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[Sludge Reports by Shadow] Shadow's
Sludge Reports
Johnnie C. Interview

Johnnie C. Interview
The shadow
Sludge Report Staff Writer
Los Angles - June 7, 1998: After several days of relentless pursuit by your reporter, Johnnie C, famous LA trial lawyer, agreed to an exclusive interview for the Joshua-7 Forum. Provided below, is the un-edited tape of this interview.

Shadow: Mr. C… could I have a few minutes of your time?

Johnnie C: Who in the world are you?

S: I'm a reporter for the Sludge Report. I would like to get your thoughts on the JonBenet incident for the J-7 Forum.

JC: You kidding? People on that forum call me a slimeball and other worse stuff. Why would I give you or them the time of day?

S: Well, ugh… I have these pictures of you and Marcia Clark…

JC: Whoooa!! Well, I guess I have a few minutes… quid pro quo?

S: Absolutely! Now Mr. C…

JC: Since we seem to have … ugh, mutual concerns, call me Johnnie.

S: Ok… Johnnie. Have you been contacted by the Ramseys for help or consultation?

JC: No… and I wouldn't help if called. I have some scruples! Also, there's no race angle, and the Ramseys are not loved and admired by anyone but jameson. However, Alex Hunter did call me last week at about 1:00AM. Seemed highly agitated or maybe he was drinking. He said that it looked like there was going to be a Grand Jury in Boulder on the JonBenet incident. He said that he had signed-up Barry Scheck and Henry Lee who had already been very helpful, and wondered if I was available to work with them and the Boulder DA's office preparing for the GJ - to give them a high-powered defense attorney's prospective on the case. I declined.

S: You did? Why?

JC: You kidding? The Ramsey case is going to ruin reputations and destroy careers - I don't need that crap. I actually warned Scheck not to get involved. I tried to warn Henry, but couldn't understand what he was saying. Hey, I've got my own TV Talk Show where I can second guess the defense like people did me on the OJ case. I can second guess the prosecution, too. In addition, Geraldo and I have made up, so I can be on his show and he can be on mine and we can second guess everybody. The best of all worlds!

S: Speaking of Scheck and Lee, do you think they can help the prosecution if one, or both, of the Ramseys are indicted?

JC: Who knows? These guys weren't good enough to get their own talk shows, were they? Think about that, Shadow! They couldn't come-up with a neat saying like "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" either… I came-up with that winner.

S: Do you follow J-7?

JC: Doesn't everyone? I know Thinker left the forum in a huff, but is already back; I know jameson is still pushing the sickpuppy theory; Gemini defends the Ramseys while hanging over the fence; Lake hasn't wavered from his Burke's friends did it theory; Betsy is still chasing the Masons; God only knows what Bluefire's theory is this week; and you, shadow, contribute nothing to the dialogue.

S: Thanks a lot! But let me ask you this… if one or both of the Ramseys are indicted, what should their lawyers' strategy be?

JC: Let's keep in mind the presumption of innocence thing! Although Bechner says the "umbrella of suspicion is now a parasol," he hasn't said who's under that parasol. There's still lot's of doubt on the part of many that the Ramseys or anyone else will ever be indicted. Also, with all the confusion as to who the perp really is on J-7, just think how confused the BPD and DA must be. But, to answer your question, right now, even before an indictment of anyone, I'd replace Jerrilyn Merrick with jameson on the talk show circuit. That woman could cause even an innocent person to be sent to prison… she irritates the hell out of everyone. In addition, while she can spout jameson's sickpuppy theory, she has serious trouble with the details… Ramseys need jameson to get into the Barbie Doll stuff. If the Rameys are indicted, jameson's theory will be big.

S: What about Lake's scenario?

JC: Actually, Lake's theory may be more logical than jameson's. But, it, in one way or the other, will involve the Ramseys. But, you may want to throw out Lake's and see how it plays. You can never give the jury too many scenarios to consider. The prosecution will be pounding their unimaginative one theory over and over. Borinnng! Ok, Shadow, I've given you a lot to think about. Got to go see Geraldo.

S: Ok…

JC: Ugh… can I have the pictures and negatives now?

S: Sure. Here… thanks for the interview.

All "Sludge Reports" are "Parody"
All "Sludge Reports" are "Parody" and are written by "Shadow" and are the express property of "Shadow" and donated and used on the ACandyRose Website with express permission of "Shadow" as part of the archived history of the Internet Subculture surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder Investigation. The parody opinion expressed in the "Sludge Reports" is not necessarily the opinion of the webmaster of "ACandyRose" and have not been included in the archive history by "Shadow" or "ACandyRose" to discredit any Internet poster or any person in real life whose name may sound familiar when referenced within the parody reports. The "Sludge Reports" can not be copied or used from the ACandyRose website without the express permission of "Shadow."


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