do NOT believe however that the cops SHOULD have found out about the party. Now listen big "Chief" - Where on OITH does my party posting SUGGEST that a party goer wrote the note etc.

As for the SNIDE REMARKS about Mrs. Brady "managing" me., I take that to be someone's JEALOUSY - as in- "A sentence on Ma Brady's page is VALUABLE." And some bitter entity w/smeared makeup is NOT getting enough. I'm still working on HER though. When I finally send my rays under Brady's tin foil hat, I'll have her kick down ALL your doors in duhmiddledunite. I think maybe the mountains is interfering with my bad juju. Perhaps it's simply that Brady's not a sizzling crackpot. I just showed all these printouts to a couple of people and I spoke ILL of all and sundry. (My eyes are on a lightening storm hitting the mountains.) So disconnected. And then for a balance, I have to tell them, "well - no - they're not ALL scum" .... shuffle shuffle - and I show em some CONNIE-CHAT. etc. So be sure and flame Connie RIGHT NOW. Heard about BNF re-closing. GOOD. PATSY DID IT.

JT Colfax

J.T. wanted me to post the original letter. So, here it is.

Oh yeah, he also wanted me to tell you all to visit Auntie BJ's site.


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1999-06-08: Colfax Diary; June 8 - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

"so close to landing"

june 8th

Recieved word from the temoprary grave. STOP. AL LAUGHLIN is STILL at the prision reception center in Denver. STOP. Very unusual to languish there for so long. STOP.

Did he mention an interesting thing? STOP. Why, yes, as a matter of fact he did. STOP.

(Morty the mortuary pie giggling on a shelf somewhere over this item.)

And the envelope please...written real small at the end of his note he writes:

"Oh, my friend Gully, who used to work at the Fox Theatre as a bouncer, and who was at that party near Ramsillica blew his head off in Houston. First shot his wife."

So now we have someone placed very near the Ramsey house ON the night in question who LATER did actually go on to commit murder and suicide. "Your Honor, I rest my case--the Ramsey's can't be proven guilty so gimme gimme gimme some MUNNAYYY.

I told you ALL ALONG jameson. (Eh eh eh).


But if anyone is interested in that sort of reasoning I'm sure you can find mention of it if you scan the Houston papers of probably April '99. There was a small mention of it in WESTWORD's Backbeat/Feedback column by M. Roberts in maybe early May '99--but I didn't know he was a THE PARTY so it passed by without memory much.

Digg you nutz, digg!

Beyond that Al wrote that he was mailing the letter he sent me on May 17th--but it didn't get postmarked 'till June 4th. He said it was the first envelope he'd gotted ahold of the whole time. He really is languishing in a place of bizzarre restrictions not at all commensurate with his crime.

What else. Oh--here's a real knee slapper. James Jones my neithbor/molestar asked me to get Al to make an autograph for his stepdaughter--you know--the one he pled guilty to molesting. Les wheels on les bus.....



[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-03-17: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"colfax:minor case fig rearrested..party"

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 3/17/2000 8:08 am
To: ALL (1 of 3) 1101.1

once upon a time i wrote about a party that was very near the r. house on murder nite.......a main participant at the party was AL LAUGHLIN former keyboardist of TEH SAMPLES...(they have websites)...anyway,......when in the boulder jail, Al, amongst others told me about the party...which i related to web community ...(sucj as it is).......he was recently arrested fro a dui in MASS....he's at; Al Laughlin MCI CONCORD PO BOX 9106 CONCORD MASS 01742......I know I've gotten a couple emails asking for his wearabouts since i got out...one recent one was from a FRank ZEll...."ramsey researcher",,,,,,,but i erased them all so I throw this in the electronic wind.....Al expects to be in MASS jail, till early april, then be extradicted to Boulder CO. Jail..for parole violation ......like I said, around early april.....so theres a short window of opp.....if anyone is interested.....

