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[Abraham Shakespeare]Abraham Shakespeare MURDERED - Plant City, Florida (Hillsborough Co.) April 2009
Abraham Shakespeare (42) won $31 million dollars in the Florida Lottery in 2006. He took a lump sum payout of approximately $17 million. He remained a frugal person as he had before his lottery windfall, but after numerous failed real estate transactions, loans, and friendships Abraham has suddenly gone missing. He was last seen in the Lakeland area in April 2009. Dorice Emma Donegan Moore (AKA Dee Dee Moore) stated in the media that she bought out Abraham's debts to enable him to move away to escape paying child support arrears for a second child that was born after the lottery windfall. Law Enforcement believes there may be more to this story. Abraham Shakespeare's body was found on January 28, 2010 buried beneath a cement slab on the rear property of Shar Krasniqi located at 5802 S.R.60 East, Plant City, Florida 33567. Shar Krasniqi was the boyfriend of Dorice Emma Donegan Moore (AKA Dee Dee Moore). On February 2, 2010 Dee Dee Moore was arrested, first charged with Accessory after the fact and later with First Degree Murder of Abraham Shakespeare.

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Detective Christopher Lynn Report 02/02/2010 1200pm
Data From Public Records, the Media, and Found Materials

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Detective Christopher Lynn Report 02/02/2010 1200pm
Transcribed to text by www.acandyrose.com from .pdf file Binder #2 Public Discovery 09/16/2010

Detective Christopher Lynn #5542
Polk County Sheriff's Office

Criminal Investigation
Incident # 2009-112920
Victim: Abraham Lee Shakespeare

NARRATIVE: 02/02/2010 1200

Persons Involved:

Shakespeare, Abraham Lee
B/M 04-23-66
LKA/9340 Redhawk Bend Drive
Lakeland, FL. -33810
863-393-8614 Cell

Moore, Dorice Donegan
W/F 07-25-72
9340 Redhawk Bend Drive
Lakeland, FL. -33810
813-478-8888 Cell

Krasniqi, Shar Anthony
W/M 05-01-83
9340 Redhawk Bend Drive
Lakeland, FL. -33810
813-478-8888 Cell

Haggins, Judith Diane
B/F 01-23-60
1401 Kettles Avenue #201
Lakeland, FL -33810
863-812-5221 Cell

Stitzel, Howard Dean
W/M 03-04-64
102 Orange Bud Way
Plant City, FL -33563
813-532-0108 Cell

Stint-Hill, Stacy
B/F 09-19-86
141 Ferney Road #D1
Lakeland, FL -33809
407-346-0512 Cell

Thornton, Yevette
B/F 02-05-80
235 South Seminole Avenue
Lake Alfred, FL -33850
63 - 62-4482 Cell (Complete number unreadable)

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PDF PAGE 121 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Walker, Elizabeth
B/F 02-16-41
828 East Lowell Street
Lakeland, FL -33805
863-686-4290 Cell
Home:863-686-4290 [handwritten in]

Powell, Florestine
B/F 04-26-60
908 East Green Street
Perry, FL -32347
850-843-7216 Cell

Daniels, Courtney
B/F 11-03-80
3030 Ember Drive #201
Decatur, Ga -30034
404-749-0487 Cell

Edom, Tony Lamarte
B/M 04-22-72
731 East Bella Vista Street
Lakeland, FL -33805
863-812-0552 Cell

Pasetti, Lawrence Tony
W/M 11-12-62
2831 Safe Harbor Drive
Tampa, FL -33618

Ford, Michael Ladon
W/M 08-01-74
130 Gilley Road
Carrollton, Ga -30116
770-880-3351 Cell

Thomas, Rajeev Koottumkal
I/M 05-30-71
4025 Valrico Grove Drive
Valrico, FL -33594
813-298-9461 Cell
813-759-8733 Work

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PDF PAGE 122 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010


On this date, I attended a meeting in which I was informed that B/M by the name of Abraham Shakespeare had been reported missing. Specific to this investigation was the fact that in November of 2006, Shakespeare had won a multi-million dollar prize from the Florida Lottery. I also learned that a woman identified as Dorice "DeeDee" Moore was in possession of all of Shakespeare's assets, to include his million dollar residence. I was further informed that a family member, specifically a cousin, Cedric Edom was the reportee of the incident. Edom had informed law enforcement that he had last seen Shakespeare in mid April (09) and had only been in contact with him via cellular text messaging a few times since then.

I was further informed that detectives assigned to the missing persons unit had been working on the investigation to this point and had received several items or papers of interest. Including but not limited to a durable Power of Attorney, an Asset Purchase Agreement and several bank statements under the name of American Medical Professionals. On this date, Dorice Moore responded to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purposes of an interview. My involvement in the interview was limited to financial matters. During the interview, Moore explained that she paid the amount indicated (one hundred eighty five thousand) to Shakespeare on the date noted. Moore also advised that on this date, she provided Shakespeare with the monies owed to him for the purchase of 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive for the amount of six hundred fifty five thousand dollars.

A review of the bank statements provided by Moore concerning the Bank of America business account ending in 3253 showed no such withdrawals or checks written concerning the above described transaction. Moore was questioned in regards to this and provided the following; her business American Medical Professionals does exceptionally well and has made her a "very wealthy" woman. The profits of this she set aside in the form of cash and kept the cash in her personal possession. this cash was used to purchase both the house and assets. When questioned about the total profit of her business for various time periods, Moore advised she could not recite numbers but the profit is recorded or documented via the bank account and one could simply total the deposits of Realtime Services in to her accounts for an exact number. Moore accessed an agency laptop and provided copies of several months' worth of bank statements from her online account with the Bank of America (concerning the business account ending in 3253).

Concerning the durable Power of Attorney, Moore advised she was there and witnesses the event but was not a "witness on the document". Moore advised that the purpose of the Power of Attorney was because Shakespeare knew that he was leaving and would need someone here in the area to have authority for court purposed in his absence.

During the course of research, previous vehicles owned by Abraham Shakespeare or via a business owned were investigated. One particular vehicle in question was identified as a Lincoln Sedan, black in color (VIN #1LNHM93RX9G62138) previously owned by Shakespeare and Associates, LLC. This vehicle is now registered to a Lawrence Pasetti (W/M 11-12-62, 2831 Safe Harbor Drive, Tampa 813-936-7438 or 813-777-90872). Contact was made with Mr. Pasetti via his home telephone. During this conversation I learned that he purchased the vehicle from the North Gate Lincoln dealership on North Florida Avenue in Tampa. Mr. Pasetti advised he purchased the vehicle some few months ago and not in April of 2009 as indicated in the D.A.V.I.D. data. Mr. Pasetti advised contact information for persons at said dealership.

* At a later date in this investigation, it was requested of Mr. Pasetti to all law enforcement to forensically examine his vehicle. Mr. Pasetti requested this be done during the week of 12-21-09. I remained in contact with Mr. Pasetti to facilitate this.


Contact was made with the North Gate Lincoln dealership (10505 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL -33612). The office staff assisting me with this information want to remain anonymous; however, she did advise that the vehicle in question was purchased from

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PDF PAGE 123 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Stingray Chevrolet at wholesale price and at the time, titled under Abraham Shakespeare LLC.

Contact was made with Stingray Chevrolet, specifically Matthew Hurley. Hurley advised the vehicle in question was brought to his dealership by Dorice Moore. The transaction simplified is as follows: Moore brought the Lincoln in on 04-14-09, sold it and used the money to purchase a Chevrolet Silverado (VIN #1GCHK53669F138324) registered to Shar Anthony Krasniqi (W/M 05-01-83), with an additional sixteen thousand in cash.

Also on this date, I contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and requested that Abraham Shakespeare's information be flagged for the purposes of knowing when and where his information was queried in regards to him being listed as missing.

-1720 HRS-

I and Det. Parker interviewed Judy Haggins. At the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. During the interview, she advised the following: she is the Power of Attorney of Record for Abraham Shakespeare and has been since April 03rd, 2009. She was chosen by Shakespeare to fulfill this role for two reasons. The first is that they had known each other for the past twenty-five years and the second is that Dorice Moore could not collect monies owed to her via an Asset Purchase Agreement. The majority of these loans were made to persons with-in the Black community, something of which Shakespeare thought Moore would have trouble dealing with.

Concerning the Power of Attorney, Haggins advised that they met at the Super Choice Foods on Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland. In attendance were her, Shakespeare, Moore, Joe Lewis and the Notary, Austin Ambrose. Haggins advised that was the last day that she saw Shakespeare. Haggins stated that the need for the Power of Attorney was that Shakespeare was planning to leave the area and needed someone who could collect the monies owed. Haggins was to collect said monies and relay it to Moore. At this time, Haggins did not know what Moore did with the money. The money would range between one thousand five hundred to two thousand dollars, depending on the month.

Recently, since April of 2009 Haggins was also tasked with taking Shakespeare's mother (Elizabeth Walker) to work and sometimes picking her up from work. Haggins advised she would generally ferry Mrs. Walker where ever she need to go at any time. For this, Haggins would receive approximately five hundred dollars a month, or gas money or various bills being paid by Moore.

Haggins advised she first met Dorice Moore on 10-03-2008 (approximately) during a meeting at Red Lobster with Shakespeare, Moore, and Barbara Jackson. The purpose of this meeting was so that Barbara Jackson could introduce Shakespeare to Moore whom was interested in writing a book about him and wanted to discuss the possibilities. After this meeting, Moore relationship with Shakespeare took off.

