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[Aliayah Lunsford]Aliayah Lunsford MISSING - Weston (Bendale community), Lewis County, West Virginia
Age: 3, Aliayah Lunsford was last seen at her home on September 24, 2011 around 6:30 a.m. Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown, Weight: About 30 lbs.

Last seen wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajama bottoms, pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes. Aliayah's ears are pierced and she's missing her four (4) front teeth. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children lists Aliayah as "endangered missing."

If you have any information on her whereabouts, call the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 304-269-8245
[Aliayah Lunsford]As of the 11/03/2011 press conference, a $20,000.00 reward is being offered for Aliayah's whereabouts and arrest in the case. You can now contact law enforcement via a new online web address given along with telephone number 304-558-4831. You can go to: http://www.wv.gov/fusioncenter/ and click on "Suspicious Activity Report" or call 304-558-4831. (That web site also lists Toll Free: 1-866-WVWATCH and Fax: (304) 558-6592)
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Aliayah Lunsford 3 Missing
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[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
"Milk Carton MaKenna!"
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[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
maven2379's YouTube
Lena Lunsford's 911 Call 09/24/11 (Audio)

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
1st 911 Call 09/24/2011 (Transcript) found here at: Scared Monkeys

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
2nd 911 Call 09/24/2011 (Transcript) found here at: Scared Monkeys

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
National Center for Missing and Exploided Children

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah Missing from
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Saturday 09/24/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah Missing from
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Saturday 09/24/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Search Warrant
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Search Warrant
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Search Warrant
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Search Warrant
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
River Search
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Pond Searched
Along U.S. 19
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Pond Searched
Along U.S. 19
Wednesday 09/28/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Dennison Home
49 Dennison Street
Weston, West Virginia

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah Lunsford
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Bendale Church
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah's Mother
Lena Lunsford Arrested for Welfare Fraud 10/17/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah's Mother
Lena Lunsford Arrested for Welfare Fraud 10/17/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011]
Lewis County Community has Balloon Launch for Aliayah 10/24/2011

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Private diver near Aliayah Lunsford's home 10-25-2011.
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Photo Found at:
Lewis Co. Rumor Mill
PHOTO CAPTION: "Taken at 1903 Vadis Road, Alum Bridge, WV." 10/26/2011
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Photo Found at:
Lewis Co. Rumor Mill
PHOTO CAPTION: "Taken at 1903 Vadis Road, Alum Bridge, WV." 10/26/2011
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Photo Found at:
Lewis Co. Rumor Mill
PHOTO CAPTION: "Taken at 1903 Vadis Road, Alum Bridge, WV." 10/26/2011
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Photo Found at:
Lewis Co. Rumor Mill
PHOTO CAPTION: "Taken at 1903 Vadis Road, Alum Bridge, WV." 10/26/2011
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Photo Found at:
Lewis Co. Rumor Mill
PHOTO CAPTION: "Taken at 1903 Vadis Road, Alum Bridge, WV." 10/26/2011
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen announced $20,000 Reward at LE Press Conference November 3, 2011 and gives web address: http://www.wv.gov/
(Suspicious Activity)
and phone number:
304-558-4831 for TIPS and/or Information

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing]
Aliayah's Great Aunt Vickie Bowen at LE Press Conference November 3, 2011

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Aliayah Lunsford MISSING Timeline and News Updates

September 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

09/24/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Authorities Searching for Missing 3-Year-Old Girl
09/24/2011: Deputies say that Aliayah Lunsford was last seen at her home around 6:30 a.m.
09/24/2011: If you have any information on her whereabouts, call the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 304-269-8251
09/24/2011: K-9 units from both Lumberport and the South Charleston State Police Detachment combed the area.
09/24/2011: Police say one dog lead them down the street and near the banks of the West Fork River.
09/24/2011: A professional dive team was called in and searched the water for hours.
09/24/2011: The [Dive team] crew ceased searching around 11 p.m. Saturday evening.

09/24/2011: (www.youtube.com): Weston, WV Toddler Still Missing (Click to play YouTube)

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

Monday, September 26, 2011

09/26/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Search Continues for Missing 3 Year Old Girl
09/26/2011: "Around 9 or 9:30, I went back in to wake her up and she was gone," said Lena Lunsford, Aliayah's mother.
09/26/2011: "We've done a foot canvas of neighborhood, used K-9s, now we have divers in the water." said Sgt. Michael Posey
09/26/2011: "She never leaves the house unless an adult is with her. She wouldn't have come out in the yard, or the..
09/26/2011: ....road without her mother," said Joann Evans, Aliayah's Grandmother.

09/26/2011: (transcripts.cnn.com): Police Continue Search for Missing West Virginia 3-Year-Old
09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: JOE GOMEZ, KTRH: "When she first found out that little Aliayah was gone, she got in her car and she drove around town, frantically looking for her little angel, Jane! She was driving around so out of her mind that she ran out of gas, had to borrow gas from somebody, and then she finally made it back home, called the police. But there was about a two-hour period there, Jane, from 9:00 to about 11:30 in the morning where Mommy was just going out of her mind, going around town, trying to find her little baby girl!"

