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Vennie Scott Thompson
Poster named "Obsessor" turned suspect over to Ramsey Investigators
Then posted about it on the Boulder News Forum

NOTE FROM THE WEBMASTER: On November 13, 1998, the "Obsessor" screen name logon on the Boulder News Forum was actually being "shared" by two people when the thread titled, "Breakthrough" was first created to announce the suspicions regarding Vennie Scott Thompson.

Apparently both "L Flowers" (LF) and "JayD" (Obsessor) were together in Boulder, Colorado using the same computer that day and although both of them had the suspicions, it was actually "L.Flowers" who was actually making the postings on the forum but was using the "Obsessor" screen name. But there was some confussion because at times it appeared that it was L.Flowers posting and other times it was JayD posting.

L.Flowers said she didn't have an account setup herself on the forum at that time and that is why she was using the "Obsessor" screen name. Once she set up her own account then her own logon was "lflowers" and once she began posting under her own logon then "JayD" began using his own logon again. So some of the more radical postings between JayD (Using the Obsessor logon) and Lance Matthews were in fact JayD and Matthews and not L.Flowers.


01. Vennie Scott Thompson said, "I was in jail from 12/11/96 until 1/19/98.
02. Thompson: "That puts me out of the picture for the JonBenet Ramsey killing
03. Thompson: "That puts me out of the picture for the Susannah Chase killing"


[Boulder News Forum]1998-11-13: Boulder News Forum thread, "Breakthrough"

obsessor - 06:26pm Nov 13, 1998 MST

(copy of letter sent 11/13/98 to ramsey case investigators)

To whom it may concern (Boulder police detectives, Jennifer Geddes, FBI, etc., Ramsey family)
It is our belief that you presently have the killer of JonBenet Ramsey incarcerated in Boulder City Jail.

One of the sex offenders who is incarcerated on a "Peeping Tom" offense now is named in the today's Colorado Daily newspaper article as Vennie Scott Thompson. My friend and I believe very strongly that because of this man's discussion of the extortion kidnapping plot in fall or early winter 1996 (before the Ramsey killing), he may be the murderer of JonBenet.

Previously I discussed with Lou Smit and investigators working with the Ramsey family the possibility that a "Finnie" Thompson (first name was uncertain but sounded like "Finnie") was the killer of JonBenet. The reason for this suspicion is as follows:

My contact stated that in late 1996 he was visiting with "Finnie" Thompson, who was planning to kidnap a small child for ransom money (extortion attempt). "Finnie" Thompson was seeking an accomplice to do the kidnapping. He worked at Burger King in Boulder and told my contact repeatedly how intensely he hated the little children who came into the restaurant. "Finnie" also had been jailed in Boulder for "Peeping Tom" offenses and for that reason he was hated by the women who had encountered him at Penny Lane Coffeehouse in Boulder. He told my contact that he was all set to come into a very large amount of money very soon. My contact stated that "Finnie" had the attitude of someone who was trying to solve all of his problems at once by doing a crime. However, at the time my contact did not take "Finnie" seriously and thought it was just insane raving.

In August 1997 I first learned about "Finnie"s ransom plot and immediately informed Lou Smit and the Ramsey family detectives.

About a week ago I wrote to you and said that I believed that James Michael Thompson (a.k.a. J.T. Colfax) had been confused with "Finnie Thompson and that there may be two different people with similar names. This was confirmed today when my friend noticed a newspaper article in the Colorado Daily about sex offenders in Boulder.

One of the sex offenders who is incarcerated on a "Peeping Tom" offense now is named in the newspaper article as Vennie Scott Thompson. My friend and I believe very strongly that because of this man's discussion of the extortion kidnapping plot in fall or early winter 1996 (before the Ramsey killing), he may be the murderer of JonBenet.

My original contact refuses to come forward with this information about "Finnie" or Vennie Thompson. However we believe that our source is a very honest person and did not make this story up.

The employment records at Burger King where "Finnie" or Vennie Thompson worked are no longer available because they were removed from the Burger King offices soon after the JonBenet murder.

Please let me know if you have received this email and tell me what action is taken in response to it.

