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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Nate (Anthony Lazzaro's Roommate) on Nancy Grace 09/09/2008



Casey Anthony`s Former Roommate Speaks

Aired September 9, 2008 - 20:00:00 ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight. Police desperately searching for a beautiful little 3-year-old Florida girl, Caylee, after her grandparents report her missing, little Caylee now not seen for 12 long weeks, last seen with her mother. So why didn`t Mommy call police?

Headlines tonight. Investigators launch a new and intense search of a completely different area, heavy woods near UCF campus. Why? This as reports emerge a whopping $1.5 million offer on the table for mom, Casey Anthony`s, story.

Tonight, mom, Casey`s, roommate at the time little Caylee went missing is with us live. What was her demeanor? What did she say about little Caylee? We obtained a list of items found by police in mom, Casey`s, car, including a knife. Clothing and bones found in a nearby park. Are they connected?

And angry citizens take the law into their own hands, mounting their own searches for Caylee, protesting nearly around the clock, even digging through the Anthonys` trash for clues, while grandfather, George Anthony, facing possible criminal charges after an angry confrontation with two protesters. Sources confirm so much of the powerful solution chloroform discovered by the FBI in mom, Casey`s, car trunk, even the air in the trunk was saturated. Investigators announce forensic evidence of human decomposition in mom, Casey`s, car trunk. All indicators are it was 3- year-old little Caylee. Tonight, where is Caylee?


GRACE: Everybody, we are taking your calls live. Big news tonight, the cops have now, apparently based on cell phone records, pinging, triangulating the particular phone calls someone makes from a cell phone -- when you use your phone, it bounces of a particular cell phone tower. They have now launched a new search in a heavily wooded area near University of Central Florida.

Everyone, with us tonight is a very special guest. Joining us tonight exclusively is a young man who was a roommate along with Caylee in the time -- along with little -- with Casey when little Caylee had gone missing. Thank you for being with us, Nate. This is the roommate of Tony Lazarro (ph). Nate, were you there in the apartment in the days following what we believe to be the time little Caylee went missing?

NATE, FORMER ROOMMATE OF CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, Miss Nancy, I was staying with Tony. I was in between leases, and we were going to get a new place as soon as his lease ended. So I was staying with him until his lease ended and we moved out. So I was there for the entire time that Casey was staying there full-time.

GRACE: Now, I`m talking about the time after Father`s Day weekend, around June 16 -- that`s a Monday -- and on.

NATE: Yes, ma`am, I was there.

GRACE: OK. What was Casey`s -- mom, Casey Anthony`s, demeanor?

NATE: I mean, she seemed like everything was normal. There was nothing that drew any red flags, certainly not on our end. I mean, no reason for us to be suspicious of anything. I mean, she went about her business every day. Some days -- you know, we`re in class 40 hours a week, Tony and I. We both go to a school that demands that we`re in class 40 hours a week, so we`re constantly in and out of the apartment.

But you know, when she was there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She always seemed like she had a smile on her face. You know, if there was laundry to be done, she would take care of that. You know, she would cook dinner sometimes in the evenings and...


GRACE: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. So while her daughter was missing, she was cooking up dinners for her new boyfriend?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: Like what?

NATE: I mean, just normal dinners, you know? She would make, you know -- for instance, I think one night she made pasta for everyone. Just you know...

GRACE: Did she ever mention over the pasta dinner that her 2-year-old girl was gone?

NATE: No, ma`am. She did not mention to us that Caylee was missing. We were under the impression that -- that Caylee was -- that she was with the nanny. When she would ask us certain questions, you know -- or we would ask her about it, then we would just move on because it seemed normal to us, she was with the nanny, she wasn`t at our place, so...


GRACE: Angry protesters nearly around the clock outside the Anthony home. That was a shot of one of them.

Everybody, with us tonight, a very special guest, Tony Lazarro`s roommate. He lived there with mom, Casey, after the time little Caylee went missing. Nate, thank you for being with us. You stated that she never once mentioned little Caylee was missing?

NATE: No, ma`am. She didn`t. There was a point where -- you know, we had asked her a couple of times, Hey, you know, how come we haven`t seen Caylee in a while, because when Tony and her first started dating, Caylee would come over to the house a few times, they would go down to the pool, or you know, whatever, Tony`s taking them out to dinner and stuff.

And so after a point, we -- she just hadn`t been coming around, and we even asked her, Hey, you know, how come you haven`t brought Caylee by lately? And it was always, Oh, she`s with the nanny, they`re at either the beach or they`re over at Disney World or they`re at Universal. And you know, to us, it is summertime. We were under the impression that Casey was working. So I mean, during the summer, children are, you know, off doing things, so (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: How often -- how often was Casey Anthony there at the apartment, every day?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: Every night?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: She spent the night there?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: With Tony Lazarro?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: And during that time period, little Caylee was not spending the night with her?

NATE: No, ma`am.

GRACE: Where would she say Caylee was?

