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"Speculate about the viability of suspects"

PART 2 - Tracey's Yellow Brick Road

"Who Killed the Pageant Queen" - "The Prime Suspect"
Shown in the UK on Real Crime ITV1 (June 15, 2004)
Produced by Michael Tracey and co-produced with David Mills

Suspects Targeted by Michael Tracey in his documentaries

Michael Tracey's Yellow Brick Road

Colorado University Professor, Michael Tracey has a long history defending both John and Patsy Ramsey from being "under the umbrella" of suspicion in the death of their daughter, JonBenet in 1996. Defending the Ramseys is Michael Tracey's right as is the right of all other citizens opinions as to whether one or the other of the Ramseys is directly or indirectly responsible for their daughter's death.

BUT in Tracey's efforts to champion the Ramsey's cause, he is doing exactly what he is accusing others of doing in the media, "a trial in the court of public opinion." Michael Tracey is producing documentaries that are being aired here in the USA as well as in the United Kingdom accusing others of being "THE PRIME SUSPECTS" in the murder, suspicions created to promote the "intruder theory." Tracey's cast consists of previously employed Ramsey private investigators, Ollie Gray and John San Augustine, David Williams and Jennifer Gettys, who along with retired Detective Lou Smit and private investigator, Pete Peterson not only paint a picture for the public to believe that others committed this murder but they actually name suspects.

