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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Nate (Anthony Lazzaro's Roommate) on Nancy Grace 10/03/2008



Former Roommate of Missing Toddler`s Mother Reacts

Aired October 3, 2008 - 20:00:00 ET



NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight. Police desperately searching for a beautiful little 3-year-old Florida girl, Caylee, after her grandparents report her missing, little Caylee now not seen for 15 long weeks, last seen with her mother. So why didn`t Mommy call police?

Headlines tonight. Exclusive, for the first time since police named mom, Casey, the prime suspect, Casey Anthony`s roommate at the time little Caylee disappears breaks his silence. He`s with us live. He describes mom, Casey, going about her normal life, cooking, cleaning, partying and enjoying life with her roommate and her live-in lover, all the while showing absolutely no emotion whatsoever over her missing girl. What did mom, Casey, have to say about Caylee? This as the Department of Children and Family concludes its own investigation of mom, Casey, their evidence now in the hands of police. What do they know? Tonight, where is 3-year- old Caylee?


TONY LAZZARO, CASEY ANTHONY`S EX-BOYFRIEND: What happened was, I was just sitting there with my roommate, Nathan. We were playing video games, and she -- and Casey was sitting there at the couch also, on the laptop. And then all of a sudden, there`s a knock at the door.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She did not mention to us that Caylee was missing. We were under the impression that she was with the nanny.




CASEY ANTHONY, MOTHER OF MISSING TODDLER: Hey. Can you give me Tony`s number? Because I called to talk to my mother, and it`s -- it`s a (DELETED) waste. Oh, by the way, I don`t want any of you coming up here when I have my first hearing for bond and everything else. Like, don`t even (DELETED) waste your time coming up here.



LAZZARO: Casey then proceeded to go outside, and was -- me and my roommate went back to playing video games. Then I would say about a half hour later, Casey and her mother, Cynthia Anthony, came to the -- Casey stormed in and looked like she was in tears. And her mom said, Get your things, you`re coming with me. And Casey said, No, I`m coming back. She said, OK, but I`m coming back. And she goes, No, get all your things

When I asked her, Why won`t you, you know, allow us to see Caylee, and she said, Well, maybe I`m a spiteful (DELETED).


GRACE: And tonight, we are in a verdict watch, NFL Hall of Famer turned double murder suspect O.J. Simpson facing life behind bars in a Vegas armed robbery. At this hour, 13 years ago to the day, the stunning verdict handed down in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. And once again, the jury is out. Will Simpson ever see the inside of a jail cell? We are live in that Vegas courthouse.


GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Tonight, the desperate search for a beautiful 3-year-old Florida girl, Caylee.


LAZZARO: Casey`s brother, Lee, he addresses himself -- introduced himself on the phone and told me what was going on, how she admitted to him that she didn`t know where Caylee was and that she hasn`t seen Caylee for 31 days.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you`re telling me that Zenaida took your child without your permission and hasn`t returned her.

CASEY ANTHONY: She`s the last person I`ve seen with my daughter, yes.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She seemed like everything was normal. There was nothing that threw any red flags, certainly not on our end, no reason for us to be suspicious of anything. I mean, she went about her business every day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She always seemed like she had a smile on her face.



LEE ANTHONY: Anyway, you only got a couple minutes with us, so I`m not going to let you completely waste it. Here`s Christina (ph). She thinks she can get through to you.

CASEY ANTHONY: No! No! I want Tony`s number! I`m not talking to anybody else!


CASEY ANTHONY: Do me a favor. Get me my brother back because I need Tony`s number.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did Tony have anything to do with Caylee?

CASEY ANTHONY: No, Tony had nothing to do with Caylee.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh. So why do you want to talk to him?

CASEY ANTHONY: Because he`s my boyfriend and I want to actually try to sit and talk to him because I didn`t get a chance to talk to him earlier because I got arrested on a (DELETED) whim today because they`re blaming me for stuff that I never would do, that I didn`t do.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about Caylee.

CASEY ANTHONY: Sweetheart...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If anything happens to Caylee, Casey, I`ll die! Do you understand? I`ll die if anything happens to that baby!

CASEY ANTHONY: Whoa. Oh, my God. Calling you guys? A waste. Huge waste. Honey, I love you. You know I would not let anything happen to my daughter. If I knew where she was, this wouldn`t be going on.


GRACE: Speaking of a waste, that was tot mom Casey Anthony on the phone, showing absolutely no emotion whatsoever over the loss of her daughter, just anxious to talk to her boyfriend when she`s behind bars.