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: ELLIE JOSTAD, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: "Right. Right. That`s right. The K-9s were brought in. They did find her scent. They were able to track it directly from the house to the river, which is only about 40 or so yards away. They say she would have had to walk around some brush to get to the river, but it`s still less than 100-yard walk. However, once they got to that river, that`s where the trail goes cold. They had divers searching for her. No sign of the girl in the river. So they`ve turned the search elsewhere, as well as keeping an eye on that river."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: REUBEN PERDUE, WAJR (via telephone): "There`s no indication that the mother left to take the stepfather to work. She got up with him in the morning. The mother is right now pregnant, expecting twins in about two weeks. She was up to simply see the stepfather off to work, no indication that she left. He was, in fact, picked up at the house and taken to work by a co-worker. She did not leave the home to take him to work. She was at home the entire morning."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: REUBEN PERDUE, WAJR (via telephone): "As for the history of the family, the mother does have a criminal record. And in fact, according to the dates from when she was incarcerated, she had some crimes out of neighboring Braxton (ph) and Gilmore (ph) Counties, where, in fact, she moved to this neighborhood from. It looks, according to our numbers, that, you know, this child may have been born while the mother was incarcerated. And keep in mind they are brand-new to this neighborhood."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: ELLIE JOSTAD, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: "Right. Well, first about the surveillance cameras. What the sheriff department tells us is that they were able to find some surveillance video from nearby businesses along the route where the mother said she searched and they do, in fact, see her doing just that. Unfortunately there`s no sign of Aliayah on any of those videos. Police also tell us that they were able to confirm that the stepfather was picked up, went to work, was at work. He works at the Stonewall Jackson Resort which isn`t too far from there. It`s a facility that has hotel rooms, a golf course, restaurants, et cetera."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: REUBEN PERDUE, WAJR (via telephone): "Remember they`ve only been in this house for a couple of months. This child did not wander off. And to the best of their knowledge, the child had never been to the riverbank before. So if the dogs picked up a scent and followed it to the bank, and if that is true then it would have to have been a recent scent, a very near and new scent within 24 to 48 hours."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: REUBEN PERDUE, WAJR (via telephone): "From what we understand the 9-year-old sibling was originally sleeping in the room with Aliayah until that morning when the mother came in to check on her at 6:30 and to get the stepfather off for work. At that time the 9-year-old also woke up, went back with mom, back to mom`s bedroom. Remember this was a kid who was sick the night before. Had to be brought home. Was diuretic, (INAUDIBLE) since she had messed at another friend`s house. They wanted to get her home and get her in bed. And the mother and the 9-year-old left the room to allow a sick 3-year-old to sleep for a couple of extra hours. The 9-year-old was in the room. She was not completely alone. The 9- year-old left at 6:00 in the morning to allow her younger sister to sleep for a couple of extra hours in the morning when mom had to get stepdad off to work."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: ELLIE JOSTAD, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: "Well, that is what the sheriff`s department is telling us. That this was a relatively old door. It didn`t shut very well. It didn`t latch very well. And they said also that the screen door doesn`t even really have a handle. You can just push it open. So you know they couldn`t say for certain that someone would be able to get in easily or that she`d be able to get out on her own. But they said, you know, this door doesn`t secure very well."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: REUBEN PERDUE, WAJR (via telephone): "The information I`ve been given this evening is that they are polygraping and repeatedly interviewing extensively the family members inside the home. Some people being interviewed as many as six times, Jane. They want to give them the opportunity to remember something, to maybe, you know, have something jog in their memory and go back over the story a couple of times now that they`ve had more time."

09/26/2011: NANCY GRACE SHOW: ELLIE JOSTAD, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: "That`s what police are telling us. That apparently the 3-year-old Aliayah`s father is not the stepfather, she has a biological father who was never told that he`s the father of Aliayah. So he`s apparently completely not in her life at all."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

09/27/2011: (edition.cnn.com): K-9s, volunteers, police search in West Virginia
09/27/2011: K-9 dogs and hundreds of volunteers have joined authorities in West Virginia to look for a missing 3-year-old girl.
09/27/2011: Aliayah Lunsford's mother and 9-year-old sister told police they saw the girl around 6 a.m. Saturday in a bedroom.
09/27/2011: The mother said she returned about three hours later to take her temperature [Child was sick], but Aliayah was gone.
09/27/2011: By that time, the girl's stepfather [Ralph Keith Lunsford] had already been picked up and left for work.
09/27/2011: The mother got in her car and drove around looking for the child, at one point running out of gas.
09/27/2011: The mother [Lena Lunsford] called police to report Aliayah missing around 11:30 a.m.
09/27/2011: Amber Alert not issued because LE do not have a name or description of a suspect who might have taken her.
09/27/2011: Lewis County Sheriff's Lt. David Parks said there were no signs of forced entry in the home.
09/27/2011: Aliayah shared the home with four siblings, her stepfather and mother, who is pregnant with twins.
09/27/2011: The screen door does not have a handle, and a regular door that doesn't shut very well, Parks said.
09/27/2011: "We are interviewing everybody," Parks said, no "person of interest." "Everybody is a suspect right now."

09/27/2011: (www.dailymail.com): Search for missing girl enters 4th day
09/27/2011: Search organizer Chris Strader tells WDTV-TV (http://bit.ly/pGwLni) that FBI agents are going door to door.
09/27/2011: A spokesman for the FBI regional office in Pittsburgh had no immediate comment.

09/27/2011: (www.glenville.edu): GSC Volunteers Needed in Search for Missing Lewis County Child
09/27/2011: A call has been put out to the Glenville State College community for volunteers to help in the search
09/27/2011: GSC community who can volunteer to help in the search is asked to wear a Glenville State College t-shirt.
09/27/2011: Report to the Bendale Church located next to the National Guard Armory in Weston.
09/27/2011: For more information, contact GSC Dean of Student Affairs Jerry Burkhammer at (304) 463-6401

09/27/2011: (Facebook: LewisCountyTalk): LIVE Press Conference at 4PM EST
09/27/2011: There are no new leads or information as to where Aliayah is.

09/27/2011: (www.wvva.com): Expert: Search for missing W.Va. girl extraordinary
09/27/2011: President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says efforts have been extraordinary.
09/27/2011: Ernie Allen says his organization has an expert in West Virginia, assisting local, state and federal investigators.

