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April 8, 1999
Who is Susan "Jameson" Bennett?

Other Related References to "Who is Susan "Jameson" Bennett?"

April 1, 1997 quotes by Jameson on the Windsor/Jameson IRC PRIVATE Chat: (Full Chat Log HERE)

NOTE: Below are quotes by Susan "Jameson" Bennett from a private chat log between just "Jameson" and another poster known as "Windsor" where Jameson admits that she is a female and along with that she told a story of childhood abuse above and beyond what seemed reasonable to believe. Later postings in years to come by Jameson would prove that many of these quotes had a ring of truth in them while other statements by Jameson are still unknown.

04-01-1997 Jameson: "I am a female - a victim who has been pregnant 15 times and had 3 kids"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I have been shot at, tied down and covered with snakes"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I left home at 14"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My father died when I was 13"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "An older brother escaped by joining the army"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My other brother is a sexual predator - a pedophile"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "He abused me verbally, mentally, physically"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My father died and in less than a year my brother was killed in Viet Nam"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "His name is on the WALl though I have never been able to face seeing it"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My other brother kept coming around"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I stabbed another would be rapist - a friend's father"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I married at 17"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "And my mother said if I couldn't have the brother over for holidays she didn't want to be bothered. So I left"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I have the best marriage"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My family is not welcome here - never seen the kids"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "A sister died after years of torment - a true victim"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I decided that would never be me and I left"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I have been attacked as a person, a parent"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I have problems even now, certain words make me shake"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "You know kissing sounds - repeated? I nearly pass out then"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My kids know - they had to for their own safety"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "My brother could easily target them"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "Oh, and while I am at it, I was the Justice of the Peace in Dalton, Mass. from 1983-1988"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "Married over a hundred couples"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "Was at the courthouse a lot"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "He was my best friend since 7th grade"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I want to tell you - I have not lied"
04-01-1997 Jameson: "I have the best marriage"

NOTE: At first Susan "Jameson" Bennett claimed that the chat logs were edited and that she never posted what the chat logs revealed. Years later she posted that she delibertly lied about any personal information she provided in the private chats with other Internet posters and that the others forced her to feed them a victim story so that is what she did. The other Internet posters called Jameson a liar.

08-25-1999 Post (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "I have consistantly said that the personal information I gave out in early 1997 was a lie. No secret there. I always said that I did not want to discuss personal information. In the beginning I used to leave the chats when the personal stuff started because I was not interested in sharing. I was attacked for not being "friendly". I said I don't think it has anything to do with Ramsey and don't care to get involved in personal discussions. I was only interested in Ramsey, not "on-line therapy" or making friends, I told the group. I was shunned and attacked for that attitude. I said leave me alone about the personal stuff. Let me be in your mind whatever you want - I don't want to get involved - - if you push I will lie. I stated that before the first personal statement passed my lips. People said they had to "know" me, especially Windsor who I felt wanted a "victim" so I gave her one. Truth and lies mixed and the story was a whopper. So sue me. The lies started on April Fool's day. They have nothing to do with Ramsey and Ramsey is the only reason why I am here. I have never lied in connection to the Ramsey case. I lied about who I am in real life. Get over it. I am not "re-inventing" myself. I am still jameson who started posting here two years ago, and I still think my private life is no one's business. I apologize to no one. Flame on..."

April 8, 1997 Boulder News Forum posting of IRC Log: Jameson posting as "Jelly" on reporting harassment to FBI

NOTE: Below is a posting from the Boulder News Forum where an Internet poster included within a posting sections of an IRC chat log of April 8, 1997 where Jameson was discussing with others that she had contacted the FBI, apparently from a report she claims to have filed against another Internet poster under the hat name of "Dminor" for " for harassing and possibly as a suspect in the Ramsey case." Jameson was posting under the alias hat name of "Jelly" and stated: "the fbi connection is Jolene Jameson."

FROM: IRC Log where Jameson talks !
DATE: Tuesday April 08, 1997

IRC log is shortened in the interest of saving space here but NO words have been changed!


(LadyBear) ok, so the fbi knows about all of this?
(jams) and the house appraisal? they're not on the internet
(jams) wendy - did they? I didn't give them your info
(wendy) found me
(jams) DaPrince - I gave you a name - Jolene Jameson
(jams) Are you OK?
(jams) wendy?
(wendy) yup
(wendy) waiting to hear from ladybear
(wendy) she is checking something

************* IMPORTANT NOTE *************************

(jelly) The fbi is interested in dminor - for harassing and possibly as a suspect in the Ramsey case
(jelly) information is flying around
(jelly) They couldn't do much until he threatened me, now they may be able to stop the harassing

************************See Jameson *************************

(jelly) traced me through irc and threatened me on the threads
(jelly) rabboni is dminor - let him in and log for the cops
(jelly) Genie - there have been threats made in the threads and the authorities have been called
(jelly) rat - shut up or be thrown out - we don't do ignore
(Shine) jelly = jameson
(jelly) we know better than to just ignore the likes of dminor or teacher
(jelly) OK - who are Greg and wirehead?
(wendy) greg is the ircop
(jelly) LadyBear - who asked you here - a poster or the quthorities?
(jelly) The fbi connection is Jolene Jameson
(jelly) the threat that brought in the fbi is on 9704020014
(jelly) LH - I took it to be a threat and so did the fbi
(jelly) LH - there was other stuff too - long distance phone calls and things said that I cannot repeat - but the heat will be on dminoer and he will be gone
(jelly) LH - there was a lot more, and the fbi contacted other people after I called them
(jelly) I also had authorities come to the house and into the computer
(jelly) it was a wild day
(jelly) into my computer - printing out stuff
(jelly) rosee - no, I talked to them on the phone - the local authorities came to the house and I don't know how the fbi contacted the others
(jelly) yes, we shouldn't have to give up the chat - or the threads, but they suggested I not post for a while and they are watching
(jelly) They also suggested we set up a room on a larger channel - efnet

**************** Note: JAMESON NAMES DMINOR ********************

(LH) well dminor is still posting and was in here earlier, so what's the deal, have they talked to this person?
(jelly) well, if we have another time we can't connect to newnet - try efnet cybersleuths
(jelly) LH - not yet

(jelly) I am jameson

May 11, 1997 Mother's Day - Susan "Jameson" Bennett's posts on the Boulder News Forum:

NOTE: The following are selected posting by Susan "Jameson" Bennett from the Boulder News forum on May 11, 1997 where Jameson is referencing himself as a "gentlemen" and that "HE" is taking the "best mother" out to dinner for Mother's Day. Many posters would later post on future Internet forums that it wasn't just the "gender" issue for an Internet poster to try and remain anonymous but that Jameson was playing games of deceit and those games lead many others to believe that Jameson was something other than what she was and that included but was not limited to believing she was either somebody from the inner circle of the Ramsey family, John Andrew Ramsey or even the killer of JonBenet. Although there were postings on the Boulder News Forum whereas Jameson did post that she was not a member of the Ramsey family and had no inside knowledge (other than her shower vision), her extensive postings throughout the spring of 1997 showed to many that her game playing reached a portion whereas it appeared that Jameson enjoyed the anonomity and even baited others to question her identity.

May 11, 1997: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "According to you, I am: an old bag of wind pesky idiotic transparent BULL SHIT. biggest ass on this forum you decrepid old fossill! an egoist. I conduct myself as a gentleman. You are certainly not a LADY."

May 11, 1997: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "Showered and going out the door to take the best mother out to dinner."

May 11, 1997: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "Being a gentleman, I will say that masterbation has been a topic of discussion. I thought the intent of the killer was to masterbate while using the garotte on JonBenet. I said that the placement of the knot would tell the BPD if the killer were left or right handed. I also said I think that act was not completed."

