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Raspy Voice Bomb Threat Caller
"If John Ramsey returns, the caller warned,
"Access Graphics employees will die"


1997-01-29: Bomb warning makes Ramsey change plans;
ex-FBI man suspects a fired worker killed girl

Threat delays return to work
Bomb warning makes Ramsey change plans; ex-FBI man suspects a fired worker killed girl
By Charlie Brennan and Kevin McCullen
Rocky Mountain News Staff Writers


BOULDER -- John Ramsey's plans to return to work grew uncertain Tuesday in the wake of a bomb threat at his office.
Ramsey intended to return this week to Access Graphics, where he is president, but postponed doing so because a raspy-voiced caller on Friday threatened to bomb the company's downtown offices if the executive came back.

In another development, ex-FBI agent John Douglas told Dateline NBC that he believes the killer of Ramsey's 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet, is an angry ex-employee of Access.

Douglas said Ramsey hired him, lawyers and other consultants shortly after the Dec. 26 murder because police thought the father was the killer.

"I just don't believe in my heart that he did this,'' Douglas said, noting that he interviewed Ramsey and his wife for four or five hours.

Ramsey has not been at work since JonBenet's murder.

Company spokesman Laurie Wagner on Monday said Ramsey would return "midweek.'' A day later that forecast was scuttled.

"We didn't have any specific time set, anyway,'' Wagner said Tuesday. "It could have been this week. It could have been next week. It could be a couple of weeks from now.''

Colleagues' concerns about Ramsey's return have only been underscored by threats from a raspy-voiced caller who Friday used profanities in telling a receptionist that employees would be harmed if Ramsey came back.

Access Graphics has had several suspicious calls in the past month. The company has told police it is tightening security measures as a result of the calls.

Company officials have been struggling to design a plan to accommodate Ramsey's return in light of the intense scrutiny of the family.

January 29, 1997


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 122

"I had tried to return to work on January 24, but when word got out that I might be coming back to work that day, the company received an alarming phone threat: if John Ramsey returns, the caller warned, Access Graphics employees will die.

My return was postponed, and security measures were tightened at our offices. No rush, I thought."

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