Although Haggins advised that she and Shakespeare never had a physical relationship, she was vehement that their relationship was close none the less. Haggins denied knowing where Shakespeare was and reiterated that on the date that she last saw him he was supposedly leaving town. Haggins was asked if she had received any contact from Shakespeare since she last saw him. Haggins stated that she has not talked to him via telephone but had received several text messages from him. She remembered receiving a text in July (2009) in regards to Shakespeare extolling the work of Moore and stating that he was thrilled with being able to trust Moore and she with his money. Another text was in August in regards to Shakespeare informing her that Cedric Edom was given a birthday card for Elizabeth Walker and she was to ensure that Walker received said card. Haggins advised Walker did receive the card and was happy for receiving it, even though she had not seen or talked to her son in a long while.

Concerning this birthday card, Haggins was informed by Moore that Cedric Edom had met with Shakespeare a day prior and received the card to relay it to Walker, as well as being given five thousand dollars. Haggins confronted Edom with this information only to ask how Shakespeare was and Edom denied meeting Shakespeare at all.

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PDF PAGE 124 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Haggins confirmed Shakespeare's inability to read or write, except for his name. Haggins described Shakespeare as slow talking and simple minded. To this end, Haggins advised when they were together and Shakespeare would receive a text message on his cell phone, that Shakespeare would request she tell him what it said and respond via text.

When questioned as to the validity of Shakespeare actually text messaging her these past couple of times, Haggins advised that Shakespeare must be in the company of someone who can read and write. Haggins specified that Shakespeare would not, because he could not, be sending the text messages by himself.


-0830 HRS-

Contact was made with Tony Edom, the brother of Cedric Edom and the cousin of Abraham Shakespeare. During his interview, Edom advised the following: he last saw his cousin, Abraham Shakespeare during the first week of April. During that time he was at his brother, Cedric's house and while he was there Shakespeare dropped by accompanied by Dorice Moore. They came by for the purposes of either giving Cedric a white Ford Crown Victoria or talking to him about purchasing one. This was the first and only time he met Dorice Moore and specifically, Edom advised that he was not formally introduced to her at this time it was just explained to him later by his brother that Moore was helping Shakespeare out with financial matters.

Tony Edom further advised that he was the person who introduced Sentorria Butler to Abraham Shakespeare. To his knowledge, Santeria's child (Jerimiyah) is Abraham's son, however he had heard from Shakespeare himself that this fact was in question. Edom went on to advise that he did not have any knowledge of an actual paternity test, but said he had heard rumor confirming one positively identified the child as Shakespeare's. Tony Edom stated that although he and Shakespeare were not close, they did speak because they were family. (Their mothers are sisters) Edom stated that it was highly unusual for him not to hear of Shakespeare from someone in the community, especially a relative, for longer than a week. Edom said that Shakespeare would not be gone this long without even telling his mother or being in constant communication with her.

Also on this date, myself and Det. Parker sorted through the numerous papers that Dorice Moore provided to the Missing previous detectives. the following is a representation of some of those items:

Copies of mortgages (between Shakespeare and other parties), Mortgage Assignments (from Shakespeare to American Medical Professionals), Quitclaim Deeds and Warranty Deeds concerning Shakespeare's properties, credit reports, Shakespeare's bank statements for several different financial institutions, IRS documents, checkbooks (Shakespeare's), Promissory Notes, numerous cashier's checks to various persons in the year 08-09, mediation papers between Shakespeare and other persons, contracts, numerous bank receipts documenting withdrawals and transfers, foreclosure paperwork on mortgages held by Shakespeare, lien documentation, vehicle titles, and criminal history checks from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website on various people involved in this investigation.

*A list categorizing and explaining these items was generated and placed into property/evidence.


Contact was made with the Lakeland Police Department for the purpose of ascertaining an exact date on their last personal contact with Abraham Shakespeare. According to their records, their last in person contact with Abraham Shakespeare was on October 30th, of 2008.

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PDF PAGE 125 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010


-0830 HRS-

Responded to the Publix Federal Credit Union, located at 3005 New Tampa Hwy, Lakeland for the purposes of serving a subpoena for records concerning accounts under the name Abraham Shakespeare. In summary, the account records show that an account was opened on May 22nd, 2007 and since drafted on. On March 03rd, 2009 all of the money from that account was used to open a certificate of deposit. That certificate of deposit was closed on May 6th by Judith Haggins via the Power of Attorney. The amount of money collected on May 6th by Judith Haggins was approximately two thousand thirty three dollars and eighty eight cents ($2,033.88). *Later it would be determined that this money was deposited into the Bank of America account ending in 6723 under the name Abraham Shakespeare, LLC.


Dorice Moore responded to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purposes of an interview. The purpose of my portion of the interview was to discuss financial matters, especially concerning the Bank of America account ending in 6723. Moore advised the purpose of the account was to have a dedicated account for the purpose of collecting the debts owed to Shakespeare so there would be an accurate reflection for tax purposes. Moore advised that in the previous years, after the winnings, Shakespeare was not accurately reporting or reflecting his earnings and gifts to the Internal Revenue Service.

When Moore was presented with the "Meeting Minutes" of the "Board" of Abraham Shakespeare LLC for 02-10-09, she advised the following: she was quick to state that Shakespeare was added as a signor on the account as soon as possible. However, when shown the "Minutes" dated 02-17-09, Moore advised that Shakespeare had to be taken off the account because of he did not want to pay taxes and did not plan to. Moore advised that she only associates herself with lawful business practices and could not have him associated with the account.

Moore definitely could not provide a justifiable reason that approximately one million dollars, which was used to open the account, soon left the account day's after Shakespeare was removed as an authorized signor.

Moore advised the monies in the form of checks made payable to Judy Haggins were so that Shakespeare could have some money. Moore advised she directed Haggins to cash the checks and give the money to Shakespeare. Moore could not advise if she knew for a fact that Shakespeare actually received this money. Moore stated that the money was definitely not for Judy because she would pay her separately and normally approximately five to eight hundred dollars a month. Moore paid Haggins for helping Elizabeth Walker "each and every day".

* This interview was recorded, transcribed and placed into property/evidence. For further details of this interview consult the transcription*


-1300 HRS-

Contact was made with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office in Georgia for the purposes of attempting to locate Michael Ford. Sgt. Marc Griffith advised a deputy was sent to Ford's listed address and contact was made with Jeannette McKenzie (Ford's girlfriend). According to the deputy, McKenzie will forward the message soliciting the contact to Michael Ford.

-1430 HRS-

Contact was received from Wachovia Bank NA, Legal Order Process Section. The purpose of this contact was to request an extension on the due date concerning the subpoena of Records. The extension request was due to the mass amount of records reflecting approximately 20 accounts of which 4 are brokerage accounts. It was also learned that for the records concerning the brokerage accounts a separate subpoena would need to be issued to Wells Fargo Annuities, (their information was provided). An extension until 12-10-09 was granted.

-1530 HRS-

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PDF PAGE 126 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Contact was received from Michael Ford via his cell phone 770-880-3351. During this interview Michael Ford advised the following: his current residence is 130 Gilley Road in Carrollton, Georgia. He is currently employed as a contracted over the road truck driver for Fed-Ex Ground. He is currently on his way to the Denver area, then to the west coast and then home to Georgia. Ford advised he moved to Georgia in late 2006 or early 2007, it was definitely after the lottery ticket identified as a winner. Ford stated that prior to that he lived at the address listed on his Florida driver's license in Zephyrhills.

Ford advised he first met Shakespeare while the two of them worked for the same company identified as MBM Trucking. Ford was the driver and Shakespeare worked through a day labor company and was assigned to assist Ford with loading and unloading the truck. They were working together at the time the winning lottery ticket was bought in Frostproof. According to Ford, he bought the ticket and Shakespeare stole it from him. Ford later sued Shakespeare for the winnings and once the paperwork was filed appropriately a judge froze the assets. At the conclusion of the trial, of course Shakespeare was granted the winnings (November 2007). The last time Ford physically saw Shakespeare was the day the verdict was returned and they walked out of the courtroom. Ford advised that prior to this date he had moved to Georgia and during the trial, he was staying with family.

Ford further advised that since November of 2007, he has not lived or vacationed in Florida. He stated that he had only been down to the Orlando area approximately two or three times for work purposes only. Ford stated that those dates would be able to be identified based on trucking records. On the trips to Orlando, Ford would drive to the terminal dock, unload his trailer, hitch another trailer and drive immediately back to Georgia.

Ford concluded the interview by denying wrong doing or knowledge of wrongdoing on his part in regards to the disappearance of Abraham Shakespeare.


-0945 HRS-

Contact was established with Judy Stanley of the Bank of America Legal Order Process Section for the purposed of confirming specific information regarding the bank account under the name Abraham Shakespeare, LLC. Stanley confirmed the following information: Bank of America has three business checking accounts under the entity name Abraham Shakespeare LLC. Obviously by the records only one is primarily used (ending in 6723). Concerning the one ending in 9929, that account was opened in February 2009 and closed in July of 2009. For the two remaining open accounts, Dorice Moore is the only authorized signor on either account.

Concerning the open account ending in 6723; Stanley stated the following: Moore opened the account of February 10, 2009. Moore provided the bank with the documentation from Sunbiz.org which identified Moore as as the registered owner of the business. Also on the 10th, approximately one million dollars was deposited into the account. This money came from a closed account via a Prudential Annuity under the name of Abraham Shakespeare. On February 11th, 2009, Moore provided the bank with documentation of "Meeting Minutes" from the "Board" of Abraham Shakespeare, LLC. On the minutes, Moore, Shakespeare and Haggins are documented as being present. The only discussion of the "Board" documented is the decision to have Abraham Shakespeare added as an authorized signor of the account.

