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Recaps of 02/18/09 Doc Dump:

2/18/09 Part 1 Casey Documents


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Witness Information:

Roy Marvin Kronk (Works for Orange County Public works as meter reader.

Alex Roberts (Works for Orange County Public works as meter reader. He is Roy Kronk's direct supervisor. He met with Roy Kronk on 12/11/08 in reference to the remains of a child discovered)

David Dean (Works for Orange County Public works as meter reader. on 08/11/08 he and employee Chris Gibson were with Roy Kronk when first suspicious items were reported)

Christopher Gibson (Works for Orange County Public works as meter reader. on 08/11/08 he and employee David Dean were with Roy Kronk when first suspicious items were reported)

Annie Leigh Downing (Friend of Casey Anthony. Provided information about Casey and relationship with her family. She remembers Casey having an emotional breakdown and wanting to be committed.)

Michelle Murphy (Friends with Anthony family for years. She lived with Lee Anthony several months in 2007. Provided information about Casey and relationship with family. She also remembers Casey having emotional breakdown and wanting to be committed.)

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- Case Number 07-074777 noted in error on previous reports, should be 08-074777

- 10/16/2008 Anthony Lazzaro, Corporal Eric Edwards, Detective Darrell McCaskill met to visit several areas; Places Casey ran out of gas, Amscot at SR50 and Goldenrod Rd, Lazarro's former apartment complex.

- 11/14/2008 Casey Anthony's Defense attorney, Jose Baez, and Dr. Henry Lee met with Investigators Mike Vincent, Gerardo Bloise, Sergeant John Allen, Corporal Eric Edwards, FBI Agent Nick Savage at Central Operations Center to inspect the white Pontiac Sunfire along with other evidence relating to the vehicle.

- 12/11/2008 Roy Kronk discovers human remains on Suburban Drive. "The skull was void of flesh but quite a bit of hair could be seen on and around it. There was a piece of silver duct tape across the mouth area of the skull. "

- 12-11-2008 Roy Kronk statement: "At approximately 0920 hrs., Roy entered the wood line on Suburban Drive to relieve himself. While there, he noticed a black plastic bag with a dome shape underneath. Using his meter reading tool, he hit the dome shape and heard a hollow sound. He then used his tool to life up the plastic bag and that's when the noticed the dome was actually a human skull. Roy backed out of the area and used his radio to notify his office and report what he found."

- 12/11/2008 "There were two bags visible next to the skull. One was a black plastic garbage bag and the second a tan colored canvass type bag. The black bag appeared to have been inside the tan bag. I could see additional bones within the opening of the black bag. Next to the skull was a piece of clothing with white and pink vertical stripes."

- 12/11/2008 When Casey Anthony learned of the discovery of the body, "she allegedly had began to hyperventilate and asked to be given some medication."

- 12/11/2008 "Dr. Gary Utz was the pathologist in charge of reviewing the skeletal remains of the small child. Items within the bag were carefully removed, photographed and examined. There were a total of two black plastic bags with yellow ties inside the canvass type bag. The tan canvass bag was identified as a "Whitney Design" laundry bag (item# 2516) with wire enforced rim. Several items were found inside the bags including but not limited to the following:"

- "One stained "Winnie the pooh" blanket"

- "One size '24mo" pair of "Circo" brand shorts. The shorts had pink and white vertical stripes."

- "One collar of a size "3T" shirt, possibly pink in color and letters that when put together read "BIG TROUBLE comes small".

- "Several items that appeared to be part of a child's pullup pants."

- 12/11/2008 "The duct tape over the mouth area of the skull appears to have caught up the hair along the side of the skull. This is what appears to have kept the tape in place. The hair had to be cut in order for the tape to be properly removed in the way it was found. On the tape within a black oval was written the word "HENKEL." Also written on the tape was "Consumer Adhesives Inc. max temp 200 degree/Avon Ohio 44011". The tape was affixed to the skull in a such a manner that the mandible was still adjacent to the skull."

NOTE: Skull information below IS NOT part of the OCSO Discovery documents.


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NOTE: Photo below IS NOT part of the OCSO Discovery documents but a screen capture from the same home video showing Caylee in the same pink and white vertical striped shorts.