07-23-1999 Post (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "I wrote as me - I am not "sneaky" - but 99% of the people would have sworn I was a male. I don't think it was because I posted "manly" but I didn't get into the gossip and I didn't get upset and answer the flames. I think that made me appear to be a "man" as much as anything.

06-15-2000 Post (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "I DO remember hoping to remain a anonymous, and it WAS interesting to see who thought I was what. Hello, recently a new poster here realized I was female - he JUST figured out I am female, Guess I write like a man. Certainly haven't tried to hide my gender since going on the radio and TV.

As for the semantics games, yes, I played them. I said once - the wife looks out the window and sees the grass up to her knees, and I have to mow the lawn.

Actually I found that quite clever - and sad at that time since I needed to go mow the damn yard.

If that is lying - - trying to remain anonymous and playing games with semantics - I am guilty. Sue me."
(Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum, thread titled: "Sorry Guys" 06-15-2000)

May 11, 1997 quotes by Jameson on the "Mother's Day" IRC PRIVATE "Outing" Chat (Full Chat Log HERE)

NOTE: The quotes by Susan "Jameson" Bennett on the chat log below were from what was called the "Mother's Day Outing Chat." The story goes that Jameson had already confessed to several of the Internet posters (especially to a poster friend under the hat name of Windsor) in private chat that she was in fact a woman and not a man posting. The issue to the other posters was not just the sexuality (woman pretending to be a man or visa versa) issue as much as they felt Jameson was being dishonest in her postings regarding who she was relating to the Ramsey case. In example; Was Jameson an insider to the investigation?, Was she related to the Ramseys?, Was she really John Andrew Ramsey pretending to be just an Internet poster?, Was she John Bennett Ramsey?, Was she the killer of JonBenet trying to get information?, How did she know such personal information as to family nick names?, Why was she posting what appeared to be insider information on the case? How could she be describing things about inside the Boulder house that was not in the media reports?

These posters were angry after Jameson had confessed to them on the 'gender issue' yet on Mother's Day, May 11, 1997 she continued posting messages to the main threads on the Boulder News Forum still posting as though she was a man. That triggered the other Internet posters into action to force Jameson to go to a chat session and admit once and for all that she lied. There were 20 Internet posters in total in that chat. The chat room was located in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in a room called, "#BoulderForum." Below are just quotes by Susan "Jameson" Bennett. The full chat log is located at the link above. In this chat, Jameson used the hat name of "Jams." Jameson claimed that some of her "insider information" was based on a shower vision of sorts that she had.

(jams) No, look at the wording - I started out saying nothing, everyone assumed I was a man and I carefully worded everything
(jams) Yes, I can tell you that - a happy marriage of 28 years, the three kids are true -
(jams) I have not used the computer until this case
(jams) Hell, the first few days I didn't give out my e-mail address because I didn't knoow it
(jams) I am a v ictim of a pedophile - actually more than one.
(jams) The worst was a predator and he was in to torture as well
(jams) used to take me out to a barn and tie me up - put snakes on me and only remove them it I let him
(jams) I stabbed my best friends father when he tried
(jams) My maiden name was Shufelt - my brothers name is on the Vietnam memorial -
(jams) that is why my brothers death was covered bvy the media
(jams) I was the Justice of the Peace for Dalton Mass - you can verify both of those facts
(jams) no - I was a kid and it was never reported as that
(jams) my sister in laws fiancee was murdered and died in her arms in Oct 1975 -
(jams) his name was Peter Sondrini - look it up in the Pittsfield, Mass. papers
(jams) I didn't come on to deceive anyone - I came on using the n ame of our homeschool
(jams) and the masculan name meant I didn't get nasty offers
(jams) Sex shouldn't matter
(jams) I did speak to people about the case
(jams) Boulder people
(jams) I saw the night - that was why I came
(jams) I have never done anything like this - mothers intuition but not llike this
(jams) I can't say it - it was like a fog thing -
(jams) but this was before I ever came in her e - or on the computer
(jams) I was in the shower
(jams) No, like a memory
(jams) very upsetting
(jams) I am not psychic
(jams) But it was because of the past - the pedophile I knew was a stalker too
(jams) I said it - he hurt me - tortured me in many ways - snakes were something I feared and he used them
(jams) cut
(jams) and burn ed
(jams) ask now guys - I don't think I will be back and I want you to hear it from me
(jams) No, I felt the killer as he was in the basement -
(jams) no Tannest - that is what I saw before reading anything - just hearing the first newa
(jams) I am not related to Ramsey - n ever heard of them before this
(jams) not working for them
(jams) too much Tannest - and the thoughts wake me at night
(jams) ruthee - I gave names and dates earlier - verify whatev
(jams) genie - fuck your profile - I won't be here to knower you want
(jams) Jim is right here
(jams) he said her name
(jams) LH - I said to verify my personal story
(jams) This was safe for me - but it doesn't feel it now
(jams) My father was paralyzed and my m other worked
(jams) restraining order for the car wash? true
(jams) But you see it won't matter now - jameson is dead
(jams) it is finished - I was in the shower - saw things and say the Ramseys did not do this
(ToppCat) jams, were the people ever prosecuted that did this to you?
(jams) No genie - he went home and that was it - it was 35 years ago
(jams) no, no one was persecuted - when I told my mother about my brother she took his side
(jams) 10 when I stabbed the one - the other for a long time
(jams) yes - had #9, 10 and 15
(jams) yes, he is the sadist - the predator
(jams) we moved here so he could never be near my kids
(jams) No, one died, the other was the bad one
(jams) wrong one died
(jams) I stabbed the friends father when he approached me - only did it once
(jams) I am not psychotic
(jams) COlady - I am a woman
(jams) That is how Connie and Sheryl found out - they called
(jams) I have talked to Wendy more than once
(jams) But it wasn't her father or mother she feared - she called to them and they didn't hear her
*** jams has quit IRC (Leaving_)

NOTE: Years later Susan "Jameson" Bennett claimed that she lied about any personal information she talked about in the private chats with other Internet posters. She claimed that the chat logs were edited.

01-02-1999 Post (Boulder News Forum): Jameson: "I lied to the forum queens about my personal life 18 months ago when they were insisting I "share". I am scum. OK I admit it. Total scum. Would do it again. On the other hand, I am not about to leave the forums. I am a very credible poster when it is ON TOPIC. So all I can say to those screaming meanies and flaming furies is... Deal with it. Get over it. Back to case."

01-02-1999 Post (Boulder News Forum): Jameson: "LOL - this really IS funny. I don't think you are mad because I lied about my personal stuff, I think you are mad because I did it well. Like everything else I do. ROTFLMAOPIMP"

NOTE: ROTFLMAOPIMP=Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off pissing in my pants

spencer - 09:43am Dec 31, 1998 MST (#21 of 21)
Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all. (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

I'm going to say my two cents on this subject, too. I was in irc, with several other people, when Jameson did a private irc chat with ME, and not the other way around. I asked Jameson nothing prior to hir requesting this private chat with me. My irc log shows who initiated the chat, and it was Jameson. In this chat, which is NOT edited, Jameson proceeded to tell me the most gruesome stories of hir upbringing I had ever heard. I never once asked Jameson to tell me these things. Never once. A month later, I "outed" Jameson for acting like a man when in fact hir was a woman. Hir protested loudly to me not to do it. I did it because I was tired of the subterfuge, the lies, and most of all the games and fun Jameson was having by deceiving everyone with hir gender. At this time I begged Jameson not to go into all of the gory details of hir upbringing that she had told me. But nooooo, Jameson insisted that hir tell everyone present in irc that night every detail, plus some new ones, on hir hideous childhood. At NO time did I ask Jameson to share with me any details of hir life. At NO time did I ask Jameson to tell everyone about hir life at the grand unveiling of hir gender. At NO time did I edit the logs of either of those conversations. Jameson is now conveniently saying that people pressured hir into telling hir story, so she made up lies to appease all of us. That is the biggest crock of all, bigger even than the Ramsey Crock. I am sick of listening to this lie, lie #1000 in a long list of lies that Jameson tells. There isn't a word on either of those logs that was changed. The only thing done to those logs was the deletion of both of our names. Jameson, you can continue to tell everyone on any forum in the world how maligned and mistreated you were about those irc logs, but the fact remains that you said what you said, the irc logs reveal exactly what you said, nobody but nobody pressured you to say anything, and you are in fact a big damn liar. So keep right on lying away, Jameson. It does not affect my credibility, and since your's already resides on the bottom of a scum-bound river, I doubt your credibility will be affected either.