On February 17th, 2009, Moore again provides the bank with documentation of "Meeting Minutes" from the "Board" of Abraham Shakespeare, LLC. On the minutes, Moore is the only person documented as being present. The only discussion of the "Board" documented is the decision to have Abraham Shakespeare removed from the list of authorized signors, leaving Moore as the only one.

From February 11th thru 17th, not one deposit, withdrawal or transfer affects the account. However, on February 18, in excess of seven hundred thousand dollars leaves via withdrawals in the form of cashier's checks made payable to American Medical Professionals, ASTAT and Supply and the Internal Revenue Service. * The check made payable to the Internal Revenue Service was endorsed by Dorice Moore with a note under the

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PDF PAGE 127 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

endorsement stating "Not Needed For Intended Purpose" and subsequently deposited into the Bank of America business account of American Medical Professionals.

Within one weeks time, the seed money of the account which began in excess of one million dollars had been depleted to approximately fifty thousand dollars remaining. Of note, Judy Haggins and D. Howard Stitzel received approximately twenty thousand dollars each.

In above referenced information was placed into property/evidence. Copies of the associating paperwork were placed into property/evidence as well.


-1830 HRS-

I, Det. Wallace and Det. Clark responded to 5732 Highway 60 for the purposed of interviewing Patricia Krasniqi-Paulson, the mother of Shar Krasniqi (Moore's live-in boyfriend). During the interview, Krasniqi-Paulson was vague and evasive, keeping her answers as general as possible. In summary, Krasniqi-Paulson advised she works for American Medical Professionals LLC as the Director of Clinical Services (basically an office staff person), and maintained contact with employees for scheduling. Currently, there are approximately thirty five employees. Krasniqi-Paulson further advised that Moore allows her to live in the residence in exchange for working with the company. As to any financial matters, Krasniqi-Paulson advised she had no information. She further advised that she did not have any knowledge of the where-abouts of Shakespeare. Law enforcement was allowed to search the residence; however Shakespeare was not located.

-2100 HRS-

I was tasked with coordinating efforts to retrieve video surveillance from the Racetrack Convenience Store located at 1690 North Broadway Blvd., Bartow. The necessity of this was due to a tip received advising that Shakespeare had been in the store around or prior to 1200 hours. This video was pulled the next morning and the information provided in regards to Shakespeare being in the store proved to be false.

-2230 HRS -

I, Det. Wallace and Det. Clark responded to 3447 South Forbes Road, Plant City for the purposes of interviewing James Moore (the ex-husband of Dorice Moore). During the interview, J. Moore advised the following: he is the ex-husband of Dorice Moore and they have a child in common named Robert James Moore (RJ). They were officially divorced earlier this year; however they have been separated for approximately two or three years. While they were married, they kept their finances separate so he did not exactly know how much she made however guesstimated that it was less than one hundred thousand dollars a year. He knew of a cell phone business that eventually failed, then as a certified nurses assistant, she eventually got a job at Arcadia Healthcare. From what he could remember, she was going to open a branch in Plant City, but for reasons unknown to him that failed as well.

J. Moore advised he was aware of Moore's current relationship with Shar Krasniqi, and while he thinks it a bit odd due to the age difference, J. Moore advised Krasniqi was "good to RJ" and that was his only real concern. He stated he was aware that she moved to a rather large home in Lakeland, but admitted that he did not have a clue in regards to her personal finances so he would not judge her in that regard. He thought that she was an average manager of her money and just assumed that she could afford it. He was also aware of the two properties she was in possession of on Highway 60. To his knowledge, she owned the two story home (5802) but was currently renting the red brick home (5732).

J. Moore advised he was a heavy equipment operator and had been the majority of this life. He advised that he works with his father and the two provide fill dirt and grade type of service but will commit to anything the way the economy has been lately. Moore admitted to receiving some money from D. Moore in the past but stated that the majority of the money was for service rendered and not as a loan.

To this, J. Moore advised he and his father done some work for D. Moore concerning the property at 5732 Highway 60. There, the two were tasked with clearing and leveling the field (?) at the area of what is currently the paint ball facility. Moore thought this work

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PDF PAGE 128 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

took place in or around March of 2009.

J. Moore went on to advise that because of the general amount of work needing to be done to the land, D. Moore had purchased a full size back-hoe. This was done so that he would not have to transport his equipment to and from this property, rather he could just use the one provided. J. Moore advised he used the back-hoe one time and determined that it was not that good so he resigned himself to using his own equipment. J. Moore advised that later in the year, D. Moore had requested he find a buyer for the piece of equipment and because of that reason, the back-hoe was now on his property.

Upon closer inspection of the Case back-hoe (dull orange in color), it appeared to be of normal size with a dedicated hoe on the back complete with a front end loader. It appeared to have the serial number 9TO415. It also appeared to have been refurbished at some point, and when questioned in regards to this, J. Moore advised that it was in the same condition as when D. Moore bought it.

James Moore further advised that he had no knowledge of the current location of Abraham Shakespeare.


Based on information found via public records of the Polk County Clerk of Courts, contact was established with the law group of Valenti, Campbell, Trohn, Tamayo and Aranda who maintain offices at 1701 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, Florida. The information referenced previously dealt with court records indicating this law group's legal action against Abraham Shakespeare. In summary, Mr. James Valenti advised the following: during the trial Shakespeare V. Ford for the winnings of the lottery money, Shakespeare retained this law firm. Valenti advised Shakespeare eventually decided to utilize another lawyer to represent him, but not before amassing a large unpaid bill of approximately twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00). This bill went unpaid for quite some time and eventually his law firm placed a lean on the property located at 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive and several financial accounts at Community Bank.

On June of 2009, his law firm received contact from D. Howard Stitzel (lawyer) who represented Dorice Moore and American Medical Professionals LLC. This contact was for the purposes of settling the lean against the property and financial accounts. Unbeknowst to Mr. Valenti, Moore had "purchased" the residence of 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive, and she provided documentation of this in the form of a Quitclaim Deed signed by Abraham Shakespeare. Valenti advised that had Ms. Moore bought this residence through proper channels, she would have found the lean in January during the course of the real estate process. Stitzel and Valenti agreed to Moore satisfying the lean against the property and financial accounts for the sum of twenty thousand dollars in the form of a cashier's check.

*This action can be traced through bank records of American Medical Professionals accounts with the Bank of America, account number ending in 3253.

Once Valenti's law group received this payment, legal documentation was drafted for the courts stating this fact. In essence, Moore became the plaintiff in the legal action against Abraham Shakespeare. This meant that Shakespeare now owed American Medical Professionals (Moore) instead of Valenti. The paperwork provided to the courts was in the form of an Assignment of Judgment, dated August 7th, 2009.

After this date, communication was established between the two parties again, due to Moore's inability to access financial accounts at Community Bank, even with the substitution of parties. Another document was drafted, specifically allowing Moore access to the financial accounts. This document was dated September 29th, 2009. According to Valenti, even after this second document, Moore was still denied access. Valenti advised Moore's access was specifically denied for a safety deposit box, maintained at Community Bank.

For this reason, a third request was made for changes in the verbiage of the order. A

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PDF PAGE 129 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Final order was prepared and signed by the Honorable Judge Alcott on October 21st, 2009.

Eventually, on October 28th of 2009, Moore was granted access to the safety deposit box housed at Community Bank. Nothing of pertinent value was in this box. This fact is known based on the video recording Moore used to document this event. At the bank, Moore was accompanied by Troy Young, whom at the time was employed with the Lakeland Police Department as a law enforcement officer; however he was not on duty on this date at this time.

-2045 HRS-

During the investigation to this point, Yevette Thornton was identified as a person whom may have information pertaining to the where-abouts of Shakespeare. Thornton is identified on several documents as the Notary and she was employed by the Community Bank NA Branch where Shakespeare conducted most of his business, dealing with this financial institution.

I and Det. Parker responded to 235 South Seminole Avenue, Lake Alfred for the purposes of interviewing Yevette Thornton. During the interview, Thornton advised the following: she was an employee of Community Bank NA, specifically at the branch located at 3211 South Florida Avenue. She was familiar with Abraham Shakespeare and several other persons involved in this case. Her specific role at this financial institution was a loan manager; however it was not through this title that she built an association with Shakespeare. Early on, when Shakespeare first used this specific branch she identified him as a person not necessarily familiar with the financial world, observed that he was for all intense and purposed illiterate and because of this felt as though some persons closely associated with him could or were taking advantage of him. Soon, Shakespeare would seek her out for counsel but even if he did, Thornton advised he would inevitably commit to whoever was asking for monies and provide it to them, mostly against her urgings. Thornton did confirm that she notarized a large number of documents; however she was quick to add that it was at the request of Shakespeare who was personally there every time she notarized something.

Thornton advised she quit working a the bank on February 13th, 2009 for unrelated reasons. At that time, Moore had been coming to the bank for maybe two months. She characterized Moore as a person whom acted as though she was worth more money then she actually had. Thornton further advised that Moore would often accuse bank staff of being inept to the point of depleting Shakespeare's fortune. Thornton advised that during the time of her involvement with Moore, she felt as though Moore was taking advantage of Shakespeare. Moore would come to the bank and demand account balances, transfers and withdrawals even though she had no standing with Shakespeare's accounts and could not legally do anything to these accounts. Thornton advised that on more than one occasion Moore became loud and belligerent to bank staff because they had denied her access to Shakespeare's accounts.

Although Thornton new the majority of the persons associated with this investigations, she could not offer any pertinent details, nor did she know of a possible location for Shakespeare.

-2310 HRS-

I responded to the residence located at 912 5th Street for the purposes of attempting to locate a Wanda Hill (B/F 09-26-58). The residents advised they did not know Ms. Hill or know where she currently was living. *It would later be determined throughout the course of the investigation, that Ms. Hill would not have any possible relevant information regarding Abraham Shakespeare, as it relates to this investigation.

