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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
CALL *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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ACR NOTE: The only text messages transcribed here on this page are the ones that Casey Anthony texted from her cell phone number 1-407-619-9286 to Amy Huizenga's cell phone from this report listed below and includes dates between April 24, 2008 thru July 15, 2008. The line numbers from the original report are included but the sort sequence is in *date and time* order.


07-109153\ Computer Forensics Report


Yuri Melich

Detective Corporal

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Criminal Investigations Division

Child Abuse Squad

2500 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL. 32804

(407) 254-7000


Sandra G. Cawn


Orange County Sheriffs Office

Criminal Investigations

Division Computer Crimes Squad

2500 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL. 32804

(407) 254-7000 ext. 7-0593


July 23, 2008:

Ms. Amy Huizenga presented this examiner with her Nokia model 6126 cellular telephone so that all the text messages and phone book could be extracted.


Nokia RM-126

Model # 6126

IMEI: 359734/00/138768/8

SKU: 64554


SIM Card: 89014101100 381235558


This examiner received the listed cellular telephone, which was in a powered on status. Data from the phone was extracted using Cellebrite software and cabling. The contact list/phonebook and all text messages were copied to a CD and provided to Det. Eric Edwards on July 24, 2008. The Cellebrite report providing the phonebook and text messages accompanies this cover sheet.


Detective Sandra G. Cawn


Text Messages from Casey Anthony (1-407-619-9286) to Amy Huizenga

April 24, 2008 (Thursday)

0002 14076199286 04/24/08 11:10:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Not much better. Just have to will myself through it. How are you love?

0003 14076199286 04/24/08 11:12:56AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ah im trying. Sooner rather than later hopefully.

0005 14076199286 04/24/08 11:15:58AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks! I definitely need it

0006 14076199286 04/24/08 03:35:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): If it wasnt for you right now I dont know where my head would be!

0008 14076199286 04/24/08 03:36:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Amy is one of the only people that is getting me through this.

0009 14076199286 04/24/08 03:37:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I miss you too hun.

April 25, 2008 (Friday)

0024 14076199286 04/25/08 11:17:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Getting there. Best day in a week. At this rate I may be good for sunday :-D

0025 14076199286 04/25/08 11:19:35AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Maybe this will be the first week for all of us. Im excited

0026 14076199286 04/25/08 11:34:41AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks! It was bound to happen after a week of this crap

April 26, 2008 (Saturday)

0040 14076199286 04/26/08 02:53:15PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im feeling much better. Still going to take today to relax but ill be ready for tomorrow for sure

0041 14076199286 04/26/08 02:56:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks love! Me too

April 27, 2008 (Sunday)

0053 14076199286 04/27/08 02:11:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): God I hope so! Im crossing my fingers that I can get my voice back

0056 14076199286 04/27/08 02:47:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Talking to ric online and he said its a go. They are leaving around 9 or 10. Ill decide later for sure but im planning on going

0057 14076199286 04/27/08 02:48:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds like a plan!

April 28, 2008 (Monday)

0073 14076199286 04/28/08 11:11:31AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That sounds perfect. Sorry I didnt make it. I feel pretty good though so lets hope me being a hermit for a week and a half pays off

0074 14076199286 04/28/08 11:13:35AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice. Another hookup in mind?

0076 14076199286 04/28/08 11:15:52AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well if it works out more power to ya :-D

0077 14076199286 04/28/08 11:33:43AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Definitely seems neutral. Thats good

0079 14076199286 04/28/08 11:36:58AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know hun. We are fixing that pronto

0084 14076199286 04/28/08 06:15:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know what im doing for your birthday...just a girls thing. What a great idea I have :-D

0086 14076199286 04/28/08 07:47:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well thank ya. I usually do. Haha

April 29, 2008 (Tuesday)

0103 14076199286 04/29/08 06:05:37PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds great love! Ill be at the boys

May 2, 2008 (Friday)

0132 14076199286 05/02/08 11:17:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha youre so silly! Plans tonight?

0133 14076199286 05/02/08 11:19:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yay! You work tonight?

0135 14076199286 05/02/08 11:20:50AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! Ill be at the boys. Im so excited!!

0143 14076199286 05/02/08 06:23:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know! I can't wait!

0145 14076199286 05/02/08 06:26:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Lets see what we feel like when you get done. Im down for whatever

0146 14076199286 05/02/08 07:03:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im going with stupid head to dinner when he gets done with work..ha

0148 14076199286 05/02/08 07:06:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I asked him for a little alone time so we could talk. That was before we had a conversation today that made me want to kill him. Ill fill you in later

0149 14076199286 05/02/08 07:07:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh for sure!

0151 14076199286 05/02/08 07:41:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): JP is going to tryst tonight. Have you been?

0152 14076199286 05/02/08 07:57:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): :-) I need one

0153 14076199286 05/02/08 08:01:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha works for me

May 3, 2008 (Saturday)

0164 14076199286 05/03/08 12:31:57AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I started drinking.

0165 14076199286 05/03/08 12:33:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Just a little captain. Might as well %-)

0167 14076199286 05/03/08 12:35:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its not and wont be. Its comforting. Thanks for being here.

0168 14076199286 05/03/08 12:36:15AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Likewise :-D

0169 14076199286 05/03/08 01:44:46AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I cant remember the last time I cried over someone. God it hurts

0171 14076199286 05/03/08 01:47:24AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I just called him and left a message. I cant do it anymore. It hurts to much. Im getting in too deep..i just cant

0172 14076199286 05/03/08 01:53:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): thanks for being my rock through this. I love you girl

0174 14076199286 05/03/08 01:54:46AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Same here. Im home. Just got in bed. I think for once I need to cry this one out. I have my closure

0178 14076199286 05/03/08 04:21:12PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Anymore details on that party?

0180 14076199286 05/03/08 04:24:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome

0183 14076199286 05/03/08 04:51:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Works for me

0187 14076199286 05/03/08 06:17:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Details my dear?

0188 14076199286 05/03/08 06:20:25PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome. Cross your fingers that my folks get back soon

0190 14076199286 05/03/08 06:22:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. We will see what happens. God I need this tonight

0193 14076199286 05/03/08 08:27:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I dont know. Im trying to get ahold of my mom to see when theyre coming home Sitting around waiting sucks.

0203 14076199286 05/03/08 11:10:38PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Downtown tomorrow? My mom owes me

0204 14076199286 05/03/08 11:12:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well this week im there. No way im staying home

May 4, 2008 (Sunday)

0215 14076199286 05/04/08 11:02:37AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I think my friend anthony is coming with tonight.

0216 14076199286 05/04/08 11:03:40AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hes really fun. A cop in training. Haha

0217 14076199286 05/04/08 11:04:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh yes. I want to meet his firefighter boy

0219 14076199286 05/04/08 11:06:35AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I think thats a good idea!

0227 14076199286 05/04/08 03:17:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill be in tampa for the concert

0228 14076199286 05/04/08 03:19:49PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Text him. See if he wants to hang out

0230 14076199286 05/04/08 03:21:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Honestly I am too. Dont feel bad.

0231 14076199286 05/04/08 03:25:33PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Its hard. Haha. Oh well. We need new boys anyway

0237 14076199286 05/04/08 06:28:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So what are you implying :-P

0238 14076199286 05/04/08 07:59:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time are you getting done?

0240 14076199286 05/04/08 09:33:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We are going to sportstown. Call me when you get done

May 5, 2008 (Monday)

0241 14076199286 05/05/08 07:57:29AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): 5 beers on an empty stomach...not a good idea. How are ya?

0243 14076199286 05/05/08 08:03:01AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh boy. Been there. He asked you out?