NOTE: The poster known as "Windsor" also used the hat name of "Spencer" on the Justice Watch Forum and the Boulder News Forum and the hat name of "Puddy1" on the Delphi Forums.

May 12, 1997 Boulder News Forum COMPLETE thread the DAY AFTER the "Mother's Day" outing Chat

NOTE: Below are some selected postings from the ORIGINAL thread titled, "Jameson will not be back" from the Boulder News Forum where portions of the original "Mother's Day outing log" were posted that day directly on the forum after that chat took place. The complete ORIGINAL thread can be found at the link above.

May 12, 1997 to a friend: "Bullshit! IT fried his/her self with lies. jameson is a pathological liar. Are we bitches because we could no longer tolerate the lies? IT will be back under a different hat. Simply put, jameson was rubbing our noses in his/her lies, and we said enough!"

May 12, 1997 Please do not return here: "jameson lied needlessly, but insisted anything he/she/it did was not its fault. There is no need to go into details, but those who stood up for this person many a time are the vicitms here, not jameson. Jmaeson played a vicious game, and it blew up in his/her/it's face.there is no need to ever return here, go to all the other forums and play games.

May 12, 1997 a different friend: "(Windsor) Faxon, what happened tonight is that I told Jameson it was time to tell the truth about his "secret" identity. that of being a female. It was getting out... lots of people knew. And he/she was starting to really enjoy the whole game. Jameson refused to do it. This all went on in a dcc chat. I said if he didn't, I would. And I did. Then he blamed it all on me, said I had betrayed him/her, and it went from there. She started telling her childhood stories"

May 12, 1997 ToppCat: "Let me, if I may, set the record straight right off the bat: We have been a group for quite some time, and we share a lot of personal information -- hence, we have come to know each other as cyber-friends. For a long time, I thought I was communicating with another guy -- a guy who met his wife in high school, had kids and loved to take them on outings and camping, etc. All the while, I was being fooled. Now I know this is "cyberspace" and just about anything goes. If someone wants to be someone else, they can do so. But I DO feel that I've had the wool pulled over my eyes on this one. And a lot of people took it personally -- and I do not blame them. NO ONE persecuted Jameson. Lets not bend and twist this story. Whatever Jameson got, he/she or whatever had it coming. It's called Justice -- and it was served on a silver platter last night. Topp"

May 12, 1997 Lori: "Crucified??? I didn't see you coming to the defense of that sick individual. Maybe you aren't the friend that you profess to be. I haven't posted here in a long time but this thread was just too tempting since I was fortunate enough to witness Jameson's pififul attempt to cover her lies with more lies and dramatic fantasy. I now have a better understanding of the true sickness that has consumed this person. The thing that upsets me the most has nothing to do with gender. I could care less about the sex of Jameson. The part that angers me to no end is that I heard no remorse for the deception that she so diligently documented on every available space on the Internet. I heard no apology to the people who have stood by her when no one else would, nor did I hear a reasonable explanation for why she chose to lie about virtually every aspect of her life. All I heard a whole lot of blame and a whole lot of bullshit. Still laughing!!!!!"

May 14, 1997 quotes by person claiming to be Jameson's SON IRC PRIVATE Chat (Full Log HERE)

NOTE: Several days after what is now called the famous "Mother's Day Outing Chat" several posters met again in the "#boulderforum" IRC chat room. One of the options within the chat rooms was the ability to show the posters Internet service provider. One of the service providers that Jameson used back in 1997 was "abts.net" and on this night a person under the hat name of "cdrsyr" showed up saying they were Jameson's son. He had the same Internet service provider as Jameson that showed as "jams@ppp36.abts.net." What was interesting is that even this person claiming to be Jameson's son was referencing Jameson as a male. This chat log was provided by a poster known as LoriAnn who was in the chat that night.

*** cdrsyr (jams@ppp36.abts.net) has joined #boulderforum
(LH3) what does cdrsyr stand for
(cdrsyr) Not jams - her son
(cdrsyr) nothing
(cdrsyr) but if he catches me
(cdrsyr) No - I chose it for a reason
(cdrsyr) because I heard you are
(cdrsyr) No, I am not 8
(cdrsyr) But you didn't know -
(cdrsyr) so I wonder why
(cdrsyr) If you would think jameson would let my 8 yr old brother in here you really are nuts
(cdrsyr) jameson is pretty sane
(cdrsyr) you didn't like jameson
(cdrsyr) you lost out on somethimng
(cdrsyr) He was in here enough for all of you to know him
(cdrsyr) She/he/it won't talk to any of you
(cdrsyr) right -it is a her - if you want it to be
(cdrsyr) did you wan t sex or to talk to someone about a crime
(cdrsyr) this is boring.
(cdrsyr) I doubt jameson talked about sex you are stupid to think I would believe that. If it had something to do with that kid then that is one thing but jameson does not talk sex
(cdrsyr) he said you saw him in everyone on the forum andnow I see it here you are so stupid do I sound like jameson
(cdrsyr) you are assholes
(cdrsyr) really warped
(cdrsyr) jameson kn ows who his friends are
(cdrsyr) and he never would stab anyone
(cdrsyr) Thanks for the laugh
*** cdrsyr (jams@ppp36.abts.net) has left #boulderforum

May 22, 1997 Foster's letter to Susan "Jameson" Bennett

NOTE: Below is the ONLY text of a e-mail that Jameson posted on the Internet forums that she said was written by Donald Foster to her on May 22, 1997. For some unknown reason, only known to Jameson the other e-mails that she could offer as her claims of proof of Foster identifying her as the killer of JonBenet Ramsey have never been made public. Later in a posting of February 27, 1998 Jameson would state, "after reading hundreds of my posts, and maybe 50 long e-mails, he decided I was JAR and part of the murder. If Jameson's statement is true then there are FIFTY long e-mails she wrote to Donald Foster in the spring of 1997 but only the one shown below was written to her from Foster.

Subj: thanks
Date: 97-05-22 14:22:46 EDT
From: foxxxxxx@vassar.edu (Don Foster)
To: jameson245@aol.com

Dear Jams Jameson,

Because of my notoriety as a text analyst, I get asked every day about the Ramsey case. (I'm the Vassar prof. who identified Joe Klein as the author of the best seller *Primary Colors* "by Anonymous," just three weeks after the book was published and six months before Klein confessed; I'm currently serving as an expert witness in the unabom case.) I have no role in the investigation, nor do I expect to be invited to participate, either by the Ramseys or by the police. I'm writing this note for just one reason: to commend you for your internet posts. You're one of the few folks urging restraint - and about the only one who's done so with much intelligence and eloquence. Some of the things being said about the Ramseys on the web are really vile. The lurid imagination of these folks says more about themselves than about the Ramsey family. In our country, people should be innocent until proven guilty - and John and Patsy Ramsey most definitely have not yet been proved guilty of anything. Thanks for reminding these anonymous and pseudonymous voyeurs of that fact...

