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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Anthony Lazzaro INTERVIEW 07/22/2008
(Casey Boyfriend when Caylee went missing)


Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER - 08~07 4777
4 JULY 22, 2008
8 EE: Alright. Tuesday, July 22,2008, at 5:04 p.m. Corporal (telephone ringing in the
9 background).
10 AL: The same number is calling me again.
11 EE: Uh, is it...
12 AL: ... the same number
13 EE: ..that one your dad or?
14 Al: No.
15 EE: Go ahead and get it.
16 AL: (Answers phone.) Hello?
17 UM: (Inaudible).
18 AL: Who's this?
19 UM: Uh, this is Carl from uhm, CBS News in New York. How are you?
2Q Al: Carl, I, I cannot talk right now. Uhm, I am busy. I need to go.
21 UM: (Inaudible) are you going to be able to talk?
22 Al: Not right now sir.
23 UM: Okay.
24 AL: Bye. Carl from CBS, New York. ! don't know how he got my number.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Okay. We'll deal with that when we get done doing this. Because I have to get
2 all this down, okay?
3 AL: Okay.
4 EE: Alright. Corporal uh, Eric Edwards, Orange County Sheriffs Office Homicide
5 Unit. I'm in a conference room with ....
6 AL: Anthony Lazaro.
7 EE: Anthony, I got to ask you to do me a favor, speak up for me.
8 AL: Yes.
9 EE: And Anthony what is your date of birth?
10 AL: Uh, 04/17/87.
11 EE: Okay. Anthony has come here voluntarily today in regards to a missing person's
12 case. He has already been interviewed a couple of times. Uhm, I'm meeting him
13 to ratchet down a few things that were in question. Uhm, high point things that I
14 want to mention first, okay? You just answered your cell phone. What, what
15 make is that?
16 AL: Uh, Blackberry.
17 EE: And you a ...
18 AL: Uh, Curves.
19 EE: You allowed us, what's the cell phone number?
20 AL: Uh, the, my actual phone number?
21 EE: Yeah (affirmative), your phone number.
22 AL: 631-902-5443.
23 EE: Okay. You signed a Waivers allowing us to search that...
24 AL: Yes sir.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: ...because there was a photograph of the missing juvenile. Do you know that
2 juvenile's name?
3 AL: Yes sir, Caylee M .... uh, Caylee Marie Anthony I believe.
4 EE: Okay. And we were unable to download that on uh, on the software that we
5 have. So we took digital photographs which shows the photograph on your
6 phone and the date and time that that was taken, which will be June 2nd at 4:52
7 p.m. Is that correct?
8 AL: Yes sir.
9 EE: And you signed those for me?
10 AL: Yes sir.
11 EE: Also you provided me with a New York State driver's license uh, photocopy. You
12 signed that for me?
13 AL: Yes sir.
14 EE: And Waivers and Affidavit you signed for me?
15 AL: Yes sir.
16 EE: You understood that. Okay, cool. Alright, the other high points that I want to get
17 real quick before we get into the calendar is you stated after you came back from
18 New York, and we will get that from you what date that was, you say that uh,
19 Casey ....
20 AL: Yes.
21 EE: ... was waking up in cold sweats during the middle of the night. Can you tell me
22 about that?
23 AL: Yes, uh, (sound of cellular phone ringing in background). Sorry, that's my father.
24 I'll just ignore that real quick. Uhm, yes, she uh, would wake up and, or wake me
25 either in the middle of the night, or I would just wake up in the middle of the night

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 and see that she was sweaty in bed, And I would ask her uh, why and she said
2 that she would have nightmare ... she was having a nightmare or something and
3 then would bring up the nightmare pertaining to our relationship.
4 EE: And that was after June uhm, July 5th?
5 AL: July 5th, yup (affirmative).
6 EE: Because you came back from New York July 5th?
7 AL: Yes sir.
8 EE: Okay, cool. So how often did she wake up like that?
9 AL: Uh, actually she would actually be, I would say that happened a couple of times.
11 EE: Okay.
12 AL: I would say maybe two, maybe four times. Two to four times?
13 EE: Yes.
14 EE: She was pretty much staying there with you every night after the 5th?
15 AL: Yeah (affirmative). And once I came back from New York she was full-time at my
16 house.
17 EE: Okay. The second thing that I want to make mention of before we get into the
18 timeline is you say that you and your roommate were joking with her about her
19 leaving, you not coming back from New York?
20 AL: Yes.
21 EE: Relationship-wise. And we started talking about maybe something she said
22 about that. Did, did she seemed distraught over you not. ..
23 AL: She was actually, she actually uhm, was actually really upset about that. Uhm,
24 actually almost burst, uh, she, well made it seem like she was crying over the
25 phone about it.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE:Over the phone?
2 AL: Yeah (affirmative), it was over ....
3 EE: While you were in New York?
4 AL: It was while I was in New York, yes.
5 EE: Okay. But this, this, this talking was going on while you were still here before you
6 left as well?
7 AL: That also hap.,.it also brought, it was brought up also whife I was down here
8 before I left and I was just, just joking around, saying you know, "Uh, yeah
9 (affirmative), I, I might have to stay up in New York," just to get a rise out of her. And
10 uh, yeah (affirmative) ....
