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[Santa Bear]
Santa Bear on JonBenet's bed
Santa Bear Mystery
January 28, 1999

Unidentified Santa Bear
found in Crime Scene Photo

Pam Paugh told "Inside Edition" 01-29-1999
that a note was in a small pouch
attached to a teddy bear
Pam says the note was not alarming but
that it was, "telling" and "a bit prophetic."
There was no note in the bear's pouch

LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear
A prize JonBenet won as "Little Miss Christmas"
Amerikids Pageant, Boulder Colorado
December 14, 1996


Description of the Bear:

The bear is about a foot long, with torso and face covered in furry white fabric. It is wearing a red long-sleeved bolero jacket (the bear's chest and stomach are exposed; there are no buttons) and pants, trimmed along all the edges, including the cuffs, in material that looks like curly lamb's wool. Also trimmed with this material is a red Santa hat. A half-inch wide black belt is strapped around the bear's stomach, and attached to the belt with a shiny gold loop is a brown pouch about three inches long.

01. 1998-06-23: Ramseys couldn't identify Santa Bear on JonBenet's bed (crime scene photo)
02. 1998-06-23: Ramseys couldn't identify red/white elf doll (crime scene photo)
03. 1998-06-23: Ramseys couldn't identify angel made of glued puff balls (crime scene photo)
04. 1998-06-23: The Christmas tree in JonBenet's room had an angel theme.

05. 1999-01-28: DA Alex Hunter issued Press Release in search of the unidentified Santa Bear
06. 1999-01-28: Photo of Santa Bear was published on the Coldwater Police Website Michigan
07. 1999-01-28: In Photo, JonBenet's Barbie doll is to the right of the stuffed bear

08. 1999-01-29: Media News: "Hunter asks public to help locate toy or ID its maker"
09. 1999-01-29: Pam Paugh: Said she believes it was on the other (twin) bed in JonBenet's room.
10. 1999-01-29: Media News: Linda Hoffmann-Pugh doesn't remember seeing the Santa Bear either
11. 1999-01-29: Media News: "Family members say the bear did not belong to JonBenet"

12. 1999-01-29: Pam Paugh told "Inside Edition" there was a note inside Bear pouch
13. 1999-01-29: Pam Paugh told "Inside Edition" note was "telling" and "a bit prophetic."

14. 1999-01-29: Deaner on JW posted: Barbie is Rapunzel from Childrens' Collector Series, 1995
15. 1999-01-30: Perplexed on JW posted: On CS lady in Fla bought identical Santa Bear in Neb.
16. 1999-01-30: Perplexed on JW posted: On CS lady in Fla sent her bear to Alex Hunter
17. 1999-01-30: Driver on JW posted, "The bear was ordered from a catalog based in Nebraska"
18. 1999-01-30: Perplexed on JW posted: CS took story down about Fla lady buying bear, on TV
19. 1999-01-30: 2News Denver reporting Pam Paugh said note was in pouch on Santa Bear
20. 1999-01-30: Birdy on the Boulder News Forum thread, "CONSPIRACY - DA Bear and da Note"

21. 1999-02-01: NEWS: "Police say teddy bear could provide lead in JonBenet Ramsey's murder"
22. 1999-02-02: MaskedMan on JW posted: ""Pam Paugh's hoax about "a message in the pouch"
23. 1999-02-02: Jameson on WS posted: Pam told her she saw the doll on the bed on the 28th ('96)
24. 1999-02-02: Cybersleuths news page posted article: Coldwater police had photo since 10/98

25. 1999-02-04: DA Alex Hunter PR: "Search for information on toy bear is successful"
26. 1999-02-05: NEWS: "1999-02-05: Toy Emerged as clue in JonBenet case during interview w/mother"
27. 1999-02-09: Globe issue 2/9 "Santa bear riddle in JonBenét murder" feature story

28. 1999-02-15: Jameson on Dave Lucas Show: Pam saw Santa Bear when she went in house to get clothing

29. 1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder” released
30. 1999-02-18: PMPT Pg 126sb: On December 17, JonBenet entered the All Star Kids Christmas pageant
31. 1999-02-18: PMPT Pg 126sb: At Airport Holiday Inn, Denver. Her parents watched her win several titles
32. 1999-02-18: PMPT Pg 126sb: "When it was allover, John carried all her trophies and costumes to the car"

33. 1999-10-30: Webbsleuths Forum had Online Questions and Answers with Pam Paugh
34. 1999-10-30: Pam: "I do remember seeing the Bear on the secondary bed in JonBenet's room on 12/28/96"
35. 1999-10-30: Pam: "I am told that the BPD have confirmed the source of the sales point for that model Bear"

36. 2000-03-18: Death of Innocence published by John and Patsy Ramsey, March 18, 2000
37. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 33: JR: JonBenet's last contest had been in early December.
38. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 33: "I had planned to be there for talent show, but program ran ahead of schedule"
39. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 33: "I missed both the performance and the award"
40. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 33: "I sat down beside Patsy, JonBenet lit up like a Christmas tree"
41. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 273: In Photos, Patsy said she saw a red-and-white stuffed bear on twin bed.
42. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 273: Patsy: "I said I didn't remember seeing that bear before"
43. 2000-03-18: DOI Page 273: Patsy: "My comments started a nationwide search for the bear."

44. 2000-05-09: About.com online Internet chat with Steve Thomas w/questions re: teddy bear saga

45. 2000-08-29 John and Patsy Ramsey Interview with Boulder Police/Prosecutors in Atlanta, Georgia
46. 2000-08-29: Prosecution team stated they received the bear from either Mr. Morgan/Mr. Haddon
47. 2000-08-29: Ramseys attorneys asked Gene Matthews to search boxes in Atlanta for the bear
48. 2000-08-29: JonBenet's bedroom boxes were in basement of Don/Nedra Paugh, Roswell, Georgia
49. 2000-08-29: Detective Harmer obtained video tape of Amerikids Pageant showing Bear on table
50. 2000-08-29: LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear as a prize for Amerikids Pageant, December 14, 1996
51. 2000-08-29: JonBenet won the Santa Bear prize as "Little Miss Christmas" December 14, 1996
52. 2000-08-29: Patsy was with JonBenet at Amerikids Pageant when she won the Santa Bear
53. 2000-08-29: Patsy said she thought the Amerikids prize was a white Angel Bear.
54. 2000-08-29: Patsy had never gone through JonBenet's stored boxes since they left Boulder



Dear Friends & Family,


"JonBenet is enjoying her first year in 'real school.' Kindergarten in the Core Knowledge program is fast paced and five full days a week. She has already been moved ahead to first grade math. She continues to enjoy participating in talent and modeling pageants. She was named "America's Royale Tiny Miss" last summer
and is Colorado's Little Miss Christmas. Her teacher says she is so outgoing that she will never have trouble delivering an oral book report!"


Merry Christmas and much love,
The Ramseys


[Twin Bed on RIGHT - JonBenet's Bedroom]
JonBenet's Bedroom (Click Larger View)
. [JonBenet's Bedroom] . [Twin Bed on RIGHT - JonBenet's Bedroom]
JonBenet's Bedroom (Click Larger View)

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth - Present also were Patrick Burke and Ellis Armistead June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado (SANTA BEAR DISCUSSION)

20 TOM HANEY: Yeah, and that is 113 through 16
21 we just finished.
22 PATSY RAMSEY: (Inaudible). I don't know
23 what the blue thing is there, a duffle bag or
24 something. I can't tell.
25 PATRICK BURKE: Were these pictures taken a

1 little later in the morning?
2 TRIP DEMUTH: This is now later.
3 TOM HANEY: I think the blue bag was in the
4 earlier photo.
. 6 TOM HANEY: So, yeah. It is just a second
7 set of --

8 TRIP DEMUTH: Would you like a look at
9 Christmas, (inaudible), what does it look like to you?
10 PATSY RAMSEY: A little white bear dressed in
11 a Santa Claus outfit.

12 TOM HANEY: 119, now 120.
13 PATSY RAMSEY: I believe that was the gift
14 bag we were talking about before.
15 Was there anything in that, do we know?
16 TOM HANEY: Yeah. Later we have a bigger
17 blow up, so when we get to that, I will show you that
18 one, too.
19 TRIP DEMUTH: Here are more shots of the bed.
20 I don't know if you would look at the mattress or the
21 bed spread. That is 121. Is this surprising to see a
22 video by the bed in picture 121 or was that normal?
23 PATSY RAMSEY: She watched videos a lot and
24 there was a camera. I don't know what it is. I don't
25 know.


1 When were these taken?
2 THOMAS HANEY: These photos were
3 taken the morning of the 26th.
4 TRIP DeMUTH: It was before
5 JonBenet was found.