On this webpage, take a walk down "Michael Tracey's Yellow Brick Road," a collection of the electronic paper trail of news articles, press releases, reviews, quotes, opinions, documented facts in chronological order, about Michael Tracey, his history, his documentaries and his methods defending the Ramseys to the point of hypocrisy to target other innocent people as "THE PRIME SUSPECTS" "on trial in the court of public opinion."

~~~~~ 1998 ~~~~~

By Fleet Russell White, Jr. & Priscilla Brown White letter to John Buechner President's Office, University of Colorado - April 6, 1998, "On April 2 we received a call from Mr. Tracey soliciting our cooperation and an interview for his "documentary of the media coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey case" During our telephone conversation, Mr. Tracey related that he hoped to interview a wide range of people involved in the case." "It is our strong recommendation that the University of Colorado give serious consideration of the consequences that this program may have. First, the program, it it airs, will likely receive international media attention inviting widespread criticism of the University for its role in its production and its perceived endorsement. Second, it will probably be highly critical of the Boulder Police Department, impeaching its credibility and the reputations of its officers. Third, it will criticize the police murder investigation and serve to further undermine the ability of police and prosecutors to do their job. Fourth, it will cause needless injury to our community which can now ill afford any further criticism of its government that is not genuinely constructive."

By Lisa Levitt Ryckman, Rocky Mountain News - April 7, 1998, Titled, "Ramseys speak freely to filmmakers","British documentary looks at media treatment,"We're addressing the issue of what has been done to the Ramseys, rather than what the Ramseys may have done," producer David Mills said on Monday. "It's proving a remarkable story." "Mills and Michael Tracey, a University of Colorado journalism professor, approached the Ramseys last December about the documentary." "They did not want to be seen as trying to manipulate public opinion," Tracey said." The Ramseys were interviewed in their Atlanta home in mid-February on a wide range of topics, including JonBenet's murder, Mills said. Their attorney, Bryan Morgan, was present for the questioning but never interfered with the interview. Mills said the documentary, which will be at least 60 minutes long, will be aired first in Britain. American networks already have begun bidding for the program, he said."

The Ramseys agreed, with the understanding that they would have no editorial control and would not see a script or a finished version of the program before it airs, Tracey said. The filmmakers did, however, agree to the Ramseys' request not to air the documentary while a grand jury is being seated or examining the case.

By Matt Sebastian, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramseys finish interviews," - June 26, 1998," "Prosecutors and the parents of JonBenét Ramsey on Thursday wrapped up three grueling days of interviews, a series of meetings initiated by John Ramsey in an April letter to Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter." "Speaking to investigators for the first time since April 30, 1997, the Ramseys were interviewed separately Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Broomfield Police Department. "Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey have been cooperative," Hunter said Thursday in a prepared statement." "No cops," said Suzanne Laurion, Hunter's spokeswoman. Even if the police weren't present during the interviews, they — along with the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation — certainly played a large part in planning and executing the long-awaited questioning. Videotapes were shuttled to the Boulder Police Department each day. They were reviewed by police detectives and dissected in nightly debriefing sessions supervised by Hunter, Laurion said.

Patsy Ramsey questioned by
Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth
with Patrick Burke, Ellis Armistead present

John Ramsey questioned by
Lou Smit and Michael Kane
with Bryan Morgan, David Williams present

June 23rd, 24th, 25th, 1998

(PR 06-23-1998 Pg0309) Trip DeMuth asks Patsy, "Have you ever heard of the Hi-Tech brand footwear before?" Patsy answers, "I have heard that, this name is, you know, has come up. But I" Trip DeMuth asks, "How about prior to JonBenet's death?" Patsy replies, "No. Never heard of it" Trip DeMuth asks Patsy a second time, "Never heard of it prior to JonBenet's death?" Patsy replies, "No. Anytime I go in the shoe store I kind of look and see, you know, if there is a Hi-Tech." Trip DeMuth asks, "Have you ever found any?" Patsy replies, "No. I mean, is that like a brand name or is that a description?"

By the Associated Press, Titled, "Ramseys speak out on British TV," - July 5, 1998," "The parents of JonBenét Ramsey, who have not spoken publicly in more than a year, break their silence in a documentary to be aired this week on British television, Newsweek reports. In the wide-ranging interview, the Ramseys address rumors in the case, proclaim their innocence and say the crime may never be solved, according to the report in this week's issues of Newsweek. The documentary will be aired on the United Kingdom's channel 4. John and Patsy Ramsey have not spoken publicly since May 1997, when they met for a televised press conference with local reporters. The Ramseys were interviewed in their home in mid-February, producer David Mills said."

By Matt Sebastian, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramsey tapes wanted by DA," - July 8, 1998," "Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter has requested an unedited version of a University of Colorado journalism professor's interviews with the parents of JonBenét Ramsey." Boulder police made a similar request to CNN in early 1997 after the cable news network aired an interview with John and Patsy Ramsey — the couple's first media appearance, one that came before the parents even talked extensively to investigators." CNN complied with that request. Tracey and two Newsweek reporters sat down with the Ramseys in Atlanta in February." The documentary, which Tracey co-produced with a fellow Briton, David Mills, will air Thursday on England's Channel 4. The CU professor is still seeking an American outlet for the film, which he describes as a criticism of the media coverage of the Ramsey case. "We insist on maintaining a fairly high level of editorial control of the program that goes out in the U.S.," Tracey said, noting that the networks so far have not acquiesced to that demand. Should the documentary ever be aired in America, it won't be the same program seen this week in England.

Michael Tracey's Documentary
"Who Killed JonBenét?"
Aired in UK - July 9, 1998

By Kevin McCullen, Rocky Mountain News, Titled, "CO-PRODUCER TAKES NAME OFF JONBENET FILM," July 10, 1998," "The University of Colorado journalism professor who co-produced a documentary on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case removed his name from the credits after a British TV station changed the title. Michael Tracey said Thursday that he and co-producer David Mills were upset that Britain's Channel 4 changed their title from JonBenet's America to Who Killed JonBenet?" "It is not what the documentary is about,'' Tracey said. ``It's about the story of the Ramsey family and what they have been through. It is not a documentary that we set out to decide whether they are innocent or guilty." Tracey, 49, director of CU's Center for Mass Media Research, said that he is negotiating with an American television outlet to show a 75-minute version of the program. He would not disclose the name of the station. "Tracey's involvement with the family began after he wrote an opinion page piece in the Boulder Daily Camera condemning the ``corruption of journalistic values'' for the ``voyeuristic, manipulative, trashy exploitative character of the coverage." "A lawyer representing the Ramsey family called Tracey to ask him about his story. Several weeks later, he said, the attorney called back and said Patsy Ramsey would be willing to speak to one of his classes about media coverage of her daughter's murder. Instead, Tracey called Mills, a producer and friend in London, and suggested they produce a documentary ``looking at the media's coverage of the Ramsey case to tell a story about the state of American Journalism."

By the Camera staff, Daily Camera, Titled, "Boulder Ramsey documentary to be aired locally," - July 30, 1998," "Roger Ogden, president of Denver`s KUSA-9News, confirmed Wednesday his station will air the documentary, originally titled "JonBenet`s America," on Wednesday at 8 p.m. The 65-minute version of the film is about 10 minutes longer than the one British audiences saw July 9, although it`s shorter than the hour-and-a-half broadcast CU professor Michael Tracey had hoped to air in America. Ogden said the documentary will be followed by an hour-long panel discussion, moderated by Ed Sardella and featuring Tracey, Denver Post columnist Chuck Green and KHOW radio`s Peter Boyles. The station did pay Tracey and co-producer David Mills for the program, but Ogden said the cost is "consistent with what we would normally pay for a program of that length."

Michael Tracey's Documentary
"JonBenet's America"
Aired on KUSA-Channel 9 Denver, Colorado
August 5, 1998 (Edited 70 Min. Version)

By Doug Cosper, Boulder Planet - (Article regarding Michael Tracey and Colorado University's "one-sixth rule" in 1998) August 5, 1998, "The point of the one-sixth rule is to keep professors involved in the community and real world and bring that experience back to the classroom," said Fort Collins Regent Guy Kelley. In establishing : the rules, the Board of Regents resolved, "... that public office not be used for private gain, and that there be complete public confidence in the integrity of the university." Regents' rules require professors to inform their deans or department chairs before they undertake outside work for pay, said Todd Gleeson, CU associate vice chancellor for academic affairs." "Tracey pointed out that although he had hoped to make money on the documentary, so far, "I've not seen a dime." Great Britain's Channel 4 paid about £200,000 ($320,000) for a 60-minute version of the documentary that aired there last month, Tracey said. That money, combined with proceeds of a local broadcast scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 5, on KUSA Channel 9, only covered the costs of production. Tracey said he has received about $10,000 in expenses for the project, mostly spent for travel to London, where the piece was edited. If he is going to profit on the Ramsey film, he said, it will be through a hoped-for American network sale and a subsequent book advance. "I wish I had made some bloody money. It's cost me a lot. It's been an absolute nightmare," Tracey : said of the project. Tracey receives a salary of $80,941 from CU for a nine-month contract, according to the university." "What I was trying to do was to use this documentary to stimulate the debate about what was happening to American journalism. That's my reason for doing this," he insisted."

By Matt Sebastian, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramsey grand jury to convene," - September 15, 1998," "Five months after being seated, the eight women and four men of Boulder County's grand jury will begin meeting today in hopes of finally cracking Boulder's most notorious murder case." "Police investigated the murder for 17 months before turning over 30,000 pages of documents to Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter in June. Police have named no suspects, but say the girl's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, are under suspicion."

September 15, 1998

The Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramsey documentary airs on cable Monday," - September 26, 1998," "A University of Colorado journalism professor's two-hour documentary on the JonBenét Ramsey homicide and the media will air Monday night on A&E Network. The cable network will show "Investigative Reports: The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys" from 7 to 9 p.m. CU professor Michael Tracey and a British journalist produced the documentary, first shown in Britain during the summer. A version of the documentary, which features an interview with John and Patsy Ramsey, was shown locally this summer."


Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys
Two hour show airs on A&E in the USA - September 28th, 1998

Internight MSNBC (Guests: Peter Boyles, Anne Bardach, Michael Tracey) - October 22, 1998 - GIBSON: Michael, what do you think about people calling it an infomercial? Tracey: I think it's ridiculous. Basically, people who call it an infomercial are those who cannot stand the fact that we take apart the story that was told about this case. As I've said to you before many times, our documentary was not about proving the guilt or innocence of Patsy Ramsey and John Ramsey or indeed of anybody else. It was about re-interrogating the media story and demonstrating that the media coverage of this particular case overwhelmingly was a public lynching of these two people whether they are guilty or innocent, and we took that story apart.

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys
Two hour show airs on A&E in the USA - December 25th, 1998

~~~~~ 1999 ~~~~~

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys
Two hour show airs on A&E in the USA - May 22, 1999 (??)