09/27/2011: (www.wdtv.com): 5 NEWS UPDATE: Search for Aliayah Lunsford Expands
09/27/2011: Sheriff's Department, State Police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, and National Missing and Exploited Children involved.
09/27/2011: The FBI has set up a mobile command near the Bendale United Methodist Church.

09/27/2011: (www.wboy.com): Lewis County Girl Missing
09/27/2011: "Right now we have no theories to go on. I would consider anybody a suspect at this time," Sgt. Mike Posey said.
09/27/2011: Officials said the Mountaineer Area Rescue Group will work through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.
09/27/2011: "We want to do our best to make sure we haven't missed anything," Special Agent John Hambrick of the FBI said.

09/27/2011: (theintermountain.com): Search continues
09/27/2011: "We have no leads," Lewis County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Mike Posey said Monday afternoon.
09/27/2011: Saturday morning, according to Lt. Dave Parks, bloodhounds were brought in to search for the girl.

09/27/2011: "Bloodhounds started on the front porch after being given her scent and went directly to her bedroom and then left the residence, leading us to the road and to the banks of the West Fork River where the dog lost strong scent," Lt. Dave Parks said. "Since then, we have concentrated on the land search, going door to door and have had three full days of diving."

09/27/2011: The FBI, U.S. Marshals, West Virginia State Police, Army National Guard, Red Cross, Lumberport police, and local Certified Emergency Response Team members have been involved in the search.

09/27/2011: "There are no signs of foul play at this time," Sgt. Mike Posey said.
09/27/2011: Sgt. Mike Posey did say cadaver dogs were now being utilized in the search for the girl.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

09/28/2011: (www.theintermountain.com): FBI joins search for missing girl
09/28/2011: According to Special Agent John Hambrick, there will be an extensive grid search of the area
09/28/2011: Meanwhile, divers continue to search the waters using sonar and other available water resources.
09/28/2011: Sgt. Mike Posey said the child's mother, Lena Lunsford, said the doors [and windows] of rental home were secure.
09/28/2011: "We have more and more resources becoming available each day," said Lewis County Sheriff Mike Gissy.

09/28/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Aliayah Lunsford Press Conference 9/28
09/28/2011: Investigators and volunteers are continuing to search for Aliayah Lunsford as if she is still alive.
09/28/2011: Posters with Aliayah's picture are freshly printed and have been distributed in the community.

09/28/2011: (www.wboy.com): BENDALE -- UPDATE Wednesday Sept. 28 6:05 p.m.
09/28/2011: Almost five days later and the Lunsford home in Lewis County is now a crime scene.
09/28/2011: FBI agents collected evidence all day Wednesday from the Lunsford home.
09/28/2011: The Morgantown dive team also searched through the West Fork River, which divers said is 4 to 6 feet deep.
09/28/2011: Corps of engineers brough a ROV w/camera for searching underwater," Lt. Harold Sperringer, Morgantown Police said.
09/28/2011: FBI Special Agent John Hambrick said FBI agents from Clarksburg and Pittsburgh have taken lead on the investigation.

09/28/2011: (dailymail.com): Officials still hoping to locate missing W.Va. girl
09/28/2011: Couple thousand volunteers and several law enforcement agencies have been involved in the search.
09/28/2011: A pond along U.S. 19 a short distance from the river and about a mile from the child's home also was being searched.
09/28/2011: The pond was surrounded by crime scene tape Wednesday, and FBI special agents were taking pictures in the vicinity.
09/28/2011: Members of the Weston Fire Department appeared to be draining water from the pond.
09/28/2011: No Amber Alert has been issued because the case does not fit the criteria, FBI officials said.
09/28/2011: An Amber Alert requires a vehicle description and license plate number.
09/28/2011: Mike Young, the retired chief of the Weston Fire Department, has been assisting with the search.
09/28/2011: He [Mike Young] said about 15 divers were called from various counties on Sunday to search the river.
09/28/2011: He [Mike Young] said about one-third mile of riverbed has been covered.
09/28/2011: "The little girl's family has been moved to an undisclosed location," FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said.
09/28/2011: A makeshift headquarters for the volunteers has been set up in the Weston Armory, which is near the Lunsford home.
09/28/2011: Pastor Mary Conley of the Bendale United Methodist Church said community offered "tremendous" support.
09/28/2011: Conley said she had met the family on only one occasion. That was during a clothing drive at the church.
09/28/2011: Conley described Aliayah as quiet. "She was a mannerly child," she said.
09/28/2011: Lewis County Commission President Agnes Queen has been at the armory and church since the search began.
09/28/2011: Agnes Queen estimated about 2,000 volunteers have helped with the search since it began Saturday.

09/28/2011: The Morgantown Fire and Police departments have been assisting in the search as well as Mountaineer Diving Marine Search and Rescue Inc., the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference from Pittsburgh and the Lower Kiski Emergency team from Pennsylvania.

09/28/2011: (www.wajr.com): FBI Staying Optimistic in Search for Aaliyah Lunsford
09/28/2011: The FBI says it is protocol to investigate as though a crime has been committed, that makes the home a crime scene.
09/28/2011: Authorities also would not comment on the family's location out of concern for their safety.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

09/29/2011: (www.facebook.com): Lewis County Talk: Candle Light Vigil for Aliayah
09/29/2011: Location: The Department of Highways in Bendale, parking lot in front of building.
09/29/2011: Time: Thursday, September 29 ˇ 6:30pm Rain or Shine, Bring a candle.

09/29/2011: (www.wvmetronews.com): An Offer To Help End Search For Girl
09/29/2011: Defense attorney Tom Dyer says he will represent anyone who knows anything about the girl's disappearance free.
09/29/2011: "We will make arrangements to meet with you privately ahead of time," he said.
09/29/2011: "And then come in and turn yourself in and explain exactly what has happened."
09/29/2011: "I will speak to you and handle this matter at no cost to bring a conclusion to this tragedy," he said.
09/29/2011: Tom Dyer can be reached at 304-677-0111.