11 EE: (Unintelligible)., ..
12 AL: ... she got upset about it.
13 EE: Anything about the child? Did she worry about the child being the reason, or. ..
14 AL: Uhm ...
15 EE: She never make any statements like that?
16 AL: No, nothing, nothing like that. She actually uhm, used to say that she didn't, that
17 she was getting ready to not live at her house anymore with her child.
18 EE: Where, where was she (inaudible), where was she going to go?
19 AL: (Makes sound.) No particular place.
20 EE: Okay.
21 AL: She was just looking to move out because she was twenty-two and wanting to
22 get her own place.
23 EE: The nanny. You said that she, after the 5th, or during the time she started staying
24 with you more the child was never over there? You had said that uh, there was
25 times where she said the nanny had the kid at Disney on a weekend pass?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 Al: Yes.
2 EE: And then they did a weekend stay over on Cocoa Beach for a birthday party?
3 AL: Yes.
4 EE: Can you tell me about those again?
5 AL: Uh, basically it was either uhm, I don't think it actually was in July. I think that
6 happened in June.
7 EE: June?
8 Al: Yeah (affirmative). But uh, I remember her bringing up, uh, I asked her one day.
9 She said she was at Disney. And then I remember actually asking her the
10 second day, right after that day, and she said that no, she's going to now
11 whatever different parks that there are in Disney. They had like some pass to go
12 to different parks. And then I don't recall uhm, if that happened uh, if it happened
13 right after the fact where I asked her again and she brought up the Cocoa Beach.
14 But it was another time I asked her and she said that uh, she was out in Cocoa
15 Beach for the weekend. And that. ..
16 EE: The baby?
17 AL: Yeah (affirmative), ....
18 EE: What's the baby's name again?
19 AL: ... with the nanny. Gaylee.
20 EE: Caylee? Okay. The other thing I want to touch upon, and then we'll get to the
21 timeline.
22 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
23 EE: You said that you saw her, she primarily bought things, uh, food and groceries,
24 things of that nature?
25 AL: Yes sir.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: You actually observed her use a credit card, unknown what type or whose name
2 it was in? Uhm, how many times did you say?
3 AL: I would say about (sighs), uh, probably clo ... to be safe probably eight or nine
4 times.
5 EE: Eight or nine times? Okay. Timeline. I'm going to go from my notebook that we
6 first started with.
7 Al: Okay.
8 EE: Timeline. You met her how?
9 AL: Initially through uhm, Facebook. Uh, I saw she was a Valencia student, and uh,
10 just browsing Facebook and saw she was a good looking girl so I hit her up. And
11 then I had ...
12 EE: Hit her up meaning you sent her an e-mail or whatever ....
13 AL: Just sending a comment on her page.
14 EE: She said she's a Valencia student?
15 AL: That's what uh, that's what it said on the page that it was a Valenda student.
16 EE: Okay. Uhm, that leads us to the 24th.
17 AL: Yes.
18 EE: You spoke to her over the phone regarding a party you said. Tell me about that
19 party.
20 AL: Yes. Uhm, I was, uh, I am, my company at the time was DJ'ing my, one of my
21 good friend's birthday party.
22 EE: The 24th of May?
23 AL: The 24th of May, yeah (affirmative). Uhm, and it was at uhm ....
24 EE: What was that friend's name?
25 AL: Chris Kokkinos' place. And it was for uh, a Daniel Howard. It was his birthday.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: And you gave me the phone number of 513-288-1725 for Daniel Howard?
2 AL: Yes sir.
3 EE: Okay.
4 AL: And uhm, she said that she wanted to come to the party so I gave her direction.
5 EE: She being ....
6 AL: Uh,Casey. I'm sorry.
7 EE: Okay.
8 AL: Casey said that she would like to attend the party. So I was in contacted with her
9 that day and she then called me up and then I gave her directions to the party
10 when she showed up with two af her friends.
11 EE: Who were the friends?
12 AL: Amy uh, Huzenga and uhm, some uh, one of her other friends, Troy.
13 EE: Huzenga we said was H-U-Z-E-N-G-A?
14 AL: I believe that's how you spell her name.
15 EE: And she comes up again in conversation to follow regarding a vehicle that was
16 barrowed after your trip, or right just before your trip to New York? Is that
17 correct?
18 AL: After I, yeah (affirmative), after.
19 EE: Okay. Alright (sighs), so Casey comes to the party. That's where you first met
20 her, the 24th, May 24th?
21 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
22 EE: Uhm, unknown how much time you spent in our conversation the week of the
23 25th?
24 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Uhm, during this week though you said that you actually called Casey and there
2 was a conversation that she said that she couldn't come see you because she's
3 waiting for the kids to fall asleep?
4 AL: Yeah (affirmative), there was a time uhm, when I was having actually uh, two,
5 like actually it was my friend Clint House and uh, his girlfriend, Maria, uhm, they
6 were over at my place and we wanted to hang out. Well, you know, the four of
7 us. And she couldn't because she was with her nanny and her kids because the
8 kids couldn't fall asleep. Uhm, or I mean she uh, I guess Caylee was asleep and
9 she awoken so she couldn't come over anymore.
10 EE: So this was that week...
11 AL: Uh ...
12 EE: ..right after..
13 AL: ..it would have to be that week.
14 EE: Okay. So Caylee was maybe a reason why she couldn't come hang out with you
15 and the ....