0245 14076199286 05/05/08 09:47:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): It happens. Youre a great judge of character..and we both know that the universe gets what the universe wants.

0248 14076199286 05/05/08 11:14:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Tomorrow. Well I leave tomorrow. Troy and ric leave this afternoon. Kanye is in tampa too

0250 14076199286 05/05/08 11:17:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its cinco de mayo. Good excuse to get together and grab a drink

0253 14076199286 05/05/08 11:31:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me neither. I may have to work too

0254 14076199286 05/05/08 11:37:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed

0256 14076199286 05/05/08 02:28:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you get done tonight?

0257 14076199286 05/05/08 02:34:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good. Just let me know :-)

0260 14076199286 05/05/08 05:09:34PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well whenever you get done just call me. I may be going to scoops if you would like to join me

0263 14076199286 05/05/08 11:07:24PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Still at scoops

May 6, 2008 (Tuesday)

0269 14076199286 05/06/08 11:20:55AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sorry about last night. I ended up leaving early and dropped off my friend chris. He was hammered really fast. All I know is..there was tons of man meat there last night. I know where we are going on our girls nights. Friday is ladies night :-D

0271 14076199286 05/06/08 11:36:47AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We will celebrate puerto rican style this summer. Haha.

0272 14076199286 05/06/08 11:40:01AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You dont need to chase no boy! We will find brand new boys

0274 14076199286 05/06/08 11:41:28AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Same here %-)

0275 14076199286 05/06/08 11:42:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Troy is coming back. Ric is with him. We have radiohead tonight..in tampa

0277 14076199286 05/06/08 12:13:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Troy has to work. My car was shot this morning so I wasn't sure that I would be able to drive out there tonight. Ric is driving him and I to the concert.

0278 14076199286 05/06/08 12:22:34PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Huh? Haha

0279 14076199286 05/06/08 12:24:43PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh. Haha. It wouldnt turn on. My transmition was dead. Im out almost 500 to get it replaced. Thats over 1300 in a month! Im so mad

0281 14076199286 05/06/08 12:42:06PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Youre telling me. I need a new car pronto

0282 14076199286 05/06/08 12:43:50PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha pretty much

0284 14076199286 05/06/08 12:49:37PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats so much fun!

0285 14076199286 05/06/08 12:51:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hows the show going?

0287 14076199286 05/06/08 01:01:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good! Glad it went so well

0288 14076199286 05/06/08 01:13:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Have fun!

0290 14076199286 05/06/08 01:14:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks love!

0291 14076199286 05/06/08 01:19:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha its intimidating but im down

0293 14076199286 05/06/08 01:20:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I cant wait to go

0294 14076199286 05/06/08 01:22:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh I completely agree! Maybe ill get my legs waxed too. What the hell right?

0295 14076199286 05/06/08 01:26:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats crazy. Maybe veet will work

0297 14076199286 05/06/08 01:28:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha lucky girl! I think ill do something with my hair by then

0298 14076199286 05/06/08 01:30:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its a couple months away but I already want to go shopping!

0300 14076199286 05/06/08 01:33:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yay! Sounds perfect

0301 14076199286 05/06/08 02:49:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): thats what I was thinking. Im good whenever. How long are we going for?

0303 14076199286 05/06/08 02:51:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sweet! I think the middle of the month would be a perfect time to go.

0304 14076199286 05/06/08 02:54:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Well..maybe if we leave a few days after the 4th.

0306 14076199286 05/06/08 02:55:44PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sweet! So whats the big plan for the birthday girl? I know thats why you want to be back

0307 14076199286 05/06/08 02:57:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes! Haha. Anything else you want to do?

0309 14076199286 05/06/08 02:58:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We have time.

0310 14076199286 05/06/08 02:59:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I swear. Im dying. Stupid headache. Did you talk to jerkface?

0311 14076199286 05/06/08 03:03:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Uh ok? It was my ticket.

0313 14076199286 05/06/08 03:08:24PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Stupid boys

0314 14076199286 05/06/08 03:09:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh I messaged you back on facebook.

0316 14076199286 05/06/08 03:11:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Thats my idea

0317 14076199286 05/06/08 03:38:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You going to the concert?

0320 14076199286 05/06/08 07:41:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hope youre having fun. Id give my right hand to be there instead of here

0322 14076199286 05/06/08 07:44:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): A bit. Its good that you are spending time together. Glad youre there over some stupid boy

0323 14076199286 05/06/08 07:46:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Retarded. Youre better off

0324 14076199286 05/06/08 07:49:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too. It wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time. Tell him I said hey

0325 14076199286 05/06/08 07:51:51PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks love.

May 7, 2008 (Wednesday)

0326 14076199286 05/07/08 10:24:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That works. How was last night?

0328 14076199286 05/07/08 10:25:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha nice. Being high im assuming helped

0329 14076199286 05/07/08 10:29:12AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice. Sorry I missed it. How were the seats?

0331 14076199286 05/07/08 10:32:26AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I feel better. I felt better around 8 last night. So I was even more bummed. Haha. Oh well, Im glad you guys had fun

0332 14076199286 05/07/08 10:35:47AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): If there was anyone to take my place im glad it was you

0334 14076199286 05/07/08 10:42:39AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hugs! I have to work tonight. Not looking forward to it

0335 14076199286 05/07/08 10:44:28AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hes a jerk. Like I said yesterday..youre better off! Its time for new beginnings and new boys

0337 14076199286 05/07/08 10:45:54AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ok so im thinking we take a morning flight. I want to get the most out of this trip

0338 14076199286 05/07/08 10:49:31AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im on that now. Haha. 342..departs at 810am and arrives at 1048am. Then on the 9th departs at 1135am and arrives at 221pm

0340 14076199286 05/07/08 10:54:16AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Si. Thats the latest flight for the cheap rate. Thats the 8th day. At least its not super early in the morning

0341 14076199286 05/07/08 10:59:56AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh I completely agree. If anything as long as we buy them around the same time we should be ok with our seats. I think we could call the airline and get them adjusted after the fact. As long as we sit together I don't care. Haha

0343 14076199286 05/07/08 11:03:03AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sweet!

0344 14076199286 05/07/08 11:10:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I am so super duper excited!

0348 14076199286 05/07/08 11:12:05AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed. At least we should be able to save some money by staying with the boys families.

0351 14076199286 05/07/08 11:14:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): This will definitely be a trip to remember

0352 14076199286 05/07/08 11:15:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed. Honestly..im making a list now so I know what to get and prepare for. Im a nut but emergency cash is a must for me. Ill blow money really fast

0357 14076199286 05/07/08 11:19:57AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. I just want a couple cute dresses and some new shorts. Maybe a bathing suit. Besides that ill be good. It shouldn't take too much to prepare. At least I have plenty of luggage to choose from. Just don't let me pack my entire wardrobe :-)

0359 14076199286 05/07/08 11:22:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): shit. I may may want to get a new ipod. We could share headphones.

0361 14076199286 05/07/08 11:25:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have one. All I need to do is send it in. Kind of broke it. Glad I bought insurance on it.

0363 14076199286 05/07/08 11:27:01AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill do that this week so I have plenty of time

0364 14076199286 05/07/08 01:07:36PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So we can save almost 50 dollars if we fly out on the 4th and come back on the 11th.

0366 14076199286 05/07/08 01:11:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ok. Ill talk to him.

May 8, 2008 (Thursday)

0369 14076199286 05/08/08 08:49:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Are you working this weekend?

0370 14076199286 05/08/08 08:53:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sweet. Feel like going out one night?

0371 14076199286 05/08/08 09:05:57AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im sorry hun! Hugs!

