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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Date DAY EVENT / INCIDENT Description of Event or Incident

2008-05-01 THUR 06:29pm. Facebook
Casey to Amy (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Amy Huizenga): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To Amy Huizenga at 6:29pm on May 1st, 2008 "there's a concert at the social, next saturday, the 10th. let me know if you want to come. my buddy John Frank is playing. i'm going to talk to the boys to see if they want to go. he goes on around 11-11:30"
2008-05-06 TUES 11:20am. Casey says her friend Chris was hammered last night. 12:13pm. Casey tells Amy Ricardo Morales is driving her and Troy to the Radiohead concert in Tampa tonight. Casey says her car transmission is dead and that she spent over $1,300 for repairs already Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0269 14076199286 05/06/08 11:20:55AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Sorry about last night. I ended up leaving early and dropped off my friend chris. He was hammered really fast. All I know is..there was tons of man meat there last night. I know where we are going on our girls nights. Friday is ladies night :-D
0271 14076199286 05/06/08 11:36:47AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): We will celebrate puerto rican style this summer. Haha.
0275 14076199286 05/06/08 11:42:20AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Troy is coming back. Ric is with him. We have radiohead tonight..in tampa
0277 14076199286 05/06/08 12:13:57PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Troy has to work. My car was shot this morning so I wasn't sure that I would be able to drive out there tonight. Ric is driving him and I to the concert.
0279 14076199286 05/06/08 12:24:43PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Oh. Haha. It wouldnt turn on. My transmition was dead. Im out almost 500 to get it replaced. Thats over 1300 in a month! Im so mad
0281 14076199286 05/06/08 12:42:06PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Youre telling me. I need a new car pronto
2008-05-07 WED 10:24am. Casey tells Amy she's sorry she missed the concert and tells Amy that if anybody took her place she was glad it was Amy. Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0326 14076199286 05/07/08 10:24:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That works. How was last night?
0328 14076199286 05/07/08 10:25:42AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Haha nice. Being high im assuming helped
0329 14076199286 05/07/08 10:29:12AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Nice. Sorry I missed it. How were the seats?
0331 14076199286 05/07/08 10:32:26AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I feel better. I felt better around 8 last night. So I was even more bummed. Haha. Oh well, Im glad you guys had fun
0332 14076199286 05/07/08 10:35:47AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): If there was anyone to take my place im glad it was you
2008-05-08 THUR 09:47am. Casey tells Amy that she slept with Ricardo this night and had the best sex they ever had this night and again the next morning. Casey said Ricardo didn't smoke all night Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0422 14076199286 05/09/08 09:47:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I stayed with ric last night [05/08/08]. Some of the best sex we ever had. And again this morning. Either im really weak or im falling for this kid. Neither is a good situation
0424 14076199286 05/09/08 10:03:07AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im trying. Things just clicked between him and I. Last night it was a very emotional connection..besides physical. And it was the same way this morning. He didnt smoke once the entire night. Maybe hes making an effort? I dont know
0427 14076199286 05/09/08 10:07:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah. Me too. Who knows, I just dont want to let my heart get too invested unless I know his is. He keeps saying he wants to see where things go. Oye.
(Note: See 05/20/08 Casey's Cupid Profile)
THUR Survivor TV Casting
Scheduled for
May 24, 2008 in

Sanford, Florida
(www.local6.com "Are You The Next 'Survivor?" 05/08/2008): "Are You The Next 'Survivor?' POSTED: 6:02 pm EDT May 8, 2008, UPDATED: 11:54 pm EDT May 8, 2008. ORLANDO, Fla. -- Do you want to be part of the hit CBS show "Survivor?" Come to the official Central Florida CBS casting call at Seminole Power Sports on May 24 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Seminole Power Sports is located at 1200 Rinehart Road in Sanford, Florida."
2008-05-09 FRI 03:14pm. Casey tells Amy she's stuck at work til 10pm but meeting Chris for wings. (Did they go to Scoops?) Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0451 14076199286 05/09/08 03:14:02PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Well im stuck working now til 10 or after. Ill text you later so we can meet up
0468 14076199286 05/09/08 07:22:16PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Do you want to go to scoops tonight?
