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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Jamie Realander INTERVIEW 08/19/2008 (Temporary "Shot girl" at Fusian Ultra Lounge)

Transcribed by "Scooter" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER -08-069208
4 AUGUST 19, 2008
7 YM: Alright, the date right now is August 19, 2008. The time right now is 0751 hours.
8 I'm Detective Melich with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, reference to
9 Orange County case number 08-069208. I'm at the uh, Orange County Central
10 Operations building with uh, Jamie Realander. And Jamie, would you please
11 state your name and birthday for the record?
12 JR: Jamie Lynn Realander [BLACKED OUT]
13 YM: And Jamie you're aware this is being recorded?
14 JR: Uhm, at the Sheriff's Office.
15 YM: No, are you aware that this is being recorded?
16 JR: Oh, yes, I am aware (chuckles).
17 YM: Any objection to that?
18 JR: No, that's fine.
19 YM: Okay. I called you yesterday and asked, that I wanted to ask to, to speak with
20 you about the Casey Anthony case.
21 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative)
22 YM: Uhm, you agreed to come over here this morning and then sit down and talk to
23 me.
24 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative).


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 YM: Uh, I appreciate that. We uh, we sat here for a couple of minutes and went over a
2 little bit about what you knew about Casey and uh, a little history on how long
3 you've known her and then where you knew her from. Also, any conversations
4 you had with her. And just to briefly go over this, you said that you met her at
5 Fusion uh, on or about the 23rd of May?
6 JR: Yes.
7 YM: And you remember that date because?
8 JR: That was the weekend that I broke up with my boyfriend, huh.
9 YM: Okay. And what did you know about her and Fusion?
10 JR: Uhm, I just knew that she managed the shot girls and that she was just there to,
11 for their uhm, well being, to make sure nothing happened to them. Make sure
12 everybody had equal amount of time at the door and doing, you know, walking
13 around.
14 YM: Okay, so when you met her she was managing the shot girls?
15 JR: Yes.
16 YM: That was her role?
17 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative)
18 YM: And did uhm, did you get to know her over, I guess you met her in May and
19 about a month and a half, did you get to know her at all? What type of
20 person was she to you?
21 JR: Uhm, to me she uhm, acted as the big sister. She was very nice. Uhm, never, I
22 mean she seemed like an all around good person.
23 YM: Did she ever mention, uh, the fact that she had a child at all back when you first
24 met her?


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JR: No. No, when I first met her I didn't know she had a child. Uhm, I found out
2 through Face Book that in one of her photo albums it was titled, "My Family."
3 Granted, there were pictures of a kid, but there were also pictures of other family
4 members.
5 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6 JR: So I didn't know if Caylee was hers or a niece.
7 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
8 JR: Uhm, I never really asked until uhm, a little while later.
9 YM: OKay. After you met her did you have an opportunity to actually work at Fusion
10 as a, as a, as I guess a shooter girl or ?
11 JR: I did uhm, two times probably because the, one of the girls that worked there I
12 was friends with. And when the other two shot girls quit uhm,they needed
13 somebody to cover for that night because it was last minute, minute. So my
14 friend Erica and I both helped out uhm, a couple of nights, just so they could hire
15 new people.
16 YM: And this was after Nicole and Crystal left as working as shooter girls and you,
17 you'd stepped in to help out, correct?
18 JR: Yes.
19 YM: Alright. And one of the days you said you worked it was on the 11th of July. Do
20 you remember the, the day, the other day that you worked there? Was it....
21 JR: Uhm, it wasn't...
22 YM: Obviously it was before.
23 JR: ...it wasn't the Fourth of July weekend because they were closed. It was the
24 weekend before that.
25 YM: Okay. So that would be June 27th?


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JR: Yes.
2 YM: Alright. so you worked there June 27th and July 11th?
3 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
4 YM: Uhm, at any time during the two times you were working there, did Casey
5 make any indication to you that something was wrong in her life, that someone
6 was missing in her life, or anything like that that you can remember?
7 JR: She was very content. Always you know, happy. Had a smile on her face. Uhm,
8 I remember I liked her smile, very cheerful. Uhm, no, she never acted different
9 towards anybody or anything never seemed like anything was on her mind.
10 YM: Never gave any indication that something was wrong in her life, or maybe she
11 needed help?
12 JR: No, never. I mean I'm, I'm a very uhm, when it comes to my friends or anybody
13 that you know, I feel like is close to me then I'm willing to help them. But I didn't
14 feel like she ever needed that.
15 YM: Okay. And uhm, you say on the 15th you remember you, you actually specifically
16 said the date that uh, I guess she got arrested that you had gotten calls. You
17 had talked to her a lot of times throughout the day. I brought up a, a phone list
18 over here just so we can, we can verify and make sure the dates and times. I'm
19 looking at a highlighted area, it say here, uh, July 15, 2008, 1135 in the morning.
20 Uh, it says Jamie Lynn, PBS phone book. She entered you in her phone book.
21 Do you remember a conversation that you had with her, or that conversation on
22 the 15th?
23 JR: Uhm, I do. We talked about a couple issues at Fusion. Just that uhm, whether
24 or not we're going to work any more after the incident we had the Friday prior,
25 which I think we discussed was the 11th.


