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September 1997 Intruder (Sept. 13-14, 1997)

Attacked a 14 year old Boulder girl in her bedroom
Girl went to same Dance West Studio as JonBenet (Fall '96)

Mother's Description: "Intruder wore black clothing, wore a baseball cap backwards,
about 5' 7", 20/30 yrs old, blonde hair, angular thin face, jaw line that "really stood out."

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
September 1997 Intruder
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
September 1997 Intruder
Wearing Black Ninja
Dance West Victim
(Attacked by Intruder)
He wore black clothing, knew girl's name, wore baseball cap backwards, about 5' 7", 20/30 yrs old, blonde hair, angular thin face, jaw line that "really stood out."

P.I. Robert
News Articles


Atlanta 2000
Ramsey 50pg
Suspect List
--- --- --- --- --- Investigated by
Boulder PD

Investigated by
P.I. Robert
Pete Peterson
hired by



Tuesday, September 16, 1997
Section: LOCAL
Edition: FIRST
Page: 3B

Boulder police are searching for an unidentified male who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old Boulder girl. The man entered the girl's home through a second story door of the master bedroom, according to a police report.

The girl's mother may have interrupted the attack when she went to check on her daughter. The girl was taken to Boulder Community Hospital.


[Pete Peterson]1999-09-24: Peterson Press Conference, Regent Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, Ca.
(Representatives from ABC, KABC, KCAL, KCBS, KNBC, FOX, KCOP, CNN, Extra and others attended)

RPTR: Who are you working for? Who's paying you?

RPTR: Yeah, who's paying you?

Peterson: We started out working for a client in Boulder, a Dr. Steve Dubovsky, whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to this case. A lot of parallels overlapped to this case, and--misdirected routes in the process. But we think we're onto the right route.

RPTR: You're saying this same suspect could have been responsible for both?

Peterson: No, no. We excluded the first one, who was involved in our client's case. But in the process, through that process, we got into this case with the blessing of the client. And determined--we know what occurred.

RPTR: So who is your client?

Peterson: We have no client. We had a client when we got into this case. It was a psychiatrist in Boulder whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to the Ramsey case. This person got in the house, hid in the house, after the alarms were set--or before the alarms were set, three hours later attacked the daughter. We thought there were parallels to the Ramsey case, and that's how we got into it.

RPTR: Has the psychiatrist client been paying you for two years?

Peterson: No, he paid us for about four months.

RPTR: Who was that person? Can you name him, the psychiatrist?

Peterson: Dr. Steve Dubovsky of Boulder.

RPTR: How do you spell that?

Peterson: D-u-b-o-v-s-k-y, probably...s-k-i, possibly.

RPTR: You'd think he'd know.

Peterson: (OFF MICROPHONE) ...home, yes. He was out of town. The wife was there and the wife kept on bringing the guy into the house. He went out, went off the balcony. There were a lotta similarities there. This was about three months after the Ramsey murder.

RPTR: Would you give us your name again?

Peterson: It's Robert Peterson.

RPTR: How long have you been doing this?

Peterson: Twenty-five years.

RPTR: Are you licensed?

Peterson: Are you a licensed journalist? I'm not big on wackos.

RPTR: Authorities in Boulder must be aware that you suspect Santa.

Peterson: Oh yeah, we've been working on it a year-and-a-half now.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-03-03: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"Boulder intruder attacked girl"

"Boulder intruder attacked girl"
Posted by MaskedMan on Mar-03-00 at 05:01 AM (EST)

Tonight, on MSNBC's Ramsey documentary, I heard former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary discount the likelihood of an intruder on the grounds that there was "no pattern" of intruders molesting young girls inside their own homes in the Denver/Boulder area at that time. He's flat WRONG. In fact, there was just such an intruder in Boulder ten months after the murder of JonBenet:

In September 1997, an intruder tried to molest a 12-year-old girl in Boulder as she slept inside her own home. The intruder snuck in a back door before the family set the burglar alarm that night. He hid in the basement for hours, until 3:00 a.m. when he crept upstairs and entered the girl's second-floor bedroom. He spoke the girl's name, although she didn't recognize him.

He must have been stalking her, and he was willing to take great risks inside her own home. He actually got in bed with her. Luckily, her mother woke up, walked down the hall and maced him. He fled out a window and jumped to the ground. He hasn't been caught.
This 1997 home invasion was never reported in the newspaper, but high-risk home invasions do happen.

