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Stephen Miles
Boulder photographer and Ramsey neighbor
Lawsuit filed February 3, 1998
Steven Miles vs. John and Patsy Ramsey
& The National Enquirer (John South and David Wright)
Case Dismissed February 3, 1999

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Stephen Miles
Enquirer article suggested Ramsey claim Miles was the killer
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Stephen Miles
(Boulder, Colorado)
Enquirer said John Ramsey targeted him as the killer of JonBenet
10-21-1997 --- --- YES --- --- YES YES Alibi
Dinner and evening with his mother


[http://www.nationalenquirer.com/]1997-10-13: ENQUIRER's headline:
"Mommy & Daddy: We Know Who Did It!"

Developments the week of October 13, 1997:

ENQUIRER's headline: "Mommy & Daddy: We Know Who Did It!"

John and Patsy Ramsey expect to be arrested for the murder of their daughter, but they already have their defense strategy in place — pointing at a man they’ll claim is the intruder who killed JonBenet.

John and Patsy will claim that the real killer is a neighbor Stephen Miles, who was once arrested and accused of a sex offense against a minor." a source close to the couple revealed.

And a horrified Miles. a drug addict who lives just six blocks away from the Ramseys’ home in Boulder Colo., told The ENQUIRER: "I can't believe this nightmare is happening to me.

Why are they doing this to me? Are John and Patsy Ramsey so cold-blooded as to try to make me the fall guy to save their own skins?

The Ramsey defense team’s plan is to suggest another possible culprit in the same way that O.J. Simpson's lawyers claimed in his first trial that drug-dealing friends of Faye Resnick were responsible for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, said the close source.

Some people in Boulder recalled Miles arrest on sex charges several years ago. which was the talk of the neighborhood, according to Miles.

And my name came up at a public meeting addressed by Police Chief Kobe after the murder of JonBenet

Said the close source: "Ramsey investigators also asked police for a list of pedophile sex offenders living in Boulder.

John Ramsey has confided. I expect that both Patsy and I will be charged with the murder of our daughter. but we also expect to be exonerated. We think we will be able to prove that the real murderer was an intruder and most likely a pedophile. We plan to suggest it was a neighbor Stephen Miles.

John says an intruder could have gone in and out a broken basement window so there wouldn't have to be any sign of forced entry.

"Then there’s a mysterious pubic hair found on the blanket that covered JonBenet’s body in the basement, which John says doesn’t match any member of the Ramsey family Obviously this would support an intruder theory."

But what the Ramseys don’t know — and The ENQUIRER has learned —is that the pubic hair DOES match a family member: Melinda Ramsey John’s daughter by his first wife. And it has already been eliminated from importance in the case.

"The hair was tested months ago," an insider revealed. "Melinda often visited the Ramseys and had sat on JonBenet's bed with her on more than one occasion. There’s absolutely nothing suspicious about the hair being there."

Now the Ramsey team is making a full-scale probe into the life of Stephen Miles. the close source said.

A police source confirmed: Investigators for the Ramsey family are checking out a sex offender living in the neighborhood.

They’re still pursuing the possibility that the murderer could have been an intruder."

And a shocked Miles. a 48-year-old photographer, told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview:

"I’m incapable of killing anyone. I don’t even like girls — I’m gay and I have an alibi for my whereabouts on the night of the murder —I was home with my mother.

‘I shouldn’t even be on a list of sex offenders. ‘I was convicted of bringing in a car loaded with pot from Mexico. I’ve been convicted of selling pot to a cop and for attempting to distribute a counterfeit controlled substance.

"In 1989 I was arrested and charged with the sexual exploitation of a child, for taking nude photographs of a 1 7-year-old boy I was in jail for three months.

‘But then the charge was dropped. The photograph was not indecent. In fact it has been featured in photographic magazines.

Since he was 17, he wasn’t a child. And we’re still friends.

"Because the sex case had been in the local paper. I couldn’t get a job. neighbors warned me to stay away from their children and I was getting death threats.

"But I was never convicted of a sex offense and I’m not a pedophile.

‘I suffer from hepatitis B and C. which usually turns into liver cancer, and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I’m being treated for depression and I’ve been on methadone for three years.