-2340 HRS-

I, Det. Wallace, Det. Clark and Det. Parker responded to the Snowbird Inn on East Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland regarding a lead regarding persons sighting Abraham Shakespeare at this location recently. The ensuing investigation into this lead provided the information false.


-?30 HRS-

Page 10 of 209 (hand written 777)

PDF PAGE 130 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

I responded to the Publix Federal Credit Union on New Tampa Highway for the purposes of retrieving the entirety of records associated with Abraham Shakespeare. These items were later placed into property/evidence. An analysis of these records was previously discussed.

-1930 HRS-

I and Det. Parker responded to 125 Hickory Drive, Haines City for the purposes of attempting to locate a black female by the name of Stacy Sint-Hill. contact was made with family members of Sint-Hill who provided us with her cell phone number. While at this house, contact with Sint-Hill was established via cell phone. During the ensuing conversation, a meeting at a later time in the evening was scheduled.

-2030 HRS-

I and Det. Parker responded to 329 Erie Drive, Poinciana for the purposes of attempting to locate family members of Walter Pearsall, whom it was hoped could provide us with recent contact information for him. We met with the current residents of 329 Erie Drive whom advised they had no knowledge of Pearsall or anyone related to him.

-2215 HRS-

I and Det. Parker met with Stacy Sint-Hill for the purposes of an interview. During the interview, Sint-Hill provided the following information: she used to employed by Community Bank NA, specifically the branch located at 3221 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland. During the time of employment, she became very familiar with the person identified as Abraham Shakespeare. Sint-Hill was quick to state that her knowledge and or association with Shakespeare was strictly professional and she never met with him outside the auspices of the professional setting. Sint-Hill defined her role at the bank as a teller and said that she would assist Shakespeare with the quick and easy transactions, however one of the supervisors, would handle anything else. Sint-Hill said it was more common for Shakespeare to be assisted by a supervisor rather than a teller.

Sint-Hill advised she was familiar with Dorice Moore, Greg Massey, and Judy Haggins. Sint-Hill advised all of the previously mentioned persons would come in Shakespeare, and all seemed as though they were assisting him with financial decisions. Sint-Hill advised that it had been a while and as a matter of fact remarked that Massey had not been in with Shakespeare since Dorice Moore started assisting him. Sint-Hill described Moore as a flamboyant, charismatic character who "acted" more important that what she was. She further advised that Moore would tell them (bank staff) that they were doing their jobs wrong or depleting Shakespeare's fortune due to their ineptitude. Sint-Hill advised that Haggins would come in to retrieve cashier's checks that Shakespeare had approved over the telephone. Sint-Hill advised that she was not aware of this particular activity after Moore came into the picture.

Sint-Hill was directly questioned in regards to leads pertaining to information advising that Shakespeare was currently in the company of a light skinned black female who used to work at the Community Bank and resides in the Orlando area. Sint-Hill confirmed that she seemed to be the person identified in the information provided, however she vehemently denied associating with Shakespeare outside the bank. Sint-Hill allowed law enforcement access to her current residence of approximately nine months (141 Fernery Road, Apt. D1), but Shakespeare was not there.


-1200 HRS-

I and Det. Wallace located and interviewed Dereka Livingston (B/F 06-26-59 211 West Modest Street, Lakeland). The purpose of this interview was based on information obtained from Det. Parker in regards to a possible association between Livingston and James Shakespeare (the brother of the Abraham Shakespeare). During the interview, Livingston could not provide a possible date that she last saw Abraham Shakespeare, citing "It been a lil-bit" and not expounding any further.


Page 11 of 209 (hand written 778)

PDF PAGE 131 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

-1145 HRS-

I and Det. Wallace interviewed Judy Haggins. During the interview, Haggins was informed that law enforcement had identified the Abraham Shakespeare LLC account at Bank of America (ending in 6723). Haggins was shown where in the month of February 2009, one million dollars was deposited into the account and with-in a few days, the million dollars had left the account. To this end, Haggins was further questioned about the information provided by the bank documenting "Meeting Minutes" of which it states that Haggins was in attendance. Haggins advised that the three of them (Moore, her and Shakespeare) had discussed opening an account which would collect the debts paid to Shakespeare. Haggins advised she was not aware that it was a formal meeting, not that she was considered a "Board Member". Haggins also added that she was under the assumption that Shakespeare's name would be on the account from its inception. Haggins denied all knowledge of the "Meeting Minutes" retracting Shakespeare's name as a signor on the account, but it should be mentioned that she is not listed as an attendee of this meeting. As for the money provided to her in the form of checks, totaling approximately twenty thousand dollars, Haggins advised that she was instructed to cash the checks and five the money to Shakespeare. Haggins later stated that she was of the opinion that she cashed the checks at a Plant City branch.

Haggins again stated the purpose of her being named Power of Attorney were for the following reasons: according to Shakespeare, he was planning on leaving town, for the purpose of court documents and so she could lawfully collect the money owed to him. Haggins added the money which she collected on Shakespeare's behalf was given to Dorice Moore. She advised that because of the bank account (Abraham Shakespeare,LLC) she assumed once she gave the money to Moore, that Moore was depositing the money into this account.

Haggins advised that for all her work, either assisting Moore or Walker, or for collecting the debt owed to Shakespeare, Moore would normally give her between five to eight hundred dollars ($500.00 - 800.00) per month.

A sworn taped statement was obtained from Haggins at the conclusion of the interview and later places into property/evidence.


During the afternoon, Moore contacted Det. Clark and informed him that she had just got off the telephone with Florestine Powell and received some pertinent information. The information was in regards to: Moore initiated contact with Powell to ask how she was doing in general due to the media coverage of the investigation. During the conversation, Moore asked Powell if she had heard from Shakespeare to which Powell responded that she received a call yesterday (Sunday). Allegedly, an unknown person called Powell and informed her that they were calling for Shakespeare and that he (Shakespeare) was on his way to see her.

-2245 HRS-

I, Det. Wallace, and Det. Clark responded to 908 Green Street in Perry, Florida for the purposes of interviewing Florestine Powell, the sister of Abraham Shakespeare and daughter of Elizabeth Walker. At the time of this interview, we were accompanied by a sergeant of the Perry Police Department.

During the interview, Powell advised the following: she has lived in Perry the majority of her life. Powell advised she and her brother did not speak on a daily or even weekly basis, however information would be relayed between the two via their mother. Powell advised Shakespeare had only been to Perry on two occasions, the first on his way to Tallahassee when he won the money, and the second when their sister passed away. Powell further advised she had only met Dorice Moore one time. This was around Thanksgiving of 2009, when Moore and Judy Haggins drove her mother up for the holidays. Powell advised she did not associate with Moore much except to exchange contact information, should the need arise. When she gave Moore her phone numbers, she specifically told her not to provide them to the media.

Page 12 of 209 (hand written 779)

PDF PAGE 132 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Recently (12-13-09), she (Powell) had received a phone call from the Saint Petersburg Times recently requesting an interview and that this phone call was documented on her voicemail. Powell subsequently called Moore and told her about the interview request and repeated her directions to not provide her contact information to the media.

Powell allowed detectives to listen to the message saved on her voicemail. When the message was replayed, I heard an unidentified person acknowledge that they work for the Saint Petersburg Times and request an interview.

Powell allowed us to walk through her home, however Shakespeare was not present. Powell denied having knowledge of Shakespeare's where-abouts. It should be noted that in the research of phone calls to and from Shakespeare's phone, none were identified to Florestine Powell.


-0920 HRS-

I responded to Realtime Services located at 7071 University Blvd. of Winter Park, for the purposes of serving a subpoena for records concerning the finances of American Medical Professionals, LLC.

-1130 HRS-

Per a verbal request by Wachovia Bank NA, Legal Order Process Staff I responded to a local branch and provided them with a hard copy of the original subpoena which they in turn would relay to the Legal Order Process Section. I delivered the copy to the branch located at 1011 Hwy 540 East, Lakeland.


A citizen contact by the name of Theadore Day had previously been interviewed by Det. Wallace. During that interview, Day claimed to be a close personal friend of Abraham Shakespeare. Also during this interview, Day advised he had no knowledge of Shakespeare's where-abouts.

At 1730 HRS I met with Theadore Day (B/M 09-04-61) at the Northwest District Command. During the interview, Day denied stating to several citizens that he had knowledge of Abraham Shakespeare's where-abouts. At the conclusion of this interview, Day was arrested for an outstanding warrant in regards to failing to pay child support.


-0800 HRS-

Contact was made with Elizabeth Walker at 828 East Lowell Street. During this contact, Mrs. Walker informed me of the following: during the Christmas holidays, she was in contact with Dorice Moore. Specifically she went out to eat with Moore on 12-27-09. During this dinner, Walker received a phone call from a person "pretending" to be Abraham Shakespeare. Walker advised this phone call lasted approximately 8 minutes and during that time, the person on the other end of the connection was speaking like Shakespeare (acting out his voice) and telling her "that he was away and did not want to be bothered by people or the police." The caller further advised that he could not come home because "the police were looking for him because he had a warrant". At one point during the phone call, Moore was ecstatic that they were able to speak with Shakespeare and told Walker that "everything was over because we have spoken to Abraham" and that "God answers our prayers".

Walker went on to advise that prior to this phone call she had received several strange calls. A few days ago (either the 23rd or 24th) she received a phone call from an unidentified person. During this phone call, the unidentified person told Ms. Walker to buy a pre-paid telephone and that he would call back the next day to get the telephone numbers associated with that new phone. The unidentified caller told Walker that Abraham Shakespeare would call her on a pre-paid phone and speak with her, but that it had to be a pre-paid so that no one could track the telephone call, because he was still hiding.