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys
Two hour show airs on A&E in the USA - September 11, 1999 (??)

September 1999 - Private Investigator, Peter Peterson announces his suspect as Bill McReynolds (Santa) as the intruder in the 1997 Boulder psychiatrist daughter who was molested in their house as well as a suspect the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

PI Pete Peterson (Denver PI Robert W. Peterson) press conference held outside the Regent Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. - September 24, 1999, "PETERSON: "Some of the people we think they should retarget are - or at least have under the umbrella of suspicion-are one William Irwin McReynolds, and his wife, Doris Janet McReynolds. For those of you familiar with the case, you know that Bill McReynolds is Santa Claus at the Christmas party, just prior to JonBenét's murder. And we think they should be reinvestigated." "I have handwriting samples from when he was a journalism professor." PETERSON: "We started out working for a client in Boulder, a Dr. Steve Dubovsky, whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to this case. A lot of parallels overlapped to this case, and--misdirected routes in the process. But we think we're onto the right route." PETERSON: "It was a psychiatrist in Boulder whose daughter was molested in their house, and there are a lot of parallels to the Ramsey case. This person got in the house, hid in the house, after the alarms were set--or before the alarms were set, three hours later attacked the daughter. We thought there were parallels to the Ramsey case, and that's how we got into it." "REPORTER: So the only reason you're here tonight is to point the finger at Mr. McReynolds? PETERSON: That's pretty accurate, right." REPORTER: Has the psychiatrist client been paying you for two years? PETERSON: No, he paid us for about four months." PETERSON: www.rwpeterson.com."

The 1997 Psychiatrist daughter in Boulder was molested by an "intruder about 5 feet 7 inches tall, 20 to 30 years old, with blonde hair, an angular, thin face, with a jaw line that really stood out." "He was dressed completely in black from head to foot, like a ninja."

NOTE regarding the above: Pete Peterson was hired as a private investigator by this Boulder psychiatrist to find the man who reportedly molested his daughter almost a year (September 14, 1997) after the murder of JonBenet. Pete Peterson's four month investigation came up with none other than Bill McReynolds, aka Santa as the suspect. Bill McReynolds was an old man with a natural long *SNOW WHITE* very full beard, just like you would expect any Santa to have. Even if McReynolds was capable of jumping off the house roof from an upstairs bedroom window, I don't think there would be any mistake in his identification about that long white full natural beard.

In an article dated August 1, 2000 titled, "JonBenet case, later assault show parallels" by Charlie Brennan," quotes are documented of the mother's description from the
September 14, 1997 33-page police report which states "The mother described the assailant as about 5 feet 7 inches tall, 20 to 30 years old, with blonde hair. She noted that he had an angular, thin face, with a jaw line that "really stood out."

Michael Tracey uses this story in his June 15, 2004 "Who killed the pageant queen - The Prime Suspect" documentary. The show quotes the 1997 victim's father, "He was dressed completely in black from head to foot, like a ninja," and then the narrator says, "His mask was pulled up, but detectives say the black clothing strengthens their belief that this case may be linked to the Ramsey murder." The narrator also adds that the intruder was wearing a black ninja outfit wearing a baseball cap. Never mind that Peterson, who originally investigated that story held a press conference in 1999 stating the intruder was Bill McReynolds. I think it would be pretty hard to eye witness "a jaw line that "really stood out" with that of Bill McReynolds behind his very full long nature white beard. Obviously Tracey's documentary fits better with the so called Michael Helgoth's partner-in-crime description so obviously that's who became the "PRIME SUSPECT."

By Laura Barandes, Court TV, Titled, "Grand jury files no charges in JonBenet Ramsey case," - October 13, 1999," "Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter announced Wednesday night that the grand jury investigating the JonBenet Ramsey slaying had finished its work — and no charges would be filed." "I must report to you that I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time," Hunter said."


October 13, 1999

By Fleet Russell White, Jr. and Priscilla Brown White, To the University of Colorado Board of Regents - November 19, 1999," "On April 8. 1998 President Buechner contacted us by phone to briefly discuss our letters. Mr. Tracey's project did not seem to trouble President Buechner although he did mention the University's one-sixth rule governing faculty members projects and work outside of their university duties." "the program attempted to portray the Ramseys as perfectly normal, trusting and relatively unsophisticated people who had been unjustly accused of murdering their daughter by a frenzied and irresponsible press that was being fed misleading and false information by incompetent law enforcement personnel." "The program, however, completely avoided anything unfavorable or unflattering to the Ramseys. There was no mention of the Ramseys overt and media-savvy public relations maneuvers that included their appearance on CNN the day after JonBenet's funeral in Atlanta and also the use of memorial services at churches in Boulder and Atlanta as staged media events. Nor was there any mention of how the Ramseys and their defenders mailed "profiles" of the murderer to residents of selected Boulder neighborhoods, carefully staged a "press conference", or hired private investigators. There was certainly no attempt to explain how or why the Ramseys happened to gain Mr. Tracey's advocacy. The program was a 1opsided and biased, attempt to generate public sympathy for the Ramseys and to reinforce the notion that an intruder murdered JonBenet."