‘I’m too sick to work and far too weak to break into houses and attack anybody I’ve never done a violent act in my life.

"I live with my mother, who's 89 and near death. All I pray for now is that she doesn’t have to go through yet further heartbreak over me before she dies.

‘And I pray that John Ramsey leaves me alone."

David Wright & John South
National Enquirer


1998-02-19: The Unusual Suspect
Does this look like JonBenet's murderer to you?


The Unusual Suspect
Does this look like JonBenet's murderer to you?
From the Week of Thursday, February 19, 1998


"On February 3, Stephen Miles, a 49-year-old Boulder photographer, filed a defamation case against the National Enquirer, two of its reporters and John Ramsey. The October 21, 1997, issue of the tabloid had trumpeted a "JonBenet bombshell" on its front page: "Dad: We Know Who Did It." Below a pouty-lipped photograph of JonBenet was a picture of Miles, along with the promise of an "exclusive interview with man Ramseys say killed JonBenet."

Enquirer reporters John South and David Wright started their story with this: "John and Patsy Ramsey expect to be arrested for the murder of their daughter, but they already have their defense strategy in place--pointing at a man they'll claim is the intruder who killed JonBenet. 'John and Patsy will claim that the real killer is a neighbor, Stephen Miles, who was once arrested and accused of a sex offense against a minor,' a source close to the couple revealed."

But another anonymous source, this one close to the Ramsey team of lawyers, denies that John Ramsey ever made such an accusation. "Over the course of time, if you look at who we've let interview John, we've been pretty damn careful," says the source. "Now I ask you: Are we going to let him go talk willy-nilly to some fucking dog biscuit at the National Enquirer?"

Nor did John Ramsey make the accusation to anyone who might have repeated it to the Enquirer, the source says
Lee Hill, Miles's attorney and a former Boulder city council candidate (on an anti-Koby platform), counters with this: "What we know is that the Enquirer published a story saying that John Ramsey said Steve Miles killed their daughter. If John Ramsey never said that, then this is a great opportunity for him to prove that and join us in going after the Enquirer.

"This lawsuit is not an inquisition," he adds. "It's an attempt to develop the truth."

That's something that's always been in short supply in the Ramsey case."


"As the BPD investigation bogged down, the DA's office brought in retired detective Lou Smit as a special investigator. Although the cops considered the Ramseys their prime suspects, Smit pursued the theory that an intruder had broken into the Ramsey home, stolen the girl from her bed, killed her in the basement, then taken the time to write a lengthy ransom note on a legal pad found in the home.

That's when word leaked out that the Boulder police were checking out child sex offenders. (Convicted sex offenders must register with the police when they take up residence after release from prison.) The cops had plenty to choose from: There are 71 registered child sex offenders in Boulder and another 30 in Boulder County.

But Miles, who lives with his 89-year-old mother six blocks from the Ramsey house, is not a convicted child sex offender. He has been arrested before--but for possessing photographs of teenage boys. So why go after him for the murder of a six-year-old girl?

Miles was working in the garden last October when next-door neighbor Judith Phillips came rushing over. Phillips, a photographer herself and a former friend of the Ramseys, was breathless, he says.

"She said, 'You need to come over to my house right away. It's extremely important... use the side door,'" Miles recalls. "She put her hands on my shoulders and said, 'Trust me.'"

Miles did as he was asked. Phillips led him into her darkened living room, he says, where she introduced him to a man named John South.

South told him he worked for the Enquirer. "He said, 'We've learned that the Ramsey camp is targeting you as the killer of JonBenet,'" recalls Miles, imitating South's British accent. "He said, 'They want to confuse the issue and take attention away from themselves. Can you think of any reason why they would choose you?'"

Miles told the Enquirer reporter that he had several drug arrests, the last in the late 1980s, on his record, and that he'd also been arrested for sexual exploitation of a child in 1989.

That year the Boulder police raided Miles's home and seized a number of photographs of teenage boys in various stages of undress. Because there were three copies of one particular photograph, it was considered to have been taken for commercial purposes, netting Miles the exploitation charge.

However, that photograph was of Peter Hale, a friend of Miles's and, more important, a male then seventeen years old--and therefore above the age of consent.