Best wishes,
Don Foster
Department of English
Vassar College

June 10, 1997 Foster's Fax to his literary agent

June 18, 1997 Foster's letter to Patsy Ramsey Page 1

June 18, 1997 Foster's letter to Patsy Ramsey Page 2

June 18, 1997 Foster's letter to Patsy Ramsey Page 3

November 19, 1997 Susan "Jameson" Bennett on Donald Foster (Boulder News Forum)

NOTE: Below is the post that Susan "Jameson" Bennett put on the Boulder News Forum on November 19, 1997 about Donald Foster and then she tried to delete it before anybody read it. But another Internet poster known as "Denver" had copied the post just FIVE minutes before Jameson deleted it so the posting was saved. Some may ask what is the importance of this postings and why did Jameson try and delete it so quickly? What many Internet posters didn't know until they read the book, "Death of Innocence" by John and Patsy Ramsey in March 2000 is that Jameson had sent a letter to the Ramseys in the fall of 1997 requesting to meet them. Although the contents of that letter that Jameson wrote to the Ramseys has never been made public there is not much doubt in this webmaster's mind that the issue regarding Donald Foster was the purpose of that letter. By May 1998 the Ramsey had agreed to meet with Jameson.

Jameson: "ROTFLMAO Don Foster struck up an e-mail conversation with me last Spring that lasted weeks. He took REAMS of my posts of the net, studied them - and turned me in as the killer - or an accessory to the murder - of JonBenét. He also wrote me a letter - sent it certified mail to my friend's house where I said I lived - and outlined how I could ;confess; to my part. Nice guy that he is, he offered to act as a go-between.

He later did something similar to another poster. Impressed? I thought it was a HOOT.

Yes, he did reveal Joe Klein as the author of PRIMARY COLORS. He was given a list of suspected authors and.... well - here is the story - read it yourself - he wrote it - the URL is


Oh what the heck - here it is - in his words.

"In February 1996, I was asked by *New York* Magazine to identify the Anonymous who wrote the best-seller, *Primary Colors*. I was able in a few days' time to identify Joe Klein as the author -- this was five months before he 'fessed up -- but I could not have fingered Klein without help from Retrieve It [Retrieve It! is a Mac-only text-retrieval utility by MVP Solutions.] Having first constructed an electronic text archive of all likely candidates for Anonymous. I used Retrieve It to locate an author who shared linguistic and grammatical peculiarities with Anonymous. I found that no one but Joe Klein could have written *Primary Colors*. Retrieve It [and my Mac] in a matter of seconds, performed research that would otherwise have taken months to complete."

I was informed that my name was being bantered around Boulder and I was Being discussed as someone being fingered- I called Boulder and cleared my name. YES - I can say SOMEONE suspected me in this matter - LOL

In the Windsor, Connecticut case they said they are impressed with his work - but the case remains unsolved.

I wonder if they would have fared better WITHOUT the input of my friend Don. He told me long ago that he was a consultant in the Unabomber case - yet an exhaustive search on-line revealed nothing of the kind. Maybe he is just sending in his stuff free there too - I couldn't find him listed as working on the case, commenting on the case, could be wrong ..From today's news - In the Ramsey case, Foster has provided Alex Hunter, the Boulder County, Colo., district attorney, with extensive notes on the ransom letter found after the 6-year-old JonBenet was murdered, and has studied letters from supposed tipsters as he calls them.

Well - I know months ago he was looking for an - someway to get involved. He was sending notes and ideas and tips to EVERYONE. Guess he finally found someone to listen. Well, I have to admit, I was taken in early on too. I mean VASSAR. If I learned anything from my experience with the Vassar professor it was that degrees don't mean diddly-squat and that you indeed can NOT judge a book by the title, scratch that, cover, scratch that, self-description. Oh - want a peek at the guy? Look fast - I don't know how long he will leave it up - but his picture is found at http://faculty.vassar.edu/~foster

Boy - this made my day. LOL If he gets famous, maybe the certified letter he sent me - the one with detailed instructions of how to confess my part to him so I could look in the mirror with some degree of self respect- maybe one day it will be worth - - - the price of a cup of coffee.

ROTFLMAO Hunter needs to take a deep breath before he acts on anything this guy says IMO, of course."

NOTE: Below are various excerpts from books and postings by Jameson where it is clear that Jameson's story to the Ramseys that she had keept the information regarding Foster confidential was not the truth. Not only did she post about it on the Internet but she sent a package in July 1997 to one of the Ramsey Attorney investigators that contained the information regarding her e-mail exchange with Donald Foster. Individuals within the Boulder District Attorney's office had known about it since July 1997.

06-19-1999 Post (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "It is well documented that Smit and I have spoken. Just the way it is. I was a bit upset to find Schiller had access to that information and intended to publish it, but nothing here will be private forever so big deal. It came out. Whhat he didn't print is that I met with Smit, in person, last summer while Smit was still working on the case. He filed a report on this with his office. So what? We spoke about the lynch mob and the word BORG came from that discussion. I think it is VERY amusing that Murphy feels some need to "expose" that. It wasn't that big a deal, just something I found amusing."

Page 309 DOI March 18, 2000: "Bennett didn't tell anyone about the Foster interaction. She had initially agreed to keep their private e-mail confidential and later was embarrassed to admit that she had been turned in as a suspect because her writings were interpreted by an "expert" to be the words of a child killer. She didn't know about the fax to Foster's literary agent. She was even more upset that the authorities had been told so. Still she said nothing."

April 11, 2000 Page 284 "JonBenet Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation": "The answer came several weeks later when Pete Hofstrom sent over a package from an Internet junkie named Susan Bennett who had been in contact with Lou Smit."

"Her material indicated that back when Foster was just another Internet observer without access to official information he had gotten involved in an Internet chat about JonBenet with Sue Bennett, who used the name of Jameson on the Net. Foster once guessed incorrectly that the annoymous Jameson was really John Andrew Ramsey, the oldest son of John Ramsey."

"Then Foster wrote a letter to Patsy Ramsey, suggesting that he thought she was innocent. Those statements were made before Foster was brought aboard to look at the case file, after which he changed his conclusion 180 degrees. To me, that only strengthened his position, not weakened it for it showed he had no Anti-Ramsey bias. Once the professor had access to the actual case documents, he changed his mind."

"Bob Keatley, our in-house counsel, then pointed to the postmark on the envelope, July 1997."

March 28, 2001 Post (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "I sent some representative emails and a statement to Armistead - I believe he brought that to the authorities and that is the package referred to in the book."

February 27, 1998 Jameson on Donald Foster (Boulder News Forum) (Full Post here)

: What scared me is that after reading hundreds of my posts, and maybe 50 long e-mails, he decided I was JAR and part of the murder. He actually told me that after he helped me turn myself in and confess to my part, that I would be able to face myself in the mirror with a bit of self-respect!!!
: Does anyone think I have a low self-image? ROTFLMAO
: And THEN, after the BPD and DA and Ramsey investigators were all told about his accusations, theories, whatever. . and they all were told exactly who I am. . . they actually consulted him on the case as an expert!
: If I seem jaded against so-called "experts", can ya blame me? What a loser this one is!
: I am only glad I mentioned him in chat months before he was mentioned in the case - not even the flamers could deny what I said - they have the logs. Oh, and the one post I made in BN - I had forgotten about that - and the flamers had a great time with my denying I had posted on the forum about him - Oh well . : jams.

September 10, 1998 Westword's "The Mom Squad" (Full Article here)

"Take, for instance, the most notorious Pro-Ram, Jameson, who for fear of reprisal does not want his/her true identity or even gender disclosed (most posters refer to him as "he"). Communicating only via America Online's Instant Message function, Jameson, who lives in North Carolina, explains: "Since I support the Ramseys I have been targeted by many. They've threatened to burn my house down, to hurt me and my family." Jameson also complains of prank phone calls and other harassment. Though Jameson says he's no agent of the Ramseys, he claims he's been in contact with friends and family of the couple. "Please don't push here," he pleads, when asked for specifics.