Thank you very much.
(end of quoted letter)

obsessor - 06:52pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#4 of 21)

nothing has yet been done with this info as far as i know. i have pressured Boulder police and Ramsey family investigators repeatedly on this, but previously did not know the precise name of Vennie Scott Thompson, only knew an appoximate pronunciation such as "Finnie". I told them he worked at Burger King in Boulder, therefore he should have been traceable by that clue. However to my knowledge no one ever followed up on this lead thoroughly. There was certainly some name confusion with J.T. Colfax (James Michael Thompson) the corpse artist, but that confusion is now cleared up.

v2000 - 07:18pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#8 of 21)

Would you care to clue us in on who your contact is, how your contact got the information, who wrote the letter, what the author's (and your) relationship to the case is, and how the author met Lou Smit?

obsessor - 07:27pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#9 of 21)

"Would you care to clue us in on who your contact is" [my contact refuses to come forward],"how your contact got the information" [in an informal social situation at my contact's home],"who wrote the letter" [me], "what the author's (and your) relationship to the case is" [my relationship to the case occurred because my contact approached me in August 1997 and revealed this apparent lead to me voluntarily. my contact and his friend both knew that i was interested in this case out of concern for the family and the community, etc.], "and how the author met Lou Smit?"
[i met Lou Smit because my contact urged me to go to the police with the information that had been relayed to me. i went to Boulder Police Dept. and was interviewed for about a half hour by Lou Smit. Lou Smit urged me to ask my contact to come forward but my contact has always refused to be interviewed by the police or the Ramsey family investigators]

obsessor - 07:34pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#12 of 21)

the letter i refer to is the letter posted above on this discussion board (!) My contact spoke with a man he called "Finnie" Thompson at his home in late 1996. The man "Finnie" is the same person (we believe) as Vennie Scott Thompson. If this can be verified then we know that Vennie was planning a kidnapping in late 1996 because he was seeking co-conspirators. My contact just considered Vennie to be talking nonsense. My contact's friend knew Vennie had been previously found in a "Peeping Tom" offense in Boulder. The two talked and came to the conclusion that Vennie might be linked to the Ramsey murder because he was going around at night as a Peeping Tom and actually may have been planning (said he was planning) a ransom/extortion/kidnapping of a small child, and often raved about how much he detested children.Of course,we do not know whether Vennie Thompson is the killer or not; but at any rate it is a lead,and it is a lead that,in good conscience,needs to be investigated.

obsessor - 07:37pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#15 of 21)

fact is, the Burger King manager in Boulder told my friend that the personnel files for this man were mysteriously missing from the office paper files. Perhaps something is in the Burger King Computer somewhere detailing this fellow's work in Boulder Burger King?

obsessor - 07:51pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#21 of 29)

you can use exxon222@hotmail.com

already wrote to jtcolfax on his website and told him about this seeming identity confusion problem. i had been thinking colfax still was a suspect, but now think that this was partly a case of confused identity because of same last name Thompson. JT Colfax still seems odd but possibly just good at implicating himself.

obsessor - 07:59pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#24 of 29)

According to newspaper report in Colorado Daily today, Vennie Scott Thompson wrote a note to the woman he was convicted of Peep-Tomming on. The note may provide a handwriting sample, or police may be able to get other handwriting samples from Vennie's past to see if they implicate him in (or exonerate him from) the Ramsey murder.

obsessor - 08:12pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#37 of 44)

I am writing under my friend's handle ("Obsessor") because I do not yet have an identity/password of my own.I can assure Ruthee that she is NOT conversing with a police officer,nor is this a lesser kind of "publicity stunt" What we are trying to do is bring a child killer to justice.We are not here for purposes of idle entertainment.Also..."Beanie" appears to me to be a raving idiot.If you insist on being macabre,at least do it with the kind of witticism and ingenuity that Colfax has done it with. L Flowers

obsessor - 08:13pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#38 of 44)

there are 2 people using the obsessor handle right now, due to time lag in signup. my friend here knew Vennie as Finnie, but only was slightly acquainted. We searced for "Finnie" for some time, but his real name according to Colorado Daily is Vennie. We all know typos happen. The name was previously known only in casual conversation not in perfect written English.

obsessor - 08:56pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#83 of 83)

don't like the use of unnamed sources but the guy gave me the info on the condition that he not be named to the authorities. that's where it stands now. no emails have appeared from police ravenously hungry for clues. same as in 97 when i first informed ramseyfamily and Lou Smit about this. It was basically ignored. They are dealing with lots of leads and this was just one more. Since no one who talked with thomp would come forward they did not even go get a burger at burger king apparentment.

obsessor - 09:01pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#88 of 94)

"Lazarus: I cannot give her name out in good conscience.If you happen to know Lance yourself,ask him.It is not my intention to disclose any information about Lance or my friend that is not already known to the public."