0373 14076199286 05/08/08 09:07:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I dont blame you for either. Id be mad too and I definitely would care

0374 14076199286 05/08/08 09:09:40AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Seriously.

0376 14076199286 05/08/08 09:14:49AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I feel ya! Boys have it easy.

0377 14076199286 05/08/08 09:15:45AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Stupid boys

0379 14076199286 05/08/08 11:17:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice! Im going home at lunch today.

0383 14076199286 05/08/08 11:26:02AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ah no fun. You working late tonight?

0385 14076199286 05/08/08 11:26:46AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Boo no fun

May 9, 2008 (Friday)

0420 14076199286 05/09/08 09:44:28AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Dont do it..although if the roles were reversed I cant say that I wouldnt. Aw hun. We are pathetic girls!

0422 14076199286 05/09/08 09:47:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I stayed with ric last night. Some of the best sex we ever had. And again this morning. Either im really weak or im falling for this kid. Neither is a good situation

0424 14076199286 05/09/08 10:03:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im trying. Things just clicked between him and I. Last night it was a very emotional connection..besides physical. And it was the same way this morning. He didnt smoke once the entire night. Maybe hes making an effort? I dont know

0427 14076199286 05/09/08 10:07:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Me too. Who knows, I just dont want to let my heart get too invested unless I know his is. He keeps saying he wants to see where things go. Oye.

0428 14076199286 05/09/08 10:08:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Did you go downtown last night?

0430 14076199286 05/09/08 10:07:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy):05/09/08 10:17:26AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Glad you went out and had fun. You definitely needed it. We know how that boy is with his emotions. At least hes trying..and if he keeps it up theres room to hope. If he goes back to his regular routine then its a pretty easy decision

0431 14076199286 05/09/08 10:26:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha yeah, Its always nice to feel like the sane one. Youre right though. Back and forth isnt easy. If we date again its either the long haul or theres no point.

0434 14076199286 05/09/08 11:14:49AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks for all the advice. Hope I can help too!

0435 14076199286 05/09/08 11:15:18AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds like what I would say. Id send it

0437 14076199286 05/09/08 11:32:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Stupid waiting game. Im down to do something. Scoops? Ladies night

0439 14076199286 05/09/08 11:33:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes maam

0451 14076199286 05/09/08 03:14:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well im stuck working now til 10 or after. Ill text you later so we can meet up

0452 14076199286 05/09/08 04:38:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You and me both

0454 14076199286 05/09/08 04:43:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Aw hunny! No one should ever make you feel that way

0455 14076199286 05/09/08 04:52:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Amy none of that is your fault! You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met. No man will ever make you feel like that again. I promise you

0457 14076199286 05/09/08 04:53:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You know how much I love you! Some guy will worship the ground you walk on and he will find you. This I know in my heart

0458 14076199286 05/09/08 04:58:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed! It is necessary

0459 14076199286 05/09/08 05:03:21PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Heres what im thinking..why dont we meet at the boys. It will be the easiest place and its close to downtown.

0461 14076199286 05/09/08 05:05:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sounds good love.

0462 14076199286 05/09/08 05:07:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too. But thats what friends are for. We are meeting new boys tonight and having them buy us a drink

0464 14076199286 05/09/08 05:09:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha even better !

0467 14076199286 05/09/08 05:11:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Alright hun

0468 14076199286 05/09/08 07:22:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Do you want to go to scoops tonight?

0470 14076199286 05/09/08 07:27:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill be done in 20 minutes. Im meeting chris for wings. I busted my ass with all my paperwork

0471 14076199286 05/09/08 07:32:54PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats up to you. Ill be on this side of town

0473 14076199286 05/09/08 07:33:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): A lot of people are well over 21

0474 14076199286 05/09/08 07:44:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome!

0475 14076199286 05/09/08 07:45:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill see how much room I have post wings. How yummy? Haha

0477 14076199286 05/09/08 07:54:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Seriously?

0478 14076199286 05/09/08 07:56:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Let me know how that goes!

0480 14076199286 05/09/08 08:25:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Keep me posted

0483 14076199286 05/09/08 11:41:52PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We will be there in a sec. Meet us outside

May 10, 2008 (Saturday)

0489 14076199286 05/10/08 02:59:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hope you had fun last night !

0490 14076199286 05/10/08 03:03:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): They really liked you. I love boys..haha..well sometimes. Maybe text him again. This time try a Hey. Keep it simple

0493 14076199286 05/10/08 03:38:50PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good. Very simple

0494 14076199286 05/10/08 03:45:06PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Hang in there hun

0502 14076199286 05/10/08 06:34:44PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Communication is never bad love!

0495 14076199286 05/10/08 07:11:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have no clue. I may be staying home. Not sure. What time are you done?

0497 14076199286 05/10/08 07:12:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Alright cool. Ill message a few people and see whats going on.

0492 14076199286 05/10/08 07:14:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh ok. Well I want to meet that boy. Ill see what I can do :-)

0488 14076199286 05/10/08 07:28:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes. Very soon indeed.

0472 14076199286 05/10/08 08:40:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im going to stay home and start my mothers day early. Have fun though! Text me later <3

May 11, 2008 (Sunday – Mother's Day)

0448 14076199286 05/11/08 03:36:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks love!

0444 14076199286 05/11/08 09:35:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Uh oh!

0445 14076199286 05/11/08 09:38:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You going downtown?

0446 14076199286 05/11/08 11:12:33PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That silly boy going to finally see you?

0442 14076199286 05/11/08 11:14:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Aw yay! Good luck love! Let me know how it goes

May 12, 2008 (Monday)

0433 14076199286 05/12/08 09:03:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hun it sounds like there is I definite attraction there..drunk or not. Who knows. Sometimes things start that way.

0429 14076199286 05/12/08 09:04:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ah. Maybe all he does want is a hook up. Just be careful

0426 14076199286 05/12/08 09:07:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Exactly. Im glad you had a good time!

0425 14076199286 05/12/08 09:11:00AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hey, Nothing wrong with a good distraction. I need one of those pronto

0423 14076199286 05/12/08 09:15:19AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Or a really good one then you can drop this one. Who knows..a distraction from a distraction could work too. Haha

0419 14076199286 05/12/08 09:18:31AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So there is potential boyfriend status. Nothing wrong with that

0400 14076199286 05/12/08 09:44:56AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know youre here for me. Thats what friends are for!

0398 14076199286 05/12/08 09:46:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im actually glad that I stayed home again this weekend. The more rest the after

0421 14076199286 05/12/08 09:46:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im actually glad that I stayed home again this weekend. The more rest the better

0395 14076199286 05/12/08 10:00:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im afraid of getting sick again. As long as I take care of myself ill be alright this time

0391 14076199286 05/12/08 10:03:40AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah seriously. We can still go out but everything needs to be limited. We dont have to drink to have fun. Thats always a good thing

0392 14076199286 05/12/08 11:15:03AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha youre too funny

0388 14076199286 05/12/08 11:18:11AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha. Its very enlightening

0389 14076199286 05/12/08 01:09:49PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I hate having people come to check the cable. Such a waste of time

0384 14076199286 05/12/08 01:38:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Stupid brighthouse

0381 14076199286 05/12/08 01:42:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too man.

0378 14076199286 05/12/08 02:17:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Did I make out with chris the other night?

0365 14076199286 05/12/08 07:55:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That sucks hun! And dont text that douche bag :-) im playing mario cart with jerkface but we talked today and we are only friends from now on

0362 14076199286 05/12/08 09:50:24PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Aw hun im sorry :-(

0360 14076199286 05/12/08 11:21:54PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome. I hope his dad is doing alright

0358 14076199286 05/12/08 11:24:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Never good. We all stick together though

0355 14076199286 05/12/08 11:26:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha this is true!

