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Vaughn Family Tragedy June 14, 2007
Channahon Township, Will County Illinois


Christopher Vaughn Extradited to Will County Illinois on Murder Charges

Vaughn left the St. Charles County jail just after 3:30 p.m
Clean shaven with recent haircut
"Christopher Vaughn today gave up his battle in Missouri to fight his forced return to Illinois to face charges that he murdered his wife and three school-age children in the family sport-utility vehicle.

Vaughn, 32, of Oswego, waived extradition in Missouri before St. Charles County Judge Terry Cundiff, clearing the way for Illinois State Police to transport him to the Will County Jail in Joliet, where he could have a bond hearing as soon as Thursday. First Asst. St. Charles Prosecuting Atty. John DeVouton said the hearing lasted about five minutes.

Illinois State Trooper Mark Dorencz, spokesman for District 5 State Police, said his agency, which investigated the case, would be bringing Vaughn back to the Chicago area by this evening. He declined to specify the means of transportation."

07/03/2007 Headline: "Dad waives extradition from Missouri in family killing case" - http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-070703vaughn-extradition,1,2332046.story?coll=chi-news-hed

St. Charles County Detention Center

Christopher Vaughn Transferred
Offender Record
Last Name: VAUGHN
Custody Status: Transferred
Agency: Unknown
Date of Birth: 09/26/1974
Race: White
Offender ID: 2007078067
Gender: Male

07/03/2007 St. Charles County, Missouri Free Public Records Directory - http://www.publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/MO_St.Charles.htm

Vaughn to be represented by Scott Rosenblum and Gerald Kielian
Christopher Vaughn consented to the transfer during a brief appearance in St. Charles County Associate Circuit Court. He told Judge Terry Cundiff he had consulted with attorneys before making his decision. Vaughn will be represented in Illinois by St. Louis-based defense attorney Scott Rosenblum and Gerald Kielian, of Joliet, Ill.

07/03/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn to be extradited to Illinois on charges of killing family" - http://www.kmov.com/topstories/stories/kmov_localnews_070703_familymurdered.3bf03cb9.html

Christopher Vaughn in Will County Jail
Offender Record
Last Name: VAUGHN Custody
Status: In Custody
Agency: Will County Jail
Date of Birth: 09/26/1974
Race: White
Offender ID: 20070006095
Gender: Male
Agency Description Will County Jail
Address 1 14 West Jefferson Street
City Joliet State/Province IL Zip Code 60432

07/03/2007 Will County Illinois Free Public Records Directory - http://publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/IL_Will.htm

Christopher Vaughn
Medical and Psychiatric evaluation in
Will County Jail
"As CBS 2’s Katie McCall reports, Vaughn did not make any statement as he walked into the jail Tuesday night. As of 10 p.m. Tuesday he was being booked and was expected to begin going through a medical and psychiatric evaluation that will continue Wednesday. Vaughn walked into the Will County jail, his hands and feet chained, escorted by Illinois State Police.' Vaughn will not be permitted to have any visitors until after he makes a court appearance, which prosecutors believe will happen Thursday afternoon."

07/03/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn Back In Joliet To Face Murder Charges - Officials: Alleged Killer Of Wife, Children Will Be Held In Joliet" - http://cbs2chicago.com/local/local_story_184133805.html

"A key ruling last week that limited the legal steps the Oswego man could take to fight extradition also played a role in Vaughnıs decision to return to Illinois, Waltrip said. Vaughn met with family members on Monday, a day prior to his hearing before Judge Terry Cundiff."

"At the 10-minute hearing in St. Charles, Mo., Vaughn wore orange prison fatigues, had shaved and gotten a hair cut since being jailed. When it was over, District 11 state police officers picked up Vaughn and drove him as far as Springfield. They stopped there and handed him over to officers from District 5 who brought him to the Will County jail in a dark blue Chevrolet Blazer.

By 6:30 p.m., reporters and camera crews crowded the Ottawa Street car wash thatıs across the street and just west of the jail. Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas arrived 30 minutes later. By 8 p.m., the media had moved over to the jail."

"The Blazer drove slowly through the driveway leading to the garage doors on the south end of the building. When it stopped inside the bay, three officers stepped out of the car before Vaughn exited the passenger-side back seat. With an officer on either side of him and one behind, Vaughn walked slowly toward an east side door. He never spoke and didn't turn around. Vaughn wore a fixed, deadpan expression, but before he crossed the threshold, he frowned slightly.

Now that Vaughn is in Will County, he will be represented by Gerald Kielian of Joliet, a veteran defense attorney." - "Vaughn probably will be formally charged with the crimes in Will County Subcircuit Judge Robert Lorzıs courtroom at 1:30 p.m. Thursday."

