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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Sean Daly INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Close Friend of Casey Anthony)


Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER - 08-069208
4 JULY 17, 2008
7 PR: Okay, today's date is July 17,2008. The time is 1909 hours. Here investigating
8 case number 08-069208. I'm here present with, please state your name?
9 SD: Sean Daly.
10 PR: Okay. And do you have a Id. (identification) card?
11 SD: Uh, yeah (affirmative), a license?
12 PR: (Inaudible). Oh, okay. Is this your current address?
13 SD: Oh, yes. What me to shut that?
14 PR: No, it's okay. Alright. Okay, uhm, how long have you know uh, Casey?
15 SD: God, probably my (makes sounds), probably my sophomore or junior in high
16 school.
17 PR: Okay. How long maybe, approximately?
18 SD: Uhm, okay, I graduated in '03. (Inaudible), probably like around '99.
19 PR: Okay. Ten years? Nine years? Were you pretty close to her, with her?
20 SD: Uhm, yeah (affirmative), actually ....
21 PR: Pretty close friends?
22 SD: ... we were pretty close. She called me like her brother.
23 PR: Okay.

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: And like I was just at Caylee's second birthday. I.knew her mom, father, brother.
2 I know Lee's girlfriend, Mallory. I mean yeah (affirmative) I was pretty, pretty
3 close to her.
4 PR: How long.
5 SD: She'd date.
6 PR: Yeah (affirmative).
7 SD: She dated buddies of mine. I knew all her boyfriends.
8 PR: Okay.
9 SD: Yeah (affirmative).
10 PR: How long, when was the last time you saw her?
11 SD: Uhm, (sighs), the last time I saw her was July 5th. I wrote all these, I was trying
12 to put all the dates together so I can give you accurate .....
13 PR: Okay.
14 SD: ... dates and shit like that.
15 PR: Okay.
16 SD: So I have like a little timeline.
The last time I saw her was July 5th.
17 PR: Okay .
18 SD: Uhm .
19 PR: ... where at?
20 SD: It was at uh, Buffalo Wild Wings on Alafaya Trail for the UFC Fight Night.
21 PR: Uh, where at?
22 SD: Uhm, Buffalo Wild Wings.
23 PR: On where?
24 SD: Uhm, on Alafaya Trail.
25 PR: Okay, okay.

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: Uhm, she wasn't alone .. She was with Tony, her boyfriend. And that was
2 July 5th.

3 PR: Who is Ricardo?
4 SD: To be honest with you, I don't know. My friend Annie told me about a kid named
5 Ricardo, but I don't know who Ricardo is. Annie had told me. I guess she had
6 stayed with Ricardo uh, the 9th, and then I guess the morning they woke up
7 would be July, or June 10th is when they woke up. I, Annie told me that was like
8 the last person I guess who had saw her or something like that.
9 PR: Uhm, that she was with Ricardo on the 9th?
10 SD: Yeah (affirmative), the 9th, and stayed with him at his house with Caylee
11 supposedly.
12 PR: And stayed with. At his house?
13 SD: Uh, yeah (affirmative).
14 PR: Or his apartment?
15 SD: Yeah (affirmative). Yeah (affirmative), I guess it was his house or apartment. I
16 don't, I don't know him.
17 PR: And Caylee was also there?
18 SD: Supposedly.
19 PR: And who's Caylee?
20 SD: Oh ... Uh, Caylee, her daughter.
21 PR: Okay, Caylee. She was with Caylee that night?
22 SD: Uh-hum ( affirmative).
23 PR: And who'd you heard, who told you this?
24 SD: Uhm.
Annie Downing. I can give you her number also if you need to question
25 her ..

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: It was told by who?
2 SC: Uh, Annie.
3 PR: Annie?
4 SC: A-N-N-I-E.
5 PR: Okay.
6 SD: Downing. I think it's D-0-W-N-I-N-G.
7 PR: You're talking about Annie Downing?
8 SD: Yeah (affirmative). You want her number?
9 PR: Is that her friend? Yeah (affirmative).
10 SD: Her number is ....
11 PR: Is that a friend of y'all?
12 SD: Yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative), a mutual friend of everybody's (BLACKED).
13 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
15 PR: Okay.
16 SD: Annie just called me and told the cops came to her parents' house, so.
17 PR: Oh, the c ... they already went to the parents' house?
18 SD: Yeah (affirmative), the cops came out there. But she doesn't live with her
19 parents though.
21 SD: Uh-hum (affirmative).
22 PR: And what is your phone number?
23 SD: Uhm. my phone number is (BLACKED OUT)
24 PR: Okay. So, when was the last time you, okay, July, oh, July 5th...
25 SD: Yeah (affirmative), July 5th.