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"While in the woods, and within eyesight of David, Roy said he saw a bag. David did not see a bag nor did he see Roy messing with a bag. After this, Roy began walking west on the south side of Suburban Drive. When he was about thirty to forty feet away, he said 'hey guys I see a skull in here". David and Chris started to walk towards Roy when they spotted a large rattlesnake in their path on the right of way. This startled them and Roy came back to look. The snake became the topic of conversation with them and they eventually put the snake in the back of one of their trucks to take back to the office. David said Roy did not mention the skull again after they found the snake. David thought Roy was just joking and there was no skull. David said Roy never again mentioned the bag, skull, or anything about calling the police or CrimeLine. Dean provided Corporal Edwards with a sketch of the area. This sketch was later submitted into evidence."

"David kept the snake they found on August 11th in a freezer at his house. He agreed to turn the snake over to us later that day. David was working on December 11th but did not respond to Suburban Drive either before or after Roy found the remains."

"Roy said August 11th was the first time he ever worked the Suburban Drive route and the first time he was ever on that road. He remembers talking to David and Chris about a theory of where Casey may be disposed of Caylee since this was a high profile news story and they were around the corner from the Anthony's residence. After talking about these theories, Roy became curious and walked away looking into the wood line. He saw something white protruding out of the water and said 'Look at that.. it looks like a skull." He says he believed it was the top of a human skull. David and Chris started to walk towards him when they spotted a large rattlesnake on the right of way. This startled them and Roy came back to look. After the discover of the snake, Roy pointed out the white object to David and Chris. Roy believes Chris did not see the object and he David said he thought Roy was crazy. Roy confirmed that the white object was at least 4-6 feet from dry land in the water."

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- 01/07/2009 "Roy first called 911 on August 11th about what he saw on Suburban Drive. This call was documented as call # 082242167 and the log shows it came in at 1628 hrs. The log also shows that the caller did not give his name and did not want to meet with a deputy. A deputy was dispatched to this call at 1654 hrs but given the vague description of the location nothing was discovered the call was closed out."

"After not hearing anything about the discovery of the body on the news, Roy called again on the evening of August 12th about a large bag in the "swamp area." This call was documented as call # 082253085 and the log shows it came in a t2103 hrs. The log shows that the caller was "Roy" and he left his cell phone number as a call back number. A deputy was dispatched at 2111 hrs but due to the time of day, Roy was asked to call back when he was able to show deputies the locations of the items(s). The call log also shows Roy was advised to call CrimeLine."

"The CrimeLine tip in question came in on August 12th at 21:17 hrs. The tipster said he saw a silver metallic thing that looked like a vinyl bag and a little further up there was a little white round object. Caller was not sure what it was. The area described in this CrimeLine tip was vague, and the swamp area on Suburban rather large. Deputy Jason Forgey and his cadaver dog had checked the east end of Suburban Drive in July so it was presumed that this area was also checked. This tip was cleared based on this. As a note, Deputy Forgey responded to the area where the body was found after its discovery and I asked if he had ever deployed his cadaver dog there. He said he had not, and they had focused their efforts to the east end of Suburban Drive and the area of the school. Corporal Edwards later interviewed Detective Jerald White regarding clearing this tip."

"On August 13th, Roy called again saying he wanted to meet a deputy about a gray bag in the swamp area of Suburban Drive. This call was documented as call # 082261944 and the log shows it came in at 1514 hrs. A deputy was dispatched and met with Roy. When the deputy shows up, Roy pointed to the white item (skull) but it wasn't as prominent as before. The deputy walked toward the waterline, looked around and then turned to walk back, slipping on the slope while doing so. The deputy got to within six feet from the object but never touched or manipulated it. Roy told the deputy he though he saw a human skull but the deputy started "arguing" with him on whether the remains would be skeletal by now. The deputy said he was wasting the county's time and Roy felt belittled. A second deputy arrived after the first was already walking back from the swampy area and Roy shared his theory with her. Given the first deputy had already checked the initial object(s), the second deputy never saw the items Roy called about."

"When asked why Roy did not try to notify Law Enforcement again from August 13th to December 11th, he said he had a lot of personal issues to deal with. This incident stayed in the back of this mind but after reports kept coming out about different locations the body may be, he began to think maybe what he was wasn't a skull. When in the area December 11th, he decided to look again but only because he happened to be in the area. Roy believes the items he saw in August were the same items he found on December 11th. Since the area in December is dry however, it doesn't look the same so he couldn't be 100% sure."

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- 01/07/2009 "On January 7th at 1330 hrs Annie Downing was ordered to appear under subpoena at the State Attorney's Office. She arrived with her attorney Warren Lindsay. Assistant State Attorney Linda Diane Burdick was present while Corporal Edwards and I conducted a recorded interview with Annie regarding this case."