09/29/2011: (www.wvmetronews.com): FBI Says It Remains Optimistic In Search
09/29/2011: UPDATE 2:00 p.m. Thursday: At media briefing, an FBI agent said nothing was found in a pond that was drained.
09/29/2011: WAJR FM News Director Reuben Perdue says the FBI indicated it still has no evidence of foul play.
09/29/2011: FBI calls it a search and rescue mission until evidence tells them otherwise.

09/29/2011: (www.wboy.com): Day 6 of Search for Missing Lewis County Girl
09/29/2011: Denzil McHenry's home sits directly across from the Lunsford home on Dennison Street.
09/29/2011: "It's weird if you have five kids and you never see them out playing," he said.

09/29/2011: Denzil McHenry said he was out loading his truck all Saturday morning, but never saw anything strange, despite what Lena Lunsford told police. "I was here until a little bit before 10 [a.m.]," he said. "I never heard anybody hollering or screaming, come outside looking for anybody. Nobody ever came out to ask me if I'd seen her or seen anything or nothing."

09/29/2011: Thursday, agents searched the Comfort Inn room where the family moved yesterday.

09/29/2011: Both Lena and Ralph Lunsford, Aliayah's stepfather, have questionable criminal backgrounds, including an unlawful assault charge in 2009 against Ralph Lunsford. Weston Democrat reporter John Wolfe remembered covering the case. "It was alleged that he took an ax and threatened his niece, and broke out some of the windows in her vehicle," Wolfe said. Wolfe's court research revealed Ralph has 16 past charges and Lena Lunsford has several too. Her's are not violent, but they include lying to police, forgery and receiving stolen property.
[The Weston Democrat 11-18-2009]
The Weston Democrat 11-18-2009

09/29/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Neighbors Concerned for Missing Girl's Safety
09/29/2011: "Bendale has never had an incident like this before; hopefully never again," says Jeanie Stutler, Dennison St resident.
09/29/2011: "We've had authorities in our house, coming to speak with us and take statements," says Jeanie Stutler.

09/29/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Candlelight Vigil Held for Missing Child
09/29/2011: As the search continues for Aliayah Lunsford, folks met up Thursday night to sing, pray and tell stories.
09/29/2011: The community and supporters had a candlelight vigil to show her the way back home.

09/29/2011: "We were on Facebook Saturday, and about an hour after that we were up here. I just thought it would take, you know, a couple minutes to find her," said Margaret Blake.

09/29/2011: "My sister and my family and I have searched the past couple of days, trying to help out as much as we could," Mary Good explains. "I just wish somebody had an answer. I have no idea. My heart aches. I'm a mother and would give anything to find her myself."

09/29/2011: "We pray for her everyday, for her safety. And if she's not alive, we pray that someone finds her to give the community closure, let alone the family," explained Marsha Williston.

09/29/2011: For the first time on Thursday, a helicopter was called in to assist in the search.

Friday, September 30, 2011

09/30/2011: (www.facebook.com): Prayer/Candlelight Vigil For Aliayah Lunsford
09/30/2011: Time: Friday, September 30 ˇ 6:00pm - 8:00pm
09/30/2011: Location: LEWIS COUNTY PARK (SMITH RUN ROAD)
09/30/2011: Created By: Eva Stout, Beverly Riffle, Brandi Bleigh Francis, Kimberly Riffle Yeager

09/30/2011: (theintermountain.com): FBI agent: Still no leads in search for missing girl
09/30/2011: Rumors began to swirl when firefighters and other officials drained a pond near the former HK Casting building.
09/30/2011: FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said law enforcement had no plans to return to the drained pond.
09/30/2011: Helicopters from the West Virginia State Police are now being used to search for the girl.
09/30/2011: The family has been moved to a hotel, as the home is now being treated as a crime scene.
09/30/2011: Lena Lunsford, who is pregnant, is under a great deal of stress, according to Killeen.
09/30/2011: Reports that law enforcement have also searched the hotel room have been reported as false by Killeen.

October 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/01/2011: (www.wsaz.com): Search for Missing 3-Year-Old Girl Stretches Nearly a Week
10/01/2011: Day seven of the search, and volunteers remain hopeful they'll find her alive.
10/01/2011: The search from the air and the ground includes more than 18 hundred volunteers.
10/01/2011: They'll admit it's exhausting work, but they're almost afraid to give up.
10/01/2011: The FBI's avoiding words like criminal investigation, refusing to speculate about potential suspects.

10/01/2011: (theintermountain.com): Weeklong search becomes even more dire as temps drop
10/01/2011: "If anyone has any information about this little girl, please call 911 immediately," FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said at a Friday press conference conducted at the lower parking lot of Lewis County High School. "Time is a factor. The weather is changing. Seven days with no food, water and shelter is a long time.

10/01/2011: More than 50 local, state and federal LE agencies, along with many volunteers, have been working 24 hours a day.
10/01/2011: Lewis County Sheriff Mike Gissy said his department is utilizing every available resource to follow up on leads.

10/01/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Still Missing on Day 7
10/01/2011: The W.Va. Dept. of Health and Human Resources removed the children living in the Lunsford home on Dennison street at 9 p.m. Friday, county officials said. They did not give a reason.

10/01/2011: Lena Lunsford hired Charleston attorney Tom Smith Friday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10/02/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Day Eight: Search fo Aliayah Continues
10/02/2011: Investigators say the cold weather and rain caused them to scale back their search efforts over the weekend.
10/02/2011: They say the search will resume on Monday in the same place that they left off at on Friday.
10/02/2011: The Appalachian Search and Rescue Team is set to be back out as well.

