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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Unpublished Short Story by "Jakula" (CU Student)
Was to be part of novelette "GORE TIMES FOUR™" 12/2/1996
Story: Girl (mouth taped/limbs tied) raped and killed on Xmas


1997-12-02: Newsgroups: "alt.horror.werewolves "

Subject: SANTA CLAWS™ (©1996)
Date: 12/02/1997
Author: jakkketch

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"Here is my infamous short story "SANTA CLAWS™" from my unpublished novelette "GORE TIMES FOUR™", which I was going to publish for Xmas last year (1996) but all the print shops I went to were swamped...according to them anyway!
Actually I'm glad I didn't publish it because I'd probably be accused of inspiring the sexual murder of JonBenet Ramsey. But I think I predicted her death, although when I was writing I had no idea! In "SANTA CLAWS™" a girl, with her mouth taped shut and limbs tied, gets raped and killed on Xmas...except my character's 10 (how ever if you combine the digits they look like a 6) and she dies differently. Oh well, no one's perfect! Hell, even Nostradamus wasn't 100% accurate! You can call "SANTA CLAWS™" kiddy porn, but the media goes into just as much detail on pedophilia! I'm sure this post would've put me on the FBI's list...but I'm already on it! I've been under constant surveillance for so long (perhaps for my own good)! I'm sure my phone is tapped and my mail is inspected (if not stolen), but what can I do? I feel sorry for the pig(s) going through my trash! But these investigative tactics aren't only used by pigs, they're also used by businesses, terrorists, and obsessed stalkers! But just because you write about something doesn't mean you condone it. For those who'll ask me 'then why do you write such smut?', because I like to write about things which scare and gross out most people! To me this is the whole point of Erotic Horror and Splatter Punk. But of course stories must have comic relief (and that's where Gallows Humor comes in). My writings are for a negative reaction, so if you're not offended by them then there's something wrong with you! "SANTA CLAWS™" has made my life hell, and could possibly make it worse by publishing it, but when it comes to prophecy the prophet must not be silenced. When I first heard about the JonBenet Ramsey murder (which was the first time I heard of her) I couldn't believe it; so I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking I'm full of shit. How ever the copyright office's date of registration for "GORE TIMES FOUR™" is 12/2/1996; 1+2+2+1=6, in my numerology 6 and 9 are switchable, and in gematria 1=A and 2=B so 6996/ABBA996!"

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1997-12-31: Newsgroups: "alt.skinheads,alt.satanism"

Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR!?!
From: JaKuLa@usa.net
Date: 1997/12/31
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My lease is up next year...thank God! I already have all my stuff moved out, but if any of you are curious where I used to live here's the address - 1107 S. Carson Court #108 Aurora CO 80012. I'm not forwarding my mail...so no one can request an address change! Why did I post where I was living? Because I legally can! How ever I don't live there anymore...but my lease isn't up till tomorrow so ha! Anyway an early Happy New Year to all (although I prefer to celebrate it on Samhain)!


1998-02-02: Newsgroups: "alt.fan.authors.stephen-king"

Subject: Re: Here's one-First SK title you ever read?
From: JACULA@webtv.net (JKL)
Date: 1998/02/02
Message-ID: <6b4jh3$3sc$1@newsd-151.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.authors.stephen-king

At the moment I'm not sure which STEPHEN KING book I read first (because he has so damn many)! But let's go onto another topic - the Horror's Writer's Association. I was a member for 2-3 years and I was refused active membership even though I met their guidelines.

The fanzines/demos I published were related to what was required and I made more from self publishing than I would've had I sold my rights; an even though their guidelines didn't exclude self publication, I was still denied active membership because I preferred to self publish. But not only was I denied active membership, but also publication in their newsletter (which I subscribed to).