In answer to your question: I remember Vennie Thompson as tall,w greyish black hair and a deceptively benevolent demeanor.He usually wore a baseball cap and could be found at Penny Lane coffeehouse in the early mornings ( 6 a.m. ish)where I would often encounter him in the late winter and early spring of 1996.At that time I worked the graveyard shift,and would usually drop by to have coffee before going home.That's about all the information on V.T. I personally can give you; the rest,of course,is speculative. LF

obsessor - 09:15pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#99 of 99)

I contacted the Ramsey investigators. Jennifer Geddes, I believe her name is, turned out to be a very overworked law student. She didn't have time to come to Boulder to talk with me, and it was hard for her to find time in her schedule if I was to go to Denver. She did not investigate the Burger King angle as far as I know; nor did Lou Smit as far as I know.

[Boulder News Forum]1998-11-14: Boulder News Forum thread, "Obsessors" friend and affiliate"

auntiebj - 01:57pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#20 of 24)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Lflowers, it is nice to see you now under your own idenity. Sorry about all the flack you got the other night. There are some posters who enjoy using multiple hats and creating havic out on the boards and that is who most people thought you were. But I am confussed about something. Was it you or the "other" obsessor Hat identity that has the "source" that will not come forward about this "Vinnie" guy? I know you are asking about it here so I am thinking it was you. If it is you then did the other obsessor person know about this too?

lflowers - 02:35pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#21 of 24)

to auntie bj: Just returned to the computer lab and got your message...in answer to your inquiry, It was the other "obsessor" who was told by contact X about Vennie Thompson's possible involvement in the murder.At the time contact X came forward with this information,I was living in Asheville,N.C.,and was informed of the new developements via telephone.

I did not write the posted letter adressed to Ramsey family investigators,although I did agree,for the sake of a thorough investigation,that posting it was a good idea.

lflowers - 02:50pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#22 of 24)

In case anyone's interested,the following excerpt is taken from the Nov 13-15 weekend edition of the "Colorado Daily":

Title of article: "Sex assault examined"

".....A jury found Vennie Scott Thompson,40,guilty of the charges against him August 19.Thompson was charged with attempted third degree sex assault and first degree criminal trespass.Thompson had been watching his victim through her window.When the woman would move to call the police,she said,Thompson would run away,then stop and kneel as if in prayer.He once got on the balcony of her Boulder home to leave her a note.According to police reports,part of the note read,'He waits at least a week between blessings,lest she become annoyed with his prayers and destroys him as is her right'"

lflowers - 12:42pm Nov 16, 1998 MST (#31 of 31)

hi,auntie bj...in answer to your question.....I have known "Obsessor" since early 1995,when I met him through mutual friends in the Boulder "poetry" scene (if it can be called that in respect to good literature,which it cant).Contact X,who,again,had often encountered V Thompson at Penny Lane coffeehouse in Boulder,states that the aforementioned was brought over to his residence by a mutual aquaintance (name not disclosed),and that,while "visiting", Thompson exhibited bizarre,inexplicable,and restless behavior;and that he talked repeatedly about coming into a large amount of money in the near future and about kidnapping a Boulder child for ransom.Then,allegedly,(as has been stated) he attempted to enlist contact X's help as an accomplice.

Of course, I have no hard proof of this;but I do happen to be aquainted with contact X myself,and I can say with conviction that,knowing the content of his character,I do not believe he would make this up.Contact X is a quiet,gracious,considerate man who is not given to verbal embellishments or theatrics of any kind.He is known around Penny Lane coffeehouse and among friends and associates as a gentle,good hearted,and compassionate induvidual.He would have absolutely no motive in concocting this story.

obsessor - 05:09pm Nov 16, 1998 MST (#34 of 35) Contact X is a good listener. He listened to the ravings of the guest, and then forgot about it all for several months, until Aug. '97 when another friend discussed the guest and the topic came up. Putting the kidnapping plot together with rumors about Peeping Tom arrest, they put their heads together and realized they should relay all this info to authorities. They knew I was obsessed with solving the case and told me all the details when I chanced upon them at Penny Lane. I contacted authorities and Ramsey family investigator Jennifer Geddes, an overworked law student in Denver. No one followed up on this lead completely as far as I know. In addition, I believe that there was genuine confusion between the two Thompsons prior to a few days ago when VT's name appeared in the paper and was noticed almost by chance by the very observant LF.