And tonight, for the first time, out of the shadows, speaking after mom, Casey`s, arrest, her roommate at the time of little Caylee`s disappearance. Nate is joining us live out of Orlando, Florida. Welcome. Thanks for being with us.

NATE, FORMER ROOMMATE: Hi, Miss Nancy. How are you?

GRACE: I`m good, dear. I`m a little confused as to why she has not already been arrested in the disappearance of her little girl. But how stunned were you when you found out all this time she had been cooking and cleaning and playing house with you and your roommates, her little girl was allegedly vanished?

NATE: I mean, as you can imagine, it took us -- you know, us there at the apartment, by surprise. I mean, she was going about her daily business, you know, as Tony`s girlfriend. Like I said previously, she was cooking and cleaning and just doing normal girlfriend-type stuff, and we assumed that the child was with the nanny, like she had said. And it never dawned on us at the time that she was missing. And certainly, when we did find out she was missing, it was pretty much a shock to us.

GRACE: Nate, when you say normal girlfriend-type stuff, I`m not quite sure what you mean by that. Could you give me a day in the life of mom, Casey Anthony, while little Caylee is missing? What would she do all day?

NATE: Well, we`re in class and...

GRACE: Take it from the beginning, in the morning.

NATE: In the morning, she would usually -- if she had happened to stay the night, she would usually leave first thing in the morning. Where she would go to, we weren`t exactly sure. We assumed that she was going to, you know, check on her daughter or to go see her daughter or whatever.

We usually take off for class between 9:00 or 1:00 PM in the afternoon, depending on our schedule for the month, and we`re in class, like, four to eight hours a day. So during the daytime, I can`t really attest too much as to what she was doing, whether she was working or not working. But in the evenings, you know, she would come over. If Tony came home from class later in the evening, she would, you know, have dinner ready for him. I mean...


GRACE: Like what? She was -- did she have a key to the apartment?

NATE: No, but usually -- we were all on opposite schedules, so usually, Cameron (ph), myself or Tony was home at some point throughout the day. And if one of us was home, she was allowed to be over there.

GRACE: OK. And then what would happen? She would come in with groceries and start cooking?

NATE: Yes, ma`am. On certain days, she would come in with groceries and she would...

GRACE: Like what?

NATE: ... cook meals. You know, pasta dishes. I think she made -- I want to say she made tacos one night or quesadillas. I can`t quite remember. But I know she made pasta one evening.

GRACE: And during all these meals, when everyone would sit down together and talk, never once did she mention, My daughter is missing.

NATE: No, ma`am.

GRACE: When did you find out Caylee was gone?

NATE: We found out Caylee was missing when the brother, Lee, had called to arrange to come pick up the remainder of her things that were still at the apartment. When he arrived over there, he told us, you know, that they could not locate Caylee, that they weren`t -- that they were not sure where she was at.

And then the second time we heard of that was later in the evening, when the deputies came back over there to search our apartment to, make sure that the child was, indeed, not in our apartment. That was when we kind of got a real sense of the gravity of the situation.

GRACE: What did detectives tell you?

NATE: They told us that Caylee had been missing, apparently, she had been missing for some time, and that they were there to do a search of the apartment to make sure that we were not harboring Caylee or hiding Caylee in the apartment, that she was not in the apartment there with us.

So they came in there and did a routine check, you know, searched the house, searched through every room and every closet, every cubbyhole and everything. And then you know, at that point, we kind of got an understanding that this has become a much more serious situation.

GRACE: What was Tony Lazzaro, her lover at the time`s, reaction when he found out for all this time he had been sleeping with a woman who claimed her daughter had vanished into thin air?

NATE: I mean, Tony -- the first part was utter dismay, then a little bit of anger at some of the details that have come out, you know, about certain things that he was...

GRACE: Such as what?

NATE: ... lied to -- you know, about her job, her education, just certain things that she had lied to him about.

GRACE: Her education. What about her education?

NATE: You know, she said that she had a college degree, and we`ve since learned otherwise. To the nature of her actual education, I`m not exactly sure of the extent of her education, but it wasn`t what she had originally told Tony. And it`s just certain things like that that have, you know -- have angered him a little bit. But it`s utter dismay and a little bit of -- I mean, obviously, sadness for how did he not notice what was going on, or how did he not see. I think that`s what he struggles with most.

GRACE: Did mom, Casey Anthony, ever tell Tony Lazzaro her version of what became of Caylee?