In true conspiracy theory fashion, some chatters on peterboyles.com have hypothesized that Jameson and John Ramsey are one and the same. "That's a stupid theory," Jameson responds. "Peter Boyles told me to f*ck myself in his chat area," claims Jameson, who says he believes the Ramseys are fully innocent. "[He] said I had been ragging on him for months."

Boyles admits he made the comment. He says that during one of his weekly online chats, Jameson, whom he calls "this weird stalker person," showed up. By that time, he had heard enough from this particular Rammer, as he likes to call the Pro-Rams, and let Jameson, who he is convinced is a woman, have it. "I would get just unbelievable amounts of e-mail from her."

After being banned from JusticeWatch's forum -- "because I have a strong Ramsey voice," Jameson says -- he went on to start WebbSleuths, a much more Ramsey-friendly forum. "The JusticeWatch forum is clearly intended to promote the 'lynching' of the Ramseys," Jameson says. These days he spends up to eighteen hours each day working on the Ramsey case and maintaining the WebbSleuths site. "It is truly a volunteer position," Jameson notes.

And Jameson's volunteerism reaches truly creepy proportions. On August 6, JonBenét's birthday, he and another Pro-Ram, Anderson, went to the girl's gravesite in Atlanta and hung angels to commemorate her birth. "It wasn't eerie at all," Jameson says. "The cemetery is very peaceful and nice."

Jameson says he has no interest in attending the Boulder cyber-sleuth meeting this month -- not that he's invited. "Many who will attend are 'lynch mob' members in my eyes and I have no interest in meeting with them," he says, then adds, "I think it's a shame it's being promoted as some sort of summit meeting."

December 31, 1998 Boulder News Forum posting by Jameson

jameson_ - 06:43am Dec 31, 1998 MST (#16 of 20)

The flamers have an edited log of a chat and they bring it out over and over to try to embarass or discredit me. Hasn't worked before and won't now. I told them my personal life was no one's business, that I would lie if pressured. They wanted a victim's story and one night they got it - in spades. Now they want me to run because of that. Well, that was 18 months ago and I am still here, not going anywhere.

This is the Ramsey forum, not jameson. Let's get on with the question at hand, who killed JonBenét. (It wasn't me.)

February 18, 1999 "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" Pages 326-327 by Lawrence Schiller

Page 326 - 327: "Hunter called his old friend Bob Kupperman, formerly of the Institute for Strategic and International Studies, who recommended using a psychological linguist, Donald Foster, a professor of dramatic literature at Vassar. Foster studed grammer, syntax, punctuation, style and vocabulary to track down the authors of texts. He had accuratly identified for the FBI source material or parts of Theodore Kaczynski's Unabomber manifesto. He had also identified the writer Joe Klein as the anonymous author of the novel Primary Colors and had identified William Shakespeare as the author of a previously anonymous Elizbethan funeral eulogy."

"Hunter thought that Foster might be helpful in the Ramsey case. Just before the July Fourth weekend, he called Foster, who told the DA that he had once written a letter to Patsy Ramsey and another to her son, John Andrew, while following the case on the Internet. He said he had wanted to lend them some support. Hunter saw no conflict of interest."

"Foster agreed to analyze the ransom note for the DA's office. He would also be sent Janet McReynold's play Hey, Rube,Christmas letters and articles writen by both janet and Bill McReynolds, some of Patsy Ramsey's writings, and transcripts of the Ramsey's January 1 and May 1 press conferences. Not long after hiring Foster, Hunter said that "this case will come down to linguistics."

"For months the Boulder police had been collecting Patsy's handwriting samples: beauty-pageant entry forums, school documents, applications, and business letters. They had recently visited the offices of Hayes Micro Computer in Norcross, Georgia, where Patsy had worked before marrying John. There they found more handwriting samples. This material was relevant for handwriting analysis but was of limited value to Donald Foster. He needed lengthy text and examples of Patsy's prepared and extemporaneous speeches. These would take time to find and even longer to analyze."

If the CBI were to state definitively that Patsy had written the note and Foster were to confirm that finding, Hunter would have something. He worried however, that even with positive findings, his staff might be unable to arrest Patsy. Linguistic analysis had never been used by experts in Colorado courts, so there was a question about whether Foster's findings would be admissible. The professor had never before testified in a criminal trial."

February 18, 1999 "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" Pages 373-374 by Lawrence Schiller

Page 373-374: "Lou Smit and Steve Ainsworth's list of people who had to be re-interviewed grew ever longer. By now Smit was all but certain that someone other than the Ramseys had murdered JonBenét. Nobody had been able to find any motive for them to kill their daughter. Nor had the police uncovered any indications of previous cruelty or perversity in either parent. Smit had to admit that the writing pad -- and possibly the ransom note -- was damaging evidence. But it was mitigated by the evidence that he thought pointed to an intruder."

"In mid-July, on the same day that Smit asked the Ramseys about the stun gun and the Hi-Tec shoes, he spoke on the telephone to Sue Bennett, more widely known as Jameson. Under that name, she maintained a Web site that provided a detailed timeline of events connected with JonBenet's death, culled from various unofficial sources and public documents. She had contacted Smit at the suggestion of a journalist and provided him with information she thought he might not know."

"Since February the police had been interested in Jameson, who lived in Hickory, North Carolina. They wanted to know how she got some of the information posted on her Web page -- some information that had never been released to the public, including some that even the police were originally unaware of.
When the police learned jameson's real name -- Bennett -- they became even more suspicious of her."

"I used to go on-line to chat about home schooling. That's how I teach my kids. After the murder of JonBenét, I spent more time on-line. I followed the case. I was curious. My first instinct was that the parents were going to be blamed for this, and I didn't think they were guilty. It didn't sound like something a parent would do. Then I read that JonBenét had an older half-brother. I went into one of the chat rooms to see if people were talking about him. After I chatted a short time, someone called me a name. I was attacked. At the time, I was talking about what happened to JonBenét physically -- in a blunt way. And of course that was why I was harassed. Someone even called me a pervert. Then someone said that I was John Andrew -- and that I was also the killer. I received one letter from a college professor suggesting I confess. I was even turned in to the police. I thought, "This is ridiculous, I'm a middle-aged housewife with a bunch of kids." Later I learned I was actually considered a suspect. I knew the authorities had to look at everyone. But it shocked me when I discovered the police were even reading conversations on the Internet." -- jameson."

"Jameson told Lou Smit her theory of the murder: While the Ramseys were at the Whites' house on Christmas night, an intruder had entered their house and hid in the basement. The intruder was young and a friend of John Andrew's and might have had a history of pedophilia. Jameson said that after the intruder entered the house, he fantasized about kidnapping JonBenet for sex. While waiting for the family to get home, he wrote the ransom note. When they returned and JonBenet was put to bed, the intruder took her from room and inadvertently killed her."

"For his part, Lou Smit listened to Jameson and tried to reconcile what she said with what he knew. He encouraged her to deal directly with the Boulder police and gave her no investigative details about the case, but he couldn't dismiss her out of hand."

February 18, 1999 "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" Pages 469 by Lawrence Schiller

Page 469: "In mid-January, Beckner told Hunter that Donald Foster, the Vassar linguistics expert who had been working on the case with them at Hunter's suggestion, was making some headway with his analysis. Beckner was eager to hear from Foster."

"Steve Thomas had visited Foster earlier in the month, taking along hundreds of pages of writings from many different suspects, including Patsy and John Ramsey. Foster had followed the case on the Internet long before he had sought out to work on it. He had even entered some of the chat rooms and discussed the case with people like Jameson."