Daly, Sean/Case #08-069208/GG

1 PR: ... with her T ... her boyfriend, Tony.
2 SD: Yeah (affirmative), at. ..
3 PR: And she was with ...
4 SD: ... Buffalo Wild Wings. ...
5 PR: this Ricardo guy?
6 SD: Uh-hum (affirmative).
7 PR: And she told her I stayed over at his place?
8 SD: Uh, that was, Annie told me that was the last time that she had heard somebody
9 had seen her and Caylee.
10 PR: Okay.
11 SD: She came with a kid named Tony to Buffalo Wild Wings.
12 PR: Okay.
13 SD: So it was a different kid. I don't know who Ricardo is.
14 PR: Okay. And when was the last time you saw Caylee?
15 SD: Uhm, shit, months ago. To be honest with you I couldn't even uh, probably
16 phew, probably her second birthday to, be honest with you. It's been that long.
17 Months and months and months ago. She hadn't brought her around in a while.
18 PR: Okay. Have you known uh, Casey to be deceptive, to tell lies?
19 SD: Yeah (affirmative), she's definitely told her share of lies. I mean it seems like a
20 lot of things I thought were true are becoming lies with the whole Universal thing.
21 Her working there and ....
22 PR: Okay.
23 SD: ... shit like that, so.
24 PR: How about before when you guys were in high school, years before?
25 SD: Yeah (affirmative), she was you know, you know ....

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: Okay.
2 SD: ... a liar.
3 PR: How was their, their relat... her relationship with uh, with Caylee?
4 SD: Uh, she seemed like a great mother to be honest with you. She seemed
5 absolutely normal. She seemed, you know, she, she just seemed like she loved
6 her daughter. I would have never questioned anything about her motherhood with
7 her daughter at all.
8 PR: Uhm, she started hanging around with a different, I heard that she's been, she
9 was trying to distance herself from the group that she used to hang around with.
10 SD: Uh-hum (affirmative).
11 PR: She started hanging out with some other friends.
12 SD: That's what I heard, yeah (affirmative).
13 PR: Have you heard what type of friends?
14 SD: I heard they were people that did drugs, you know, party people. I know she had
15 started doing uh, I believe some promotion for shot girls at uhm, like a martini
16 lounge.
17 PR: Okay.
18 SD: And I guess she started hanging out with you know, those people.
19 PR: What's the name of the martini lounge?
20 SD: Uh, Fusion, F-U-S-I....
21 PR: Oh, okay.
22 SD: ... A-N. It's behind Waterford Lakes. It's a Susi bar during the day.
23 PR: Oh, okay.
24 SD: And I believe at night it turns into a lounge.
25 PR: Okay.

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: I guess she was doing some promotion work and I guess she was heading up
2 some shot girls there I was told.
3 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative). And they were known to do drugs?
4 SD: Uhm, that's what I've heard. I don't particularly know the people personally. But
5 I heard their crowd, Casey was always the type that would scold people if she
6 went to a party and saw people with pot she'd be like, she was motherly. She
7 was like, "Don't be doing that shit." But then I had heard she ....
8 PR: You heard what kind of narcotics they used?
9 SD: Do what?
10 PR: What kind of drugs they were using?
11 SD: No, I have no clue. I had heard Casey had been doing like marijuana. She had
12 been smoking pot and stuff, which that wasn't like her. I've never known her to
13 do anything like that. She was barely a drinker.
14 PR: Okay.
15 SD: But supposedly she had started smoking pot.
16 PR: So anything that you might tell me that might be helpful for this, for this
17 investigation?
18 SD: Uhm, I mean I saw her July 2nd up here at the tattoo shop. She acted normal. I
19 saw her July 1st at Ale House. Our buddy from the Army came into town. She
20 acted completely normal.
21 PR: July 5th at the Buffalo Wild Wings about....
22 SD: July 5th I saw her.
23 PR: About what time?
24 SD: ... and Tony at Buffalo Wings. July 2nd...
25 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: ... I saw her here at the tattoo shop. I was getting a tattoo.
2 PR: Okay.
3 SD: She was going to come in and make an appointment. She acted ...
4 PR: Okay.
5 SD: Normal.
6 PR: Alright.
7 SD: Uhm, later that night, later that night, she met us at Buffalo Wild Wings just to
8 chill.