10/02/2011: "For a child to survive especially with the weather turning cold and rainy over the past couple of days, we're very concerned if this is a walk-off that this child is in great danger. There is every possibility that we're looking at today and we are not ruling out anything and we're ruling everything in till there comes such a time that we can rule out certain things that have happened to this child, but right now it's an open book," says FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen.

Monday, October 3, 2011

10/03/2011: (www.wvmetronews.com): UPDATE: Disappearance Considered Crime
10/03/2011: The search for three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford in Lewis County is over from a volunteer perspective.
10/03/2011: Federal authorities say they now consider her Sept. 24 disappearance a crime.
10/03/2011: FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said during a media briefing Monday afternoon that [Aliayah] Lunsford was either a victim of a homicide, abduction or a possible concealment. Killeen says investigators have a "small universe" of persons of interest.

10/03/2011: (ireport.cnn.com): FBI Believe Missing WV Girl May Have Been Murdered
10/03/2011: On Friday at 9:00pm DHHR social workers removed Aliayah's four siblings, ranging in age from 8 1/2 months to 11 years, from the Lunsford home. It is unclear if the twins mother Lena Lunsford will deliver shortly will be taken as well.

10/03/2011: Wednesday Marc Klaas, president and founder of "KlassKIDS, extended an offer to bring in his notorious nationwide search and rescue organization but as of Saturday he reported Aliayah's family had not contacted him.

10/03/2011: (wboy.com): FBI Investigating Aliayah Lunsford Case as a Crime
10/03/2011: Defense Attorney Tom Dyer offered his services for free last week for anyone who knew anything about Aliayah's disappearance. He said he did get a tip from someone he called a credible source, who said someone who is in or has a relationship with the family is responsible for Aliayah's disappearance.

10/03/2011: Law enforcement also announced it no longer needs volunteers.
10/03/2011: FBI said it wants to maintain the integrity of the investigation and it will follow the evidence.

10/03/2011: (www.facebook.com - WDTV-5-News): ALERT- Fake Facebook page has been created
10/03/2011: ALERT- Fake Facebook page has been created claiming to be the WDTV FB page-we are NOT affiliated with this page. It is making fake claims regarding the Aliayah case.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/04/2011: (http://wchstv.com): FBI Calls Aliayah Lunsford's Disappearance A 'Crime'
10/04/2011: Many questions have been raised about Lena Lunsford and Aliayah's step-father, Ralph Lunsford
10/04/2011: Lena made one public plea a day after her daughter went missing, but hasn't been seen by the media since.

10/04/2011: Eyewitness News has learned that both Ralph and Lena have extensive criminal histories that go back more than a decade in Gilmer, Lewis, and Braxton Counties. In the past, Lena has been charged with forgery, uttering, and breaking and entering, to name a few. In one case, she was charged with giving false information to police stemming from a receiving and transferring stolen property case. In in a criminal complaint filed in 2007, an officer wrote that she showed up to take a picture for a photo lineup because she was deemed a suspect in the case. The officer wrote that she had "dramatically changed her looks by changing her hair color to black and wearing it in a different style." He also wrote that she, "had a lot of makeup on." In 2010, Lena filed a lawsuit against the Division of Corrections claiming she was sexually harassed, abused, and assaulted while she was incarcerated at the Beckley Correctional Center. That lawsuit is ongoing in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

10/04/2011: Ralph Lunsford is also no stranger to law enforcement. Court records show that since 2000, he's been charged with more than 20 crimes ranging from domestic battery, burglary, conspiracy, and DUI. In one case, he allegedly swung an ax at his niece and another man, and was charged with attempted malicious assault.

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

10/04/2011: (theintermountain.com): FBI:?Search becomes criminal investigation
10/04/2011: Special Agent Jeff Killeen announced at a press conference Monday afternoon that the agency now believes the child has either been killed, abducted or is being concealed. "Right now the volunteer segment of the command post has been disbanded," Killeen said. "We are no longer considering this as a walk-off, that being a child leaving the home and wandering off into the woods or into a body of water. That has been ruled out. The chances of anyone surviving in this elements is absolutely remote. At this time we are looking at this matter strictly as a crime." "There is no longer an investigative interest in searching the Lunsford's Dennison Street home", Killeen said.

10/04/2011: (www.dailymail.com): FBI switches focus of missing girl case
10/04/2011: Officials have suspended the search of the river and the surrounding hills and streams, Special Agent Jeff Killeen said. Volunteers are no longer needed, and the temporary search headquarters at the Weston Armory has been disbanded, he said. "All of the authorities involved in the search have gone back to their offices to continue work from there," he said."

10/04/2011: Lewis County Sheriff Michael Gissy told the Weston Democrat that two of the children were sleeping in the room with the 3-year-old. Gissy told the weekly newspaper that all of the children and family members have been questioned extensively about the last time the child was seen.

10/04/2011: During a previous interview, Aliayah's aunt, Sherry Prunty, said Lena Lunsford was eight months pregnant with twins.

10/04/2011: (wboy.com): 911 Tapes Released in Case of Missing 3-Year-Old
10/04/2011: WBOY has obtained the 911 recordings from the morning of Sept. 24, when Lena Lunsford reported Aliayah missing.
10/04/2011: http://wboy.com/videoplayer.cfm?id=1bff077536bd3b29f33a71a21e196d7d8827d293
10/04/2011: Lena Lunsford said Aliayah woke up sick with flu-like symptoms around 6:30 a.m.
10/04/2011: She also said three of Aliayah's 4 siblings were home the morning of the disappearance; 11, 9 yr old and 8 month old.
10/04/2011: Lena Lunsford says on 911 call that Aliayah Lunsford's father's name is Eric Harris but he doesn't know that.