Although there are some similarities to the intruder theory in the Ramsey case, the modus operandi of this 1997 Boulder intruder is different than the murder of JonBenet. In the 1997 case, there was no stun gun, no duct tape, no cord and no attempt to take her from her bedroom. The intruder threatened to bash her head if she screamed. Her mother was alerted by some rustling sounds.

The m.o. of the Boulder police, however, was similar to the Ramsey case. Their investigation was indifferent. The family had to beg detectives to investigate more thoroughly. This case may have nothing to do with the Ramsey case, but it does show that an intruder/molester can go so far as to hide for hours inside a home and try to molest a girl even with her parents in the house. The intruder in this 1997 case was just as daring and determined as an intruder would have had to be in the Ramsey case.

13 . "Linda Arndt again"
Posted by MaskedMan on Mar-03-00 at 02:14 PM (EST)

Needle, your account of that rapist/intruder was distressing, but it shows the incredible risks that some child molesters will take. Gregg McCrary spouts statistics and argues that a child molester can find easier prey than girls in their own homes. I want to say to him, "Profile THIS, McCrary!"

Misty and Makai,
Yes, good point about changing m.o.

I wouldn't necessarily connect the 1997 Boulder intruder to the Ramsey case, but I wouldn't exclude the possibity, either. The 1997 case involved a high-risk perpetrator who was willing to hide in the basement for hours and emerge in the middle of the night. (Gee, does that remind you of anything??) He boldly tried to molest the girl in her own bedroom with a parent nearby down the hall.

I don't know why this crime didn't make the news. I first heard about it from someone who knows the mother of the victim. I think this case is chilling because the intruder knew the girl's name, but she didn't recognize him. In other words, he must have been stalking and scoping her out well before he invaded her home.

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-04-04: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"More on 1997 Boulder intruder"

Posted by MaskedMan on Apr-04-00 at 03:43 PM (EST)

I obtained the Boulder Police report on the intruder who sexually assaulted a girl in her bedroom in the middle of the night while her mother was asleep in the next room. To preserve their privacy, I won't use their names.

On Sept. 13-14, 1997, an intruder got into a Boulder home occupied by a mother and daugher. The father was out of town when the crime occurred. The girl was 14 years old. There was no sign of a forcible break-in. It's unclear how the intruder got in, but he may have entered through a back door that was unlocked before the mother went to bed that night.

The intruder apparently snuck in and hid in the house for several hours, waiting until 3:00 a.m. before going to the girl's bedroom. He wore black clothing, knew the girl's name and knew his way around the house in the dark. The house had motion detectors and an alarm system which were set at 11:00 p.m., but he didn't set off the alarm.

The mother and daughter didn't recognize the man, but thought he may have been 20 to 30 years old. The girl "described the suspect as having white skin and blond hair sticking out from underneath" a baseball cap, which he wore backwards. He left little forensic evidence. A couple of unidentified latent fingerprints were obtained.

The family believes that the suspect is "someone who is good at sneaking into people's homes." They think "the suspect snuck into the home during the day and hid in the house." The family "believed that the suspect may have been the same suspect as in the JonBenet Ramsey murder." They "believed that the M.O. of the suspect was similar to that in the Ramsey case."

The case has some parallels to the Ramsey case, but also some significant differences. In the 1997 case, the intruder was threatening, but he didn't inflict any bodily injuries. He didn't appear to have any weapons. He didn't try to remove the girl from her room.

The 1997 intruder didn't rape the girl. He penetrated her digitally and licked her vagina. He stated that oral sex was his objective. He didn't have his pants down. He left no semen. He spent 3 to 5 minutes with the victim before he was interrupted. He woke the victim at about 3:00 a.m. by tapping her on the shoulder and placing his hand over her mouth. He spoke these phrases:

"I'm not here to hurt you."
"If you scream, I will hurt you."
"If I was here to hurt, I would have knocked you out."

The police report says the girl "believed that the male was old by the way he spoke, but described him as in his 20s by the way he was dressed. She noted that his baseball cap was dark blue or black with a small baseball player on the back of the hat..."

The report continues: "The male placed his hand over her mouth, and spoke to her telling her not to scream... She pushed the male away from her and the male called her by name and told her to stop moving. She described the male as getting really mad... He pulled her underwear to one side..."