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. the Ramseys
Part 1&2 airs on A&E in the USA - December 18, 1999

~~~~~ 2000 ~~~~~

by By Matt Sebastian, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramsey witnesses urge probe - Fleet and Priscilla White accuse CU professor Michael Tracey of incompetence, - January 14, 2000," "Two key witnesses in the JonBenét Ramsey investigation have asked the University of Colorado to investigate a CU professor over allegations of "gross professional incompetence." "Mr. Tracey should be encouraged to discontinue any further academic or teaching duties," the Whites wrote in a Nov. 17 letter to CU's Board of Regents." Despite Tracey's claims that the film wouldn't be shown locally until after a Boulder County grand-jury inquest, a Denver television aired the documentary about a month before the panel convened to hear evidence in the slaying. "Mr. Tracey was attempting to deflect suspicion from the Ramseys on the eve of the grand jury investigation," the Whites wrote. CU spokeswoman Bobbi Barrow said that aside from reimbursed expenses, Tracey didn't earn any income from the project."

By Katherine Rosman, Brill's Content, Titled, "JonBenét, Inc." (PART 5 - All The News That's Leaked into Print) February 2000," "The Newsweek scribes have taken their reporting multimedia; both acted as associate producers on professor Michael Tracey's British-funded documentary, which maintained that the Ramseys had been wrongly tried and convicted by the American lynch-mob media. The documentary offers what no nonfiction piece at the time could: John and Patsy Ramsey appearing on camera to answer questions about the case and the media's behavior. Newsweek got exclusive rights to the interview and, using outtakes from that on-camera exchange, quoted the Ramseys in a July 13, 1998, article that chastised Boulder's law-enforcement community. The documentary has aired four times so far in the United States on A & E. (Dan) Glick and (Sherrie) Keene-Osborn split half the fee from the U.S. television rights. Ramsey critics such as Boyles and Green have denounced the documentary as pure spin. Green labels it an "infomercial"; Boyles prefers "crockumentary." They insist that Newsweek and the Ramseys have a symbiotic relationship: Glick and Keene-Osborn get their Ramsey-fed exclusives and the Ramseys get favorable coverage." "That Green and Boyles criticize Glick for maintaining a journalist-source relationship with the Ramseys astounds him. "What journalist in the country would say no to three days of on-camera, on-the-record interviews" with the Ramseys? he asks. "If that makes me pro-Ramsey, so be it." "Tracey defends the film against cries of "advocacy journalism" with equal ferocity. "What it was advocating is not being a megaphone for spin, and double-checking leaks from sources," Tracey howls. "If that's advocacy journalism, then, fine."

By Kimberly Conniff, Brill's Content, Titled, "JonBenét, Inc." (PART 6 - The Documentary) February 2000," "In early spring of 1998, British documentarian David Mills, University of Colorado at Boulder professor Michael Tracey, and Newsweek special correspondents Daniel Glick and Sherry Keene-Osborn spent three days videotaping on-the-record interviews with JonBenét's parents for a documentary on the media coverage of the Ramsey case. The British television station Channel 4 funded the project for approximately $350,000, says Tracey. The big payoff was to come from the fee paid for the U.S. broadcast rights, which was to be split equally among Mills, Tracey, Glick, and Keene-Osborn. The foursome even hired a big-time New York agent to ply their wares. But no one wanted to air the documentary, Tracey says, because it took a critical view of the press's behavior. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Showtime, HBO, and A & E all passed on the documentary, according to Tracey."It was like trying to sell a virus," he says-because the U.S. media care only for the Ramseys As Killers story. The documentary "was very counterintuitive," Tracey adds. Tracey says his agent claimed the major networks had made huge cash offers for the rights to the unedited footage of the Ramsey interviews. Tracey says he and his partners declined to sell the interviews without the promise of editorial control. They didn't have to. In September 1998, executives at A & E changed their minds and bought the rights to the documentary for about $150,000. Of that sum, Tracey asserts, 40 percent went to Channel 4, 24 percent went to the agent, and the remainder paid for travel expenses and other overhead before being cut into quarter shares. In the end, Keene-Osborn says, she took home about $10,000. Glick characterized his documentary-related earnings by saying,"If I got paid by the hour, I would have been better off working overtime at McDonald's." A & E fared better. The cable network has aired the documentary as a special two-hour segment of its regular series, Investigative Reports."The Case of JonBenét: The Media Vs. the Ramseys" has run four times on A & E, attracting an average of about 2.5 million viewers. The first showing, on September 28, 1998, earned Investigative Reports its highest audience ever, according to an A & E spokeswoman.

July 2000 - Enter Michael Helgoth and his BOOTS
on the John Kenady, Michael Tracey, Ollie Gray,
Jon San Augustine, and Lou Smit suspect list

This is the timeframe when Helgoth's house was burglarized

By Charlie Brennan / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News, Titled, "JonBenet case, later assault show parallels," - August 1, 2000," "Nine months after the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, a girl who attended the same dance studio as the young beauty queen and lived just two miles away was assaulted in her bed by an intruder while her mother slept nearby." "Mr. Ramsey confirmed Monday that JonBenet took lessons at Dance West, a studio where the second victim had performed. The studio owner, Lee Klinger, said he has never been contacted by police investigating either case." "According to Boulder police reports, there was no sign of forced entry in either incident. The 14-year-old's attacker knew her by name, while a ransom note in the Ramsey case suggested JonBenet's killer somehow knew her family. And in both cases, the sexual assault was penetration by a finger or an object, police reports said." "R.W. Peterson, a Denver private investigator hired by the 14-year-old's family, said her case was never seriously examined by police for possible links to the Ramsey case." "According to the 33-page police report, the family was out of the house from late afternoon on the eve of the crime, until after dark. The girl's father was out of town, traveling. An older sibling was away at college." "Then, hearing the sound of whispering, the mother grabbed a canister of Mace. As she approached her daughter's room, a man dressed in black and with a black ball cap worn backward bolted out the door, dashed down the hall into the master bedroom and fled through a door that opens onto the second-floor roof." "The mother described the assailant as about 5 feet 7 inches tall, 20 to 30 years old, with blond hair. She noted that he had an angular, thin face, with a jaw line that "really stood out." "Even though three Boulder police detectives working the Ramsey case also investigated the September 1997 incident, several other Ramsey investigators had never been told about it."

By Kevin McCullen, Denver Rocky Mountain News, Titled, "Ramsey investigators review '97 assault" - August 2, 2000," "Police are reviewing evidence again in an unsolved 1997 sexual assault case to see if it might be connected to the 3-1/2-year-old slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, Chief Mark Beckner said Tuesday. Beckner said detectives in September 1997 compared evidence and circumstances surrounding the unsolved case to the December 1996 slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet, who was found dead in her parents' basement. Beckner said he decided last week to have a detective again review reports of the unsolved sexual assault, in which a 14-year-old was fondled by an intruder in her north Boulder home in September 1997. Police in 1997 found no connection between the Ramsey case and the sexual assault. There are no suspects in the sexual assault, and Beckner said there are no plans to retest evidence in that case, including handprints allegedly made by the intruder, but evidence will be reviewed.

