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Suspect "D"


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2003-02-26: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.org)
"Suspect D letters"

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11883 posts Feb-26-03, 06:29 PM (EST)

"Suspect D letters"

I am going to call the person Suspect D - the only detail I will post is that he was a Boulder resident at the time of the murder and I have been told his name and information is in the hands of the new investigation team.

I was sent this sample of letters - - the black letters are supposed to be from the RN, the blue and grey letters are from the suspect's writings.

what do you think? (I wasn't overly impressed, maybe others will be.)

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1. "my thoughts"
In response to message #0

The similarities can be pointed out but the differences are there too - - the M and the apostrophe are no way a match, IMO. And I haven't seen the document - just this comparison which may or may not be "real".

I don't know if D is on any suspect list but something must have prompted this other person to suggest.... If D the man has a history and had the opportunity, I would like to see him checked - - the DNA can nail our guy.

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11883 posts Feb-27-03, 10:09 AM (EST)

5. "Suspect D"
In response to message #4

Interesting story - someone is emailing me snips about suspect D, I don't know if they are serious or not - I mean anyone can copy letters from the note, make a comparison and spin a story about who wrote it. So far I haven't seen anything that makes me jump. The guy knew the term "fat cat", the guy was in the area.... nothing there to get my attention - and I don't know if the person emailing me will ever share more.

I don't know who is emailing me, don't know the name of Suspect D and don't have enough information to vouch for it at all. I am just waiting to see what else comes, if anything.

I posted the comparison (with the permission of the person who sent it to me) to see what you all think. I am sure the emailer is reading the forum.

Anyone can get a tip in to the DA or Lin Wood so the new investigators will get it. I can pass on stuff as well, but I can pass it on as a tip or as a file I have some faith in. So far I don't have a file here - and in all fairness, the emailer has not asked me to contact anyone about this.

So I am just waiting.

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