6 THOMAS HANEY: We will start with
7 number 5. Can you just describe what you see in
8 there?

9 PATSY RAMSEY: Well, I don't
10 recognize that little (INAUDIBLE) at all.
11 THOMAS HANEY: Little red and white
12 Santa, stuffed animal?
14 THOMAS HANEY: Could it have been a
15 recent gift?
16 PATSY RAMSEY: I could see that,
17 you all have that toy, if I could see that, I
18 would know. That doesn't look --
19 THOMAS HANEY: Did JonBenet have a
20 lot of stuffed animals?
21 PATSY RAMSEY: A lot of stuffed
22 animals.
23 THOMAS HANEY: So if --
24 PATSY RAMSEY: But I knew 'em, knew
25 'em.

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth - Present also were Patrick Burke and Ellis Armistead June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado (SANTA BEAR DISCUSSION Contiued)

1 THOMAS HANEY: Okay. Anything else
2 on the bed?
3 PATSY RAMSEY: Well, this looks
4 like a little -- the little pot holder square
5 she was making. This multi-colored thing here.
6 This black thing I can't (INAUDIBLE). Oh,
7 that's sort of looks like it might be the little
8 velvet dress (INAUDIBLE). Little silver snaps.
9 TRIP DeMUTH: When did she last
10 wear that?
11 PATSY RAMSEY: She wore that to the
12 Whites on the 25th.
13 TRIP DeMUTH: Okay. The evening of
14 the 25th?

15 PATSY RAMSEY: This Santa Claus
16 (INAUDIBLE). Where is that, did you all have
17 that?
18 THOMAS HANEY: I don't think we do,
19 I don't know.
20 TRIP DeMUTH: That could be
21 probably -- I don't think that was (INAUDIBLE).

23 THOMAS HANEY: Did she have other
24 stuffed animals that were, you know,
25 particularly for the Christmas season, that were

1 only out then, or were they out all the time?
4 THOMAS HANEY: And this bed, how
5 often was that used?
6 PATSY RAMSEY: Not very often. My
7 mother would stay there when she was -- when
8 (INAUDIBLE) you know.
9 THOMAS HANEY: Would JonBenet on
10 occasion use that one?
11 PATSY RAMSEY: Occasionally. Like
12 if Daphne spent the night or Gwen or somebody.
13 TRIP DeMUTH: What's that white
14 item you see in that picture 5? It's in front
15 of the (INAUDIBLE).
16 PATSY RAMSEY: I can't tell.
17 TRIP DeMUTH: Okay.
18 PATSY RAMSEY: Do you want me to
19 write down what this stuff was, when you start
20 taking pictures, you know?.
21 THOMAS HANEY: Well, it was
22 documented also on video and I believe there is
23 a description of what's in each room. You know,
24 sometimes those are a little more thorough and
25 complete.

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado

1 something. But yeah, it's --
2 LOU SMIT: Okay. I think we can
3 take a break at about this time. Okay? All
4 right. Then we just have --
6 (Recess taken).
7 LOU SMIT: It's five to 4. This
8 shouldn't take too long. We just want to go
9 through some photographs. I promised Mr. Ramsey
10 that I would show him some photographs of the
11 kidnapping area. I think probably best way is
12 just to kind of look at each photograph, we
13 won't identify them, unless there is something
14 that you see out of place or something that's
15 there that shouldn't be there or something
16 that's missing. And then other than identifying
17 them all, because otherwise we can go at this
18 forever.

19 Anything that you see that's out of
20 the ordinary, just name the photo number and
21 then again these photographs were taken right
22 early in the morning of the 26th.

23 JOHN RAMSEY: Now in photo 4, that
24 little tieback for the drapes have to be --
25 (INAUDIBLE) I can't tell, see what it does

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado

1 compared to the other side. It looks untied. I
2 am sure if it was untied, Patsy would have tied
3 it back up. I don't know what this ink spot is
4 on floor. In the carpet. Do you remember
5 seeing that before?
6 LOU SMIT: Did JonBenet have hair
7 ties in her hair?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: She -- she did from
9 time to time, yeah. (INAUDIBLE).
10 (TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: The witness,
11 Mr. Ramsey, is looking down in the photographs
12 and talking about them making it inaudible for
13 transcription.)

14 JOHN RAMSEY: I have to get better
15 glasses. Patsy -- if Patsy knows what that
16 little Santa Claus doll is. Strange, I have
17 never seen it before either.
18 LOU SMIT: And that Santa Claus
19 doll is located where?
20 JOHN RAMSEY: In the bed next to
21 JonBenet's.
22 LOU SMIT: Where is that?
23 JOHN RAMSEY: This one.
24 LOU SMIT: Photo 5.
25 JOHN RAMSEY: I have never seen that.


1999-01-28: News Release on the Ramsey Case from Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter

News Release on the Ramsey Case from Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter

Thursday, January 28, 1999
Seeking Information about a Particular Santa Claus Bear

In connection with the JonBenet Ramsey homicide investigation, I am requesting the public's help in identifying the manufacturer of, and/or retail outlets that sold in 1996 or earlier, a toy teddy bear dressed in a rather unusual Santa Claus suit.

The bear is about a foot long, with torso and face covered in furry white fabric. It is wearing a red long-sleeved bolero jacket (the bear's chest and stomach are exposed; there are no buttons) and pants, trimmed along all the edges, including the cuffs, in material that looks like curly lamb's wool. Also trimmed with this material is a red Santa hat. A half-inch wide black belt is strapped around the bear's stomach, and attached to the belt with a shiny gold loop is a brown pouch about three inches long.

I am using two methods for releasing a photograph of this stuffed bear.

1.Posting a snapshot of the bear on my website --http://www.co.boulder.co.us/da/bear.htm

2.Providing copies to media representatives who can pick up or photograph the bear picture at the District Attorney's Office during business hours today.

Contact Suzanne Laurion (303-441-4702)

We hope this picture will be published and telecast by media nationwide and that members of the general public, as well as retailers and manufacturers, will study the picture and contact us if (and only if) they have information about this specific bear.

The information we need from persons who have one of these bears, or who have direct knowledge of the bear, includes:

•who manufactured the bear

•what retail outlets sold the bear

•during what time period the bear was available for purchase

If you have a photograph of a bear that you think matches, please include it in your correspondence.

Please mail information, which will remain confidential, as soon as possible to:

Alex Hunter
Boulder County District Attorney
Boulder County Justice Center
1777 6th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302

I make this public request for assistance knowing that it will give rise to considerable speculation about the status of the Ramsey case. I intend to let this speculation take whatever course it will since to confirm or deny theories about what all this means would most certainly damage the ongoing investigation. However, I will keep the media and public informed of the response we get to this request and any success we have in obtaining the information we need.

Media questions should be directed to: Suzanne Laurion, Media Liaison, 303-441-4702

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-01-28: Justice Watch Forum thread, "Fresh News From Carol/Fox"

"Fresh News From Carol/Fox"
Posted by Panico on 15:02:32 1/28/99
Include Original Message on Reply

So many threads going on the news I didn't know where to go. Geez, we weren't hungry for news or anything. Another lil msg from Carol "Stay tuned to Fox" They seem to be doing something on this about every 30 minutes. Sometimes it's Carol--sometimes it's not.

This last one from Carol: She said the Ramseys recognized it in a crime scene photo last July (I take that to mean that they realized they'd never seen it before)

The angel was made out of puff balls glued together.

NOW HEAR THIS: Carol said Lou Smit has been seen going in and out of the Justice Center recently. That 'it could be that Lou Smit stirred this up' to divert attention from Ramseys (I think 'to divert attention' were the words she used.

I have not actually talked to Carol today. I don't have any idea what her personal take is on this--but I do know this---she doesn't just reach out and grab a tiny tidbit and go with it. She certainly sounds serious about this when reporting on air. But then Carol always sounds serious when reporting----that's part of her job. A reporter who would give a whole report based on nothing but speculation wouldn't be doing a very good job IMHO. At the end of this report she used the words "It could be Lou Smit stirred this up..." I can't believe she just grabbed that out of a hat and tossed it in there. Please bear in mind that this is MY speculation.

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-01-28: Webbsleuths Community Forum (http://munitrading.com)
on thread titled, "teddy bear"

8. "Fox News Story"
Posted by Rover on 12:20:35 1/28/99

Carol McKinley said that there was also a red and white elf doll and a homemade Christmas ornament, looking somewhat like an angel, found that the Ramseys say didn't belong to them. The Christmas tree in JonBenet's room had an angel theme.