The mother describes herself as an "extremely light sleeper." She heard rustling noises and whispers. She called out to her daughter, but when her daughter didn't reply,
the mother grabbed a can of mace and approached the door of her daughter's room. At that moment, the intruder bolted out of the girl's room, ran into the mom's bedroom, went through french doors onto a landing and jumped from the second floor to the ground. He hasn't been identified.

The family was dissatisfied with the quality of police work. The family had to request that the police fingerprint the house more thoroughly. Linda Arndt was in charge. Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and other detectives also worked on the case.

18 . "mousey, about evidence..."
Posted by MaskedMan on Apr-04-00 at 05:05 PM (EST)

Yes, the victim was swabbed, but no DNA findings are mentioned in the police report. I don't know if a DNA test was done.

The police report says that "examination conducted on the bedding and from the sex assault kit did not indicate the presence of amylase, which is an enzyme found in high concentrations in saliva."

Foreign DNA was found in the crotch of JonBenet's underwear. How did it get there? From saliva, perhaps? The type of sexual assault in the 1997 case certainly caught my attention.

The police work in this case was half-hearted. The family was so dissatisfied with the the police investigation that they hired a private investigator.

In the 1997 case, there wasn't much forensic evidence. The latent fingerprints may or may not have come from the intruder. This shows how an intruder can spend a long time in a house without leaving much evidence.

8 . "More about 1997 intruder"
Posted by MaskedMan on Apr-06-00 at 11:14 PM (EST)

Lovely Pigeon,
I think the 1997 intruder was a stranger to the family, even though he knew the girl's name. The police report says that the family was "frightened because they did not know the identity of the suspect."

The victim "did not recognize the voice of the suspect." She said the suspect had a "deep voice....his jaw line stood out," his throat was real "thin," and the suspect's face was "very angular."

The police report mentions a possibly related case in the Tanta/Moorehead Circle area of Boulder a couple of months before the Sept. 1997 intrusion. Hmmmm

2000-08-01: Police chief doubts same person killed Ramsey, attacked teen girl

Police chief doubts same person killed Ramsey, attacked teen girl
By Charlie Brennan / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

BOULDER, Colo. – Nine months after the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, a girl who attended the same dance studio as the young beauty queen and lived just two miles away was assaulted in her bed by an intruder while her mother slept nearby.

That crime, detailed in Boulder police reports, has common threads with the Ramseys' theory that their 6-year-old daughter was attacked by someone who hid in their home on Christmas night 1996.

Key players in the Ramsey drama – including the prosecutors who led a fruitless grand jury probe into JonBenet's slaying – learned of the September 1997 incident only last week.

Police Chief Mark Beckner said he doesn't see strong similarities between the cases, primarily because JonBenet was killed while the other girl, a 14-year-old, escaped serious injury. But last week, he ordered comparisons of partial palm prints found at both scenes.

Chief Beckner said the prints appear to be from different parts of the hand, but he assigned a detective to re-examine that issue "to see if there is something there that we missed." He said he did not know when the results would be available.

The Ramseys, who plan to meet with Boulder police late this month, were told about the second case on Monday. Police said they consider the couple suspects in their daughter's slaying. The Ramseys maintain that they are innocent.

"The fact than an assault was made in a home of a young girl in Boulder within nine months of JonBenet's assault is hugely significant," Mr. Ramsey said. "Fortunately, there are not that many creatures like this out there, so this is very significant."

He said he was eager to learn more details about the other assault.

The Ramseys' attorney, Lin Wood, and investigators who reviewed the police reports last week, said the assault on the 14-year-old and the Ramseys' version of JonBenet's final night have similar elements.

Mr. Ramsey confirmed Monday that JonBenet took lessons at Dance West, a studio where the second victim had performed. The studio owner, Lee Klinger, said he has never been contacted by police investigating either case.

Both girls performed at public functions in Boulder not long before being victimized: The 14-year-old girl danced in several public performances in the year before her assault. JonBenet, the reigning Little Miss Christmas, was featured in a holiday parade shortly before she was killed.

Investigators surprised

Investigators who worked on the Ramsey case for Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter said they were surprised last week to learn about the second attack.

"I'm shocked," said Steve Ainsworth, a Boulder County sheriff's detective who spent a year as a consultant on the case to Mr. Hunter. "I think this is something that definitely should have been brought up. I was pretty amazed at the similarities."