[Boulder News Forum]1998-11-24: Boulder News Forum thread, "Just ask Vennie Scott Thompson...I did!"

Just ask Vennie Scott Thompson...I did!
matthews - 06:21pm Nov 24, 1998 MST

I was wondering what Vennie had to say about all these accusations....so I asked him. This came in the mail today

He answered a lot of questions and it was a really interesting letter. It told me for sure things that make me look at him in a new light when wondering whether or not to consider him a suspect....I will post when I can...am busy scanning someone else's letter right now.

Incidentally, LOU SMIT has contacted, "Obsessor" twice. The first e-mail, a brief message thanking Obsessor for posting the Vennie Thompson info on the web, was seen by L Flowers with her own eyes. The second, which Obsessor described to LF in detail, involved Smit contacting him a SECOND time and asking for permission to forward Obsessor's messages about Vennie Thompson to the BPD. (I thought Smit was court ordered to stay out of this thing?....O.J. had a loose glove; the Ramsey's have a LOUSMIT!)

[Vennie Scott Thompson Envelope No1]

[Vennie Scott Thompson Envelope No1]

[Boulder News Forum]1998-11-26: Boulder News Forum thread, "New information"

lflowers - 12:53pm Nov 26, 1998 MST

To all concerned : recently Lance Matthews of JT Colfax/ Ramsey forum fame recieved a letter from one VENNIE SCOTT THOMPSON, an inmate currently incarcerated in Boulder county jail. In it Thompson comments on one WILL GRIGGS, whom he first encountered in Boulder county jail:

".......I met Mr. Griggs in jail, where he was on almost continual 'level 3' 23 hour lockdown for constantly antagonizing and transparently falsely accusing several people, including myself, of various wrongdoings against him.He is a textbook manic psychotic stalker who lives to act out revenge....his acts include getting a "jump" on a former girlfriend who'd warned him she would get a restraining order against him by getting one against her first for a minimum of fifty yards distance, after which he harrassed her by following around in front of her like a cat, blocking her approach to every place she attempted to go, until she got a restraining order against HIM for a minimum distance of one hundred yards so HE would have to yield passage to HER. This characterizes his M.O..... IF MEMORY SERVES ME, HE WAS RELEASED A FEW HOURS BEFORE THE SUSANNAH CHASE KILLING."

Please check on this. We think it may be important. thanks... Lisa A Flowers and Lance Matthews

[Boulder News Forum]1998-11-28: Boulder News Forum thread, "VENNIE SCOTT THOMPSON...unedited (both letters)"

matthews - 07:12pm Nov 28, 1998 MST
Moving forward with life.

I promised the man I would post his reply....here it is:

To: Whom it may concern
From: Vennie Scott Thompson Re: slander from "Obsessor"-06:26pm Nov 13,1998 mst


When the reward for the capture of the JonBenet Ramsey killer was offered, a witch hunt began. Resultant was that every non-conformist, in fact, everyone who was around town who even LOOKED a little strange, was reported to the police as a possible perpetrator. "Obsessor" is two years late accusing me... someone equally ridiculous already did. I'd had a passing aquaintance with a woman named "Sheila" who reported me as a possible suspect because I'm a "weird guy who hangs around the streets at night". People speculate on the flimsiest of evidence and draw far reaching, farfetched conclusions... which they then become willing to defend to the death as "truth". I was in jail from 12/11/96 until 1/19/98. That puts me out of the picture for the JonBenet Ramsey killing, the Susannah Chase killing, and all violations of the demand "DO NOT remove this tag under penalty of law" which occured in that period.