11. "Barbie doll and the bear."
Posted by MaskedMan on 13:01:50 1/28/99
Include Original Message on Reply

JonBenet's Barbie doll is to the right of the stuffed bear, although it's hard to discern in the scanned internet photo. In the snapshot handed out today by the DA's office, the Barbie doll's head is more visible. The teal green material appears to be Barbie's flowing dress. The bear is small, about the same height as Barbie.

This bear is just a harmeless stuffed animal that nobody can remember where it came from. Big freakin' deal. What does all this mean? Does it mean "the killer" must have brought it in because no one can specifically recall this stuffed animal?

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-01-28: Justice Watch Forum thread, "The Globe, 2-9-99"

"The Globe, 2/9/99 issue"
Posted by MrsBrady on 09:10:23 1/28/99
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Globe: Santa bear riddle in JonBenét murder

Ramseys claim Christmas toy is key to killer--but cops don't buy it --sources say

A CUDDLY white teddy bear dressed as Santa has become a key clue in the hunt for JonBenét Ramsey's killer sources reveal.

Friends of the Ramsey family say the soft toy was given to JonBenét--but they do not know by whom. It just turned up sitting on a bed in the 6-year-old's room after the family's Christmas party, two days before the murder.

In the days following the shocking crime, the Ramseys claimed the mysterious bear might have been used by the killer to make friends with JonBenét and even lure her to her death.

JonBenét's parents have told friends: "If the police find whoever brought in the bear, they'll find her killer," say insiders.

The sweet child was brutally battered and strangled by an intruder on Christmas Day, 1996.

But investigators believe the little bear is a red herring intended to take the heat off John and Patsy Ramsey, who remain under an umbrella of suspicion as a Boulder, Colo., grand jury looks into their daughter's slaying.

"The Ramseys have thrown up several smoke screens during the two-year investigation," says a source close to the investigation. "JonBenét's Santa bear could be just another one." Investigators hope to nail down who bought it. If the Ramseys ever stand trial for JonBenét's murder, police don't want the mysterious Santa bear causing suspicion that they have charged the wrong people.

The bear is white and wears a red outfit with a gold belt buckle.

Police have asked friends of the Ramseys if they remember seeing the toy at the family's Christmas party on Dec. 23, two days before JonBenét was killed. Did anybody take the little beauty aside and secretly give her the toy, they ask? "The investigators have been given a picture of the bear sitting on one of the beds in JonBenét's room. It's propped up between two pillows," says the source.

Insiders say the Ramseys told friends they believe it's possible the bear was given to JonBenét by Bill McReynolds, the lovable local who played Santa at the party at their home. They claim he was obsessed with their daughter.

But Bill's wife Janet McReynolds, who attended the party with her husband, tells GLOBE: "We didn't give JonBenét the bear. We simply passed out the gifts the Ramseys had previously wrapped for JonBenét and the other guests. It's a mystery to us."

By Joe Mullins and Craig Lewis

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-01-29: Justice Watch Forum thread, "Coldwater Michigan?"

42. "A.K. -- Coldwater info"
Posted by mapek on 10:36:22 2/02/99
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A.K. -- I noticed that, too, about IE. Netscape has a "View Page Info" selection that also shows the Jan. 6th date.

Cybersleuths news page just posted an article that Coldwater police have had that photo since October 1998. http://www.cybersleuths.com/current.html

18. "Barbie"
Posted by deanner on 13:37:38 1/29/99
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The Barbie is Rapunzel from the Childrens' Collector Series, issued in 1995. I am a collector and recognized her immediately. You can see the doll at


The Coldwater police site has a good photo of JonBenet's doll. The blue material next to the bear is her dress. Notice the gold trim and compare that to the dress on the Barbie web site. The blue-green veil is from Rapunzel's hat.

Hope this helps those of you who were wondering about the Barbie.

19. "Bingo to Deanner!"
Posted by CensusGrrl on 13:54:16 1/29/99
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Got it in one! The thin gold line near the bear's left foot is the bottom edge of the Rapunzel Barbie's gown, and the hat looks like it's been bent, par for the course for a doll that's been played with. Nice detect, Deanner.

1999-01-29: Hunter asks public to help locate toy or ID its maker

DA casts net for a Santa bear
Hunter asks public to help locate toy or ID its maker as possible clue in JonBenet case

By Charlie Brennan
News Staff Writer
January 29, 1999


BOULDER -- A mysterious Santa Claus teddy bear unexpectedly emerged Thursday as a possible clue in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter released a one-page statement and a photograph of the toy, saying he needed help in determining where the stuffed animal came from.

The white bear dressed in a Santa suit puzzles authorities. Its whereabouts apparently are a mystery, adding a twist to the tangled 2-year-old case.

Family members say the bear did not belong to JonBenet, the 6-year-old beauty princess found murdered in her family's basement the afternoon of Dec. 26, 1996.

"It wasn't hers," said the child's aunt, Pam Paugh. "I believe it was on the other (twin) bed in JonBenet's room."

"It's an example of something left in the house that didn't belong there and wasn't owned by any member of the family. And, that's pretty significant, in my book."

Or it could be something more innocent.

Two nights before JonBenet's murder, her parents hosted a Christmas party for family members, neighbors and friends. A guest might have given JonBenet the bear without her parents' noticing.

Hunter's plea for help came two days after a visit to his office by detectives Tom Haney and Lou Smit, who served as consultants in the case. Smit resigned Sept. 20, saying that not enough attention was being paid to "substantial, credible evidence of an intruder."

The color photograph, apparently from the dozens of rolls of pictures shot by crime-scene technicians, depicts a fuzzy white bear, about a foot long, lounging in a red, long-sleeved bolero jacket. The bear is sporting a black belt with a small pouch for presents dangling from it.

In the picture, the bear appears to be on the comforter of a bed.

Hunter's statement included nothing about where the bear was found, what efforts have been made to explain its presence in the home, or why it could be important in the case.

The bear is not listed among the hundreds of items seized from the Ramsey's upscale Boulder home during the 10-day search that followed discovery of the child's body. That and Hunter's unusual public appeal indicate it's not in the possession of authorities.

"I make this public request for assistance knowing that it will give rise to considerable speculation about the status of the Ramsey case," Hunter said.

"I intend to let this speculation take whatever course it will, since to confirm or deny theories about what this all means would most certainly damage the ongoing investigation."

A dozen tips poured in within hours of Hunter's announcement. Hunter, whose staff has been presenting the case to a grand jury since Sept. 15, is hoping anyone who recognizes the bear or has the same kind of bear can identify:

The manufacturer.

The retail outlet that might have sold it.

The time period in which the bear might have been available for purchase.

Longtime Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman, now in private practice, was surprised the bear is not among items seized as evidence.

"The general rule at a crime scene of this type ... is to take more, rather than less," said Silverman, "because, you don't know for for sure what's going to be of importance -- as proved by this teddy bear."

Silverman said investigators possibly want to know more about it, for the purpose of identifying fibers found at the crime scene.

Fort Lupton resident Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, the Ramseys' housekeeper at the time of the murder, was unsure whether she had seen the bear during any of her visits to the Ramseys' 15-room Chautauqua Park-area residence.

"I don't think I have," said Hoffmann-Pugh. "It may have been on the other bed. I just don't remember for sure if it was or not."

One of the immediate responses to Hunter's plea for help came from a man in Elk Grove, Calif. He e-mailed Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise that he had down-loaded the picture, enhanced its colors and eliminated a yellow tone that he felt detracted from its usefulness as evidence. He e-mailed an improved version of the photograph to Wise.

"And it is, it's just a better picture," Wise said. "His response to me was, 'Glad I could help."'

Staff writer Lisa Levitt Ryckman contributed to this report.

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-01-30: Justice Watch Forum thread, "Identical Santa bear sent to Hunter"

"Identical Santa bear sent to Hunter"
Posted by Perplexed on 11:10:04 1/30/99
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Cybersleuths web page has a special. I just read it. A lady in Florida bought a Samnta bear identical to the one in the photograph when she was in Nebraska several years ago She sent it to Alex Hunter.

4. "Lurker XIV"
Posted by Scully on 11:32:08 1/30/99
Include Original Message on Reply

Yes! I recall Nebraskafriend.

This person who sent the bear to Hunter was interviewed on a local television station in Nebraska. I wonder if we can obtain a transcipt of that show? I would LOVE to see the teddy-bear she brought with her to the interview!

5. "NO NO NO!!!"
Posted by driver on 11:36:20 1/30/99
Include Original Message on Reply

The bear was ordered from a catalog based in Nebraska.

6. "What next?"
Posted by Greenleaf on 11:37:52 1/30/99
Include Original Message on Reply

First there were the accusations against the housekeeper. (She was cleared, early on.)

Then, there was "the running man." (He was laughed out of town.)