Foster was impressed with the detective. "I can't tell you what our theories of the evidence are, " Thomas had said, "And I'm not going to prejudice your thinking," Foster found that kind of commitment to justice unusual. He had heard the same thing from Hunter when they first talked on the phone. To the professor, both men seemed dedicated to finding JonBenet's killer."

February 18, 1999 "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" Pages 487-488 by Lawrence Schiller

Page 487-488: "At the end of March (1998), Donald Foster, the Vassar linguistics expert, delivered his written report to the Boulder police. It was almost a hundred pages long and concluded that Patsy Ramsey had written the ransom note. It was key evidence, Beckner told DeMuth. He went on to explain how Foster had come to his conclusion. DeMuth pointed out that it would not be admissible in Colorado court." " 'My guys think you're an asshole,' Beckner said to him, 'but we're going to need an asshole to fight for us.' He asked DeMuth to persuade Hofstrom and Hunter to use Foster's report and conclusions as evidence before the grand jury. DeMuth remained neutral; he agreed only to discuss Foster's findings with his colleagues. Later that afternoon, Hunter, Hofstrom and DeMuth met. They decided to draft a letter to Beckner stating that the DA's office could not accept Foster's conclusions as evidence of Patsy Ramsey's culpability."

"In taking this hard line, it was likely that Hunter was buying time until his grand jury expert came onboard. Only then, and with the complete case file in hand, could the DA's office decide conclusively which pieces of the puzzle would be presented."

"Not long afterward, Hunter's staff reviewed Foster's report and the documents he had based his conclusions on. They discovered that many of the writing samples he had used had been taken from the family's computer. However, the document files from the computer had been obtained under a search warrant that didn't extend to their use for linguistic analysis. The search warrant granted the police the right to search the hard drive and floppy discs only for child pornography downloaded from the Internet - which at the time they believed was relevant to the case. They had not requested the right to search text files to use for a comparison to the ransom note."

"Hofstrom and some other deputies thought that under the circumstances, which pointed to in admissibility in court, the professor's report and conclusions should not be presented to the grand jury."

February 18, 1999 "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" Pages 568-569 by Lawrence Schiller

Page 568-569: "Alex Hunter had watched 20/20 fearing the worst. The attack on him wasn't as bad as he had expected. But listening to Fosters conclusions regarding Patsy and the ransom note, he knew there was another side to the story, which the Ramseys' Attorneys were sure to make public. Several months earlier, Bryan Morgan had given Hunter a copy of a letter that Foster had written to Patsy Ramsey in the spring of 1997, before he agreed to work for Hunter. The DA was aware that Foster had followed the case on the Internet from February 1997 and that he had also written to Patsy. But when Morgan told him about a second letter, which Foster wrote to Jameson, Hunter was dismayed. It seemed that first Foster had believed that Sue Bennett, known only at the time as Jameson, who ran an information Web site on the Internet, was in fact John Andrew. After corresponding with Jameson in a serious of Internet bulletin board messages, Foster believed not only that Jameson was John Andrew but that John Andrew had murdered JonBenet. Foster had even gone as far as writing to Jameson, asking that he, John Andrew confess to the murder and turn himself in. "

"In Foster's letter to Patsy, hehad written, ' I know you are innocent - know it absolutely and unequivocally. I will stake my professional reputation on it, indeed my faith in my humanity. 'He also said that his analysis of the note (at the time) 'leads me to believeyou did not write it and the police are wasting their time by trying to prove that you did.' Even though Foster's Spring 1997 conclusions were based only on fragments of the ransom note that were available at the time, there was a powerful contadiction between between his conclusionat that time and what he said in 1998."

" 'Did you think the Ramseys were going to forget about his letter?' Wise said to a reporter when word of it leaked. In his final report, Foster used strong language to state that Patsy Ramsey had written the ransom note. In his letter to Patsy, Foster had used almost the same language."

February 22, 1999 "Housekeeper says lies have hurt her family"

"But worse, the Internet sites about the Ramsey case have contained lies about her and her family. Once, someone wrote her husband was a child abuser and her daughter was involved in child pornography. The lies are still haunting the family. Ariana doesn't attend school in Fort Lupton anymore and is being home-schooled. The Pughs have received anonymous telephone calls accusing them of all kinds of crimes. Two weeks ago, two teenage boys stood in the family's front yard and shouted for Ariana to come outside. "They were yelling about more lies they saw on TV," Pugh says. She called the police, and the boys were taken home."

02-22-1999 Post (Murphy's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "I am so sick of hearing how this poor woman has been harassed and disturbed by this whole affair."

"YES, she found herself in a situation no one would want to be in - BUT she gave hair, blood and handwriting samples and was not arrested. So she could have SHUT UP and been left alone! She wouldn't have had half of the publicity (or money) or problems."


"You are going on trips and paying your bills and buying school clothes PAID FOR by your Ramsey gossip..."

"If you are willing to sell your interviews to people you KNOW are willing and prone to misquote you, take your words out of context, twist and manipulate what you say to make you look the pathetic victim and the Ramseys look evil - expect people to talk about you and question what you say."


"I don't think Linda had a thing to do with the murder - but I do think she is a media-whore, cashing in on her gossip KNOWING it will be used as a weapon against people who were nothing but nice to her."

(Murphy's Webbsleuths Community of Forums, thread titled: "Housekeeper Pugh" 02-22-1999)

02-22-1999 Post (Boulder News Forum): Wiltonjr/Anderson: "I recall that Jameson told me that 'someone' first sent her a pic of a girls face and asked if she thought there was a resemblance to Ariana. Then another picture that was of the same girl, nude and she was crying. Then more pictures of this girl being raped by a man whos face was not seen."

"Try and deny telling me this Jameson. We were in my car, had gotten off of the interstate and were headed to Hwy 41 on our way to the cemetery."
(Boulder News Forum, thread titled: "Interesting Interview with Linda Pugh" 02-22-1999)

02-22-1999 Post (Boulder News Forum): Jameson: " Anderson, I am not denying anything. I am not going to correct you or tell the story because I don't think it belongs on the forums. The authorities know all of it and I think that's where it belongs." (Boulder News Forum, thread titled: "Interesting Interview with Linda Pugh" 02-22-1999)

02-22-1999 Post (Boulder News Forum): Wiltonjr/Anderson: "You're dead wrong about the story not belonging on this forum. You know what you did. YOU are responsible for the grief that Linda Pugh and her family suffered by having the CBI sicked on them. You are disgusting jameson. I'll never forget how you seemed to be so happy that you though you had found something incriminating against the Pughs and that you thought it would lead away from the guilt of the people you defend so viciously." (Boulder News Forum, thread titled: "Interesting Interview with Linda Pugh" 02-22-1999)

06-21-2000 Jameson: "But let's ask the next question. I am just curious... are there "adult books" in the Hoffmann-Pugh home? Would a search warrant served in December of 1996 have revealed any Kiddie porn? Coud that be the reason Mervin carried the coed and tape to the cops? Could he have been avoiding a more intensive search of his property?" "Just a thought - - but I would think that any home that had multiple rolls of black duct tape, similar cord, money troubles and people with KEYS to the Ramsey house might have deserved a real going over. A REAL search." (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum, thread titled: "LHP - case info" 06-21-2000)

February 29, 1999 - Boulder Weekly - "What I saw at the feeding frenzy" by Frank Coffman

"On the Internet, "Jameson's Timeline" web site presents a lengthy defense of the Ramseys. "Jameson" is the pseudonym of a housewife in North Carolina who had a vision while taking a shower two days after the murder that the Ramseys were innocent. She has met John and Patsy Ramsey and has even managed to insert herself into the police investigation. In April 1997, a tip from Jameson persuaded Boulder police detectives to fly to North Carolina to interview an imprisoned pedophile as a possible suspect. In another episode in the summer of 1998, Jameson sicced authorities, including the CBI, on the family of a former employee of the Ramseys, alleging that they were part of a child pornography operation. The only thing that came of the investigation was pain for a wrongly-accused family. Now, "Internet sleuth" Jameson, again claiming to have important evidence, is trying to prod the DA's office into summoning her to testify before the grand jury investigating the murder.