According to Boulder police reports, there was no sign of forced entry in either incident. The 14-year-old's attacker knew her by name, while a ransom note in the Ramsey case suggested JonBenet's killer somehow knew her family. And in both cases, the sexual assault was penetration by a finger or an object, police reports said.

Mr. Ainsworth, who has never ruled out an intruder in the Ramsey slaying, said the second case shows that the Ramseys' theory is plausible.

"One of the things that people are saying is, 'Well, what did the guy do? Go in there and hide for a couple of hours until they came home?' Like, as if that's something that would never happen, that it's so stupid, no one would ever consider it," Mr. Ainsworth said. "Well, that's what happened in this case."

Nevertheless, Chief Beckner said he did not see strong similarities. Asked if he was confident that the cases are not connected, he said, "I think as reasonably as you can be, at this point.

"The problem with this kind of work is, you never want to say yes or no definitively, until you know the answer," he said. "So I would not rule anything out, but I would be skeptical that they are related."

Mr. Ramsey said he wanted to limit criticism of the Boulder police, particularly in light of fresh talks scheduled with investigators this month in Atlanta, where the family moved after the slaying. However, he said, "The police have operated on an eliminate-the-defenses approach: 'No, it can't be that, because,' and 'No, it can't be this, because,' and what do they have left? 'Well it's got to be the Ramseys.'"

A grand jury considered evidence in the Ramsey case for 13 months but disbanded in October 1999 without returning an indictment.

R.W. Peterson, a Denver private investigator hired by the 14-year-old's family, said her case was never seriously examined by police for possible links to the Ramsey case.

"They're not really connecting any of this stuff," he said. "They're only looking at the [Ramsey] parents, because they're so invested in it. It's just preposterous."

Mr. Ramsey said that the solution to JonBenet's slaying lies outside his family and that the key might be found in such cases as the September 1997 assault.

"We know for an absolute fact that there was an intruder in our house," Mr. Ramsey said. "And we believe that he was there when we got home, and he waited until we were asleep.

"And that [second case] fits."

Attack got little attention

The September 1997 crime received no media coverage at the time, despite the heavy presence of reporters from around the country following the Ramsey saga.

According to the 33-page police report, the family was out of the house from late afternoon on the eve of the crime, until after dark. The girl's father was out of town, traveling. An older sibling was away at college.

The mother and daughter watched television, then prepared for bed. They thought they were alone in their home – a $595,000 property in an older, upscale section of this university town.

The mother set the security alarm at 11 p.m. The back door, which was unlocked until then, is presumed to have been the intruder's point of entry. Slipping in before the alarm was set, the intruder would have had to wait at least four hours before entering the girl's second-floor bedroom, said Mr. Peterson, the private investigator.

"He had to have been in, already, because she set the alarm," Mr. Peterson said.

At 3:17 a.m., the mother woke to what she thought was the sound of her daughter having bad dreams. She called the girl's name but got no response.

Then, hearing the sound of whispering, the mother grabbed a canister of Mace. As she approached her daughter's room, a man dressed in black and with a black ball cap worn backward bolted out the door, dashed down the hall into the master bedroom and fled through a door that opens onto the second-floor roof.

The mother and child fled through a door on the ground floor, triggering the security alarm.

The 14-year-old told police that when the suspect entered her room, she thought it might be her father, having returned from his trip. But then the intruder crouched by the bed. He told her to "shut up" and put his hand over her mouth.

"Don't scream," he ordered. "I know who you are, I'll hurt you." He called her by name and threatened to knock her out.

The 14-year-old told police that the man sexually assaulted her with his hand and orally but was interrupted by her mother.

Although saliva contains DNA and the victim was swabbed soon after the assault, no foreign DNA was recovered from her body. In the Ramsey case, a small sample of DNA was recovered from JonBenet's underwear. The source hasn't been determined even though police have DNA samples from many of the Ramseys' friends and family members.

The mother described the assailant as about 5 feet 7 inches tall, 20 to 30 years old, with blond hair. She noted that he had an angular, thin face, with a jaw line that "really stood out."

Some not told of case

Even though three Boulder police detectives working the Ramsey case also investigated the September 1997 incident, several other Ramsey investigators had never been told about it.