Next was the "well-dressed gentleman," who was allegedly seen around town, stalking small children.
(He, too, faded away.)

The beat-up "barbie doll" suddently appeared, out of nowhere, on the Rams front lawn.
(It's still around, but on the back burner, along with the running man and well-dressed gentleman.)

Next, came the Hi-Tech shoe print in the basement.
(It too, had its' fifteen minutes of fame, but has slipped back into shoe leather obscurity.)

Then, the housekeeper revisted; old attacks by a new poster. (Too bad that had to happen.)

Just when we thought that there couldn't possibly be anything more (of similar odd ilk) along comes the small, stuffed bear, dressed in a santa suit.

It has all the earmarks of the other elusive "intruder clues," thrown against the "walls of public opinion," in anticipation that something will stick.


7. "sorry, driver..."
Posted by Scully on 11:54:41 1/30/99
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I just noticed the woman resides in Florida and was interviewed by a local TV station there

17. "cybersleuths took Florida bear down"
Posted by Perplexed on 14:30:58 1/30/99
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"I don't see the identical bear story on Cybersleuths or PostNet. What's up?"

can`t understand it. Cybersleuths took story down about florida lady buying bear and going on TV.

20. "just to clarify"
Posted by Lurker on 15:05:38 1/30/99
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The bit I read on Cybersleuths, mentioned nothing about mail order. The woman from Florida said she bought it IN Nebraska several years ago.

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-01-30: Justice Watch Forum thread, "2 news Denver-note in TB pouch"

"2 news Denver-note in TB pouch"
Posted by Linda on 20:50:29 1/30/99
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JonBenet's aunt says note was in teddy bear pouch

Police seek information about JonBenet's teddy bear

Boulder -- JonBenet Ramsey's aunt says a note was in a small pouch attached to a teddy bear that authorities hope will help them solve the six-year-old beauty queen's murder.

Pam Paugh says the note was not alarming but that it was, "telling" and "a bit prophetic."

Paugh is the sister of JonBenet's mother Patsy Ramsey, and she has repeatedly protested the innocence of her Patsy and John Ramsey. Her latest comments came yesterday on the TV show "Inside Edition."

She spoke of the pouch a day after Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter asked the public for help tracking down information about the teddy bear.

It's information investigators have been unable to come up with since JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in her family's home on the day after Christmas in 1996.

No arrests have been made in the case.

11. "Pam Paugh out on a limb again."
Posted by MaskedMan on 22:33:13 1/30/99
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Pam Paugh's claims on Inside Edition were laughable. If you believe the things she said, I've got some tickets for a ride on a UFO that you might like to buy.

1999-01-30: Boulder News Forum thread, "CONSPIRACY - DA Bear and da Note"

birdy - 10:21pm Jan 30, 1999 MST (#7 of 9)
senility, it isn't for just anybody

Well jameson, who told Pam about the note if nobody saw the bear? Pammy said they saw the bear three days before Christmas (Inside Edition) There was a note and she had seen it.

Since she was in Atlanta and not Boulder three days before Christmas and not in Boulder until the evening of the 26th. By then JonBenet's room was a sealed crime scene.

Soooo, who saw the bear and told Pam about it?

Was it your sadistic pedophile killer whom Pam insinuates wrote the note? Was this sadistic pedophile a guest at the party?

Maybe you , Pam and Patsy should get together on these "stories" before you put them out for public consumption.

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-02-01: Justice Watch Forum thread titled,
"Post Net: Police say bear could provide lead?"

"Post Net: Police say bear could provide lead?"
Posted by Linda on 14:55:37 2/01/99
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Police say teddy bear could provide lead in JonBenet Ramsey's murder
02/01/99 12:10:12 AM

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -- A teddy bear closely resembling a toy that was in JonBenet Ramsey's room around the time she was killed could provide a lead in the two-year murder mystery, the Boulder District Attorney's Office said.

``It appears it will give us some information,'' spokeswoman Suzanne Laurion said Saturday.

District Attorney Alex Hunter on Thursday sought help from the public in tracking down information about the foot-long stuffed teddy bear dressed in a Santa suit.

The stuffed animal was reportedly among toys found in JonBenet's room, but family members said it did not belong to the little girl. The teddy bear is now apparently missing.

Hunter posted a fuzzy snapshot of the white, furry bear on an Internet site, hoping that someone would be able to identify the toy's manufacturer and retailers where it was sold in 1996 or earlier.

The site logged 10,000 hits within 24 hours, 100 voice mails, two faxes and two ``personal contacts,'' the District Attorney's Office said. A Denver woman who saw the photo of the bear on a television broadcast turned over her toy to officials on Friday.

``We find ourselves emotionally moved by the caring people have shown and how much people want to help,'' said Laurion, adding that an announcement will be made when prosecutors are confident they have found what they needed.

Laurion confirmed that the Coldwater police department in Michigan had been quietly working to find the maker of the stuffed bear since ``late last year.''

The Coldwater police department put two photographs of the teddy bear on their own World Wide Web site without mentioning the Ramsey case. That site did not elicit a single response.

The Ramsey's had a vacation home in Charlevoix, in northwest Mich., which is more than 300 miles away from Coldwater, a small town near the southern border of the state.

``Our goal was to conduct a search from a distant police department,'' said Laurion. ``When this effort failed, we knew our next step was to issue a plea for assistance from the general public, which we did on Thursday.''

JonBenet, 6, was found beaten and strangled in her family's home on the day after Christmas 1996. There have been no arrests, although police have said JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, are under suspicion. They have denied involvement.

A Boulder County grand jury has been hearing evidence in the slaying since September.

AP-CS-02-01-99 0101EST

1. "Chris you were right"
Posted by Linda on 15:04:49 2/01/99
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Laurion confirmed that the Coldwater police department in Michigan had been quietly working to find the maker of the stuffed bear since ``late last year.''

The Coldwater police department put two photographs of the teddy bear on their own World Wide Web site without mentioning the Ramsey case. That site did not elicit a single response.

The Ramsey's had a vacation home in Charlevoix, in northwest Mich., which is more than 300 miles away from Coldwater, a small town near the southern border of the state

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-02-02: Justice Watch Forum thread titled,
"Pam Paugh's hoax about "a message in the pouch"

"Pam Paugh's hoax about "a message in the pouch""
Posted by MaskedMan on 13:48:54 2/02/99
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NOTE: This message was edited 13:48:54, 2/02/99

This is one for the books, folks:

As you may recall, Pam Paugh claimed on Inside Edition last Friday that there was "a message" in the pouch of the teddy bear that was seen in JonBenet's room. It turns out that Pam got this "fact" from a reporter who suggested it to her on that Friday morning. The reporter asked Pam about a possible note in the pouch. Pam replied that she didn't know anything about a note in the pouch! That was the first she had heard of it.

From the reporter, Pam gathered her "information" about the supposed "message." She assumed that the reporter was giving her valid new information (even though the reporter seems to have pulled the question out of thin air). Pam Paugh then eagerly told Inside Edition about the alleged note. Inside Edition didn't check out Pam's story or find out where she got it. Inside Edition aired the story without trying to confirm it.

It's all a HOAX, folks. Nothing to it, except poor journalism and Pam's suggestible nature.

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]1999-02-02: Webbsleuths Community Forum (http://munitrading.com) "Crime scene photos - 2 sets"

"Crime scene photos - 2 sets"
Posted by jameson on 15:57:23 2/02/99

Consider This:

Sometime between the murder and when the house was released by the authorities the doll was in the house, on the bed. It was photographed by the BPD. Those crime scene photos show the doll. Those photos were not shared with the Ramseys before last summer. THAT is when the doll became an issue - the Ramseys didn't recognize the doll.


Immediately after the house was returned to the Ramseys, their investigators took their own set of crime scene photos - THOSE are the photos that were "obtained" by the Globe. The Ramseys were certainly shown THOSE photos by their investigators, asked if anything was "out of place".

If the doll was there, well...

So I suspect the doll "got gone" before that secondset of photos was taken - - while the house was under the control of the BPD.

Did they take it and "misplace" it?

Was the house broken into before it was returned to the Ramseys?

Pam told me herself that she saw the doll on the bed on the 28th when she went in the house to get clothes for the family - remember she got the medal for John? Got the bible?

Well, she noticed the bear - it would stand out, wouldn't it? JonBenét wouldn't see another Christmas. And there was a Santa Bear. There was a cop with Pam, she couldn't have taken it without being seen. She said she didn't touch it.

So it was there on the 28th, and not there days later.

If it wasn't in the Ramsey investigator photos, it was not packed away and sent to the Ramseys.

So the mystery is, who had access to the house between the two sets of photos, was there a break-in during that time?

Where is the Santa bear?

