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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Dante Salati INTERVIEW 09/08/2008 (Friend of Casey's, Lived at Sawgrass)

Transcribed by "Cleo612" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3. CASE NUMBER - 08-69208
4. SEPTEMBER 8, 2008
7. JA: Alright. This is Sergeant John Allen of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
8. Today's date is Monday, September the 8th, 2008. The time is approximately
9. 1830 hours. Uhm, the following will be a taped interview of Dante Salati, in
10. reference to Orange County Sheriff's Office case number 08-74777. Uhm, first of
11. all, Dante, if you would, please raise your right hand. Uh, do you swear and
12. affirm this statement you're going to give will be the truth?
13. DS: I. do.
14. JA: Okay. Alright, Dante, can you state your full name for me please?
15. DS: Dante Tucker Salati.
16. JA: Alright. And your, your birth date?
17. DS: March (BLACKED OUT).
18. JA: Alrighty. And can you tell me your, could you give me your address?
20. JA: Alright, Dante, uhm that's in the Sawgrass Apartments?
21. DS: Yes, it is.
22. JA: Okay. And before we went on tape you and I had a, a brief conversation about
23. uh, about Casey Anthony and how you, how you came to know her, and uh,
24. uhm, oh, I just got a little bit of background information. Is that correct?
25. DS: Correct.


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. JA: Okay, I want to, I want to go back over that and I want to talk with you a little bit.
2. Uh, uh, first of all uh, of course you know that Sawgrass Apartments has come
3. up uh, in, during the course of our investigation into the disappearance of
4. Casey's daughter, Caylee.
5. DS: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6. JA: Okay? Uh, let me ask you uh, your apartment uh, uhm (BLACKED OUT), where is it in the
7. complex, uh, in relationship to apartment (BLACKED OUT)?
8. DS: It is the next building over.
9. JA: Okay, so uh, give me a, a, a di...how, about how far apart do you think...
10. DS: Uhm...
11. JA: ...your apartment and (BLACKED OUT).
12. DS: Five hundred feet.
13. JA: Five hundred feet? Okay. And how long have you lived at uh, uh Sawgrass
14. Apartments, in apartment (BLACKED OUT)?
15. DS: Three years.
16. JA: You've lived there for three years? Alright. Uhm, have you ever met a Zenaida
17. Gonzalez?
18. DS: No, I have not.
19. JA: Okay. Uhm, uh, have you ever uh, have you ever seen uh, uh, uh, have you
20. ever heard uh, Casey Anthony talk about a Zenaida Gonzalez?
21. DS: No, I have not.
22. JA: Okay. And let me ask you, how, how long have you known Casey?
23. DS: For approximately eight years.
24. JA: Okay, you've known Casey for eight years. And I think earlier you said that, that
25. you went to high school with Casey. Is that correct?


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. DS: Yes.
2. JA: Okay. Alright, uhm, Casey ever been to your apartment?
3. DS: Yes.
4. JA: Okay. And when was the last time Casey was at your apartment?
5. DS: About two years ago.
6. JA: Alrightt, and tell, tell me about that.
7. DS: Uhm, just routine visit. Come by. Uhm, at the time I was dating Annie. Uhm,
8. and Annie and Casey were friends.
9. JA: Okay, and that's Annie Dowling?
10. DS: Yes.
11. JA: Okay. And uh, you and, and I think earlier you said that you and Annie broke up
12. when?
13. DS: Uh, Thanksgiving of '06.
14. JA: Alright. And she moved out of your apartment?
15. DS: February of '07.
16. JA: Okay. Alright. And uhm uhm, uhm, and you uh, you said the last time Casey was
17. at your apartment would have been about, around what date?
18. DS: (Sighs.) I would say it was probably December or January.
19. JA: December or January...
20. DS: '06/07.
21. JA: ...of '06. Okay. Uh, did she ever bring Caylee to your apartment?
22. DS: No.
23. JA: Okay. Alright, uhm, alright. Uh, when was the last time you saw Casey?
24. DS: Uh, July 1st, '08.


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. JA: Okay. And I think earlier you said that uh, you knew it was July 1st because you
2. looked at a credit card receipt?
3. DS: A credit card transaction, yeah (affirmative).
4. JA: Okay. Tell me about that.
5. DS: Uh, we went to Miller's Ale House. A friend of, a mutual friend of ours had come
6. into town, Brandon Snow. Uhm, uh, anytime he comes into town we usually go
7. out, get something to eat. Uhm, so just like any time he comes in that's what we
8. did. Saw Casey there. Uhm, she looked normal.
9. JA: Okay.
10. DS: No weird activity; none of that.
11. JA: Alright, this is in the evening time?
12. DS: Yes.
13. JA: About what time was that?
14. DS: Probably eight o'clock.
15. JA: Alright and who all was at uh, Ale House?
16. DS: Uhm, myself, Brandon Snow, Sean Daly, Cory Scherr, a couple other people.
17. JA: Okay.
18. DS: Daniel.
19. JA: Alright. And uh, I think you said earlier you there about eight o'clock after
20. Brandon had come in from North Carolina? Brandon's in the military?
21. DS: Yes.
22. JA: Okay, and you, you said, I think you said that you guys get togther and do this
23. about three or four times a year?
24. DS: Yes.
25. JA: Is Casey usually there when you guys get together and do this?