August 2000 - Both Burke Ramsey and Fleet White JR owned Hi Tec Boots

NOTE: On August 28th and 29th, 2000, both John and Patsy Ramsey, along with their attorney, Lin Wood and their private investigators, Ollie Gray and John San Augustine met in Atlanta, Georgia with Mark Beckner (Boulder Police Chief), Michael Kane (Special Grand Jury Prosecutor), Bruce Levin (Special Deputy Boulder County District Attorney), Mitch Morrissey (Special Deputy Boulder County District Attorney), Boulder officers, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer.

(JR 08-28-2000 Pg0020) In 2000, when John Ramsey was asked if he personally had seen Helgoth's boots he answered no but said, "I saw a picture that Ollie (Gray) had taken earlier of the footprint compared to the image of the bootprint." Officer Trujillo asked, "Have you seen the actual crime scene photograph of the boot print there? and John Ramsey answered, "No." John Ramsey then said,
"I don't know what image I have seen, but it was on the internet." (JR 08-28-2000 Pg0022) Jane Harmer asks, "And the internet, the person who put it on the internet is purporting it to be the actual footprint that was found in the cellar?" Lin Wood then asks, "Ollie would be able to tell us that?" (JR 08-28-2000 Pg0023) Ollie Gray answers "I did that comparison with glue." (End boot discussion)

(JR 08-28-2000 Pg0031) John Ramsey is then informed by one of the prosecution team that they were provided information from two sources that his son Burke, prior to the murder of JonBenet, owned and wore Hi-Tec boots that had a compass on them but John doesn't remember and suggest they ask Burke.

Patsy Ramsey's 2000 interview was on August 28th and 29th. (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0030) Bruce Levin asks Patsy how they came into the possession of a pair of boots that belonged to someone who committed suicide." Patsy says Ollie Gray got them.

(PR 08-28-2000 Pg0119) Patsy was asked if she ever asked Burke if he had Hi-Tec shoes and her answer was no. Patsy was asked if it occured to her that it could be Burke's boots and she said she thought it was an adult footprint. (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0122) Patsy is asked if she recalls prior to 1996 when her son Burke purchases a pair of hiking boots that had compasses on the shoelaces and Patsy says she can't remember. Prosecutors state, "They were shoes that were purchased while he was shopping with you in Atlanta."
Lin Wood asks if that is a FACT and Bruce Levin says, "I am stating that as a FACT." Patsy says she still can't remember. (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0124) Bruce Levin says, "I will state this as a fact. There are two people who have provided us with information, including your son, that he owned Hi-Tec shoes prior to the murder of your daughter." Lin Wood asked, "You are stating that Burke Ramsey has told you he owned Hi-Tec shoes?" Bruce Levin answers, "Yes." (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0126) Bruce Levin says, "Fleet Junior also says that he had Hi-Tec shoes." (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0131) Prosecutor asks, "Okay. Is this the first time that you've heard that Burke says that he had Hi-Tec?" Patsy answers "Yes." (PR 08-28-2000 Pg0134) Patsy asked, "Well, what is the, what size print is the Hi-Tec? Is it a child's or is it an adult's?" Bruce Levin answers, "I don't think there is any difference between the two. And I think that has been pretty well publicized too."

By Christopher Anderson, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramseys give police Hi-Tec boots," - August 31, 2000," "Among information John and Patsy Ramsey provided to police this month are a pair of Hi-Tec boots obtained by one of the couple's private investigators. Colorado Springs private detective Ollie Gray said Wednesday he believes the size 8½ leather and nylon boots could be the ones that JonBenét's killer wore inside the Ramsey home where the little girl was found dead. Gray, who was present during police questioning of the Ramseys this week, said he turned the boots over to police on Aug. 4. He said police asked him questions about the boots in the interviews. Gray said he wants police to compare the soles of the boots to the footprint at the crime scene. "There is a good possibility they could match," Gray said. Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said he ordered the boots to be analyzed at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation lab. Gray said he obtained the boots in the Boulder area in about mid- to late July "in the course of the investigation." He said they belong to an individual, whom he would not identify publicly because he said he doesn't want the person to be labeled a suspect until the lead has been investigated. But he said he did give police the full information about where and how he obtained the boots.

August 2000 - Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner
stated that Micheal Helgoth's DNA doesn't match the crime scene

by By Christopher Anderson, Daily Camera, Titled, "Boots' owner was tested by police," - September 1, 2000, "A pair of Hi-Tec boots being examined as part of the JonBenét Ramsey investigation belong to a man who committed suicide in 1997, police said Thursday. Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said detectives took DNA samples from the person in 1997 and learned it does not match DNA found at the Ramsey crime scene. Although police said they do not think the man was involved in the December 1996 killing of JonBenét, Beckner ordered the size 8½ boots tested this month just to be "thorough." Gray, who obtained the boots in July, said police never told him they ruled the person out through DNA. He questions which DNA samples from the Ramsey crime scene they used to do the comparison and how thorough their examination was.

October 2000 - John Kenady arrested for breaking into Michael Helgoth's house in July 2000 and removed three "drafting quality drawings," a $54,000 check and legal papers including a deed of trust

by By Christopher Anderson, Daily Camera, Titled, "Suspect facing burglary charges," - October 25, 2000, "A Lafayette man charged with burglary and theft of a Boulder County home told sheriff's deputies he was investigating the unsolved 1996 JonBenét Ramsey homicide. The suspect in the case is John Edward Kenady, 47, the same person who this summer handed over a pair of Hi-Tec boots to private investigators working for John and Patsy Ramsey. And while the boots Kenady gave investigators belonged to a former resident of the house he allegedly broke into, Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said Monday the boots are not among the items Kenady is accused of stealing. Kenady was arrested in Longmont Oct. 10 in connection with breaking into a home in the 4900 block of Valmont Road in July. He told sheriff's deputies that Boulder Police Detectives Cmdr. Joe Pelle gave him permission to enter the home in the name of investigating the Ramsey case. Pelle said he never gave Kenady permission to break into the home. Kenady also said he feared evidence would be lost because the house was supposed to be demolished. Police suspect Kenady of kicking in a rear door to the home and taking with him three "drafting quality drawings," a $54,000 check and legal papers including a deed of trust. Diamond jewelry, several watches and money in one bedroom were untouched, according to police reports. The home is owned by the family of a deceased man the Ramseys' investigators have said may have been involved with the beating and strangulation death of their daughter." "Kenady, who was friends with the deceased man, said he suspected him of having some involvement in the killing, but did not say why, according to police reports. The documents stolen from the home were found in Kenady's possession. The drawings belonged to the deceased man. Officers at the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office said Kenady may be mentally impaired from a car accident." "Kenady was charged Oct. 13 and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Nov. 8, which will likely to be rescheduled. Ollie Gray, an investigator for the Ramseys, said a family member gave Kenady the boots. Kenady gave Gray the boots through an attorney.

