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Books on the JonBenet Ramsey case
Many with sample pages viewable at www.amazon.com

[Death of a Little Princess]
Carlton Smith

24 sample pages
at amazon.com

[Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey?]
Cyril H. Wecht
Charles Bosworth Jr
July 1998

11 sample pages
at amazon.com
[A Little Girl's Dream]
Eleanor Von Duyke
Dwight Wallington
March 1998

8 sample pages
at amazon.com
[Jon Benet's Mother]
Linda Edison McLean

[A Mother Gone Bad]
Andrew Hodges

[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]
Lawrence Schiller

[Presumed Guilty]
Stephen Singular

[JonBenet's Gift]
Jane Gray Stobie

[Who Will Speak For JonBenet?]
Andrew Hodges

12 sample pages
at amazon.com

[The Death of Innocence]
John Ramsey
Patsy Ramsey
March 2000

11 sample pages
at amazon.com

[JonBenet : Inside the Murder Investigation]
Steve Thomas
Don Davis
April 2000

26 sample pages
at amazon.com
[Jonbenet Knows Evil Love]
Richard Rubacher

[The Cases That Haunt Us]
John E. Douglas
Mark Olshaker

38 sample pages
at amazon.com
[Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous]
Donald W. Foster

57 sample pages
at amazon.com

[Famous Crimes Revisited]
Henry C. Lee
Jerry Labriola

12 sample pages
at amazon.com

[Jonbenet' Ramsey : The Travesty of Innocence]
John H. Walker

[Jonbenet: The Police File (Paperback)]
Jonbenet: The Police File (Paperback)
by National Enquirer (Editor)
Don Gentile (Editor)
David Wright (Editor)
[Journey Beyond Reason]
Journey Beyond Reason
Peggy Lakin 2003

Free Chapter
19 Pages
[An Evening With JonBenet Ramsey: A Play and Two Essays]
An Evening With JonBenet Ramsey
Walter A. Davis
[Cracking More Cases]
Cracking More Cases
by Henry C. Lee
Thomas W. O'Neil

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