01-26-1999 Post (Murphy's Webbsleuths Forum): Jameson: "Coffman has some information about a tip I passed in to the authorities. The "tip" resulted in several weeks of investigation involving several agencies and it resulted in a warrant being issued. Coffman does NOT know the whole story, has been trying to figure it out for weeks and simply won't accept that that matter was never public and I am not about to speak about it now. I will only say that I have passed MANY tips to the authorities. If they felt something deserved further investigation, that was THEIR decision, not mine. The authorities do NOT take their orders from me. So yes, Frank, I have passed tips to the authorities, many of them, as have you. Deal with it." "Finally, I have requested to be seen by the grand jury. Yes I have, I have information that could be very important. But I only want to be called under certain circumstances, only if certain other information is going to be presented to that panel. I have not discussed this with Frank Coffman. I have refused to talk to him about it." (Murphy's Webbsleuths Community of Forums, thread titled: "Coffman Spins "BoulderWeekly" 02-26-1999)

February 4, 2000 The Jameson's Chronicles by Robin on Cybersleuths Forum

March 18, 2000 reference quote from DOI-pg308 on Susan "Jameson" Bennett and Donald Foster

Page 308: "On May 22, 1997, Foster made his first contact with Jameson, applauding her for reminding the anonymous Internet "voices" that the Ramseys were innocent until proven guilty. He placated her with the idea that he wanted to write a book on people who were "anonymous hats," However, Foster asked Jameson nothing about her family or personal data. The next step for this guy was to contact the authorities in Boulder and clue them in on the "big secret", that John Andrew was on the internet posting as Jameson. He let them in on his "grand conclusion" that John Andrew had killed his sister. The final step was to alert his literary agent that he, Donald Foster the great, had notably solved the crime but was ready to publish a magazine article entitled "Paging JonBenet's Killer." Ah, such modesty. He had no idea that his fax to the literary agent in New York City would eventually read the hands of Jameson and the producers of television's 48 hours."

"Prior to all this, Foster had also written a full-page letter to Patsy proclaiming his belief in her innocence and stating that he would both stake his reputation and faith in humanity on the fact of her not being guilty. In addition to this magnanimous sweep of generosity, Foster had another motivation for writing. He wanted Patsy and me to use him to find the killer. When we didn't respond, he went to the Boulder police with a similar offer, only he must have left out the part about Patsy being innocent."

March 18, 2000 reference quote from DOI-pg309 on Donald Foster fax to Susan "Jameson" Bennett

Page 309: "On June 29, 1997, Foster sent a long certified letter to Mrs. Susan Bennett, offering to go between her and the police if she would turn herself into the authorities for her part in the Ramsey crime. Foster now convinced that Susan had been allowing John Andrew to use her computer to send out information. He hadn't gotten the point that Susan Bennett was Jameson."

"Bennett didn't tell anyone about the Foster interaction. She had initially agreed to keep their private e-mail confidential and later was embarrassed to admit that she had been turned in as a suspect because her writings were interpreted by an "expert" to be the words of a child killer. She didn't know about the fax to Foster's literary agent. She was even more upset that the authorities had been told so. Still she said nothing."

NOTE: Obviously Susan "Jameson" Bennett LIED to the Ramseys when she met them in May 1998 that she did not tell anybody about Donald Foster but she posted about Donald Foster on the Boulder News forum on November 19, 1997 and again on the WebbSleuths Mountain Forum on February 27, 1998 and both times Susan "Jameson" Bennett detailed her contact with Foster. Susan "Jameson" Bennett thought the Internet postings were gone since she deleted the one she did on the Boulder News Forum but another poster copied the posting just prior to Jameson deleting it. The WebbSleuths Mountain forum was suppose to be private but it wasn't so private and the posting Jameson made there about Donald Foster was also copied and saved.

April 11, 2000 quotes from "JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey murder investigation" by Steve Thomas

Page 281: "Don Foster from Vassar, the top linguistics man in the country, made his conclusion firm in March. "In my opinion, it is not possible that any individual except Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note," he told a special briefing in Boulder, adding that she had been unassisted in writing it."

"With his sterling academic reputation and track record of 152-0 in deciphering anonymous writings, this should have been a thunderbolt of evidence, but the DA's office, without telling us, had already discredited and discarded the professor. His coming to Boulder was a big waste of time."

"Patsy Ramsey wrote it, he said, "Those are her words."

"Foster dissected the ransom note, explained that the wording, contained intelligent and sometimes clever usage of language, and said the text suggested someone who was trying to deceive."

April 11, 2000 quotes from "JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey murder investigation" by Steve Thomas

Page 282: "The documents he studied from Patsy Ramsey, in his opinion, formed "a precise and unequivocal match" with the ransom note. He read a list of "unique matches" with the note that included such things as her penchant for inventing private acronyms, spelling habits, indentation, alliterative phrasing, metaphors, grammar, vocabulary, frequent use of exclamation points, and even the format of her handwriting on the page."

"The professor examined the construction of the letter 'a' in the ransom note and in Patsy's handwriting and noted how her writing changed abruptly after the death of JonBenet."

"In the decade prior to the homicide, Patsy freely interchanged the manuscript "a" and the cursive "a." But in the months prior to December 1996, she exhibited a marked preference for the manuscript "a." The ransom note contained such a manuscript "a" 109 times and the cursive version only 5 times. But after the Ramsey's were given a copy of the ransom note, Foster found only a single manusript "a" in her writing, while the cursive "a" now appeared 1,404 times!"

"That lone exception was in a sample that her nmother had unexpectedly handed to Detective Gosage in Atlanta."

"Not only did certain letters change, but her entire writing style seemed to have been transformed after the homicide. There were new ways of indenting, spelling, and writing out long numbers that constrasted with her earlier examples, and she was the only suspect who altered her usual preferences when supplying writing samples to the police."

Page 283: "The Ramsey librarycontains many books that were sources for Patsy Ramsey's nineteen ninety-five and ninety-six writings, many of which also contained startling verbal or other detailed parallels with the Ramsey homicide and attendant staging, including language that appears in the ransom note, he said."

April 11, 2000 quotes from "JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey murder investigation" by Steve Thomas

Page 284: "The answer came several weeks later when Pete Hofstrom sent over a package from an Internet junkie named Susan Bennett who had been in contact with Lou Smit."

"Her material indicated that back when Foster was just another Internet observer without access to official information he had gotten involved in an Internet chat about JonBenet with
Sue Bennett, who used the name of Jameson on the Net. Foster once guessed incorrectly that the annoymous Jameson was really John Andrew Ramsey, the oldest son of John Ramsey."

"Then Foster wrote a letter to Patsy Ramsey, suggesting that he thought she was innocent. Those statements were made before Foster was brought aboard to look at the case file, after which he changed his conclusion 180 degrees. To me, that only strengthened his position, not weakened it for it showed he had no Anti-Ramsey bias. Once the professor had access to the actual case documents, he changed his mind."

"Bob Keatley, our in-house counsel, then pointed to the postmark on the envelope, July 1997."

"But now Pete Hofstrom dismissed Foster with a terse, "The defense would eat him alive."

"They should have fought to use Foster's expertise as the premier linquist in the nation, and explained to the jurors the totally different conditions under which he made his earlier statements."

Instead Foster was consiged to the DA's junk pile. Losing him was a devastating blow."