NATE: She said that Caylee was at the nanny`s. But when she started staying with us full-time, she had said that, you know, there were some problems at home, she didn`t want Caylee being subjected to it.

GRACE: What problems?

NATE: I`m not exactly sure on the specifics. I`m not sure if it was problems between her parents or if she was having problems with her parents. I`m not exactly sure as to the nature of the problems -- but that she did not want Caylee to be subjected to the environment. So she brought Caylee -- she told us that she brought Caylee to the nanny`s and that she was going to stay with us in the evenings, which -- I mean, we`re an apartment that`s on a 24-hour schedule. There`s constantly people in and out.

So to us, it did not seem like a good idea to have Caylee at our apartment full-time, so we thought she was doing the good motherly thing. You know, she didn`t want to impose herself on the nanny also, so Caylee would stay there in the evenings, and she would stay with us in the evenings.

GRACE: And nobody thought it was weird that the little baby would stay, would spend the night at the nanny`s instead of with her mother?

NATE: Not really. I mean, a 22-year-old single mother -- I`m not sure as to the habits of what a 22-year-old...


NATE: ... single mother does every day. So we weren`t, you know, thinking along those lines as, Well, why isn`t she with her child every evening?

GRACE: Did she seem to have a job?

NATE: She did. Like, you know, we`re gone in class quite often...


NATE: ... so we don`t know if she was going actually to work. But she would, you know, bring home groceries from time to time. She didn`t seem like she was ever in need of money or anything like that. So it seemed to us like she had had a job.

When we would ask her about it, you know, if she was sitting home in the afternoon or something, she would, you know, say, Well, I`m working from my laptop today here at the house. And you know, she -- she told us she was an event coordinator. So those type of things -- it`s one of those things that you would think that someone could do with a laptop and a cell phone. They wouldn`t necessarily have to be in an office every time.

GRACE: Did she tell you guys that she was considering going back to college?

NATE: Yes, she had told us that.

GRACE: Where?

NATE: She had said that she had already attended Valencia for some time and that she was thinking about continuing her education at UCF.

GRACE: So she did say she planned to go to UCF.

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: Are you aware that police are now searching heavily wooded areas there at University of Central Florida for little Caylee?

NATE: No, ma`am, I was not until just a few moments ago.

GRACE: You know, Nate, were you there the evening or the day -- I`m not sure of the timeline -- when grandmother, Cindy Anthony, shows up at Tony Lazarro`s apartment to find her daughter, Casey Anthony?

NATE: Yes, ma`am, I was there.

GRACE: What happened?

NATE: It was approximately late, late afternoon, early evening. Tony and I and Casey were all sitting on the couch. Tony and I were playing video games, waiting for the all-star game to come on for the evening. And there was a knock at the door.

GRACE: Well, hold on. Wait. Casey Anthony was sitting on the sofa, watching video games and waiting for the all-star game to come on?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: While her daughter is missing. OK. I was just getting the mental image. Go ahead.

NATE: And there was a knock at the door. Casey got up to answer the door. It was Amy (ph). I had never met Amy. I don`t...

GRACE: Amy Huizinga (ph)?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: Now, Amy Huizinga is allegedly the woman who loaned Casey Anthony her car and Casey Anthony allegedly took all her checks and wrote them to Target, to all over the place?

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: OK. Go ahead.

NATE: So...

GRACE: So Cindy Anthony, Amy Huizinga show up at the door. What happens?

NATE: Well, just Amy showed up at first. All we saw was Amy.


NATE: Amy told Casey that she needed to speak with her, so Casey and Amy stepped outside...

GRACE: Did Casey Anthony look like she was upset?

NATE: Not right at that moment. But they walked outside to discuss something. I do not -- I cannot attest to what was actually discussed outside. They came back in the house, Amy and Casey, followed by -- who we did not know at the time, that that was Casey`s mother, but now we know. They were followed by Cindy Anthony back in. Cindy asked Casey...

GRACE: OK, let me get something straight. When Huizinga shows up at the door, she asked Anthony to come outside?

NATE: Yes, and talk to her.

GRACE: OK. Could you hear them or their raised voices?

NATE: No, ma`am. I -- we could not hear anything from that conversation.

GRACE: OK. So then they come back in, and with them is grandmother, Cindy Anthony.

NATE: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: OK, then what happened?

NATE: Cindy asked Casey to get her stuff and to leave with her. And Casey, you know, said that she did not want to leave but she would go outside and talk to her. The three of them then exited the apartment, and that was the last time that we, either me or Tony, have seen Casey.

GRACE: Did you hear Cindy Anthony ask, Where`s Caylee?

NATE: No, she did not ask that question while she was at our apartment, no, ma`am.

GRACE: Did she seem upset?

NATE: She did seem a little upset.

GRACE: Cindy Anthony or Casey Anthony?

NATE: Cindy seemed a little upset.

GRACE: So did Casey Anthony say why she didn`t want to leave?