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
2 JR: Uhm, and I told her no, I probably wasn't going to. Uhm, it's not what I was
3 there, I wasn't there to be hired. I was just there for uhm ....
4 YM: To help.
5 JR: To help out until they could hire somebody else. Uhm, we had just had a casual
6 conversation also about what she was doing during the day. She had said, "I'm
7 going to Universal, " to her job at Universal. She had a couple things to do there.
8 Uhm, that was pretty much it. Well she also mentioned something about
9 Caylee in which we just, just pretty much discussed the fact that Caylee was her
10 daughter because of the photo albums I saw on-line I didn't know if Caylee was
11 hers. Maybe she'd uhm, we just talked about that, Caylee's hers, and that her
12 birthday was the next month really. Other than that I don't remember too much
13 about that conversation.
14 YM: Okay. And I guess you text messaged her a couple of times. Was it all in
15 relation to what happened that Friday or....
16 JR: Yeah (affirmative), as in relation to Fusion.
17 YM: And just so the record's clear, what happened at Fusion that, the night before or
18 that....
19 JR: Uhm....
20 YM: ...Friday before?
21 JR: The Friday before. What happened at Fusion was that there were a bunch of
22 uhm, people there with the same group. And one of them ended up scratching
23 the other girl's stomach when...
24 YM: Erica's?


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JR: Erica's stomach. He had grabbed her. Uhm, and then instead of having a big
2 incident happen they sent all of us home. Uhm, we were all pretty shook up
3 about it because that's not suppose to happen. You're not supposed to you
4 know....
5 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
6 JR: ...grab or scratch anybody for that matter.
7 YM: So it had nothing to do with Casey? It just had to do with uh...
8 JR: Right.
9 YM: ...a guy at the club and Erica?
10 JR: Who was working and who wasn't going to be doing that anymore.
11 YM: Okay. And you described Casey as generally a happy person , uh, no difference
12 in her personality? She's very protective of the girls, considered maybe an older
13 sister?
14 JR: Right.
15 YM: Or played the older sister role? Alright. Uh, I asked you before how, how she
16 held liquor, how, how much, what was she like at the club, how many she drank,
17 and you said you, you, she would normally tell you that she was doing what?
18 JR: Well, she was drinking water.
19 YM: Okay.
20 JR: And I mean I saw the glass. It had ice in it. It looked like water. I know, I mean it
21 didn't look like Sprite because there was no fizz or anything, but...
22 YM: Right.
23 JR: I mean it was one of those regular water glasses you see at a restaurant.
24 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative)
25 JR: I mean it's pretty big if she's drinking something other than that.


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 YM: Okay. But you mentioned one occasion uh, I guess where all the photos are
2 when she was wearing a blue dress?
3 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
4 YM: And she was working as, I guess she was managing the shooter girls?
5 JR: But it was the, it was the grand re, oh, not...
6 YM: Grand re-opening?
7 JR: ...so much a grand re-opening.
8 YM: When was that?
9 JR: May 23rd, was that the Friday?
10 YM: Okay. So that was the first day you actually met her was on the 23rd?
11 JR: Right.
12 YM: So that's the grand re-opening too?
13 JR: I think, yes.
14 YM: Okay. And at that time she had, she had been drinking. She say why or just
15 just...
16 JR: I, I just...
17 YM: ...she was having problems?
18 JR: ..I just remember her saying that was the only time that she drank. And she
19 that was the only reason she got up on stage was because she had been
20 drinking.
21 YM Okay. Do you know anything about Casey uhm, what kind of drugs that Casey
22 liked? Is she liked uhm, what she liked to use, or what she liked to....
23 JR: (Sighs)
24 YM: ..to pop, or what she liked to smoke?


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JR: No. Actually, during the course of knowing Casey I never, ever recall her
2 mentioning drugs at all. I didn't even know she did drugs. I mean I knew from
3 photos that she drank, but...
4 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
5 JR: ..other than that I didn't know anything about drugs. Never was offered or
6 anything.
7 YM: Okay. So she never offered hey, if you, if you want something I, I can arrange it
8 for you, or hey, let's go into the bathroom. Let's smoke this, or hey take these
9 pills? Anything like that?
10 JR: No. She never encouraged anything on, uh, as far as I'm concerned. I don't
11 know about the other girl's, but uhm, she never encouraged anything on me. I
12 don't think she ever encouraged anything on the other girls as well. But uhm, I
13 never even heard her speak of drugs.
14 YM: Did any girls, or anyone in the club come to you and say hey, if you're looking for
15 this Casey's got a hook up. Casey can, can get this for us. You ever hear
16 that...
17 JR: Uhm...
18 YM: ..in the club?
19 JR: ...I never heard anything about that.
20 YM: Okay. And as far as uhm, as far as Caylee is concerned, obviously you know up
21 until now what's happened and what the investigation has gone. You've only
22 known her for a very short time.
23 JR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
24 YM: And granted, you said she was a happy person. No difference in personality.
25 What do you think happened? What's your opinion? Uh...