10/04/2011: (www.wdtv.com): FBI to Investigate Fake WDTV Facebook Claiming Aliayah Found Alive
10/04/2011: A fake WDTV Facebook posted that Aliayah Lunsford, 3, was found alive Monday night and that our site was streaming live coverage. That was not true and the page wasn't created by anyone associated with 5 News.

10/04/2011: Facebook was contacted immediately and the site was removed.
10/04/2011: FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen says the situation will be handed over to the FBI Cyber Investigative Squad.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/05/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Still Missing on 12th Day
10/05/2011: Legal representation and law enforcement including federal, state and county agencies met Wednesday.
10/05/2011: FBI said Monday it was concentrating its search in Lewis County, authorities are also looking outside the county.

10/05/2011: Also, Aliayah's mother Lena Lunsford is currently in litigation against an officer at the Beckley Work Release Center. She claims she was sexually assaulted, harassed and abused during her time there in 2008. The case is still pending in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/06/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Still Missing on 13th Day
10/06/2011: We've learned Aliayah's stepfather Ralph Lunsford is related to two women who went missing from Lewis County in 1999. To this day, they still haven't been found.

10/06/2011: Ralph was also most recently an employee at Stonewall Resort. The resort released a statement to WBOY stating he "has not returned to work since September 24." The statement added the resort is cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

10/06/2011: (www.wchstv.com): Lunsford Credible Evidence
10/06/2011: A Clarksburg attorney claims he has crucial information that suggest Aliayah is still alive.

10/06/2011: Eyewitnes News Reporter Leslie Rubin following this story: "Aliayah's mother, Lena Lensford, claims the toddler vanished from their Bendale home on the morning of September 24-th. Dyer says a woman he represented over a decade ago, called him on Sunday and said she had information about Aliayah's disappearance. Dyer calls the information "very credible' and says the woman claims a man abducted Aliayah from the home, and he has reason to believe she is still alive. Dyer wouldn't say who the man was, but says he had a prior relationship with the Lunsford family, and he also has a quote "sordid past." Dyer says the state police and FBI have been searching for the man for several days."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11/2011: (www.wboy.com): Plans Made For Aliayah Lunsford Posters
10/11/2011: Investigators said they're following every lead but can't comment on specifics.
10/11/2011: The lack of information is making people who helped search for Aliayah frustrated.
10/11/2011: They are organizing a new poster campaign that they want to reach out farther into West Virginia.
10/11/2011: Teresa Hathaway and others also planned a balloon launch and a community march on Oct. 24.

10/11/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Investigation Progressing Covertly
10/11/2011: Led by FBI agents, law enforcement has "gone covert" and is working out of the Lewis County State Police barracks.

10/11/2011: FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said the investigative team is not allowed by law to discuss anything personally identifiable about a subject. He added they can't give up their "investigative advantage" by talking about leads in the case, but they have a lot of pictures and video they're studying.

10/11/2011: (centralwestvirginian.net): Balloon Launch Planned
10/11/2011: Teresa Junkins Hathaway has been working on organizing a balloon launch for October 24 at 6 p.m.
10/11/2011: Participants will meet at the Lewis County Courthouse, walk around the block to show support of Aliayah.
10/11/2011: People taking part are asked to make sings in support of Aliayah.
10/11/2011: Margi Blake is attempting to get a petition started to change the way children are reported missing.

10/11/2011: If you have access to Facebook, please click here for more information (Facebook: Balloon Launch for Aliayah Lunsford) or call Margie Blake and Bob Hein at (304) 300-5176 or Mandi Hall (304) 290-6982.

10/11/2011: Bob is the writer of the petition, while Margie and Mandi are the organizers.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Investigators Still Asking for Information
10/13/2011: "If you're afraid to call into a law agency, police say you can call into the 5 Newsroom and leave an anonymous tip that we can forward on to them. To do so, call 304-848-5000 and ask for the newsroom. We will not be reporting on any rumors or tips we receive. We will simply pass them on to investigators."

10/13/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Aliayah's Law Petition Available Online
10/13/2011: Thursday marks 20 days since Aliayah Lunsford was last seen at her Denisson Street home.
10/13/2011: Community members are trying to petition for new laws in her honor.
10/13/2011: The idea behind the Aliayah's Law outline is to help protect missing and abused children.
10/13/2011: There's 12 ideas in the petition, including timelines for when missing children should be reported
10/13/2011: To view or sign the petition, click HERE: http://www.petitiononline.com/Aliayah/petition.html

Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/2011: (www.wajr.com): Attorney Says Search for Missing Girl Ongoing
10/14/2011: Attorney Tom Dyer says based upon the investigation so far, authorities are now much less optimistic that they'll be able to find Aaliyah Lunsford alive. Dyer says the investigation has gone almost as far as it can.

10/14/2011: "It's gonna be one of those incredibly difficult cases to develop further evidence, and as a result I want to brace the listening public for a period of time that may involve little if any news about further developments in this case."

10/14/2011: The attorney says investigators have eliminated several persons of interest and possible suspects.

10/14/2011: (www.wboy.com): FBI Sets News Conference About Missing Lewis County Girl
10/14/2011: Investigators are planning a press conference regarding her disappearance at 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14.

10/14/2011: (www.58wchs.com): Hope Fading In Lunsford Case
10/14/2011: Special Agent Jeff Killeen told reporters Friday afternoon investigators been pouring through hours of digital surveillance video that has been tremendously helpful in narrowing down a timeline. They're also narrowing their investigation to a small number of people.

10/14/2011: Killeen says whether it's in a search team, a video enhancement lab, the mobile crime unit, or conducting interviews, they have agents and officers working nearly around the clock.

