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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Maria Kissh INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Roy House's girlfriend)


Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER - 08-069208
4 JULY 17,2008
7 PR: This is Detective Rivera with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Today's date is
8 July 17,2008. The time is 1718 hours (BLACKED OUT)
9 Kissimmee, Florida, at Mrs. Maria M. Kissh's residence. Uh, Maria, uhm, how do
10 you know uh, Casey Anthony?
11 MK: Uh, she was my boyfriend's, friend's girlfriend.
12 PR: Your boyfriend's friend girlfriend?
13 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative). And they used to live together. So ....
14 PR: And what's his friend's, your boyfriend's friend's name?
15 MK: Uhm, Tony Lazaro. And so that's how I, I met her uhm, out and then
16 subsequently saw her several times at his apartment.
17 PR: His apartment?
18 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative).
19 PR: Okay.
20 MK: And that's also where I saw uhm, her with Caylee.
21 PR: And what day was that?
22 MK: I don't know the exact date. I know it was after June 9th.
23 PR: It.. .. After June 9th?
24 MK: After June 9th, It had to have been that very week. So maybe it....
25 PR: Do you remember the day?

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: I don't. Maybe a couple days after.
2 PR: Do. you remember which day of the week it was? If I give you a calendar do you
3 think you'd be able ....
4 MK: I looked at a calendar. I tried to figure it out. It was frustrating me. Uhm, it had
5 to have been like a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday of that week. And ....
6 PR: Of the week somewhere around the 9th? How many ...
7 MK: I think ....
8 PR: ... a couple days after the 9th?
9 MK: Yeah (affirmative), like if I think the 9th. I was looking at a calendar. The 9th was
10 Monday.
11 PR: Okay.
12 MK: So it had to have been like ...
13 PR: Well a few days after?
14 MK: ... the 10th, 11th or 12th, uh, around then.
15 PR: Okay. And you saw her at Tony Lazaro's ....
16 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative).
17 PR: ... residence?
18 MK: And uhm, Clint has already, my boyfriend's already talked to you guys. He,
19 because he was there when he saw her.
20 PR: Okay, somebody ...
21 MK:ˇ So, so, uh-hum (affirmative).
22 PR: He already talked to someone? Okay.
23 MK: Because he's already contacted Orange County.
24 PR: And what can you tell me about your encounter with her and the, and the
25 daughter?

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: Uhm, I only, I met the daughter only once and it was evidently according to
2 everybody, or you know, uh, that was the last time she was really seen by any of
3 her boyfriend's friends. Uhm, I, I had talked to my boyfriend ....
4 PR: But that was June, right?
5 MK: That was in June.
6 PR: That's about two, a month ago, a month and a half ago.
7 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative).
8 PR: Okay.
9 MK: Uhm, I had talked to my boyfriend earlier in the afternoon while was at work and
10 he said that Casey's daughter was over and uhm, he was just telling me about
11 her and how you know, she was really cute and talkative to all the guys and
12 everything. And uhm, I was supposed to go over there that evening after work
13 and I went over there probably around uhm, I want to say 7:00 p.m. and she
14 actually, the little girl was actually the one who opened the door ....
15 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
16 MK: ... to the apartment. And they were there for a little while. And uhm, Clint and I
17 had to leave to go get dinner. And I was out on, I remember this vividly because
18 it just, gut instinct, I'm not a mom, but gut instinct something doesn't sit right with
19 me. You know, I was out on the balcony with her and there's a lake. And I was
20 asking her if she was seen, if she saw any alligators and she was pointing out the
21 birds. Clint came out to the balcony and got me and said we needed to go. And
22 uhm, you know I didn't, I didn't want to leave her alone on the balcony by herself.
23 That's dangerous. And uh,I know, there wasn't ever anything obviously wrong,
24 but there was always something that was a little off and that struck me as odd.
25 Uhm, she was over there all the time .. Uhm, I would talk to my boyfriend in the