0470 14076199286 05/09/08 07:27:23PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Ill be done in 20 minutes. Im meeting chris for wings. I busted my ass with all my paperwork
2008-05-10 SAT Chris Stutz came home to his parents to find Casey there (Christopher Stutz INTERVIEW 07/30/2008 Pg22, line 7): CS: Uhm, the day before Mother's Day, which was I think Cinco De Mayo, I saw her on Cinco De Mayo [Mexican national holiday]. She came over. I was out with a bunch of my friends and then she was sitting and talking with my parents for a couple hours. I came home and we decided to go out.
2008-05-11 SUN 08:13am. Facebook
Casey to Chris (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Chris Stutz): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To CHRIS at 8:13am on May 11th, 2008 "you totally are NOT working your life away. sheesh. don't be so dramatic and seriously...i will knock you out. where the hell are my pictures?! it is mother's day you know."
2008-05-11 SUN Casey spent Mother's Day at Stutz house (Christopher Stutz INTERVIEW 07/30/2008 Pg4, line 22): YM: Okay. The same thing with Mother's Day. CS: Mother's Day she [Casey] just came for the day.
2008-05-12 MON 08:07am. Facebook
Casey to Chris (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Chris Stutz): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To CHRIS at 8:07am on May 12th, 2008 "you did! she's quite fond of your ass...and your dad. something about those Stutz men."
2008-05-12 MON 08:08am. Facebook
Casey to Chris (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Chris Stutz): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To CHRIS at 8:08am on May 12th, 2008 "wtf Christopher! still no pictures?!!? weren't you online this morning? you're killing me Smalls!"
2008-05-12 MON Casey Text messages to Amy Huizenga

Casey asks Amy if she (Casey) made out with Chris. Not sure who *jerkface* is but suspect it's Ricardo
Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0421 14076199286 05/12/08 09:46:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im actually glad that I stayed home again this weekend. The more rest the better
0395 14076199286 05/12/08 10:00:33AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im afraid of getting sick again. As long as I take care of myself ill be alright this time
0378 14076199286 05/12/08 02:17:07PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Did I make out with chris the other night?
0365 14076199286 05/12/08 07:55:26PM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): That sucks hun! And dont text that douche bag :-) im playing mario cart with jerkface but we talked today and we are only friends from now on
2008-05-12 MON 01:56pm. Facebook
Casey to Amy (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Amy Huizenga): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To Amy Huizenga at 1:56pm on May 12th, 2008 "let's find new distractions...then distractions for our distractions. it's a fool-proof plan!"
2008-05-13 TUES 08:12am. Facebook
Casey to Chris (FB)
(From Facebook - Posted To Chris Stutz): Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote To CHRIS at 8:12am on May 13th, 2008 "thanks for making my day"
2008-05-13 TUES 09:59am. Casey re: Amy sharing a house with her. Casey says she's on vacation and Cindy is on vacation also and taking Caylee for the weekend.
Casey on helping Amy get job at Universal
Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0353 14076199286 05/13/08 09:59:36AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): The bright side to that..im going to need a roommate. As much as I would like to do the house thing alone an extra 400 would save me from working a few e
0350 14076199286 05/13/08 10:07:09AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Done deal.
Im on vacation in a couple days. My mom is taking the kid for the weekend for part of her vacation :-)
0345 14076199286 05/13/08 10:08:19AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I have 3 of them to friends in entertainment. None of them knew if they were hiring or what for. The good thing about universal is that theyre always hirxtra hours. The boy thing we will fix and the job thing I feel like im in the same boat. Youre not alone in this. Ill do whatever I can to help
0342 14076199286 05/13/08 10:13:16AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Yeah exactly. Even if you come in seasonally its still start. A lot of people started that way especially in entertainment
0339 14076199286 05/13/08 10:14:53AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Like I said. Ill do whatever I can
2008-05-14 WED Anthony's HP Desktop password for user profile "owner" was changed to "rico23" on this date (RECAPS: State of Florida Public Doc Release 11/26/2008 (www.wesh.com Set Part 10):
Page 2799-2800: Computer Forensic Report Case # 08-074777 (Anthony's Computers)
- George and Cindy Anthony's Computers - Summary of findings after August 20, 2008
- HP Desktop Computer user profile "owner" required password "rico23" set 05/14/2008.