16 AL: That's ....
17 EE: ... and the crew?
18 AL: ... well that's, that's exactly what she said is because of Caylee she couldn't.
19 EE: Okay. The 31st, uhm, that we have marked as a hip-hop showcase?
20 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
21 EE: Tell me about that day, the 31st. That was your first date with uh, Casey you
22 said.
23 AL: Yes sir. Uhm, that day I had a hip-hop showcase uh, at Arden Villas pool. Uhm,
24 she then contacted me and met me up at Arden Villas, uhm, while I was you
25 know, doing business, what I had to do with that place. And she then told me

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 that she was going to visit a friend in Arden Villas, uhm, and was gone for thirty
2 minutes to f...a half hour to forty-five minutes. Came back down and uh, I met
3 her friend and her friend's name was Jesse.
4 EE: Did she say what Jesse did for a living?
5 AL: Uh, she said that he was going to uh, later in conversation about him she told
6 me, finally told me that he was his ex, like at first she just told me it was her
7 friend. And then later in conversation she told me that it was hrs ex-fiance, her
8 ex-fiance I should say. And uhm, she said that he was trying to become a police
9 officer actually.
10 EE: Did she say with what agency?
11 Uhm, I don't recall.
12 EE: Okay. And what else happened that day? The pool party ...
13 AL: Uh ....
14 EE: ... didn't work out?
15 AL: ... the pool party didn't work out. So I. ..
16 EE: But you got to meet Jesse? I'm sorry, I (inaudible).
17 AL: I did get to meet, yes, I did get to meet Jesse. He was friendly. Uhm ...
18 EE: At the pool at uhm ...
19 AL: Arden Villas' pool.
20 EE: ... Arden Villas?
21 AL: Yup (affirmative). Uhm, yeah (affirmative), I met him and he seemed friendly and
22 seemed just like a good friend of hers. Uhm ....
23 EE: No child that day though?
24 AL: No. No.
25 EE: Okay.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Uhm, I then, it started to get uh, nasty out so I decided! wanted to go to the
2 movies. So I asked if she wanted to go to the movies with me. And we went to
3 the movies at Waterford Lakes later that evening. And I would say around like
4 what, I think like five, seven, five to seven. Around that time.
5 EE: Okay.
6 AL: Give a bigger window. Uhm, (inaudible) went to go see a film. After, after the
7 movies we then went uh, to uh, Estelle Goodwin's house, or apartment I should
8 say.
9 EE: Can you spell Estelle for me?
10 AL: E-S, I think T-E-L-L-E.
11 EE: Okay.
12 AL: And then Goodwin, G-O-O-D-W-I-N.
13 (Knocking on door),
14 EE: Okay. Come in. So you went to .... So I'm on uh, Estelle Goodwin.
15 (Unknown person enters the room).
16 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
17 EE: 31 st. Can you tell him I'm 10-6 please. Uhm, she goes back to your apartment
18 with you on that night?
19 (Unknown person exits the room),
20 AL: She dropped me, well she was driving that day uhm, because at the time I didn't
21 have my uh, vehicle.
22 EE: So you were in her car?
23 AL: Yes.
24 EE: And what kind of car was that?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 Al: Uh, it's, it was a, I'm pretty sure it's a Pontiac Sunfire and I think the color, yeah
2 (affirmative), white.
3 EE: It had the baby seat in it at the time?
4 AL: Yup (affirmative), it had the baby seat in it.
5 EE: So she didn't attempt to conceal any kind of child from you? It was on her My
6 Space, or Facebook, and had a baby seat In the car?
7 Al: Yes sir.
8 EE: Okay. You say uhm, you've never heard her talk to a babysitter on the phone?
9 You never saw her. ...
10 AL: No.
11 EE: ... call a babysitter?
12 AL: No.
13 EE: Okay. And the, another odd thing you say is she would walk out of the house, or
14 the apartment every time she talked to her mother, or called her mother?
15 AL: Yes.
16 EE: She had a ring special on her phone for her mother?
17 AL: Yes.
18 EE: That was a rap song you said?
19 AL: Yup (affirmative).
20 EE: Okay. And you said she couldn't stay over on the 31st because she had to go
21 home?
22 AL: She, because her supposed, uh, she got that ring tone and her, it was, well she
23 said it was her mother and that she had to come home.
24 EE: Okay. I'm flipping over to June on the calendar book. June 1st. The first time
25 you were intimate with Casey is what we came up with?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Yes sir.
2 EE: This is the first time, but there was no child.
3 AL: Yes.
4 EE: And that was a barbecue that occurred?
5 AL: Yes.
6 EE: Tell me about that.
7 AL: Uhm, we uh, ended up going to my friend's apartment complex, Pegasus
8 Connection. Uhm ....
9 EE: Pegasus Connection?
10 AL: Yup (affirmative).
11 EE: Off of, you said Alafaya and University?
12 AL: Yes.
13 EE: Okay, whose your friend?
14 AL: Uh, Ryan Lopez.
15 EE: And you gave me the number, 973-570-2419?
16 AL: Yes sir.
17 EE: Okay, tell me, tell me uh, what went on there?
18 AL: Uhm ...
19 EE: You went over to Casey's ...
20 AL: ...it was ...
21 EE: ... in Casey's car?
22 AL: Yes, we went in Casey's car.
23 EE: Okay.
24 AL: Because I didn't have my car at the time. Uhm, uh, let's see. It would be, we just
25 barbecued out by the pool. Uhm, it was not, it was like me and the rest of my

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 friends. Uhm, this was basically when she first met my friends actually. And
2 pretty much just hung out there most of the day and then head back to my place.