May 13, 2008 (Tuesday)

0353 14076199286 05/13/08 09:59:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): The bright side to that..im going to need a roommate. As much as I would like to do the house thing alone an extra 400 would save me from working a few e

0349 14076199286 05/13/08 10:03:24AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Youre telling me! I am so thankful.

0350 14076199286 05/13/08 10:07:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done deal. Im on vacation in a couple days. My mom is taking the kid for the weekend for part of her vacation :-)

0345 14076199286 05/13/08 10:08:19AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have 3 of them to friends in entertainment. None of them knew if they were hiring or what for. The good thing about universal is that theyre always hirxtra hours. The boy thing we will fix and the job thing I feel like im in the same boat. Youre not alone in this. Ill do whatever I can to help

0346 14076199286 05/13/08 10:08:21AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): ing for something

0342 14076199286 05/13/08 10:13:16AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah exactly. Even if you come in seasonally its still start. A lot of people started that way especially in entertainment

0339 14076199286 05/13/08 10:14:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Like I said. Ill do whatever I can

May 14, 2008 (Wednesday)

0286 14076199286 05/14/08 08:49:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its official. As long as we take our trip withing the first 2 weeks of july im set. I just got my vacation cleared :-D

0276 14076199286 05/14/08 05:53:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I can

0273 14076199286 05/14/08 08:49:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its 342 :-)hi

May 15, 2008 (Thursday)

0270 14076199286 05/15/08 08:17:30AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): As fun as last night was..my night didnt end so hot

0268 14076199286 05/15/08 08:19:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Two of my tires blew out on my way home. :-( troy and ric literally saved the day.

0265 14076199286 05/15/08 08:22:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Shit it could have killed me last night

0261 14076199286 05/15/08 08:24:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You and me both. I was freaking out. Honestly I still am

0258 14076199286 05/15/08 08:29:22AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I dont know about the first tire but I definitely think some sort of debri got the second. Back tire then front

0255 14076199286 05/15/08 08:45:21AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha yeah. I feel like crap this morning. Voyage was fun but seriously that ruined my night

0252 14076199286 05/15/08 08:48:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hun thats awesome!

0249 14076199286 05/15/08 11:01:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha silly boy

0236 14076199286 05/15/08 11:19:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im so screwed. The tow company only accepts cash. What the hell am I going to do?

0234 14076199286 05/15/08 11:22:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you get done? Its not going to be more than 80

0229 14076199286 05/15/08 11:26:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats perfect. Thank you so much amy!

0232 14076199286 05/15/08 11:34:58AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No worries. Im going to call the company to see what the time frame is

0226 14076199286 05/15/08 11:36:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): She said within the next 45 minues. So an hour or so before they get here

0224 14076199286 05/15/08 11:41:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Will do!

0220 14076199286 05/15/08 11:42:39AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Highway or no highway?

0222 14076199286 05/15/08 11:46:03AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): 408 to goldenrod. Right on goldenrod. Left on curry ford. Right on chickasaw. Follow chickasaw past the middle school and the church. It will be the 3rd neighborhood on the left after the church. Chickasaw park. The street name is grandee

0214 14076199286 05/15/08 03:38:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What a day

0211 14076199286 05/15/08 10:13:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): How soon?

0212 14076199286 05/15/08 10:16:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good love

0205 14076199286 05/15/08 11:41:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hey girl. I actually just got home. I need sleep. Have fun. Lets do something silly this weekend :-) I own ya one

May 16, 2008 (Friday)

0192 14076199286 05/16/08 10:47:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Tomorrow. Im working all night tonight. Tomorrow it is :-D

0189 14076199286 05/16/08 10:50:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hmm, Wish I wasnt working

0186 14076199286 05/16/08 10:53:31AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know! Thats awesome :-)

0182 14076199286 05/16/08 11:09:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You will do great love!

0179 14076199286 05/16/08 11:12:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): If you need any help let me know

0176 14076199286 05/16/08 11:23:28AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Whatre you doing tomorrow?

0173 14076199286 05/16/08 11:24:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time is the show?

0170 14076199286 05/16/08 11:25:41AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome!

0166 14076199286 05/16/08 11:40:27AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You and me both!

0131 14076199286 05/16/08 10:11:52PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Whatre you doing?

0128 14076199286 05/16/08 10:20:50PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nope. Tell will I said hello. Have fun!

May 17, 2008 (Saturday) – (Casey spent the night with Chris Stutz at his house)

0118 14076199286 05/17/08 01:33:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Going out somewhere by ucf. Bring will! Haha. Im so excited :-)

0115 14076199286 05/17/08 02:10:43PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have no idea exactly where. Ill find out where there are good drink specials.

0112 14076199286 05/17/08 02:13:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. I feel ya

0110 14076199286 05/17/08 03:22:03PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice!

0094 14076199286 05/17/08 05:54:03PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I cant do anything again tonight. Thank you shitty work schedule

May 18, 2008 (Sunday)

0065 14076199286 05/18/08 07:23:37PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hey love. How are ya?

May 19, 2008 (Monday)

0049 14076199286 05/19/08 10:42:04AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good morning! How are ya

0046 14076199286 05/19/08 10:43:55AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good! Its about time! :-)

0043 14076199286 05/19/08 10:45:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good. Tired but good. Put in too many hours this weekend. This week is probably going to be the same way. Whats your schedule like?

0035 14076199286 05/19/08 10:52:19AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I cant wait to have a semi normal schedule again. I hate working 12 hours split in half each day. Ill be home in about an hour and I have to be back around 6 tonight.

0030 14076199286 05/19/08 10:56:17AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Seriously! Thankfully it wont last that much longer for either of us

0027 14076199286 05/19/08 11:09:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats awesome! If you can we are totally hitting the beach

0012 14076199286 05/19/08 06:14:25PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill be in a place by then. You can stay with me. Im looking at a place tomorrow with my mom that I might be signing on.

0004 14076199286 05/19/08 08:38:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha she already knows that youre crazy :-) im calling my mom when I get out. Ill text you with the exact time. Its off of conway and michigan.

0039 14076199286 05/19/08 10:48:34PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yay! You close wednesday?

0001 14076199286 05/19/08 11:10:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im totally going to find a badass hat to start wearing on wednesdays. Hopefully you can come this week. Ill have your mulah :-) and we can meet some new cute boys. There were plenty last week!

0504 14076199286 05/19/08 11:14:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! Im hoping for the same.

0505 14076199286 05/19/08 11:15:44PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! Good luck hun!

May 20, 2008 (Tuesday)

0510 14076199286 05/20/08 09:13:57AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Not yet. Waiting for the homeowner to call me back. Im excited too!

0511 14076199286 05/20/08 10:29:30AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats awesome! Im going to call the lady now.

0513 14076199286 05/20/08 10:41:40AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): She said tomorrow will be better. What time do you work?

0514 14076199286 05/20/08 10:43:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome. Ill be out around noon. She said anytime between noon and 5 is good.

0516 14076199286 05/20/08 10:45:11AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): :-D me too!!

0517 14076199286 05/20/08 11:04:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ok well work it out

0509 14076199286 05/20/08 11:33:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): The house is already pretty much empty. She said we can move in the same day. Its up to us.

0506 14076199286 05/20/08 11:36:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That would help im sure! Theres an inground pool with a fenced in porch and back yard. Its a great starting house.

0503 14076199286 05/20/08 11:42:24AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You will be so much closer to everything and everyone. Is troy going to stay at caras?

0037 14076199286 05/20/08 11:52:35AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Home like virginia?