Page 13 of 209 (hand written 780)

PDF PAGE 133 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

According to Mrs. Walker, Dorice Moore stopped by her house on Christmas Eve to met with Antionette Andrews for the purpose of relaying a Christmas gift to Moses Shakespeare (Abraham's child). While there, she received a strange telephone call from this same unidentified person requesting the phone number to the pre-paid phone. At first she did not answer the call because it came up "restricted or blocked" in the mean time, she went outside to greet Moore and Andrews and told them of the "restricted" phone call.

According to Walker, Moore replied that she should answer "those calls" because "you never know who or what the person is going to tell you". Moments later, the telephone rings again with a "restricted" number. Moore tells Walker to answer the phone, so she does. The unidentified male on the other end of the line asks Walker for the pre-paid telephone number she was instructed to purchase. Walker then tells Moore what is going on and Moore directs Walker to relay the cell phone number she already has. Walker then tells the unidentified person her cell number of 863-602-2589. Again, Walker is informed that Shakespeare will be calling her on this number in a few day. Walker stated that she told Moore this information who responded "I hope it's true, I hope he does call you on Christmas or in the next several days."

In summary, the actual series of events as described by Mrs. Walker are as follows: she receives a restricted phone call advising her to obtain a pre-paid telephone, she receives another call to verify that she obtained one and provides the unknown caller with the telephone number. On Sunday 12-27-09, Dorice Moore calls her and invites her out to dinner. While she is eating dinner with Dorice Moore, a person calls her pretending to be Abraham Shakespeare and tells her that he is in hiding and will not return until law enforcement stops looking for him.

It should be noted that according to Walker, the pre-paid telephone in her possession was provided to her by Dorice Moore.
At the time gave it to her it was for the purposes or calling Moore if she needed to.

-1015 HRS-

I returned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purposes of further investigating the "restricted" phone call Mrs. Walker received. I contacted AT&T for the purposes of identifying the phone number used to call Mrs. Walker. I completed and faxed the appropriate paperwork outlining what specific information was requested. A representative from AT&T returned the requested information in the form of a fax. The phone number used to call Mrs. Walker and pretend to be Abraham Shakespeare was identified as 863-430-7234. A internet search determined this number to be operated by Sprint/Nextel.

-1110 HRS-

Contact with Sprint/Nextel was made. The appropriate paperwork was completed and faxed. Sprint/Nextel identified the phone number as being registered to a unique cuts with a billable address of 2415 US Highway 98 North. The authorized contact associated with the account was identified as Greg Smith the same listed address. Call detail records for the past week as well as being able to locate the phone via global positioning was requested.

The records were later obtained and places into property evidence. On page 31 of 32 of the records the call to Mrs. Walker is identified and has a duration of 523 seconds (approximately 8 minutes). Also of note with in these records is the number of times this number either contacts or is contacted by Dorice Moore's phone number which is 813-478-8888. On this same page, Dorice Moore and Greg Smith communicate seven separate times. It is important to note that this particular page of the records only covers 12-27-09 from 1237 hours until 2003 hours.

Over the course of the next few hours, Sprint/Nextel was contacted several times for the purposes of locating the phone 863-430-7234. Listed below are the locations with the associated times:

1305 HRS 23.03059 LAT -81.9552 LONG. 46 METERS
1315 HRS 28.03329 LAT -81.95693 LONG. 09 METERS
1330 HRS 28.05263 LAT -81.96839 LONG. 45 METERS
???? HRS 28.05793 LAT -81.95734 LONG. 19 METERS

Page 14 of 209 (hand written 781)

PDF PAGE 134 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

1340 HRS 28.08808 LAT -81.9735 LONG. 14 METERS
1345 HRS 28.09184 LAT -81.97585 LONG. 14 METERS

At 1351 hrs., I, Det. Wallace and Det. Clark observed the gray Chevrolet truck (792WPQ) registered to Shar Anthony Krasniqi in the parking lot of Dilliards of the North Lakeland Mall. In the parking space next to it was a dark colored Toyota Camry (L718HP). A quick check revealed this vehicle to be registered to Gregory Todd Smith. Upon closer inspection, Dorice Moore was visible sitting in the front passenger seat of the Toyota Camry.

At 1405 hrs, Dorice Moore exited the Toyota and returned to the driver's seat of her truck. Both vehicles were observed leaving the mall parking lot.

At 1415 hrs, both vehicles were observed in the North Lakeland Target parking lot sitting in front of the Radio Shack. The Toyota is empty and Dorice Moore was sitting in her truck.

At 1423 hrs, Greg Smith is observed exiting the Radio Shack, carrying a plastic bag consistent with purchasing something and gets into Dorice Moore's truck.

At 1431 hrs, Greg Smith exits the truck and gets into his vehicle. At this time he was not carrying the plastic bag which he obtained from the store. Both vehicles then leave the parking lot.

At 1440 hrs, an investigative traffic stop was conducted on the four door Camry identified via Florida tag L718HP while on Ohio Street in Lakeland. It is important to note that this vehicle was in sight of law enforcement from the time it left the parking lot of the North Lakeland Target until this current time. Contact was made with Gregory Todd Smith and at this time he agreed to accompany myself, Det. Wallace and Det. Clark to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purpose of an interview.

My portion of the interview was specific to the loan of Smith from Shakespeare as recorded in the form of a mortgage. This mortgage paperwork which is on file and public record with the Polk County Clerk of Courts documents the date of the mortgage as February 23, 2007 however it is recorded by this office on April 01, 2009.

Smith advised he loaned the money from Abraham Shakespeare for the purposes of keeping his mothers house in the family. Smith could not provide reason for the discrepancy of dates, however said that he was the person who in 2007 loaned the money from Abraham Shakespeare. Smith further advised that he was aware that Dorice Moore had purchased the mortgage from Shakespeare under the business entity American Medical Professionals. Smith was unaware of any recorded paperwork attesting to this fact. Smith advised that at some point, unknown date, Shakespeare brought Moore to his salon/barber shop and introduced the two. The purpose of this meeting was for Shakespeare to advise Smith that she now owned his mortgage and that he was to pay Moore from that point on.


At 0935 hrs, I served a subpoena in person to Realtime Services located at 7071 University Blvd. of Winter Park, Florida.


Based on information gleaned from combing over previous records obtained, I re-issued a subpoena to Navy Federal Credit Union in regards to another account found under the name of Shar Anthony Krasniqi. In summary, Krasniqi opened an account in September of 2008 which remained current. However in February of 2009 (the check received from Abraham Shakespeare, LLC), Krasniqi was able to open a money market account under the same account number, which was seeded with approximately two hundred thousand dollars.
MBR< *The actual subpoena was sent via fax on 01-05-10*

Also on this date, I responded to the business identified as Shoot Straight located at 230 North Lake Palmer Avenue in Lakeland. There, I retrieved a glock model 37 .45 GAP with a serial number of KLS241. This firearm was placed into property evidence on 01-05-10 with the accompanying paperwork in order for the firearm to be sent to the Florida Department

Page 15 of 209 (hand written 782)

PDF PAGE 135 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

of law enforcement laboratories for the purposes of entering into the N.I.B.I.N. database.

This firearm was initially owned by Abraham Shakespeare until Dorice Moore provided it to witness Smith, prior to his contact with law enforcement. Subsequently, witness Smith informed law enforcement of the firearms existence.


At approximately 1600 hrs, contact was received from the Collier County Sheriff's Office in regards to an investigation of an unidentified body found in their jurisdiction. According to their information, Shakespeare was a close match.

Coordination between our two agencies leads to a fingerprint comparison between Abraham Shakespeare and their decedent. According to their finger print examiner, the two were not a match. Confirmation of this was received via email on 01-07-10.

Witness Smith contacted Det. Wallace and advised him that D. Moore had requested to meet with him because she had some further information for him. Det. Wallace called for assistance and I and Det. Clark were assigned as surveillance units.

The meeting took place in the Target parking lot (North Lakeland), where-in witness Smith responds to the Radio Shack for the purposes of purchasing pre-paid cellular telephones. (Later it would be learned that at this time, witness Smith purchased three phones). Witness Smith is observed walking out of the store providing the bag of purchased items to Dorice Moore.

Moore then leaves the area and travels to the Hess Gas Station located at 111 Marcum Road and meets with Judith Haggins. This meeting lasted approximately twenty minutes and during the meeting it appeared as though Moore provided Haggins with one of the cellular phones.

While Det. Clark and I are watching this transaction/meeting, Det. Wallace contacts us and informs us of the following information learned from witness Smith. Witness Smith was instructed by Dorice Moore to purchase three pre-paid cellular telephones from Radio Shack and gave them to Dorice Moore. They were to split up and she was going to meet with Judith Haggins and provide her with one of the phones. While she was meeting Haggins, witness Smith was instructed to respond to the Comfort Inn and Suites (3520 Highway 98 North) and rent a room for the evening. He was supposed to then call her and confirm this was done, so that she (Moore) could respond to the hotel room and write a letter. Once the letter was drafted and printed, witness Smith was informed that he was supposed to place the letter into Elizabeth Walker's mailbox.

Dorice Moore was observed leaving the Hess Gas Station and responding to the above identified hotel. There, Moore is observed walking into the hotel with a laptop computer and printer. Moore and witness Smith are in the hotel room for approximately two hours. Moore is then observed leaving the hotel (with same items). Det. Wallace watches as Moore and witness Smith meet down the road, south of their location and Moore gets into the driver's seat of witness Smith's vehicle. While this is going on, Det. Clark and I travel to 828 Lowell Street (Walker's residence) and observe the mailbox to be empty.