I sent several letters for publication, so I don't see why they'd publish other members' letters but not mine (especially since I recieved newsletters from them with some blank pages).
I even sent their newsletter's editor my short story "SANTA CLAWS=99" (for more info on it do a deja search), and after I did so my neighorhood suddenly became a motorhome park! Why is it some people are more willing to get me into trouble than to help me out?! On top of this, Hwa gave out the wrong mailing address in their last directory I appeared in! Is it a conspiracy against me or what?! I don't see why I was promoted so poorly when in STEPHEN KING's "SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK..AGAIN" a scene (including the dialogue) was/is quite similar to that of my mini-script "CUMING BACK TO LIFE=99" (=A91995). Is it a coincidence before "SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK...AGAIN" came out, I wrote to Hwa and sent them a synopsis for "COMING BACK TO LIFE=99"?

1998-02-03: Newsgroups: "alt.books.dean-koontz"

Subject: Re: Koontz ripped off idea?
From: JACULA@webtv.net (JKL)
Date: 1998/02/03
Message-ID: <6b7sqv$a0k$1@newsd-153.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
Newsgroups: alt.books.dean-koontz
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I don't know. But I know that I'm like KOONTZ's character SNOW from "FEAR NOTHING", since I'm very sensitive to sunlight,
I've been under constant surveillance for the past few years (for more info do a deja search for "SANTA CLAWS=99 (=A91995) ), there have been many attempts on my young life (I'm only 21), and I have crossed paths with cultists/demons numerous times. JKL gematrically/numerologically equals 6 (10/1+11/2 +12/3=3D33/6), and when using "My New AlphaBet" JKL adds up to 9 (55/10/1+60/6+65/11/2=3D180/27/9); 6 and 9 are interchangeable (for more info do a deja search for "DR. JKL'S FORMULA=99"). O is the 15th letter (1+5=3D6), and 0 is considered the 27th letter (2+7=3D9). Isn't 0 nothing?!

=A91998 by JKL=99 , please send questions/comments to DrJKL@hotmail.com ..but no spam/e-bombs!

1998-03-09: Newsgroups: "alt.rap"

Subject: necro-psycho@webtv.net
From: JACULA@webtv.net (JKL)
Date: 1998/03/09
Message-ID: <6e1lfo$kj6$1@newsd-154.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
Newsgroups: alt.rap

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Stop writing to my brother, and talk "shit" to my face then see what happens. Do you think just because you call yourself necro-psycho that I'm afraid of you? You're worse than people that claim I'm afraid of them because of their Race. I'm not afraid to die, but I'm not ready to either. If I were afraid to die I wouldn't post what I've been posting. My posts (in here especially) have probably turned more people against me than on my side, but I'm not afraid to speak the truth. If anyone tries to kill me, I will try to take them with me. I won't go out like a bitch. But just because some may have gotten away with something, it doesn't mean it won't "catch" up with them. I'm sick of putting up with bullshit, an I won't (if I can help it). So if you want to harrass me or my family, then come to my house, knock on my door and do it then. I'm sure Icp knows where I'm at because I sent them my home address to be added to their mailing list; but I haven't received anything from them so what's that mean?! But before you come over give me a ring, since they also have my #, so I'll know what time to expect you and be awake. If you take any weapons to a street fight you're a pussy.

Write to JaKuLa@usa.net ...but no e-bombs!

1998-03-29: Newsgroups: "jacula alt.revenge apartment" (Note: Paragraphs added by ACR from original)

Subject: An I for an I?
From: JACULA@webtv.net (JKL)
Date: 1998/03/29
Message-ID: <6fmlbo$s7v$1@newsd-154.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
Newsgroups: alt.revenge

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Now I'm about to share with you folks something most of you wouldn't believe and could careless about. I've been harassed the past few years by somebody who can't take a hint and won't leave me alone. It doesn't matter if I defend myself, because he stills *bugs* me. This is a person I used to trust, until I found out some of the shit he said about me and did against me; he lived not even a block away from my parents, and would visit my family frequently managing to befriend them. I think his reasons for befriending us is so we would trust him and not suspect him of anything.

