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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Gary Ridgeway INTERVIEW 07/24/2008 (Tow Truck Driver with Johnson's Wrecker Service)

Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER - 08-069208
4 JULY 24, 2008
7 JW: Alright, I'm Detective White with the uh, Orange County Sheriff's Office Domestic
8 Violence Unit. Today is uh, July 24, 2008. And it's 9:57 a.m. And we're at 7777
9 Narcoossee Road, Johnson's Wrecker. And I am with Gary,. what's your last
10 name?
11 GR: Ridgeway.
12 JW: Ridgeway? R-I-D-G-E?
13 GR: R-I-D-G-E-W-A- Y
14 JW: Alrighty. And what's your date of birth?
15 GR: Uh, June 1st, '60, 1966.
16 JW: 1966? And what's a, what's a good address for you?
17 GR: Uh, (BLACKED OUT), Orlando, Florida 32825
18 JW: Alrighty. And how about a phone number for you?
20 JW: Alright. And where are you currently employed at?
21 GR: Uh, Johnson's Wrecker Service.
22 JW: Alrighty. Which uh, there's like three offices, right, three or four offices. Which
23 office are you out of?
24 GR: Uh, 7777 Narcoossee Road.

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JW: Okay. Uhm, did you come into contact with a uhm, with a, a white Pontiac a few,
2 a week or so ago?
3 GR: Oh, it was a, more than a week, It, well was it about a least a month ago.
4 JW: Okay. Uhm, I have uh, I guess your, your guy's uh, tow paperwork here,
5 GR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6 JW: Uhm, let me give you a show of it and uhm, just let me know if you recognize.
7 GR: Yeah (affirmative), that's uh, June 30th. Yeah (affirmative), a dispatch for private
8 property removal.
9 JW: Okay.
10 GR: And uhm, from uh, Amscot.
11 JW; Okay. Uhm, tell me how that works out. Do you get, do you get called exactly
12 from, from Amscot or do they call the yard and the yard call you? Tell me how
13 you get dispatched.
14 GR: Uhm, I assume they call our yard. I get dispatched from our dispatch office, the
15 uh, west office.
16 JW; Oh, the one out on uh ...
17 GR: Yeah (affirmative).
18 JW: ... Wilmer?
19 GR: Right.
20 JW: Okay.
21 GR: On Wilmer, the dispatch. I was called. Uh, whoever's up next in the rotation
22 we're called and then we go to where we're dispatched to, which was Amscot at
23 this point in time.
24 JW: Okay.

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

1 GR: They reported they had a car on the side. I had the private property removal
2 sheet filled out. They signed off on it. The car itself was parked next to the
3 dumpster.
4 JW: Uh-hum (affirmative).
5 GR: Near there, nosed in.
6 JW: Right.
7 GR: Being a front wheel drive car I checked to see if it was unlocked because
8 sometimes you can put them in neutral. and move them, but it was locked.
9 JW: Right.
10 GR: So I hooked up to the rear and I had the sling dollies, which is basically the small
11 wheels with the rack so you don't have to pull on the drive axle. And I just put
12 the domes in the front, on the front wheels, because I hooked up from the rear.
13 And I towed it in. And that's it. I didn't notice anything different or anything about
14 the car. The only thing I did, I did notice that stood out in my mind was a child
15 seat in the backseat.
16 JW: Uh-hum (affirmative).
17 GR: And I thought it was irresponsible as hell to be leaving a car like that if you have
18 a child that young.
19 JW: Right.
20 GW: And that's the only thing. I didn't notice anything different
21 JW: Uh, did you notice a odor coming from the car or anything?
22 GW: No.
23 JW: Alright.
24 GW: I will, however, I will say this. I just started back here, I think it was on the back
25 side of a cold, and ...