I worked at Burger King... on drive thru. I neither had signifigant contact with children nor would I had cared one bit if I had. I'm benignly indifferent to children. The alleged "plotting" never occured. I'm housed in the medical unit of the jail which contains, among other sorts, extreme lunatics. During my 13 months as module trustee, two persons stand out as psychopathic enough and dedicated enough vengeful stalkers to have concocted those defamatory comments. WILL GRIGGS is injoined against contact with numerous persons by a sheaf of restraining orders. He decided he hated me worse than the devil because I successfully objected against the practice of watching news all day on TV. BRIAN WALKER initiates relationships with a "peace and love" come on, then proceeds to degrade those around him who exhibit the greatest social influence or position. He swore revenge on me through his circle of friends because he can't endure living with anyone who fails to submit to him and who can see through, call and negate his sophisticatedly sadistic ploys to dominate those in close, prolonged proximity to him.

I am currently sentenced to nine years in prison for sitting on a porch. The Boulder police officer BEVERLY BOOKOUT contrived a confession which in fact never occured, and did it in a spate of perjury which is unequalled in my personal experience. If the porch I'd allegedly confessed to having climbed upon three times had a gate and a five foot stairway, or been a few feet lower, I'd have had three misdemeanor tresspass with maximum six month sentences. As it is, I'm convicted of three felonious tresspasses by entering a dwelling, even though all reason and common sense is that I never entered the interior space between walls. The "DIDI" DA said it is the same as my entering the woman's bathroom.

My real crime is failure to submit my mind on demand for reprogramming according to state standards. I refuse unnecessary "rehab" foisted on virtually everyone who now comes into contact with law enforcement. There ARE harmless, strange people, and I'm one of them. They can keep my body for as long as they wish; this one's soul will not become the property of the recently evolved State Psychiatric Industrial Complex, for the "priveledge" of having my body allowed "free" on probation while representatives of the state decide who I am to be, how and what I am to think, what my bodily chemical content is to be, invading my being to a far greater extent than anything I've ever considered doing to another. If someone wants to sit outside my window and watch while I do whatever, I couldn't care less, so long as they don't blab it all over town; my THOUGHTS, however, are privately mine, and CERTAINLY no buisness of the state's.

Vennie Scott Thompson

lflowers - 07:41pm Nov 28, 1998 MST (#3 of 9)

I now wish to apologize publicly to Vennie Scott Thompson for my considerable and undeniable involvement with the slander of his character. The fact that Thompson's innocence could have all the while been proven with a simple phone call to the BPD is, to say the least, embarrasing... and all the more so because Mr. Thompson has now demonstrated himself in writing to be not only a benevolent character but a prolific one as well. I cannot discount my role in this sitauation by pointing out the obvious confusion of identities between myself and the now tackily imfamous "Obsessor"... although of course that mix up is inevitably a factor; and there are numerous postings composed by the aforementioned that I played no part in. Accusing Vennie Scott Thompson of such an unspeakable and morally unforgivable crime without serious, substantial evidence is, to say the least, a contemptible error and a notable breach of my own ethics; and I ask Mr. Thompson now to accept my apologies.

Perhaps reminding you all of Lou Smit's similar negligence in this matter will be construed by some as hypocritical, and perhaps it is. But my ignorance (no less excusable) is that of a citizen not directly involved in working with investigators... at least on a "sanctioned" level...whereas Mr. Smit's is that of a "professional", who should have known better before contacting an induvidual who has revealed himself to be a psychopath and offering to pass on info to the BPD. I think this should be considered signifigant as to the incompetence of some "trained, seasoned" investigators. Anyway, it's something to keep in mind.

Again... Mr. Thompson, I extend my humble apologies to you

Lisa A Flowers

[Vennie Scott Thompson Note to Matthews]1998-12-09: Boulder News Forum thread,
"Vennie Scott Thompson" (Click Graphic for larger view with Envelope)

matthews - 12:12am Dec 9, 1998 MST
Here to "lance" the fetid boil of JayD/obsessor's ignorance

I got another letter form Vennie today. He is now in DRDC. THAT is where you are placed to be evaluated and classified before you get sent to a State Prison facility. They lock you down for 23 hrs. a day and you undergo various psychological and physical evaluations/testing. For me,this was the hardest part of incarceration...and I know Patsy and John will just HATE it!!!!!

I find Vennie to be very intelligent and articulate. He expressed his feelings about Obsessor and Lou Smit's attempts to turn him into Ramsey roadkill.
I'm sending him all the current posts, in case any of y'all want to say something to him.

I won't be posting his letter, as it is personal, but the above is the last page... I guess it expresses it all.

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