3 And uh, that was the first time we were intimate together.
4 EE: Can you look up Nate's number for me before I forget?
5 AL: Yeah (affirmative). Let me get Nate's number. (Makes sounds.) Uh,772-713-
6 5882.
7 EE: Okay.
8 AL: He ....
9 EE: So did she stay with you that night?
10 AL: No, she did not.
11 EE: She, she left? What time she leave your apartment?
12 AL: Uh, I'd have to say any time either late evening or early evening. I really don't
13 really recall when she left But I know that she didn't stay that night.
14 EE: Okay, the 2nd ....
15 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
16 EE: ... you don't have school this week, uh, the first week of, on the 2nd, 4th and 6th....
17 AL: Yes. I (inaudible).
18 EE: She came over the 2nd?
19 AL: Yes.
20 EE: Okay, tell me was the child with her?
21 AL: Yes, the child was with her. Uhm, from what I remember the, we went down to
22 the pool from what I have on the photo on my phone. Uhm ....
23 EE: That's the photo that we just signed the paperwork for?
24 AL: Yes.
25 EE: Okay.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Uhm, I believe also that day she also brought over uh, food for me and Caylee to
2 eat. And basically I didn't really feel all that well. Uhm, so I was just really just
3 relaxing at the place. And she was just reading her books that she has, uh, that
4 Cay ... I mean uh, Casey was reading her daughter books. Uhm, and basically
5 uh, we went down to the pool just to go down by the pool to be outside.
6 EE: Okay.
7 AL: And uhm, going, 1 remember going back to the place and then her leaving with
8 Caylee.
9 EE: What time did they leave? Do you know?
10 AL: Uhm, it would have to be probably short after from the pool. Uh, so I would have
11 to say around maybe anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30.
12 EE: Now as she started hanging out with you a little bit that week your Jeep's still in
13 the shop. Did you guys kind of hang out and ride around her car this week and
14 you know, because you said the sexual activity maybe picked up a little bit that
15 week, or you know you're just getting to know each other?
16 AL: I'm trying to, yeah (affirmative), I'm trying to remember with my Jeep when
17 actually, the actual dates. But I know that the 9th is when I picked it up. So uhm,
18 phhh, I mean the rest of that week I basically was staying at my place because I
19 didn't have any means of transportation.
20 EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).
21 AL: Plus with school I really don't do anything at all during the week. Uh ....
22 EE: Do you have a job that you ....
23 AL: Uh, not an actual job. I do manage uh, nights at Fusion on Friday nights. At
24 Fusion Ultra Lounge. Uhm, and I was getting uh, transportation to there uhm,
25 through my friend Clint House.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Clint House who is your business partner?
2 AL: Who is my business partner, yes.
3 EE: Okay. Now the other date that comes up there during that, because that's kind of
4 cloudy that week you say.
5 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6 EE: The 9th, you say Casey picked you up from school?
7 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
8 EE: Took you to where your truck was being fixed?
9 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative),
10 EE: And she had the child with her that day?
11 Al: She had the child with her that day. And uhm, she picked me up with her, her
12 vehicle..
13 EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).
14 Al: ... and we drove out to the mechanic. Dropped me off. And then we decided we
15 wanted to get something to eat. So we, I followed her back by my place. We
16 went to the Subway. Uh ...
17 EE: What, what Subway?
18 AL: The Subway that is in the Target parking lot ofthe corner of University and
19 Goldenrod.
20 EE: Who paid for the subs?
21 AL: Uh, Casey actually paid for all three of the subs. One for me, one for her and
22 uhm, the kid menu I guess from Subway for Caylee.
23 EE: Did all three of you walk in the store together?
24 Al: Uh, they walked in shortly before I did.
25 EE: Okay. Was there a reason for that?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Just because they, they were, I mean it was honestly like twenty feet if you want
2 to be exact. It really doesn't. ...
3 EE: You had to park, different parking?
4 AL: Yeah (affirmative), different parking.
5 EE: You originally said this was the last time you could recall seeing the child, but
6 later on we'll get to where you may have seen her on the 11th or 12th even?
7 AL: Yes.
8 EE: Okay. Uhm, sex picks up more this week. She starts staying over a little bit
9 more.
10 Al: Yes.
11 EE: ... without the child?
12 AL: Yes.
13 EE: So we know the child must be staying somewhere at night?
14 AL: Yes. Well uhm, she didn't start sleeping at my place for a while. But she did
15 show up at times where without the child.
16 EE: She did?
17 Al: Yes.
18 EE: Okay, now this was, during this week there was a trip one night to a bar you said
19 with Clint and Maria?
20 AL: It would have to be either within this week, now I mean we need to look up those,
21 the photos that I have. And they're not on my phone.
