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BIRGFELD (June 28, 2007)
Paige Birgfeld, age 34 (MISSING)
Grand Junction, Mesa County CO
Also under names: Paige Beigler, Paige Dixon and "Carrie"
Although LE reports they have several individuals considered "Persons of Interest" (including both Paige's first and second husbands) but the only one the media reported a search warrant was served twice at was the home of a man named Lester Ralph Jones, reportedly a client of Models Inc. and whose employment for an RV repair shop was right next to parking lot where Paige's car was found burned.
Media Reports that because of online customer reviews of Paige's services, LE believe that her 'services' may have crossed legal boundaries.
CO Page Birgfeld, described by friends as high-energy, dedicated mother was divorced with three children, Jes age 8; Taft age 6; and Kohl age 3. They lived in a million dollar house (part of her divorce) at 2512 Oleaster Court, Grand Junction, Colorado (Mesa County) with a live-in nanny. Media reports stated Paige and first husband Howard "Ron" Biegler recently rekindled their relationship and he was the last one to see her the evening of June 28, 2007 after a picnic together in Eagle and reportedly the last to talk to her on her cell phone at 9:00pm on her way home to Grand Junction, Colorado. Paige was concerned about her second husband, Robert Dixon's (father of the three children) reaction would be to her seeing Ron Biegler again and she wrote disturbing online postings about it at www.chefsuccess.com earlier in 2007. Paige was not reported missing until June 30, 2007.

Paige had quite an interesting collection of income sources from a business called "Grand River Acupuncture" of which she had no license, that she paid $130 a month rent for an office building at 2754 Compass Drive in Grand Junction. She was a sales representative for Pampered Chef Products; sold baby swings; had an escort business called Models Inc. that she advertised on an adult web site at www.naughtynightlife.com under the pseudonym of "Carrie" listing erotic massage, private dancer, groups and parties, in-call and outcall services and that she’s willing to travel within Colorado and neighboring states by charted jet only. She was an active member of the Grand Junction Mom's Club, and she had a dance studio for little kids called “Brain Dance" and was reportedly a "Mystery shopper" as well as having investment properties.

Three days after Paige Birgfeld was missing, her 2005 Red Ford Focus was found on fire in the parking lot of Walker Products, Inc., at 727 Road 23, Grand Junction about two miles from her home. Over the next two weeks searchers found about two dozen items of Paige's personal belongings thrown on Highway 50, south of Grand Junction. Among items reported found were Paige's Blockbuster movie-rental card, her checkbook, her Models Inc. business card.
STEBIC (April 30, 2007)
Lisa Stebic age 38 (MISSING)
Plainfield, Will County Illinois
IL Lisa Stebic and her estranged husband Craig Stebic were sharing the same home with their two children, Zac, age 10 and Lexi age 12, at 13244 Red Star Drive, Plainfield, Will County, Illinois. News media reported that Craig Stebic stated the last he saw Lisa was on the evening of April 30, 2007 around 6:00pm. He stated he gave the two children money to go buy candy and then went to the backyard to work, when he came in the house he stated Lisa was gone. Her car is still in the garage. Lisa, along with her purse, her credit cards and cell phone are all missing. She did not show up for her exercise class
VAUGHN (June 14, 2007)
Kimberly Ellen Vaughn, age 34
Abigayle Elizabeth Vaughn, age 12
Cassandra Ellen Vaughn, age 11
Blake Philip Vaughn, age 8
Channahon Township, Will County IL

Christopher Vaughn was indicted by the Will County Grand Jury on July 25, 2007. The charges allege Vaughn set out to kill each of his immediate family members June 14, 2007
Vaughn's are formerly from St. Charles, Missouri (St. Charles Co) and Sammarish, Washington (King County)
IL Kimberly and her three children, Sandi, Abby and Blake were all shot the morning of June 14, 2007. Kimberly was shot one time in the head, each of the children were shot twice. Media reports stated the family of five were on their way to Knight's Action Park in Springfield, Illinois. They were only 24 miles from their home at 711 Mansfield Court (Spring Gate at Southbury), Oswego, Illinois (Kendall County) when Christopher Vaughn pulled off Interstate 55 onto a remote service road named W Frontage Road (South of Bluff Rd) in Channahon Township, Illinois (Will County) and parked by a remote Cellular Tower.

Media stories varied from Vaughn stating he stopped because his wife was sick; to he had to adjust the luggage rack on top of the family SUV; to he suddenly realized his leg was bleeding; to his wife shot him in the leg when he got back into the driver side of the SUV so he ran to get help; to she shot the children then killed herself; to he couldn't remember what happened. Reports were that the bullets came from a gun owned by Vaughn. Channahon police received a 911 call around 5:25 a.m. from a passer-by who found Christopher Vaughn near the scene with a gunshot wound to his thigh.

Christopher Vaughn was arrested at the funeral home in St. Charles, Missouri on June 23, 2007, the morning before the funeral services for his wife and three children and charged with their murders.

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