Like the other photographs, the Hale picture was fairly modest. "Michelangelo's sculpture of David is more revealing," notes Hill, Miles's attorney. The photograph has since appeared in several mainstream photography magazines.

The exploitation charge was dropped; however, Miles pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, for supplying beer to an underage drinker. As part of the deal, he was told to report to a monastery in Pecos, New Mexico, that bills itself as a retreat/counseling center for "wounded healers," where his brother was the abbott for counseling.

Miles's therapy was geared to helping him develop "more age-appropriate relationships." He also was told to stay away from minor children and from Penny Lane, a Boulder coffeeshop/ poetry venue then known as a hangout for the young and disenfranchised.

Now here was the Enquirer's South, asking if Miles had noticed anything strange in the past few days. As a matter of fact, Miles told him, someone had stolen every bit of his trash that week, and a camper had been parked across the street for two days.

After South warned him that "this is quite serious," Miles says he assumed the theft of his trash and the camper's presence confirmed that the Ramseys were after him. South told him he had a plan. "Your story will prove they are barking up the wrong tree," Miles remembers him saying.

"Now I wonder if it wasn't the National Enquirer going through my trash, and their camper," Miles says.

The next day Phillips asked Miles to come over again--this time to take his picture for the story. At first, Miles says, Phillips said she wanted to photograph him in his garden, of which he is exceedingly proud. But then she asked him to put his hands behind his head and snapped the shot when he was unprepared.

It was that photograph of a harassed-looking Miles that ran on the front page of the Enquirer a week later.

The photograph of Miles was published again inside, along with a full-page story. "I can't believe this nightmare is happening to me," Miles was quoted as saying. "Why are they doing this to me? Are John and Patsy so cold-blooded as to try to make me the fall guy to save their own skins?"

The article intimated that Miles knew he was on a "list of pedophile sex offenders living in Boulder." But Miles takes issue with that. "I am not a pedophile," he says. "I am gay, openly gay, and have been for years. I never said that I knew I was on a list or that the Boulder police were looking at me."

And that list can't be the registration that the police are required to keep, since Miles isn't a convicted child sex offender.

In fact, the first contact Miles had with the Boulder police regarding the Ramsey case was three weeks ago, after his lawsuit against the Ramseys and the Enquirer was filed. "My lawyer asked if I was on any sort of list, and the detective said no," Miles says. "They just asked me where I was that night, and I told them with my mom. We had Christmas dinner with relatives and then we went home...They said, 'Sorry for the inconvenience.'" But they also asked for a handwriting sample, a mouth swab and a palm print, Miles adds.

Miles also disputes the magazine's characterization of him as a drug addict. "I consider myself a recovered drug addict," he says. "I do take methadone. It's a prescription I have for pain. I have lupus and some other health problems for which I need pain medication. But I don't take it to get high."

His mother is also in bad health, and the article was hard on her. But South approached him again, Miles says, and told him, "'I know you and your mom are going through hard times' and handed me $200. He then gave me a little piece of paper to sign saying I'd received the money." Miles says he took the cash and signed.

Soon after, Miles says, South and his fellow writer, David Wright, showed up at his house. This time Wright fanned "twenty crisp $100 bills in my face," Miles recalls. "He said, 'I know that you're a little unhappy about the story, but we'd like you to sign a contract giving exclusivity...I know you and your mom can use the money.'

"He said they'd write another story 'cleaning me up' and I'd get another $2,000."

As Wright spoke, Miles says, South stood at his side whispering, "'Take the money. Take the money.' I felt like I had a little devil on my shoulder."

The money was tempting, Miles says; between his and his mother's medical bills, they have difficulty paying the mortgage. He asked for time to read the contract; they gave him half an hour. In addition to the exclusivity clause, the Enquirer wanted him to sign that the first story, including the quotes attributed to him, was accurate and that he knew that he was on a pedophile list.

Miles turned the deal down.

Soon after, a producer from Hard Copy called and asked Miles to appear on the show. He did, and was paid an amount he won't disclose, but he says on TV he got the chance to tell the truth about the Enquirer allegations.

Of all the allegations in the Enquirer piece, the one that bothers Miles most, he says, is that he's a pedophile– defined as someone who attempts sexual contact with a prepubescent child.