0518 14076199286 05/20/08 11:55:10AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): wow, Crazy. I dont want him to go :-(

0520 14076199286 05/20/08 11:56:57AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah I know. He needs to do what is going to make him happy

0521 14076199286 05/20/08 01:59:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats awesome!

0523 14076199286 05/20/08 02:01:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good job!

0524 14076199286 05/20/08 02:03:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Heck yeah. I would be too!

0526 14076199286 05/20/08 03:04:08PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): The departing flight is 765 and the return is 766

0527 14076199286 05/20/08 03:05:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes maam

May 21, 2008 (Wednesday)

0530 14076199286 05/21/08 08:11:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im definitely sick :-(

0532 14076199286 05/21/08 10:30:52AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im going to call the lady in a few minutes. Im headed to the doctors now. I hate this!

0533 14076199286 05/21/08 10:33:26AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nope. Twice since I was sick last month. But I have been working a lot. I put in almost 60 hours last week. I think its the flu. Ill know soon.

0528 14076199286 05/21/08 10:35:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha ill remember that! What a great house

0525 14076199286 05/21/08 10:44:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sounds good. Did you stay at the boys?

0522 14076199286 05/21/08 10:46:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice

0519 14076199286 05/21/08 10:47:15AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Mr. I have no money. What an idiot I swear

0515 14076199286 05/21/08 10:53:24AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He just complains about stuff to me all the time but changes his mind in an instant. Whatever. At least the last couple times we have hung out not a thing has happened.

0535 14076199286 05/21/08 10:57:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done and done

0539 14076199286 05/21/08 01:16:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Can I raincheck seeing the house? I just got back from the drs and dont feel too hot at all. Stupid flu

0541 14076199286 05/21/08 01:21:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well I would love for you to be there. We will figure it out. Im taking the day to rest as much as possible.

0542 14076199286 05/21/08 01:23:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): thanks love! Cant wait to hear about the interview

0543 14076199286 05/21/08 05:53:17PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Works for me! Im not feeling worse. Found out I have a bruised rib. At least I have nice pills for my flu and ill be popping antiinflamatories like theres no tomorrow

0540 14076199286 05/21/08 06:03:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha my mom just told me the same thing on the phone

0537 14076199286 05/21/08 08:45:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im down!

May 22, 2008 (Thursday)

0548 14076199286 05/22/08 08:37:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good luck at your interview! Good luck hugs from me and the little one !

0553 14076199286 05/22/08 09:28:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha. Youre too funny

0554 14076199286 05/22/08 11:40:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Eh. Not great. Did you already have your interview?

0556 14076199286 05/22/08 11:42:02AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ah..the suspense is killing me! :-)

0557 14076199286 05/22/08 11:51:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good! You shouldnt be

0562 14076199286 05/22/08 01:53:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): why not leave it?

0563 14076199286 05/22/08 01:55:15PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its probably pretty impressive.

0558 14076199286 05/22/08 01:59:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Makes sense.

0552 14076199286 05/22/08 05:27:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Do you work tonight?

May 23, 2008 (Friday)

0564 14076199286 05/23/08 08:41:31AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): III have to let you know when i get done at the drs. gave caylee my cold :-(

0566 14076199286 05/23/08 08:46:16AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): At least her ribs are good. Haha. I know .. i feel terrible. I gave her some amy love

0571 14076199286 05/23/08 11:17:29AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh boy. As nice as it is for casual sex..with a friend is never easy. Ric and I had it out bad yesterday. Im never making that mistake again

0572 14076199286 05/23/08 11:19:27AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Big time. Stupid dr. Waiting sucks

0573 14076199286 05/23/08 11:30:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha in a heartbeat

0575 14076199286 05/23/08 11:32:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha damn. What about the bruised rib?

0576 14076199286 05/23/08 11:34:52AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats awesome. You crack me up.

0578 14076199286 05/23/08 11:41:12AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good. III be stuck here for at least another hour. So many kids

0579 14076199286 05/23/08 11:51:56AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im trying! This is the first time she has ever gotten sick. We made it almost 3 years. III let you know.

0574 14076199286 05/23/08 11:56:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I tried! Thanks love

0571 14076199286 05/23/08 12:54:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What do you have planned for this weekend?

0568 14076199286 05/23/08 12:58:46PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): If im healthy lets do something. Nothing crazy. Im not really sure yet

0560 14076199286 05/23/08 01:02:22PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nothing wrong with that. Im the same way. Its definitely chill time

0580 14076199286 05/23/08 01:05:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Exactly. And We are all supposed to be saving for this trip

0582 14076199286 05/23/08 03:47:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I officially have no respect for ricardo. I truly dont. Im so sick of him thinking hes right about everything. He knows nothing about me nor does he care.

0583 14076199286 05/23/08 03:59:54PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I dont know if i can be friends with him anymore. I really dont

0585 14076199286 05/23/08 04:02:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im honestly not feeling up to doing anything now. I dont want to keep putting it offbut its going to have to be later this weekend.

0587 14076199286 05/23/08 04:03:46PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We cant keep fighting. Yesterday carried over into today and i cant deal with him disrespecting me constantly. We cant talk to each other unless its in person. Its ridiculous

0589 14076199286 05/23/08 04:07:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Trust me. Im serious. Ive been to this house 4 times already. Im pretty set. I asked the homeowner to wait til the end of the month so i can get everythis warranted

0591 14076199286 05/23/08 04:07:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): ng settled

0592 14076199286 05/23/08 04:10:22PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He blames me to jumping on him when he cant answer a simple question without an i dont know

0593 14076199286 05/23/08 04:10:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know hun! Im going to get it done and done right

0586 14076199286 05/23/08 04:12:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well if he calls me a bitch again we cant be friends. Im serious. I have never argued with someone like this outside of my family and at least then it wa

0590 14076199286 05/23/08 04:12:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Love you too ! Thanks for hearing me out. Be careful?

0588 14076199286 05/23/08 04:13:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Love you too ! Thanks for hearing me out. Be careful!

0581 14076199286 05/23/08 04:27:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You are very metaphorical today. Im just not talking to him period. If i want to at some point i will. Im really done with all of it.

0577 14076199286 05/23/08 04:30:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): It does. Do me a favor and dont talk to him about it. No sense in getting in the middle of us both being idiots.

0594 14076199286 05/23/08 04:32:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know and i appreciate it :-)

0596 14076199286 05/23/08 04:36:43PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Text me when you get out. III talk to my momma. I think i need it

0597 14076199286 05/23/08 04:38:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know i cant drink but talking always helps.

0599 14076199286 05/23/08 04:43:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): This is true :-)

0603 14076199286 05/23/08 07:48:12PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im going to stay home. Raincheck for tomorrow night? I already cleared it with my madre. Im going to bed early

0606 14076199286 05/23/08 07:49:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im going to stay home. Raincheck for tomorrow night? I already cleared it with my madre. Im going to bed early

0607 14076199286 05/23/08 07:49:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh i am :-)

May 24, 2008 (Saturday) – (First time Casey met Tony Lazzaro at birthday party)

0584 14076199286 05/24/08 01:32:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You are too funny!

0613 14076199286 05/24/08 02:47:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What did we want to do tonight?

0615 14076199286 05/24/08 03:00:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im not drinking til im off my medication so I will be a few weeks. Im down for whatever

0618 14076199286 05/24/08 05:51:10PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Shes good. Barely sneezing anymore.

0621 14076199286 05/24/08 10:10:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Where are ya?

0622 14076199286 05/24/08 10:11:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! See you soon

0623 14076199286 05/24/08 10:31:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): There is lots of good man meat here

May 25, 2008 (Sunday) – (No Clothes Party)

0624 14076199286 05/25/08 10:51:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So the cops came around 115 and broke up the party. How bittersweet.