And while we are at it, I wonder if the Barbie was located. Just a question I have. Would someone have taken the Barbie as well???

Oh - and as far as "other things left", I don't think he left an elf or any ornament. I think he left cigarette butts and DNA.

6. "Jameson -- re: Pam not touching bear"
Posted by mapek on 17:14:16 2/02/99
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Jameson -- if Pam didn't touch the bear, how did she know there was a note in the pouch?

8. "Pam"
Posted by jameson on 18:40:23 2/02/99
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She didn't find any note in the pouch.

She called it a "message", not a note, on Inside Edition

Someone told her about it. I don't know who it was, I don't think it was a reporter but it could have been.

So she heard about it from a "source". As we all know, some "sources" are better than others and sometimes people get bad information. I don't know what the "message" was, and I don't know who her "source" was. I don't know if that info was good or bad.

Personally, I think the "message" is interesting, but i want to know WHERE IS THE BEAR ?????

[www.justicewatch.com]1999-02-04: Justice Watch Forum, "DA's press release on search for toy bears"

"DA's press release on search for toy bears"
Posted by MaskedMan on 16:29:36 2/04/99
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NEWS RELEASE, Thursday, 2/4/99.

From: Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter.

Re: Search for information on toy bear is successful.

One week after we requested help in learning more about the manufacture, distribution and sale of a toy bear connected to the Ramsey case, we are pleased to report that we now have the information we needed. We are confident we have identified the sources where this bear could have been obtained.

Our office received 130 E-mail messages, 160 phone calls, 4 faxes, and 20 pieces of mail in the past week, and our website had 28,000 hits.

Three bears were turned over to us.

I want to thank the media and the public for their assistance.

Contact: Suzanne Laurion, Media Liason, Boulder County District Attorney

9. "What J. Edgar Hoover Knew...."
Posted by New York Lawyer on 18:40:38 2/04/99
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J. Edgar Hoover (a/k/a "Mary") once advised a local police department that was having difficulty solving a crime to "by all means, give it to the press." As Hoover knew so well, the press can ferret out information in a way no police department can. People who wouldn't be caught dead talking to the "cops," can't shut their mouths when talking to reporters. Hoover may not have known much about law enforcement, but he sure knew how to keep his job. Staying on good relations with the press was one of them. Don't forget, it was newspaper columnist Walter Winchell who arranged for the surrender to J. Edgar Hoover of mob boss Louis Lepke, who had been a fugitive, avoiding capture despite a nationwide manhunt. Lepke contacted the press, not the police, when he needed to feel safe and secure when turning himself in to the authorities.

Hoover would never have allowed a "knuckle head" like Tom Koby to antogonize the press. Instead, Hoover would have deputized Peter Boyles, Chuck Green and Charlie Brennan as junior G-Men, and had an arrest by now.


02/05/99 10:25:54 PM
Scripps Howard News Service
Release date: 02-06-99

DENVER -- A little white teddy bear emerged as a clue in the JonBenet Ramsey case during an interview last summer with the slain child's mother, sources said Friday.

Two investigators close to the case, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said Patsy Ramsey labeled the toy a mystery during voluntary interviews last June when she was shown crime-scene photographs of her daughter's bedroom.

``She stiffened,'' said one investigator. ``The way it was described was, she went white'' when she saw a picture that included a teddy bear in Santa Claus attire reclining on a twin bed in 6-year-old JonBenet's room.

``She was noticeably affected,'' said the law-enforcement source. ``She was saying, `Where did it come from? I've never seen that before.' ''

Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter on Thursday announced that a public appeal to learn about the bear's origins had elicited the information he was seeking. He didn't comment on what had been learned.

A second investigator familiar with the Patsy Ramsey interviews could not verify -- or refute -- that she showed a strong physical reaction to the picture.

But, he recalled, Patsy said: ```I don't know what this is, or where it came from,' or words to that effect.''

Patsy Ramsey and her husband John Ramsey have been labeled as suspects in the ongoing grand jury investigation into the strangling and beating death. The body of the little beauty queen was found in the basement of her parents' Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996.

They were interviewed over a three-day span June 23-25, 1998. The Ramseys have proclaimed their innocence.

The Ramseys' attorneys could not be reached for comment.

The investigator who commented on Patsy Ramsey's physical reaction to seeing the picture said he had weighed her comments about the bear against the fact that, as a suspect, she might have motive to highlight an item some consider to be evidence of an intruder.

He was skeptical, however, as to whether it could have been a ruse merely intended to divert suspicion elsewhere.

``If they are criminal masterminds, then why did they also allegedly do these things that are so stupid?'' he asked.

He cited the fact that the ransom note was found to have been written on a pad belonging to the Ramseys, but that John Ramsey voluntarily handed it to police the morning JonBenet was reported missing.

Gregg McCrary, a former FBI criminal profiler who has followed the case closely, was interested to learn that it was Patsy Ramsey who focused on the bear.

``If it's coming from someone who's clearly a suspect in the case, you have to look at it in an entirely different light,'' McCrary said.

(Charlie Brennan writes for the Denver Rocky Mountain News in Colorado.)

AP-NY-02-05-99 2317EST

[WebDollie's Real Audio]1999-02-15: Dave Lucas Radio Show - To the problems on The Boulder News Forum (BNF)

The Dave Lucas Radio show was broadcast live to an international audience via the Internet from station WROW in Albany, New York where scheduled shows covered the Internet subculture and the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

The February 15, 1999 show was titled, "Lance Matthews Solution to the problems on The Boulder News Forum." Susan Bennett, aka "Jameson" was a frequent caller to the show.

The following is a partial transcript from the February 15th show. The full transcript is at the link above.

From Part 1:

Jameson: Okay. Well, there is two camps. One of them is the Anti-Ramsey's and they have an awful lot of speakers on their side so we hear a lot about evidence that the Ramsey's probably did it. They were sleeping in the house that night. Their investigators haven't name another killer. There are fiber's on the tape that may be from Patsy's jacket that she wore when she tucked the child in bed that night. But what they don't talk about is the fact that there is foreign DNA in her panties that is mixed with her blood from when she was sexually assaulted that night and I don't know where they think the parents got foreign DNA when they murdered her at midnight. Did they go to the drugstore and order it? I don't, they don't talk about that. They don't talk about the fact of the teddy bear, they just kind of say that's not important but the teddy bear, the family never saw the teddy bear before the murder. The housekeeper never saw the teddy bear before the murder. Nobody who had even been in the house before the murder saw the teddy bear and it shows up after the murder on the child's bed and now it is missing. You know, is it important or not? The people who are against the Ramsey's want to not talk about evidence that looks for an intruder.

Lance Matthews: Your saying that nobody saw the teddy bear before the murder?

Jameson: Right, absolutely. The housekeeper said…

Lance Matthews: And now it is mysteriously gone?

Jameson: Well it was photographed by the police when they took pictures of the crime scene. It is clearly photographed on the bed. The police didn't show the crime scene photos to the Ramsey's, not….Because they were suspects.

Dave Lucas: Now since that time wasn't the house packed up and everything?

Jameson: Well the Ramsey's didn't get the house back for ten days.

Lance Matthews: Okay

Jameson: When the Ramsey's got the house back, they never went back into the house. They had some movers pack the house up for them. How do you say it, not certified but em, and there is no, nobody can find the doll now. The police say they don't have it but is it like the flashlight, was it taken and not and you know….

Lance Matthews: I mean do you think that every single thing in that house was documented as they removed it that they took and logged every painting, every every toothbrush? Are you saying they logged everything that was taken out of the house when they pack up and moved?

Jameson: No but they don't remember packing it and the Ramsey's don't have it.

Lance Matthews: Boy I don't remember what I had for breakfast the other day so I.

Jameson: You know I wouldn't even remember to be honest with you if you packed up my kids toys for two years and then brought them out I would probably look at some of them and go what cause I don't remember that.

Lance Matthews: I think the bear is a complete ruse.

Jameson: But the bear is a Santa Clause teddy bear and I think if you talk to most people, Santa Clauses, even teddy bear Santa Clause's are not around in June and July. You pack them up with Christmas decorations, you take them out with Christmas decorations and I think that particular Santa Clause would have stuck in some ones mind
in fact Pam Paugh saw that Santa Clause when she went in the house with the police to pick up some clothing and she went into JonBenet's room and she got a metal from JonBenet's room to give to John and she saw that Santa Clause teddy bear and it did click to her that you know it's a Santa Clause, JonBenet was killed on Christmas and she's never going to see Christmas again and never see Santa Clause again so the Santa Clause clicked in her mind as being on the bed. It is nowhere to be found now, where was it. I mean, it's in the photos and it's missing now but the point is that no one has said that they ever saw that doll before the murder and that goes for the housekeeper, company, people who where at the party.

