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The National Enquirer
December 3, 2002
JonBenet Secret Video Evidence
by Don Gentile and David Wright

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[NE Page 27]
Page 27
Police Files
[NE Page 28]
Page 28
Police Files
[NE Page 29]
Page 29
Asking Patsy about prior vaginal intrusion
[NE Page 30]
Page 30
Trace Evidence
911 Call
Priscilla jealousy
[NE Page 31]
Page 31
Smit asks John to swear to God he didn't kill JonBenet
[NE Page 32]
Page 32
Questions regarding Barbie Nightgown
[NE Page 33]
Page 33
Basement Layout
Barbie Nightgown
[NE Page 34]
Page 34
1st Floor Layout
Note and Pen
Pantry Door
[NE Page 35]
Page 35
2nd Floor Layout
Paint Tray
Duct Tape
Priscilla's Jacket
[NE Page 36]
Page 36
3rd Floor Layout
Handwriting Style
Practice Note
Ransom Note
[NE Page 37]
Page 37
Red Heart
Story Change
Patsy Drawing
Smiley Faces
[NE Page 38]
Page 38
Patsy's fingerprints
Burke sweet tooth
[NE Page 39]
Page 39
Who fed JonBenet
John Ramsey
Suggests Santa
[NE Page 40]
Page 40
911 Call
Why Patsy called 911 instead of John
He said/She said
[NE Page 41]
Page 41
John telephone
Basement Window
Was Grate moved
Chair by Door
[NE Page 42]
Page 42
Medical advice
Other kids habits
JBR sleep habit
[NE Page 43]
Page 43
No big deal
No Medical advice
John says nonissue
[NE Page 44]
Page 44
Patsy that morning
Ransom Note
John Said call 911
Checking Burke
[NE Page 45]
Page 45
Patsy that morning
Clothes in Tub
JBR door ajar
Beth Kidnapped?
[NE Page 46]
Page 46
Patsy hands John note downstairs
No fingerprints
John said call 911
[NE Page 47]
Page 47
Where was John
JR checks Garage
Friends called
Checking JBR room
[NE Page 48]
Page 48
Checking Burke
Walk-in Frig
911 Call
Background Voice?
[NE Page 49]
Page 49
911 Call
Background Voice?
911 Calls taped
He said/She said
[NE Page 50]
Page 50
Fleet White in Atlanta
Fleet off deep end
Priscilla attitude
[NE Page 51]
Page 51
Whites as suspects
FW used JR's name
John suspects PW
FW used Duct tape
[NE Page 52]
Page 52
John's Affair
Two year affair
Office Secretary
Patsy helped end
[NE Page 53]
Page 53
John's Affair
PR didn't know
JR's jealousy
Fat Cat phrase
[NE Page 54]
Page 54
Patsy's cancer
John's Attitude
Patsy's fears
How they met
[NE Page 55]
Page 55
Nightmares, Guilt
JR at gun range
JonBenet & Santa
[NE Page 56]
Page 56
JonBenet Ramsey
Ramsey Family
Paugh Family
[NE Page 57]
Page 57
JonBenet Ramsey
Ramsey Family
Paugh Family

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