NATE: No, she just said -- her mother said, Get your things and let`s go, and Casey replied, I`m not leaving. If you want to talk, let`s go outside and talk.

GRACE: So during this time, did she ever ask you or her boyfriend, Tony Lazarro, to help find little Caylee?

NATE: No, ma`am.



GRACE: Welcome back. Joining us tonight is the former roommate of mom, Casey Anthony, during the time her little girl was missing. Nate, after you discovered that she is a person of interest in little Caylee`s disappearance, did either you or Tony Lazarro speak with her?

NATE: I have not spoken with her. To my knowledge, Tony has not spoken with her, either. However, I`m not 100 percent on that detail.

GRACE: Did police search your apartment?

NATE: Yes, ma`am, they have. They have searched twice, actually.

GRACE: Did you know what they were searching for?

NATE: The first time, they had asked if they could search to make sure that Caylee was not in the apartment. We allowed them to do that. The second time they searched the apartment, I was actually out of town for the weekend.


GRACE: Well, I`m convinced that Cindy and George Anthony do want to find their daughter. As far as Casey goes, absolutely not. I agree with you on that.

I want to go back to Nate. This is Tony Lazzaro`s roommate, and Casey Anthony`s roommate during the time little Caylee went missing.

Did you see any change, Nate, in her demeanor before June 16th and after June 16th?

NATE, LIVED WITH TOT MOM CASEY ANTHONY WHEN CAYLEE WENT MISSING: No, ma`am, no change in her everyday demeanor at all. She didn`t seem -- you would think that even when we asked her, you know, why haven`t we seen Casey -- Caylee at all, you would think that a mother dealing with a missing child underneath that stress would, you know, break down at some point.

And, you know, there was nothing, no changes that we noticed in her behavior at all.

GRACE: Nate, what was her explanation as to the car running out of gas that very last time? Didn`t she have some elaborate explanation to Tony Lazzaro?

NATE: I`m not exactly sure. I don`t know what her story was to him about the car. I just know that Tony had left that morning at approximately -- between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and I don`t know exactly when, and he went and picked her up want but I never asked what exactly was wrong with the car.

She never asked us to go down there and look at it or anything like that.

GRACE: And so every night that little Caylee was missing, she would be there at the apartment, go out partying, cook dinner, troop off to the back bedroom to Tony Lazzaro, wake up the next morning, have a cup of coffee like nothing is wrong.

NATE: Yes, ma`am.


GRACE: We are taking your calls live and joining us tonight, the roommate of mom, Casey Anthony, during the time little Caylee went missing.

Back to Nate, joining us from Orlando, Florida. Nate, tell me about your observations of little Caylee.

NATE: Caylee is a very sweet girl, very smart girl. You know, Dora Explorer is her favorite TV show. So, I mean, she can count to 45 in Spanish, which, you know, Casey told us that she`s learned from watching Dora the Explorer.

She loved to watch "The Pink Panther," I mean we would -- the few times that she was over, we would sit there in the living room from time to time and watch "The Pink Panther" or "Dora the Explorer."

She would sit down -- I`ve sat down with her, you know, at my laptop before and she can -- you know if you asked her to type some letters out she can find those letters from the keyboard and type them out, which to me is -- I mean, a really smart girl for, you know, a 2-and-a-half-year-old, a 3-year-old, and, you know, she was cool.

Her favorite phrase that she would say to everyone walking in, be "What up, dude?" That was the phrase she always uses. It`s "what up, dude?" Anytime anyone would come in the door, "what up, dude?"

And I distinctly remember one time where Cameron and I -- another friend of ours -- we had fallen asleep in the living room for an afternoon nap and she had gotten Tony`s drum pad that he`d given her and a set of drum sticks, and she sat there in the living room, tapping on the drum pad, just kind of chanting, "wake up, Nate, wake up, Cam," I mean just an adorable child.

GRACE: When you learned she was missing, what was your first thought?

NATE: My first thought was, how can she be missing? She is supposed to be with the nanny? I mean, we never -- I mean thought that she was -- when they said, missing, missing as in missing now.

GRACE: Did you ever see the nanny?

NATE: No, ma`am, I`ve never met the nanny or spoke to the nanny.

GRACE: Did -- were you ever there when the nanny called Casey Anthony on the phone?

NATE: No, ma`am, I`m not sure who would call her.

GRACE: Did you ever observe Casey Anthony on the phone with the nanny, to your knowledge?

NATE: Not to my knowledge, no, ma`am.

GRACE: Did you ever see Casey Anthony drop the baby off with the nanny, or the nanny come pick her up?

NATE: No, ma`am.

GRACE: What did she say about the nanny?

NATE: That she had been using the nanny for a few years. You know, that she takes her over there during the day sometimes, if, you know, she had things to do. And just along that -- I mean just a typical, almost like babysitter that she would use and that she had been using for seemed like a fairly good amount of time.

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