Lance Matthews: So I was wondering on that. Was a was all the things that were packed up out of that house did that go at least out of JonBenet's room. Is that in police storage somewhere or did somebody just pack it up?

Jameson: No, it went to the Ramsey's.

Lance Matthews: Okay, so your and of course everybody the police are completely honest so we know they documented every little thing cause they are honest?

Jameson: I don't think anybody's honest.

Lance Matthews: There you go. Hey so somebody found a really nice guntz bear. I mean Guntz are very expensive bears so I know my daughter has a couple and somebody pocketed a bear. That's how I think.

Jameson: Well, I thought, I thought maybe a….. I thought maybe one of the movers took it as a souvenir but you can't accuse some one of that I mean or did somebody I mean how many cops, how many reporters, there were even a couple of break in's in that house between the time of the murder and the time that the house was packed up and gone. There were a couple break in's in that house so it could have been somebody who broke into the house and took it. There is no way of knowing where the bear is now. The fact is the bear appeared on the bed the day after the murder that was not know to have been in that house before.

Transcript Continued HERE

[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder”
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 97sb

"At midmorning on January 2, LaDonna Griego, a director of All Star Pageants, supplied ABC's Denver affiliate with JonBenet's December 17 ALL Star pageant video. Meanwhile, an amateur video of JonBenet's December 22 shop-"

PMPT Page 98sb

ping mall appearance sponsored by America's Royal Miss popped up on local TV. Sunburst Pageants in Atlanta provided another television outlet with its video of JonBenet performing in a white Ziegfield Follies outfit."

PMPT Page 126sb

"On December 17, JonBenet entered the All Star Kids Christmas pageant at the Airport Holiday Inn outside Denver. Her parents watched her win several titles, including Little Miss Christmas. When it was allover, John carried all her trophies and costumes to the car. It would be her last pageant" -Pam Griffin

[jameson's Webbsleuths]1999-10-30: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
On Thread titled, "Q&A with Pam Paugh"

11 . "questions for Pam Paugh"
Posted by KathyK on Oct-30-99 at 08:38 AM (EST)

I also would like to know anything she can tell us about the Santa Bear. Does she definately remember seeing the bear when she went to get stuff from the house, or does she just sort of think she remembers seeing it. Did the cops ever take it into evidence? Is it really missing? - how hard did the Ramseys look for it - could it just be in boxes that were packed up. Do they have the other things that were in the cops picture - like that fancy barbie doll?

Also, does Pam know anything about the dna - is it for sure from 2 people besides JonBenét?

Pam's Answer:

I do remember seeing the Bear on the secondary bed in JonBenet's room on 12/28/96. I do not know where the Bear is now. I am told that the BPD have confirmed the source of the sales point for that model Bear. I wonder if they have subpoenaed sales/shipping records and done a "search of transfer"

Kathy - jams here - I have spoken to someone else in the Ramsey circle who told me that they went through everything looking for the bear and the yellow raincoat - neither has been found. No one knows where they are.


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 32

"Eventually, arrangements were made for Pam Paugh, Patsy's younger sister, to go back to the house under police supervision and get a few things we needed. She would be allowed to stand at the door of a room and point at the items. Then the police would carefully catalog these possessions and deliver them to her.

Most of the items Patsy wanted were in a curio cabinet of keepsakes in our bedroom. Treasures from over the years filled the cabinet: Our children's first shoes, a christening gown Patsy had made for both of the children, baby teeth, JonBenet's baby locks, Patsy's baby shoes, and my baby rattle. Patsy particularly wanted Pam to get the My Twinn doll from under the Christmas tree and the pictures of the kids she kept on the sink in her bathroom.

After gathering up what we had asked for, Pam was getting ready to leave when she had a feeling that something important had been missed. She asked to go back to JonBenet's room, and as she stood in the doorway, her attention was drawn to a seemingly insignificant gold medallion that JonBenet had won in the recent All-Stars Christmas Pageant, her last competition. The round medallion had been placed around her neck as the overall winner of the talent competition. Even though either Patsy nor I had said anything

DOI Page 33

about the medal, Pam felt a personal urgency to retrieve it, and the detective didn't object.

Over the past two years JonBenet had won a number of medals and trophies in her little pageants. She was always so proud to show them to Daddy. I had told her many times that the most important part of these contests was not beauty or costumes but talent. "Your talent is the most important thing," I said. "And it doesn't matter if you win or not, just that you do your best." She would sing and dance her heart out. Sometimes she might be slightly off key, but JonBenet always gave her best.

"Dad, I really worked hard on my talent this time, " she would say to me, knowing that's what I thought important.

"Good, that's what counts," I always replied.

Her last contest had been in early December. I had planned to be there for the talent show, but the program ran ahead of schedule and I missed both the performance and the award. When I sat down beside Patsy, JonBenet lit up like a Christmas tree. She took the little medallion from around her neck and placed it around mine."

DOI Page 273

"During the interview, photographs of JonBenet's bedroom were shown to me, and I saw a red-and-white stuffed bear in a Santa suit lying on an adjacent twin bed. I said I didn't remember seeing that bear before. My comments started a nationwide search for the bear."

[About.Com Crime/Punishment]2000-05-09: About.com online Internet chat with Steve Thomas

From the May 9, 2000 About.com chat with Steve Thomas:

[crimeADM] Did the "teddy bear saga" have any bearing on the case?
(3 - people just asked this at once, for some reason)

[SteveThomas] Teddy Bear: Patsy suggested a teddy bear depicted in a - crime scene photo didnt belong. Rememebr, on Dec 28th we didnt know - exaclty what sister Pam hauled out of there. So we were tryiing to - determine if it DID belong, and from where it mght have come.

[Old APBnews.com message board 2000]2000-05-05: APBnews.com message board Internet chat with former Boulder Detective Steve Thomas from 5/5/2000 to 5/15/2000

APBnews.com message board - May 11, 2000
Thread: "Initial Comments from Steve Thomas"

Sweebie (May. 11, 2000 08:30 PM)
SteveThomas (read)


OK, I will try another question, since you haven't answered my other ones. ;-(

As you may know if you read jameson's forum, some of us have a theory that an intruder who knew JB might have brought the "Santa Bear" as a lure, or gift to JonBenet.

Was the origin of this bear or the gift giver ever determined? Do you know how this Santa Bear that has attracted so much attention came to be in JonBenet's room, or is it still a mystery.

Here's hoping you will answer - cheers!


SteveThomas (May. 11, 2000 11:44 PM)
Sweebie (read)

Dear Sweebie,

I am certainly not ignoring you, i just cant get to all of these questions. The site moderator asked if I would answer just two questions per day, and I am trying to do more than that.

I do not believe the Santa bear is the mystery that many are making it out to be. Remember my favortie line from Lou Smit, "murders are usually what they seem." I dont believe an Intruder brought a bear to lure the little girl, and then a back-up weapon of a stun gun just in case the bear didnt work. (This would be the same intruder who forgot his pen, pad and ransom note, remember.)

I find it more likely, IMHO, that all the stuffed animals that were not properly inventoried that went out of the house that Dec 28, 1996 with Pam Paugh may have contained that Santa bear. I dont think the bear is a mystery, I think the mystery (again, in my opinion) is why Patsy is suggesting the bear didnt belong.

How did it come to be in JB's room? Who knows? I think it was jsut one of her several stuffed animals. Another question mark in the case. Somebody certainly knows, and that somebody is not talking about it. Agreed?

thanks for your quesiton,


[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: Patsy Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

Patsy Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 28, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


Patsy Ramsey Interview August 28, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia (SANTA BEAR DISCUSSION)

2 Q. In December of 1998, there was a
3 fairly well publicized request from the
4 Boulder Police Department for assistance in
5 identifying and perhaps retrieving a Santa
6 Bear. Do you recall that?
7 A. Yes.
8 Q. Was it your understanding that the
9 bear that was sought was the same bear that
10 you were shown photographs of in 1998 June?
11 A. Yes.
12 Q. The same bear that you were
13 unable to identify?
14 A. Yes.

15 Q. We collectively, the prosecution
16 team, received from either Mr. Morgan or Mr.
17 Haddon the bear, the bear. Is that your
18 understanding?
19 A. Yes.
20 Q. How did we get it? I mean, what
21 was your participation in the chain of events
22 that led to the recovery of that bear?
23 A. The -- well, I think our lawyers
24 asked Gene Matthews, who was a local retired
25 police officer who had helped us with some

1 security at our home --
2 Q. Your home in Atlanta?
3 A. In Atlanta.
4 -- to go through boxes and look
5 for the bear.