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. DS: Uhm, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Casey and Brandon have kind of a weird
2. relationship.
3. JA: When you said weird relationship, what...
4. DS: Uhm, they didn't actually date per se.
5. JA: Okay.
6. DS: Uhm, they did hook up.
7. JA: Okay.
8. DS: Uhm, and that was pretty much it.
9. JA: Okay. Alright. During that uh, on July 1st, uh, that evening that you guys were at
10. the Ale House, did you have, did you get to speak to Casey much at all?
11. DS: Not really.
12. JA: Okay. Did you hear her talk at anything at all about, about Caylee?
13. DS: No.
14. JA: Was there any conversation, any mention of Caylee?
15. DS: No.
16. JA: Okay. Uh, but you said she behaved, behaved normall?
17. DS: Absolutely.
18. JA: Nothing out of the ordinary? Alright, and I think earlier you said she was with
19. somebody?
20. DS: Uhm, no.
21. JA: Okay, uh, uh, did, did you say you had met Tony?
22. DS: She, I, I have never Tony. She was dating Tony.
23. JA: Okay. Alright so she was dating Tony, but Tony wasn't at the Ale House?
24. DS: Correct.
25. JA: She was...


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. DS: Tony was supposedly in New York...
2. JA: Okay.
3. DS: ...at this time.
4. JA: Time, okay. Alright, uhm, (sighs), but earlier you said that uh, uh, we talked a
5. little about who uh, Casey dated in high school. Who, who was that?
6. DS: Kenneth Drewpiski.
7. JA: Okay. And are you and Kenneth friends?
8. DS: Yes.
9. JA: Alrighty. Alright. And uh, when was the last time you saw Drew?
10. DS: Phew, uh, I'd say probably five years ago.
11. JA: Okay.
12. DS: Four years ago.
13. JA: Alrighty. And you, uh, you, you said earlier, uh, you talked a little bit about uh,
14. Casey bringing Caylee into Don Reid Ford when you worked there.
15. DS: Uh-hum (affirmative).
16. JA: Uh, do you re...recall the dates you worked at Don Reid Ford?
17. DS: Uh, January of '08 to June of '08.
18. JA: Okay. And you said at the time Casey was dating somebody. Who was that?
19. DS: Ricardo.
20. JA: Alright. And uh, uhm, uh, when Casey was dating Ri...where did, where did
21. Ricardo work when...
22. DS: He was in the...
23. JA: ...(inaudible).
24. DS: ...business development center.
25. JA: Okay. At Don Reid Ford?


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. DS: Correct.
2. JA: Okay. And you said earlier that Casey would bring Caylee into Don Reid Ford...
3. DS: Yes.
4. JA: ...when, when he and, or when she and Ricardo were dating?
5. DS: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6. JA: Okay. Uh, do you know how long they dated? How long uh...
7. DS: Uh...
8. JA: ...Casey dated Ricardo?
9. DS: It was before January of '08, I didn't know Ricardo before then, uhm, up until
10. probably June. That's the last time I remember.
11. JA: How did you meet Ricardo?
12. DS: Uhm, by working at Don Reid.
13. JA: Okay. Do you know how Casey met Ricardo?
14. DS: No, I do not.
15. JA: Okay. Alright.
16. DS: Actually, you know what? I take that back. yeah (affirmative), I do. Uhm,
17. through Lauren Copple.
18. JA: Lauren? Who is that?
19. DS: A mutual friend.
20. JA: Okay. How do you know Lauren?
21. DS: From working at Don Reid.
22. JA: Okay. And do you know how Casey knows Lauren?
23. DS: Uh, no.
24. JA: Okay. Alright. Alright, and your, uh, with, with regard to Sawgrass, uh, do you
25. know if Casey ever tried to get an apartment at Sawgrass?


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. DS: No.
2. JA: Okay. Uh, no, you don't know, or no, you don't think she did?
3. DS: No, I don't know.
4. JA: Okay. And the last time, the very last time you know that Casey was at
5. Sawgrass would have been a couple years ago?
6. DS: Yeah (affirmative).
7. JA: Alright. Uhm, and you're never met Zenaida Gonzalez?
8. DS: Never.
9. JA: Okay. And you're known Casey for how long?
10. DS: About eight years.
11. JA: About eight years?
12. DS: Uh-hum (affirmative).
13. JA: And do you think if Casey would come in there to drop her child off at an
14. apartment five hundred feet away uhm, on a regular basis, uh, do you think you
15. would have had some idea that was going on it?
16. DS: I believe so, yes.
17. JA: Okay. Alright. Casey ever say anything to you ever about Zenaida or about uh,
18. uh, did she ever mention to you that, that her babysitter lived in the same
19. complex you live in?
20. DS: No.
21. JA: Okay. Alright. Do you know anybody that lives in that building over, is that
22. where uh, building 210 is? Uh, do you, or are you (inaudible)...
23. DS: I used to.
24. JA: Who, who did you know that lived in that building?
25. DS: Uh, my friend Alicia.


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

1. JA: Alicia? And where did Alicia live?
2. DS: She lived in, I don't, I don't remember what number it is, but if you're looking at
3. the building...
4. JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).
5. DS: ...it's the one all the way on the left, on the 2nd floor.
6. JA: Okay. Does Casey know Alicia?
7. DS: No.
8. JA: Okay. Alright. Do you know if Casey knows anybody else that lives in uh, or, or
9. lived in Sawgrass?
10. DS: No.
11. JA: Okay. So you've known Casey for eight years and uh, to your knowledge you're
12. the only person that Casey knows uh, uh, living in Sawgrass apartments?
13. DS: Correct.
14. JA: Okay. Alright, is there anything else you think that you can uh, that you can tell
15. us that would be helpful with us in locating Caylee or, or figuring what happened
16. to Caylee?
17. DS: Nothing comes to mind.
18. JA: Alright, Dante, I appreciate your time. The time is approximately uh, 1840 and
19. this concludes the interview.
20. End of recorded statement.
21. This transcript was reviewed for accuracy.
Sergeant John Allen, OCSO Deputy Sheriff


Salati, Dante/Case #08-74777/GG

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