Mr. Hunter, who is retiring after 28 years as district attorney, declined to comment on either case.

Mr. Peterson, the family's private investigator, said he thinks the two cases could be connected. "I think there is a possibility. The m.o. [modus operandi] is great. The guy was in the house for quite a while," he said.

The Ramseys have made a similar claim in their daughter's killing.

Mr. Ramsey states in The Death of Innocence, the book he wrote with Patsy: "I believe he entered our house during our [Christmas night] absence and was hiding when we returned, possibly in the basement. ... The killer probably crept silently up the spiral stairs after we had fallen asleep, and got into JonBenet's bedroom without waking anyone."

A supplemental police report states that the parents of the 14-year-old – whose name has been withheld to protect the juvenile's identity – "both believed that the suspect may have been the same suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder."

While the 14-year-old was not violently harmed, JonBenet was found strangled and beaten in her parents' basement about seven hours after her mother reported finding a note demanding $118,000 for the safe return of the kindergartner.

Chief Beckner points to the Ramsey ransom note and the girl's body being found in the family's basement as major distinguishing features from the second crime. But Mr. Ainsworth, the detective who was a consultant for the district attorney's office, disagreed, noting that the second crime was interrupted.

"Where does it [otherwise] end?" Mr. Ainsworth said. "We know where JonBenet ended, but we don't know where this other one would have ended."

Mr. Ramsey agreed.

"Well, the second guy wasn't done" when he was surprised in the act, Mr. Ramsey said.

Lou Smit, a veteran Colorado Springs homicide detective who came out of retirement to work on the Ramsey case for about 18 months, was one of the few investigators who agreed to be quoted about the second case. He said he firmly believes an intruder killed JonBenet.

"The person who assaulted the [second] girl was a high-risk criminal," he said. "From my experience, there are many instances of high-risk crimes being committed. It is not that uncommon.

"Some criminals seem to get great pleasure out of these high-risk situations. I believe that this is the type of individual who killed JonBenet."

Charlie Brennan is a free-lance writer based in Boulder. Frank Coffman, also a Boulder-based free-lance writer, contributed to this report.

2000-08-01: BPR: Ramsey Update #78

Boulder Police Press Release, August 1, 2000
Ramsey Update #78

Boulder Police Chief responds to questions about 1997 sexual assault case

A report published this morning in the Dallas Morning News raises the possibility that the murder of JonBenét Ramsey is related to the unsolved sexual assault on a 14-year-old Boulder girl that occurred nine months later, in September 1997.

Chief Mark Beckner said Boulder Police have known about this case for two years and previously looked at the sexual assault in association with the Ramsey murder. While the two cases have some similarities, detectives found no definitive connection at the time. Beckner has asked for detectives to again review the case file to determine if anything more can be done. While detectives again pursue the possibility, Beckner clarified that the two cases have more differences than similarities. "However, in this line of work, you never rule anything out until you've answered all the questions," he said. Because of upcoming interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey, Beckner has decided to decline requests for media interviews at this time. "I don't want to do anything that would potentially jeopardize this opportunity to talk with the parents," he said.

[Webbsleuths Community Forum at www.munitrading.com]2000-08-01: From Murphy's Webbsleuths Forum
thread titled, "Similar mo?"

19. "dance studio link"
Posted by MaskedMan on 12:44:49 8/01/2000

Yes, the dance studio link is intriguing. JonBenet took tap dance classes at Dance West in Boulder in the fall of 1996. JonBenet and the victim of the 1997 intruder weren't in the same classes, but the two girls evidently attended the studio during the same time period.

To prepare for her "Cowboy Sweetheart" routine, JonBenet got private lessons in mid-1996 at Kit Andree's dance school (20 miles from Boulder), not at Dance West.

36. "Who, what and why"
Posted by MaskedMan on 18:13:54 8/01/2000

The 1997 Boulder intruder incident was never reported in the newspaper until today. The public hasn't known anything about the case. Kane and Hunter didn't know about it. The Ramseys hadn't heard of the 1997 intruder until they were asked recently for their comment about the case. I had heard about the 1997 intruder, but I didn't have all the facts until April 2, 2000 when I got the police reports on the case.

There's no doubt that this was a genuine intruder, not a boyfriend that visited the girl's room. The mother got a good look at the man. He was a total stranger to the mother and daughter. The daughter was very terrified. The man was in his mid-20s, not a peer of the daughter. He was obviously a high-risk intruder/stalker who was willing to take enormous risks to sexually assault the girl in her own home.

