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[Sludge Reports by Shadow] Shadow's
Sludge Reports
Random Thoughts
of a Fading Shadow

Random Thoughts of a Fading Shadow
By Shadow
Sludge Report Staff Writer

(Editors Note - The publishers of the Sludge Report have offered JW Forum writer, Greenleaf, three times what shadow is being paid to join its staff to bring some level of credibility and sanity to its publication. Realizing that 3x0=0, Greenleaf has refused. Thus, we must continue to put up with shadow's outlandish ramblings.)
Washington, DC - June 11, 1999: 898 days have passed since six year old JonBenet Ramsey was killed - that's more than 29 months, 2 and one-half years. Do you realize that if PR or JR had pleaded guilty to manslaughter back then, they would be out of jail by now. They would have saved themselves $3 million and Colorado taxpayers $2 million. Alex Hunter still would be getting criminals to plead guilty to lesser charges and the entire Boulder police department would not have resigned? Peter Boyles would be just another unknown local talk radio host, no one would know who in the hell Jerrilyn, Larry and Darnay are, and TV Infomercials would still be considered "benign." Jameson would not have had her 15 minutes of fame! The National Inquirer would not have identified fifteen different people as the person who killed JBR and the Star would not be in abject fear of being sued by BR's lawyer (who won Richard Jewel big bucks in lawsuits versus NBC and the Atlanta Constitution).

Hundreds of ex-CIA, FBI, and KGB operatives would not be working night and day on the Ramsey "dream team" trying to find the killer of JBR. All small foreigners in this country would not be suspects in the kidnapping/murder. Geraldo would not have made a fool of himself saying his program was going to be "the JBR show of record." The mainstream media would not have to raise advertising rates because they are wasting enormous amounts of money rushing to Boulder and Atlanta whenever a rumor of "something about to happen in the JBR case" is leaked.

On the other hand, there would be no MrsBrady, no JW Forum, and no Sludge Report. I guess, as a friend of mine likes to say, "the world ain't a perfect place."

All "Sludge Reports" are "Parody"
All "Sludge Reports" are "Parody" and are written by "Shadow" and are the express property of "Shadow" and donated and used on the ACandyRose Website with express permission of "Shadow" as part of the archived history of the Internet Subculture surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder Investigation. The parody opinion expressed in the "Sludge Reports" is not necessarily the opinion of the webmaster of "ACandyRose" and have not been included in the archive history by "Shadow" or "ACandyRose" to discredit any Internet poster or any person in real life whose name may sound familiar when referenced within the parody reports. The "Sludge Reports" can not be copied or used from the ACandyRose website without the express permission of "Shadow."


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