- HP Desktop Computer user profile "casey" required no logon password.
- Compaq Laptop user profile "bobby" required no logon password.
2008-05-14 WED 08:49am. Casey says her vacation is cleared at Universal for first 2 weeks of July Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0286 14076199286 05/14/08 08:49:23AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Its official. As long as we take our trip withing the first 2 weeks of july im set. I just got my vacation cleared :-D
2008-05-14 WED 12:20pm. OCSO found email on Casey's computer from Thomas Franck telling Casey to report at 7:30pm tonight for an event at "Studios" (OCSO Re: Thomas Franck 07/30/2008): From Tom [thomas.franck@events.universal.com]
To: C.Anthony@events.universal.com, Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 12:20:05 PM,
subject **EVENT TONIGHT,
Hello All. NBC called in a favor, and are hosting yet another event at Studios.
Please report in by 7:30pm. Dress attire. Bring jeans, just in case. Not everyone will be required to dress-up, but I'm not sure who I'm putting where. Call me if you have any questions. I'll be back in the office around 6. Thomas Franck, Event Director, East Coast Operations
2008-05-14 WED 03:23pm. OCSO found email on Casey's computer from Gabe Marsh about working 05/15/08 and if Casey is going to be working tonight at "Studios" (OCSO Re: Gabe Marsh 08/04/2008): From: Gabe Marsh (gabe.marsh@yahoo.com), To: caseyomarie@yahoo.com, Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:23:00 PM, Subject: Fw:, "hola. sorry i didn't get a chance to call you back earlier. i've been sitting around waiting for a few calls myself, and trying to get all this 'stuff' taken care of at city walk. seriuosly, if mike ever leaves me alone with all of this again, i don't know what i'm going to do! ah!!! anyway, we're still blocked from the building, surprise surprise, but the good news is, i should be in sometime late tonight. 3 of the 5 stages have been built, and they'll be setting up the lighting around 6 or 7. i need you here around 10 tomorrow. you and jules will be working backstage with the bands. we'll have new wrist bands tomorrow, along with the brand new t-shirts and poles you've all been excitedly waiting for. are you working the event at studios tonight? text me later. I'll be stuck at out city walk, until i can get into the office tonight. i swear, these jerks need to get the cleaning people out of there already, and let me in!! ciao bella! Gabe
2008-05-14 WED 07:04pm. OCSO found email on Casey's computer from Mike Hamilton to Gabe Marsh showing Casey's 05/15 hrs. (OCSO Re: Gabe Marsh 08/04/2008): From: Mike (mike.hamilton@yahoo.com), Subject:, To: gabe.marsh@yahoo.com, Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 7:04 PM, "hey Gabe. do me a favor, and let everyone know their individual schedules for tomorrow. i'll send you a list of hours. i'll be back from tampa in the morning, around 10 or so. Cheryl should be in around 8:30, and is getting a ride directly from the airport, to the office, remind everyone to wear sneakers, jeans, and a black t-shirt. i'll have the new shirts with me, along with everything else. fingers crossed! let's do it man!! -mikey" (Casey and Juliet scheduled for 10am-4pm)
2008-05-14 WED After Casey, Troy and Ricardo returned from Voyage, Casey left then called them saying she had 2 Flat Tires (White Pontiac), They couldn't fix her flats and Casey said she had to be home for Caylee so they drove her home (Troy Brown INTERVIEW 07/25/2008 Pg5, line 6): TB: ..."we uhm, we went out to Voyage that evening [05/14]. Uhm, we came back to Ricardo's [Ricardo Morales] house. We were there for, she was probably there for maybe ten minutes. Uhm, then she left. And she uhm, she called us ten minutes later, asking us to come and, and help her because she got two flat tires. So me and Ricardo went there and ..."