22 EE: Okay, that's fine. You can do that and get back with me.
23 AL: But uh, it would have to be either anywhere from this week or the week before.
24 EE: So the first or the second week of ....
25 AL: I would say ...

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: ... June?
2 AL: I would ...
3 EE: And that was for Troy's birthday?
4 AL: For one of, for Troy's birthday.
5 EE: Casey's friend?
6 AL: Yes. Uhm ...
7 EE: And you went to uh ...
8 AL: Uh, Club Voyage ....
9 EE: Voyage.
10 AL: ... off of Pine Street in downtown Orlando.
11 EE: Okay.
12 AL: Uhm ....
13 EE: Now ....
14 AL: That, also that night she did not stay over.
15 EE: She didn't?
16 AL: No.
17 EE: Well was uhm, what was the girl's name she borrowed the car, Amy?
18 AL: Yeah (affirmative).
19 EE: Was Amy with you guys that night?
20 AL: Yes, Amy was with us that night. But she wasn't in the car. It was only me, Clint
21 House, uhm, her, his girlfriend, Maria. Uhm, we all went back to my place uhm,
22 after the fact, and then Casey had to leave.
23 EE: Why did Casey have to leave?
24 AL: Uh, because she couldn't, her mom was not allowing her to stay over. Well that's
25 what she had told me at least.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Mom had the baby?
2 AL: That's what, that's what I, she, well the way she makes it, made it sound was that
3 the kid, because she says that every time she goes out her mom watches her
4 kid. When she'd go out at night. So ....
5 EE::ˇ So it's bothersome? Was that your...
6 AL: Basically she was, that she was making, saying that she has, that her mom said
7 that she had to be home because Cas ... Caylee obviously is with uh ...
8 EE: Grandma?
9 AL: ... Grandma.
10 EE: Alright. The 13th, you had a hip-hop showcase you said?
11 AL: Yes sir.
12 EE: Which would be Friday?
13 AL: Yup (affirmative).
14 EE: Through recollection of how many times you maybe have visited Grandmothers
15 house, you said that you recall that you guys swung by there one day ....
16 Al: For.
1? EE' ... to pick up a gas can ....
18 Al: Uh-hum (affirmative).
19 EE: ... because she ran out of gas some time maybe this week ....
20 AL: Yes.
21 EE: ... or this week?
22 AL: Yeah (affirmative).
23 EE: Well it had to be this week. And then you guys went to the Mall of Millennia?
24 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
25 EE: On the 11th or 12th?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Which was another day, yes. Not the same day where her car ran out of gas.
2 EE: Just separate, different day?
3 Al: Yeah (affirmative).
4 EE: So it was, so it was before this?
5 AL: There was ... ,
6 EE: So it was 8th ....
7 AL: ... there was...
8 EE: ... 9th and 10th?
9 Al: ... there was two days, there was two days where I was uhm, that I know for sure
10 that I was at that, at her house. Uhm, the one time, like I said, when the gas can,
11 And the other time when I was actually with Caylee and Casey at the house uhm,
12 where they were uh, I guess she got Caylee changed so we could go to Mall of
13 Millennia because I needed to uh, promote for my hip-hop showcase on the 13th,
14 EE: So it would have been the 11th or 12th?
15 AL: Yeah (affirmative).
16 EE: All three of you went to the mall together?
17 AL: Yes.
18 EE: Mall of Millennia?
19 AL: Yes.
20 EE: And you said you bought them a meal at the Cheesecake Factory and then ...
21 AL: We then, after I was done promoting I met up with them uh, by the Cheesecake
22 Factory and she had done a little shopping and I was done handing out all my
23 fliers. So I treated both of them to the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch, I
24 believe early dinner. I don't remember. It had to be some time in the afternoon.
25 EE: So where, where did the child get dropped off that day? Were y'all in her car?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Yes,
2 EE: So you're all in the white car?
3 Al: We had brought, we went right back to, we went back to my place and then I said
4 goodbye to them.
5 EE: She left with the baby?
6 AL: Yeah (affirmative).
7 EE: Okay. And you told me that she came back and she stayed over the 13th? Or
8 she went to the hip-hop ...
9 AL: She ...
10 EE: ... show case the 13th? Did she ...
11 AL: Yes.
12 EE: ... come back on the 12th?
13 Al: No.
14 EE: She didn't come back?
15 AL: No. Uhm, I, I didn't see her until the following day when I got out of class to go to
16 the showcase.
17 EE: On the 13th?
18 AL: Yes sir.
19 EE: She came over to the apartment again?
20 AL: To f. .. to, yes. She came over and then she got into my car to, so we could go to
21 the hip-hop showcase.
22 EE: No baby?
23 AL: No baby.
24 EE: And that's at the Fusion?
25 AL: Fusion Ultra Lounge.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: And the address?
2 Al: 875 Woodberry Road.
3 EE: And that's the first night you took her to the club?
4 AL: Yes.
5 EE: And possibly the first night she stayed over you said ...
6 Al: Yes, if I can ....
7 EE: ... at your apartment?
8 AL: ... recall. It's probably one of the first times she stayed over.
9 EE: Okay, and there's two incidents where she ran out of gas. And one you went and
10 got a can from the backyard. But you're not sure what date that was?