6 Q. Did you assist him or is it her?
7 A. It is a him.
8 Q. Okay. Did you assist Mr.
9 Matthews, you personally?
10 A. You mean in digging through boxes?
11 Q. No. In offering suggestions to
12 where to look.
13 A. Well, I believe at that time we
14 were in the throes of a remodeling session,

15 and JonBenet's things that had come out of
16 her room in Colorado were packed and were in
17 the basement at my mother and father's house
18 in Roswell, Georgia.
19 So I told him that is where he
20 should start looking.

21 Q. Mrs. Ramsey, you emphatically
22 denied, in June of 1998, knowledge of that
23 bear. Did you have a change of
24 recollection, following the interviews in
25 1998, as to whether or not you had prior

1 knowledge of that bear?
2 MR. WOOD: Do you know what he
3 is asking you?
4 THE WITNESS: Do I recognize the
5 bear?
6 MR. WOOD: The emphatic part is
7 the only thing that concerns me. I am not
8 denying that it was emphatic, but I think
9 the point is you denied it in June of 1998,
10 and the question I think he is asking you is
11 when you found it, did that jog your
12 recollection that you might remember the
13 bear. Is that what you are asking?
14 MR. LEVIN: That is not quite the
15 question, but it is pretty close.
16 Q. (By Mr. Levin) What I am asking
17 you is, in June of 1998, you stated I do
18 not recognize this bear?
19 A. Correct.
20 Q. You recall that. The cry went
21 out for help in locating the origin of the
22 bear. Did you, at some point between our
23 request for assistance and in June of 1998,
24 have an opportunity to rethink the origin of
25 the bear and realize that that was, in fact,

1 JonBenet's Santa Bear?
2 MR. WOOD: I think you meant
3 between your request and December of 1998.

4 Q. (By Mr. Levin) Between June of
5 1998 and our request for help in December of
6 1998 --
7 MR. WOOD: That's right.
8 Q. (By Mr. Levin) -- did your
9 recollection get jogged and you realized that
10 you did, in fact, own the bear?
11 A. No. I mean, it was still a bear
12 that I did not recognize.

13 Q. Have you since that time had
14 anything that has refreshed your recollection
15 in that regard so that you now presently
16 know the source of that bear?
17 A. No.
18 Q. I am going to provide you with
19 some information to see if we can jog your
20 memory.
I have seen a videotape taken at a
21 pageant in December, in fact, December 14,
22 1996. I think that was -- was that the
23 last -- I believe that was the last pageant
24 that JonBenet participated in.

25 MR. WOOD: Is that right?

1 Q. (By Mr. Levin) I am asking you
2 if that is your recollection as well.
3 THE WITNESS: Is that the
4 Christmas, one of the Christmas ones down by
5 the --
6 Q. Yes.
7 A. All right.
8 Q. Was that the last formal pageant
9 she participated in?
10 A. Uh-huh (affirmative).

11 Q. I have seen a videotape of that.
12 A. Uh-huh (affirmative).
13 Q. And in the videotape it shows the
14 prizes.
15 A. Uh-huh (affirmative).
16 Q. And that bear is in the videotape
17 with you in the videotape?
18 A. Oh, really?
19 Q. And JonBenet won that bear at
20 that pageant.
Assuming that that is a
21 fact --
22 MR. WOOD: And you represent it
23 as fact.
24 MR. LEVIN: I'm representing that
25 it is my belief that that is true, and I

1 have seen videotape that shows what appears
2 to be that bear.
3 MR. WOOD: The question, though,
4 is are you representing it is that bear
5 because there is a difference, and I think
6 you understand it. I haven't seen the
7 videotape that you are referring to, but I
8 mean, you are saying it appears to be.


Patsy Ramsey Interview August 28, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia (SANTA BEAR DISCUSSION)

9 THE WITNESS: Yeah, I would like
10 to see that too because it was my
11 recollection that she won a bear, but it had
12 a little banner on it, and it was like a
13 little angel bear or something. It was all
14 white.

15 Q. (By Mr. Levin) Assuming that
16 that is correct, that, and, of course,
17 perhaps my observations are incorrect, just
18 assuming that, does that refresh your
19 recollection as to the origin of the Santa
20 Bear that we saw?

21 A. Well, this bear that I think she
22 was presented at that pageant did not have
23 Santa, Santa attire. It was a little angel
24 bear, which I have someplace.

25 Q. And just, I don't want to mislead

1 you because I am trying to jog your memory
2 to see if you can help us out here.
3 A. I appreciate that.

4 Q. And Detective Harmer is the one
5 that came up with the videotape.

6 MR. WOOD: I don't suppose we
7 have it.
8 MS. HARMER: No, I don't have it.
9 THE WITNESS: But it is the one
10 in the Santa outfit?
11 MS. HARMER: Can I --
12 MR. LEVIN: Yeah, because we are
13 trying to get Ms. Ramsey to see if we can
14 jog her memory.

15 MS. HARMER: The person who
16 provided the gifts is LaDonna Graygo.
17 THE WITNESS: All right.
18 MS. HARMER: Is she with All
19 Stars or America? I can't remember which.
20 THE WITNESS: I don't remember
21 either.
22 MS. HARMER: Whatever pageant she
23 was in on the 14th of December, and LaDonna
24 was involved in it, that is where the bear
25 came from.

1 THE WITNESS: Oh, okay.
2 MR. WOOD: According to?
4 MS. HARMER: Yes.
5 MR. WOOD: Just so we are clear,
6 we are now talking about two things.
7 MS. HARMER: And the video.
8 MR. WOOD: The video shows a
9 Santa Bear.

10 MS. HARMER: Yes. The video is
11 taken at the same pageant where LaDonna
12 passed out these prizes, one of which was
13 the bear.

14 MR. WOOD: Again, I am just
15 trying to make sure, do you have a video of
16 JonBenet holding or receiving a Santa Bear or
17 are you saying that Santa bears were given
18 out to some of the people there?

19 MS. HARMER: The video shows the
20 Santa Bear on the table.

21 MR. WOOD: Well, the table, who
22 all is in the picture?
23 MR. KANE: Maybe I can clarify

24 it. LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear,
25 purchased the Santa Bear. It was the prize

1 to JonBenet, and she told us the prize that
2 JonBenet was awarded for winning little Ms.
3 Christmas. That was the prize and it was
4 the only bears that she had, and she got it
5 from someplace in Nebraska, a mail order
6 company. I can't remember the name.

8 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Did you look at
9 the bear when it was found by -- what is
10 her name?
11 A. Gene.
12 Q. Gene, or his?
13 MR. LEVIN: Mr. Matthews.
14 THE WITNESS: Uh-huh
15 (affirmative).
16 Q. (By Mr. Kane) You looked at it
17 before it was shipped off to Colorado?
18 A. Yes.
19 Q. And that didn't ring any bell
20 with you?
21 A. Uh-uh (negative).
22 Q. But you remember getting -- she
23 won a bear at that pageant?
24 A. I thought it was the little white
25 angel bear, but maybe it was, maybe she got

1 that some other time.
2 Q. (By Mr. Levin) If I understand
3 you correctly, Mrs. Ramsey, you do recall, my
4 sense is, and if I am wrong, tell me, you
5 do recall with some degree of certainty she
6 won a bear at that pageant, her last
7 pageant?
8 A. Yes.
9 Q. And then what I am understanding
10 you to say is, what you are not certain of
11 is the type of bear?
12 MR. WOOD: No, she is not saying
13 she is not certain. She is saying I thought
14 it was the little white angel bear, but
15 maybe she got that some other time.
16 Q. (By Mr. Levin) And I took that
17 to mean that you are not certain that it was
18 the angel bear --
19 A. Or the Santa Bear.
20 Q. -- or the Santa Bear?
21 A. Right.
22 Q. So if I understand you correctly,
23 you are saying that you don't have an
24 independent memory today to state emphatically
25 she didn't win the Santa Bear?

1 A. Right.
2 Q. Did you, when you directed Mr.
3 Matthews where to look for the bear, that
4 is, in the box of things from JonBenet, did
5 you know that that bear had been taken out
6 of the house with your other property? I
7 suppose what I am getting at is, had you
8 been able to go through all of the things
9 that were removed from the Boulder house --
10 A. No.
11 Q. -- prior to December of '98?
12 A. No.
13 Q. Did you go through any of the
14 property at all, if you recall?
15 A. No.


[www.justicewatch.com]2001-05-05: Justice Watch Forum thread, "EVIDENCE 5: Rope found in Guest Room"

6. "Gem"
Posted by Ginja on 17:12:59 5/05/2001

I read that transcript. CAP did not say she found "a note". She said there was something that implied a "message" in the pocket. When later asked if it was a note ... she said "no". Godz only know what she took to be a message. Could have been a stick pin for all we know ... or a piece of string. Not saying it was either thing, but we haven't heard WHAT she was talking about.

