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[Peter Boyles] Peter Boyles Radio Show
630 KHOW Denver, Colorado

Daily Camera: "Boyles has been in the radio business for 23 years. While attending college in Denver, he began by writing about car accidents and worked his way up to traffic reporter and disc jockey. He was awarded his first talk show 19 years ago."

12-21-1997 (N) Peter Boyles Show covering JonBenet Ramsey Murder


5 . "GOD Bless Peter Boyles!"
Posted by NewYorkLawyer on Jan-22-00 at 11:27 AM (EST)
"The Peter Boyles Show has been the Radio Free Europe of Colorado in covering the Ramsey case. Early on, the RST has tried to control the Colorado media from giving any coverage to the case and failed because Peter Boyles wouldn't let the case die. Boyles has, moreover, had the good judgement to have had New York attorney Darnay Hoffman on his program as a guest over thirty times in the past two years. Obviously, the man KNOWS what he is doing!"


The transcripts and/or audio files that have been collected as part of the archive history on this murder case for this web site have come from various sources within the public domain. Some of the transcripts are direct links to various online news organizations while others are transcripts that normal posters on the Internet transcribed from radio and television shows and those transcripts were posted on the various forums for open discussion by other posters.

All transcipt or timeline reference links on this web site are "as is" regardless of the source obtained for this history archive and include all reference to those in the investigation as well as those following the case within the Internet subculture.

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08-00-1997 (T) Peter Boyles Letter to John and Patsy Ramsey *

03-30-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (On the BBS Documentary) xx
07-21-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Ramsey housekeeper Linda Wilcox) *
08-07-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-14 (Thomas Letter, Ramsey cameras) **
08-14-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-16 (Ref:Wilcox,Ballard,Hollis-AG) **
09-01-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-9 (Ref: Pam Paugh's Interview) **
09-03-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-15 (Darney Hoffman) **
09-07-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-9 (Dan Caplis) **
09-15-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley, Bob Grant, Julie Hayden ) *
09-18-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Panico, Mrs. Brady, Catnip) *
09-28-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-20 (Discussion of 20-20 show) **
09-28-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Silverman, Hayden, McKinley) *
09-29-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Green, McKinley, Silverman, McCreary) *
10-07-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Lee Hill, Stephen Miles) *
10-22-1998 (T) Internight, MSNBC (Tracy, Bardach, Boyles) (Partial Transcript) *
10-28-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley)
11-09-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Dan Caplis (Host), Greg McCrary) *
11-18-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Discussion: Tracy/Jameson/Foster on 48 Hrs) *
11-21-1998 (R) Peter Boyles Show *
11-30-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (McKinley, Silverman, Gibson, Chuck Green) *
12-03-1998 (R) Peter Boyles Show (McKinley on collecting Ramsey DNA in Atlanta) *
12-14-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Frank Coffman - Boulder photo incident) *
12-26-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Interview by NewsMax *
12-28-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (John Gibson, Dr. Hodges, Craig Lewis) *
12-30-1998 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Open Callers) *

01-07-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley) *
01-21-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-4 (David Wright, Green, McKinley) **
02-15-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Pugh, Silverman, McKinley, Hayden, Shapiro) *
03-05-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Dan Caplis) *
03-16-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Children's Pageants, Thumper Gosney) *
03-18-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley) *
03-19-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley on Linda Arndt) *
05-03-1999 (T) The Leeza Show (Boyles, Coffman, Phillips and Miller) *
06-19-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley on FW and Fernie)
07-16-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (J.T. Colfax, Julie Hayden) *
08-04-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (McKinley, Haydon, Silverman, Lewis, Grant) *
09-15-1999 (T) Internight, MSNBC (Gibson, Boyles, Posner, Schiller)
09-22-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-9(Carol McKinley) **
10-01-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (JT Colfax, McKinley, Silverman) *
10-19-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Chuck Green, Larry Pozner) *
10-23-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Dan Caplis on the Grand Jury Decision) **
11-30-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-3 (Discuss Arndt on ABC) **
12-19-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show Part 1-24 (Judith Phillips and the Police Raid) **

02-24-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show *
02-25-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Carol McKinley on Mystery Woman) *
03-29-2000 (T) Peter Boyles (Linda Pugh, Darney Hoffman, Judianne Densen-Gerber)
04-04-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Cheesy, the Lady from Wisconsin in DOI)
05-24-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Caplis, Hoffman, McKinley, Green) *
05-25-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Steve Thomas)
05-31-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Talking about LKL-Thomas/Ramseys) *
06-01-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Mrs. Brady, Hoffman, Wecht) *
06-02-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Steve Thomas)
06-05-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (The "quitting" of Ellis Armistead) *
06-09-2000 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Darney Hoffman, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh) *

03-05-2001 (T) Peter Boyles Show (Darney Hoffman) *

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Panico was a member of the Justice Watch Forum following the murder investigation of JonBenet Ramsey. Panico spent endless hours transcribing the Peter Boyles Radio show each morning and she would post the transcripts daily on the forum for the other members. Although she did most of the transcripts herself she did have some help, Byron and another known as Puma_overlooking_Boulder. Panico passed away on February 12, 2000 and she was one Internet poster that many others cared about and missed. So this web page is dedicated to Panico, also known as Wanda Cartwright.

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