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: afternoon between his classes and she would be over there. Uhm, I get off work
2 anywhere between five to seven-thirty, and she would be over there. And I found
3 that odd considering she had claimed you know, she had a full-time job and she
4 also had a daughter to take care of. Uhm, but I, you know, chalked it up to her
5 having a new boyfriend and also having parents in town Who could uhm, help her
6 take care of the child.
7 PR: So you find that it odd that the kid was always at uhm: Caylee, right?
8 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative).
9 PR: She was always at her boyfriend's house?
10 MK: She had start, she had come over there a couple times. Uhm, but I found it odd
11 that Casey herself was always over at Tony's house without her daughter.
12 And she would spend the night a lot.
13 PR: Okay.
14 MK: And uh, you know, she always, she told all of uh, it , she was either with her
15 parent, with her, Casey's parents or Caylee's grandparents?
16 PR: When was this? After June 9th?
17 MK: This was uhm, after June 9th.
18 PR: When was the last time you saw Casey?
19 MK: Casey? It was the end of June. It may have been June ....
20 PR: And then ....
21 MK: ... 20th if that's a Friday.
22 PR: June 20th?
23 MK: That's if....
24 PR: And then she was telling you that she's at her mom's house, grandma's house or
25 mom's house?

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: Uhm, the last time I saw her (sighs), I'm trying to get my dates right. It was
2 Friday, the 20th ...
3 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
4 MK: ... because a group of us had gone out. And she had pretty much stayed with
5 Tony the entire weekend. Stayed at his house. And it was a Saturday morning,
6 or a Sunday morning, and I asked her where Caylee was and she said she was
7 at the beach with her nanny. And I found that a little odd. But I'm not, you know,
8 I'm not going to question ...
9 PR: With nanny?
10 MK: ... that
11 PR: And then, and just go back to the lake. You said that she was out on the balcony
12 and you find it odd that when you were leaving ...
13 MK: I just find, I just uh, uh, not anything you know, obviously wrong. But I just find it
14 odd that a mother of a, you know, two year old would leave her daughter, you
15 know, trust us enough to watch her daughter out on a balcony. And I didn't want,
16 you know I could have walked away, gone, left the apartment with my boyfriend
17 and left her daughter out on the balcony alone if ....
18 PR: And there's a lake right in front of it?
19 MK: Uhm, yeah (affirmative).
20 PR: Where the child could easily walk, could have walked over to?
21 MK: It was, we were on the second story.
22 PR: Oh, second story.
23 MK: But uhm, that still doesn't make it safe obviously.
24 PR: (Inaudible) see you guys, you guys are (unintelligible) strangers because you
25 didn't know Casey that well ....

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: Right.
2 PR: ... for her to trust you to be with her ...
3 MK: Right. I wouldn't, you know ....
4 PR: ... child?
5 MK: Yeah (affirmative). And I just found it odd she was in Tony's room uhm, and her
6 daughter was in the living room with a group of us. And she was just, you know,
7 sitting there and uhm, I actually had to help her put her own, put Caylee's shoes
8 and socks on. I, the mother was with Tony. I don't know. There was just a, a
9 certain lack of, I don't. ...
10 PR: Lack of care?
11 MK: Uh, yeah (affirmative). You know, a two year old can't tie their own shoes kind of
12 thing. And uh, I would think a mother would know not to leave. You know ....
13 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
14 MK: ...let her daughter wander out onto a balcony alone, uhm, even if it's enclosed, or
15 has a, you know, a ledge ....
16 PR: Okay.
17 MK: ... or fence, or you know.
18 PR: Uhm, anything that you've heard through friends, uhm, any comment Casey's ....
19 MK: Uhm ....
20 PR: ... friends have made about...
21 MK: I can tell you ....
22 PR: ... their relationship, or about the mother and, and, and child relationship with
23 them?
24 MK: Uhm, I'll just tell you I guess things that I have randomly heard her tell me. She
25 told me she worked at Universal. I knew that wasn't true because she was over

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 at Tony's apartment every day. I was like there's no way she has a nine to five
2 job.
3 PR: Uh:-hum (affirmative).
4 MK: She said she had a nanny and she was very adamant about pointing out the fact
5 that she paid her nanny four hundred bucks a week to take care of Caylee. She
6 said the nanny was a friend. She never gave a name. Uhm, she said the father
7 of Caylee was deceased.
8 PR: Did she mention his name, what he did for a living?
9 MK: She never mentioned, she didn't mention anything about him. Uhm, just that he
10 had died and that having Caylee was meant to be kind of thing.
11 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
12 MK: Uhm, what else did she say? Oh, she said that she lived with her parents off of
13 Narcoossee Road, and that...
14 PR: Who lived with her parents?
15 MK: That Casey and Caylee lived with her parents off Narcoossee Road. And that
16 her parents, this was sometime beginning of July timeframe. She said her
17 parents moved out and left Casey and Caylee the house. Uhm, that was rather
18 generous, but.
19 PR: Just uh, and left them uh, the house?
20 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative).
21 PR: Okay. Anything else?
22 MK: Uhm, I'm trying to think. There's, I'm sure probably later tonight or tomorrow I'll
23 think of some, you know, thing, but those are the main.
24 PR: How was Tony's relationship with the child?