NATE: No, ma`am, not to my knowledge.


NATE: That I do not -- I can`t even begin to make a stab at an answer for that. I have no idea why she did not tell him.

GRACE: Have you guys been in communication with her since she got out of jail?

NATE: No, ma`am.


NATE: Tony, at this point -- he is, you know, fairly upset about this whole situation. I`m not sure whether or not he wants to actually make contact with her at this point.

GRACE: And does he feel betrayed?

NATE: Yes, ma`am. Absolutely.

GRACE: In what sense?

NATE: Just that, you know, here`s a girl that he did like, that he was seeing, that, you know, he was very much into, and he finds out it was all, you know, a web of lies, pretty much, and he`s been kind of catapulted into the middle of this.


LAZZARO: She actually used to say that she didn`t -- that she was getting ready to not live at her house anymore with her child.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where was she going to go?

LAZZARO: No particular place.


LAZZARO: She was just looking to move out because she was 22 and wanted to get her own place.





LAZZARO: What happened was, I was just sitting there with my roommate, Nathan, we were playing video games, and she and Casey were sitting there at the couch also, on the laptop. And then all a sudden, there`s a knock on the door. And I said, Come in. And there was Amy, just standing there with a miserable face. And we all looked confused.

And then Casey then proceeded to go outside, and was -- me and my roommate went back to playing video games. Then, I would say about a half hour later, Casey and her mother, Cynthia Anthony, came to the -- Casey stormed in and looked like she was in tears. And her mom said, Get your things, you`re coming with me. And Casey said, No, I`m coming back. She said, OK, but I`m coming back. And she goes, No, get all your things.


GRACE: With us tonight, a special guest speaking for the first time out of the shadows, the roommate of mom, Casey Anthony, at the time her little girl went missing. You were telling me how her boyfriend, her live- in, feels betrayed. What were you saying?

NATE: I was just saying that, you know, I mean, Tony`s a young guy that`s down here to go to school, met a nice girl, you know, seemed like she had a lot of things going for her, going -- you know, she had a job over there at Universal, going to college to get a degree and everything. So he started seeing her, and then has wound himself up in this situation, where it seems like everything that she had told him is a fabrication. And yes, I would say that he feels pretty betrayed.

GRACE: Just curious, what did she say she was getting her degree in?

NATE: I do not recall. She said she was attending Valencia Community, but I do not recall what specifically her degree that she was attaining was in.

GRACE: To Drew Petrimoulx at WDBO. What is the truth regarding her education?

DREW PETRIMOULX, WDBO: That, you know, after high school, she didn`t really get much education. Seems like a lot of the stuff that she was telling these boys was a lie, including, you know, her education, where she was working, how she was getting money, and you know, now what she was doing with Caylee.

GRACE: To Natisha Lance, standing by in Orlando. Did she complete high school?

NATISHA LANCE, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: No, she actually did not complete high school.

GRACE: And all this time, she wasn`t been working, she`s just been lying around on various people`s sofas. She couldn`t go get her GED?

LANCE: That`s correct. Actually, Cindy mentioned that in an argument that she had with Jesse Grund. She said, Why would you want to be with somebody who can`t even go back and get her high school diploma? She can`t even support her daughter. I`m the one who provides for her daughter, Caylee.

GRACE: Out to the lines. To Alisha in Utah. Hi, dear.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. I love your show and respect you so much.

GRACE: Thank you. What`s your question, dear?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My question is about the woman who saw the white Pontiac Sunfire and the woman coming out of the wooded area.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that a match to Casey`s car? And also, she said that the car had bumper stickers. Did Casey`s car have any bumper stickers?

GRACE: To Drew Petrimoulx with WDBO. What do we know?

PETRIMOULX: Well, that report comes from one of our local TV stations down here, and it said that somebody around the time that Caylee went missing was seen parked near the Orlando International Airport. And we know that police have searched with cadaver dogs in that area. And that person was suspiciously coming out of that wooded area, and it was suspicious because that`s not an area that you would normally see people jogging. We`ve also talked to investigators, and they kind of, you know, not really making it positively -- positively searching that area, so...

GRACE: I believe the question was about the car. Liz, can you pull up a picture of the vehicle? Natisha Lance, tell me about the car itself.

LANCE: A white Pontiac Sunfire, Nancy, which fits the description of Casey`s car, as well. As far as the bumper stickers, we`re not sure if Casey`s car did have bumper stickers on it or not. But police have processed that vehicle and they are looking in this lead, as well.