11 Al: Yes.
12 EE: And then on the week of the 22nd...
13 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
14 EE: ... through the 28th, you're not sure what day that week ....
15 Al: Uh~hum (affirmative).
16 EE: But you went to the AmScot on Goldenrod and picked her up?
17 AL: Yes.
18 EE: She left her white car there and she told you what?
19 AL: She said that she ran out of gas. And while I was pulling up to make a U-turn at
20 the light she was already out of her car and waiting for me to pick her up. I just
21 pulled into the parking lot and she just said that she just ran out of gas and that
22 she'd take care of it later. Because she knew that I had, I was busy with schooL
23 EE: And she stayed over there the night before?
24 AL: She stayed over the night before, yes.
25 EE: Did she stay over most of this week?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: I would have to say (sighs), yeah (affirmative). I, I'm pr ... I'm pretty sure. She, I
2 know that at least she stayed over the uhm, (sighs).
3 EE: Hmm.
4 AL: I mean whenever, whenever I picked her up the night before the AmScot is, was
5 the night she definitely stayed over.
6 EE: Why do you, why does that stand out to you in your mind?
7 AL: Because that morning she uhm, she left my place as she said she was coming
8 back. And that day that hap ... well whatever that day happened uhm, that's when
9 I got a call to come pick her up, that she ran out of gas. I asked she well where
10 she was and she said that she ran out of gas at the corner and that somebody
11 helped her push her car into the AmScot. So then I went and picked her up.
12 EE: No child that night before?
13 AL: No child with her at all. She had some grocerIes and uh, some clothes.
14 EE: Where were the groceries from?
15 AL: Uh, they weren't actually groceries from the store. It was from her house. She
16 had some freezer pops and like some Tyson chicken, or something to make for
17 dinner that night.
18 EE: From Grandma's house?
19 AL: Yeah (affirmative). Because it wasn't in any bags. Uh, it just looked like normal,
20 plastic bags.
21 EE: So the last time you saw her car every was at the AmScot on that date, one of
22 those dates of this week?
23 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
24 EE: And you know that she took items out of there, freezer pops, Tyson's chicken, in
25 normal shopping bags, but it looked like it came from her, her mother's house?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Yes.
2 EE: Anything else that stands out in your mind about that?
3 AL: N... no. Like I said, the only other thing she had with her were like I guess just a
4 couple change of clothes. Uhm, and that's about it. And ....
5 EE: You said she told you later that dad picked the car up from AmScot?
6 AL: She told me, while I was in New York I asked her about her car. Uh, and she
7 said that her father picked up the car and to take it to either a mechanic or to a
8 dealership to get it fixed.
9 EE: Now you, she stayed with you the, most of this week, the 22nd through the 28th?
10 AL: Yes.
11 EE: You said there was Target bags. It looked like she'd been doing some shopping
12 at Target?
13 AL: Yup (affirmative). Ever since, every, uh, when I'd get back from school uhm,
14 she'd either have, she would either be just show, uh, she'd be having these uh,
15 Target bags, or uhm, well actually, hold on. She uhm, I would have to say that
16 happened when she had actual access to a vehicle. So that would be uhm, she
17 one time I allowed her to use my vehicle to go to Target uhm, before I went
18 away. It would be sometime this week. She was gone for like no more than
19 twenty minutes and she went to the, she came back with Target bags with
20 groceries.
21 EE: Well, and she had your Jeep?
22 AL: Yes.
23 EE: Now this Friday you said you took Casey to the club you believed.
24 AL: Yes.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Because that next week on the 28th and the 29th, right before your trip, you
2 said ....
3 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
4 EE: .. she stayed there with you and your roommate?
5 AL: Yup (affirmative). And we didn't, we just stayed at my house and just relaxed
6 before I had to leave because I had to pack and uhm ...
7 EE: No phone calls from babysitters?
8 AL: Nope (negative). Like I said before, every time she'd talk on the phone she was
9 pretty, not secretive about it, but you know.
10 EE: Any conversation about her child at all?
11 AL: No.
12 EE: You guys were needling her any more about where's the baby?
13 AL: Uh, not, not as much as I was like a couple of times before.
14 EE: Okay. The 30th, now her car is gone? You don't know where the car is other
15 than the last time you saw it it was at AmScot?
16 AL: Yes.
17 EE: So she's hanging out with you. You got your Jeep?
18 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
19 EE: The 29th uh, she stays over. The 30th you guys get up. You say you have a
20 10:00 a.m. or 11 :00 a.m. flight?
21 AL: Yes.
22 EE: And Cameron, your roommate has one as well?
23 AL: He also had the same flight (sighs) ....
24 EE: To Ohio ...
25 AL: ...around the same ...

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: ...though?
2 AL: Yup (affirmative).
3 EE: Okay, so she drives you to the airport you said?
4 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
5 EE: (Sighs.) Drops you off. And you talked to her over the phone that next week?
6 AL: Yeah (affirmative).
7 EE: And that's during that week you said you may stay up there and she acted like
8 she was real upset about that?
9 AL: Yeah (affirmative). She would, you know, uh, I would just kid around with her
10 saying, "Oh, yeah (affirmative), 1'm going to have to probably get a job." Because
11 my uhm, because obviously I don't have, I'm not working because of going to
12 school. So I'd have to you know, work to get money, to save up some more
13 money before I came back down.
