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[Aliayah Lunsford]Aliayah Lunsford MISSING - Weston (Bendale community), Lewis County, West Virginia

Age: 3, Aliayah Lunsford was last seen at her home on September 24, 2011 around 6:30 a.m.
Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown, Weight: About 30 lbs.

Last seen wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajama bottoms, pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes. Aliayah's ears are pierced and she's missing her four (4) front teeth. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children lists Aliayah as "endangered missing." Have information? Call Lewis County Sheriff's Department 304-269-8245
[Aliayah Lunsford]As of the 11/03/2011 press conference, a $20,000.00 reward is being offered for Aliayah's whereabouts and arrest in the case. You can now contact law enforcement via a new online web address given along with telephone number 304-558-4831. You can go to: http://www.wv.gov/fusioncenter/ and click on "Suspicious Activity Report" or call 304-558-4831. (That web site also lists Toll Free: 1-866-WVWATCH and Fax: (304) 558-6592)

Aliayah Lunsford
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[Aliayah Lunsford]

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Aliayah's Family Only:
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[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
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National Center for Missing and Exploided Children

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

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Now this is what I call a caring family and a smart girl !! Aliayah's 12 year old cousin, MaKenna used her Halloween night out on Trick or Treat to remind everybody that little Aliayah was still missing with a milk carton costume with Aliayah's photo on it !

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing]


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Aliayah Lunsford
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[Aliayah Lunsford]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011]
Lewis County Community has Balloon Launch for Aliayah 10/24/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen announced $20,000 Reward at LE Press Conference November 3, 2011 and gives web address: http://www.wv.gov/
(Suspicious Activity)
and phone number:
304-558-4831 for TIPS and/or Information

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah's Great Aunt Vickie Bowen at LE Press Conference November 3, 2011

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Aliayah Lunsford's Extended Family Comments:

October 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/2011: (www.wchstv.com): Missing Girl's Family Pleads For Return As FBI Shifts Locations
10/27/2011: Aliayah Lunsford's extended family members are pleading for her return.

10/27/2011: "We're not going to give up hope. We want her home more than anything in the world," says her great aunt Vickie Bowen from Webster County, West Virginia. "Whoever has her. Please, please bring her home. Take her anywhere, to a public place...anywhere. Please do the right thing and send this little girl home," she tells Eyewitness News.

10/27/2011: "People want to put the family down saying nobody cares about this little girl, and that is so far from the truth," says her great uncle Jesse Prunty. "People are wanting to place blame and I understand that. I understand the anger and the fear. Don't you think we feel it too? We're scared, we're hurt, we're angry, we're grieving. We want this little girl home," says Bowen.

10/27/2011: "We have to believe she is still out there. At this point, we could not function believing anything else," says Bowen.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10/29/2011: (www.wboy.com): New Photos Released of Aliayah Lunsford
10/29/2011: The extended family of missing Aliayah Lunsford, 3, has released some new photos of Aliayah. They include several from her first birthday and two from summer 2011, the family wrote on Facebook.

[Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos]

Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011: (www.theintermountain.com): Investigation of missing girl enters fifth week
10/31/2011: Federal Bureau of Investigation personnel moved the search to western Lewis County briefly this past week.
10/31/2011: The FBI's mobile command unit has returned to the West Virginia State Police after approximately 72 hours.

10/31/2011: A few family members have spoken out recently via social networks to share their thoughts and feelings regarding the disappearance. Most notably, Aliayah's great aunt, Vickie Bowen, has said while the family is quite concerned, they don't know anymore than the general public regarding the disappearance. Bowen said she and other family members have been asked to comment on the situation, but don't want to say anything that might harm Aliayah's chances to be returned safely home.

November 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/02/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Aliayah's Family Releases Statement for Her Return
11/02/2011: Great aunt, Vickie Bowen, says Aliayah's disappearance resulted in many sleepless nights, want her safely returned.
11/02/2011: Bowen released the following statement:
11/02/2011: "I am begging, if anyone knows anything at all about where this child is, please call me at 304-493-9549. I will come and get her and I will ask no questions. Please we just want her home! You don't even have to tell me who you are, just arrange for me to pick her up. You don't have to be there. Tell me where she is an leave her there, Just please keep her safe. She is loved by so many. Please do this, we want her home!! If there is anyone out there with information and doesn't feel comfortable with calling 911 or the authorities for whatever reason, CALL ME PLEASE. You don't have to tell me who you are. Please, if you know ANYTHING that will help, call me. 304-493-9549 You can call me collect from a pay phone if you feel more confident in doing that."

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