"Annie has known Casey since 10th grade when they attended Colonial High School together. From the end of 2006 until after Caylee's second birthday in August of 2007 she and Casey considered themselves to be "best friends." After August of 2007 she still considered Casey a friend but only in passing. This is because she got the sense that Casey was not always telling her the truth."

"Annie used to live at the Sawgrass Apartments 2867 S. Conway Road #218 with Dante Salati from October 2005 until March of 2007. Since moving out, she's never been back to the complex. While living there, Casey would visit her almost daily."

"Annie says she never knew Casey to use any illegal drugs or prescription narcotics not belonging to her. Annie admitted to having a prescription for Xanax in 2005/2006. I asked her directly if she had ever given a Xanax pill to Casey and she denied it. Annie admits she did give one of her prescribed Xanax pills to a friend, but it was all. I showed Annie the chat log from the unallocated clusters retrieved from the Anthony home computer. An abridged version of the log shown to Annie is seen below. Annie read the log and and acknowledged that "casey o marie" is a screen name for Casey Anthony however Annie denied ever providing Casey with any Xanax. When asked what she thought about Casey writing this sentence, Annie said it was untrue."

(casey o marie: i can hit up my friend annie for some xanax)

(casey o marie: we'd be a good time)

- 01/07/2009 "Annie said that when Casey was able to go out without Caylee, Cynthia would frequently call Casey asking what time she was coming home and why she (Casey) was out so late. Annie later found out that Casey often lied to her mother saying she was at work. To Annie, it seemed like Cynthia wanted Casey home to take care of her daughter Caylee. Annie said Cynthia would call almost every time they were out to "yell at her for one thing or another or to see where she was at." In August 2007, the day Annie was graduating from the University of Central Florida, she remembers a call Casey got from Cynthia demanding she come home immediately. Casey originally told Annie her mother was upset about her not registering at Valencia Community College. Annie later found out that Cynthia had found a credit card statement showing that Casey "spent a lot of their money."

"Casey told Annie that her mother Cynthia was a "horrible" person who was trying to control her life and take Caylee away from her. Casey said Cynthia wanted Caylee to call her "mom"instead of "grand mom". Annie told us that Casey was upset at the way her mother Cynthia was trying to assume the role of Caylee's mother. On Caylee's second birthday (August 9th 2007), Cynthia was sitting behind Caylee and helping open presents. Casey pulled Annie aside and told her "Oh my God, this is suppose to be Caylee's day, I'm her mom. She's not her mom." Casey was getting mad saying 'this is my daughter" and claimed her mother was trying "trying to play mom instead of letting Casey play mom... or be mom." Annie believed Casey was jealous of Cynthia's relationship with Caylee."

"Casey never mentioned any big problems with her brother Lee or father George. Casey did make is seem like she did not have a good relationship with her father."

"As to Casey's employment throughout 2006/2007, Annie said Casey told her she worked at the Sports Authority then Universal Studios. She now knows this all to have been a lie."

"Annie says the only time she ever heard Casey mention the "nanny" was July 5th 2008 while with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings at the Waterford Lakes shopping center. This is the same event that several other witnesses were at and had been noted in previous reports. This is also the first and only time she was introduced to Anthony Lazzaro. Annie said her father had seen Casey a week before this at a local liquor store and Casey was without Caylee."

"Annie has never heard of nor has any friends named Zenaida. She knows of Jeffrey Hopkins from high school, but knows nothing of Casey dating ever dating Jeffrey Hopkins nor does she recall Casey claiming to date him. Annie never heard of a child named Zachary (alleged son of Jeffrey Hopkins) who used to be a friend of Caylee's. Annie had never known of or met "Zanny" the nanny or anyone by the names of Raquell Farrell or Jennifer Rosa."

"Annie told us about a conversation she had with Lee Anthony shortly after I had interviewed Melina Calabrese on October 9th. She believes this was after the chat log about Zanax was made public. Lee told Annie I would probably be calling her about this. In short, Lee told Annie, 'We all know Casey's done bad things but you need to protect yourself. You need to... if they call you, you need to tell them the truth. You need to tell them anything you know because if you know something you need to tell them... Don't protect Casey."

"When asked to describe what "bad" things she knows Casey has done, Annie said Casey lied to everyone she knows. Everything Annie thought she knew about Casey was a lie. She also learned that Casey stole from people she knew."

Page 3387-3390

- 01/07/2009 "Annie spoke of an emotional breakdown Casey had in late 2006 or early 2007. She said Casey showed up at her work for lunch one day saying she needed to talk. Casey told her she needed to get away and felt like she was having a breakdown. Casey did not tell Annie what triggered this. Casey told her she wanted to go to an institution and that Caylee could stay with her mom (Cynthia). Casey said she needed help. When she called Casey later to check up on her, Casey said she'd talked to her mother and everything was okay."