9 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
10 SD: July 1st I saw her ....
11 PR: Did she ever mention anything about Caylee?
12 SD: No, nothing. I, I would ask, "Hey, how's your daughter?" "Fine." Normal, you
13 know, normal responses.
14 PR: Did she ever mention she was with a nanny or something like that?
15 SD: She had a couple times before, yeah (affirmative), oh, she's with a nanny tonight.
16 But that was, she never went into detail and I never asked anything about it. She
17 just said nanny every time. She didn't really give us a name or anything. She
18 just said nanny. Which well I thought it was weird. I always thought her mom
19 took care of her when she wasn't with her.
20 PR: Uhm. She always mentioned a nanny, so?
21 SD: Yeah (affirmative), just a nanny.
22 PR: Okay.
23 SD: Uhm, July 16th ...
24 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: ... at 2:58 a.m. I got a call from Casey's cell phone. But when I talked to Lee,
2 which is her older brother I'm sure you know, he told me that it was probably just
3 the cops and not to think anything of it. But I went ahead and wrote that down. I
4 just looked at the time and everything on my phone. And I can show you.
5 PR: July 16th, that was yesterday?
6 SD: The 16th? Yeah (affirmative), yesterday morning.
7 PR: Could it be July 17th?
8 SD: No. no, not (inaudible).
9 PR: It was uh, and that was last night?
10 SD: No, not last night, the night before ...
11 PR: July 16?
12 SD: ... at 2:58 in the morning.
13 PR: 2:58 in the morning?
14 SD: Yeah (affirmative), a.m. 2:58 a.m., a call from Casey's cell phone. I can show it
15 to you right now if you want to see it.
16 PR: Okay.
17 SD: Let me see if I can find it. Casey. 2:58 ...
18 PR: Okay, I got Casey ....
19 SD: ... a.m., July 16th. That little X means it's a missed call. See that's like I dialed,
20 they dialed me.
21 PR: Okay.
22 SD: The X is a missed call because I was sleeping.
23 PR: And the phone number, it's Uha (BLACKED OUT)
25 PR: Okay, (BLACKED OUT)

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

4 PR: (BLACKED OUT) Okay I just
5 SD: Yeah (affirmative).
6 PR: ... saw it on the screen.
7 SD: Yeah (affirmative).
8 PR: Okay.
9 SD: Okay? So that was the most recent thing I had got from her, which I thought was
10 weird that she'd call me that late.
11 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
12 SD: But then when I woke up and saw the shit I'm like, oh, oh, no wonder. And uh,
13 what the hell is going on?
14 PR: Okay
15 SD: So then that's when her brother told me oh, it was probably the cops.
16 PR: Anybody uh, who you think might have information? Provide us with
17 information?
18 SD: No, it's, everybody I've talked to it seems like they've either talked to somebody
19 or been contacted.
20 PR: Maybe Annie Downing maybe will tell us more?
21 SD: Yeah (affirmative). You, yeah (affirmative), you could call her probably. But uh,
22 she seems like she has talked to the cops or something. But you could double
23 check with her.
24 PR: Okay. Okay, I'll double check on her.

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 SD: Uhm, yeah (affirmative). I mean I, I wouldn't really know of anybody else. I
2 mean maybe...
3 PR: Alright.
4 SD: ... that kid Tony, whoever the hell he is.
5 PR: Yeah (affirmative).
6 SD: That, that, that boyfriend. I don't, I didn't know him. I've only met him once.
7 PR: Okay.
8 SD: So.
9 PR: Alright...
10 SD: Alright.
11 PR: And you swear uhm, this statement you've made today is true and correct?
12 SD: Yes.
13 PR: Okay. The time is 1919 hours and this concludes this interview.
14 End of recorded statement.
15 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.

Daly, Sean/Case #O8-069208/GG

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