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In Memory
Ruth Ann Gerstenkorn
09-17-1942 - 03-12-2001

A poem by Ruthee after the Columbine Tragedy

I remember a day in April when the bearded iris bloom
And the sun led way to rain and the peace led way to doom
There's a hole in the hearts of many and a missing heart in some
A time I will forever remember when the bearded iris come.

Soon the crimson roses drop thier petals the wind to blow away
and the lavender hue of the Iris fade in sorrow as willows sway
In my garden there's a sadness in the flowers among the trees
The humming birds still flutter but the petals ignore their breeze

There's a flower in the meadow I spied it neath a birch
I stopped to share it's pain as I made my way to church
It drooped it's head with dew drops but they were tears to me
A tiny little flower knowing horrors none should see

The bloom whispered of the children now in the arms of God sublime
What lovely flower is this I ask and God said Columbine
As I trod the path of earthly plane with souls of children gone to soon
I'll remember the day in April when the bearded Iris bloom.

Ruth April 1999.


"Ruth Ann Gerstenkorn"

Friends and family will celebrate the life of Ruth Ann Gerstenkorn, 58, of Vacaville on Saturday in Vacaville.

Mrs. Gerstenkorn died March 12, 2001, in Vacaville after a long illness.

The family will officiate the services at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the home of her daughter, Donna Weaver, 392 Youngsdale Court, Vacaville. Inurnment will be private.

Born Sept. 7, 1942, in Morris, Ill., she resided in Vacaville for 34 years, where she was involved in many civic endeavors.

Mrs. Gerstenkorn was the first woman foreman of the Solano County grand jury in the mid-1980s. She was president of the Children's Network of Vacaville and was chairwoman of Vacaville's Human Services Commission in 1981.

She worked as a manager of the Army and Air Force Exchange in electronics and toys while living in North Africa during the early 1960s. After returning to the United States she worked as a nurse's aid at Solano County Hospital in 1968.

Her career included working as a Realtor associate for Red Carpet Realty and as a custom interior decorator for J.C. Penney Co. in 1980. After she obtained her real estate brokers license, she owned and operated two businesses, the Solano Eviction Service and the Solano Landlord Service, from which she retired in 1997.

An avid Egyptologist, she often traveled to Egypt. She spent time living in various countries around the globe, including Panama and Libya. She also lived in New Mexico for a time, her family said.

As a hobby, Mrs. Gerstenkorn maintained a Jon Benet Ramsey Web site.

She is survived by her husband, longtime Sheriff's Department administrator and local businessman, Frank Gerstenkorn of Vacaville; daughter, Donna Weaver of Vacaville; son, Vince of Long Beach; brother, Carl Dennis Larsen of Vacaville; sister, Marla Gail Graves of Vacaville; grandchildren, Edward Carl Weaver, Korbin Bronson Weaver and Michael Clifton Weaver, all of Vacaville."

Ruthee's passion for JonBenet Ramsey
was more than a hobby, it was a mission

The follow was Ruthee's profile from the www.AskMe.com Web Site. (http://www.AskMe.com/ViewProfile.asp?XID=1078691)

My Other (Crime) Expertise:

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder: I have followed the investigation for 42 months. I have twenty web pages on the subject which include photos, quotes from the parents, and the experts regarding the circumstances of the murder.

You'll find forensic web pages with example autopsy photos showing why I believe JonBenet was strangled twice. You'll find a chart with an estimation of the Time of Death based upon the body rigor and the suspected time JonBenet ate her last food. You'll find an artist drawing of marks said to have come from a Stun Gun.

You'll see photos and explanation on why I believe the marks were casued by the pot holder loom in her bedroom. You'll find a forensic analysis of the Ransom note.

Who is Susan Bennett who has been connected to the Ramsey PR campaign from the beginning and what has she done to influence public opinion and the Boulder investigators using child porn photos and sending the police on "wild goose chases?

I am a lay person and these are opinion pages.

Ruthee's Web Page Links
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From The

Ruthee's posting on the Boulder News Forum

ruthee - 10:24am May 2, 1999 MST (#11 of 14)
Lillies That Fester Smell Far Worse Than Weeds. My favorite from Will.

I really don't care what her position will be. Should her position be that the Ramseys were involved, I'd care even less about that.

She has presented not one argument that merits consideration as a plausible event. I know that same analysis would be presented if her opinion were reversed.

In short, Susan Bennett cannot think. She can copy and paste. She can parrot the thoughts of others, she can sink into a world of fantasy and present outrageous scenarios that spew forth a way of thinking that few of us outside a prison or hospital ever experience.

My mission has been to make sure that people "know her". They are free to evaluate her honesty and moral character on their own.

Early on in this case I received e-mail after e-mail from those whom I respect telling me that I should ignore her, and that many were upset because I seemed to concentrate more upon Susan Bennett than the Murder of JonBenet.

I would start a thread and it would sink to the bottom. I let it lie. If people didn't care about what she was doing, I was not going to shove anything down their throat.

Since I have my web pages up I have seen e-mail from a person/persons that claim to be an "anonymous Ramsey suporter" that would stand your hair on end. I imagine that's what happened with Professor Foster. My web pages contain my thoughts and opinions on each and every aspect of this murder that I have been able to gather enough information to form an opinion.

Susan Bennett has managed to "force" herself right into the middle of a first degree murder investigation.

She has managed to destroy the evidence of opinions of those who differ with her by shutting down opinion forums with complaints and legal threats to opinion site owners.

Now Susan Bennett reveals that she believed she could "stop the Ramsey indictment" with an exausting campaign to ruin the reputation and career of Professor Foster. She knew from the beginning that the Ransom note is one of the corner stones of the evidence in this case and she sought to keep Professor Foster's opinion from the ears of the Grand Jury.

When Susan Bennett found that the Foster Analysis was to be presented without his personal testimony she then attempted to "blackmail" Kane in an attempt to appear with testimony herself. I don't know what her conditions for appearance were, but Kane wasn't biting.

There is only one question that the Grand Jury could ask her.

"Were you lying then or are you lying now."

They already knew her answer......."both."

To Ruthee, From ACandyRose


I will never forget you and as long as there is breath in my body your web pages will stay online. You have touched the hearts of many. I will never forget that conversation we had in August 1999 when I asked more than one person to tell me the truth and you were the only one who stepped forward.

For that, I am eternally grateful. For your friendship, I am eternally thankful.

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