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-04-21: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"Partynear Rhouse, inmate available again"

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 4/21/2000 8:13 am
To: ALL (1 of 17) 1245.1

some people have emailed me seeking more info about the inmate who told me in jail about being at a raging party near the r. house the nite of the murder...he was recently extradited back from MASS. due to violating his boulder parole by being DUI in Concord. ANYWAY, it's pretty EASY to visit an inmate in Boulder..you just call the jail and book an appointment.......his name is AL LAUGHLIN and he's already sentenced to prison so he wont be in the Boulder jail that long, I'd bet he'll be in prison by the 26th or so.....if desired you may also leave a message with the jail and AL could call you collect....

From: Scorcharella (_scorch) 4/21/2000 3:19 pm
To: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) (2 of 17)
1245.2 in reply to 1245.1

Another thing I've been wondering about is the guy who was supposedly at that party THAT night who later killed himself in Texas. Is this some sort of monitor-radiation induced hallucination/false memory or did this really happen??

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 4/21/2000 8:28 pm
To: Scorcharella (_scorch) (3 of 17)
1245.3 in reply to 1245.2

that really happened ......it was mentioned (not in conn. to case) in the backbeat or back wash etc MUSIC column in WESTWORD....I can't recall the guy's real name, but he was a friend of Al's and Al called him Gully.....but Al was Gone from the Boulder Jail at that time and mentioned this briefly to me in a letter, so I know little about it. except to say it happened about a year ago around this time. Gully was a bouncer at the fox theatre in Boulder where Al was B4 going to the party near the R's that nite, Gully went too.

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 4/24/2000 12:24 am
To: ACandyRose (8 of 17)
1245.8 in reply to 1245.7

wow.....look on that list to see if theres any female names that would cause a girl to be called "MG"......that's all they referred to here as....it could be a nickname......Impossible to actually ge tthat address with out WALKING down that STREET with AN ATTENDEE of the party....I do recall that it was down the street from the R house AWAY from Chatauqua park. Might get more answers soon if al calls......as for the emails.....I don't recall what they said..just more drivel no doubt.....as for the suicide.....I think THAT is part of THIS story unless there was ANOTHER suicide......because this gully guy first killed his wife THEn himself in Houston .

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 4/25/2000 3:38 am
To: Morrisbj2 (11 of 17)
1245.11 in reply to 1245.10

al-tho days have past.....AND i have been here since then.......I just now see the notice wherein digdiva says AL should get hir number on Monday.........so SHOULD he have recieved MINE, if he didn't HAVE it already......I sent it to him in the boston area jail BUT......you can NOT count on inmates bEIGN able to CARRY ANYTHING with them........AND>>>>>>>I went to a concert tonight SO........I have NOT really been available by the phone........I SHOULD JUST POINT OUT THAT AL LAUGHLIN has a HOUSE HERE, AND, a HOUSE THERE.......altho.......I never so much KNEW the SAMPLES.......THEY were somewhat (ARISTA) big.......SO>>>>>>>HE and I were BOUND to meet in les JAIl.....

it WAS 2 WEEKS b4 he EVER evened BOTHERED to mention THE PARTY to me......WHAT i'm SAYTING IS..........HE DON'T CARE........NOR>>>>>>>>>>>>.does he have ANY meaningful KNOWLEDGE OF ANY of YOUR /'s...........BUT that also MEANS that his LACK of Knowledge/interest in YOU, although it means delays..........it also indicates truthfulnesss.......MY last communications with him have NOT been ABOUT this.......and....have been SPORADIC.........he's NOT a CALLER or so much of a letter WRITER..........BUT........he DOES KNOW I WILL TELL _Y_OU_.....of ANYTHING he says RELATED TO THAT>>>>>>>>>>>.in short...........THE PARTY.........will NEVER EVER>>>>>>>>>>uncover the case in a NON RAMSEY WAY.........it's JUST another oddity that happened AND wasn't INVESTIGATED........I KNOW......it's a LOU SMIT WET DREAM>>>>>>>.AL does TOO, although I'd BET a million DOLLARS he COULDn'tr SAY the NAME; LOU SMIT right NOW.........