~~~~~ 2001 ~~~~~

By Christopher Anderson, Daily Camera, Titled, "Experts dispute stun gun theory," - May 2, 2001, "Two stun gun experts dispute an investigator's theory that such a weapon was used by JonBenét Ramsey's killer. Retired Colorado Springs Detective Lou Smit demonstrated his theory Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show, which aired autopsy photos of red marks on JonBenét's face and back that Smit says he thinks were caused by a stun gun, possibly an Air Taser." "Air Taser representative Stephen Tuttle said he was contacted by an investigator early on in the case and provided Smit with the same model to conduct his experiments. "I am bewildered. I don't know what to think about the theory," Tuttle said. "It defies the logic of what the weapon does." Tuttle conceded that two marks are close to the width of the contacts of an Air Taser, but said that's where the similarities end. "We have never seen those types of marks when you touch somebody with a stun gun," he said. "We are talking hundreds of people that have been touched with these devices. I can't replicate those marks." Tuttle said it is uncommon for the stun gun to leave only two marks on the skin. The body moves away from the stun gun, causing multiple, erratic marks." "He also said the Air Taser does not render people unconscious. Nebraska Dr. Robert Stratbucker, who has conducted several experiments on stun guns and is considered a courtroom expert, said he takes "considerable issue" with Smit's stun gun theory. Stratbucker said it is "pure nonsense" that the stun gun would leave a blue mark in between red marks on the skin as Smit claimed. "I have not seen ever, ever any blue marks, and I don't know what the cause of any blue mark could be," he said.

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner stated that Micheal Helgoth's BOOTS doesn't match the boot print at the crime scene and a second confirmation that Helgoth's DNA doesn't match either.

By Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News - May 21, 2001, Titled, "SMIT OFFERS `SUSPECT' LIST IN JONBENET SLAYING," "Beckner has said publicly that the man who committed suicide was eliminated as a potential suspect. Police said the man's boots didn't match the print left in the Ramsey basement and his DNA didn't match the unknown DNA found under JonBenet's fingernails or in her panties."

By Sandra Fish, Daily Camera, Titled, "CU professor airs second Ramsey documentary," - July 11, 2001," "A second documentary on the JonBenét Ramsey homicide co-produced by a University of Colorado professor will air on British television tonight. "Who Killed the Pageant Queen?" centers on evidence that an intruder killed the 6-year-old Boulder girl whose strangled and beaten body was found Dec. 26, 1996, in the basement of her family's home. The 50-minute documentary co-produced by Michael Tracey, a CU journalism professor, will air on "Real Crime," which Tracey compared to investigative reports on the A&E cable network or a "slightly tabloid" version of "Nightline." ITV, the large British commercial television network, commissioned the documentary." "The question that ... I tried to answer in this documentary is, 'Is there a convincing case that an intruder killed JonBenét?'" Tracey said. "Is it 100 percent? No. But it's nearly 100 percent from where I'm sitting." The documentary includes investigation evidence that Smit fought in court to retain copies of, including graphic autopsy photos showing the slain girl's injuries." "But Boulder police spokespeople say they weren't contacted about the documentary, which says repeatedly they refused comment. "To my recollection and to the chief's (Mark Beckner's) recollection, it's the first we've heard of it," said city spokeswoman Jana Petersen. Tracey disputed that claim. "Beckner was invited to appear on camera, and he said no." In late April and early May, Smit also presented his case on NBC's "Today" show. Tracey is hoping to find an American buyer for a version of his documentary that focuses on the investigation of the case. But he isn't sure when the documentary might appear in the U.S. Another Tracey documentary on the case examined the news media coverage of the case and included interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey. It aired on British television in 1998 and later on American television."

Michael Tracey's Documentary
"Who Killed the Pageant Queen?"
Lou Smit's Intruder Theory - Aired July 11, 2001 (UK)