14 EE: Did she talk about coming up there and staying with you?
15 AL: Uh, she never talked about coming up there .. She always said that she wanted to
16 go up to New York again and bring Caylee up to New York, but not staying with
17 me.
18 EE: And you fly in on, on the 5th. She meets you at the airport with the Jeep?
19 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
20 EE: Late afternoon?
21 AL: Oh, yeah (affirmative). Uhm, she picked me up from the Jeep, I would say late
22 afternoon, say uh, early evening, and uhm, the Jeep, she just I guess uh, the
23 only thing she had with her was a CD that she bought for me. And uhm, my, she
24 just stopped at a car wash, washing my car. Later then pointed out the car wash
25 on Semoran between uh, on the way back from the airport. I don't remember

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 what car wash, but I could point it out It would be on uhm, would you say
2 heading towards the airport is westbound?
3 EE: Southbound.
4 AL: Southbound? Well I'm saying on the (unintelligible) side of, of Semoran.
5 EE: Oh.
6 AL: If you were heading southbound on Semoran.
7 EE: If you make a left you'd be going eastbound. A right would be westbound.
8 AL: Okay, so it would be ea ... the, it would be eastbound because it was on the left.
9 EE: You don't remember what road you turned off onto?
10 AL: No, no, no, It was on, it's off of, it's right on Semoran. It's on a corner.
11 EE: Okay.
12 AL: It was either at a gas station or uhm, it, I know if it was a corporate gas station or
13 a corporate uh, car wash then I would recognize it. But it looked like it was some
14 local place that she pointed out on the way back home. Then uh, we went back.
15 We stopped at a Winn-Dixie to pick up some groceries for my apartment since I'd
16 been away. And then uh, my roommate had a later flight, so I think like, it was
17 like three hours Jater. So I had to go back up to the airport and pfck up uh, my
18 roommate.
19 EE: Okay.
20 AL: And then ...
21 EE: She lived there with you you say from that point on really?
22 AL: Oh, oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh, my God. I'm getting m ... days mixed up.
23 I'm so sorry. That day, actually it was not the day that my roommate came
24 home.
25 EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: My roommate came home the 6th, I'm making a mess on your calendar. This,
2 actually this day uhm, they have UF, they have UFC fights right on Saturday
3 nights? Uhm, this day actually we went up to Buffalo Wild Wings and I met her
4 friends uhm, that I've never met before. Uh, Sean (sighs), Sean Daley I think her
5 name, his name is. Uhm, yeah (affirmative), I think it was a S ... her name, his
6 name was Sean Daley, Uh, and a bunch of her friends, I believe another name
7 that I met was this girl, Annie,
8 I EE: Annie?
9 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative), Uhm, both uh, are like Caucasian. Uhm, and I met them.
10 We basically uh, I didn't really talk to them, They, it was a long table that we had
11 and we were more at the end of the table because we showed up late. We
12 watched a UFC fight, at Buffalo Wild Wings at. ..
13 EE: Did she pay for your.
14 AL: ...Waterford Lakes.
15 EE: In Waterford Lakes?
16 AL: I paid for it.
17 EE: Waterford Lakes?
18 AL: Yeah (affirmative), it's across the street from the town center I guess. It's in that
19 whole vicinity. Yeah (affirmative), I'm sorry. That just came up, brought up to
20 mind.
21 EE: So the next day you picked him up?
22 AL: That was so, yeah (affirmative), the next day I picked him up, And that's when I
23 went and did food shopping. Because I remember going and doing food
24 shopping and coming back and then going to pick up my roommate, Ken.
25 EE: Now is the food shopping at Winn-Dixie on the 6th, or would.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 AL: Yeah (affirmative) ....
2 EE: ...it still...
3 AL: ...it would be, it would be on the 6th. So I, because that's where I'm tying those
4 two together.
5 EE: Anything noteworthy this week?
6 AL: Uh ...
7 EE: You know from the 6th to the 12th?
8 AL: From the 6th to the 12th?
9 EE: I know you said she got Amy's car about the 10th ....
10 AL: She had ...
11 EE: ...or the 11th..
12 AL: Uh, pr ... uh, yeah (affirmative), anywhere from mid to late week that she started
13 having I think driving Amy's car. Uhm ....
14 EE: What's that car Jook like?
15 AL: It was a Toyota, either Corolla or Camry, dark red or maroon color. It looks like
16 a, either a mid, early to mid '90's ....
17 EE: You know anything about her ....
18 AL: ... sedan.
19 EE: ... taking the checkbook?
20 AL: Uh, the checkbook? I found out uhm, the 5th, the night of the 15th when uh,
21 Casey actually was at my apartment and her mother and Amy showed up to my
22 house. They left and I have no idea. So I looked up Amy's phone in Casey's
23 phone and gave her a call. And she notified me to check my bank account and
24 everybody else in my apartment to check their bank account because that she
25 took money from her.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: Did, did Casey take any money from you?
2 AL: No, she did not.
3 EE: Now when they come to the house when they confront Amy in front of you how
4 does that go down?
5 AL: They didn't confront, Amy wasn't there.
6 EE: She wasn't? What did, what, what did, how'd that conversation go down
7 between mom and Amy and you?