The pedophile label dredged up old suspicions against Miles in Boulder. Part of that sentiment, Miles believes, can be traced to his friendship with Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Miles often photographed Ginsberg, who encouraged him to publish a photography book he had assembled of male figure studies.

One of the founders of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute, Ginsberg caused consternation several years back when he came out in support of the North American-Boy Love Association. Ginsberg, who was gay, publicly defended his position as supporting NAMBLA's right to free speech. He wasn't so circumspect with friends.

Hill, Miles's attorney, also describes the poet as a "dear friend." Hill was one of Ginsberg's writing apprentices at Naropa in the late 1970s and was on a panel with him when the poet described himself as a pedophile.

"It was abhorrent to me," Hill says. And that's why, he adds, he wouldn't be working for Miles if he believed that his client was a pedophile.

Although Miles is openly gay, he says he's never attempted to develop a relationship with anyone below the age of consent. "Sometimes gay kids have come to me to talk about what they're going through," he says. "My house has been a place for kids to hang out who have nowhere else to go. And yes, there have been some parties."

And while he concedes that he's sometimes attracted to the young males he photographs, he says he doesn't break the rules. "I've been asked by parents here, including people in the mental-health field, to take photographs of their sons," he says. "They know I'm gay, and they know about my arrest, but they're comfortable with me being around their sons. I am not some predator...I just sometimes relate better to younger people. I consider them my peers."

The Enquirer story damaged the way of life he'd worked to rebuild since his 1989 arrest, Miles says. And while he understands that no one is above suspicion in Boulder, he wonders why the magazine focused on him--particularly since there's no indication he's ever been interested in females of any age. (The Enquirer reporters did not return calls to their Boulder office. Phillips did not return Westword's call, either.)

The Ramsey legal team source says he didn't even recognize Miles's name when he saw the tabloid story. He wouldn't put it past the Enquirer to make up the "source close to the couple" in order to get Miles to jump through the hoop, he adds.

"I know Stephen Miles," says former Enquirer reporter Joe Mullins, who now covers the Ramsey case for the Globe, "and I don't believe he could hurt anyone and don't believe that anyone ever really considered him a suspect."

Hill agrees. "If you knew Steve, who's really very meek and not in the greatest health, you'd wonder why they ever chose him," Hill says. "To tell you the truth, JonBenet would have kicked Steve's ass."

Visit www.westword.com to read related Westword stories.
westword.com | originally published: February 19, 1998

[www.justicewatch.com]1998-10-07: Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, October 7, 1998
Stephen Miles and Attorney Lee Hill

Peter Boyles Show - Wednesday, October 7, 1998
Transcribed by Panico of www.justicewatch.com

4. "Morning to you"
Posted by Panico on 06:18:28 10/07/98

PB: Stephen Miles and Lee Hill in studio. Lee, I think if you ran again---I wonder what would happen.

LH: Interesting, but many of the things I had on my platform have now been implemented.

PB: Since this tragedy has begun, this is the 3rd mayor, 2nd chief of police, 2nd city manager. Maybe we can call Carol McKinley--I think Thurs is scheduled GJ day. What has happened inside Boulder since this began is very reflective. Stephen, why are you suing John Ramsey

PB: Because you believe John gave you up?

SM: All the comments were attributed to John--including the Enquirer---of course now they're saying different

PB: You get called into your neighbor's home one afternoon ---How far do you live from Ramsey home?

SM: It's 5 short blocks

PB: One afternoon, your neighbor said to come over to your house. What happened

SM: A gentleman there introduced himself from Enquirer---said "I'm pleased to meet you, I'm sorry to tell you ---our investigators have found that the Ram camp are intending to target you as a suspect in the killing of their daughter. We believe they're doing this to take attention away from themselves. Then they asked me questions like, why would they do that, and did I know them

PB: Did you know them?

SM: No

PB: How did the Enquirer get your name from John Ramsey?

SM: He said to me that our people said that John Ramsey intend to target you--at that point, my neighbor said to me, 'trust me, this is a real situation'

PB: How did you feel?

SM: I felt very cold and clammy--I'm sure I loked very pale at the time...and my God..