10/14/2011: (www.statejournal.com): FBI: "There's Limited Hope She's Alive"
10/14/2011: Special Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators are working 13 hours every day. The team is using enhancement technology to analyze videos and pictures taken from homes and businesses in south Weston, Killeen said. They are handling both state and federal crimes and charges. Investigators also have a small group of suspects, but they remain tight-lipped. "I don't want to reveal information that will tell certain people exactly how we're looking at this case," Killeen said.

10/14/2011: Authorities encourage anyone with any relevant pictures or video to call state police at 304-269-0500.

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/2011: (www.wboy.com): FBI Arrests Lena Lunsford on Welfare Fraud
10/17/2011: United States Magistrate Judge John Kaull arraigned Lena Lunsford, of Weston, in the United States District Court of West Virginia in Clarksburg on Monday.

10/17/2011: According to the criminal complaint, Lunsford knowingly transferred a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefits Tranfer (EBT) card issued in her name and personal identification number issued to her to a person known by the United States Attorney.

10/17/2011: (www.therepublic.com): Missing WV girl's mother charged w/selling federal food stamps
10/17/2011: A criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court in Clarksburg said Lena Lunsford transferred a Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program card and personal identification number to someone in exchange for $50 cash on Saturday near Weston. The complaint said the person, who wasn't named, intended to use the EBT card to buy $114.82 in food.

10/17/2011: Lunsford, who was arrested at her home, was released on personal recognizance bond and ordered to appear at a Nov. 7 hearing in federal court in Elkins. She faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

10/17/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Aliayah Lunsford Press Conference 10/17
10/17/2011: FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said in this press conference that the arrest of Lena Lunsford is not directly involved to Aliayah's disappearance. As of right now the two cases are not related.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Lighting the Way for Aliayah's Return
10/19/2011: Folks in Lewis County are working hard to keep the face of a missing 3-year-old out in the public.

10/19/2011: "Maybe it's just that, she'll see the lights to light her way home. You guys can keep it on for at least about an hour. You can keep it on for however long you even want to. We've got other people now leaving their lights on until she's found," says Sean Smith who organized the Porch Lights for Aliayah Campaign."

10/19/2011: Investigators continue to look at surveillance videos from the area to help piece together her disappearance. If you believe you may have any video that can help, call the Weston Detachment of the West Virginia State Police at 304-269-0500.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Folks Hope Social Media Will Keep Aliayah Lunsford's Story Alive
10/20/2011: There's many Facebook groups honoring Aliayah Lunsford. One is about folks leaving porch lights on until she is found and another is aimed at making new legislation that will help kids everywhere.

10/20/2011: "More children need protected throughout the state, and not only West Virginia, but throughout the whole country," says Margie Blake, administrator of the Aliayah Law page.
10/20/2011: A balloon launch will be held in Aliayah's honor next Monday, Oct. 24, at 6 p.m. outside of the Lewis County Courthouse.

Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24/2011: (www.wvmetronews.com): Aliayah Lunsford Missing For One Month
10/24/2011: One-thousand purple balloons will be released into the evening sky in Weston Monday as the community gathers to mark the disappearance of three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford. She was last seen a month ago, Sept. 24.

10/24/2011: "We're hoping filling the sky with purple, an act of God and a miracle that she'll come home," event organizer Teresa Hathaway told MetroNews Monday. "There are so many people here that are keeping her name out there, her face out there on Facebook, we're not letting anyone forget."

10/24/2011: The balloon release will take place at 6 p.m. Monday in front of the Lewis County Courthouse in Weston.

10/24/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Balloon Launch Held to Keep Hope in Aliayah Lunsford Case
10/24/2011: About two hundred people gathered at the Lewis County Courthouse Monday night to participate in a balloon launch
10/24/2011: The ceremony included songs and a prayer for the little girl, followed by the balloon launch.
10/24/2011: All of the balloons were purple, because that's Aliayah's favorite color.

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing - Balloon Launch 10-24-2011]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Diver Returns to Water in Aliayah Lunsford Search
10/25/2011: While law enforcement keeps going over surveillance videos and following up leads, a private diver went back in the river near Aliayah Lunsford's home. Investigators say this is just a way to make sure they cover all the water in the area.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Search for Aliayah Lunsford Moves to New Location
10/26/2011: A new area is now the focus of the search for a missing three year old in Lewis County. FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen says the Mobile Command in the Aliayah Lunsford search has been temporarily moved to a remote location after receiving what he called "valuable information."

10/26/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Investigation Expands to Southern Lewis County
10/26/2011: The investigative team has expanded its search to the Vadis area of southern Lewis County.
10/26/2011: Search crews focused on a pond off Vadis Road, just beyond the Midway Fier Department Wednesday.
10/26/2011: Witnesses said they saw boats. Webster and Tyler County search and rescue crews with K9s also assisted.
10/26/2011: Law enforcement convened around a home at 1903 Vadis Road, where Ralph Lunsford was arrested for assault in 2009.
10/26/2011: Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators are also still focusing around the Bendale home where she disappeared.

[Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing] [Aliayah Lunsford Missing]

Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/2011: (www.wboy.com): Aliayah Lunsford Search Focuses on Vadis Area
10/27/2011: Thursday, the FBI said it has not roped off a crime scene, team is just focusing on "search areas" in Vadis.
10/27/2011: In Vadis (Gilmer County), crews are searching both land and water, but terrain has slowed them down.

10/27/2011: "The topography makes it a big challenge for anyone trying to look for evidence or a missing person. West Virginia is a big place with a lot of land, not that many people and the topography is tough. So it complicates things," FBI Agent Jeff Killeen said.

10/27/2011: (www.wchstv.com): Missing Girl's Family Pleads For Return As FBI Shifts Locations
10/27/2011: Aliayah Lunsford's extended family members are pleading for her return.