0617 14076199286 05/25/08 10:56:01AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): It was a lot of fun. Im glad I finally got to see tony. Hes a really sweet guy. And we kicked butt at beer pong. 3 and 0. Did you have fun? I know you were exhausted

0614 14076199286 05/25/08 10:59:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Always a good idea. Im still sleepy. 7 hours of great sleep!

0611 14076199286 05/25/08 11:01:10AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too!

0608 14076199286 05/25/08 01:21:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha thats a great idea.

0625 14076199286 05/25/08 02:46:46PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You will officially see the american flag in all its glory tonight :-D

0627 14076199286 05/25/08 02:50:21PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You going right after work?

0628 14076199286 05/25/08 02:57:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You will make out with someone tonight! Done deal.

0630 14076199286 05/25/08 02:59:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha oh I love you girl!

0633 14076199286 05/25/08 06:26:09PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Whatcha singing” :-)

0634 14076199286 05/25/08 06:27:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice!

0638 14076199286 05/25/08 06:29:08PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Amazing song. Great play!

0639 14076199286 05/25/08 06:33:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Water number 4.

0640 14076199286 05/25/08 06:36:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im taking this all the way to dean.

0636 14076199286 05/25/08 06:37:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No worries!

0637 14076199286 05/25/08 06:41:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I see you too!

0632 14076199286 05/25/08 06:47:25PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I like your monkey

0629 14076199286 05/25/08 06:49:09PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I love monkeys. Theyre always so happy

May 26, 2008 (Monday)

0641 14076199286 05/26/08 09:13:17PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No call. I talked to iassen and got a lot of info. Funny how you can sometimes get closure from someone not even involved. Stupid boys. Im glad that I ho

0643 14076199286 05/26/08 09:13:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hows work?

0646 14076199286 05/26/08 09:18:25PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Again..stupid boys. Haha. Im great actually. Sitting around all day waiting made me realize that im not that girl and ive never been that girl. I definitour a game. Seriously.

0647 14076199286 05/26/08 09:18:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): ely dont ever want to be that girl. Enlightening.

0649 14076199286 05/26/08 09:22:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Same here. I get young kids hitting on me now or friends and thats just weird. We seriously are going to have to rejoin the grown up scene

0652 14076199286 05/26/08 09:30:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im right there with ya! Thats how ryan was. I want to be able to share my time and love with someone and have it be special. No more boys. We need men.

0654 14076199286 05/26/08 09:32:36PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No crying! I did enough of that for the both of us last night! I love you hun. Keep your head up.

0651 14076199286 05/26/08 10:37:49PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): House tomorrow. And a good guy will find you. No looking..well..maybe a little looking

0648 14076199286 05/26/08 11:03:36PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome. Im in at 6am and out around noon. I love my early mornings

0644 14076199286 05/26/08 11:12:10PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Congrats on your first day without cigarettes! I am mucho mucho proud of you!

0642 14076199286 05/26/08 11:13:33PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good. I hope the asshole does try. He screwed up bad enough last night. He really isn't that smart. If youre going to play a game and least bring ynestly gave up on all hope of anything a long time ago. I just miss my friend.

0635 14076199286 05/26/08 11:18:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): They are always mixed in with the losers unfortunately. We will find them one way or another.

0655 14076199286 05/26/08 11:20:31PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed. At least neither of us is alone ! We will conquer this together.

0657 14076199286 05/26/08 11:25:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know! Glad im only out of town for a couple days and its next week. Ill just have to come up and flirt with some blonde bartender. ;-)

0658 14076199286 05/26/08 11:27:31PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Maybe we really should speed date. I think it would help us both a lot

0660 14076199286 05/26/08 11:29:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill check into that at work in the morning. It will be fun and new

0661 14076199286 05/26/08 11:31:15PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done and done. Im ready for a nice guy to settle down with.

May 27, 2008 (Tuesday)

0663 14076199286 05/27/08 09:36:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have the biggest news..and I mean huge! Ill call you when I get done this afternoon. Wow..seriously amazingly awesome news! Hope the added suspense helps :-D

0664 14076199286 05/27/08 04:29:38PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): When do you leave for tally?

0666 14076199286 05/27/08 04:30:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome. I have a date that night! Tony just asked me out to dinner

0667 14076199286 05/27/08 04:32:31PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha I maybe too. I think im going to his club that night to check it out.

0669 14076199286 05/27/08 04:35:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ive been thinking the same thing. If a cute guy that I actually get along with wants to take me to dinner...why not

0670 14076199286 05/27/08 04:38:10PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Outside of ric its been far and few between for me too. Its like guys dont know how to treat a lady anymore

0665 14076199286 05/27/08 04:39:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha! Youre not kidding

0662 14076199286 05/27/08 04:42:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed. Sucks majorly

0659 14076199286 05/27/08 04:43:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! Thanks love

0671 14076199286 05/27/08 10:31:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I almost feel bad because ric invited me over like 4 times. He decides now of all times..after I finally got closure with him to start showing me that he cares. Grr

0673 14076199286 05/27/08 11:56:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): And I will. Its finally nice to know that he cares. Honestly..im completely over him and that entire situation. Im so glad! And i just talked to tony for almost 2 hours. Hes worth getting to know oddly enough

May 28, 2008 (Wednesday)

0675 14076199286 05/28/08 12:00:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Smoking is bad! Thanks though. Its nice to have a nice boy and i new friend. So..poor ric is sick! He has the flu :-(

0677 14076199286 05/28/08 12:06:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha thats what I wanted to say!

0678 14076199286 05/28/08 12:26:08AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im not online right now right?

0680 14076199286 05/28/08 12:26:35AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha nevermind my text! Be safe!

0681 14076199286 05/28/08 12:31:12AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah seriously. Cheap ass people

0683 14076199286 05/28/08 03:39:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good news. We have an excuse to get all your stuff out of storage. We will eventually need a pretty decent amount of stuff

0684 14076199286 05/28/08 03:42:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice! Ive been productive today too. It feels good!

0679 14076199286 05/28/08 03:45:34PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome! :-)

0676 14076199286 05/28/08 03:52:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats perfect. If anything once we move my stuff into my parents room we can use my room for storage and the garage too. There will be plenty of room

0690 14076199286 05/30/08 01:50:15PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Have fun in tally!

0691 14076199286 05/30/08 01:52:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes! Im super excited!

0693 14076199286 05/30/08 01:54:17PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im so proud of you!

0694 14076199286 05/30/08 01:56:01PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): For sure

0696 14076199286 05/30/08 03:35:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I know about ric. Ill get mine this weekend then.

0697 14076199286 05/30/08 03:36:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I cant wait!

0699 14076199286 05/30/08 03:41:12PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Is jp home already?

0695 14076199286 05/30/08 03:47:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice.

June 1, 2008 (Sunday) – (Casey and Tony to Barbeque at Ryan Lopez's apartment)

0689 14076199286 06/01/08 03:04:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Not sure if im going out. Ill be with tony during the day. I really like this kid! Cant wait to see you :-)

June 2, 2008 (Monday) – (Tony Lazzaro took pic of Caylee on cell phone 4:52pm)

0707 14076199286 06/02/08 12:12:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Glad youre home! Sorry I didnt come tonight. I do have a great story for you though. Ill call ya tomorrow!

0710 14076199286 06/02/08 06:27:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too!

0713 14076199286 06/02/08 11:59:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So is it more sad or funny that ric decides to finally spill his real feelings for me after hearing that I made out with tony? Stupid. So stupid. I couldn't wait for him forever and im truly glad that I didn't. Anyway..i can wait to hear your story from last night!