07/03/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn in Will Co. jail" By Dan Rozek Sun-Times News Group and Stewart Warren Staff Writer - http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/heraldnews/news/455675,4_1_JO03_VAUGHNHERE_S1.article

"Vaughn's first court hearing in Will County could occur as early as 1:30 p.m. Thursday (Courtroom 306), authorities said. During that initial appearance, charges will be presented and a preliminary hearing will be set. However, Glasgow said it is unlikely Vaughn will appear in person, but rather by video camera from the jail."

07/03/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn Returning To Illinois To Face Murder Charges" WMAQ-TV - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19599763/
Christopher Vaughn First Court Date 7/5/2007 - Next Court Date 7/27/2007

Pleads No Guilty
Christopher Vaughn on Suicide Watch

Next Court Date Friday,
July 27, 2007
"Christopher Vaughn made his first court appearance today in Will County to face charges in the slayings of his wife and three children, and his attorney said Vaughn will plead not guilty.

During the perfunctory hearing, State's Atty. James Glasgow read the charges against Vaughn, who is accused of using a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun found in the family's sport-utility vehicle. Vaughn's attorney, Gerald Kielian, said his client will plead not guilty. Vaughn's next court date is scheduled for July 27.

Also today, Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas said Vaughn has been placed on suicide watch based on comments Vaughn made to Illinois State Police troopers during his transport to Will County and to personnel at the County Jail."

07/05/2007 HEADLINE: "Dad faces charges in family’s slaying"

Prosecutors dropped four of the eight charges against Vaughn
"JOLIET -- Prosecutors on Thursday dropped four of eight first-degree murder counts against a suburban Chicago man accused of killing his wife and three children, saying they were focusing their case.

Christopher Vaughn -- who appeared via a video feed from the Will County Jail, where authorities said he is on suicide watch. Vaughn's defense attorneys, Scott Rosenblum and Gerald Kielian, told the judge that their client intends to plead not guilty. The evidence in the case still must go before a grand jury. Will County Circuit Judge Daniel Rozak set a preliminary hearing for July 27. Defense attorneys did not comment as they left the courtroom except to say they were on their way to see Vaughn."

07/05/2007 HEADLINE: "4 charges dropped against Vaughn" By Ken O’Brien Staff writer

Glasgow said July 27th hearing will probably not happen if Grand Jury indicts first
"In addition to Kielian, high-profile St. Louis attorney Scott Rosenblum and his partner, John Rogers, appeared on Vaughn's behalf. They shook hands with Glasgow, who is personally prosecuting the case, and two of his top assistants."

Rozak set a July 27 date for a preliminary hearing, at which Vaughn could question whether police had sufficient probable cause to arrest him. But Glasgow said that hearing is unlikely to take place, because evidence of Vaughn's alleged crimes will first be presented to a grand jury, as is typical in serious felony cases. If the grand jury indicts Vaughn, that would serve as proof of probable cause.

Though grand jury proceedings are secret, the defense would have the right to obtain grand jury transcripts as part of routine discovery, the exchange of evidence between the prosecution and defense.

07/06/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn placed on suicide watch - Suspect in slayings of family has 1st Illinois court hearing" By Hal Dardick - http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-vaughn_6jul06,1,5940842.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Vaughn's Lawyers:
Gerald Kielian
Scott Rosenblum
John Rodgers

James Glasgow
Lea Norbut
John Connor

Grand Jury meets on Wednesdays and Indictments are announced on Thursdays
"After Thursday's hearing, Kielian and two other lawyers, including Scott Rosenblum of St. Louis, went to the jail for their first meeting with Vaughn. Rosenblum is considered a high-profile lawyer in St. Louis, where his clients have included two professional athletes.

In a press release, Glasgow said he will personally prosecute the case when it goes to trial. Glasgow said two assistants, Lea Norbut, the chief of the criminal division, and John Connor, who heads the computer crimes unit, will assist in the case."

Glasgow said he will present evidence in the case to a grand jury on Wednesdays before the July 27 hearing. Indictments returned by a Will County grand jury are announced on Thursdays."

"Kaupas said he expected the inmate classification process for Vaughn to be completed Thursday, with a decision likely to place him in a unit that serves as protective custody at the jail. Vaughn was initially being held in the medical unit in a cell that is 10-by-10 feet, he said.

Vaughn is under constant observation and that would continue if he is placed in the special housing unit, Kaupas said. The medical unit was checking his wound, from the June 14 shooting, and the medical staff had a concern about Vaughn's blood pressure, he said."

07/06/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn in court via video" By Ken O'Brien

Vaughn placed in Will County Jail's special housing unit
"Christopher Vaughn, the Oswego man accused of murdering his wife and three children, was placed Wednesday afternoon in protective custody at the Will County Jail's special housing unit, said Pat Barry, spokesman for Sheriff Paul Kaupas.

Vaughn requested that he be placed in protective custody, a more restrictive environment where inmates are housed alone in cells rather than doubled up as in other areas of the jail, Barry said. Vaughn will have regular contact with other inmates who also are in protective custody."

07/12/2007 HEADLINE: "Vaughn is placed in protective unit"

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