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Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

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Robert B. Cook

Claimed fellow Inmate at
California's Lompac Federal Penitentiary
Confessed to JonBenet's murder

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Robert B. Cook
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Robert B. Cook
(April 16, 1995)
(Lompoc, California)
(Federal Penitentiary)
(Prison Inmate)
(Wants the Reward)
Dennis Shea, is his Santa Barbara lawyer
12-24-2002 Claims he
Overheard the
Jailhouse Confession
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---


2002-12-24: Jailhouse tipster is one of many
Authorities expect more as anniversary of JonBenet's death nears...

Jailhouse tipster is one of many - Authorities expect more as anniversary of JonBenet's death nears...
By Sandra Fish, Camera Staff Writer
December 24, 2002


It's the season for tipsters, at least when it comes to the almost 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey homicide case.

One of the latest is from a California federal prison inmate who said he thinks he knows who killed the Boulder girl on Dec. 26, 1996.

But a letter from Robert B. Cook's attorney to Ramsey family attorney Lin Wood earlier this month focused on confirming the size of the reward the Ramseys might offer for solving the crime. Dennis Shea, a Santa Barbara lawyer, twice mentioned a $1 million reward his client thought the Ramseys were offering, according to a fax of the letter the Daily Camera received Monday. It was unclear who sent the fax.

"That's some guy who claimed to have heard some jailhouse confession," Wood said.

He said he doesn't think the family ever offered a $1 million reward but did offer $100,000 at one time. Wood and a Ramsey family investigator don't think Cook's offering is a bona fide lead in the case.

"Almost everything he gave had to do with things that were already in the news," said Lou Smit, a retired Colorado Springs police detective who once worked on the case for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office and now works for the Ramseys.

Wood said he still receives "lots" of tips six years after the 6-year-old girl was found strangled in the basement of her family's home near Chautauqua Park.

"You try to look at each one of them because you never know," Wood said.

Smit said he keeps a database of tips and tipsters, even those like Cook's offer.

"You'd be surprised how many calls we get," Smit said. "A lot of them are tips, a lot of them are psychics. ... I do write down every one of these. We never know when a name will cross with something else we're working on. I don't think I've ever turned anyone away."

Boulder police officials announced last week that Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan will be reopening the Ramsey investigation, looking into new leads. Smit said he'll offer her his database if she wants it.

And Smit expects the phones to keep ringing as the anniversary of JonBenet's death comes Thursday.

"We do get more this time of year," he said.

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2002-12-24: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"Jailhouse tipster is one of many"

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11695 posts Dec-24-02, 10:45 AM (EST)

1. "RE: Jailhouse tipster is one of many..."
In response to message #0

This tipster has been around a while.

He claims he was in jail with someone who told him about the murder -- with details including a motive.

The tipster - Cook - has a mother who believes he is telling the truth and they have hired a lawyer to make it all public.

The million dollar reward was put out by the tabloids - - the Globe as I remember but wouldn't swear to that without checking. That reward had a time limit and is no good.

The Ramseyfamily.com site still says there is a $100,000.00 reward - - but that site is not active or updated. the email address is defunct and the phone number goes to a business that is unrelated to any search for justice for JonBenét.

Are we to understand that reward is no longer real either? I don't know.

The motive, by the way, is that the killer wanted a job, didn't get it, went directly to John Ramsey and was blown off.

If Lou Smit and Ollie Gray have investigated this guy and feel it is a hoax, I would say it probably is. But I hope someone didn't just talk to Cook and went to the accused. I don't know that Cook gave out the name of the guy he was fingering - - seems to me he wanted certain things before he would name the guy.

Again - - I am not inside on this one - - but there are a few more bits to add to the discussion.

What do you think should happen next?

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2. "RE: Jailhouse tipster is one of many..."
In response to message #1

Anti-Abortion Terror

Robert Cook, a former private security guard, juvenile probation officer and US Navy sailor, was arrested recently after threatening violence against women's clinics. Cook was planning to use money he allegedly obtained from a daring and previously unsolved $260,000 robbery of an armored car company he had worked for, to finance what he told others would be a war against abortion doctors and clinics. The hold-up he is charged with took place in Kenosha, Wisc.

Cook allegedly shifted the money to an off-shore bank account in the Cayman Islands, amassed an arsenal of weapons and ammunition kept in an Illinois storage locker, and apparently tried unsuccessfully to recruit others to join him in targeting abortion providers as well as government offices. The FBI arrested Cook on Aug. 16 for the 1994 armored car robbery after he made a specific threat to begin his anti-abortion attacks on Tuesday, Aug. 22. Cook had been questioned by police in Pensacola, Florida last January, after he reportedly warned store owners near the clinic that they "had better get bulletproof glass" and, "It's going to look like the 4th of July around here."

Public anti-abortion leaders tried to deny any connection to Cook. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition and a former national spokesman for Operation Rescue, told the press, "There is a real concern and fear among some leaders that just talking to someone who might be involved in violence brings you into this conspiracy investigation." They called Cook a loner who traveled around the country to hot spots in the abortion battle and offered vague ideas on how to "end abortion within a year." They claim they were made uneasy by him, as a potential provocateur, and pointed him out to authorities.