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 JR: My opinion, and I thought about this just because of the person that I knew
2 versus what I've seen. She, I don't, uh, I don't want to believe that she hurt the
3 child and in my best opinion from the person I knew the only thing I can think of is
4 that either there was an accident...
5 YM: Hmm.
6 JR: ..that maybe she was trying to cover up. Like maybe it wasn't intentional and it
7 was an accident. Or maybe (sighs), she knew of somebody, I mean obviously if
8 it was a hostage thing then you guys would know more about that. But I, part of,
9 me doesn't want to believe that that Casey had anything to do with it just
10 because of the the person that I knew.
11 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
12 JR: But I mean obviously I'm open for anything.
13 YM: And just to clarify, on the 15th the conversation that you had with her regarding
14 Caylee, did she say anything on that conversation on the 15th that, that, that she
15 was in danger, that Caylee was hurt, or Caylee was missing, or anything like
16 that...
17 JR: She didn't...
18 YM: ..on July 15th?
19 JR: No, she never said anything about her missing or hurt.
20 YM: Okay. Is there anything else about Casey Anthony or Caylee Anthony or about
21 this, I guess the whole incident I haven't asked you about you think might be
22important or you wanted to share?
23 JR: Uhm, I really don't know as much as maybe other people would have. And the
24 only times I hung out with her were really at Fusion. I don't really recall actually


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 seeing her out of Fusion. I was suppose to hang out with her one night out of
2 Fusion.
3 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative)
4 JR: Which she uhm, not that you bring to my attention, she did call me and say she
5 couldn't hang out. She was with another friend in downtown. She had just
6 gotten a speeding ticket and that she uhm, she said she was just going to stay in
7 Orlando if we wanted to drive out there. And...
8 YM: And the re...the reason she didn't hang out was because she had just gotten a
9 speeding ticket?
10 JR: Right. She was in Orlando. She had to run with a friend to Orlando.
11 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative)
12 JR: We live out in G...Oviedo.
13 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative)
14 JR: And so she was like well, she was going to pick us up. She said, "NO, well we're
15 just going to hang out in Orlando." And then later when I called that night to see
16 what she was doing and uhm, or, no, not that night. The next morning I called
17 her to see how she was and she said that she was uhm, she had just gotten
18 really drunk and I guess she got really sick and that was pretty much it. So that,
19 that's probably the only time that I actually remember her drinking.
20 YM: Do you remember uh, when this was in relation to, I guess the time you met her?
21 Was it closer to the time you met her? Closer to the, the last time you talked to
22 her?
23 JR: It was, uhm, probably close, it was like right in the middle really. Because uh...
24 YM: So...
25 JR: ...because I actually wanted to...


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 YM: ...Sometime in the middle of June?
2 JR: Yeah (affirmative). Probably sometime in the middle of June. Because I actually
3 wanted to hang out with her because I could see myself being good friends with
4 her.
5 YM: Uh-hum (affirmative)
6 JR: From the person I knew.
7 YM: Right, right.
8 JR: I didn't know she did, I don't know if she did drugs. I don't know if she, you
9 know, I didn't know she drank all that much because every time I saw her she
10 had a glass of water. But that time and the first night I believe when she was
11 wearing the blue dress were the only two times that I knew that she was actually
12 drinking.
13 YM: Okay. So you never hung out with her outside of Fusion, even though you, I
14 guess you had arranged to but....
15 JR: Well but...
16 YM: ... something fell through?
17 JR: Right, it fell though and uhm, we never actually hung out with her outside
18 Fusion.
19 YM: She tell you anything about going to school? Where she was going to school or
20 did she mention anything to you at all?
21 JR: I don't think she mentioned to me that she was in school, no.
22 YM: Okay.
23 JR: I just know she recently moved to the area.
24 YM: From where?
25 JR: From, I guess from uhm, Lee Vista or wherever her parents are from


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

1 YM: Okay. Did she say where she was staying? Did...
2 JR: She didn't say where she was staying. She just said she moved, I thought she
3 said Lee Vista something.
4 YM: Okay.
5 JR: Or something like that.
6 YM: Okay.
7 JR: Uhm, but I don't, uhm, other than that, that's all I, I don't really know.
8 YM: Okay. Do me a favor? Raise your right hand. Do you swear and affirm
9 everything you just told me is the truth?
10 JR: I do.
11 YM: Okay.
12 End of recorded statement.
13 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.
17 ______________________________


Relander, Jamie/Case #08-069208/GG

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