Moore then drive's witness Smith to the area of Walker's, stopping short and instructing witness Smith to walk the rest of the way and to place the letter in the mailbox. Witness Smith does this and is immediately retrieved by Moore and both leave the area. Followed by Det. Wallace, Det. Clark and I return to 828 Lowell and retrieve the letter from the mailbox.

Det. Clark maintained the letter and placed it into property/evidence.

Video surveillance footage from the Hess Mart was obtained and shows Moore meeting with Judy Haggins. This video footage was later placed into property/evidence.


During the evening hours, contact was made with Greg Smith and it was requested that he meet me at the Best Buy retail store located at 4215 US Hwy 98 North. Smith responded and was asked if he could point out the model/type of laptop and printer used by Dorice Moore

Page 16 of 209 (hand written 783)

PDF PAGE 136 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

to write the letter which he (Smith) placed into Mrs. Walker's mail box. With in moments, Smith had identified a Hewitt Packard laptop, black/grey in color with what appeared to be bubbles in graphics along the outside surface. Smith was adamant that the model used was complete with a swivel monitor. This particular model was identified as one similar to HP TX2-1375DX. While at Best Buy, Smith could not locate the type of printer used and stated that Moore referenced possibly purchasing the printer at Staples, which is across the street.

At the Staples, located at 4236 US Hwy 98 North, Smith immediately selected a printer "which is the exact if not very similar" to one identified as HP Officejet H450W.


Abraham Shakespeare's personal information and pertinent facts of the investigation were entered into the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program database under number 2010PLK00001.

-1030 HRS-

A subpoena for records concerning information regarding this investigation was served via fax on H&R Block Tax Group Incorporated.


Abraham Shakespeare's personal identifiers were listed with the International Claims Association. This was done for the purposed of querying the associations database to see if a life insurance policy for Abraham Shakespeare had been paid/collected. As of the writing of this report, no contact has been received.

-1130 HRS-

Contact was received from H&R Block in reference to the subpoena issued to them for records pertaining to this investigation. In summary, the following was learned:

Shar Anthony Krasniqi one online return for the tax year 2007
ASTAT & Supply LLC no recorded information
American Medical Professionals, LLC no recorded information

Dorice Donegan Moore their records were all filed during the same tax year, which was 2008. On file they have the personal federal income tax for 2001, 2003, 2006, and 2007. It should be noted that an outstanding debt to the United States Treasury concerning the tax year 2001 was paid in full for the sum total of fifty-one thousand dollars ($51,000.00). Per H&R Block this payment was made in December 2008. Confirmation of this payment was later received from the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Courts. All records and information obtained via this subpoena were later placed into property/evidence.


-0830 HRS-

Robert Moody (B/M 11-30-63) responded to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purposes of an interview. Moody had been released from jail hours before and voluntarily responded to the office. During the interview, Moody advised the following: he was unofficially adopted by James Shakespeare Sr., Abraham's father, when he was an adult. At that time, he was living with Abraham and James off Brunnell Parkway in Lakeland. He grew close to Abraham and refers to him as a brother.

As to information regarding Shakespeare's where-abouts, Moody had no pertinent information. Moody did advise that prior to him going to jail (summer of 2009), a rumor he had heard on the streets in Lakeland was that Shakespeare was "dying in a nursing home in Lake Wales". Moody advised that he personally went to every nursing home in the Lake Wales and could not locate him.

Moody concluded the interview by advising me that if he heard any pertinent information regarding Shakespeare he would contact me.

-1145 HRS-

I responded to Arcadia Health Care located at 7815 North Dale Mabry, in Tampa for the

Page 17 of 209 (hand written 784)

PDF PAGE 137 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

purposes of interviewing Karen DiSalvo. During the investigation, Karen DiSalvo and her husband were identified via Sunbiz.org due to their names being associated with Dorice Moore under the business name "All About Cellular". During the interview, DiSalvo advised the following:

She first became acquainted with Dorice Moore while the two worked for Arcadia Healthcare during the same period of time. DiSalvo could not remember the exact year, however she was working as a registered nurse/office manager when Moore hired on as a Certified Nurses Assistant. Arcardia Healthcare is basically a temporary staffing service for medical professionals. Moore worked for approximately one year as a Certified Nurses Assistant and "showed promise and interest" so she was moved to the office for general scheduling and office work. During her time in the office, Moore excelled at grasping the business aspects of the staffing agency. After approximately seven or eight months, Moore was able to express interest in opening a branch of Arcadia Healthcare in Plant City, citing her numerous contacts in the area due to being from Plant City. Soon, Arcadia Healthcare agreed and approved of the Plant area branch and entrusted Moore to operate the business.

Not long after the branch became operational did the senior staff of Arcadia Healthcare begin to notice a spike in spending and monies leaving the business. An internal investigation revealed that Moore had "embezzled" in excess of sixty thousand dollars. DiSalvo explained that because of Moore's position as an office manager, she is able to write checks and has a check book easily accessible. DiSalvo further advised that it was common place for an employee to work a shift and then go to the office immediately after to receive payment for that shift, in the form of a check. DiSalvo explained that the internal investigation revealed that Moore would routinely provide this practice for the employees however she would write the check in excess of what was due the employee. The employee would then cash the check and either, give the entire excess to Moore or take a percentage of the excess providing Moore with the remainder.

Once this was determined, Arcadia Healthcare initiated action against Moore when all of the sudden the office in Plant City where Moore's branch was operating out of "caught fire and burned". DiSalvo explained that during her observations of the burnt remains, she noticed that only files were burned and the expensive office equipment remained unscathed, as a matter of fact, the office equipment had been moved across the street as if "Moore knew the fire was going to happen". DiSalvo advised the State Fire Marshall inspected the fire but was unable to charge Moore with arson.

DiSalvo further advised that Moore and Arcadia Healthcare then came to an agreement where-by Moore would pay Arcadia Healthcare twenty-five thousand dollars and the business would not continue their investigation or press charges. According to DiSalvo at the time when Moore was supposed to pay Arcadia Healthcare she "blackmailed" the company and stated she would "go to the press" and "air out some dirty laundry". DiSalvo stated that Moore was going to tell the press that Arcadia Healthcare was employing persons with AIDS, knew that the person had AIDS, and still utilized them for outside sources. DiSalvo explained that was false, however Moore and Arcadia Healthcare knew that the business would spend weeks and a large amount of money battling the "bad press". Because of this threat, Arcadia Healthcare decided to "cut their loss" and excuse Moore's debt if she signed some sort of none compete clause that their attorneys would draft. DiSalvo stated she was under the opinion that this had been done, because the internal investigation against Moore was dropped.

DiSalvo also advised during the time that Moore was an office assistant in the Tampa branch that both she and her husband decided to partner with Moore and open a cellular company, using the other employees as a customer base. This business venture never came to fruition due to the busy schedules of both parties, however, when Moore left Arcadia Healthcare all together after the internal investigation, DiSalvo learned the following. Evidently Moore worked for or associated with a business entitled "American Wireless" prior to Arcadia Healthcare. When DiSalvo and Moore were going to start their cellular business, Moore provided several product displays and other materials, "on loan from American Medical."

Page 18 of 209 (hand written 785)

PDF PAGE 138 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

after Moore left Arcadia Healthcare, DiSalvo contacted a representative of American Wireless who responded to her location and retrieved the product displays. At this time DiSalvo learned from the representative that American Wireless severed ties with Moore due to "Moore taking in excess of one hundred thousand dollars from their company". DiSalvo advised she had no other information regarding Moore and American Wireless, but provided the dated contact information for American Wireless.

*Contact was attempted with the provided phone number, however the number is not operational at this time.*

-2150 HRS-

I assisted with surveillance at the Wal-Mart parking lot located at 5800 Highway 98 North. At this time, Moore was parked in the southeast corner of the parking lot, sitting in the gray/blue Chevrolet Silverado registered to Shar Krasniqi.

-2230 HRS-

Det. Clark arrives and speaks with Dorice Moore for approximately thirty minutes, after this meeting, surveillance was terminated.


Contact was made with Investigator Crystal Lang of the United States Internal Revenue Service. Pertinent information regarding persons and businesses associated with this investigation were forwarded via electronic mail.

As of the writing of this report, scheduling conflicts have precluded our agencies from any further meetings on the subject.

-1800 HRS-

I assisted with conducting surveillance of Dorice Moore. During this time, witness Smith met with Dorice Moore at her behest.

-1830 HRS-

Det. Wallace and I met with witness Smith at a predetermined location. At this time, Det. Wallace physically marked a cell phone which was going to be provided to Dorice Moore. Det. Wallace used a black permanent marker and placed an X inside the battery cover.

-1835 HRS-

I observed Dorice Moore respond to Steak-N-Shake at 3509 Hwy. 98 North and drive to the southeast corner near the dumpsters. Moore parked and entered into witness Smith's vehicle. Moore was driving a Chevrolet four door sedan (FL Tag PA6672). This vehicle is registered to Stingray Chevrolet.

-1845 HRS-

I observed Dorice Moore leave the parking lot of Steak-N-Shake and proceed northbound on Highway 98 North.

-1930 HRS-

I observed Dorice Moore park her vehicle in the driveway of 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive and retire for the evening.

-2230 HRS-

Surveillance was terminated at this time.


