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Transcript Testimony of John Fernie
Colorado vs Thomas C. Miller trial
June 13, 2001
John Fernie and his wife, Barbara were called by Patsy Ramsey the morning of December 26, 1996 shortly after Patsy called 911 to report JonBenet Ramsey had been kidnapped. Three and a half years later, John Fernie was subpoenead to testify in the trial of the State of Colorado vs Thomas C. Miller, who was accused of conspiring to help Craig Lewis purchase a copy of the ransom note for $30,000 for the Globe.

John Fernie, "I drove my car into the -- up the alley and parked in the back of your house, and went around to the patio door, which was a glass door leading into the kitchen and back of the house, and didn't see anybody, but saw a piece of paper laying on the floor. Looked at that. It was facing the other direction. Read it. And after the first few lines realized something very strange was happening. And so I ran around to the front of the house and knocked on the door and was let in."

John Fernie: "I didn't pick it up. It was inside the door and I was outside. The door was locked. I read it through the door."

John Fernie: "Fleet and Priscilla White were there when I arrived. And my wife came shortly thereafter. And our -- Overstock, our priest, came afterwards as well."

John Fernie: "My recollection is that later in the day, when we were waiting for phone calls from the supposed kidnappers, we were sitting in the back room with a detective and trying to figure out what the note meant. And there was a copy of the note. I don't know if it was the note, or a copy of the note, actually."

During the testimony, John Fernie stated he was not given a copy of the note.


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State Colorado
vs Tom Miller
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John Fernie
Sworn 06-13-2001
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Was John Fernie
called to Ramsey
home 12-26-1996?
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Page 4
Parked in rear
Read note thru locked "Patio" door
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Page 5
FW/PW arived before Fernie
Helped analyis note
[Transcript Page 6]
Page 6
Did police say note shouldn't be out in the public?
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Page 7
Was John Fernie given a copy of the ransom note?
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Certificate of transcribing testimony

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