By Sandra Fish, Daily Camera, Titled, "Ramsey documentary presents intruder theory" - July 11, 2001," "The film also features a tour of key spots in the Ramsey home, with Smit opening a grate and climbing through a basement window where he says an intruder could have entered the house on Christmas night. Smit notes that JonBenet's bed sheets were clean, dispelling notions that her mother got into a dispute over bedwetting with the girl. He also notes that the guest room next door to JonBenet's room offered a view of the family's garage and backdoor, giving an intruder a view when they returned home from a party Christmas night. Then there's the stun gun (and the test on a pig), the scream in the night, the suitcase beneath the window and more evidence. Tracey says he got the idea to base a second documentary on Smit's intruder theory almost a year ago. It airs Wednesday night in England." "What I never understood is the level of certainty most people had," Tracey says. "You could never be as certain as you believed you were if you looked at this." Tracey hopes to find a network or station to buy an American version of the documentary, focusing on the investigation of the homicide. "The issue of the politics of this case are way more important than the fact that JonBenet was murdered," he says. "For me, it's the metaphor. For me, it's about the society. I find this an extraordinarily disappointing society. In my own tiny way, I really want to say things are badly out of whack in this culture." "This time around, Tracey takes a tougher stance in discounting the theory that Ramseys were involved in their daughter's death. The documentary begins by referring to them as "the most hated couple in America."

~~~~~ 2002 ~~~~~

By Matt Sebastian, Daily Camera - May 6, 2002, Titled, "Professor to pen Ramsey book." "University of Colorado professor Michael Tracey says he has begun writing a book about the slain 6-year-old's impact on journalism, entertainment and American popular culture." "The book is tentatively titled "755 15th St.," the address of the Ramseys' former Boulder home, although Tracey said he has yet to secure a publisher for the work. Tracey plans to examine "the intersection of entertainment and the American judiciary," as well as an Internet subculture that continues to fixate on the unsolved homicide."


A Hi-Tec boot print on the basement floor
A palm print on the door leading to that same wine cellar

By Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News, Titled, "Ramsey evidence is explained," - August 23, 2002," "The answers, which have been known to investigators for some time but never publicly revealed, could be seen to weaken the intruder theory. • A mysterious Hi-Tec boot print in the mold on the floor of the Ramseys' wine cellar near JonBenet's body has been linked by investigators to Burke, her brother, who was 9 at the time. It is believed to have been left there under circumstances unrelated to JonBenet's murder. Burke, now 15, has repeatedly been cleared by authorities of any suspicion in the 1996 Christmas night slaying, and that has not changed. • A palm print on the door leading to that same wine cellar, long unidentified, is that of Melinda Ramsey, JonBenet's adult half-sister. She was in Georgia at the time of the murder. "They were certainly some things that had to be answered, one way or the other, and we feel satisfied that they are both answered," said a source close to the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. L. Lin Wood, the attorney representing the Ramseys, who now live in Atlanta, doesn't debate the palm print findings. But he contends the police have not answered the Hi-Tec print mystery."

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
"JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation"
Airs on A&E in the USA - September 3, 2002

Court TV - The Elite - JonBenet: A Second Look
Lou Smit Intruder Theory
Michael Tracey, Executive Producer
Aired November 7, 2002 in USA

PRESS RELEASE: "Riveting One-Hour Documentary, Jon Benet: A Second Look Premieres on Thursday, November 7th at 8 PM ET/PT, "In Jon Benet: A Second Look, Court TV profiles Smit and his independent investigation to determine John and Patsy Ramsey's involvement in Jon Benet's death. The compelling one-hour documentary reveals troubling new evidence collected by Smit that strongly suggests the Ramsey's were not involved and that an intruder was in the house the night of the murder." "Michael Tracey is the Executive Producer of Jon Benet: A Second Look. The show was produced by David Mills and Michael Chrisman of Mills Productions Ltd for Court TV. The Executive Producer for Court TV is Anthony Horn. Ed Hersh is Senior Vice President, Documentaries and Specials, for Court TV."

~~~~~ 2003 ~~~~~


~~~~~ 2004 ~~~~~

by Michael Tracey, Rocky Mountain News - October 2, 2004, Titled, "Truth takes back seat to distortions." "The Rathergate incident speaks to this. Dan Rather had to admit that he couldn't verify documents that 60 Minutes II had broadcast, in a stupid rush to publish, that seemed to show that the president had not served his country with honor. Those who hate Bush jumped on this with relish: Finally the boorish frat boy with the intelligence of a gnat was outed." "This presents a serious problem for the idea of the media within a so-called democracy. We imagine people to be rational, curious, informed, constructing knowledge out of information and decisions out of knowledge. The media are there to provide the information that incubates the knowledge that births a rational world. This is today largely nonsense since we live in an age where the distorted is favored over the true, where there is a premium in not knowing, where irrational moods swamp the desire to understand and where the public-as-citizen has been all but replaced by the public-as-consumer, producing a public mind fashioned by the forces of a marketplace of competing falsehoods."

Reference to the article above was actually written "BY MICHAEL Tracey" for the Rocky Mountain News four months after he released his "Who Killed The Pageant Queen - The Prime Suspect" where, that documentary he had no problem targeting a man he called "The Prime Suspect," who wasn't even in Colorado Christmas day 1996.

"boorish frat boy with the intelligence of a gnat" indeed !

Michael Tracey needs to "Practice what he preaches."

By Stephen McGinty, (TV REVIEW) Living.Scotsman.Com - June 12, 2004 (ITV, 9pm) Titled, "Blind injustice, REAL CRIME: WHO KILLED THE PAGEANT QUEEN?," "A case may now be built against Michael Helgoth, a violent loner with paedophilic tendencies, who may have carried out the crime, assisted by an as yet unnamed second man. Helgoth owned a stun gun of the type used on the victim and his shoes matched prints found at the scene. Helgoth, however, is dead. He apparently killed himself in 1997, the day after a police press conference in which the authorities insisted they were closing in on the perpetrator. A new investigation, carried out by the Colorado District Attorney’s office, is now following leads suggesting that Helgoth may have been killed by his partner-in-crime.

Real Crime ITV1 (UK), Produced by Michael Tracey, "Who Killed the Pageant Queen" June 15, 2004, Titled, "The Prime Suspect." "Narrator: These detectives do not see Helgoth as the actual killer, in fact, DNA samples taken at a post mortem show that he was not. But they think he may have been involved."

Michael Tracey's Documentary
"Who Killed the Pageant Queen? - THE PRIME SUSPECT"
Aired June 15, 2004 in the United Kingdom

Today's telly with Jill Foster, Mirror.Co.UK, June 15, 2004, (ITV 1, 9pm) Titled, "CLOSING IN ON A CHILD-KILLER - WHO KILLED THE PAGEANT QUEEN?," "Now, a team of investigators has turned up astounding new evidence which points directly to the two men they say are JonBenet's killers. One is gun fanatic and paedophile Michael Helgoth, found dead a day after the District Attorney asserted he would find the little girl's killer. Another is a man with a violent past who is believed to be involved in a similar and more recent attack on a 12-year-old girl in the Ramseys' neighbourhood."

Court TV - The Elite - JonBenet: A Second Look
Lou Smit Intruder Theory
Michael Tracey, Executive Producer
Aired August 9, 2004 in USA

University of Colorado Press Release: Titled, "New Documentary On Ramsey Case Produced By CU-Boulder Professor Michael Tracey To Air On National TV - December 7, 2004," "New evidence in the 1996 JonBenet Ramsey murder case is examined in "Who Killed the Pageant Queen? Suspects" a documentary by Professor Michael Tracey of the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communication." "The documentary will air on the CBS show "48 Hours Mystery" on Dec. 18 and on Court Television in January." "According to Tracey, a new team of investigators has uncovered dramatic new evidence about the murder, resulting in the identification of a key suspect."

CBS 48 Hours Mystery - JonBenet: PRIME SUSPECTS"
Portion of Michael Tracey Documentary
"Who Killed the Pageant Queen?"
Aired December 18, 2004 in the USA

featured as suspects in Michael Tracey's Documentaries
or CBS 48 Hours Mystery
Michael Helgoth - Gary Oliva - Candy Cane Man

Erin Moriarty hosts, "48 Hours Mystery" December 18, 2004, Titled, "JonBenet: Prime Suspects." "But there is one thing investigators are sure of: Helgoth's DNA does not match the DNA profile sitting in the Denver crime lab." and on Candy Cane Man: "This year, he voluntarily gave investigators a DNA sample, and was cleared when it didn't match the Ramsey crime scene DNA." "Gary Oliva has also provided a DNA sample, which again doesn't match evidence in the Ramsey case."

By Christine Reid, Daily Camera, Titled "Ramsey TV blitz rekindles interest," - December 21, 2004," "Contrary to what was reported on a "48 Hours" special that aired Saturday night on CBS, DNA evidence found in JonBenet`s underwear doesn`t necessarily belong to the killer, Boulder County District Attorney`s Office investigator Tom Bennett said Monday." "Bennett -- a retired police detective with more than 30 years on the job -- said nobody from CBS or "48 Hours" contacted him about the special. Instead, private investigators once hired by the girl`s parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, offered their theories on the DNA and possible suspects" ""I would simply say this is dated news," Bennett said. "It is not indicative of any breakthrough because it`s not a breakthrough."