GRACE: You`re seeing a shot of Casey Anthony`s car. In a moment, we`ll give you the back-end shot. To my knowledge, there are no bumper stickers on the car. In fact, the woman who spotted the car first thought it was her friend`s car. That`s why she became aware of it. But it did not have the bumper stickers her friend had. So that`s what first drew her attention to it, Alisha in Utah.


GRACE: To Leonard Padilla. Everybody, you know Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter out of Sacramento, California, who first posted a $500,000 bond to get the tot mom out of jail. He then came off that bond.

Mr. Padilla, thank you for being with us. I know that DFACS, Department of Family and Children`s Services, has completed their investigation as of today. What were they doing there? You were there, in and out of the home, at the time they were first investigating.

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: Well, when they came to the home, we didn`t realize that it was family services. We thought it was just some law enforcement people. And basically, they ran down about 40 minutes of questions to her regarding her child, living conditions, how she got along with her child, just your normal questions a social worker would question a mother about. There was nothing there confrontational, like law enforcement or something to that effect. Fact is, law enforcement came in right on the heels of this individual and ended up talking to Cindy.

GRACE: Leonard, why do you believe the searches for the remains have been called off by police?

PADILLA: I believe that law enforcement is pretty much convinced that the child cannot be found, shall we say, in a normal place where somebody would have buried her or put her in a -- under a tree or something to that effect. It`s either the landfill, or she put her into a pond, where an alligator has done their thing.




LAZZARO: She would wake up and -- or wake me up either in the middle of the night, or I would just wake up in the middle of the night and see that she was sweaty in bed. And I would ask her why. And she said that she would have nightmare -- she was having a nightmare or something, and that would bring up a nightmare pertaining to our relationship.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So how often did she wake up like that?

LAZZARO: Actually, she would actually be -- I would say that happened a couple of times.


LAZZARO: I would say maybe two, maybe four times.



ANTHONY LAZZARO, CASEY ANTHONY`S EX-BOYFRIEND: The grandmother since made a comment to me while I was sitting on the couch, because she was ringing at the door, and I said, yes, hello -- because I`ve seen pictures of the woman, but I never met her, so I was, you know, being friendly, like, hello, you can come in, like, because she was waiting at the door.

And she came in, and she`s goes, "I hope you`re rich, because Casey is going to take all your money and leave you high and dry." And me and my roommate were just looking at her like, wait, what? What? What are you talking about? Like, because I had no idea about her with, I guess -- her -- I guess the whole situation with the mother, Amy, and Casey were about the money situation.

I guess that`s what they talked about, because that`s why I guess Amy was there with the grandmother. But -- so that happened and she said that, and then Casey said shut up, and they -- she stormed outside, and the grandmother followed her.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: That`s right. All hell broke loose when grandmother, Cindy Anthony, shows up to bring mom, Casey, home without little Caylee.

Tonight, she has been named the chief suspect in her daughter`s disappearance, but still no arrest on those charges. This as DFACS wraps up its investigation of her treatment of the child.

Tonight with us, Nate, the former roommate of mom Casey Anthony at the time little Caylee goes missing.


CHRISTINA: My question is about Casey`s first body guard, a while ago he said that he would only talk to the police if he had immunity. And I was wondering if anybody knew what he had to say.

GRACE: To Leonard Padilla, wasn`t that a female security agent named Stacy or Tracy? What happened with that?

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER, MET WITH TOT CASE INVESTIGATORS: That`s correct. Basically, every now and then, like today, she came by. And, you know, every now and then I`ll talk to her and she`ll open up about a few things that she has not received any immunity.

GRACE: Like what?

PADILLA: Well, today about the -- the day that the welfare worker went by there, she talked about that for a minute.

GRACE: What about it?

PADILLA: Just basically the same thing that I told you, that they asked her a bunch of welfare type questions, social worker type questions. And that was about the extent of that visit.

GRACE: Out to Donald Schweitzer, former detective with Santa Ana PD joining us out of L.A.

Donald, thank you for being with us. How important is the testimony of, for instance, Nate, the roommate who is with us tonight or the boyfriend, the live-in, Tony Lazzaro?

DONALD SCHWEITZER, FMR. DETECTIVE, SANTA ANA PD: Nancy, Nate`s testimony is so important because he`s the one guy that doesn`t have a motive or bias to lie. I mean he doesn`t know her that well and he is also going to be talking about Lazzaro and his involvement or lack of involvement. So he`s probably a key witness.


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