"Annie first learned Caylee was missing was when she received a message from Lee on MySpace on or about July 3rd (2008) asking if she'd heard from Casey and if she knew where Caylee was. She sent a text message to Casey who said Lee was crazy and everything was fine. Casey never mentioned any problems or that Caylee was missing."

"Annie visited Casey twice after she was released from her July 16th arrest. On one occasion, she even spent the night at the Anthony house. Casey told Annie "when this is all said and done, I have so much to tell you." This struck Annie as an odd thing to say. Although Annie claims not to have truly believed the story about the nanny, she never outright confronted Casey about this. Casey told Annie that Caylee would be home by her third birthday and 'everything she'd been saying is something that she was told to say... someone's told her." Casey never told her who this someone was. Annie doesn't believe Casey's story of having dropped Caylee off with someone and never seeing her again."

"On one occasion while Annie was visiting the Anthony residence, Casey caught her mother Cynthia on Casey's internet accounts writing an email posing as Casey. Cynthia was allegedly responding to an email tip about Caylee and Casey got mad at her for signing the emails as if she was Casey. Casey started screaming at her mother about this. Cynthia said "if this can find us Caylee, then you know I'm going to do whatever I can." Annie said Cynthia accepted the yelling and said she'd do anything to find Caylee."

"Annie spoke of the confrontation Casey had with Brandon Snow at the "anything but clothes" party in May of 2008. She says Casey told several people she had been pregnant with Brandon's child the year before but she had a miscarriage on Valentines Day 2007. Annie doesn't think Casey was ever pregnant."

"One time while at Casey's house after Casey was released from jail in August, Annie asked Casey about what the chloroform in the trunk was about. Casey said she had cleaning solutions back there. Casey told Annie she doesn't know what could have happened to her car while it wasn't in her possession. Casey alluded to Annie that Jesse Grund had a key to her car and may have done something to it after it was abandoned."

"Annie said she believed if Casey harmed Caylee, she did not do it alone because she "wasn't that smart." Annie expressed this as an opinion and has no facts to support this statement."

- 01/19/2009 "On January 19th I met with Michelle Murphy who was a longtime friend of the Anthony family. she agreed to speak to me and our conversation was recorded. Michelle lived with Lee Anthony and Brian Lufkin in May 2007. She moved out in September 2007. Throughout that time, she got to know Casey through Lee. She has also seen Caylee with Casey several times."

"Michelle said Casey supposedly worked as an event planner for Universal Studios and for the Sports Authority. She can't recall which was first. Michelle said Lee's girlfriend Mallory Parker was going to school to become an event coordinator. Michelle found it odd that Casey claimed to be working as an event coordinator for Universal when she did not have any schooling to support that position. Michelle believe Casey was lying about her job, but she doesn't know if anybody confronted her about this. Michelle said Casey was know to lie a lot about "little stupid things."

"Michelle said Caylee appeared to have separation anxiety whenever Casey would put her down or leave her sight. It seemed Caylee did not like to be away from Casey."

"Michelle was present at Caylee's second birthday party. Both Casey and Cynthia were helping Caylee open her gifts. It seemed that Cynthia was 'overbearing' and "trying to run the show." It appeared Casey and Cynthia were competing in trying to open the gifts. Michelle said Casey was afraid of disappointing her mother. Casey did not want her mother to find out about the bad things she's done. When asked to elaborate about what "bad things" these were, her alleged second pregnancy and a party she had planned to throw at the Hopespring address that Cynthia did not know about."

"In February or March of 2007 Casey told Michelle that she had been pregnant with Brandon's child and later had a miscarriage. While pregnant, Casey shared this with Lee who in turn told Cynthia. Michelle said that Cynthia was very upset with this news. Michelle doubts Casey was ever pregnant."

"Casey complained a lot about her relationship with her father George. According to Casey, they argued all the time but she doesn't know what the reasons for the arguments were. Michelle said Lee and George mentioned to her on two different occasions about George and Cynthia having discussions about taking custody of Caylee from Casey."

"In March of 2007 Casey called Michelle and said she was feeling crazy and needed someone to talk to. Michelle said this conversation took place shortly after Casey told her she had a miscarriage. Casey was thinking about getting herself committed. Casey told her she had imagined this life with Brandon and that she was suppose to have this baby in October. Casey did not know what to do and she did not feel like she was being a very good mother to Caylee. Casey did not say why she thought this. She also did not give Michelle a particular reason she was having these feelings. When Michelle called to check on Casey the day after this conversation, Casey "kinda blew me off" and said everything was fine. This made Michelle question if Casey had made this up to get sympathy."