June 3, 2008 (Tuesday)

0702 14076199286 06/03/08 12:13:04AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You needed a good distraction from firefighter boy. Im glad! Its nice to finally feel wanted by ric but its like I had to move on to get anything out of

0714 14076199286 06/03/08 12:13:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): him. I stand by my decisions and im really starting to like tony. Everything in due time

0708 14076199286 06/03/08 12:13:54AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha are you serious? Yours or mine?

0698 14076199286 06/03/08 12:27:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha whoops! Thats pretty funny.

0728 14076199286 06/03/08 05:03:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): so I found the perfect place for us to stock up on essentials for really cheap!

0730 14076199286 06/03/08 05:06:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im still in town. Taking my mom out to dinner. And the place is a huge dollar store on 50 by the boys house. Its pretty great. You coming out to the jukebox tomorrow night?

0726 14076199286 06/03/08 05:08:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome!

0723 14076199286 06/03/08 05:09:41PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh most definitely

June 4, 2008 (Wednesday) – (Casey brought Tony to Voyage for Troy's Birthday)

0705 14076199286 06/04/08 05:16:50PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done deal!

0731 14076199286 06/04/08 05:49:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So im not going to lie..tony is pretty incredible. I cant wait to talk to you tonight!

0733 14076199286 06/04/08 06:39:29PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good love!

0736 14076199286 06/04/08 09:13:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im driving separately

0741 14076199286 06/04/08 11:08:51PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): How soon are you getting here

0743 14076199286 06/04/08 11:35:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): About time!

June 6, 2008 (Friday)

0742 14076199286 06/06/08 09:09:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you get off tonight?

0740 14076199286 06/06/08 09:46:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I came into work. Huge mistake. I tried to help setup for an event and got roped into staying a few hours.

0735 14076199286 06/06/08 09:49:35PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No idea. Soon hopefully. Im tired already.

June 7, 2008 (Saturday)

0737 14076199286 06/07/08 05:19:05AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hunny im glad youre ok! Jesus. That message scared the crap out of me

0732 14076199286 06/07/08 05:19:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hunny im glad youre ok! Jesus. That message scared the crap out of me

0720 14076199286 06/07/08 05:19:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You know im here..always!

0747 14076199286 06/07/08 05:20:48AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I love you too! Im glad youre ok!

June 8, 2008 (Sunday)

0756 14076199286 06/08/08 04:16:17PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Are you going to be ok?

0758 14076199286 06/08/08 04:18:01PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Please call me if you need and talk. Definitely call me when you get off

0759 14076199286 06/08/08 04:20:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sounds good love. Hang in there!

0762 14076199286 06/08/08 07:03:12PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You hanging in there?

0757 14076199286 06/08/08 07:05:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im so proud of you love!

0748 14076199286 06/08/08 10:03:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im heading to bed but message me when you get back to the boys house. I love you gir! :hugs:

0744 14076199286 06/08/08 11:26:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good! Take it easy hun

0763 14076199286 06/08/08 11:27:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Love you too! Ill call you in the morning

June 9, 2008 (Monday) – (Casey, Tony pick up Jeep at shop), Casey at Ricardos overnight

0765 14076199286 06/09/08 12:27:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you work today?

0766 14076199286 06/09/08 12:29:33PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Howre you feeling today?

0768 14076199286 06/09/08 12:31:25PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): The saddness will surpass. Glad youre not sore.

0769 14076199286 06/09/08 12:35:24PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah I know that feeling. What time are you off tonight?

0771 14076199286 06/09/08 12:38:09PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Alright cool. Im staying at the boys tonight so we can all hang out

0773 14076199286 06/09/08 03:36:14PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Caylee just pooped in her potty for the first time!

0774 14076199286 06/09/08 03:43:53PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sorry. Proud momma

0776 14076199286 06/09/08 08:00:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time are you getting off?

June 10, 2008 (Tuesday)

0777 14076199286 06/10/08 06:46:58PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So ric and I are not friends anymore

0772 14076199286 06/10/08 06:57:06PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He finally decided to tell me that he loves me..and unfortunately im not there with him anymore. I waited months for this to happen and now that it has it cant say that he is the only guy I have feelings for. Its like I have to choose. Hes throwing everything in my face. Ugh.

0775 14076199286 06/10/08 06:59:50PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He wants me to still date him knowing that im starting to like tony. I cant do that. Im not that person. I respect him too much to do that

0767 14076199286 06/10/08 08:54:39PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im working all day tomorrow so im good for whatever day we can go up to jville.

0764 14076199286 06/10/08 09:06:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oye! Yeah. We will definitely talk later

June 11, 2008 (Wednesday)

0760 14076199286 06/11/08 12:18:18AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you work tomorrow? Im in and out of sleep. Stupid drama

0778 14076199286 06/11/08 12:19:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ok cool. Thats perfect.

0780 14076199286 06/11/08 12:21:04PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Love you too! Night

June 12, 2008 (Thursday)

0792 14076199286 06/12/08 12:05:01AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): How is it?

0793 14076199286 06/12/08 12:06:26AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Boo. We need to find you one

0794 14076199286 06/12/08 10:24:42PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im getting ready to make a stupid late call for work. Ill call you back in a bit!

June 13, 2008 (Friday) – (Casey and Tony to Fusian Ultra Lounge)

0796 14076199286 06/13/08 06:16:55AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im on my way to the hospital with my dad. Ill call you when I can

0797 14076199286 06/13/08 06:19:04AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thanks love.

0799 14076199286 06/13/08 07:50:14AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): My dad almost had a stroke. We are still waiting for him to get check out. I promise I will call you asap

0800 14076199286 06/13/08 07:53:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I love you too! Im really sorry about this.

0802 14076199286 06/13/08 07:55:52AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He will be. He just gave my mom and I a huge scare.

0803 14076199286 06/13/08 05:49:19PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome

0805 14076199286 06/13/08 07:56:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Probably tomorrow afternoon. Ill call you later. Sorry youre not coming

0806 14076199286 06/13/08 08:10:44PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah you have to do it. If you change your mind let me know.

0808 14076199286 06/13/08 08:12:40PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Love ya too! Im glad hes alright. Hes stubborn.

June 14, 2008 (Saturday)

0804 14076199286 06/14/08 06:09:05PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sutton place. On university between goldenrod and forsyth.

0801 14076199286 06/14/08 06:10:47PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome.

0817 14076199286 06/14/08 08:20:55PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Awesome

0795 14076199286 06/14/08 08:21:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): He said it doesnt matter where you park it.

0791 14076199286 06/14/08 08:23:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Anytime love! Ill get it towed to the house one day this week

0810 14076199286 06/14/08 08:25:59PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Actually we probably could. I dont see why not. Ill check with the people at his clubhouse tomorrow morning.

0812 14076199286 06/14/08 08:27:46PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Agreed. Thatll work

0813 14076199286 06/14/08 08:55:10PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Depends on which way youre coming. If youre coming from goldenrod its on the left. From 436 or forsyth its on the right

June 15, 2008 (Sunday) – Caylee with Cindy to Dora Nursing Home)

0821 14076199286 06/15/08 08:15:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good stuff love!

June 17, 2008 (Tuesday) – (Casey told Chris Stutz her parents were getting divorced)

0814 14076199286 06/17/08 11:28:18AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): 4737 hopespring drive orlando fl 32829

0811 14076199286 06/17/08 11:30:00AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Anytime love!

June 19, 2008 (Thursday)

0835 14076199286 06/19/08 01:06:56PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Call me when youre headed over to see your car

June 24, 2008 (Tuesday) – (George Anthony finds out Casey stole his gas cans)

0845 14076199286 06/24/08 02:12:22PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Leaving work in a few. Ill call you on my way to the house

0847 14076199286 06/24/08 03:39:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Dont buy the whole store!