AL sits unburnished and undisturbed IN JAIL for violating his parole by driving drunk.............LAW ENFORCEMENT has SHOWN NO INTEREST in HIM.......SOOOOOOOON,,,,,,,,,,he will be resetttled to a colo prison.......THEN>>>>>>>>>>then,,,,,,,,I have a CHANCE at getting SOME answsers to yours ?'s.........I am NOT being EEEEEEEEEElish..........he wasn'nt in touch after he got out...........AND LATELY I got the ONE letter from CONCORD MASS informing me of his NEW arrest , and MORE recentlyhis letter saying he WAS indeed EXTRADITED to the Boulder County Jail from MASS, by van........THE ONLY THING hesaid RAMSEYWISE were ?'s ASKING ME if I was Free and fclear of it) which I am).....etc,,,,,,,HIS BOIULDER JAIL LETTER of last wek DID make clear he'd received my letter of response to him in COncord..........AND..........I told him I notified the Boulder WEEkly of his Concord JAIl wereabouts.......SO>>>>>>>>>>he KNOWS>>>>>>>>>>>I disseminate........anyuthing he might say...........Because he then wrote to me once he arrived recently atr Boulder......THAT.......has brought up some ?'s........and I WILL ask them of him aS SOON as I can..........BUT that may mean LETTERS to HIM in PRISON.......

by now, he may ALREADY be there,,,,,,,,he has NEVER visited a forum.,,,,,,,doesn't care......thinks YOU are all NUTS........BUT.........he IS reliable ........a junkie perhaps.......but NOT a desperate one.........house in boston......house in antigua......etc;..........HIS hey day of rock fame APPEARS to be OVER.........but THE MONEY exists. .,.....and HE DON"tZ NEED YOU>>>>>>>>OR ME>>>>>>>>>>>..and it is NOT CLEAR TO HIM YET what we want to KNOW>>>>>>>>>>>by the way........WHAT IS IT WE WANT TO KNOW>>>>>>>>>>>aside from a clearer description of WHERE the party house was.........I can ASUre you he CANT be EXACT on THAT

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 4/26/2000 10:20 pm
To: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) (12 of 17)
1245.12 in reply to 1245.11

basically this is just to follow up to scortch......i called the jail a little while ago ( wed nite), and they confirm AL is still there......if you enclosed an addy MAYBE he'll write to you......but, he hasn't CALLED me either THAT i KNOW OF.......BUT.......he's NOT committed to anything about this........it was just ANOTHER wierd party that happened with A VERY wierd ending for all involved ONCE les media showed them what happened nearby.......the murder........frankly, HE IS LAZY........and surely depressed at going back to prison, and being currently on hold for prison in the jail he's been thru so many times......he'll prob. dissappear from there tomorrow or so, to PRISON.......anyone ELSE reading this at THIS point, my GUESS is it would NOW be a dead end to write to him care of Boulder jail.....but, scortch, he SHOULD have gotten your letter, so when i hear from him in prison, it will at LEAST help PROVE to him that there are OTHERS out there who WANT some details on this sideline.......

I still find it hard to believe that AS many times as AL's been in EASY reach of law enforcement they have never MEANDERED over to the jail to ASK about this party......BUt, I guess this is because it's so OBVIOUS the ramsey's prolly did it, and this is another dead end......BUT......i'll say again........I NAMED MANY attendees of this VARIFIABLE murder nite party on les website while in jail......and from bad memory here they are again:AL LAUGHLIN........2) a person nicknamed GULLY who killed his wife and himself in Houston who's real name could EASILY be found by law enforcement, Curtis Reitman, a Boulder inmate who walked to the party from the Fox theatre, "MG".....a girl who "hosted" the party..........."HAROLD".......and B4 anyone mocks me for saying

..."see, a guy named Harold was there, so what I'm saying is true"....let me REPEAT from my jail web writings that AL tho I only know his first name, I also know these things which MAKE HAROLD ABSOLUTELY identifyable to law enforcement (but not webnuts)...Harold lived in cell 36 in the medium b module on the day of the columbine shootings.....OKAY........so BLURRY as it SOUNDS......there were only TWO people living in THAT cell on April 20th, OKAY.......SO: from a law enforcement point of view I have given THREE FLAT OUT VARIFIABLE ATTENDEES: AL LAUGHLIN, CURTIS REITMAN, and HAROLD from cell 36 MED B April 20th 99,.......OOOOOOOOOPS, I was WRONG....I have given 4;;;;;;;theres GULLY, who's NAME I have TOLD you appeared in WESTWORD around April 99 for killing wife/self in houston.......WE might NOT be able to detect les BLURRY names off NET, BUT YOU CAn"T TELL ME that THOSE are NOT specific ENUF for COPS to FIND: ALL FOUR...........and then, theres the party girl MG which is harder...........