Somebody tried breaking into my folk's house, stealing my family's mail, an I'm sure of that. I warned my parents about him, but they still would let him into their house when he would visit (so I put up with him for them). But he disappeared for awhile, and so things cooled down. Last year me and brother shared a 1 bedroom apartment, an I made the mistake of letting my former associate know where we were staying at (he suspiciously visited my parents' right before we moved out of there). I knew better, but I decided to forgive him. The first day he visited us he tried to convince me to let him move in. Now bear in mind this same person told me how he (and the people he lived with) were evicted before and about a lot of the crimes he enjoyed doing; and to top it off he talked shit about my brother, right in front of me.

This person visited us, and ended up staying the night because he would not leave! The next day I was trying to think of a way to get rid of him with out having to get violent (since the person I'm talking about always cops an attitude when he doesn't get his way and I was on probation at the time). So I pretended like we were going for a walk and let him lead the way, only to turn around and shut the door! It was at least a half hour before the idiot noticed/came knocking on my door! I was relieved that he was out of my apartment an I thought it was funny.

That night I noticed some of my groceries were missing, so I assume that he stole/stashed them while me and my brother were sleeping (I had the bed, my brother had the futon, and he had the floor)! I guess the idiot couldn't see that we ditched him on purpose because he kept stopping by our apartment and knocking on our door! I wouldn't doubt if he thought we were afraid of him (which wasn't/isn't the case), we just didn't/don't want to have anything to do with him anymore! It wasn't long before I noticed he had befriended my neighbors (since I looked out my sliding glass door to see him on the patio next door) an on other occasions I heard him in the apartment above me. Why would a former friend want to befriend your neighbors?! I think he may have turned them against me, so that they wouldn't care if I was ripped off/fucked with!

Anyway, last year on the 4th of July me and my brother were drugged/poisoned and threatened. But who ever did it must have had access to our apartment while we weren't there. My brother was passed out face down on the floor an I was laying on the futon...both of us unable to move. People came into my apartment and told me that they cut my brother up and put him into soup. I believed them at the moment, an it wasn't until I awoke from my stupor that I realized I had been lied to. My brother was still alive, and I tried figuring out what happened and why. I looked at both the 2 liters of *soda* we had in our refrigerator, and the seals to both of them had been broken (although only 1 was opened by us); so obviously somebody had put a drug/poison/toxin in our soda. I should've called the police, but I didn't because I didn't think they'd believe me (since my own family, besides my brother, thought I was just paranoid).

I should've moved out but the lease wasn't up, an I had nowhere else to go. Things started getting crazier. I would wake up with people on me and talking to me. I think there may have been a speaker hidden in my bedroom (most likely in the vent near the ceiling), because I usually would hear people talking to me although I couldn't see them. For awhile I thought I might have been hearing voices in my head, which is a symptom of manic depression and schizo phrenia, but it wasn't long before I knew the voices were coming from outside my head. One day while I heard voices, I stood up on my bed and felt the vent (which was vibrating WITH the voices). Other times I would wake up an a red light would be flashing from the vent/ceiling an aiming towards me! I figured I was being watched because in some of the chat rooms I frequented, stuff was posted about me that only people watching me would know! Sometimes I would leave my apartment, only to come back and find my stuff not how I left it.

To get back to what I was saying, I think if somebody really wanted to get into my apartment with out my permission, (t)he(y) would not want to be seen doing it! So I think there was a secret passage. Between me and my next door neighbor's doors there was a staircase, and behind it a wall. Was there a hall behind the wall? In my apartment the fireplace was located on/in the side/direction facing my next door neighbors' apartment and below the people's that lived above me...an I assume my neighbors' fireplaces may have been across/above mine. I recall laying in bed and hearing a squeaky sound coming from my living room. I checked the fireplace an it made a squeaky sound when I pulled down on the log holder! I think if there was a secret passage into my apartment, it was from the fireplace/chimney!

I moved out of my apartment and back with my parents. I ran into my former friend when I went outside to check the mail 1 night and we acted as if nothing happened, I even apologized for ditching/shunning him. Now keep in mind that his girlfriend and children were present and I didn't have any witnesses around but me. If we would've gotten into a fight, it's very likely that I would've beat him so badly I would've gotten arrested/sued an of course his girlfriend would've lied about who threw the first punch! Anyway I went back inside and they came over to visit. We had an alright conversation and they left, but then they came over again and brought over some food that they made, which they tried getting me to eat. I wouldn't eat it so they left it with me for my parents to...so I flushed it down the toilet! They still haven't picked up the bowl they brought the food over in! I'm glad they haven't though!