Abortion-rights activists think Cook may have had more significant links to the movement's leaders. Cook attended a conference of an anti-abortion organization in St. Louis shortly before his bust, and wrote a letter to "justifiable homicide" advocate Father Trosch which appeared in a newsletter put out by the Alabama extremist this summer. Abortion-rights activists called on federal officials to investigate his ties to the public anti-abortion movement.

When Cook was arrested by federal agents in Ill. in the neighborhood where he kept a storage locker full of weapons and ammunition, he was found with $11,000 on him, several changes of clothes, food and water, and an AR-15 assault rifle in his vehicle. The St. Louis police intelligence division had followed Cook while he was in town for the conference staged by the American Coalition of Life Activists, and arrested him on minor traffic violations. At the time of his arrest, he stated his occupation as "revolutionary," and told police that he couldn't go to abortion clinics because he couldn't control his actions. Capt. Harry Hegger, commander of the intelligence division, confirmed that Cook did attend some meetings during the St. Louis conference.

"Whether this is a conspiracy or not, this guy was out there for a long time, making it clear he was going to kill providers and wasn't shy about it," added Nancy Koshin-Kintigh, field director of the national clinic access project for the Feminist Majority. "There are a lot of unanswered questions." An affidavit filed in the Eastern U.S. District Court revealed that Cook had planned to say goodby to his children, who lived with his ex-wife. Cook allegedly told friends in Portland, Ore., that he would kill an abortion doctor by Aug. 22 and vowed that he would rather die than be caught, the affidavit stated. The affidavit said Cook rarely paid child support until after the robbery, and when he did pay, it was all in cash.

Since the robbery, Cook also paid more than $8,000 in cash for two cars, spent $1,500 on copies of his writings and donated at least $160 to an anti-abortion group, according to the affidavit. FBI officials said he did not appear to be working at the time. Cook also set up a voice-mail service to help him recruit abortion opponents to join his cause, FBI officials said. And on several occasions, Cook allegedly told friends that he was waging a war against abortion.


[www.globemagazine.com]2003-01-14: JAILHOUSE CONFESSION TAKES HEAT OFF RAMSEYS

THE GLOBE - New Hunt for JB Killer
January 14, 2003


Six years after the death of JonBenet Ramsey, a convict in a federal prison has confessed to her murder, and the case has been reopened with the spotlight shifting from her parents for the first time....

....a man serving 14 years in connection with a plot to kill doctors and staff at abortion clinics...once vowed "no child will be slaughtered."

This man says JB was killed by a fellow inmate at California's Lompac Federal Penitentiary....

....Boulder District Attorney Mary Keenan has relaunched the investigation and will look at other potential suspects...

Lin Wood believes it is a watershed in the case - "It is clear from my discussion with D.A. Keenan and from her Dec. 20 letter to me that John and Patsy Ramsey are no longer the focus of the investigation into the murder of their daughter," he tells GLOBE. "Those days are over. The investigation is finally going in a new direction. The Ramseys for the first time in six years have real hope that JB's killer will be brought to justice."

Among the potential suspects is the Lompoc inmate who allegedly confessed to jailhouse buddies that he had broken into the Ramsey home and murdered the little girl.

"The guy seems to have intimate information about the Ramseys..."...."Who can tell at this stage how vital this information could be."

The alleged confession was made to the anti-abortion terrorist Robert Cook, who passed the information on to Wood. Cook also got himself an attorney to collect the rewards if his information helps to solve the case (The Plot Thickens).

Shea tells GLOBE that he cannot discuss his client's information, but says Cook believed that the information could earn him $1 Million in rewards. At the moment the name of the alleged killer is being kept secret, but it will eventually be passed on to authorities.

Wood states, "The information we have from Mr. Cook will be passed on to D.A. Keenan, along with details of other people we believe are potential suspects."

Keenan says she believes that the Boulder police have already done a thorough investigation of the Ramseys as potential suspects, and she will concentrate her resources on leads not previously investigated and on new information.

Keenan also vowed to "work cooperatively" with Lou Smit, who became convinced of the Ramseys' innocence while investigating the case after being hired by Alex Hunter in 1997.

"I'm real hapopy now," says Smith. "There will be a real honest look at the intruder theory. This gives the Ramseys some relief."

Smit says, "There are two or three suspects that look real good for JB 's murder. Whoever did this left behind a lot of evidence - handwriting, hairs and maybe a sample of DNA that the police have not told anyone about."

Former Chief Deputy District Attorney in Denver, Craig Silverman, says it's a strange development for Boulder cops to turn away from the "only two people known to be under the umbrella of suspicion. The only way for the Ramseys to get the case away from focusing on them as the perpetrators is to take and pass an FBI-administered polygraph."

But Lin Wood states, "District Attorney Keenan has clearly indicated to me that she sees no reason for the Ramseys to take an FBI lie detector test."

Keenan herself says a decision to change direction has been made for only one reason - "the fact that a violent child murder is at large."

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