6. "More"
Posted by Panico on 06:38:20 10/07/98
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PB: : Sueing John Ramsey-- Stephen lived in the neighborhood of the Rams and was given up. Stephen, you know you're not the only one--there have been at least 6 that John has decided to attempt to make them the target. Lee, I know you're a good attorney. You gotta believe Fleet and Priscilla White? Can you talk about these things? My point is that Stephen certainly isn't the only one.

LH; A lot of people have been accused, I can only talk about Stephen. He wakes up one morning and his face is on the tabloids across the nation--and the articles continue about that. I have to say JR's attorneys insist he had nothing to do with this. This leaves us in position that we have to find everything we can to see where they came from.

PB: : Enquirer says 'our sources are good' Who did reporter say was his source?

SM; He wouldn't name him--said 'one of our investigators' that they're indeed very thorough.

LH; With Stephen, as near as we can determine, it's associated with an arrest made in '75---he has a reputation for art--someone told PD that it was pornographic---there was a party, PD came in--they seized some 2,000 photos and arrested him for pornography---after looking at all pictures etc--they determined that he hadn't taken any pornographic pictures. All those charges related to exploiting a child--were dismissed.

PB: : But someone knew that had happened?

LH: Absolutely. The dissolution of the case was the minor charge was Stephen buying alcoholic for a minor--all the other charges were dropped.

PB: : Do you believe that operating in Boulder were private investigators working for Rams were the ones that found this info on Stephen and gave it to someone who gave it to the Enquirer?

LH: It's possible. Haddon's office maintains nobody with that firm had anything to do with this story

PB: : Today there's no one left standing for the Rams, except Stines who left town. What's the chance that someone knew the story....

LH: There's so many possibilities---but we're trying. Stephen and his whole family have been casualties---putting blame on innocent people. We're determined to clear Stephen's name and the only way is to follow this

PB: : If Enquirer won't give up source, what are you going to do?

LH: : We're very hopeful that we will uncover the truth

PB: : What will be interesting is will what was done to me be done to the Enquirer? I want to see how a judge would treat Enquirer reporter. If they threaten them with jail, I would be a very surprised sob. I want to see JR or Enquirer hit for $20,000----so when is this going to happen?

LH: : Thursday we have a big motion---we have a trial date set for February, but it's likely it will be continued

PB: : Will be interesting to me--about giving up sources--to see if there's equal justice . What's your bet on this

SM: There are a lot of uncanny similarities. I hate to take joy in your adversity here--but it's a real interesting course courts taken

PB: : All I want is to see the Rams treated as I was treated.. If there's such a thing as a shield law--I'd like to see it--it wasn't there for me. I've been hit for $44,000 total and never even had a trial. Let's do a little compare and contrast. Now you buys walk in there and let's see if they drop $44,000 on the Enquirer.

5. "Good morning"
Posted by Byron on 06:20:02 10/07/98
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(I thought it was Stephen Miles - PB keeps saying Mills)

PB: (now he corrected it) I go way back, and have talked to Lee Hill, back when he was running for city council. Your platform was largely the R case.

LH: The platform was broader than that. Changes have been affected, so people were listening. There's a new interaction and mobilization.

PB: The is the third mayor, second chief of police, etc. What has happened in the city is amazing, and in the middle of this comes your client. Why are you suing the Enquirer?

LH: The headline on the NE attributed all of the remarks to the Ramsey camp.

PB: You get called into your neighbor's house. How far do you live from the R home?

SM: About five blocks.

PB: You go to the next door neighbor's home...

SM: A guy introduced himself as from the NE, (microphone trouble?) Our investigators have determined that the R camp are intending to target you.

PB: Had you ever met the R's?

SM: No, but my next door neighbor had.

PB: They were friends.

SM: Our invest. have determined that JR intends to target you. My neighbor said, trust me, this is a serious deal here.

PB: How did you feel?

SM: I felt cold and clammy...

7. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 06:41:19 10/07/98
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PB: Suing JR, the attorney is Lee Hill. Stephen was given up, and your're not the only one, but you're the first one to sue him. You've got to believe, Priscilla White, Fleet White...

LH: Bear in mind the scale. SM wakes up one morning, and his picture is across the country accusing him of being a child murderer. JR's attorneys deny he had anything to do with it (my fingers are really slow today)

PB: Who did (David?) name as his source?

SM: He said they have a good team.

PB: Why do you think JR gave you up?