"Michelle has never heard of Zenaida or Zanny. She's never known of Casey ever using a nanny. She said Cindy and George were usually the ones to watch over Caylee when she wasn't with Casey. Michelle knew no one by the name of Jennifer Rosa, Raquell Farrel, Jeffrey Hopkins or a child name Zachary."

"On July 2nd or 3rd 2008 Lee contacted Michelle via MySpace. He told her no one had talked to Caylee in weeks and no one had seen Casey in quite a while. Lee asked if she had seen Casey or Caylee. Michelle found this odd since Casey had been posting new photos to her Facebook account. Lee found out Casey was gong to be at 'The Dragon Room" in downtown Orlando. Brian Lufkin asked Michelle if she wanted to go with them to find and get Casey but she declined. Casey found out Lee was on the way and she left the establishment. Through Brian and Mallory, Michelle learned that Casey had told them she did not want to see Lee or anybody else. Michelle never found out how Casey learned that Lee and friends were coming to get her."

Page 3390-3391

- 01/20/2009 "On January 20th, Richard Allen Karol and Anthony Dafonseca came to our Central Operations Center to photograph calendars made by Corporal Edwards during his interview with Anthony Lazzaro. Sergeant John Allen was present. Richard and Anthony were students at the Florida A&M Law School in Orlando and both say there were interning with attorney Jose Baez and at the Sheriff's Office on his behalf. This was confirmed by calling attorney Jose Baez while they were present. They were allowed to take digital photographs of the calendars used during Corporal Edwards' interview with Anthony Lazzaro."

- 01/24/2009 "On January 24th, Corporal Edwards digitally photographed all of his calendars and maintains them in his case file as work product. the digital images were entered into evidence."

"After several months of investigation, detectives could find no one who has ever met, spoken with or seen any Zenaida Gonzalez who had cared for Caylee Anthony. There has been no factual evidence to suggest that anyone besides Casey Anthony was the last one to be with Caylee when she was last seen alive. Almost everyone who knows Casey Anthony admits she was prone to lying. Based on statements and eye witness accounts, it appears that Caylee was last seen alive on June 16th, 2008. Evidence obtained from the white 1998 Pontiac Sunfire along with evidence found with the body suggest that Caylee died between June 16th and June 27th 2008. Evidence also suggests that the body of Caylee Anthony was in the trunk of the white 1998 Pontiac for a period of time but removed prior to June 27th, 2008. Evidence on the body suggests that the child's death was not accidental but an intentional act."

"As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony."

"I swear or affirm the above statements are correct and true.

Signed: Detective Corporal Yuri Melich"

"Sworn to and subscribed before me, the undersigned Authority, This 5th day of February, 2009. Signed: Sergeant John Allen."

Page 3392-3403

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Homicide Suppliment

Case Number: 08-122093

(ORI) Number: FL0480000 12/12/2008

- 12/15/2008 "On 12-15-08 I received a letter that had been mailed to the Forensic Unit by an unknown person. The letter was address to "Lee". The letter appeared to be a photocopy with copies being sent to the media and the Sheriff's Office. the letter was shown to Detective Yuri Melch. The letter was photocopied to be retained in the case file. The letter and envelope (J-60008,1) was turned over to the Evidence Section."

- 12/12/2008 List of evidence removed from the crime scene at Suburban Drive.

Page 3404-3409

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Search Warrant

Case Number: 08-074777

(ORI) Number: FL0480000 12/11/2008

12/11/2008 List of evidence removed from the crime scene at 4937 Hopespring Drive.

Page 3410-3410

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Death Investigation

Case Number: 08-122093

(ORI) Number: FL0480000 12/12/2008

Page 3411-3411

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Death Investigation

Case Number: 08-122093

(ORI) Number: FL0480000 12/17/2008

- 12/17/2008 Evidence Tag # H-60517 and H-60515 transported to Dr. John Schultz for identification purposes.

Page 3412-3459

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Homicide

Case Number: 08-122093

(ORI) Number: FL0480000 12/11/2008

- 12/11/2008 2,264 digital photograph taken of the crime scene at Suburban Drive.

Page 3460-3463

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Forensics Section

Incident Type: Homicide

Case Number: 08-122093

- Four (4) diagrams of crime scene on Suburban Drive.