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-06-29: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"PartyNearRAMS/suicide info available"

From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTColfax) 6/29/2000 12:45 am
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back thru les mists du time, I wrote about how Al laughlin told me he'd been to a party very near the R house on Murder nite.....and that one of the attendees went on to move toHouston where he killed his wife and then comitted suicide......I finally went trolling thru westwords archives and found a mention of that incident. i tried les chronicle du houston, but i don't have eine credit card so I can't even pay the paltry 4.95 it would take to dig up thier more detailed report on the incident....but, to see the westword mention, (wish i could know how to supply a link) (perhaps SOMEONE will).....you can find it in the FEED BACK Column by Michael Roberts in the 5/13/99 issue. (about halfway down)..the guys name was WILLIAM GULLEY....his wife was Shelly Gulley...he comitted these acts on April 17th 99..(so it's probably in the April 18th issue of the Houston Chronicle).....if anyone here lives in Houston and subscribes to les CHronicle YOU can access all theinfo FREE, otherwise a day pass costs 4.95........Gulley ran "No Violence Productions,"....His wife Shelly was speaking to someone on a cell phone during the argument. and due to this conversation they are sure it was Gulley who killed Shelly,, then himself...he was 36 years old...westword says he put on a lot of hip-hop and underground parties and was "trusted by", the Boulder Police for his party management.....in a related note.....AL LAUGHLIN the inmate ( and former Samples keyboardist) who told me about the party was recently extradited back to Colo for violating his colo parole via drunk driving in MASS. He is NOT in Prison, though...the colo inmate locator number says he paroled to grand junction colo......he has a "case worker", so he's probably in a half-way house.


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Paper: Houston Chronicle
Date: SUN 04/18/99
Section: A
Page: 39
Edition: 4 STAR
Man kills self after beingcharged in wife's death

A man who chased down his wife and shot her to death on a north Houston street early Saturday committed suicide as officers tried to arrest him at his home, officials said.

The body of William Charles Gulley , 36, was found by police about 9:25 a.m. in his house in the 2500 block of Silvermeadow in northwest Harris County.

Gulley had been charged with murder just hours earlier in the death of his wife. Shelly Gulley , 36, was fatally shot about 12:50 a.m. in the 4200 block of Tidwell in north Houston, said HPD homicide Capt. Richard Holland.

Holland said witnesses reported a man in a black Ford Bronco chasing and shooting at a woman in a black Lexus.

"Both vehicles stopped and the driver of the Bronco got out and fired additional shots at the female occupant of the Lexus," before fleeing, Holland said. Holland said Shelly Gulley was dead at the scene from numerous gunshot wounds.

Holland said detectives quickly identified the attacker because Shelly Gulley was using a cellular phone and told the person she was talking to who was shooting at her.

"That, combined with other information, was sufficient to get a warrant for (Charles Gulley 's) arrest," he said.

Homicide detectives, uniformed HPD officers and Harris County sheriff's deputies went to Gulley 's house to arrest him.

Holland said no one came to the door, and when they entered the house, they heard a gunshot upstairs, where Gulley was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

A neighbor, Lisa Lyerly, said she knew little about the couple.

Shelly Gulley "was always really nice whenever I talked to her," Lyerly said. "There were never any problems."

The case is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Department and the Houston Police Department.

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Oh Great!
A dead person who was only FEET from Chez Ramsey on the night of the crime...how long do you think it will take Les Ramzees to post poor Gulley's pic on ramseyfamily.com?

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