104. "Ramsey knew nothing"
Posted by MaskedMan on 09:54:46 8/02/2000

When Charlie Brennan talked to John Ramsey two days ago, John knew nothing about the episode. Charlie had to explain it to him.

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-08-02: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"Brennan story 2"

22 . "I'm surprised case was reported"
Posted by MaskedMan on Aug-02-00 at 00:37 AM (EST)

Makai and Janusk,

Thanks for the excellent research. I am very surprised that the 1997 intruder case was reported in the Boulder newspaper. I searched the microfilm, but somehow I missed it. I assumed that it hadn't been reported.

The newspaper story was somewhat erroneous. It says the intruder got in through a second floor door. That was the police's initial theory, but that's probably not what happened. Also, the story didn't recount the parallels to the Ramsey case.

(Makai, Please email me and tell me how you managed to dig up the story. Good work. I admire your Internet researching abilities.)

41 . "BPD didn't keep it secret"
Posted by MaskedMan on Aug-02-00 at 05:37 PM (EST)

I don't think the Boulder Police "withheld" anything about the 1997 intruder. It was investigated and treated like any other crime. I'm not aware of any attempt by the Boulder Police to keep this incident a secret.

2000-08-02: Ramsey investigators review '97 assault

Ramsey investigators review '97 assault
Man fondled girl who was in same dance class as JonBenet
By Kevin McCullen
Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

BOULDER — Police are reviewing evidence again in an unsolved 1997 sexual assault case to see if it might be connected to the 31/2-year-old slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, Chief Mark Beckner said Tuesday.

Beckner said detectives in September 1997 compared evidence and circumstances surrounding the unsolved case to the December 1996 slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet, who was found dead in her parents' basement.

Beckner said he decided last week to have a detective again review reports of the unsolved sexual assault, in which a 14-year-old was fondled by an intruder in her north Boulder home in September 1997. The intruder was frightened away when the girl's mother heard whispering in her daughter's room and went to investigate.

The girl attended the same dance academy as JonBenet.

Police in 1997 found no connection between the Ramsey case and the sexual assault. There are no suspects in the sexual assault, and Beckner said there are no plans to retest evidence in that case, including handprints allegedly made by the intruder, but evidence will be reviewed.

"I was called last week by a reporter about the case, and I decided we should review it again to see if there is anything else that might be done primarily to solve that case," Beckner said. "That is our first priority. Certainly, if things fell into place and there was evidence that pointed to someone who might have been involved in the Ramsey murder, that would be great.

"We are right in the middle on this one, in that we can't discount any possibility. Could it be related? Sure. Could it be unrelated? Sure. We just don't know," he said.

Beckner assumed supervision of the troubled Ramsey investigation in fall 1997.

Meanwhile, Boulder detectives still involved part-time in the long and expensive investigation plan to go to Atlanta later this month to re-interview JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. Beckner has said detectives want to ask the couple questions about new information that has developed since the Ramseys were last interviewed by investigators from the Boulder District Attorney's Office in June 1998.

August 2, 2000

[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: Patsy Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

Patsy Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 28, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


August 2000 Patsy Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(September '97 Intruder)

25 CHIEF BECKNER: The reason I am

1 asking, one of the theories, obviously, is,
2 if this is an intruder, they had to know the
3 family pretty well, they had to know the
4 house, the layout of the house, they had to
5 know some things about the family based on
6 what was in the note, those kind of things.
7 MR. WOOD: And they could have
8 otherwise learned all of that when they were
9 there like they were in September of '97 for
10 several hours when the family was away?
11 There is a chance that everything in that
12 note in terms of the family could have been
13 gleaned from different things in the house if
14 somebody had been in there, so it is not
15 exclusive the idea that somebody had to know
16 the family, while I understand where you are
17 coming from.
18 THE WITNESS: Oh, no, I'm --
19 MR. WOOD: You've got another
20 incident in Boulder nine months later, in all
21 fairness, where someone did camp out in the
22 house.
23 CHIEF BECKNER: That hasn't been
24 proven.
25 MR. WOOD: That is what the

1 parents say.
2 CHIEF BECKNER: That's what they
3 believe, yes, but that doesn't --
4 MR. WOOD: And they believe it to
5 this day, from what I'm told, concluding that
6 their daughter was a petite, small
7 14-year-old, didn't necessarily look her age.