June 21, 2000 Jameson's posting about Donald Foster

Jameson: "I thought Foster was gone in September of 1998 when his letter to Patsy was made public. That happened the same weekend he appeared on 20/20. There was a flurry of activity then and I thought he was gone. I was wrong - he was NOT going to be stopped and when I verified he was still being considered as a credible expert, I went on 48 Hours. I thought THAT - as short as it was - would do it. No media went with that story - most papers, radio (Boyles), TV (Geraldo) - - they ignore anything that is not BORG. It just didn't get any additional coverage - and that was fine with me - I figured he would disappear. But he is held up in Thomas' book as a hero - a "true professional" with the answers. And he is soon to publish a book of his own. I don't think he should be ignored. Underestimating him could be a bad mistake.

November 2, 2000 quotes from "Author Unknown" by Don Foster

Page 16-17: "In Author Unknown I will not discuss evidence or reveal undisclosed information about pending cases, not even to correct misinformation published in the press or on the Internet."

"The JonBenét Ramsey homicide investigation, a difficult and painful business for everyone associated with it, produced an early bump in my learning curve. In 1997, when moving from tragic denouments to actual homicides, and from Stratford-upon-Avon to Quantico, it was perhaps inevitable that I should make a mistake, and I did. In June 1997, seven months before I was retained by the Boulder Police Department, before any case documents were available to me, I privately speculated with other observers concerning the Ramsey homicide, and actually took an uninvited and (as I would learn) unwelcome initiative to assist John and Patsy Ramsey, by private letter. At the time I knew virtually nothing about "true crime forums" and "online chatrooms," but was directed by others to despicable activity on the Internet by "jameson," an individual whose months-long obsession with the details of the killing of JonBenét - ascribed by jameson to a Colorado University friend of the older Ramsey boy - was too vile in its voyeuristic description to be a prank, too well informed to be madness, too full of seeming relevance to be ignored."

"Competent and dedicated detectives, though much maligned in the press, were investigating the slaying of a child. As I later learned, the police had already investigated and dismissed jameson as a "code six wingnut," a phrase I had not heard before but one that I would soon come to appreciate. I regret the mistakes of intruding so quickly. That beginners mistake impressed upon me a sense of limit when venturing from the safe world of academic debate intot he minefield of criminal investigation. In January 1997, when brought onboard by the Bulder police, I took the lesson to heart, started over, and did the best I could, for justice and JonBenét Though I am bound by a confidentiality agreement not to discuss the investigation or court proceedings, I do stand by the statements that I have made for the record regarding that case and believe that the truth will eventually prevail."

March 23, 2001 "Fosterama I" analysis by "V" (Full Thread HERE)

March 28, 2001 "Fosterama II" comments by "V" (Full Thread HERE)

March 28, 2001 Jameson: "The full Foster file has never EVER been sought by the BPD or DA. If they have a copy of all the emails that went between Foster and jameson, they got it from Foster, not jameson. I have NEVER been asked by the authorities for a full disclosure of that situation. For the record - some stuff V writes here is wrong. I am not inclined to clear up those errors here. I would only point out that I have not shared the entire Foster story and files with ANYONE. The emails were shown to Tracey, Mills and CBS - they do not have a copy of them - that was agreed early on - - they would not keep anything after the 48 Hours program was completed." (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum, thread titled: "Fosterama! II" 03-28-2001)

March 28, 2001 Jameson: "I sent some representative emails and a statement to Armistead - I believe he brought that to the authorities and that is the package referred to in the book." (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum, thread titled: "Fosterama! II" 03-28-2001)

March 28, 2001 Jameson: "I did NOT have access to the letter Foster wrote to Patsy until late in 1998. I knew he had been in touch with the Ramseys, they told me that, but I had no idea what was involved. Not until it came out in the news. Then I gained access to the letter (not through the Ramseys or their attorneys) and added that to my files. Hunter, as far as I know, was unaware of my involvement for a very, VERY long time. He doesn't deserve to be dissed here - - you have the story wrong." (Jameson's Webbsleuths Forum, thread titled: "Fosterama! II" 03-28-2001)

July 8, 2001 Butts Family Web Site - "Website offers open forum on Butts' murder"

"When I first started following the JonBenét Ramsey case, I was horrified at how quickly they turned on her family and the lynch-mob mentality of the sites ont he internet about the case," jameson said.

Jameson became "addicted" to the case and refused to give in to that mentality and held her ground despite being often maligned for her stance. She would spend as much as 20 hours a day reading about the Ramsey case.

"I am extremely and painfully shy," said the soft-spoken jameson in a telephone interview with the Journal. "My husband didn't really take my "hobby" very seriously until one day when I received a FAX at his office of the Ramsey autopsy before it had been released publicly. He rushed home with it and from that day forward knew I was very serious about what I was doing."

So prolific was jameson's writing and her knowledge of the Ramsey case that a Vassar literature professor in June of 1997 - believing she was John Andrew (JonBenét's brother) posting on the internet under the name of jameson wrote the Ramseys and told them he could identify the killer.

"I know you are innocent - KNOW it - absolutely and unequivocally," Prof. Don Foster wrote to Patsy Ramsey, the mother of the victim. "I would stake my professional reputation on it."

That reputation by Foster had come through his involvement in other works such as the discovery that Shakespeare was the author of a centuries old manuscript, being hired by the FBI to prove ted Kaczynski wrote the Unibomber manifesto and that author Joe Klein was the anonymous writer of "Primary Colors."

Foster analyzes not the handwriting, but the text, the content and syntax of materials - particularly the use of language, grammar, source material, borrowings, political and reigious opinions and anything that might enter into making a piece of writing distinctively one person's or another's - from punctuation to spelling and so on.

Jameson called Foster at his home in Poughkeepsie, NY, on June 25, 1997. They talked for 49 minutes and Foster was obviously shocked to hear jameson's soft, obviously female voice, she said.

"Foster refused to give up his theory," jameson said. ""Instead, he decidedthat jameson was still John Andrew Ramsey and he had been talking to the female relative who had been harboring the killer."

Later, Foster would obviously realize his mistake - although he has never publicly acknowledged it - and would claim that it was indeed Patsy Ramsey who had written the ransom note left at the scene of her daughter's murder.

It was a situation that would eventually force jameson out of her seclusion and into an appearance on CBS' " 48 Hours" television news magazine.

"It took me 10 days to finally get up the courage to go on camera after CBS had flown me to Boulder," jameson recalls."

November 29, 2002 - Ramsey friend says she sold information to tabloid

"BOULDER — A confidant of John and Patsy Ramsey said she sold handwriting samples and interrogation transcripts from their daughter’s murder investigation to a supermarket tabloid for $40,000. Susan Bennett, 51, of Hickory, N.C., told the Rocky Mountain News she sold the material to the National Enquirer because she believed that its publication would prove the Ramseys ’ innocence." "Bennett, befriended by the former Boulder couple through her advocacy of their innocence, said she sold a transcript from an April 1997 police interrogation of the Ramseys , videotapes of a June 1998 police interrogation and handwriting samples from Patsy Ramsey ."

September 18, 2003 - 'Jameson245' says she no longer thinks investigation biased

"Susan Bennett, the North Carolina woman known online as Jameson245, said she sought to bring balance when people she called a "lynch mob" were accusing John and Patsy Ramsey of killing their 6-year-old daughter. Bennett said that's no longer critical since Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan took over the investigation into the December 1996 murder" "Bennett befriended John and Patsy Ramsey through her advocacy of their innocence. But she betrayed their trust last year by selling transcripts of a police interview with them to the National Enquirer for $40,000, said Lin Wood, the Ramseys' attorney."

Murphy's WebbSleuth's Web site on Donald Foster

Jameson's Web site on Donald Foster

ACandyRose's Web site on Donald Foster


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