8 AL: I had, oh, no I, I didn't have that conversation with the uh, at, at all. Actually what
9 happened was I was just sitting there with my roommate uh, Nathan. We were
10 plaYing video games and she, and Casey was sitting there at the couch also, on
11 the laptop. And then all of a sudden uhm, there was a knock on the door and I
12 said, "Come in." And there was Amy just standing there with a miserable face
13 and we were, we were both 1ooked confused. And then Casey then proceeded
14 to go outside and was, me and my roommate went back to playing video games.
15 Uhm then I would say about a half hour later uhm, Casey and her mother,
16 Cynthia Anthony, came to the door, Casey stormed in and looked like she was in
17 tears. Uhm, and her mom said, "Get your things. Let, you're, you're coming with
18 me." And Casey said, "No, I'm coming back." She said, "Okay, but I'm coming
19 back." And she goes, "No, get all your things." And then uh, the grandmother
20 said uh, made a comment to me while I was sitting on the couch, because she
21 was waiting at the door and I said, uh, yeah (affirmative), hello, you know,
22 because I never, I've seen pictures of the woman, but I never met her. So I was
23 saying, you know, being friendly. Like you know, "Hello. You can come in." Like
24 because she was waiting at the door. And uhm, she came in and she goes, "I
25 hope you're rich because Casey's going to take all your money and leave you

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 high and dry." And me and my roommate were just looking at her like, like,
2 what? What? I have no, what are, what are you talking about? Like because I
3 had no idea about uh, her with I guess the money. I guess the whole situation
4 with the mother, Amy and Casey were about the money situation. Uhm, I guess
5 that's what they talked about because that's why I guess Amy was there with the
6 grandmother. Uhm, but uh, so that happened. She said that and then Casey
7 said, "Shut up," and they, she stormed outside and the grandmother followed her.
8 And ....
9 EE: The grandmother ever mention the child at that point?
10 AL: No. That was well she made a, she said, she yelled at Casey, made that
11 comment to me, and they both walked out the door. Then I was in the dark for
12 about I don't know, two hours. And I figured, it was around eight o'clock, a little
13 bit after eight o'clock because I remember I started watching the All Star game.
14 And I was you know, worried. And I gave, I went to go text Casey and then
15 realized, because her phone went off, that her phone was still at my place. So I
16 checked her phone to find Amy's number because I saw Amy there. And I said,
17 and I called up Amy to find out what was, just to go what was going on between
18 the two. And I guess the three of them were, I thought it was just between the
19 mom and Casey. And then she then told me that she uh, took money from her
20 through her checkbook.
21 EE: Did Any ever mention the baby being missing ....
22 AL: Uh ....
23 EE: ... at that time?
24 AL: Not at that time. I then received a call after that, maybe twenty to, twenty
25 minutes to a half an hour from an unknown number that in, I mean it wasn't, it

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 didn't show up unknown, but it showed up a 407 number. And uh, it was uh,
2 Casey's brother, Lee. He addressed himself uhm, introduced himself on the
3 phone and told me what was going on. How she admitted to him that she didn't
4 know where Caylee was and that she hasn't seen Caylee for thirty-one days.
5 And after that everything went downhill.
6 EE: And you haven't seen Casey face-to-face since?
7 AL: I haven't seen her since the altercation she had with her mother at my apartment.
8 EE: Are you, you had stated before you're willing to allow us to use some
9 investigative leads that I don't necessarily want to talk about on tape.
10 AL: Yes.
11 EE: Uhm, you're freely giving us that cooperation?
12 AL: Yes sir.
13 EE: And with the hopes of finding the young child, and I greatly appreciate that
14 Uhm, we may need to trip around with you a little bit. And uhm, I know you came
15 from the eastside of town today. I'm going to give you forty dollars of...
16 AL: Okay.
17 EE: ... of uh, investigative funds we call it. I'm going to have you fill out a form.
18 AL: Okay.
19 EE: Uhm, that's because of your, your need for the fuel that we're going to probably
20 drive around eventually uhm, and look and see what they address of that,
21 if, even if out of here when you want to go over there and look and get me the address
22 for the car wash,
23 AL: Oh, yeah (affirmative).
24 EE: And, and then ...
25 AL: Is there a way I can get up, to go up Semoran?

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

1 EE: I'II tell you.
2 AL: Because I was going to actually ask you ...
3 EE: Yup (affirmative).
4 AL: ...directions to get out of here aanyway.
5 EE: I can give you all that. Uhm, and of course I want (sighs), uh, you know, you got
6 your phone. You've been burning your phone up for me. Uh, it's a long distance
7 number. I'll, I'll go ahead and program you in. But anything else comes up
B please call me.
9 AL: Uh-hum (affirmative).
10 EE: Uhm, these, we'll talk about the press. Uhm, do you have any questions of me
11 so far?
12 AL: Uhm, n no.
13 EE: Can you.
14 AL: Nothing comes to mind.
15 EE: .... raise your right hand for me? Uhm, do you swear that the information that you
16 gave today is true?
17 AL: Yes sir.
18 EE: Is it freely given?
19 AL: Yes.
20 EE: And you swear and affirm?
21 AL: Yes.
22 EE: Okay. And it's currently 5:46 p.m. End of interview.
24 End of recorded statement.
25 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.

Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG


Lazaro, Anthony/Case #08-069208/GG

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