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Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

Shreveport Letter

Anonymous, handwritten postmarked January 27, 1997
Mailed mailed from Shreveport, Louisiana



Feb. 6, 1997
Contact: Leslie Aaholm/Kelvin McNeill
Media Relations/303-441-3090

Police Seek Information on Author of Letter

Boulder Police today requested assistance from the Shreveport, Louisiana Police Department in attempting to locate the author of an anonymous letter sent to Boulder Police earlier this week. The letter was postmarked in late January, 1997 in Shreveport. The letter contained potentially significant information which is of interest to Boulder investigators.

Boulder Police have not determined if any field investigation trip to Louisiana will be necessary and at this point Boulder police simply want to make contact with the author of the letter to ask some follow-up questions.

The letter was one of the 600 letters Boulder Police have received regarding the Ramsey case. Police also have received over 1300 telephone calls regarding the case. These calls and letters are logged and assigned to follow-up as necessary. To date only 5% of the calls and letters have warranted some form of follow-up.

The author of this letter is asked to contact Boulder Police Detectives at 303-441-3330.


3:30 p.m., February 4, 1997
Contact: Leslie Aaholm/Kelvin McNeill
City of Boulder Media Relations


Jana Petersen
Boulder County/303-441-3399


Felony Menacing Incident Involving Media Covering Ramsey Case

Boulder Police today arrested Jay Elowsky on charges of felony menacing and carrying a concealed weapon following an incident in the 4900 block of North Broadway. It appears that Mr. Elowsky accosted members of the media that were waiting in an area where members of the Ramsey family may have been residing. Around 10 a.m. this morning, Mr. Elowsky threatened three individuals with a baseball bat. A loaded weapon also was recovered from the scene. Mr. Elowsky was arrested at the scene without further incident and booked at the Boulder County Jail.

The arrest occurred in the jurisdiction of the Boulder County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department will conduct any necessary follow-up to this incident. A copy of the arrest report is attached to this news release.

Author of Letter from Shreveport Has Not Been Located

The Boulder Police Department has not contacted the author of a letter postmarked in Shreveport, Louisiana. Three to four individuals have contacted Boulder police about the letter, but those contacts have not been legitimate. The request for the letter writer to come forward remains in effect.

1997-02-07: Letter may shed light on murder mystery

Letter may shed light on murder mystery
Camera Staff Writer
Friday, February 7, 1997

Boulder Police are seeking the author of an anonymous, handwritten letter that may provide insight into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

The letter - mailed from Shreveport, La., and postmarked Jan. 27 - apparently reports details relevant to the homicide, sources said.

"There's a good possibility that it has facts in it that the media haven't reported yet," a source said. "It'd be very helpful to find out what exactly the author knows so we can use the information, along with things like DNA test results, and arrest a suspect."

Police began investigating the slaying after John Ramsey, JonBenet's father, and a friend discovered the 6-year-old strangled in the Ramseys' home at 755 15th St. on Dec. 26. About eight hours earlier, Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother, found a ransom note demanding $118,000 and called police.

As authorities continue to search for clues, Boulder Police detective Steve Thomas called the Shreveport Police Department Wednesday. "He said the letter contained information that could be important to the case," said Cindy Chadwick, spokeswoman for the Louisiana department.

Police have asked people not to respond to the plea unless they wrote the letter. "This is not a request for unsolicited or psychic information," Thomas said in a press release from the Shreveport Police Department.

Boulder Police have not contacted Chadwick about sending an investigator to Louisiana, she added.

"We probably won't fly someone down there unless something major turns up," one source said. "There's a chance that the person who wrote this letter just mailed it from Shreveport and doesn't live there, so flying someone there could be a waste of time. Hopefully, we'll find the person, because on the surface, the letter seems very interesting."

Sources said the department does not immediately plan to submit the letter for handwriting analysis.

City spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm declined to comment on the contents of the letter. "The police want to find the author to ask some follow-up questions," Aaholm said. "We hope the person will come forward. But I guess the opposite could happen: If they were hesitant to sign their name in the first place, this (media attention) may convince them that they made the right decision."

The department has received 600 letters and more than 1,300 calls about the murder, Aaholm noted.

"I'm sure the police have gotten a lot of letters, and I hope they find who wrote the Shreveport letter," a Ramsey family friend said. "It could be anyone, even someone at the Miss USA contest (held Wednesday) in Shreveport. I mean, JonBenet and Patsy were in beauty pageants, so the author might be someone from those contests or other contests."

Meanwhile, police continue to await complete DNA test results from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

"They're done with some of the preliminary processing," a source said, noting that investigators recently returned to Georgia to interview Nedra Paugh, Patsy Ramsey's mother. "Everything could come back as early as (today), or it may be a little while longer. Those tests, other evidence and interviewing people will help us build a really strong case.

1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado

TT: Okay. Patsy, we got a uh, got some information for a friend of yours down in Shreveport. You know anybody down in Shreveport, Louisiana?
PR: I don't know anybody down in Shreveport.
TT: The name, that come up at all you guys know of?
PR: I think I heard something about it in the press or something, but I never have known anybody that I can remember in Shreveport.
TT: Okay. Um . . .
PR: Do you know the name? Do you guys have the name?
TT: I, I don't have the name right off. I don't have that.
PR: Maybe it's somebody I knew that moved to Shreveport and I didn't know that.
TT: Right.
PR: But I don't . . .
TT: Don't know of anybody that, recent friends that would have moved down there.
PR: No.

1997-04-30: John Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

John Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado

ST: John, do you know who this person is from Shreveport who has communicated with us and is indicating that they’re a friend of yours?
JR; Huh uh.
ST: And again, just for the tape, that was a . . .
JR: No, no I do not.

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