(Troy Brown INTERVIEW 07/25/2008 Pg7, line 7): TB: "And we were trying to get, well because there were two, we were trying to get Ricardo's spare on the other one and it just wouldn't fit. You know it was a square peg, a round, you know? And uhm, and then she actually, she was saying she has, she had to get home uhm, for Caylee in the morning. And, and so she actually attempted to drive home on the two flat tires. And then sparks flew and everything was flying. So she pulled off maybe a half mile to a mile down the road. And then we uh, then me, and she parked it a residential neighborhood. I'm not sure which one it was. And then uhm, and then me and Ricardo drove her home."
2008-05-14 WED Ricardo states that he, Casey and Troy rode together to Voyage. Ricardo didn't who had Caylee, Casey usually said her mother or Zenita (Ricardo Morales INTERVIEW 07/25/2008 Pg6, line 22): EE: May 14th, uhm, being the first day that you guys started on, there's an incident where uh, Casey, y'all went downtown? RM: Yes. EE: Who, who was there? RM: Myself, uh, Casey and Troy rode together downtown to Voyage. EE: Okay, and that was flat tire incident... RM: Yes. EE: ...later in the night? RM: Uh-hum (affirmative). EE: You and Troy went back out to give her a hand and she had two flat tires on the white car? RM: Yes. EE: (Sighs) Uh, going ahead to the 24th. Do you know, do you know who had the baby that night by any chance, going back to the 14th, I'm sorry. RM: I don't. But every time she didn't have the child she said it was with her mother or Zenita, so. EE: One of the two? RM: Uh-hum (affirmative).
2008-05-14 WED Jessie Grund was working for the Orlando Police Department the night Casey had the two flat tires and he didn't find out til the next day (Jesse Aaron Grund INTERVIEW 07/23/2008 Pg4, line 19): EE: Okay super. Uh. May..Let's start with, we'll start with May. The first date that you had anything pertinent listed there was May 14th. JG: Correct. EE: And you said that Casey contacted you in, regarding two flat tires? JG: Well I found out about it the next day uhm, from her. That night I was 10-8 on the road. I was working in Kilo Sector, which is the eastside of town and... EE: For O.P.D. (Orlando Police Department)? 1 JG: Yes sir. EE: Okay. JG: And uhm, uh, according to her between the, uhm, two and two thirty she blew two flat tires on her passenger side of her car. Uhm, she called Amy, Ricardo and Troy. She was on her way back from the voyage Night Club at the time.
2008-05-00 ---- Anthony's neighbor use to see Casey jogging most mornings (www.wesh.com 07/18/08): "The neighbor could remember seeing Casey Anthony jogging on most mornings, but that was months ago. "Now that I think about it, it's probably been since May, mid-May. I haven't seen her car around," the neighbor said."
2008-05-15 THUR 08:19am. Casey tells Amy about her two flat tires, says her car needs towed and needs $80 cash only. Apparently Amy meets Casey to loan her the cash Text Messages from Casey Anthony (14076199286) to Amy Huizenga per 07/23/08 OCSO Forensics Report
0268 14076199286 05/15/08 08:19:06AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Two of my tires blew out on my way home. :-( troy and ric literally saved the day.
0265 14076199286 05/15/08 08:22:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Shit it could have killed me last night
0258 14076199286 05/15/08 08:29:22AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): I dont know about the first tire but I definitely think some sort of debri got the second. Back tire then front
0236 14076199286 05/15/08 11:19:51AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Im so screwed. The tow company only accepts cash. What the hell am I going to do?
0234 14076199286 05/15/08 11:22:44AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): What time do you get done? Its not going to be more than 80
0229 14076199286 05/15/08 11:26:59AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): Thats perfect. Thank you so much amy!
0222 14076199286 05/15/08 11:46:03AM (GMT-4)(Casey Text Amy): 408 to goldenrod. Right on goldenrod. Left on curry ford. Right on chickasaw. Follow chickasaw past the middle school and the church. It will be the 3rd neighborhood on the left after the church. Chickasaw park. The street name is grandee

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