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JW: Oh, so you couldn't smell anything?
2 GW: E ... even if I, if it was something I probably wouldn't have noticed it.
3 JW: Okay. Alright, so tell me this. Uhm, so you drive over to the Amscot. When you
4 get there you fill out this form, in the parking lot? Because you need the v.i.n.
5 (vehicle identification number) and all the rest of that stuff?
6 GW: Yeah (affirmative), well I walk in and find out where the, which car it is and then I
7 walk over to it and then yeah (affirmative), I fill out the information on the car.
8 Then I go back in and, and have her sign off on it. The manager of the location.
9 JW: So the manager says, that's the car. I want it gone?
10 GW: Right
11 JW: So you say, alrighty. The signs are posted, everything else. This is a lawful tow.
12 You hook it.
13 GW: Right.
14 JW: Alright, so you get it back here to, to uh, 7777 North Na... is it North Narcoossee
15 or just Narcoossee? Alright, so you get it back to 7777.
16 GW: (Inaudible.)
17 JW: .... Narcoossee Road. What do you do?
18 GW: Oh, I drop it in the yard where we have a li, .. a, pretty much private property tow. Uh,
19 I put that, yeah (affirmative), around by the UCF lot. We got different
20 sections of the lot. So the private property two removals, or I put it there, and
21 drop it, and come back in and turn the paperwork in. Usually we have to call it in
22 talked to Simon it's just a form we will out and faxed it and then it was out of my
23 hands,
24 JW: Okay, If this was night time would you have called the Sheriff's Office, or report
25 your tow, or do you still fax it?

Ridgeway, Gary/case #08-069208/GG

1 GW: Uh, I went, I went and talked to dispatch on that.
2 JW: Okay.
3 GW: So I don't know about that. And, and it wasn't night.
4 JW: So being that it's daytime you just bring your paperwork in the, to uh, to the
5 office, either Simon or the lady up front?
6 GW: Right.
7 JW: And you say, the tow's done. The car's out in the lot? Here, you go. And you,
8 uh, you're up in line for next?
9 GW: Right.
10 JW: Or you go back into the line?
11 GW: Yeah (affirmative), after just completion of my uh, the tow for me.
12 JW: Uh-hum (affirmative).
13 GW: And then turn in my paperwork and I keep my paperwork and, and then I'm next
14 on rotation.
15 JW: Alright. How long do you think that whole process took?
16 GW: Uh, it'd take about an hour to an hour and a half. Yeah (affirmative), those are
17 times right there.
18 JW: Okay. Okay, so you get dispatched at, at 8:50 a.m.?
19 GW: And, and at, yup (affirmative), 0850. I'm there at 0906. I'm leaving there at
20 0916. It took ten minutes to hook it up and go. And then I'm done with, at ten
21 o'clock.
22 JW: So a little over a hour. Maybe an hour and ten minutes?
23 GW: Exactly.
24 JW: Traffic. You probably could have got that done forty-five minutes what? if, if there
25 was better traffic out?

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

1 GW: Yeah (affirmative), well, a lot of times here it is like it takes a little longer here
2 because you're dropping dollies and hooking the truck back up. I don't know if I
3 got fuel or not. Sometimes....
4 JW: Put the truck back the way it...
5 GW: Right.
6 JW: Okay.
7 GW: (Unintelligible) like there's other, just little extenuating circumstances.
8 JW: Did you notice any uh, damage to, to the car when you get it? Do you do like a,
9 a check...
10 GW: Yeah (affirmative). ...
11 JW: and walk around?
12 GW: Well uh, when we turn it in uh, whatever, here's a copy. Well there it is. Now I
13 would have marked it.
14 JW: Okay. Okay. Uhm, has anything since, you know I know uhm, Johnson's, you
15 and people at the office have kind of been following the case on the news that
16 you seen on TV. Has anything uh, refreshed your memory, you know, seeing it
17 on TV, uhm, from your tow? Has anything else stuck out in your head?
18 GW: No.
19 JW: Alright. And do you have any other information you think we need to know
20 about?
21 GW: No, no.
22 JW: Alright. Raise your right hand? Do you swear the information you provided is
23 true and accurate to the best of your knowledge?
24 GW: I do.

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JW: Alright. Well it's still July 24, 2008. It is 10:03 a.m. and that'll conclude that
2 interview.
3 End of recorded statement.
4 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.

Ridgeway, Gary/Case #08-069208/GG

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