-1130 HRS-

Joyce Raggins responded to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, unannounced, requesting to speak with a detective regarding the missing person Abraham Shakespeare. During the interview, Raggins advised the following: she and her husband Johnny received monies from Abraham Shakespeare in the form of a loan via a mortgage on their residence. The mortgage was drafted and recorded on 05-14-2007 for sixty-nine thousand dollars ($69,000.00). They have been paying Shakespeare back, initially to him personally and then later and most

Page 19 of 209 (hand written 786)

PDF PAGE 139 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

recently to Judy Haggins. Mrs. Raggins advised she was aware that American Medical Professionals had bought her mortgage via the Re-Assignment of Mortgage. Raggins advised this did not upset any payments made by either she or her husband due to the fact that by the time of the re-assignment they had already been paying Judy Haggins. The Re-Assignment of Mortgage is dated on January 16th, 2009 was recorded at the Polk County Clerk of the Courts on April 01st, 2009. The residence in question is located at 1103 Neville Avenue in Lakeland.

Joyce Raggins further stated that all of her payments against the mortgage were in the form of a money order or cashier's check. Raggins could not advise any pertinent information regarding Abraham Shakespeare.

-1630 HRS-

I subpoenaed records from the Genetic Testing Laboratory Incorporated. These records are in reference to financial records of American Medical Professionals showing a payment of $205.90 dollars with a date of March 31, 2009.


I and Det. Wallace traveled to the Atlanta, Georgia area for the purposes of interviewing both Michael Ford and Courtney Daniels.

-1230 HRS-

I and Det. Wallace traveled to the Atlanta, Georgia area for the purposes of interviewing both Michael Ford and Courtney Daniels.

-1230 HRS-

I and Det. Wallace arrived at 130 Gilley Road, Carrollton, Georgia and met Michael L. Ford. During the interview, Ford advised the following: his current residence is 130 Gilley Road in Carrollton, Georgia. He is currently employed as a contracted over the road truck driver for Fed-Ex Ground. He is currently on his way to the Denver area, then to the west coast and then home to Georgia. Ford advised he moved to Georgia in late 2006 or early 2007, it was definitely after the lottery ticket identified as a winner. Ford stated that prior to that he lived at the address listed on his Florida driver's license in Zephyrhills.

Ford advised he first met Shakespeare while the two of them worked for the same company identified as MBM Trucking. Ford was the driver and Shakespeare worked through a day labor company and was assigned to assist Ford loading and unloading the truck. They were working together at the time the winning lottery ticket was bought in Frostproof.

According to Ford, he bought the ticket and Shakespeare stole it from him. Ford later sued Shakespeare for the winnings and once the paperwork was filed appropriately a judge froze the assets. At the conclusion of the trial, of course Shakespeare was granted the winnings (November 2007)
. The last time Ford physically saw Shakespeare was the day the verdict was returned and they walked out of the courtroom. Ford advised that prior to this date he had moved to Georgia and during the trial, he was staying with family.

Ford concluded the interview by denying any wrong doing or knowledge of wrongdoing on his part in regards to the disappearance of Abraham Shakespeare.

The above testimony was documented via a sworn taped statement which was later placed into property/evidence.


-1100 HRS-

Det. Wallace and I interviewed Courtney Daniels outside her residence in Decatur, Georgia. During the interview, Daniels could not provide any information regarding financial transactions between Shakespeare and Moore, except to say that Shakespeare told her that Moore did purchase all of his properties. Daniels advised that her relationship with Shakespeare was defined as a boy/girl friend relationship in one might

Page 20 of 209 (hand written 787)

PDF PAGE 140 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Missing Page from this report

Page 21 of 209 (hand written ???)

PDF PAGE ??? Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Missing Page from this report

Page 22 of 209 (hand written ???)

PDF PAGE ??? Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010


At this time, myself and a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Detective met and interviewed Richard Land Junior. During the interview, he advised the following: he is the son of Richard Land and nephew of David Land. He works for the two at a truck dealership located on Highway 60. Concerning Abraham Shakespeare, Land advised that he had only met him one time which was at a house warming party for 1323 St. Cloud Road. As to Dorice Moore, Land advised he first became associated with Moore when she bought the property of 5802 Highway 60 from his father. He advised that from time to time he would do odd jobs for her concerning the adjacent property of 5732. Land advised he assisted with clearing the land for the paint ball field.

Land stated that concerning Saturday 01-23-10, Moore showed up at the family business and spoke with both his father and uncle concerning selling them the 5802 property and buying the residence located at 1323 St. Cloud Road, Valrico. Land advised that he went home, soon after Moore left. While at his house, Moore showed up with two other women and they walked around the inside of the residence on St. Cloud Road. They spent approximately fifteen to twenty minutes at this residence and then left. Land reiterated that Moore and his father were working on a deal where-by Land would regain the property at 5802 Highway 60 and Moore would buy 1323 St. Cloud Road.

Land further advised that since the time of his occupation of 5802 Highway 60, Moore has spent "a lot of money" refurbishing and redesigning the inside of the residence.

Land advised his uncle, David Land is currently involved in a relationship with Patricia Paulson-Krasniqi.

Land could advise of no other pertinent details regarding this investigation.

-1800 HRS-

I left the scene.


-0730 HRS-

I arrived back at the scene on Highway 60, in Plant City and continued assisting Det. Messer.

-1100 HRS-

I received the financial records from Det. Kendrick and began briefing Det. Sepulveda (Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, White Collar Crimes Section), Det. Sepulveda was briefed with the various aspects of the investigation into the financial certainties of those involved.

During the course of the day, I observed as Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Technicians perform the following functions: process in detail the residence of 5732 and record information concerning the property of 5802 prior to county crews responding to assist with the concrete. Of note, during the processing of 5732, technicians recorded a Bluestar chemical reaction positive for indications of blood, the area which reacted was located in the office on the north side of the residence, specifically in the area of the east end between a circular chair and desk, also near the entrance door of the room adjacent to the kitchen. Also of note, during the processing of 5802 the slab of concrete was removed including approximately ten inches of soil. A ground penetrating radar operated by a Professor of Geology from the University of South Florida confirmed differences in the soil directly under a section of the slab of concrete.

For a detailed report of the day's activities see reports generated by Hillsborough county.

During a search of the residence (5732) I located the following: personal information pertaining to Patricia Paulson-Krasniqi specifically, credit cards, bank cards and financial statements. These items were in the room identified as the south bedroom. In the (unreadable) bedroom, I located prescription drugs in the name of Debra Mungia. Also in this same

Page 23 of 209 (hand written 790)

PDF PAGE 142 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

bedroom was a Navy Federal checkbook in the name of Shar Krasniqi. These items were photographed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.


-0730 HRS-

I arrived back at the scene on Highway 60, in Plant City and continued assisting Det. Messer.

During the course of the day, I assisted the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office with the dig of the site. At approximately 1945 hours, a body resembling that of Abraham Shakespeare was uncovered. Later, a positive identification was effected based on fingerprint analysis, performed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

-2030 HRS-

I left the scene.


-0800 HRS-

I responded back to the scene located at 5732/5802 Highway 60 in Plant City. I continued to assist Det. Messer with the processing and recording of evidence from both 5732 and 5802 Highway 60. Of note, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Technicians recovered a towel resembling that of the one uncovered with the body of Abraham Shakespeare. This towel was located in the bathroom of the north bedroom.

Also thoughout the day I assisted Det. Thomas with the Probable Cause Narrative concerning the search warrant for the residence of 5802, specifically the Law Office of D. Howard Stitzel.

-2030 HRS-

I left the scene.


-0900 HRS-

I responded to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division located on Faulkenburg Road, Tampa. While there, I assisted Det. Greg Thomas with the drafting of the narrative for the Search Warrant of Howard Stitzel's law office located at 5802 Highway 60 East.


I responded to the property/evidence unit for the purposes of receiving Item Number 4132 and releasing it to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Item #4132 is listed as a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver. This item remained sealed until Det. Messer (#1589 of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office) received the item and signed the appropriate paperwork.

Also on this date, I received the subpoenaed information from the Genetic Testing Laboratory. In summary it advised the samples of Abraham Shakespeare and Jeremiyah Shakespeare are a match. The records also indicate that the laboratory did not receive the sample until May 14, 2009. The paperwork also advised the sample was collected from Abraham Shakespeare on April 28th, 2009 however given further investigation, the sample had to have been obtained between March 31 and April 6th, 2009.


-0830 HRS-

I responded to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division and met with Det. Thomas for the purposes of continuing the preparation of the search warrant for the Law Office of D. Howard Stitzel (5802 Highway 60).

-1445 HRS-

On this date, I accompanied Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Detective Greg Thomas to the Hillsborough County Courthouse for the purposes of obtaining a search warrant for the Law Office of D. Howard Stitzel, located at 5802 highway 60, Plant City.

Page 24 of 209 (hand written 791)

PDF PAGE 143 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

-1715 HRS- I responded to 5802 Highway 60 for the purpose of assisting the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office with the execution of the above described search warrant.

Per Judge Foster's orders, the items of evidence were immediately seized, packaged, and sealed without law enforcement analyzing them. D. Howard Stitzel was on scene and accompanied law enforcement throughout the duration of this process.

-2300 HRS-

I left the scene.


Throughout the day I assisted Det. Thomas with relaying the seized items of the search warrant to the Honorable Judge Foster at the Hillsborough County Courthouse.


-1000 HRS-

I arrived at the residence located at 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive, Lakeland to assist in the execution of a search warrant.

During the search of the garage area, I located several items of interest including but not limited to: Abraham Shakespeare's personal property (compact discs, digital video devices, clothing, shoes, and photographs. Also located during the search of the garage were several financial statements or documents pertaining to American Medical Professionals.

After the search of the garage, I further assisted by searching the master bedroom closet.

-1900 HRS-

I left the scene.