0848 14076199286 06/24/08 03:40:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha then do it :-)

June 25, 2008 (Wednesday)

0871 14076199286 06/25/08 09:08:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Me too!

0870 14076199286 06/25/08 09:08:48PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time saturday?

June 26, 2008 (Thursday)

0823 14076199286 06/26/08 01:41:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I need a freaking vacation

June 27, 2008 (Friday) – (Casey abandons car out of gas at Amscot Financial)

0866 14076199286 06/27/08 11:34:47AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): There was definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car

0868 14076199286 06/27/08 11:49:54AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): My car ran out of gas again

0869 14076199286 06/27/08 11:58:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Two weeks in a row..on Friday..my stupid car runs out of gas. Wow.

0872 14076199286 06/27/08 11:24:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): No worries. Ill call you in the morning

June 28, 2008 (Saturday)

0867 14076199286 06/28/08 08:37:17AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Call me after you get up and what not

June 29, 2008 (Sunday)

0884 14076199286 06/29/08 10:25:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Can I borrow you and your gas can today?

0886 14076199286 06/29/08 11:24:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Shit. I forgot

0888 14076199286 06/29/08 12:38:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): How soon?

0889 14076199286 06/29/08 02:46:49PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I wasnt sure if it was already done. Have it sent to the house. I have a lot of details to fill you in on. Ill call you later on

June 30, 2008 (Monday) – (Johnson Wrecking tows Casey's car, Casey drives Tony to airport)

0885 14076199286 06/30/08 09:22:10AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you work today?

July 1, 2008 (Tuesday) – (Casey to Ale House, sees Jeffrey Hopkins, Sean Daly)

0855 14076199286 07/01/08 11:02:40AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So youre working all day today...correct?

0857 14076199286 07/01/08 11:04:27AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ah. I work till 5. are you closing?

0890 14076199286 07/01/08 11:06:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well if not maybe we can grab a drink

0892 14076199286 07/01/08 11:10:13AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done deal. Id like to see ric before he leaves

0893 14076199286 07/01/08 01:19:00PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sorry. Was talking to my crazy mother

0896 14076199286 07/01/08 10:19:18PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Good! Call me when you leave

0898 14076199286 07/01/08 11:46:28PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): On my way

July 2, 2008 (Wednesday) – (Casey gets “Bella Vida” Tattoo)

0905 14076199286 07/02/08 06:50:09PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Not good. Still hungry. Im going to eat soon

0900 14076199286 07/02/08 09:51:45PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hows the close looking?

0897 14076199286 07/02/08 10:15:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Alright cool. Ill kill time until then

0894 14076199286 07/02/08 10:17:30PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): sounds like a plan love

July 3, 2008 (Thursday) – (Casey, Troy, Melissa to The Lodge)

0929 14076199286 07/03/08 09:46:44PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hey you. You have no hostess

July 4, 2008 (Friday)

0915 14076199286 07/04/08 12:27:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Jp and I are good

0917 14076199286 07/04/08 01:17:38AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Are you serious? Im not joking %-) thats not good at all. Did you check the car just in case?

0918 14076199286 07/04/08 01:19:08AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Where the hell did you put it? Thats crazy

0920 14076199286 07/04/08 01:20:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Jesus :-( do you want me to come back and help you look?

0921 14076199286 07/04/08 01:22:25AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. We just need to find it. Piece of mind right?

0916 14076199286 07/04/08 01:25:17AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Huny :-( god that sucks. It will turn up. No doubt. You going to be up or are you going to bed?

0913 14076199286 07/04/08 01:26:24AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): %-) I feel bad for not paying more attention.

0911 14076199286 07/04/08 01:28:17AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): :-( im sorry love. Let me know if i can help

July 5, 2008 (Saturday) – (Casey takes Tony's car to carwash then picks him up at airport)

0934 14076199286 07/05/08 11:12:52AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What did you forget this morning?

0936 14076199286 07/05/08 11:13:48AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That sucks. Glad its not that far.

July 6, 2008 (Sunday)

0938 14076199286 07/06/08 05:38:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hello love. Whats the verdict? Any luck?

0940 14076199286 07/06/08 05:41:01PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): %-) find jps keys?

0944 14076199286 07/06/08 05:44:49PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha geez. Im sorry hun. Ill help you look before you leave. Might as well

0943 14076199286 07/06/08 05:52:52PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Potentially. Any cover?

July 7, 2008 (Monday) – (Matthew Crisp, Casey at Subway, she said Caylee in Sanford)

0939 14076199286 07/07/08 08:11:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sorry I didnt text you back! I couldnt find my phone. Stupid silent settings. Blah. You know will went back and bought that..oh that boy! Call me later love.

0923 14076199286 07/07/08 08:16:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yes maam! Works for me. Glad you got your appt. Definitely good. Will is too damn sweet I swear.

0954 14076199286 07/07/08 12:36:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you work?

0959 14076199286 07/07/08 02:41:20PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): My mom said it hasnt. Im going to check again later

0960 14076199286 07/07/08 03:30:11PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sounds good. Ill be here

0962 14076199286 07/07/08 03:33:13PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Goodness! Might as well. Right?

0963 14076199286 07/07/08 03:45:34PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha I hate those! Thats all useful stuff though. They have great underwear and bathing suits. I just got underwear on Thursday with melissa

0965 14076199286 07/07/08 03:48:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice! I think I do too sadly

0966 14076199286 07/07/08 03:50:38PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha agreed

0958 14076199286 07/07/08 09:44:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill check my account. Good call.

0955 14076199286 07/07/08 09:56:27PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I appreciate it.. I really wish he could talk to me himself though. It is what it is

July 8, 2008 (Tuesday) – Casey drives Amy to airport, forges $111.01 at Target 11:59am)

0970 14076199286 07/08/08 05:45:43AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): You on your way?

0977 14076199286 07/08/08 05:46:39AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Alright cool. Eta?

0973 14076199286 07/08/08 05:48:11AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im good. Thanks though.

0975 14076199286 07/08/08 05:50:05AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Cool. Ill meet you downstairs

0976 14076199286 07/08/08 06:55:48AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Seriously. Im already back at tonys. Keep me updated on your flight. Be careful love!

0981 14076199286 07/08/08 09:13:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Hope you found some potential latin lovers ;-)

0971 14076199286 07/08/08 10:45:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So..hows the weather?

0983 14076199286 07/08/08 10:47:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice! Glad youre safe! Cant wait to get my happy ass down there

0985 14076199286 07/08/08 03:32:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I can only imagine! The weather here sucks. Boo

0982 14076199286 07/08/08 03:37:03PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I bet!

0978 14076199286 07/08/08 03:49:32PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ew! Stupid bugs

July 10, 2008 (Thursday) – (Casey forged checks: 10:33am $137.77 & 12:00pm $155.47)

0967 14076199286 07/10/08 08:47:37AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): So im looking at a couple more places today and finding a flight tonight :-)

July 11, 2008 (Friday) – (Troy to Puerto Rico, Casey to Fusian Ultra Lounge)

0991 14076199286 07/11/08 07:30:21PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill still call you later..but I don't know if im going to be able to come out there at all. Im going to decide tonight and ill let you know either way. If I do ill be out there early tomorrow morning

July 15, 2008 (Tuesday) – (Casey forges Amy check $250 at 1:24pm, picks Amy up at airport)

0996 14076199286 07/15/08 08:10:16AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I got it. Youre in around 230. Ill see you then!

0990 14076199286 07/15/08 04:53:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I think your camera is at my parents. Ill check later to be sure.

0987 14076199286 07/15/08 05:30:54PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh ok. My mom had texted me something about it

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