LH: With SM, this seems to have to do with the photograph of the 17 year-old. Someone must have called the police with this info. All of those charges having to do with the porn charges have been dismissed. The resolution of the case was not a big headline item.

PB: Operating in Boulder were private investigators working with the R camp. Do you think they found this out and bootlegged this info into the Haddon offices? What are the chances of some Boulder citizen, who knew the R's...

LH: We're determined to get to the bottom of this. Deflection of blame on innocent people.

PB: If the NE won't give up the source...

LH: We'll be checking other sources...

PB: What has been done to me, will it be done to the NE and JR? One of the reasons I have you here today, if they go after the NE, and threaten jail.

LH: I was going to ask you for briefs (as to your situation) We have a trial date set for next year.

PB: I want to see what they do on the other side of this. What's your bet as to how this will be handled?

LH: I almost take joy in your situation.

PB: That's ok. I just want to see how it's going to work on the other side.

LH: We want SM's name cleared.

PB: I was found guilty without a trial. $44 thousand and change. When you boys walk in there...

Interesting no mention of Judith Phillips by name. She is referred to as a friend and neighbor.

8. "cont"
Posted by Byron on 06:56:00 10/07/98

PB: Because the NE published...how did they get your photo that was on the cover?

SM: My next door neighbor is a photographer also. When she came over she said she needed a photo, and on the last shot, she asked me to clasp my hands behind my head.

PB: Do you think your neighbor give you up on this?

SM: No.

LH: She has social relationship with the NE.

PB: What was the text?

LH: The text said JR intended to deflect attention from himself if he was indicted.

PB: You want to talk to JR...

LH: Yes, and PR, and anyone who has info on the case.

PB: What do you think is going to happen?

LH: We hope we can present to a jury.

PB: I have a prediction, you won't get past...

SM: It's how much justice can you afford...

LH: It's one of the biggest lawfirms in the country. SM is impovershed, as is the lawyer

PB: One of the reasons I asked these guys to be here, is they need help. Anyone in the audience who would like to help.

LH: Basically, I don't want to pass the hat. We were fortunate enough to meet with the cybersleuths, I understand you did too, and they expressed an interest in helping. Phone is 303-449-9244. Lee Hill PO Box 21181 Boulder, Colo 80308. We appreciate the cybersleuth's help on the internet as well.

9. "More" Posted by Panico on 07:00:36 10/07/98
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PB: For me it's a fascinating lawsuit to watch.

LH; This hearing is Thursday afternoon.

PB: And you'll be with us Friday morning to let us know what happened?

LH: Yes

PB and LH agreeing it will be interesting to see if there's equal justice.

1998-10-26: Affidavits contradict over suspicion

Affidavits contradict over suspicion
By Christopher Anderson
Camera Staff Writer

Detective Jane Harmer's sworn affidavit, says, in part, "Between at least June 1997 and early 1998, Mr. Miles was among the persons considered as suspects in the Boulder Police Department's investigation of the murder of JonBenét Ramsey."

It also says that "Mr. Miles is known in the Boulder Police Department's internal files as a suspected sex offender. This knowledge is based on both Mr. Miles' 1990 conviction for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which resulted from child pornography and drug investigations, and also from numerous complaints the Boulder Police Department has received relating to Mr. Miles' alleged inappropriate relationships and interactions with underage boys and girls."

An Aug. 21 affidavit by attorney Hill's legal assistant, Julia Yoo, reads, in part:

"In March of 1998, I accompanied Mr. Hill, Stephen Miles, and Mrs. Mary Miles to the Boulder Police Department for the questioning of Mr. Miles in connection with the Boulder Police Department`s investigation of the death of JonBenet Ramsey."

"Mr. Hill asked Detective Harmer whether Stephen Miles was or had ever been on any sex offender list and she responded 'no.'

"Mr. Hill asked Detective Harmer whether Stephen Miles was a suspect in the JonBenét case and she answered 'No.'

"She explained that the police had to 'check out' and eliminate anyone whose name had come up. She further explained that the police had investigated hundreds of other people in order to eliminate them as potential suspects. She clarified that no one associated with the department's investigation had ever suspected that Stephen Miles murdered JonBenét Ramsey."

October 26, 1998

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