10/27/2011: "We're not going to give up hope. We want her home more than anything in the world," says her great aunt Vickie Bowen from Webster County, West Virginia. "Whoever has her. Please, please bring her home. Take her anywhere, to a public place...anywhere. Please do the right thing and send this little girl home," she tells Eyewitness News.

10/27/2011: "People want to put the family down saying nobody cares about this little girl, and that is so far from the truth," says her great uncle Jesse Prunty. "People are wanting to place blame and I understand that. I understand the anger and the fear. Don't you think we feel it too? We're scared, we're hurt, we're angry, we're grieving. We want this little girl home," says Bowen.

10/27/2011: "We have to believe she is still out there. At this point, we could not function believing anything else," says Bowen.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10/29/2011: (www.wboy.com): New Photos Released of Aliayah Lunsford
10/29/2011: The extended family of missing Aliayah Lunsford, 3, has released some new photos of Aliayah. They include several from her first birthday and two from summer 2011, the family wrote on Facebook.

[Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos] [Aliayah Lunsford Family Photos]

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30/2011: (www.wboy.com): Weston Moose Lodge Holds Safety Day to Prevent Missing Children
10/30/2011: Weston Moose Lodge held a Safety Day Sunday, where sheriff's deputy reserves finger printed more than 50 children.

10/30/2011: "In the instance that we have another child come up missing, it could help in the case that we have to go searching again. We pray that doesn't happen. It's just an extra way to keep an eye on our kids if something does happen," organizer Nancy King said.

10/30/2011: The prints will be given to the FBI for records. "They have something to fall back on if their kids are lost with fingerprints, a lock of hair, dental or pictures, especially pictures," Cpl. Randall Bush said.

Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011: (www.theintermountain.com): Investigation of missing girl enters fifth week
10/31/2011: Federal Bureau of Investigation personnel moved the search to western Lewis County briefly this past week.
10/31/2011: The FBI's mobile command unit has returned to the West Virginia State Police after approximately 72 hours.

10/31/2011: A few family members have spoken out recently via social networks to share their thoughts and feelings regarding the disappearance. Most notably, Aliayah's great aunt, Vickie Bowen, has said while the family is quite concerned, they don't know anymore than the general public regarding the disappearance. Bowen said she and other family members have been asked to comment on the situation, but don't want to say anything that might harm Aliayah's chances to be returned safely home.

November 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01/2011: (www.wboy.com): Mother of Aliayah Lunsford Indicted for Federal Fraud Charges
11/01/2011: A grand jury indicted Lena Lunsford Tuesday on charges of federal welfare fraud.

11/01/2011: Records show Lena Lunsford sold her Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program card for $50 cash on four separate occasions between Sept. 9 and Oct. 11 at stores including Walmart and Shop 'n Save. She also is accused in a separate count of selling the card for $50 on Oct. 15.

DOWNLOAD Indictment HERE: http://www.wboy.com/wboyUploads/SKMBT_C45111110117270.pdf

11/01/2011: RECAP From Lena Lunsford's Federal Indictment:
04/26/2011: Lena Lunsford, resident of Weston County, WV, applied 04/26/2011 for SNAP benefits.
05/03/2011: Lena Lunsford and five (5) children were receiving SNAP benefits as of 05/03/2011.
09/09/2011: Shop'N Save $108.74 SNAP benefits exchanged for $50.00 cash by Lena Lunsford.
09/16/2011: Wal-Mart $103.80 SNAP benefits exchanged for $50.00 cash by Lena Lunsford.
10/09/2011: Shop'N Save $85.63 and $11.96 ($97.59) SNAP benefits exchanged for $50.00 cash by Lena Lunsford.
10/11/2011: Wal-Mart $91.29 and $9.58 ($100.87) SNAP benefits exchanged for $50.00 cash by Lunsford.
10/15/2011: $114.82 SNAP benefits exchanged for $50.00 cash by Lena Lunsford.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/02/2011: (www.dailymail.com): Missing girl's mom indicted in welfare fraud
11/02/2011: U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld said Tuesday that 29-year-old Lena Lunsford of Weston faces six federal charges alleging she tried to swap the value of her food stamp card for cash.

11/02/2011: The charges against the mother include conspiracy to defraud the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program and knowingly selling federal benefits.

11/02/2011: Lena Lunsford's public defender, Brian Kornbrath, didn't immediately return messages Tuesday.

11/02/2011: (www.wdtv.com): Aliayah's Family Releases Statement for Her Return
11/02/2011: Great aunt, Vickie Bowen, says Aliayah's disappearance resulted in many sleepless nights, want her safely returned.
11/02/2011: Bowen released the following statement:
11/02/2011: "I am begging, if anyone knows anything at all about where this child is, please call me at 304-493-9549. I will come and get her and I will ask no questions. Please we just want her home! You don't even have to tell me who you are, just arrange for me to pick her up. You don't have to be there. Tell me where she is an leave her there, Just please keep her safe. She is loved by so many. Please do this, we want her home!! If there is anyone out there with information and doesn't feel comfortable with calling 911 or the authorities for whatever reason, CALL ME PLEASE. You don't have to tell me who you are. Please, if you know ANYTHING that will help, call me. 304-493-9549 You can call me collect from a pay phone if you feel more confident in doing that."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/03/2011: (www.wsaz.com): FBI Offering Reward in Case of Missing 3-Year-Old
11/03/2011: The FBI is now offering a $20,000 reward in the case of a missing three-year-old girl from Lewis County.
11/03/2011: The reward is being offered for information that leads investigators to Aliayah's whereabouts or an arrest in the case.

11/03/2011: Meanwhile, Vickie Bowen, Aliayah's great aunt released a statement asking anyone with information about Aliayah to call her. She offers to arrange for a pickup, no questions asked. Bowen says she won't give up hope that Aliayah's alive.

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