But since then people have been getting to me while I'm trying to sleep (ring a bell?). Before I moved back in with my parents my brother did an 1 day he went to the hospital because he had seizures an a drug (that he didn't take) was found in his blood...my brother was home alone an asleep for most of that day. I've woken up with women on me (whose voices I didn't recognize)! Now I don't mind if people are bringing me women, but not if they're diseased, old an ugly (how ever I'm not saying I've had sex with diseased/old/ugly women)! I think I know how people are getting to me, but they only seem to mess with me while I'm in bed trying to sleep! I realize this sounds like I have vivid dreams...but I get woken up! I still hear people talking to me from outside my room, so I think there maybe another hidden speaker somewhere! The thing is, in order for anybody outside where I'm living to know if I'm sleeping is if they're watching me!

So is government/law enforcement helping people get to me or what?! I know I've been monitored (an under constant surveillance at 1 time at least) by the government/law enforcement because of what I write/record/say, rumors spread about me and whom I've associated with. But I would really like vengeance! I'm at the point where I will kill who ever tries hurting me/my family anymore! They think they can get away with it because the government/law enforcement lets them? If the government/law enforcement is doing me a *favor* that's 1 thing, but if they're *working* against me that's definitely another!

Write to JaKuLa@usa.net ...but no e-bombs!

1998-04-30: Newsgroups: "alt.skinheads"

Subject: Re: TIMES TABLE
From: JaKuLa@usa.net
Date: 1998/04/30
Message-ID: <6iavtt$4j$1@nnrp1.dejanews.com>
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
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Article Segment 2 of 2
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is made up of 49 parts (if you don't believe me use a comp book); and it's numbers are always counting forwards and backwards (either way it's the same since 10=1+15=16=1+6=7 and when using "My New AlphaBet" 2=15=1+5=6 and 5=30=3+0=3).

1234567 1
6 2
5 3
4 4
3 5
2 6
6 2
5 3
4 4
3 5
2 6
1 7654321

The Hexagram is made up of 36 parts (and the numbers are always in vertical lineage with the same value).

2 2
54 45
2 2

Written and ©1997/1998 by David L. Courtney/Jack Ketch/Dr. Jkl (who was born 7/26/76 in Springfield, IL)


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-01-15: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"For Bluefire, or anyone else who cares to respond..."

"For Bluefire, or anyone else who cares to respond..."
Posted by Karebear on Jan-15-00 at 00:46 AM (EST)

I have been searching the archives for threads about McReynolds and came across a post you did regarding "Jakula." For anyone who hasn't read it, here's the jist...

*Wrote something called Santa Claws
*Invented a numerology in which 118=JBR.

*Connected to Mc Elroy's website which showed a graphic garotte similar to the one used on Jonbenet.
*Downloaded child porn from internet.
*Usenet search for early teens to have sex with.

Also, he mentioned that Mc Elroy's alibi was that he was stoned out on cough medicine, which is the drug they gave the kid in "Ransom."

Does anyone know anything else about this Jakula? I assume it's a male. Does anyone know his age or whereabouts or if he has been question by the authorities? Thanks for letting me share. KB

2 . "Jakula"
Posted by KathyK on Jan-15-00 at 07:56 PM (EST)

Jakula wrote a violent story in Oct 96 about the devil dressed as Santa Claws broke into a house and raped a 10 yr old girl and killed the whole family. The story was posted in a newsgroup. Bluefire knows more about him than I do - I know he lived in a suburb of Denver, I don't know if he ever lived in Boulder, or went to CU. I read some of his usenet posts - he had invented some alphabet where he claimed some letters were equivalent, and equaled some numbers - I never even tried to understand it, but he seems to me to be the type that, if he were to write a ransom note, he would put weird numbers and letters in it. I don't know anything about Jakula's connection to Mike McElroy, and I wasn't aware that Jakula was the one who wanted to have that bumper sticker made, or that he had cameras installed when the BPD questioned him, although he sounded paranoid in his postings (or maybe quilty of something) -he said the cops were always questioning him.