August 2000 Patsy Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(September '97 Intruder)

8 THE WITNESS: And the girl who
9 was molested, this same incident, and
10 JonBenet attended the same dancing school.
11 CHIEF BECKNER: Right. We know
12 that.
13 THE WITNESS: So there could
14 be --
15 MR. WOOD: I think that is
16 probably something that we want -- one of
17 the people that you may or may not have,
18 what we understand, have not talked to, the
19 person who works there.
20 CHIEF BECKNER: At the dance
21 school?
22 MR. WOOD: Right.
23 CHIEF BECKNER: I don't know. I
24 can't answer that.
25 THE WITNESS: I mean, that could

1 be --
2 MR. WOOD: If you can't answer
3 it, it is kind of hard for her to be able
4 to, in all fairness.
5 CHIEF BECKNER: In terms of
6 whether we talked to that particular person
7 you talked about. We talked to over 600
8 people.
9 THE WITNESS: But there could be
10 a situation there that I didn't know that
11 this particular person, but he, you know, saw
12 JonBenet and found out where we lived or
13 whatever.

[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(September '97 Intruder)

17 MR. WOOD: I have a 50 page
18 document we're going to go through,
19 gentlemen. You are not going to cut him off
20 and say he doesn't have information that he
21 thought was significant.
22 MR. KANE: I just want to ask
23 one follow-up --
24 MR. WOOD: Follow up after his
25 answer. We are going to talk about the

1 September of '97 incident. We're going to
2 talk about all of this. You want him to
3 give you this information. And I hope you
4 do want it. That's why I would like him to
5 have that 50 page document in front of him
6 when he talks about this. Would you like to
7 have it, John?
8 THE WITNESS: I have not seen it,
9 so I would. Here's a lead on a guy named
10 Pete Flynn who was part of a motorcycle gang
11 in Casper, Wyoming called the Saints Bike and
12 Trail Club, SBTC, possible connections to
13 Linda Hawk, worked at the Tomahawk Lounge in
14 Casper, in the '70s. It was where the
15 Saints hung out. I don't know. You know,
16 I have, I have stretched my imagination to
17 the limit trying to figure out what SBTC is.
18 This lady continues to claim that
19 Larry Petrie is the killer. She goes on and
20 on. I don't think that is terribly
21 significant, but what I look for in these
22 things is, is there something that they know
23 that really ties it together or is there
24 something they know that really isn't public,
25 which is kind of difficult because so much

1 has been public.
2 This is a -- these Patricia
3 letters are incredibly bizarre. When I read
4 those things, this wasn't just an internet
5 quack, in my opinion. This was somebody who
6 was watching us, who knew a lot about us,
7 who would talk about the killer being
8 actually a pretty nice guy.
9 You know, we tried desperately to
10 track this back. He's a very clever fellow.
11 He used several servers in his Internet
12 transmissions. We couldn't, couldn't track
13 it back. But I still am very interested in
14 that.

August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(September '97 Intruder)

15 I have an original letter that I
16 am convinced the same guy sent me that was
17 written in a different -- supposedly it is a
18 different author, but it's the same. So I
19 mean, it could be the killer. I don't know.
20 But it's a lead.
21 Here is a, this is a family
22 that -- oh, this is just some Dorothy
23 Allison information. This is about a killer
24 of a six-year-old child.
25 One of my theories is, frankly,

1 that the murder of a child is such a
2 horrible thing and so subhuman that there are
3 not many people around that do it. Here is
4 a fellow that murdered a six-year-old child,
5 or the name of a fellow. My contention is
6 that --


9 THE WITNESS: But here is a guy
10 that ought to be looked at. I don't know
11 anything else about it, but he certainly
12 meets some of the factors that we find
13 interesting.
14 I still believe the September '97
15 incident is significant. I don't know what
16 you found on that, but that sent chills down
17 my spine when I read about that, heard about
18 that a month or two ago.
19 This person that has a shrine, I
20 think, had a cane, one of those candycanes
21 from my front yard in his home. I don't
22 know how he could have come by that after
23 the fact. It was secured December 25th.
24 Those are probably, in my mind,
25 the most interesting, substantial leads that

1 I had seen.

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