Myself and Inv. Jeanette Dugas (State Attorney's Office Investigator) responded to the Polk County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Unit for the purposes of inspecting the many documents obtained in the search warrant of 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive. The following is a representation of the documents found:

Court documentation for the eventual repossession of a semi-truck. (Landy V. Shakespeare 2007-008285-000-LK)

Internal Revenue Service documentation of Dorice Moore's 2001 tax year debt of sixty-three thousand dollars. (This debt was eventually paid [01-10] via monies from Abraham Shakespeare)

Print out of the Florida State Statute Outline of Chapter 896 (Financial Crimes).

Prudential Annuity (#E0724596) statement for the last quarter of 2008, showing the ending value of this annuity to be approximately 1.2 million dollars (it should be noted this is the money traced to the February Abraham Shakespeare LLC account).

A letter with Stitzel law firm letterhead informing Ronald and Debra Knight of the intention of American Medical Professionals to foreclose on the property of 3075 Sire Trail (had this actually happened it would have allowed Moore to provide the residence to Sentorria Butler as she promised in lieu of false testimony to law enforcement concerning Shakespeare's where-abouts.) As documented by Det. Clark.

Letter from the Florida Lottery stating where (bank and account number) Shakespeare's winnings would be deposited to. Potentially this identifies the starting point for a detailed track of the winnings.

Haverty's furniture receipt in the amount of approximately seven thousand dollars dated April 27th, 2009.

Page 25 of 209 (hand written 792)

PDF PAGE 144 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

Invoice from Action Lock and Safe for moving the big safe from State Road 60 to Redhawk Bend, dated 04-16-09. This confirms statements of Moore to law enforcement in regards to the big safe being in the room where Shakespeare was shot.

The original drafted letter to Bank of America noting the "Minutes Meeting" of Abraham Shakespeare LLC dated 02-17-09 which outlines reasons Shakespeare should be removed as an authorized signor on the account.

A hand written note with the following "would have whole dug already", "could have had him use his own equipment" and "used it to move palm trees".


Myself and Inv. Jeanette Dugas (State Attorney's Office Investigator) responded to the Polk County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Unit for the purpose of inspecting the many documents obtained in the search warrant of 9340 Redhawk Bend. The following is a representation of the documents found:

A timeline representing Moore's actions on noted dates which include the date she met Barbara Jackson, and so on.

Court paperwork identified as "Stipulation to Substitute Parties" dated 08-07-09 and signed by James Valenti, Abraham Shakespeare and Dorice Moore. In an interview with James Valenti I conducted on 12-02-09, Valenti brought it to my attention that there would be no legal reason why Shakespeare would need to sign this paperwork.

A copy of the "Affidavit of Cedric Edom", which outlines that he filed the missing person report on Shakespeare, and then had personal contact with Shakespeare. (Det. Wallace details this in his report).

A piece of paper with handwritten mathematical calculations concerning the figure 1.095 million and subtracting from it three hundred thousand, then two hundred fifty thousand dollars. This is specific to the monies used to seed the Abraham Shakespeare LLC account at Bank of America. A handwritten draft of what would be the letter or "Minutes Meeting" removing Shakespeare from the Abraham Shakespeare LLC account at Bank of America. An appraisal of the property identified as 5732 Highway 60, dated 02-25-09. Moore was leasing this home at this time. A receipt from the Gucci store located at 2223 North West Shore Blvd. in Tampa which is dated on 05-08-09 reflecting purchases in the amount of three thousand seven hundred twenty eight dollars and ninety five cents. Print outs of Moore's cellular phone record concerning 813-478-8888 for the time period of 04-02-09 thru 05-01-09. It appears as though someone had high lighted calls between Judy Haggins and also Shakespeare.


Myself and Inv. Jeanette Dugas (State Attorney's Office Investigator) responded to the Polk County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Unit for the purposes of inspecting the many documents obtained in the search warrant of 9340 Redhawk Bend. The following is a representation of the documents found:

Receipt dated 04-04-09 from Garner and Associates Auctioneers showing the purchase of the Caterpillar Back Hoe (serial number 7BC00267)

Copy of the Durable Power of Attorney assigned to Judith Haggins dated April 3rd, 2009.


*Credit Reports*

Early on in the investigation, a credit report for Abraham Shakespeare was requested for the purposes of attempting to locate him based on financial transactions via debit/credit card purchases. As the investigation went on, it became necessary to identify possible financial aspects which could have been positively affected because of Shakespeare's

Page 26 of 209 (hand written 793)

PDF PAGE 145 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

absence. For the above reasons, the following person's credit reports were obtained: Abraham Shakespeare, Dorice Donegan Moore, Shar Anthony Krasniqi, Judith Haggins and Kenneth Michael Schlangen.

Upon review of the credit report, it was observed that Shakespeare had not drawn on any credit account since or prior to April of 2009.

The other person's credit reports did not provide much pertinent information.


The following is a list of businesses associated to the parties involved:

Dorice "DeeDee" Moore

All About Cellular ......................signed over to DiSalvo's in 10-2008
Accurate Professional Staffing LLC ......signed over to Potwin in 08-2006
American Service Professionals LLC ......activated on 07-13-2009
American Medical Professionals LLC ......active since 2004
Abraham Shakespeare LLC .................activated on 02-09-09
Shakespeare and Associates LLC ..........assumed through legal action in 2009
DeeDee Moore Communications .............information unknown

Shar Anthony Krasniqi

A Stat and Supplies LLC .................re-activated in 10-2008

Abraham Shakespeare

Shakespeare & Associates LLC ............active 09-2008 and since inactive
Amari Kai Incorporated ..................principle on paper with Eddie Cason as CEO
A & J Lawn Service ......................information unknown

* No others involved have any business licensed in their names*

*Real Estate*

On January 9, 2009 Shakespeare signed a Quitclaim Deed to American Medical Professionals LLC on his primary residence, 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive. The deed was recorded on 01-13-09. Shakespeare paid 1.07 million in 2007 for the home, and Moore, in a statement given to detectives stated she pain him over five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) in cash (statement provided during the first week of investigation).

After receiving his lottery winnings, Abraham Shakespeare made multiple loans to individuals to buy homes and recorded mortgages documenting the loans. On January 11, 2009 Shakespeare signed a QuitClaim Deeds to American Medical Professionals, LLC for properties located at 1418 West Parker Drive, Lakeland and 409 Pearl Street, Lake Hamilton. Both of these deed were recorded at the Polk County Clerk of the Courts Office on 02-11-09.

On January 15, 2009 Shakespeare signed and "Asset Purchase Agreement" which sold all of his un-enumerated "assets" to American Medical Professionals LLC for the price of one hundred eighty five thousand dollars.

648 West 4th Street, Lakeland $14, 752.00 March 13, 2007 January 15, 2009 May 6, 2009
727 East McDonald Street, Plant City $63,000.00 February 23, 2007 January 15, 2009 May 6, 2009
1103 Neville Avenue, Lakeland $69,000.00 May 14, 2007 January 16, 2009 April 1, 2009
3075 Sire Trail, Lakeland $185,000.00 April 4, 2007 January 16, 2009 April 1, 2009
Rodman Development Inc. $52,000.00 December 17, 2007 January 16, 2009 April 1, 2009

*Realtime Services, Inc.*

During the course of the investigation it was learned that specifically for American Medical Professionals LLC, Dorice Moore has an outside vendor responsible for the financial accounting of the business. Several subpoenas were issued to this company for

Page 27 of 209 (hand written 794)

PDF PAGE 146 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010

records pertaining to Dorice Moore or American Medical Professionals. From these subpoenas, a sample of the items received is as follows: monthly statements, weekly statements, quarterly statements, IRS form 1099 for persons associated with the business and financial statements outlined by specific vendor.

Of note, one item titled "AMP Weekly Paid Profit Distribution" was also received. This item provide the balance of profit for each week of each year starting the week of March 09, 2005 and ending the week of January 07, 2009. The yearly totals were 2005 = $66,830.18, 2006 = $133,364.07, 2007 = $133,119.54, 2008 = $295,497.68, 2009 = $92,114.75 for a total of $720,926.22.

This fact alone shows that Moore did not have the capital available to purchase the Redhawk Bend residence for the alleged $655,000.00 along with the Asset Purchase Agreement value of $185,000.00 at the same time (total of $840,000.00). Not only does the profit earned figure come up short of the required total purchase price, but it does not take into account the personal living cost that Moore would have required in the five year time period.

*Accounts involved in the February transaction worth approximately one million dollars*

Prudential Annuity #E0724596
Abraham Shakespeare LLC ending in 6273
American Medical Professionals LLC ending in 3253
Shar Anthony Krasniqi ending in 6971
Navy Federal Credit Union et all under Shar Anthony Krasniqi

*Wachovia Bank NA*

These accounts appear to have been inactivated prior to Moore's acquaintance with Shakespeare.

*Publix Federal Credit Union*

I explained previously, the monies of Abraham Shakespeare which were held by this financial institution were funneled into one account which was closed by Judith Stanley (ACR NOTE: Should this be Judith Haggins?) utilizing the Power of Attorney. The monies (approximately two thousand dollars) eventually went into an account operated by Moore.

*Community Bank NA*

These accounts for the most part were closed prior to Moore, some of the ones which were affected were only so after Moore obtained court orders via the Valenti Law Group.

*Navy Federal Credit Union*

The only person utilizing this financial institution was Shar Anthony Krasniqi. At one time, this account held a portion of the proceeds from the Abraham Shakespeare LLC account (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

*Mass Mutual Financial Group*

The remaining balance of this account as of December 2008 was approximately two hundred fifty thousand dollars. This money was withdrawn (account closed) and given to Moore during the same month. Monies from this account can be traced to being used to pay a debt of Moore's to the Internal Revenue Service in the amount of approximately fifty thousand dollars. This money was also used to purchase the Lincoln four door sedan, by Moore.



Page 28 of 209 (hand written 795)

PDF PAGE 147 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010
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