11 . "Jakula"
Posted by jams on Jan-18-00 at 10:54 AM (EST)

is still suspect as far as I am concerned and I believe the less made public the better.

Unofficially, he has been linked to McElroy, has been identified as Jason. As far as I know, he is NOT MakeToast.

[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2000-01-18: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"General Discussion 2 - Who is Jakula?"

From: Bailey38 1/18/2000 5:57 pm
To: 15423 (2 of 16)
898.2 in reply to 898.1

Jakula is an internet poster that posted stories on a page..message board sort of thing..Goth style at Christmas time.
Although his story was graphic, it was little more than a made-up story,(and I might add, all the stories there were odd) so jams turned him into the police.(I think Mikie did a chart on him if that helps any..*l*)


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2004-04-21: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Who is David Courtney?"

Member since 5-8-02
04-21-04, 06:11 PM (EST)

"Who is David Courtney?"

Yahoo ID: geneticfrenetic
also posts as Al Chemistry

Online info:

Real Name: David Courtney
Nickname: D.
Location: Aurora, CO USA
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Occupation: Writing/creating music, poetry, stories, articles


In the middle of some rants about the president, he posted these bits:

"...they wanted to set me up, make a kiddy porn flick, and frame me since I believe I was a suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey (I wrote and copyrighted a story in Dec 96 before the murder about a grrl who had been raped and murdered on Xmas). The reason they've gotten away with this so far is cause I'm diagnosed with a mental illness, but that doesn't mean this is not true."

"I probably shoudl't have posted this, altough I was being honest, but now I question if it was all hallucinations and/or nightmares? I am a diagnosed a paranoid schizo phrenic."


I came on this and wonder if SickPuppy was not someone like this - - someone who would write stories about rape and murder and...

I am not accusing anyone of anything here, but I wonder if anyone here knows anything about D. Courtney, his online postings or any of his friends.

If you lookfor him online, you will find him - - but be warned, some of his stuff is real nasty - REAL nasty.

Member since 5-8-02
04-21-04, 06:54 PM (EST)

2. "A post by David Courtney?"
In response to message #1

From: Genetic Frenetic™ (geneticfrenetic@webtv.net)
Subject: JG
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads

I still hear that speck JG's voice,and I'm still getting tortured when I sleep. I keep geiting injected with stuff that makes me sick. I know it's him cause he says stuff that only he would know. WHen I was his friend, in the early 90s, he use to spread untrue rumors about me@ school(Gateway Highschool and William Smith) and @ our work (The Armadillo and the Stampede)...such as that I was a pedophile and murderer. He befriended Rotc and army recruiters and that's how I think he got into the military (if he's in it...he always wanted to be a seal). He didn't even graduate fromHigh school, and he doesn't even have a ged so how did he get in? But he once told me his cousin and mother were given diplomas cause their school wanted to get rid of them. I recall his mother calling a radio staton and accusing a teacher (Mr. Wright) of being racist cause her son ditched his class (I'm a witness to that) and got a bad grade. Anyway I lost all my friends cause of the rumors, my mail has been getting tampered with, my phone has beentapped, and I've been under survellancefor the past decade. On topofthat the beaner's managed to turn people I'm a fan of and even family against me (whom I hear talking shit), and Iget raped, tortured,and fucked wth all the time. Hehas ruined my life and my career and that's why I hate him so much. For more info on this leech go to google.com, click on groups, and search for 'jacula alt.revenge apartment' , 'surveillance team alchemistry' and 'Oy! soc.culture.mexican'. BTW he's no Don Juan.


jameson comment... alt.skinheads is full of his stuff.

HE writes that he was a suspect in the Ramsey case. I had not heard of him before ... maybe he used a different name or maybe he was one of the contributors to the site owned and maintained by McElroy? Just wondering if anyone out there has something to share - - either here or in email - jameson245@aol.com

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