What transcript are you reading? I searched, but couldn't find any kind of a 'transcript' that talked about the bear. What I did find was a Daily Camera article and a news station's index of news stories:

1/29/99 Daily Camera by Christopher Anderson:

It has been reported that the grand jury investigating JonBenét's death is interested in learning about the manufacture and sales of the Santa bear because one was found on a bed in JonBenét's bedroom near the time of her murder, but is now apparently missing. JonBenét's aunt, Pam Paugh, recently told a reporter that a note was found in a pouch the bear had tied around its waist, but search warrants do not list any such note as evidence collected at the crime scene.

JONBENET RAMSEY CASE Sunday Jan 31, 1999 - 05:47:06
Boulder DA given matching bear (Denver Post)

Woman sends in 'close match' to toy bear in JonBenet photo (Inside Denver)

JonBenet's aunt says note was in teddy bear pouch (KWGN-2)

18. "Santa Bear Pouch"
Posted by Chris on 19:13:53 5/05/2001

Here is what I remember:

When the plea was put out for info on the Santa Bear, Aunt Pam was on Extra or Inside Edition. When she was interviewed she "speculated" that there may have been a note inside the pouch that the Santa Bear was carrying.

After the rumor started circulating (and I can't remember where it came from) that Aunt Pam got that idea when Carol McKinley interviewed her, I asked Carol about it. Carol told me that she had asked Pam if she "thought there could have been a message from the killer in the pouch" (or something to that effect). Pam took this idea and ran with it, claiming there was a note in the pouch.

At least that's how I remember it...

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2001-06-05: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"BORG lies found on this forum"

"BORG lies found on this forum"
Posted by jameson on Jun-05-01 at 07:40 PM (EST)

Ginja posted - "... a real twist in the case blew the investigation apart when Pam told police that the perp left a "prophetic" note in the bear's pocket. A note she had read prior to the the murder."

Ginja - - what are you smoking? It seems Pam was told by a certain FOX reporter who will not go nameless (Carol McKinley) that there was a message in that pouch on the bear. Thinking Carol had gotten that from a police source, Pam foolishly repeated that bit of information during an interview. She certainly did not describe it as "prophetic" and she did not say she had read it.

She saw the bear on the bed when she was in the house after the murder -- didn't touch it, never read any note.

Don't know where some of the BORG get their information but it won't go unchallenged here.

This thread will expose some of the lies - - then, I fear, the posters who continue to post this crap will simply find the welcome mat removed.

3 . "Jameson"
Posted by why_nut on Jun-05-01 at 08:08 PM (EST)

"Ginja - - what are you smoking? It seems Pam was told by a certain FOX reporter who will not go nameless (Carol McKinley) that there was a message in that pouch on the bear. Thinking Carol had gotten that from a police source, Pam foolishly repeated that bit of information during an interview. She certainly did not describe it as 'prophetic' and she did not say she had read it."

Is Ginja to be blamed for conveying information that was written in the news before Ginja ever posted on this forum?


Pam Paugh, the sister of JonBenet's mother, Patsy Ramsey , said in an interview Friday that a small brown pouch attached to the bear contained a note.

The note was not alarming, but in view of the circumstances it was both "telling" and "a bit prophetic," Paugh said in an interview with the TV show "Inside Edition."

The same quote was reported by the Denver Post, the Associated Press wire service, and ABC News.

4 . "mea culpa"
Posted by jameson on Jun-05-01 at 08:23 PM (EST)

how could Pam have described something she never saw?

Those words had to have come from Carol as well.

I spoke to Pam about the bear and the "note" - - she never opened that pouch, didn't see any "note". I told her she was trusting the wrong person there.

As for my not having that quote, I don't have the Inside Edition transcripts. Don't remember that program at all. If you have the transcripts, perhaps you have the ones of Chris Wolf as well?

5 . "Well Good Grief,, Jameson!"
Posted by Ginja on Jun-05-01 at 08:41 PM (EST)

In one of the threads yesterday you posted how you welcome open discussion, not to mention the truth.

This is how you contend with open discussion and truth? Shame on you!

And pray tell, what makes you think LHP is a liar and your friends the Ramseys aren't? The Ramseys, your source for many of the BS YOU post, lie consistently and those conflicting statements (lies) have been recorded (as in transcript, not audio).

I am not going to go tit-for-tat with you. I will post my POV as well as the POV of numerous people involved in this investigation, from the housekeeper to the District Attorney! What you should be doing is comparing notes and pov's...not discouraging open discussion or dissing everything anyone says that isn't in line with your Ramspeak.

For example, you ask whether or not that hallway was messed up prior to the crime and you ask what a messed-up hallway has to do with the crime. You want proof in photographs that that hallway either was or wasn't in disarray.

Jams...you and I met on Geraldo.com more than four years ago. I came in as an experienced investigator and ex-cop, you were a novice to crime scene and homicide investigation and didn't have a clue. I admire your tenacity and how you've delved into this investigation. But please...if you don't know why a messed up hallway outside that bedroom would make a difference, then you've just pointed out you've wasted 4 1/2 years of your life! Haven't you learned anything?

You point out elsewhere that there are different series of crime scene photos; some picture a scene one way, and another photo of the same scene pictures it differently. So now you're going to quibble about pictures of the hallway? What good are police reports and statements of investigators on the scene if you're going to ignore them?

If you want to get anything straight, let's get a major point straight. Pictures were not taken in that house depicting the true state of any scene. Cops took a copy of the ransom note (the original was already down at the station being studied by the FBI), spread it across the stairs as Patsy described and then took a picture.

JonBenet's bedroom wasn't sealed until 10:30 that morning...long after family, friends and police had freely roamed through it, touched things, looked under covers and beds and whatever. So do you really think those photos of her bedroom are meaningful?

Getting back to getting straight a major point: because these pictures are faulty, their significance is minimal. It will be the testimony of the police officers and detectives on the scene that morning that will have the greatest weight.

Likewise, it will be the testimony of the coroner who performed the autopsy that will have the greatest weight as to the condition of JBR's body and the evidence it produced -- not some third-party opinion of a defense expert such as Krugman.

It's going to all boil down to testimony of what the officials involved in this investigation saw and did that will hold any weight as to the crime and the crime scene.

It's going to all boil down to testimony of former employees of the Ramseys that will hold any weight as to the family, their habits, and what they saw and heard during their employment.

IOW...what I've been posting are excerpts of what these people saw, heard and have reported.

You would think you'd welcome open discussion from someone who's experienced in this kind of investigation. One would think you'd be anxious to pick this brain...not destroy it!

You're your own worst enemy!

BTW...I don't hold you responsible for all the BS you post. You've been bamboozled by the best. However. I wonder. What are you so afraid of? Why does following the evidence to where it leads scare you so much?

Are you truly interested in justice for a little girl who was murdered in her home on Christmas night? The way you put up walls to block any real discussion of facts and evidence indicates you're more interested in proving your pov, not going after the truth.

Why would you want to pull out the welcome mat from posters with a different pov? Does that make sense? Is this your personal rah-rah forum? It's your pov or no pov? If you want to control the discussion, you've got a private forum for that. This forum's public. I thought that meant all viewpoints were welcomed.

There has been no flaming, no lying, no dissing. Just simple discussion of the facts as others see those facts. Your pov is nothing more than facts as others (e.g., Ramseys, Smit) see those facts. You're on one side of the fence, and posters like myself are on the other side. Those conflicting viewpoints are the basis for discussion...

...unless, of course, you want to pull out the welcome mat and talk to yourself.


[Jonbenet: The Police Files]2002-12-03: “Jonbenet: The Police Files”
by National Enquirer, Don Gentile and David Wright (Editors), December 3, 2002

NE Page 202

"Patsy at this point was asked to begin a review of dozens of crime scene photos taken inside the Boulder home. She was asked if she saw anything unusual or out of place. For the most part she didn't.

A dust ruffle on the bed in John Andrew's bedroom - the guest room next to JonBenet's room - caught her eye. A section of it seemed tucked under the bed as if someone had crawled under there to hide, she said She didn't recognize a stuffed bear in Santa clothing that is on a second bed in JonBenet's room. Police later learned the bear was a gift given to JonBenet and other children at the Amerikids pageant event in Boulder; days before the murder"

NE Page 374

John puzzled over the photo of the stuffed bear dressed in a Santa outfit that was found on the second bed in JonBenet's room. Like Patsy, he didn't know it was a gift given JonBenet and the other children at the Amerikids pageant before Christmas.

LS: And that Santa Claus doll is located where?

JR: In the bed next to JonBenet's.

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