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[Abraham Shakespeare]Abraham Shakespeare MURDERED - Plant City, Florida (Hillsborough Co.) April 2009
Abraham Shakespeare (42) won $31 million dollars in the Florida Lottery in 2006. He took a lump sum payout of approximately $17 million. He remained a frugal person as he had before his lottery windfall, but after numerous failed real estate transactions, loans, and friendships Abraham has suddenly gone missing. He was last seen in the Lakeland area in April 2009. Dorice Emma Donegan Moore (AKA Dee Dee Moore) stated in the media that she bought out Abraham's debts to enable him to move away to escape paying child support arrears for a second child that was born after the lottery windfall. Law Enforcement believes there may be more to this story. Abraham Shakespeare's body was found on January 28, 2010 buried beneath a cement slab on the rear property of Shar Krasniqi located at 5802 S.R.60 East, Plant City, Florida 33567. Shar Krasniqi was the boyfriend of Dorice Emma Donegan Moore (AKA Dee Dee Moore). On February 2, 2010 Dee Dee Moore was arrested, first charged with Accessory after the fact and later with First Degree Murder of Abraham Shakespeare.

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Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore Interview 11/12/2009 (Synopsis)
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Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore Interview 11/12/2009 (Synopsis)
Transcribed to text by www.acandyrose.com from .pdf file Binder #2 Public Discovery 09/16/2010

Detective Christopher Lynn Report 02/02/2010 1200pm


On this date, I attended a meeting in which I was informed that B/M by the name of Abraham Shakespeare had been reported missing. Specific to this investigation was the fact that in November of 2006, Shakespeare had won a multi-million dollar prize from the Florida Lottery. I also learned that a woman identified as Dorice "DeeDee" Moore was in possession of all of Shakespeare's assets, to include his million dollar residence. I was further informed that a family member, specifically a cousin, Cedric Edom was the reportee of the incident. Edom had informed law enforcement that he had last seen Shakespeare in mid April (09) and had only been in contact with him via cellular text messaging a few times since then.

I was further informed that detectives assigned to the missing persons unit had been working on the investigation to this point and had received several items or papers of interest. Including but not limited to a durable Power of Attorney, an Asset Purchase Agreement and several bank statements under the name of American Medical Professionals. On this date, Dorice Moore responded to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the purposes of an interview. My involvement in the interview was limited to financial matters. During the interview, Moore explained that she paid the amount indicated (one hundred eighty five thousand) to Shakespeare on the date noted. Moore also advised that on this date, she provided Shakespeare with the monies owed to him for the purchase of 9340 Redhawk Bend Drive for the amount of six hundred fifty five thousand dollars.

A review of the bank statements provided by Moore concerning the Bank of America business account ending in 3253 showed no such withdrawals or checks written concerning the above described transaction. Moore was questioned in regards to this and provided the following; her business American Medical Professionals does exceptionally well and has made her a "very wealthy" woman. The profits of this she set aside in the form of cash and kept the cash in her personal possession. this cash was used to purchase both the house and assets. When questioned about the total profit of her business for various time periods, Moore advised she could not recite numbers but the profit is recorded or documented via the bank account and one could simply total the deposits of Realtime Services in to her accounts for an exact number. Moore accessed an agency laptop and provided copies of several months' worth of bank statements from her online account with the Bank of America (concerning the business account ending in 3253).

Concerning the durable Power of Attorney, Moore advised she was there and witnesses the event but was not a "witness on the document". Moore advised that the purpose of the Power of Attorney was because Shakespeare knew that he was leaving and would need someone here in the area to have authority for court purposed in his absence.

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PDF PAGE 123 Binder #2 Public Discovery of 09/16/2010
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