~~~~~ 2005 ~~~~~

Court TV - The Investigators - "JonBenet - A Closer Look"
Michael Tracey, Executive Producer - Aired January 3, 2005 in USA
John San Augustin, Ollie Gray, Pete Peterson
Target: Michael Helgoth, partner-in-crime

CBS: 48 Hours "JonBenet: DNA Rules Out Parents"
Aired March 25, 2005 in USA
John San Augustin, Ollie Gray, Pete Peterson
Target: Michael Helgoth, partner-in-crime and Candy Cane Man

Court TV - The Investigators - "JonBenet - A Closer Look"
Michael Tracey, Executive Producer - Aired April 21, 2005 in USA
John San Augustin, Ollie Gray, Pete Peterson
Target: Michael Helgoth, partner-in-crime

~~~~~ 2006 ~~~~~

Michael Tracey's Documentary Sold to A&E
"JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation"
Airs on A&E in the USA - January 6, 2006

by Libby McCarthy, Staff Writer, THE CAMPUS PRESS - April 11, 2006, Titled, "Tracey to pen new JonBenet book." "Michael Tracey, a CU journalism professor and JonBenet Ramsey expert, is delving yet again into the infamous murder case with a new book, promising readers “access to a body of evidence no one else has seen.” The book is titled “Shoes: The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey,” after the adage about standing in someone else’s shoes. Tracey hopes a manuscript will be ready by Aug. 6." Another theme the book will focus on is the media and public obsession with the case, which is one of Tracey’s academic interests as a professor. He said the story is important because it points out the problematic relationship between market forces and journalism. “Market forces bring to the surface the ugliness of a culture and it doesn’t reflect well on that society’s values,” Tracey said, adding that a culture thriving off of tabloid journalism is “somewhere between tragic and hilarious.” When asked why he thought the media and the public were so eager to implicate the Ramsey family as guilty, he answered simply, “people prefer comfortable lies to uncomfortable truths. If you tell a lie long enough it becomes a truth.”

he answered simply, “people prefer comfortable lies to uncomfortable truths.
If you tell a lie long enough it becomes a truth.”

Case in point: Michael Helgoth and John Steven Gigax

By Tony Ortega, Broward-Palm Beach New Times - August 17, 2006, Titled, "JonBenet Flimsy," "In 2004, Tracey, a British expatriate journalism professor and documentarian, produced a film about the Ramsey murder that aired on British television but not in the United States. By then, however, Tracey was already considered a notorious developer of false leads by a large group of Internet sleuths who congregated at Forums for Justice, a website started by a radio disc jockey named Tricia Griffith. "

By Wayne Harrison, Senior News Editor, The Denver Channel - September 1, 2006, Titled, "Report: CU Professor Has History Of False Leads In Ramsey Case," "In the 2004 documentary, Tracey identified a suspect in the Ramsey case -- although not by name. The documentary aired in the United Kingdom but not in the United States. It showed a police report that was traced to John Steven Gigax by an alert viewer who captured a screen grab of the report and looked up the visible arrest number that was shown on the page. Just like Karr was discounted, further investigation revealed that Gigax was not in Colorado at the time JonBenet was killed. Gigax was in Indiana on the day of the murder."

By Christine Reid, Daily Camera - September 1, 2006, Titled, "Beckner defends Ramsey work," "More than 100 huge, white binders line the shelves of a small, locked room that holds the department's Ramsey case files. Beckner grabbed one binder after another, and threw them onto a table, showing page after page of investigative reports on one-time suspects. He estimates that detectives investigated 150 to 160 people, many of whom gave blood, hair and handwriting samples before they were cleared."

By Todd Hartman And Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News - September 2, 2006, Titled, "CU prof sticks to his guns on Ramseys," "And Tracey certainly seemed in his element as the Karr investigation unfolded. Appearing on CNN's Larry King Live, and in an impromptu press conference in Boulder, Tracey didn't shy from the media spotlight. Nor did he do what he has criticized the media for over the years: speculate about the viability of suspects."

By Todd Hartman And Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News - September 2, 2006, Titled, "CU prof sticks to his guns on Ramseys," "Over and over again, Tracey emphasized that Karr is presumed innocent. Don't put him through what, in Tracey's view, the media put John and Patsy Ramsey through after JonBenet's murder, a trial in the court of public opinion."

"Speculate about the viability of suspects"

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