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Propwash Press Flyer - August 25, 1998
Flyer alleges that Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby
And Boulder County District Attorney, Alex Hunter
As possible conspirators in a child-pornography ring


[www.justicewatch.com]1998-08-25: Justice Watch Forum thread,
"The Propwash for WebTV Guys"

33. "The Propwash for WebTV Guys"
Posted by AuntieBJ on 22:08:52 10/16/98
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Here is the article typed up for you WebTV guys:

Published by Propwash Press

August 25, 1998

Boulder Citizens Demand Independent Prosecutor Propwash Wire Service

By Veritas Jones

BOULDER-Sources inside the Boulder city government confirmed today that both former police chief Tom Koby and boulder County District Attorney have been named as possible conspirators in a child-pornography ring which may have led to the December 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

A potential witness in the case revealed to Propwash that investigators with a state agency suspect the crime may have been perpetrated as a cover-up or act of vengence involving a plot to blackmail one or more participants in a child-pornography distribution ring. Photographs of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey performing sexual acts with adult males are alleged to have been circulated on the internet and in print-publications.

Speaking on condition of anomymity, our source claims a member of the inner circle of Ramsey friends and confidants had threatened to expose some of their criminal activities and was subsequently threatened with black-mail by the others. John and Pasy Ramsey are know to have socialized in an elite clique of wealthy business and government leaders including the District Attorney himself, the former mayor Leslie Durgin, and other Boulder figures such as the notorious Pasta Jay.

Sourceds told Propwash that persistant foot-dragging by police investigators and obstruction by the District Attorney's office have long been rumored to be attempts at concealing complicity in the murder or coverup. The delaying tactics pursued by the offices of Koby and Hunter have been widely criticized and publicized culminating on August 5th in the resignation of a primary detective in the case, Steve Thomas, and publication of this letter to Colorado Governor Roy Romer, in which he claimed the DA's office has hindered and delayed the investigation. Thomas' letter accused Hunter of "crippling the case" by ignoring evidence, refusing police requests for search warrants, and sharing information on the case with the Ramsey's and their lawyers. Romer announced in a press conference his intention not to appoint an independant prosecutor after being assured by Hunter of his intention to convene a grand jury to re-examine the evidence in the the case.

Wednesday, Fleet and Priscilla White, formerly close friends of the Ramsay's, called again for a special prosecutor, expressing their belief that the grand jury investigation is another delaying tatic.

"It is our firm belief that the district attorney and others intend to use the grand jury and its secrecy in an attempt to protect their careers and also serve the conflicting interest of powerful, influential, and threatening people who have something to hide or protect and who simply don't wnat to be publicly linked to the dreadful murder investigation," wrote the Whites.

To date no indictments have been filed in the murder, though John and Patsy Ramsey have been called a "focus' of the investigation.


1999-06-03: Cybersleuths Forum, Topic:
"Singular and the Porn Conspiracy"

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posted 06-30-1999 02:54 PM
Nobody could find the people responsible for that Propwash flyer. There is no record of a Propwash Press in Denver. No record of any writer named Veritas Jones.

Funny how the flyer promotes Singular's ideas without giving out any real information or evidence of porn. I did find out the flyer came from the LoDo area of Denver originally.

Why would anyone go to the trouble to have such obvious BS printed up?

Book Promotion?
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[jameson's Webbsleuths]1999-08-18: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"Chat with Steve Singular on August 18, 1999"

Chat with Steve Singular on August 18, 1999
In IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the #webbsleuths chat room

[21:13] (mapek) Steve, I met you last fall in Boulder. Shortly after we met, a friend of mine came across a flyer called PropWash - a "part-time detective" gave it to my friend. Do you know anything about that flyer or it's origins or authenticity?

[21:14] (steve_co) no

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