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 MK: It was good. I thought, I actually remember there was uhm, one time Clint and I
2 were in the car and I told him, I said, "That's really, it's really cool that Tony
3 doesn't mind that Casey has a child and that she brings the child around." Tony
4 didn't seem to mind at all and he seemed to like it and all, you know. Tonis
5 roommates and Clint and I thought she was, she was the cutest thing.
6 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
7 MK: Uhm, so at, at least as far as I know Tony didn't mind at all. Uhm ....
8 PR: And treated her well?
9 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative). She did but you know everything for him. She, you know,
10 he wouldn't, he didn't even have to ask and she would, she would come over
11 there. I don't, he rarely, I don't think he ever stayed the night out at her place.
12 She always stayed with him, Uhm, I would just call Clint in the middle of the
13 afternoon because he, he had stayed with Tony for a few weeks uhm, while he
14 was ...
15 PR: After June 9th?
16 MK: Yes, while he was looking for a place to live. And uhm ....
17 PR: So uh, Casey was staying with Tony?
18 MK: Hmm?
19 PR: Casey was basically staying over at Tony's?
20 MK: Basically, uh-hum (affirmative). And I knew this because Clint, my boyfriend,
21 was staying there for a few weeks while he was looking for a new apartment.
22 Uhm, and I would, I would call Clint in the mid ... in the middle of the afternoon
23 with his breaks between classes and she would just be over there hanging out.
24 And she was always, you know, fixing him dinner. Uhm, she would go out,
25 actually I know we went out the 20th.

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: You, Casey and everybody?
2 MK: It was a big group.
3 PR: Tony and (inaudible)?
4 MK: She, yeah (affirmative), she was out. Uhm, I know that because I saw pictures
5 and they were dated. Uhm, I think the 13th also. I think the Friday before
6 because (inaudible), ...
7 PR: You also went out?
8 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative). And I'm not quite sure because Clint and I went
9 somewhere different. But uhm, there was this you know, like white party the next
10 Friday after the 20th. So the 27th ...
11 PR: A white party?
12 MK: Like you wear all white and ..
13 PR: Okay.
14 MK: ... and whatever. I know she was, she had been talking about that. Uhm, so I
15 don't know if she went out that.. ..
16 PR: Okay.
17 MK: ... time but uhm, a couple weeks ago she contacted me saying you know, that,
18 and asked me if I was going to Dragon Room on a Thursday. And I said,
19 "Oh, well think so," Uhm, "Are you going?" And she said, "Oh, yeah (affirmative), I'm
20 going to go." And I was like, "Oh, okay. I, I'll, I guess I'll see you out there," And
21 I never uhm, saw her. So I guess she didn't go out.
22 PR: And you went out there?
23 MK: Uh-hum (affirmative). I didn't see her.
24 PR: And what date was that approximately?
25 MK: Uhm, uh, when, when was the first Thursday of July?

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: Uhm, the 3rd.
2 MK: I think it, it may have been.
3 PR: The day before uh, July 4th?
4 MK: I think it was the 3rd of July.
5 PR: Okay. You have any questions?
6 MK: Uhm, no. If I think of something, or anything ....
7 PR: Please let us know.
8 MK: I'll just give you a call.
9 PR: Yeah (affirmative).
10 MK: I know I don't have extremely important information, but...
11 PR: Do you know where to reach us?
12 MK: You gave me your number. Is there a better number that I should call?
13 PR: Here, uh, that one and this is the uh, the office phone number.
14 MK: Okay. And with your extension.
15 PR: (BLACKED OUT) is 1734 hours and uhm, Maria, do you swear/affirm everything you
16 told me is true and correct?
17 MK: Yes, I do.
18 PR: Okay, This concludes this interview.
19 End of recorded statement.
20 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.

Kissh, Maria/Case #O8-069208/GG

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